The Best Places to Buy a Car Battery in 2023. 24f battery oreillys

Get your car back on the road with a new battery from one of these well-known and reputable retailers.

By Timothy Dale | Updated Aug 20, 2021 11:15 AM

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The battery in your vehicle is a key component that acts as the power storage system, providing power to the engine, the ignition, and the auxiliary electronic systems like the lights and the radio. So, when the battery is near the end of its life, it’s important to find a replacement that is suited for your car and the local climate. Keep in mind that batteries operate differently in freezing temperatures than they do in hot temperatures.

Take a look at the list below to find the best place to buy a car battery. Choose from mega-retailers that have a large inventory, or opt for more specialized stores that can help you find the right battery for your vehicle.


Known for: Consumers only need to worry about securing a yearly or a monthly membership to score great deals on car batteries at Costco. Price: to Editors’ Choice: Ideal for Honda Civics and similar vehicles, this Interstate Batteries car battery (available at Costco) has 600 cranking amps (CA) and long-lasting performance.

Costco was established in 1976 with the new concept of a retail warehouse club that offers large wholesale quantities at low since it doesn’t need to invest in shiny floors and attractive shelving. Despite the stark interior, Costco products are typically high-quality options, including car batteries that are marketed and distributed by Interstate Batteries, a Costco partner.

Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American multinational corporation that has a requirement for shopping at its stores: a paid membership. An annual membership fee allows Costco members to shop at the wholesale store and gain the benefit of bargain-price products throughout the brick-and-mortar locations and its website. Online customers can enter the year, make, model, engine, and add-ons of their vehicle to find the appropriate battery.


Known for: Walmart offers a large number of diverse, inexpensive car batteries for a wide range of makes and models. Price: to Editors’ Choice: This affordable EverStart Maxx car battery (available at Walmart) features 850 cold cranking amps (CCA) for reliable starts in freezing weather conditions.

Founded in 1945, Walmart is one of the most well-known companies in America primarily due to the widespread popularity of its discount department stores and grocery stores. However, Walmart didn’t actually open its first official store until 1962 with the goal of finding lower-cost suppliers so it could sell its products at low and generate high-volume sales.

Walmart has stuck to this goal over the years and continues to offer products, including car batteries, at a lower price than many competitors. Choosing a new car battery is as simple as heading to the Walmart website and searching for the make and model of the car to get a wide variety of options that will work in the selected vehicle. The broad range of products is ideal for finding the right battery for a less-popular or older model car.

Sam’s Club

Known for: Sign up for a yearly membership at Sam’s Club and get great benefits, like low on a range of products, including affordable car batteries. Price: to Editors’ Choice: Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, this Duracell automotive battery (available at Sam’s Club) is a durable, long-lasting choice for cars, light trucks, and vans.

Sam’s Club has a similar layout and marketing strategy as Costco, requiring customers to purchase yearly memberships for access to the affordable products that are sold in bulk. Owned and operated by Walmart, Sam’s Club was founded in 1983 and named after Walmart’s founder, Sam Walton. The store currently has the second-highest volume of sales among warehouse clubs, falling behind its primary rival, Costco.

The warehouse-style business ensures that remain low, so DIYers can select the right car battery to meet the needs of their vehicle. Both the website and the store are able to provide customers with detailed information on the capabilities of each battery to ensure that it’s the correct size and has substantial cranking amps and cold cranking amps for better reliability in hot or cold weather.

Advance Auto Parts

Known for: Advance Auto Parts specializes in selling aftermarket parts, which are replacement parts that are not made by the original equipment manufacturer. Price: to Editors’ Choice: With 730 cold cranking amps and 910 cranking amps, this 12 volt DieHard Gold car battery (available at Advance Auto Parts) is a great choice for reliable starts.

Advance Auto Parts actually got its start about a century ago in 1921 as a part of Pep Boys. In 1932, two stores were purchased from Pep Boys and renamed Advance Auto Parts by the new owner. However, despite being in the car-part retail business for over 80 years, Advance Auto Parts didn’t begin to expand until 1998. The company has grown exponentially and has been featured on the Fortune 500 list of companies since 2003.

