Review: Jackery Titan X 20800mAh Power Delivery Power Bank & 45W PD Wall Charger. Titan power bank

Review: Jackery Titan X 20800mAh Power Delivery Power Bank 45W PD Wall Charger

The way that we charge our devices is constantly changing and that’s because it’s something that we rely on so much.

Many people today own portable devices such as smartphones and therefore, they need a different way to charge their devices and of course, the most efficient way to charge their devices. That is why there charging technologies such as Quick Charge and Power Delivery that have been increasingly growing for many newer smartphones and also tablets.

This Jackery Titan X 20,800mAh power bank actually uses Power Delivery and Quick Charge too. The use of these two charging technologies makes this portable charger a very precise type of charger to own as it can charge two certain compatible devices at their max charging speed. So if you own Power Delivery devices or Quick Charge devices, this Jackery power bank is definitely meant for you.

With all that said, let’s get into the nitty-gritty part of things and see what this charger really has to offer.

Power Capacity:

There’s a good amount of power to be used with this power bank, but it has a low amount of power to use in comparison to other portable chargers within its class. Such as the PowerCore 26800 Power Delivery charger, that has a 26,800mAh power capacity, just as the name implies.

However, so long as the initial power capacity of this charger is high, then the output capacity will also be high.

3.7 x 20,800 = 76,960 / 5 = 15,392

DevicesJackery Titan X 20800mAh Power Delivery Power Bank (Output Capacity = 15,400mAh)Phone CapacityJackery Titan X 20800mAh Power Delivery Power Bank Left Over Capacity after One Charge

Overall, you’re actually going to be receiving a capacity of 15,400mAh that you can actually use towards charging your devices. It’s with this much power that you’re able to charge most smartphones about 5 times to their full power. Or if you’re charging smartphones that have a lower capacity than 3,000mAh, this power bank will be able to serve you even beyond the 5 full charges.

Charging tablets will also hold a pretty good experience as most tablets such as the iPad or Samsung’s tablets have 6,000mAh battery capacities. Therefore you’re able to get about 2.5 full charges for them with this power bank.

Even though power banks are most known for providing power to charge smartphones, this one, in particular, is meant for more than just that, because of its use of Power Delivery with its USB-C port.

So you can charge MacBooks, a Chromebook and also the Nintendo Switch near or at their max charging speed. Also, the best part is that if you’re focusing the power bank on just a single one of those devices, then you can charge them to their full power about two times.

Which can be very useful if you’re doing work and want to be free from the restraints of an AC Outlet or if you want to keep gaming with your Switch.

Output Charging:

The Output charging is easily the best part of this power bank and that’s because it has only two USB charging ports but they’re both very powerful.

Firstly, there’s a USB-A port that features Quick Charge 3.0 and can, therefore, charge Quick Charge compatible devices that their max charging speed. You can also use this port to charge Non-Compatible Quick Charge devices and it’s able to output 3 Amps to them, which can charge them at their max power most of the time.

The second output port is the USB-C charging port, and that’s the main event of this power bank as the USB-C port features Power Delivery.

Of course, you’re going to need a USB-C to USB-C charging cable to charge USB-C compatible devices with the USB-C port. Or you can use a USB-C to Lightning cable to charge the iPhone X or iPhone 8 at their max charging speed as they’re both compatible to charge at Power Delivery speeds.

With the use of Power Delivery, you’re able to charge devices such as the new MacBook models at their max charging speed, and you can also charge USB-C compatible Chromebooks at their max power too. The main reasons for that are because the Power Delivery is able to output 45W of power, which is basically equivalent to the same power output that most USB-C wall chargers that come with MacBooks have.

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Input Charging:

Recharging with this power bank is also very fast and that’s because you’re able to recharge this power bank through its USB-C port with Power Delivery speeds. That said, you need a Power Delivery wall charger and the best part is that this Jackery Titan X power bank actually comes with a 1-port 45W USB wall charger.

