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laptop, battery, pack, connect, power

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laptop, battery, pack, connect, power

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Shop Lenovo laptop chargers, batteries, charging carts, and travel accessories. Stay powered with compatible products for your laptop or other mobile devices.

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Lenovo Laptop Chargers

Choosing the right power adapters and chargers for your Lenovo laptop or notebook is essential. Sadly, many people don’t give the search and selection the seriousness it deserves. Some will FOCUS on the cheapest product to save money. Others will go for an alternative option rather than sticking to an original or genuine product. Such moves come with the following downsides:

The charger fails to charge the laptop or works erratically

It pushes too much current or voltage, thus damaging the laptop

It will run too hot hence won’t last for an extended period

A faulty or substandard product undermines performance and efficiency

The safest way to avoid such risks is to settle for the best wall charger adapter. Understanding the different categorizations and the specifications of your laptop is critical.

You may want a type c charger adapter, but your notebook doesn’t support it. Also, using a 230-watt adapter with a 45W laptop will cause harm.

Lenovo AC Power Adapter

Lenovo ac adapter chargers work via the main power. In the US, the voltage rating is 110-120Volts AC. The accessory comes with Smart Voltage technology to ensure power flaws constantly. Cases of surges or spikes, which are harmful to laptops, are unlikely.

The voltage for the US market is identical. However, the wattage varies and includes 45W and 65Watts. It’s necessary to get the exact match to enjoy optimal performance.

The unit comes in a compact form and takes up minimal space. Besides, the tough casing protects the sensitive internals from shock, bangs, environmental aspects, and more. The device works okay with many laptops on the market. Every purchase includes a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

USB C Charger Adapter

If your laptop comes with a USB C, you need to go for a matching option. A good choice fits tightly, and the connectors have minimal resistance. This ensures current flows seamlessly. It works with many laptops and brands in the market, including Lenovo.

Power flow is uniform, minimizing the odds of too much current or voltage. Besides, Smart Technology regulates power to prevent short-circuiting, over, or undercharging. The robust case offers good protection and doesn’t become very hot even in prolonged use. It’s backed by a 1-year warranty and is also portable and travel-friendly.

Lenovo Wall Adapter Chargers

This charger works with standard wall sockets found in homes, offices, schools, and other places. It comes ready to use and fits tightly to prevent accidental removal or power spikes. The adapter doesn’t need additional accessories and is easy to use. The connectors maintain a firm grip for efficient power flow. It’s easy to fit and remains firm.

The unit relies on superior technology to regulate the power delivery. Also, it prevents surges and maintains consistency throughout. You have the option of 45-, 65-, and 230-watts units which work with many Lenovo versions. This product comes with a 1-year warranty.

ThinkPad Slim AC Adapter

Are you looking for a carry-friendly and compact adapter? A Slim AC unit is what you need. It’s very compact and also portable. Moving around with it or fitting it inside your laptop carrier is easy. The USB C charger adapter comes with good cable management for easier use and improved portability.

It comes in different wattages to suit other laptops and notebooks, including ThinkPad and Legion. The Smart Voltage (PD3.0) technology minimizes the chances of too much or too little current or voltage.

Like other top products, the device has been tested thoroughly. It proves reliable and will last for a long time. over, this unit comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Lenovo Travel Adapter

If you move around with your laptop a lot, you desire maximum convenience and comfort. The last thing you want is a bulky adapter than takes up too much space. Also, nobody wants a heavy item than wears you out. The laptop itself is heavy enough; hence you don’t need any additional load.

A good travel charger is very compact and also slim. It fit s nicely inside small spaces. The accessory is lightweight, thus improving convenience and movement. over, the accessory is versatile and serves many purposes, including headphone and charger adapters.

Lenovo stocks a wide range of choices to cater to different needs. Notable options include DC, AC, and phone charger adapters. You’ll find very slim and relatively slim options. They will have different watt ratings (45-230W), and most are compatible with most popular variants like Yoga, Legion, and Idea Pad notebooks.

Lenovo Laptop and Mobile Charger Adapter

If you want maximum convenience charging your devices, Lenovo got you covered. The USB charger adapter is perfect for laptops and mobile devices, including tablets and mobile phones. The versatile unit plugs in the standard power output. It comes with different outlet points for charging various things. You, therefore, don’t need to purchase additional adapters.

Best Laptop Power Banks and Portable Laptop Chargers for 2022

A portable laptop power bank is an essential purchase for working on-the-go. Here are the best portable chargers worth your hard-earned money.

We know it all too well here at Laptop Mag: your portable powerhouse dies amid some CPU-intensive workload and you’re left with hours of lost effort. There’s nobody to blame but your laptop’s internal battery and yourself for not hitting CTRLS (save).