This store specializes in the marketing, sale, and distribution of aftermarket automotive parts that are not made by the manufacturer of the original part. Advance Auto Parts stocks a wide variety of aftermarket automotive parts, making it a great choice for professionals and DIYers who need car batteries and other parts for older makes and models of cars, vans, and trucks.


Known for: Popular with professionals and DIYers across the U.S., AutoZone is the largest automotive parts retailer in North America. Price: to Editors’ Choice: Duralast Platinum Enhanced Flooded Batteries (available at AutoZone) are designed with an improved charge acceptance and cycle life for strong starts and consistent power for modern features like cruise control, lane assist, and heated seats.

Founded in 1979 and based in Memphis, Tennessee, AutoZone quickly grew its popularity and reputation as a reliable automotive parts retailer, becoming the largest retailer of automotive parts in North America. The company particularly appeals to consumers who prefer to rely on the expertise of the retailer to select a suitable car battery for their vehicle due to the high level of knowledge and specialized product offering.

The impressive selection of car batteries on the AutoZone website provides consumers with enough variety to make a decision, while the vehicle management menu makes it easy to see which products would work with the consumer’s specific vehicle make and model. AutoZone doesn’t ship car batteries directly due to safety restrictions, but they do have curbside pickup or the option to shop for car batteries in-store.


Known for: A favorite of automotive professionals, NAPA offers a large variety of car, truck, and commercial vehicle batteries and other parts after a quick vehicle make and model check. Price: to Editors’ Choice: Better for moderate climates, this NAPA The Legend car battery (available at NAPA) has a 650 cold cranking amperage and convenient, fold-down handles for easy transportation and installation.

Founded in 1925, NAPA is a retailers’ cooperative made up of about 6,000 stores that are primarily owned by independent retailers, though about 1,142 NAPA stores are owned by the Genuine Parts Company. This business model keeps costs low for independent owners as well as their customers by acquiring bulk discounts from manufacturers and sharing the marketing expense across the cooperative.

While NAPA provides an exceptional range of car parts, including batteries, tires, brakes, and more, the main benefit may be the expertise of its staff. NAPA owners and employees specialize in automotive parts, maintenance, and repairs, including 15,000 NAPA AutoCare repair facilities that can sell and install the right car battery according to the make and model of the vehicle.


Known for: Amazon is a marketplace where consumers can find an impressive range of products, including a variety of car and truck batteries that can be checked against the make and model of the vehicle on the site to verify that it’s a suitable choice. Price: to Editors’ Choice: The ACDelco Gold car battery (available on Amazon) has 760 cold cranking amps for reliable starts in winter weather and a high-density negative paste to help increase battery life.

Amazon was originally called Cadabra, Inc., getting its start in 1994, but when the company name was mistaken for the word “cadaver,” the company quickly changed its name to Amazon. Initially, the site focused on selling books online, but as the company rapidly grew in popularity, it also increased its product offerings, transitioning into a multifaceted online publisher, video-streaming service, online marketplace, and shipping company.

Amazon remains one of the most successful online retailers, selling an impressive variety of products ranging from groceries to car parts, including a range of affordable car batteries. The “Your Garage” feature lets customers add more than one vehicle’s information for quick reference while shopping for car parts to be sure that the selected battery, tires, or brakes are suitable for the vehicle in question.

Pep Boys

Known for: After a century as an automotive parts retailer, Pep Boys knows cars and can help customers find the right car battery to suit their needs. Price: to Editors’ Choice: The Champion Premium car battery (available at Pep Boys) is optimized for consistent power over the life of the battery in order to fulfill the energy demands of modern cars.

The Pep Boys company started in the retail automotive parts industry way back in 1921—long before most of its competitors—giving Pep Boys a substantial amount of experience providing detailed information to customers. Pep Boys is famous for the oversize caricatures of the founders, Manny, Moe, and Jack, that are prominently displayed on the company logo.

This retailer offers a variety of automotive parts, accessories, and other products, as well as fleet maintenance service for large companies and local service centers for customers who don’t have the experience or the desire to complete automotive repairs themselves. The reliable experience of Pep Boys has allowed them to remain successful over the years, despite the extraordinary changes in vehicles from 1921 to the modern vehicles of today.

