Forever battery ticker symbol. Is The Forever Battery Pitch Legit?

What’s Luke Lango’s 3 “Forever Battery” Stock? (Revealed)

According to Luke, there’s a “groundbreaking new type of energy storage device” smaller than a postage stamp that could help electric vehicles go 1,000 miles on a single charge.

He calls this device the “Forever Battery” and says there’s one tiny “under-the-radar company” at the center of it that’s “paving the way for the global 3 trillion electric car revolution.” And that he’d be surprised if their shares didn’t “pop by 10X, 25X, or 50X over the next few years.”

What stock is Luke Lango teasing?

Well, to find out for sure, you’d need to join his advisory service, Innovation Investor, for 99. But I researched the clues he provided in the presentation, and I believe I’ve found the stock.

And in this post, I’ll show you exactly what I found.

Breaking Down Luke Lango’s “Forever Battery” Prediction

The presentation we’ll be discussing in this post takes place in a “live audience” format, and Luke Lango began by talking about how a modest investment in a “single 3 electric vehicle stock” could become the cornerstone of your entire investment portfolio.

Luke refers to this stock in several different ways. For example, he calls it a 3 “Wonder Stock,” a “3 Dynamo,” a 3 “Get Rich” stock, and a “Forever Battery” stock.

Call it what you will, but the whole thing centers around a tiny energy storage device he calls the “Forever Battery,” and he shows the following image of an “early prototype” of the battery:

Luke believes that the “groundbreaking nano-technology” inside this device could reshape everything about our lives. Aside from electric vehicles, he suggests it could impact everything from smartphones, 5G, and artificial intelligence to robotics, virtual reality, and e-commerce.

Well, the first major clue he provides about what the device is has to do with a man named John Goodenough. Who’s that? John Goodenough is an American, Nobel Prize-winning scientist who helped invent the lithium-ion battery and Random Access Memory (RAM) technology.

So, in other words, he’s invented some significant technologies. And according to Luke Lango, he’s recently been working on an “even more radical breakthrough.”

Now, you might think winning the Nobel Prize would be the pinnacle of his career. But believe it or not, two years earlier, he announced an even more radical breakthrough.

The “Forever Battery” is a game-changing technology that insiders say could rid the world of internal-combustion cars, once and for all.

I was curious to know what type of battery John Goodenough has been working on, and my research led me to an article on, which says he’s been working on a “ceramic oxide electrolyte,” which is the medium in a solid-state battery.

What is a solid-state battery?

forever, battery, ticker, symbol

In short, traditional lithium-ion batteries contain a liquid electrolyte and are commonly used in everything from smartphones and laptops to power tools and electric vehicles.

However, solid-state batteries do not use a liquid electrolyte; instead, they contain a solid electrolyte—for example, glass, ceramics, or other solid materials.

And the reason solid-state batteries are potentially better than “wet” lithium-ion batteries is that they’re said to be safer, more energy-dense, and can be charged in less time.

All of which are particularly relevant to electric vehicles.

For example, traditional lithium-ion batteries have been known to catch fire and explode, while this is not the case with a solid-state battery because they’re not full of flammable liquid.

Solid-state batteries are more energy-dense which means you can fit more battery power into the same space. And in the case of electric vehicles, this means EVs with a solid-state battery could potentially travel much longer distances (hence, why Luke calls it a “Forever Battery”).

They can also be charged in less time, which is a massive perk for EVs.

Anyway, that’s the gist of what a solid-state battery is in general and how they relate to an electric vehicle. And Luke Lango (more or less) suggests that the particular “Forever Battery” he’s interested in is the best of the best.

According to Luke, it can be charged in 15 minutes (instead of one hour), can go 1,000 miles on a single charge, it’s practically fireproof, can be fully recharged one hundred thousand times without losing strength.

He also suggests that it solves one of the biggest problems solid-state batteries solve – the cost. Even though solid-state batteries are potentially far better than lithium-ion batteries, they are more expensive to manufacture. However, Luke Lango says that the “Forever Battery” is “cheaper to produce” because it requires “almost no rare or expensive materials.”

What company makes this so-called “Forever Battery?”