Luckily, there’s a fix for those awful times when your laptop powers down. The world of portable laptop chargers has exploded (not literally, fortunately) over the last two years, as the need for working on the move has risen. So, rather than praying for a plug at a nearby cafe, you can work completely untethered without fear.

We’ve found the best options in terms of value and reliability and we’ve provided a small guide on the things to look for so you can make the best choice for your and your gadgets. And, if you need any advice elsewhere, check out our laptop buying guide and iPad buying guide, so you can be sure about your purchase decisions.

What to look for in a portable laptop battery charger?

The Intelli ScoutPro does it all — MagSafe wireless charging for iPhone and for either Apple Watch or Samsung Watch, alongside dual 100W USB-C ports, dual USB-A and an OLED display that shows you the current being delivered to your up to 5 devices, this world’s smallest 240W power bank is the ultimate convenience.

And with a 24,000 mAh capacity, included carry case with s for cables and a durable metal build, this is a great option at 189.

Excitrus NitroCharge 120 Pro

The Excitrus NitroCharge 120 Pro is our top recommendation for a laptop power bank. We could talk about the 25,600 mAh battery inside giving you so much capacity for multiple charge cycles. We could also talk about the digital display giving you an accurate percentage level of the battery remaining.

But our favourite two elements are the 100W input and output power delivery — enabling fast charge and juicing up laptops in no time, and the MagSafe charging spot on top! You get the 15W for iPhones, but it also just broader Qi wireless charging too, to that same standard.

How to Replace Laptop Battery Cells

Laptop batteries share a common frustrating trait with most rechargeable batteries of any electronic device, they tend to weaken and lose holding charge over time. A battery that once held up charge for more than 2 hours, may gradually go down to as low as 20 minutes. Since replacement batteries can be expensive, the cheaper alternative of replacing cells inside your laptop battery can be very tempting!

Before you proceed, make sure you know the type of battery you have, how many wattages it consumes, and what is the make and model. It is entirely possible to replace the cells in your laptop battery, however, even with the most skilled hands, this is not a fail-proof procedure. Be prepared to invest in a new laptop battery if you are not successful.

Before you start, review the manufacturer warranty for your laptop to make sure that a cell replacement will not void it.

PLEASE READ: What You Should Never Do with Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are pretty dangerous, if you are not careful, there is always a risk for fire and explosion. These batteries may only be operated with the charging circuits provided for them. Lithium-ion batteries can only be replaced by other lithium-ion batteries. Fires may occur when nails are hammered in or when sawing, resulting in poinsonous smoke. In case of a fire, do not attempt to extinguish it with water, the safer option is to use sand.

PLEASE READ: Open Battery Packs with Care

Most of the time, the battery packs are locked with screw connections or snap locks that can be opened without causing any damage. The housing of the battery pack consists of two plastic parts glued together. Therefore, the rear groove of the housing needs to be carefully sawed sideways with a metal hacksaw. Again, be careful to not damage the Lithium-ion batteries inside, otherwise there is a risk of fire.

The polystyrene shavings produced when sawing the battery open may cause eye irritation, which is why protective goggles are a must! After opening the groove, remove the housing and you will see six lithium-ion batteries. Before removing those, make a careful note of the wiring and the colors of the individual cables. Short circuits must be avoided at all costs!

STEP BY STEP: Removing the Old Battery Cells and Replacing with New Ones

The charging circuit of most modern laptops is intended for lithium-ion batteries. That is why only lithium-ion batteries can be used as replacements. Make sure that the replacements are OEM! Effective advertising, unrealistically high capacity information, missing weight information and cheap are an indication that the batteries are counterfeit.

The new batteries do not have to have the exact same capacity as the original ones, they should be slightly higher to not exceed the maximum permissible charging current.

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Inside Tesla Car Battery Packs Which Houses Thousands Of Panasonic Laptop-like Batteries

Earlier this month, Tesla Battery Supplier, Panasonic, announced it has sold its entire stake in Tesla for around 3.6 billion. The Japanese company made an exceptional profit on its Tesla stake which it originally bought for around 30 million back in 2010.

While confirming the March sales this month, Panasonic, which is still Tesla main battery supplier, claimed that the move won’t change its relationship with the EV Maker.

The battery maker and EV maker had maintained good relationship with each other after Tesla succeeded in convincing Panasonic that its not a bad idea to put cylindrical li-ion battery packs in an electric car.

These battery packs, which currently powers Tesla lineup including the Model S, Y and 3, carry up to 350-400 volts. They are quite different from what is used in the conventional petrol or diesel powered vehicles that uses 12 volts batteries.