O’Reilly Auto Parts

Known for: Quality and reliability are key components of what has made O’Reilly Auto Parts a successful aftermarket automotive parts retailer for over 60 years. Price: to Editors’ Choice: This Super Start Platinum car battery (available at O’Reilly Auto Parts) is designed for cold mornings and high-energy output with 710 cold cranking amps and a high, 110-minute power reserve capacity.

This popular aftermarket automotive parts retailer serves both professionals and DIYers with more than 5,600 stores across 47 states, as well as 22 stores in Mexico. It was founded by the O’Reilly family in 1957 and experienced immediate growth under the careful supervision of both Charles Francis O’Reilly and his son, Charles H. O’Reilly, who had left management positions with Link Motor Supply due to the company’s plan to force Charles F. into retirement and move Charles H. to Kansas City.

The decision turned out to be the best move the pair could have made, as O’Reilly Auto Parts is still operating as one of the most popular aftermarket automotive parts retailers in America. This company sells car batteries that are suitable for most makes and models. Shoppers can enter their vehicle information on the O’Reilly Auto Parts website to check which products are the right size and power output for their car and then find a local store for pickup.

Batteries Plus

Known for: This specialty battery retailer sells and recycles batteries of varying sizes and voltages for a range of vehicles and consumer electronics. Price: to Editors’ Choice: This Duracell Ultra car battery (available at Batteries Plus) is typically used in GMC, Cadillac, Chevrolet, and Buick vehicles with 540 cold cranking amps for reliable starts in moderate climates.

Batteries Plus got its beginning in 1988 as a specialty retail store that sold and recycled batteries. They continue to operate within this specialized niche, offering batteries for a wide range of products, including watches, cell phones, digital cameras, and cars. While Batteries Plus isn’t a good choice for most automotive parts, the company is an ideal option for those looking to find car batteries.

The main benefit of Batteries Plus is that consumers get battery-specific advice that they may not get at a general automotive parts retailer. Due to the focused approach to the market, Batteries Plus has managed to expand to over 700 locations with only minor product expansions that include chargers and light bulbs.

Thread: Group 24F vs 34R, please advise

Noob Posts 36 Join Date Jan 2020

Group 24F vs 34R, please advise

Can someone confirm that group 34R (applicable) is the right choice over a 24F (oem) for my gen 3 Altima?

I am upgrading the battery due to my assumption that the planned sound system will need more juice. Ill be running an Orion mono at 1200rms to an SA-12 and ppi 900.4 for the front stage. I see that the oem group is 24F but on Oreillys website it says 34R will also fit.

I’ve done some research and been told to use the biggest AGM battery that will fit for best performance, but the 24R is 10% larger and 10% more expensive yet has 10% LESS CCA and less Ah than the 34R.

Did more research and couldnt find much about what reverse polarity of the battery means (I was assuming the fact that the 34R being reverse polarity had something to do with it being smaller AND less expensive yet higher specs) besides that the terminals are reversed. But then that didnt make much sense either since both battery groups have top right pos posts. thoughts?

Can someone who knows give me a little insight on if the 34R is actually a better, higher performing choice?

Noob Location Tidewater Virginia Vehicle 2006 GMC Sierra Crew Cab Posts 216 Join Date Apr 2020

best, places, battery, oreillys

Re: Group 24F vs 34R, please advise

Reverse polarity refers to the location of the positive and negative posts. Without buying one of those high performance battery, go with what you were doing. Measure the overall size of your battery compartment to see what is the physically biggest one you can put into it, make sure the polarity’s correct and that you have sufficient cable length, then get the most CCA available. I did the same thing with my son’s Mustang. He had a group 59 I think it was, an odd ball. I did what I said and got a group 75DT, a common Gm series battery that had a dual terminal and used the ones on top, turned out I got almost 100 more cca’s out of what I did.

Noob Posts 36 Join Date Jan 2020

Re: Group 24F vs 34R, please advise

It’s odd though the 24F is a direct battery and the 34R is reverse polarity yet the terminals are in the same position on both. That’s either here nor there, maybe that’s an exception. but the smaller battery the 34R has more CCA. so maybe that’s another one off, so should I go with more cca or bigger battery?

Noob Posts 48 Join Date Apr 2020

Re: Group 24F vs 34R, please advise

If I were buying a new battery and going for AGM, I’m pretty impressed with the perfrmance I’m getting from Northstar. 4 year replacement warranty and a TON of full charge cycles! I’m not affiliated, just a fan:

But, yes. the 34 is a bit more power.