What Is Luke Lango’s 3 “Forever Battery” Stock?

Luke Lango never reveals the name of the company he’s teasing in the presentation. Instead, he details everything in a report titled: The Extraordinary “3 Forever Battery Dynamo.”

However, the only way to access that report is to join Innovation Investor for 99, so I decided to see if I could figure it out based on the clues he provides in the presentation.

And based on my research, I believe the stock he’s teasing is Ilika plc (ILIKF).

This one took me a while to figure out because the clues Luke provided were pretty vague. At one point, I almost gave up because nothing seemed to match. But I stumbled across Ilika by following the trail, and the more I looked into it, the more convinced I became that this was it.

To explain why I believe it’s Ilika, I’ll share a summary of the main clues Luke Lango shares in the presentation. Then, I’ll walk you through why I think it’s a match.

Here are Luke Lango’s clues:

“The EV stock I’m referring to is available for just over 3 right now.”

“The company trades in what I call an “Underground Market.” 99% of investors will go to their graves without ever buying shares in this weird place.”

“The “Underground Market” is more commonly known as “Over the Counter”, and if you follow the steps I’m about to lay out…”

“It’s on the brink of a 70-fold increase in production capability — a blockbuster announcement that could drive the price sky-high.”

“In fact, its market cap is less than one-tenth of one percent of a large cap like ”

“The “3 Forever Battery Dynamo,” as I call it, already has patents in SIX major automotive markets across the globe”

“They forged an historic partnership deal with Toyota to help bring the technology to the mainstream!’

What first tipped me off about this company was the share price. Out of all the solid-state battery companies I was researching that had a partnership with Toyota, this was the only one trading at around the 3 mark on the OTC market. Specifically, as of writing, it’s trading for 450.94.

Of course, that’s not 3, but it has traded for 3 within the past six months, and it appears as though, since it started trading on the OTC market in 2019, it hasn’t traded above 3-something. So my point is, it’s not entirely unreasonable that he’d call it a “3 stock.”

In any case, the second major thing that tipped me off was that, during my research, I stumbled across an article on that was breaking down a very similar presentation by Matt McCall about a “Quantum Glass Battery” stock, which the author guessed was Ilika.

Matt McCall used to work for InvestorPlace, but as I first noted in this article, he has since moved to Stansberry Research, and Luke Lango has taken over most (if not all) of his advisory services. So it looks as though this may be Luke’s updated version of Matt McCall’s presentation.

Anyway, from there, I decided to revisit an article I wrote about Luke Lango’s “Battery Breakthrough” stock. And that’s when it became clear that Ilika is the most likely match because the Battery Breakthrough presentation is almost identical, and my research uncovered that Ilika was the company he was teasing.

So, by that point, I was pretty sure Ilika was the company that made the “Forever Battery” Luke talks about in the presentation. But to be sure, I looked into the clues he provided (the ones I shared above), which pretty much confirmed it beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Here’s an overview of why I believe Ilika is the company he’s teasing:

  • Ilika plc is a small UK-based company that was founded in 2004 that makes solid state battery technology. The stock is listed on the London Stock Exchange, but it’s also listed on the OTC (Over The Counter) market under the ticker ILIKF.
  • According to an article on, Ilika “will achieve a 70-fold increase in its capacity to manufacture Stereax batteries.” There’s also an image in that blog post of a tiny device on a person’s fingertip, which looks almost identical to the one in Luke’s presentation.
  • The current market cap of Ilika plc, according to Yahoo Finance, is just over 300 million. And ’s market cap is almost 450 trillion, so it is “less than one-tenth of one percent” of ’s market cap as of writing (November, 2021).
  • The company has patents in all six “major automotive markets” Luke mentions (U.S., Europe, China, Japan, Canada, Great Britain).
  • According to Ilika’s Q2 2021 earnings call transcript on Seeking Alpha, the company is partnered with Toyota and they share some jointly held patents, which is also something I uncovered in the “Battery Breakthrough” article I linked to earlier.

There are more clues, but that about sums up the main ones. I never claim to be 100% sure when I guess these stocks, but Ilika is a very close match, so I believe that’s the company.

What Is Innovation Investor?

