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Description for Promate Rugged EcoLight Solar Power Bank, 10000mAh Battery Capacity, 8mm Wireless Charging Distance, 300 Lumens LED Brightness, 2-3 Hours Charging Time, 20W Power Delivery, USB-C | SolarTank-10PDQi

Make your trips and outdoor activities power-packed with the high-capacity 10000mAh battery power bank with an integrated LED light and wireless charging. SolarTank-10PDQi sports a built-in high-grade solar panel, which lets you charge the power bank at faster speeds even when outdoors. You can also transform the power bank into a portable LED light, making it one of the most versatile power banks.


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Review: Innoo Tech 10,000mAh Solar Portable Charger

Solar power banks are your plain old power banks, and the only difference is that they have a solar panel installed within them, so you charge the power bank via solar panels.

That’s it. Most people don’t understand that a solar panel doesn’t charge that quickly with its solar recharging power, and you’re most likely going to be recharging it through the Micro-USB Input port that you use with most other portable chargers.

With that said, solar charging isn’t the only valuable asset that Solar power banks take advantage of, and they can be handy in many ways that more conventional chargers can’t be. This is the Innoo Tech solar charger; read on in this Charger Harbor Review to learn more about it.

Similar Solar Power Banks:

Power Capacity:

Starting with the power capacity, it does pretty well.

You’re starting with an initial power capacity of 10,000mAh and with conversion during charging that’s knocked down to about 8,000mAh.

The solar power bank doesn’t take advantage of particular hardware like Pansonic battery cells or any other tech that can improve conversion during charging.

With that said, we have to say that the conversion rate is pretty good, primarily because of its charging speed having a Max Output of only 2.1A.

With a power capacity of 8,000mAh, the power bank does a great job of charging most smartphones four times or more.

Although if you’re charging something like the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, then it’s going to fair a bit lower and be able to give about 2.5 total charges.

As for tablets, this charger can do well, but only if you’re charging a tablet alone. This is because power capacity won’t be split, and all the power capacity will be focused only on a single device.

It doesn’t have the highest power capacity, but it will be able to last you for a few days, and we think that it’s a perfect amount of power capacity for hiking, camping, or a simple outdoor venturing for either a few hours or days. So long as you’re charging devices that are within the portable charger’s capabilities of charging.

Innoo Tech 10,000mAh Solar Portable Charger (Output Power Capacity = 8,000mAh)Phone Capacity Innoo Tech 10,000mAh Solar Portable Charger Left Over Capacity after One Charge

Output Charging: Max Output: 2.1 Amps Per Port: 5V/1.0A

The charging speed could use some work. There are 2 Output charging ports, and each of them is only capable of charging at 1 Amp.

You’re not going to be getting very fast charging for most of the devices you plan to charge. This goes for most smartphones and tablets like iPads with a max charging rate of 2.4 Amps.

However, the charging speed is quite good in a way when you’re charging a device alone. This is because the charging speed is shared through the charging ports.

So if you’re charging only a single device at any one time, then that device can potentially receive a max charging rate of 2.1 Amps. This is great for higher Amperage charging devices like tablets and smartphones since they can charge beyond a 1 Amp rate.

So if you’re using both Output ports, then charging speeds can be quite limiting as the power bank is splitting source of power that is only 2.1 Amps.

Input Charging: Solar Charging: 5.5V/250mAh Micro-USB: 5V/1.0A

The main attraction for this power bank is the solar recharging aspect and as we said before at the beginning of this review, recharging with solar isn’t anything special. The same stands here.

We mean that the recharging speed through the solar panel is only 5.5V/250mA. So if you’re recharging it through ONLY the solar panels, then it can take up to 40 hours for the power bank to fully recharge.

Although that’s not happening unless you’re constantly keeping it under solar rays, also, Innoo Tech recommends that you do not leave it under sunlight for very long periods because it can overheat and get damaged.

So if you think that you’re going to be able to recharge it at a respectable charging speed through solar power, then you’re wrong.

Then there’s the traditional way of recharging the power bank through a Micro-USB input port. If you’re using the Micro-USB Input to recharge the solar power bank, it will take about 6-7 hours to recharge fully.

It doesn’t matter what wall charger you use since the Input recharge is only 5V/1.0A.

promate, rugged, ecolight, solar

Size and Weight

It’s quite a large power bank; Innoo Tech states that you can place it into your. and although that might slightly be possible, we don’t feel like it’s a comfortable possibility.

The length is 6.1 inches; it has a width of 3.1 inches and a 1.6 inch in thickness. It also has a heavyweight of 10.4 ounces. So now we hope you know what we mean when we say that we don’t think it’s possible to place it into a comfortably.

With that said, though, we do think that it’s possible to either carry it around, but even then, the weight of it can weigh you down. So it’s best to use a carabiner on the power bank’s latch and connect it to a backpack. This way, you can hopefully get some recharge done if you’re walking outside on a sunny day.

Functional Components

Since the power bank has an IPX5 waterproof rating, the charging ports are covered by a flap and under the flap is where you can see the 2 USB Output ports and the Micro-USB Input port.

On the side of the charger is where you find the power button and on top is where there are 5 LED Power capacity indicators.

Charging automatically begins once you get a device to the charger, and this leaves the power button to either check the power capacity that’s gone or to turn on the flashlight.