So to recharge this power bank as its max power, you just need to use the wall charger that comes with it and also use a USB-C to USB-C charging cable. With the use of its included 45W USB-C wall charger, you’re able to recharge this 20,800mAh power bank to full power in about 3 hours only.

Size and Weight:

Even though most power banks with high power capacities have rather small sizes or at least manageable ones that can indeed be taken anywhere. This Jackery Titan X 20,800mAh PD power bank has a rather large size and that is mostly due to the Power Delivery tech that is put into this portable charger.

As a result, it has a length of 8.2 inches, a width of 4.4 inches, and a thickness of 2.5 inches. The weight of this charger is 1.9 pounds. So it’s definitely on the heavy side and therefore, you’re not going to want to hold this charger while you charge a device for a smartphone as you’ll likely get tired of holding it.

This power bank is a lot better utilized when you place it down and charge your devices. One main reason being its size and weight, and the other one being the fact that this power bank can charge large devices such as laptops.

Functional Components:

This is a very minimalistic design from Jackery and that is a good thing. As all of the functional parts are on a single side.

It’s on this single side is where you’ll find the power button, a digital power capacity indicator, the USB-C Power Delivery port and also the Quick Charge USB-A port. To begin charging through either of the two ports, you must press the power button.

The digital display automatically shuts off after the power bank charges for a few seconds and to check the power capacity you can just press the power button once.

Structure and Material:

Most of the power bank is made of Aluminum Alloy and by most, I mean that the center of this charger is made of the Aluminum construction and that is a very large part of it. The sides of the charger are made of plastic.

Not only are the materials very good to use, but also, this charger has a great build quality when it comes to the USB charging ports with the way that the cables feel and also with the way the power capacity indicator works.


On the tech side, this power banks keeps things rather cool and that is a very good thing. As it’s capable of 45W of power and that can tend to heat most portable and wall chargers up quite a bit.


This Jackery Titan X power bank is definitely not for everyone and that is something that you should realize. If you don’t own a device that requires Power Delivery charging, then getting this power bank is probably a waste of money, even if you do own a Quick Charge compatible device, it simply doesn’t make any sense without the use of Power Delivery.

That said, if you do have use of its Power Delivery capabilities then this power bank is a very valuable purchase and you should absolutely consider getting this charger. As it can charge USB-C compatible devices near or at their max power, it has a Quick Charge port, and the power bank even comes with a Power Delivery USB-C wall charger.

review, jackery, titan, 20800mah, power

The addition of a USB-C wall charger is very useful to recharge this power bank at its max charging speed and also for charging your USB-C compatible devices at their max power while you’re stationary.



There’s a good amount of power capacity to be used with this power bank as it can charge smartphones many times over. At the same time, larger devices can charge a few times to full power too. Its use of Power Delivery is its main point and it can be useful for charging lots of devices at their max power if they’re compatible with PD.


It has a design scheme with basically all of its functional components being on a single side, making it easy to use.


The build quality of this charger is very good as nearly the whole power bank is made of Aluminum Alloy.


It’s best to get this Jackery Titan X power bank if you’re actually going to rely on the Power Delivery capabilities of this charger.

Specs of the Jackery Titan X 20,800mAh 45W Power Delivery Portable Charger:

Initial Capacity: 20,800mAh

Output Capacity: 15,400mAh

Quick Charge USB-A Port: 5V–6.5V/3A | 6.5V–9V 2A | 9V–12V/1.5A

USB-C PD Output: 45W


The Jackery Titan X is Jackery’s response to the rise of USB-C devices and also the use of Power Delivery with many portable devices that we use nowadays. It’s a very useful power bank that is capable of a lot. That said, this charger is going to be best for those that own Power Delivery compatible devices because the charging tech is just that useful.

Review: Raptic Titan XL Portable Power Station

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

This article is more than 2 years old.

Portable power stations are increasingly popular investments and with good reason. We have come to realize that electricity isn’t necessarily something we can take for granted. Natural disasters like wildfires, hurricanes and ice storms can knock out power for days. Accidents, construction and a decent thunderstorm can leave your home without power for hours. When the outlets go dead, it is reassuring to know that you can power an essential or two and charge all your devices. That’s where a portable power station like the Raptic Titan XL comes in.