Innovation Investor is an investment advisory service run by Luke Lango and published by InvestorPlace that focuses on emerging technology trends.

It usually costs 199 to join, but if you sign up through the presentation, you can join for 99. This gives you 12 months of access to the service and some bonus reports.

At the core of the service are the monthly issues of Innovation Investor, which contains Luke Lango’s latest investment insights and recommendations.

For the most part, these center around technology companies in the electric vehicle, artificial intelligence, 5G, blockchain technology, and autonomous vehicle space, for example.

In essence, anything involving emerging tech. He also recommends biotech and healthcare companies if he believes they’re innovating in some way.

forever, battery, ticker, symbol

On top of the newsletter, you also get access to the model portfolio, which shows you all the stocks he’s currently recommending, quarterly web conference updates on the portfolio, and the following bonus reports if you join through the “3 Wonder Stock” presentation:

  • The Extraordinary 3 “Forever Battery” Dynamo
  • The 12 Trillion Global 5G Pipeline
  • 10 Fearless Tech Predictions for 2021

Does the service have a good track record?

According to Luke Lango, he’s had “14 stock picks produce gains of between 1,000% and 12,066% over the last few years.” That’s impressive. However, he also states that his “average annualized return for 2020 was 67.3%.”

So not all of his recommendations 10X or more, but on average, when you factor in the winning and losing trades, Innovation Investor has a solid track record.

Do they have a refund policy in place? According to the InvestorPlace website, Innovation Investor comes with a 12-month “every penny back” satisfaction guarantee.

What in the World is Forever Battery Technology?

Charles calls the bombshell technology inside the Forever Battery “a gold rush in the making”. As Wright’s Law, which states that every time units of a product double, costs will fall by a constant percentage, all but assuring that EV’s will become more affordable.

The fact is, these new batteries are better than current EV batteries by every measure you can think of, from weight and safety, to range and charging time. This comes after 10 years of intensive research and development and the filing of more than 200 patent applications, with the end result being a battery that is about the size of a pack of cards.

It is something scientists call a “solid-state battery”. These batteries are completely different from lithium-ion batteries, which have a liquid core, that can cause a vehicle or device to burst into flames without warning. The solid core of the Forever Battery is NOT flammable, so there’s no danger of explosion or fire.

Perhaps the best part about solid-state battery is that its solid-state core take as little as 15 minutes to charge, degrading far less than its liquid core battery counterpart, meaning it lasts longer. All around, solid-state batteries are smaller, lighter, safer, more powerful, and more convenient than current EV batteries.

Since the main catalyst driving mass adoption is affordability and the solid-state battery could cut the price of an EV in half, it could very well make EVs affordable enough for the average American family (inflation included). This could literally change the world and it’s why Charles is adamant we take advantage of this opportunity right away. Let’s see if we can identify the company at the heart of it all.

Revealing the Forever Battery Stock

A few key clues were dropped throughout the presentation, which we noted:

  • It holds 200 patents that protect its proprietary technology.
  • Already, one of the biggest multinational car manufacturers in the world — a 170 BILLION company — is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the company.
  • The company operates out of a Silicon Valley laboratory, which The Washington Post calls a “billionaire factory”, because the potential to make money is off the charts for early investors.
  • The company’s management team has extensive experience and operating capabilities in the automotive sector with a track record of keeping shareholders very happy.

Based on this description, we would venture to say that the solid-state battery manufacturer in question is QuantumScape Corp. (NYSE: QS). This is why:

  • QuantumScape does hold around 200 patents and patent applications for its solid-state battery technology.
  • It is headquartered in San Jose and backed by more than 450.2 billion in investor capital, which includes Volkswagen.
  • QuantumScape’s management team is helmed by CEO Jagdeep Singh, who previously founded and was the CEO of Infinera Corp. (Nasdaq: INFN).

So is QuantumScape’s technology really the hottest breakthrough of the 21st century?

Best Investment Opportunity of Our Lifetime?

A lofty claim to make about a startup developing a solid-state lithium battery for electric vehicles or any company for that matter, but the quantum leap this technology could spell warrants it.

