Uninterruptible power supply explained. Pros & Cons

UPS Systems Explained UPS Systems are devices providing continuity of power in the event of a power grid anomaly. They can also provide other degrees of power protection. The levels of power protection obtained depend on the technology utilised. There are 3 UPS System technologies and these are offline, line interactive and online double conversion. … Read more

Duracell ultra mah. Key Features

Kevin Jorgeson’s Perfect Pack (aka Duracell Quantum Battery Review) Following his success on the Dawn Wall project, Kevin Jorgeson partnered with Duracell to create a “Perfect Pack” of promotional goodies including a plethora of AA and AAA batteries, a small climbing pack, and a super burly headlamp. We tested out all the goods, and here’s … Read more

Powercore 3 10k wireless. Built-In Stand


Anker PowerCore III 10K Wireless 10W Black The 18W USB-C port is equipped with our exclusive PowerIQ 3.0 technology to offer high-speed charging to a wide range of mobile devices. Compatible with Power Delivery and Quick Charge technology. On-The-Go Wireless Charging Place your phone, earbuds, or other Qi device on the center of the pad … Read more

Clean anywhere with RYOBI’s 18V cordless power cleaner on sale for $109 in…


Clean anywhere with RYOBI’s 18V cordless power cleaner on sale for 109 in New Green Deals While most pressure washers require a garden hose to function, RYOBI enables you to clean anywhere with its ONE 18V EZClean power cleaner. Coming in at 109 on sale from a normal 149 going rate, this power cleaner can … Read more