Compact Power Source That Can Be Used Indoors

At the moment there are what I would consider four different classes of self-contained power supplies available for consumers when the power goes out.

The most common is the portable power bank. Many people have a compact battery pack that can top up a smartphone charge. These are basically limited to getting one extra day of use out of your smartphone. There are the integrated home solutions like Tesla’s Powerwall — awesome for keeping the home running during a blackout, but very expensive and not portable. There are gas-powered generators. These can have the power to keep full-sized appliances running, but. They can’t be used indoors, they’re not really portable (even if some are on wheels), they require maintenance and you have to keep them fuelled up — and have fuel stored for use.

That leaves portable power stations. Thanks to the latest generation of lithium-ion batteries, these are portable, they can be used indoors, they typically have an AC outlet, their battery capacity is high enough to be useful in an extended power outage, and they’re affordable — at least in comparison to a gas generator. This combination has made portable power stations increasingly popular for emergency, outdoor and camping use.

The Raptic Titan XL, which was released on September 1, is the latest portable power station to come my way for evaluation.

Modern Design

One of the standout features of the Titan XL is its modern design. This includes the incorporation of modern charging options in the form of a USB-C port. But it also stands out from other portable power stations in its design aesthetic. Instead of looking rugged in a bulky, outdoorsy fashion, the Titan XL uses a sleek, almost military-inspired design. That means matte black plastic surrounding aluminum panels with exposed cooling vents, exposed bolts on the ends, rubber bumpers, and an integrated cloth carrying handle. If you want a portable power station that looks more sleek and modern than aggressively rugged, the Titan XL has your number.

The one thing missing was an integrated LED light. That’s far from a must-have, but most power stations I’ve tested include this potentially handy feature. The display takes a minimalist approach. Some manufacturers get carried away with constant distracting animation, but Raptic could have included a little more information. The battery icon shows a graphical illustration of the amount of charge left, but having an actually percentage and/or time remaining would be useful.

The first time I saw the Titan XL, I could have sworn it was a large Bluetooth speaker. It’s perfectly functional — the end with the various output ports and battery level display is all business — but there’s nothing wrong with having a bit of style as well.

Solar-Compatible for Self-Sustained Power

During my evaluation, Raptic also sent its Titan 100X folding solar panel (299.99). This 59.5 x 20.5-inch, 100W solar panel has integrated adjustable kickstands, and folds down into a compact, water-resistant package with a built-in handle. It can be used to charge the Titan XL, but also has a built-in controller with two USB-A and USB-C output, to directly charge devices.

Raptic says the Titan 100X can fully charge the Titan XL in 9-10 hours. By the time I was able to try it out, sunlight wasn’t optimal. I’m based in Canada which means reduced sunlight hours and intensity in the fall, and conditions were also hazy, so I was seeing more like a 20% charge during a day in the sun. I also didn’t take the time to run out and frequently change the orientation of the panel for maximum effectiveness. I’m sure that in Arizona, you’d be seeing far more impressive numbers.

Even the 20% is respectable, though. If you were using the portable power station to recharge small devices, you’d be able to easily keep the Titan XL fully charged, even with minimal sunlight.

What Can the Titan XL Charge/Power?

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Here’s what Raptic says the Titan XL is rated to deliver:

  • 40 smartphone charges
  • 12 tablet charges
  • 10 laptop charges
  • LED light running for over 600 hours
  • Keep a CPAP machine running for over 14 hours

Your mileage will vary of course, depending on the specifics of the device you charge or run using the Titan XL, but you can count on this power station delivering.

During my evaluation, I used one of my standard tests — plugging in a 14-inch fan. Something a typical user might do if their home lost power during the summer heat. The Raptic Titan XL’s big battery kept the fan running for an entire day, and well into the night.

In terms of recharging the Titan XL itself, using the included power charger took about 12 hours. You could cut that slightly by using the USB-C PD port. I’ve already talked about recharge time using a solar panel. The 12V port is output only, so you can’t charge the power station using a vehicle.