As electric vehicle adoption ramps up – 1,500% surge in EV sales over the next four years according to Charles, any stock at the forefront of this should see a boost right? Undoubtedly, but between upcoming monetary tightening and a rise in interest rates, stocks, in general, are more than likely to move lower before another bull run.

When it comes to the company’s individual prospects, a lot of questions still remain unanswered about its next-generation solid-state lithium-metal batteries, as there isn’t much to go on at the moment apart from what the company has revealed in its investor presentations. Given this and the fact that the company isn’t likely to produce any significant revenue until at least 2024.until which time a lot can happen, including material developments on the competitive front, tells us that is speculation rather than an investment at this point in time.

Quick Recap Conclusion

  • Host John Daly and resident expert Charles Mizrahi are here to tell us that a technology that overcomes all the obstacles currently preventing electric vehicles from going mainstream is finally available.
  • We are told that it is simply known as the “Forever Battery” and that it is “the battery of the future”, which will change the world as we know it.
  • According to Charles, there is an innovative company behind the Forever Battery technology, but we will need to subscribe to his Alpha Investor newsletter, which will include The Forever Battery: How to Profit as EV Sales Grow 1,500% Over the Next 4 Years, special report telling us all about this company.
  • Fortunately, we were able to save everyone some time and money by revealing the company in question as QuantumScape Corp. (NYSE: QS) for free.
  • Upon taking a closer look at the company, we came to learn that there are still many questions abounding about the capabilities of its solid-state battery technology and if it can truly deliver on its promise. This coupled with the fact that there won’t be any significant revenue (to say nothing of earnings), until 2024-2025, screams wild speculation rather than investment.

Are you already invested in the electric vehicle space? Are solid-state batteries the answer that will unlock electric vehicle adoption on a mass scale or is it something else? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Price of EVs vs Gas-Powered Cars

What’s more, analysts at ARK Invest — who manage over 50 billion in assets — expect the number of EVs sold to hit 40 million — an increase of more than 1,500% … in just four years!

Their projection is based on hard science, not hope.

Wright’s Law states that every time units of a product double, costs will fall by a constant percentage.

It makes perfect sense if you think about it…

The more units produced, the cheaper the technology becomes, the greater demand there is.

The yellow line is price, and the blue line is demand. When they cross over — watch out!

That’s when lower open the floodgates to consumer demand.

And it’s been dead right in more than 60 technologies ranging from solar power to televisions, and semiconductors to ovens.

For EVs, the tipping point — affordability — may finally be arriving, thanks to the new technology inside Forever Batteries.

It’s the same catalyst that has triggered an explosion in many of the biggest and most important innovations of the past 100 years.

Mizrahi points to personal computers (PCs) as an example…

Charles: “In 1972, the first computer went on sale for 500,000 in today’s dollars.

“The first affordable PC — the Commodore 64 — went on sale 10 years later. The price tag was just 450,600.

“Demand shot through the roof … causing the stock price to surge 267% in the following year.

“By 1993, 30 million units of the Commodore 64 had been sold … and to this day, it remains the bestselling computer of all time.

“From zero to 30 million units in just 11 years. Incredible!

“That’s how fast technologies take off when they become cheap enough for the masses.

“Same thing with cellphones.

forever, battery, ticker, symbol

“The Motorola DynaTAC hit the market in 1983 with a hefty price tag of 4,000.

“But when lower-priced Nokia phones came to market, they flew off the shelves.

“Phones in the 6100 series cost as little as 200 with a service contract. The company sold nearly 41 million cellphones in 1998 alone.

“From zero to 41 million units in one year. I mean … that’s pretty amazing growth.

“And investors saw gains of 1,500% in the three and a half years that followed.

“It was the same with digital cameras … flat-screen TVs … laptops … you name it.

“As soon as they became affordable, demand increased and sales soared.

“Look at cars. In the early 1900s only the wealthy could afford them.

“But in 1913, when Ford’s assembly line allowed for mass production, the price came down. And car ownership began a 100-year upward march.

“In 1915, about 2% of Americans owned a car. But within 15 years, that number had increased tenfold.

“Ford only went public in 1956. But it’s credited with helping America’s 20th century middle class take off.”

