Sr626sw battery voltage. Watch Battery Size Chart

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377 has a shelf life of 4-6 years when stored at room temperature which decreases to 1-2 years when stored at high temperatures. The 377 battery can be replaced with SR626SW, AG4, LR626, 377A, and 376 batteries.

The 377 has a good battery capacity almost twice that of alkaline button cells. Since these are light in weight, the energy-to-weight ratio is very high. But are comparatively expensive due to the usage of silver.

What is a 377 Battery?

377 battery uses silver oxide as the cathode and zinc as the anode. Since they use alkaline electrolytes like sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or potassium hydroxide (KOH), the performance of 377 batteries is usually compared with that of alkaline batteries.

The 377 batteries are popular as a battery that finely adapts for high and low discharge devices. Another advantage of these batteries is that it delivers stable output throughout their service life due to the multi-drain technology. Using potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte enables these batteries to operate even under heavy drains and at lower temperatures.

The discharge levels of 377 batteries are more stable than other alkaline variants and the self-discharge possibilities are relatively low. Apart from these advantages, using a small amount of mercury in these batteries prevails as a serious limitation.

Which batteries are equivalent to 377?

376, 377BP, GP377, D377, V377, E377, E377A, E377CA, 377A, 377X, are the most common replacements of 377 batteries.

The other equivalents of 377 include SB-AW, SR626SW, SR66, SR626, AG4, 606, LR626, LR66, SR628SW, and GP177.

What is a 377 Battery used for?

377 batteries fall under coin cells. Thus they are ideal for small portable devices. The high and low drain capability of 377 batteries makes them ideal for devices that need to be used continuously.

The small-sized medical devices like hearing aids, photoelectric exposure meters, digital thermometers, glucometers, heart-rate monitors, and blood pressure cuffs are some of the top applications of 377.

The other applications include watches, keyless remote entry systems, small electronic toys, calculators, pager, etc.

Button cell SR626SW: Technical data and alternatives to this battery

The SR626SW battery is also often called the Watch battery because it is one of their most common uses. In fact, like most button cells, its small dimensions, its long service life of several years and the stable voltage curve that shows itself over time during discharge make it perfect for applications in which minimum voltage is queried over a long period of time. Other battery types such as lithium-ion batteries or NiMH batteries are rather poorly suited for such purposes due to their relatively high self-discharge.

Comparison list: Alternatives to the SR626SW battery

When it comes to the names of button cells, there is often confusion among end customers, as almost every manufacturer has come up with their own abbreviation for their battery. Even though they all have the same technical data. In this case, a comparison list for the SR626SW will help.

The general designation button cell type 377 or also AG 4 should be found most frequently. Nevertheless, you can also find the following model designations for this battery:

  • Varta V377 / Varta 565
  • Citizen 280-39
  • Bulova 606
  • Duracell D377
  • Energizer 377
  • GP Sylva Cell 377
  • Panasonic SR626SW
  • Maxell SR626SW
  • Ray-ovac 377
  • Renata 377
  • Seiko SB-AW
  • Sony SR626SW, Sony LR626
  • Toshiba SR626SW
  • Ucar 377
  • IEC SR66
  • B-377L
  • Timex BA

This also names all the alternatives that can be used, because all these batteries have the same dimensions and deliver the same voltage. So they can be exchanged with each other. regardless of whether the button cell is used for a clock, a kitchen scale, a remote control or another device.

The AG13 is not identical to the SR626SW and therefore cannot be used as an alternative, but it also works with a different battery chemistry and therefore has a different voltage curve over time.

The bestsellers on Amazon

If you want to buy this button cell, there are several options on Amazon. If you need replacements more often, you should use a pack with 10 button cells of the same type. There is one example this very well rated set of 10 by Varta (V377. silver oxide) at. Here you should prefer silver oxide batteries, as these are of better quality than the alkaline button cells. Then they can be stored for several years without any problems, as they hardly discharge themselves.

If you only need one battery, you can either use a button cell set (here a very good one from HyCell) order with several different batteries or buy just the one button cell.

SR626SW vs. SR621SW Batteries – SR626sw Battery Equivalent

When it comes to choosing the right battery for your watch or small electronics, you may find yourself comparing the SR626SW and SR621SW batteries. Both are widely used and have similar features, but they are not interchangeable.

sr626sw, battery, voltage, watch, size, chart

SR626SW Battery

The SR626SW battery, also known as 377, is a silver oxide cell battery with a voltage of 1.55V. It has a capacity of 28mAh and a diameter of 6.8mm. This type of battery is commonly used in watches, calculators, and small electronic devices.