Raptic Titan XL Recommendation

The Titan XL is a pretty solid choice if you’re looking for a portable power station. Despite the name, it is more a mid-range range model in terms of capacity (1,000Wh options are becoming more common). However, at 497Wh you still have reasonably high capacity plus charge/run flexibility, with a significantly lower price and a more compact form factor than those super-sized units. I would have liked to see a little more info on the display, and an integrated LED light would have been useful, but neither is a deal breaker.

You get a wide range of charge ports, the ability to plug in an AC-powered device, and you can keep your smartphone running for a month or more. Invest in a solar panel, and you would have a nice little setup for keeping your devices charged off-the-grid for pretty much as long as you’d like.

Throw in its modern look, and the Raptic Titan XL is going to appeal to a lot of people who are looking to invest in a portable power station for their home emergency kit or camping gear.

Disclosure: Raptic provided a Raptic Titan XL and Titan 100X solar panel for evaluation but had no input into this review.

Solove Titan 20000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank: A battery worth marrying (Review)

The unfortunate part about reviewing products is sometimes it can be difficult to be wowed by a new product. It’s even much more difficult to be impressed by a portable power bank, which is used to charge devices like smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, simply because there are hundreds competing with each other. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike reviewing power banks, but I just came across the Solove Titan 20000mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank and it really WOWED me.


When I first saw pictures of the Solove Titan on, I guessed it would be another typical plastic battery pack. Or at least another decently built battery that serves its main purpose and gives no more.

I figured for the price of 39.99 there was no way this battery was made out of real aluminum. Boy was I wrong. The Solove Titan is truly encased in aluminum, and feels absolutely identical to the feel I get when I pick up my MacBook air. It’s cold to the touch and feels solid to the core. We’ve reviewed other metal encased batteries before, but those sold for double or triple the price of the Solove Titan. And again, the main purpose of the Solove Titan is to charge your devices when you’re away from a wall outlet. It’s pretty obvious the looks are distracting me from its main purpose.

The external battery is rated for 20000mAh, which is more than enough power to charge your Nexus 6P(3450mAh) almost six full charges, and it can definitely charge your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Moto X Pure (both 3000mAh) six full times with a little power to spare. It can almost recharge the iPad Air 2 almost three full times, giving you over a weeks full of usage on each device without ever needing to attach your devices to a wall.

The Solove Titan comes with a micro-USB input for charging the battery, two 3.1amp output USB ports and a very useful and unique battery level indicator. It displays the remaining power down to the exact percentage.

Design wise, the Solove Titan is the best power bank I have personally ever come across.


For purposes of this review I was charging two smartphones (Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X) over the course of four days to expedite the review. The Solove Titan really lived up to its specs and powered both of my devices while I stayed away from my wall chargers. 20000mAh is a ton of power, and realistically if I only charged one smartphone, my Nexus 6P which has really good battery life, I may have needed up to two weeks to fully test this battery.

If I had my nieces with me, that may have been a different story as those two are always on their phones or tablets. Instagram, Minecraft, texting, Instagram, Minecraft, selfies, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Those two really know how to drain batteries. If you know people like this or have some of them yourselves, the Solove Titan is perfect for them as they are constantly draining their power.

The Solove Titan is a big battery, but it isn’t as big as others with the same power rating. It weighs in at 1.17 pounds so you’re most likely not going to be carrying this in a. but it does fit quite nicely in a laptop bag, backpack or purse. I carried mine in my backpack and Solove kindly provided a beautifully designed felt cover to slide the battery into for protection. There’s also a sewn into the back which I would occasionally drop a phone in while leaving it to charge. Even having a little for your phone is something that was well thought out when it came to design and functionality. Having the case with a made it easy to carry around in my hand.