John: Now … more than a century later … Mizrahi says we’re in a similar position with electric vehicles … where high cost is the No. 1 reason we don’t see more EVs on roads across America.

With a price tag of more than 55,000 on average, they’re simply too expensive for the average American.

For that reason, EVs make up only 2% of the market.

But thanks to Forever Batteries, EVs could soon be cheap enough and practical enough for everyday Americans.

MIT Technology Review said:

The battery revolution is already underway across the whole market…

The Guardian recently announced:

The New York Times reports:

We asked Charles to explain whatyou get as a new subscriber…

12 Monthly Research Briefings:

“Each month, I’ll send you an in-depth, eight-page briefing that tells you which stock I think you should buy right away. These are the types of stocks that can help you to build lasting wealth. This newsletter is the core of my research service. It’s written in plain English, so even if you’re a novice you’ll have all the information you need to decide if you want to invest. Readers have said this research alone is worth the price of the subscription.”

Model Portfolio:

“Then there’s the portfolio. A new study shows that 90% of professionals can’t beat the market … but the Alpha Investor model portfolio is doing just that. Why? Well, most professional investors are required to have 100 stocks or more in their funds. Why would anyone want to own 100 stocks? I don’t want to invest in your 99th-best idea. I want your top 20 recommendations. That’s what you get when you subscribe to Alpha Investor.”

forever, battery, ticker, symbol

Weekly Updates and Alerts:

“You’ll also want to watch your inbox every Wednesday. That’s when I send out a brief video where I update you on the market, the portfolio and answer frequently asked questions … so no one is left in the dark. You can also access the transcript online, if you’d prefer to read the update.”

Special Reports:

“You also get access to the two special reports I want to send you today: The Forever Battery: How to Profit as EV Sales Grow 1,500% Over the Next 4 Years … and A New Era of Energy Storage: The Hottest Breakthrough of the 21st Century. But that’s not all. You’ll also find an archive of all the special reports I’ve written in the past.”

Access to the Private, Members-Only Website:

“All of my research briefings, special reports and the model portfolio are posted on a secure website. No matter where you are in the world, you can use our app on your smartphone or tablet. That way you can track the portfolio and access my insights, so you can stay ahead of the markets.”

Daily Market Briefings:

“When you subscribe, you’ll also get a free subscription to the daily e-letter, American Investor Today, full of unique, profitable analysis from me and other members of my team.”

Alpha Investing Manual:

“Then, there’s the Alpha Investing Manual. This is a priceless compilation of the everything I learned during my nearly 40-year career on Wall Street. And I assure you, once it’s in your hands, you’ll never look at investing the same way again. Instead of seeing stocks as a mountain of numbers or jagged lines on a chart, as most folks do, you’ll see how to spot true, game-changing businesses.”

A Dedicated Customer Care Team:

“Lastly, if you ever have any questions about your subscription, simply call or email to let us know. My team will walk you through the details and benefits of your subscription.”

John: Charles tells me that people write in all the time to say how much Alpha Investor has changed their lives.

James L. from Nashville says:

Dodi L. from Vegas wrote in:

Remember, when you take a 100% RISK-FREE trial subscription today, you’ll also get Charles’ free report, The Forever Battery: How to Profit as EV Sales Grow 1,500% Over the Next 4 Years.

What Is “The Forever Battery” Stock? [Charles Mizrahi]

The presentation is about a new technology that he thinks will trigger a battery revolution. This revolution will then make electric vehicles more popular and they may even overtake gas-powered cars in sales numbers.

Of course, Charles says that this will create the biggest profit opportunity of our lifetimes and he wants to share with you how you can get in on it.

In this review, I walk you through the presentation to give you a clearer picture of what Charles Mizrahi is talking about.

Before I start…

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The Forever Battery Review

Introduction to The Forever Battery

The Forever Battery is all about the next-gen battery revolution technology that’ll power all EVs in the future. Throughout the presentation, Charles talks about a device that can quickly disrupt the energy industry on an unprecedented scale.

Charles has done presentations before talking about tech advancements and we’ve looked into a few of them like Charles Mizrahi’s No.1 Small Cap Stock For 2021 and The Internet of Medical Things.