The capacity of the SR626SW is higher than the SR621SW, which means it can last longer. It is also larger in diameter, making it a better fit for some devices.

The SR626SW is compatible with a range of devices, from digital watches to handheld calculators. It is also a popular choice for use in cameras, hearing aids, and remote controls.

  • Maxell 377 SR626SW
  • Factory Hologram Packaging
  • 1.55 Volt Silver Oxide
  • 4 Batteries Total
  • Made in Japan

SR621SW Battery – SR626SW Battery Equivalent

The SR621SW battery, also known as 364, is also a silver oxide cell battery with a voltage of 1.55V. It has a capacity of 18mAh and a diameter of 6.8mm. This battery is typically used in watches, small electronic devices, and medical equipment.

The SR621SW has a slightly smaller diameter than the SR626SW, making it a better fit for some devices. It is also a popular choice for use in digital watches, small electronic devices, and medical equipment like blood glucose meters and hearing aids.

sr626sw, battery, voltage, watch, size, chart

Differences – SR626SW Battery Equivalent

Although both batteries are silver oxide cell batteries with the same voltage, they differ in their capacity and application. The SR626SW has a higher capacity, which means it can last longer than the SR621SW.

However, the SR621SW has a slightly smaller diameter, which may make it a better fit for some devices.

If you are unsure which battery to choose, it is always best to consult the manufacturer’s instructions or seek advice from a professional. It is important to ensure that you choose the right battery for your device to avoid any damage or malfunction.

When choosing between the SR626SW and SR621SW batteries, it is important to consider the capacity and diameter of the battery, as well as the device’s specific requirements. While they are not interchangeable, both batteries are reliable and long-lasting.

In summary, the SR626SW has a higher capacity and is larger in diameter, making it a good choice for devices that require a longer-lasting battery.

The SR621SW, on the other hand, has a slightly smaller diameter, making it a better fit for some devices.

Both batteries are typically utilized in watches, small electronic devices, and medical equipment. When choosing between the two, it is important to consider the manufacturer’s instructions and the specific requirements of your device.

LR626/SR626 Batteries Safety Issues – SR626sw Battery Equivalent

LR626/SR626 batteries, also known as watch batteries, are small button-shaped batteries commonly used in watches, calculators, and other small electronic devices.

While these batteries are generally safe to use, there are some safety issues that users should be aware of.

Swallowing Hazard

One of the main safety issues with LR626/SR626 batteries is that they pose a serious swallowing hazard, particularly for young children.

These batteries are small enough to be easily swallowed, and if they become lodged in the throat or digestive system, they can cause serious injury or even death.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep LR626/SR626 batteries and all other small batteries out of the reach of children. If a child does swallow a battery, seek medical attention immediately.

FAQs for SR626SW Battery Equivalent

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about alkaline and silver-oxide 6.8 x 2.6 mm batteries:

How to replace the SR626SW watch battery?

Replacing an SR626SW watch battery is a simple process that can be done with a few basic tools. Here are the steps to replace an SR626SW watch battery:

Identify the type of watch case: First, identify the type of watch case. There are two types of watch cases, snap-on, and screw-back. Snap-on cases have a small groove between the case back and the case body, while screw-back cases have small notches or screws on the case back.

Gather the necessary tools: To replace the battery, you’ll need a small screwdriver, a pair of tweezers, and a new SR626SW battery.

Open the watch case: For a snap-on case, use a small flathead screwdriver to pry open the case back. For a screw-back case, use a case-back opener or a small screwdriver to unscrew the case back.

Remove the old battery: Use the tweezers to carefully remove the old battery from the watch.

Insert the new battery: Insert the new SR626SW battery into the watch with the positive side facing up.

Close the watch case: For a snap-on case, align the case back with the case body and press down until you hear a snap. For a screw-back case, use the screwdriver to screw the case back into place.

Check the watch: Finally, check that the watch is running smoothly and that the time and date are accurate.

What battery is equivalent to SR626SW?

Some equivalent batteries for the SR626SW include:

It’s important to note that while these batteries have similar specifications, they may not be exact replacements for the SR626SW in all devices.