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This short clip above and the pictures attached reveals the several tiny lithium ion battery cell inside the battery-packs when they are when dismantled.

Each lithium ion battery cell contains the type found inside a laptop battery pack, but a little tougher.

The 18650 cells (18-diameter/65-length, laptop batteries) were formerly used in the Model S and Model X cars. This has been replaced by a 2170 cell (i.e. 21-diameter/70-length), which stores about 30% more power than the 18650 cells.

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The current found in 2170 cells is around 5,750-6,000 mA, which is almost twice the 3,000 mA current found in the 18650 cells.

The Model S electric car has a 85 kWh/400volts battery pack sitting below the seats. Each battery pack consists of 16 modules with 444 cells 25volts per module and a total of 7,104 battery cells per battery pack.

The newer Model 3 has 2,976 cells arranged in groups of 31 in its 50kWh battery pack for a 220 miles of range. 4,416 cells arranged in groups of 46 in its 75 kWh battery park will go 310 miles of range.

The thousands of 18650 and 2170 lithium cells used in Model S, X and Model 3 are made by Tesla and Panasonic at the Nevada Gigafactory.

How do I know if my laptop AC adapter is working?

There are several ways to find out whether your AC adapter is facing issues. Here are some symptoms that can let you know if your AC adapter is facing issues:

  • LED (if applicable) of the AC adapter is not on or is red (should be green)
  • LED (if applicable) may turn off when connected to the laptop or is inconsistent
  • Not charging the battery (only helps if your laptop is at least on, and you can see the charging symbol)

You can check if your AC adapter is working or not using the following methods:

Check if the adapter is plugged into a wall outlet

The first thing you can do to check if your AC adapter is working is to check that it is plugged into the wall outlet tightly and securely.

I know I know I know, this may seem to be a very obvious step, but sometimes an adapter can get loose even without your knowledge. I would guess, 15% of the clients coming into our store, this is the main reason their laptop is not powering on. When we plug it into our AC adapter and boots right up, the inventible happy but face palm happens 80% of the time.

Check the indicator light of the adapter

Another way to know if your adapter is working is to check whether the adapter brick’s light is turned on or not. If the light is on, make sure that it is green in color. This power light is indicative that your AC adapter is receiving power.

Depending on the brand, the colors of the indicator light mean different statuses, however, red is universally bad and green or white is good.

Check the wall outlet

Check if the wall outlet is working properly. You can use a voltmeter to evaluate the power output. With this, you can check whether or not the wall outlet is working. There are wall outlets that need the light switch to be turned on for the outlet to be active. This is available in most modern apartments and condos, so you can check for that. You can also try to plug in the AC adapter to another wall outlet.

Another thing that you can look for is that there is nothing tripped or turned off in the circuit breaker.

The adapter brick connection

AC adapters normally come in two pieces. You need to make sure that both of these pieces are connected properly and securely. The two pieces come together at a single piece that is known as a brick. You can disconnect all parts and then try reconnecting them together.

The power connection port of the laptop

The power connection port of the laptop connects to the motherboard. There are several solder points through which it connects to the motherboard. If even one of the solder points is damaged, it can prevent the laptop from getting any power.

You need to fix this by soldering the power connector onto the motherboard.

How do you troubleshoot a bad battery on a laptop?

You need to check the battery of your laptop. If your laptop has a removable battery, you can take it out.

For about 15 seconds, hold the power button of your laptop. This will help you drain all extra electric charges from the laptop.

With the battery still out, plug in the power cable and then turn the laptop on. If the laptop turns on, this means that the adapter is working well. The problem is with your battery.

laptop, battery, pack, connect, power

You can first try putting the battery back on your laptop and see if it works. If it does not, then you may need to replace the battery.

If you do not see a battery compartment on the bottom of your laptop, this may mean that the battery is in-built. In such cases, you may need to open up your laptop if you can. However, it is best to take the help of a professional specialist.

What if it is internal and not removable?

There are some laptops that do not have a removable battery – in these laptops, the battery is internal. This is extremely common these days, and unless you have a business class laptop, your battery is internal.

If this is the case with you, the best thing to do would be to take your laptop to a professional (like Gophermods).

It is not advisable to open the laptop with an internal battery as this could lead to additional unnecessary damages. Broken keyboards, motherboards, displays, plastic hinges, etc. It’s typically never fun bringing in your laptop in a plastic bag or box in 22 pieces.

By the time you purchase the tools, take the time, risk additional damages, you could have taken it to one of our Minneapolis stores. Our skilled technicians will diagnose the issue and offer a quick, efficient and reasonably priced solution. As a locally owned Minnesota company, our customers are our highest priority. You can trust that we’ll fix the problem quickly and get you back to work as soon as possible.

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