So, this is not unprecedented from him.

According to Charles, researchers and scientists are working on a “forever battery” that will take just 15 minutes to charge, weigh next to nothing, won’t easily burst into flames, and will power a car for 1,000 miles on a single charge.

That will be an improvement on the Lithium-ion batteries currently in use and Mizrahi expects that to create a shock in the industry, particularly in the world of Electric Vehicles (EVs) where a greater range on a single charge could be a gamechanger.

Obviously, Charles is talking about solid-state battery when he talks about “the Forever Battery.” A solid-state battery is regularly touted as the next frontier of battery technology and many scientists are working on making it the ultimate replacement of the Lithium-ion battery.

With the battery, renewable energy will become a viable alternative to coal and oil.

It will also make electric cars cheaper and that will do a lot of good to the electric vehicle space. Thus, early investments in this tech breakthrough will be profitable in the long haul and Charles Mizrahi wants you to get in on this.

Charles Mizrahi’s Forever Battery Stock

Charles Mizrahi has identified one company that he says is going to play a pivotal role in this battery revolution and hence, early investments in this company’s stock can be quite profitable.

He says that it has secured its tech with 200 patents and in time, it could become a household name like Microsoft or Intel.

It operates out of a Silicon Valley laboratory and The Wall Street Journal calls it ‘the hot battery startup that could zap Tesla.’

Charles says this about the company:

The company’s management team has extensive experience and operating capabilities in the automotive sector with a track record of keeping shareholders very happy.

And it just upped the ante by nabbing a former Tesla engineer to oversee the expansion of production.

One of its biggest corporate shareholders is a car manufacturer that aims to produce 22 million battery-powered EVs by 2029.

And deep-ed investors like Bill Gates, Vinod Khosla, George Soros and Jeremy Grantham have poured more than 5 billion into the company

The former Tesla engineer he is referring to sounds like Gene Berdichevsky.

All the details regarding this stock are covered in The Forever Battery: How to Profit as EV Sales Grow 1,500% Over the Next 4 Years. Charles has revealed the name and ticker symbol of the company in the report.

To get the report for free, you have to sign up for Charles Mizrahi’s Alpha Investor newsletter.

Due to the Gene Berdichevsky connection, he could be teasing a company called Sila Nanotechnologies, a technology company that provides energy storage services. It specializes in the design and manufacture of batteries for automobiles and cell phones.

Who is Charles Mizrahi?

Charles Mizrahi is a former money manager with 35 years of experience on Wall Street.

He began his career at the age of 20 years when he was trading on the floor of the New York Futures Exchange before he went on to be named the No. 1 trader in the nation by Barron’s. He has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and MarketWatch.

Charles Mizrahi has been around long enough to have seen all the ups and downs of the market as a trader. Now he is dedicated to offering actionable investment tips and guidelines to everyday investors through his newsletters, which he publishes via Banyan Hill Publishing.

Specifically, he is the editor of Alpha Investor, through which he publishes what he considers to be Wall Street’s best profit opportunities. Charles Mizrahi doesn’t just talk about investment opportunities because he shares all the details on how you can get into the stocks he recommends at the right price.

How Does The Alpha Investor Work?

“The Forever Battery” was meant to market the Alpha Investor newsletter, which we’ve established is published by Banyan Hill Publishing.

The Forever Battery Verdict

After watching Charles Mizrahi’s Forever Battery presentation, one thing you come away with is that he knows his way around the technology sector. He says that he has been predicting major trends in the sector and has been quite successful at it.

This time, he has shifted his FOCUS onto the battery subsector saying that one company has a solution to the battery conundrum. A move that he believes will boost EV sales by 1,500% or even more in the next 4 years and bring them to the mainstream.

He is right about the fact that scientists are in the process of developing new batteries because they are needed to store energy from renewable sources of power and applications like EVs. The solid-state battery is the one being touted as the future replacement of the Lithium-ion that is widely used.

As of writing this, the solid state batteries are not being mass-produced and it is hard to tell what company or companies will be the frontrunner(s) once that begins. Therefore, take that into consideration if you are going to follow Charles’ advice.

Before you leave

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