It’s always best to check the device’s manual or contact the manufacturer to determine the appropriate replacement battery.

Is the 377 battery the same as SR626SW?

Yes, the 377 battery and the SR626SW battery are the same types of battery. They have different names because they are manufactured by different companies, but they both have the same dimensions and specifications and can be used interchangeably in electronic devices.

What replaces a 626 watch battery?

The 626 battery is a small, button-shaped battery commonly used in watches and other small electronic devices. It is also known as an SR626SW or AG4 battery.

What Duracell battery replaces SR626SW?

The Duracell battery that replaces SR626SW is the 377/376 silver oxide button cell battery. This battery is equivalent in size, voltage, and chemistry to the SR626SW and can be used in its place.

Is Energizer 377 the same as SR626SW?

Yes, the Energizer 377 and SR626SW are the same types of battery. They both have the same voltage of 1.55 volts and are used in smallish electronic gadgets such as watches, calculators, and medical devices.

The only difference is that Energizer is a brand name, while SR626SW is a designation used by other battery manufacturers to identify the same type of battery.

The sr626sw battery equivalent is a silver oxide button-type battery with a voltage of 1.55V and a capacity of approximately 20mAh

Are 626 and 377 batteries equivalent?

No, 626 and 377 batteries are not equivalent. While they may have similar dimensions, they have different voltages and chemistry.

A 626 battery, also known as LR66 or AG4, is a small alkaline button cell battery with a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts. It is generally used in tiny electronic devices such as calculators, watches, and toys.

While both batteries may fit in the same devices, it is important to use the battery type recommended by the manufacturer to ensure proper operation and to prevent damage to the device.

Are 377 and 392 batteries interchangeable?

No, 377 and 392 batteries are not interchangeable. While they may be similar in size and shape, they have different voltages and capacities, which can affect the performance of devices that require them.

It is important to use the specific battery type recommended by the device manufacturer to ensure proper operation and to avoid damage or malfunction.

Sr626sw battery voltage

Duracell plus Watch Battery. High Performance.

Genuine Duracell Battery

Brand Name: Duracell branded product.

sr626sw, battery, voltage, watch, size, chart


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SR626SW, LR626, AG4, 377 / 376 Battery Equivalent Chart

The SR626SW is a coin cell power supply that appears a lot in small home electronics. However, this product is not always available for service. In case of a power supply shortage, which SR626SW battery equivalent will you need to use to get the best performance out of your device?

If you are stuck in this situation, then our article will help you through the 10 most used reliable options below. Scroll down for more information.

Best SR626SW Battery Equivalent

The products we introduce below all have the same coin cell form as the SR626SW. In terms of packaging, the products all share the same plastic wrap design to make it harder to open, helping to protect battery life and prevent children from swallowing it.

And now, it’s time to scroll down and explore each product for a more specific insight!


AG4 is an Alkaline battery manufactured by Bluedot Trading (China). In size, it is quite similar to the SR626SW, with a 6,8 x 2,6mm measurement and a weight of about 1.6 ounces.

The AG4 provides users with a voltage of 1.5 volts with a capacity of about 18mAh. As recommended by the manufacturer, this product is suitable for small technical devices such as digital recorders, wristwatches, mp3 players, or digital cameras.

This non-rechargeable product has a shelf life of 2 years, so you need to make a new replacement (50 pcs per set) every time it runs out of power. In the US, the manufacturer also releases the AG4 with a compatible power plug to conveniently power the devices in your home.


LR626 is one of the most typical 1.5v (18mAh capacity) power supplies from the PKCELL brand. Its physical dimensions are only about 2.6 x6.8mm, much smaller than the AG4.

Thanks to its compact appearance, this Alkaline Button Cell Battery is perfect for home, work, or even travel. Besides, the stainless steel shell allows its shelf life of up to three years.

This product is not rechargeable and is sold in sets of 10 packs. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the product will reach its ideal operating state if the user does not combine it with other batteries.

The LR626 is suitable for mini calculators, wristwatches, electric thermometers, mini scales, and small devices. However, some users reflect that the sudden drop of the LR626’s cut-off voltage makes them not too good for the watch’s operation.


The LR66 offers a 6.8 x 2.6mm dimension in coin form, similar to the LR626. However, it does provide some interesting differences with the SR626SW, as illustrated in the sr626sw battery equivalent chart:

The voltage drop during use (from 1.5 to 1.0 V) greatly helps preserve the product’s life. However, operating at low voltage will cause malfunction of sensitive electronic devices, such as digital watches.