Most importantly, the Solove Titan actually did get two of my smartphones through four full days of usage with 42% remaining. I don’t use two phones full-time, so it was difficult to truly drain the battery. In addition, Google has completely improved battery life management in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It did live up to it’s rating during my testing, and I was so confident in the battery that I didn’t bring a wall charger with me when I had to travel for work for three full days. I just toted the Solove Titan around in my backpack and got power when I needed it.

review, jackery, titan, 20800mah, power

There isn’t much to an external power bank other than its power reserves and the Solove Titan has more than enough to keep you running at 100%. I absolutely loved the power indicator as it does measure your remaining juice down to the exact percentage. Other batteries usually have four LED lights and when you’re out, you’re out.


  • 20,000mAh Li-Polymer batteries
  • Solid Aluminum alloy construction
  • Dual USB 5V 3.1amp ports for fast charging
  • Equipped with Smart technology to prevent over-charging
  • LCD battery indicator


The Solove Titan 20000mAh battery simply wowed me. Even some of the other guys here at picked up on how beautiful this battery really is. It not only is a looker but it performs as designed and can easily support a businessman on a work trip, a blogger who wants to avoid a wall outlet for a week, or even a family of gadget lovers who are traveling for Thanksgiving.

I usually am the type to prefer form over function, but when you come across a rare beauty with the insides to match, you better put a ring on it.

If you want to learn more or make a purchase, head on over to The Solove Titan comes in gray, silver, gold and green. I highly recommend it.

Save the hassle order another product from a different company

Second time I’ve ordered items from Titan, second time they’ve come wrong, I ordered iPhone cable but recieved different ones twice now( Samsung). Have tried to contact them, email them to get the right items or a refund and they will not respond, so now they have my money and I have items I can’t use, won’t be ordering here again.

Date of experience : June 12, 2023

cables both broke. Bad warranty

Bought a charger it didn’t last long but it has a lifetime warranty so they sent another which then also bro within 2 months and they then said they couldn’t send anymore because the lifetime warranty only works once save yourself the hassle and don’t buy it

Date of experience : June 13, 2023

Professional Service

I had 2 queries, one of them involving a damaged item, your employee Kennedy Kramer is very helpful and professional in his work. Keep it up. I cannot recommend you and your products enough.

Date of experience : June 15, 2023

Still have not received my…

Still have not received my replacements.i purchased 4 chargers, one worked, then that stopped working, they wanted to replace ONE, then they mucked up on place of delivery, told me to chase up the courier myself (not my mistake) YOU chase them up, just give me what i PAYED FOR, which was supposed to be FOUR WORKING chargers.fobbed off time and time again, i have now given up, and will NOT be a returning customer.AWFUL COMPANY.

Date of experience : January 23, 2023

Refund Scam

Ordered a phone charger wire here that stopped working within a number of months.Was promised a refund once I returned the wire.Having returned the wire, they are now ignoring all email correspondence chasing the refund and don’t seem to have a number to call either.

Date of experience : June 01, 2023

Ordered a power bank on the 1st of may…

Ordered a power bank on the 1st of may and after 20 days it was still not shipped. After several emails it’s because they can’t deliver to my address even thought I’ve had cables delivered here last month. I have now given them my parents address who live a 2 min drive away and still nothing. I would not recommend them at all

Date of experience : May 26, 2023

Faster Charge. I think not.

I bought a bundle (thanks to an offer) and when I started charging, my phone stated it would take 43 minutes to charge to 100%, funnily enough my phones original charger (lower wattage) was saying 42 minutes. definitely not faster.

Date of experience : May 22, 2023

I purchased several cable from them

I purchased several cable from them. I started having problems and when I contacted them for a replacement they wanted me to take a video and a bunch of nonsense. I purchased them because of the warranty but no as good as they stated. I would never purchase anything from them again

Date of experience : May 25, 2023

Even when we had issues with what I…

Even when we had issues with what I ordered went out of stock you communicated well. I recieved an amazing product and I love them. I have had titan charging cables for over 3 years and love them and these Airpods are amazing. Would highly recommend

Date of experience : May 25, 2023

Cables look and feel strong but two of…

Cables look and feel strong but two of the cables I bought came away from the end of the cable ended up becoming unusable no data or power. Both these tables were used in my car for Android Auto it was a shorter cables but now the last one split in the same area and and they’re not used very much but the rest of the cables are still working fine

Date of experience : May 14, 2023

Not as sturdy as they say.