Noob Posts 36 Join Date Jan 2020

Re: Group 24F vs 34R, please advise

Thanks that’s a great price point. Any reason you recommend the marine version. Just asking b/c the automotive version is 30 cheaper, same specs

Noob Location Tidewater Virginia Vehicle 2006 GMC Sierra Crew Cab Posts 216 Join Date Apr 2020

Re: Group 24F vs 34R, please advise

34R means reverse terminal and the group 24f is already the reverse terminal. Go with the most cca’s you can get. Not sure if you need a higher amperage alternator with those amps you’re using. I think the rule of thumb is that regular alternators and batteries will be able to handle 1000 watts of rms power. I know there’s guys out here that can answer that better than I can.

Who Makes O’Reilly Super Start Batteries?

O’Reilly Auto Parts has an impressive line of Super Start car batteries with affordable prices, solid reliability, and respectable warranty policies. However, the main reason you’ve come to this article is to find out who’s making O’Reilly Super Start Batteries.

We’ll cover the topic in great detail, so keep reading to find out more!

O’Reilly Auto Parts is a distribution and retail network with no car battery production facilities. All of the production is handled by outsourced suppliers: Clarios and East Penn Manufacturing.

O’Reilly Super Start Batteries Manufacturers

O’Reilly Auto Parts is now one of the largest retailers in the United States, with more than 5,600 stores spread through 47 states. The company’s beginnings were humble, with Charles Francis O’Reilly working as a traveling salesman for Fred Campbell Auto Supply in St. Louis in the 1920s.

The O’Reilly Automotive company was founded in 1957 by his son, at the time consisting of just one store and 13 employees. The business was going better than expected, and by 1975, the company had nine stores and a massive warehouse facility.

In the coming years, the company would buy out other suppliers, merge and restructure to get to the point it’s in today.

During all this time, O’Reilly company never delved into parts production, only distribution and sales. With its massive size, it made sense to create a private brand of products, that can be sold for a cheaper price and garner more profits.

Super Start Batteries are one of these products, and we’re now going to talk about their main manufacturers.

East Penn Manufacturing

East Penn Manufacturing is one of the largest lead-acid battery manufacturers in the United States. Located in Pennsylvania, East Penn has made the largest single-site battery production facility, used to supply several auto manufacturers with OE batteries, as well as auto parts and retail supply chains with private brand batteries.

The company is known for making Duracell, Napa, EverStart, Duralast, and many other battery brands.


We’ve talked about Clarios a lot on VehicleFreak, as it’s one of the largest car battery producers not only in America but also globally. Over 150 million batteries leave their facilities located around the world, to supply almost every country with Clarios batteries.

In the past, Johnson Control was the main supplier of Super Start batteries, but they’ve since been sold to Clarios. The manufacturing process should have remained the same, with only the top management and ownership changing hands.

Clarios makes car batteries for dozens of brands, including Optima Batteries, VARTA, MAC Batteries, and Delkor. They’re also a supplier for retail and auto parts stores, as well as auto manufacturers.

O’Reilly Super Start Batteries Review

With the knowledge of where the batteries are coming from, we can now look toward the quality of Super Start batteries.

There are going to be slight differences depending on whether East Penn Manufacturing or Clarios is the supplier, but as both companies have a good reputation, there should not be any inconsistencies in production.

Super Start lineup covers everything from cars and trucks to lawn movers and marine vehicles, but we’ll FOCUS on the passenger vehicle batteries as they’re the most important to us.

Super Start Economy

The cheapest Super Start batteries stocked by O’Reilly are the Super Start Economy car batteries. They are available in the following configurations:

  • Battery group size from 24 to 50
  • Cold Cranking Amps from 500 to 650 CCA
  • Cranking Amps from 615 to 810 CA
  • Reserve Capacity from 60 to 108 minutes

The batteries are priced at 119.99 which is actually a pretty good price, especially if you’re looking for a larger battery, as O’Reilly places the same price on all of them, regardless of CCA or size.

The only limitation of the Super Start Economy line is the 1-year-limited warranty, but considering how many premium companies are off the same, it is not all that bad.