When discharging to 1.0 V, the output of the product is about 30% less than Sr626SW and 50% lower at 1.2-volt discharge. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for toys, mini calculators, or electronic scales.


This battery category includes several products that can perform extremely well as the SR626SW equivalent (compiled in the chart). If you want detailed insight into each of them, please scroll down for more information!

Duracell D377/376

The Duracell D377/376 is a low-drain product that measures 6.8 x 2.6 mm and weighs approximately 0.096 ounces. This silver-oxide battery provides nominal and endpoint voltage similar to the SR626Sw, making it suitable for medical devices, laser pointers, digital watches, or calculators.

Users’ feedback shows that Duracell works smoothly, stably, and for a long time. In terms of shelf life, the Duracell D377/376 can serve up to 4 years if stored carefully.

While other products usually come with at least 10 pcs per set, Duracell D377/376 offers only 1 or 2 packs, a more affordable solution.

Energizer 377/376

Energizer 377/376 button battery is today’s most popular battery replacement for sr626sw due to its perfect voltage compatibility. It offers dimensions of 6.8 x 2.6mm and a weight of 0.32 ounces, with a capacity of up to 25 mAh.

According to the manufacturer’s information, you can use this product to power any device compatible with the SR626SW. Multi-drain technology effectively serves low and high-discharge devices with extremely stable currents.

Energizer’s test report shows that the product defect rate is less than 1/1000 of 1%, so it has become the choice of countless famous brands, such as Casio, Timex, Fossil, and Swatch.

What sets this product apart from the competition is its shelf life ranging from 4 to 6 years which is perfect for bulk purchases. Energizer 377/376 usually comes with 5 pcs per set, making it a compact and budget-friendly choice.

Renata 376 High Drain

Renata 376 is manufactured by a Swiss company under the management of the Swatch group. This group specializes in producing world-renowned watch models (Breguet, Longines, and Omega), so it receives the trust of brands such as Casio and Fossil.


What Can I Know From The Letters In Battery’s Name?

  • Battery codes starting with “L” indicate that the battery is alkaline. Example: LR66, LR626
  • Battery code starting with “S” indicates that the battery belongs to the “silver-oxide” group. Example: SR626SW, SR621, SR626, SR66
  • Battery code containing “P” indicates that the product contains a potassium hydroxide electrolyte. Example: MDX 617(P)
  • Battery code containing “S” indicates that the product contains sodium hydroxide electrolyte. Example: 46B24L(S)
  • Battery code without “P” and “S” indicates that the battery contains organic electrolytes (Some manufacturers omit these symbols to make product names shorter).
  • The code after the part number containing “S” indicates that the battery has a sodium hydroxide electrolyte composition. Example: SR626SW, SR621SW
  • The code after the part number containing “W” indicates that the product conforms to the “IEC 60086-3 watch batteries standard”. Specifically, it can serve well for wristwatches and all household electronic devices that use coin cell batteries.

By What Means Can I Replace The SR626SW Watch Battery?

  • Step 1: Use a prying tool to find a space on the back of the watch and open it.
  • Step 2: Use tweezers to remove the old power feed. It would help if you slid the long small plate (near the coin) so that the new battery fits neatly in the battery compartment.
  • Step 3: When all is successful, you will hear a light click, and the watch will continue working as usual.

Although the above is a detailed guide for at-home replacement, it is still a good idea to take your watch to a repair shop periodically. There, the experts will help you check and eliminate the problem as soon as the watch battery shows wear.

How Do I Know What Size Battery For My Watch?

Follow these 3 ways to determine the battery size you will need for your watch:

  • Method 1: Check the watch’s back (such as the Timex) because it will sometimes contain information about the appropriate battery size. Some watch manufacturers keep this information in the watch case. Basic battery sizes include 364, 280-48, SR626SW, CR1216, and AG1. Then, search for suitable battery products with the same battery size as the battery code you found.
  • Method 2: You can identify your old battery because usually, products have names imprinted on the surface. If identification is difficult, take it to the nearest watch shop for expert help.
  • Method 3: Use a ruler to determine the dimension of the battery compartment. To avoid purchasing the wrong power supply, carefully take the measurement several times.

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