In only a little over one and a half years both my original cable, and my replacement-cable has broken. Not happy at all, and the lifetime warranty is just a scam when it doesn’t apply to the replacement product. Also the shipping took ages. Will not buy anything from Titan Power Plus again.

Date of experience : May 18, 2023

Great Customer Service yet again!

Does customer service get any better? I think not! The two times that I have contacted Team Titan with an issue, they have accommodated my request instantly and with great professionalism. Furthermore, they are friendly! I feel like I am dealing with people who care about their company, and those are the kind of people I chose to give my business to. Thank you, Kennedy Kramer and all at Titan! Mrs D

Date of experience : March 20, 2023

Working through a shipping issue that…

Working through a shipping issue that has left a very bad taste in my mouth. I trust that this can be fixed with some common sense and a bit of follow up.

Date of experience : April 19, 2023

faulty cables and bad service

I bought around 20 cables from them on different times over a period of 2 years. 3 became defective and wouldn’t charge at all. As a matter of fact the cable kept discharging my phone battery. This company is not to be trusted as they advertise for replacement of faulty items where they kept asking for a video of the cables. Then they supplied me with a wall charger that was not suitable for Australia and they wouldn’t refund me the money. They kept telling me to buy an adapter and try to make it work. I wouldn’t recommend Titan Power not even to my enemy. My advice is to shop around for a different company and don’t get involved with Titan Power as they are just a company that likes to rip off their customers and collect their money without caring about their customers.

No buds, but great customer support

I ordered the Titan Buds, time passed(like 40 days) and the order wasn’t even sent out. I contacted customer support to see what is going on. It turned out that they had a shortage of stock and offered me similar buds that they can ship out immediately or said that I had to wait. I decided that I want a refund, which I did receive fully. The guy from customer support (Kennedy) which I was in contact with, answered really quickly, politely and did his job professionally and helped me to get the refund. Although I didn’t get the buds that I wanted, their customer support is great.

Date of experience : April 12, 2023

Speed of service

Speed of service. The first multi-output Charger had issues with its Mains-AC input terminals. No sooner had I contacted Titan about this, they shipped me a replacement unit straight away. This replacement works very well indeed. It’s able to charge 4-devices (3xUSB-A and 1xUSB-C) at the same time without getting hot. It just gets slightly-warm. Thanks Titan, Great Products with Excellent Quality Reliability.

Date of experience : February 15, 2023

I did not receive my order in the…

I did not receive my order in the timeframe of 10 businezs days promised on their website. I did not receive a substantial response when I reached out to customer service in the 24 hour timeframe that was also stated on their site. I requested the order to be canceled due to their lack of service. The very next day i was informed that the item shipped. After making contact with them, they told me it is not refundable and I have to keep the item. After bringing up the bbb and a dispute with my bank, they told me I can have to return the item, but pay for shipping even though they had the ability to cancel order prior to shipping.

Date of experience : March 20, 2023

Study materials

Study materials, being using it for a year now, has its own led which is very helpful and it has its own way to tie it up. My preferred charging cable when I travel.

Date of experience : February 01, 2023

No resolution and they’re accussing me off trying to scam them

I bought 2 cables and neither worked. I contacted their support team, they are useless. Appearantly they believe I am a crook trying to scam them. No resolution just a lot of hoops to jump thru. I left a one star review on their site which has been deleted. They only have 4 and 5 star reviews. Looks like I’m out 40.00 and am in possession of 2 useless cables. Below is their response to me. Am I the crook?Since we do not offer return shipping, we usually allow for images to be sent through. HOWEVER, due to recent exploits being uncovered we now require a video to be sent through showing the current date within the video or show the order confirmation on the phone screen.This is 3rd email from them:We are willing to send a replacement for your Smart cable. However, we may need your cooperation as well. Kindly send us a video showing that your Smart cable is connected to your device and see if the same error prompt appears.

Date of experience : April 15, 2023

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