Super Start Premium

The step up from the Economy, the Premium line offers more power and durability. These batteries come in the following sizes and power configurations:

  • Battery group size from 24 to 140
  • Cold Cranking Amps from 425 to 950 CCA
  • Cranking Amps from 530 to 1000 CA
  • Reserve Capacity from 75 to 165 minutes

The Premium line goes for 159.99, again disregarding the differences between different battery sizes. The Premium batteries are potent and reliable, with a 2-year-limited warranty. The difference of 40 between Economy and Premium is not insignificant, but if you can afford Premium, I’d say it’s the best option out of Super Start.

Super Start Extreme

Super Start Extreme car batteries are the best O’Reilly has to offer in terms of standard flooded lead-acid batteries. The lineup isn’t as big as that of the Premium batteries, but Extreme still covers a wide range of vehicles:

  • Battery group size from 24 to 151
  • Cold Cranking Amps from 340 to 900 CCA
  • Cranking Amps from 410 to 1000 CA
  • Reserve Capacity from 35 to 150 minutes

The Extreme line costs 189.99 which approaches the costs of well-known brands, but just like Premium, the Extreme line offers great reliability and an even better guarantee – a 3-year-limited warranty.

Super Start Platinum

The Platinum line is O’Reillys AGM battery option. These will be different than standard flooded lead-acid batteries, and come in the following configurations:

  • Battery group size from 24 to 401
  • Cold Cranking Amps from 180 to 950 CCA
  • Cranking Amps from 390 to 1050 CA
  • Reserve Capacity from 35 to 190 minutes

These AGM car batteries cost 209.99, a price worth paying for a solid AGM battery with a 3-year-limited warranty. The Platinum line isn’t suitable for all vehicles, but if you can use it, it’s worth the investment.

best, places, battery, oreillys


Who makes O’Reilly’s AGM batteries?

O’Reilly Super Start AGM batteries are built by Clarios, but it’s not entirely clear whether East Penn Manufacturing also supplies AGM options or only flooded lead-acid batteries

What brand batteries are made by Johnson Controls?

Johnson Controls does not make car batteries anymore. Their operations have been bought out by Brookfield Business Partners and are now run by Clarios.

Who makes batteries for Napa?

Napa batteries are made by Easy Penn Manufacturing in Pennsylvania.

What brand batteries does East Penn make?

East Penn Manufacturing is best known for their Deka and Duracell batteries, but they also produce a wide range of OE batteries for auto manufacturers and supply private-store brands.

Who manufactures EverStart batteries for Walmart?

Walmart’s EverStart batteries are built by three manufacturers: Clarios, Exide, and East Penn Manufacturing.

Who makes batteries for Interstate?

Interstate sells batteries from all brands and suppliers, most of which are made in the USA. If you’re thinking of Intestate Batteries, these are made by Clarios.

Are any batteries made in the USA?

A lot of car batteries are made in the USA because of one simple fact. They’re too heavy to transport from overseas. Almost all of the batteries on the American market are made either in the US or in Mexico, where companies like Clarios have production facilities.

Who makes Kirkland batteries?

The Kirkland Signature car batteries are made by Clarios for Costco retail chains.

Who makes DieHard batteries?

DieHard batteries, owned by Advance Auto Parts are manufactured by Clarios, an international battery manufacturer.

Where are Motorcraft batteries made?

Motorcraft batteries are made by Clarios, so they’re coming either from Mexico or one of the facilities in the US. If the battery is still the original, it most likely came from the same country the vehicle is manufactured in.

Are NAPA batteries made in China?

Napa batteries are not made in China, at least not the ones sold in the US. Shipping such a heavy product would not be worth it even with the reduced costs of manufacture in China, so Napa turns to East Penn Manufacturing to get its batteries.

Who makes car batteries for Costco?

Costco’s private-store brand batteries – Kirkland Signature battery line is made by Clarios.

Who makes Odyssey batteries?

Odyssey batteries are made by EnerSys Energy Products Inc. a subsidiary of EnerSys. The company is located at the Richmond Site in Kentucky.


O’Reilly Auto Parts stocks products from all kinds of brands, and their own Ever Start batteries are made by Clarios and East Penn Manufacturing.

It’s interesting to note that these companies are also making the competitor batteries, such as Deka, Varta, Optima, and others, so the differences between them may not be as significant.

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