Also, one bizarre thing we just mentioned is that there are 5 Power capacity indicators, and here’s why.

1st Indicator: Green: The charger is being charged by sunlight / Blue: 20% Power

2nd Indicator: Blue: 40% Power

3rd Indicator: Blue: 60% Power

4th Indicator: Blue: 80% Power

5th Indicator: Blue: 100% Power

This isn’t to say that solar charging stops when you reach a power capacity of 20%, it’s just that the LED light displays Blue when it reaches 20% of power capacity and Green when it’s recharging to 20%.

One portable side that we mentioned of how portable it is. There’s a latch on the bag where you can hook a carabiner and place it in a backpack. If you want to hold onto the power bank, it does have some grooves and indentations that make it comfortable to hold.

Structure and Material

This can consider a rugged power bank, mainly because it’s waterproof and because the build is excellent.

On the outside, it’s mostly made of plastic and has rubber in various places, and this is mainly so that it withstands shock damage in the event of a fall.

Another thing is that the siding that you see aren’t exactly parts of the charger because most or at least all the circuitry is in the center and safe from the environmental effects.

Then there’s the waterproof part. Okay, so the first thing you should know is that the power bank is only waterproof when the Output ports are covered with the flap.

When the charging ports are covered, it has an IPX5 water-resistant rating. This means that it can withstand water jets in any direction, and it also means it can withstand rain. However, it CAN NOT withstand immersion into water.


There’s nothing out of the ordinary on the tech side as the power bank has the essential safety tech to keep you and your devices safe during charging.

With that said, it can still overheat and get damaged if you leave it in the sun for too long. Also, don’t charge your devices while it’s being charged from the sun, as that will increase heat.


For the most part, this solar power bank is reliable.

With that said, the solar part makes it not so reliable for the main feature it was made for.

We think that charging electronic companies should develop a solar power bank that can charge just as fast through its solar panels as it does with its Input ports.

This is because the recharging speed done through the solar panels is not very fast or realistic to even use because of how slow the charging speed is.

Another thing about this power bank is the Output charging speed. It does well if you’re only charging one device, but if you’re charging two devices at once, then the 2.1 Amps of power being split up isn’t going to provide a fast charging speed at all.



The power capacity is the only impressive thing regarding its powering capabilities. The Max Output of only 2.1 Amps isn’t very versatile.

The recharging that is done through the solar panel is VERY slow, and most of the time, you’ll find yourself using the Micro-USB Input port.


It’s quite a large power bank and a heavy one at that too. It’s fairly easy to use and can even use a carabiner with it so that you can latch it onto a backpack.


The build quality is good if we’re talking about the structure and material with it being IPX5 water-resistant and can survive falls. Other than that, the tech side could use some improvements with faster charging.


It’s a reliable enough power bank that does well when you’re using it like just any other portable charger. When it comes to using the solar part of it, it is very unreliable.

Specs of the Innoo Tech 10,000mAh Solar Charger:

Max Output: 2.1 Amps

Per Port: 5V/1.0A

  • Input:Solar Charging: 5.5V/250mAh Micro-USB: 5V/1.0A
  • LED Power Indicators: 5 LED Power Capacity Indicators
  • Size: 6.1 x 3.1 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight: 10.4 Ounces


Solar power banks, we feel, aren’t there yet. Or at least this one isn’t. It does a pretty good job at being a base power bank, but when you consider what the solar part has to offer, it doesn’t deliver a robust package.

The 10 Best Solar Power Banks In 2023 Reviews and Buying Guide

Just per the name, a solar power bank is essentially a power bank that has an inbuilt solar panel. As a result, apart from charging it using its USB ports, you can also charge such a power bank using sunlight. Since these power banks can be a great option for long camping or trekking trips, we have mentioned the best solar power banks in this article based on these factors:

  • Capacity: Whether you are buying a solar power bank or a standard one, checking its capacity is quite important. This is due to the reason that a 30000 mAh solar power bank will last much longer than a 20000 mAh power bank, which means that you can charge your devices for much longer before it runs out of battery.
  • Maximum Output: Apart from being able to charge multiple devices without running out of battery, a power bank should also charge your devices quickly without taking a long time. This can be ensured by checking the maximum output rating of a given power bank. With an 18-watt power bank, you will get much faster-charging speeds than a 10-watt one.
  • Ports: You should also check the number and type of ports offered by your solar power bank to make sure that you can connect all of your devices with it as well as charge it without any issues. For output, all power banks use full-size USB Type-A ports so that you can use any cable of your choice. And for input, they either use micro USB or USB Type C, where the latter is better in many ways.

Even though these above factors are quite important to check before getting a solar power bank, there is still more to check while getting such a power bank. You can find all that in our detailed “Buying Guide” at the end. Check it out!

Best Solar Power Banks In 2023

Solar Power BanksCapacityMaximum OutputWarrantyBuy Now

Best Solar Power Banks In 2023 Reviews

Blavor Solar Power Bank

Just like most other products offered by Blavor, its power banks, including the solar power bank mentioned in this article, can be a great option if you want high-performance options.

The Blavor solar power bank is present in the 1st position in this article as it is the best performing option here. You get the highest maximum output rating of 18 watts with this solar power bank resulting in excellent charging speeds. Even if you are using its inbuilt wireless charger, you get a decent output rating of 10 watts.

Although the rated capacity of 10000 mAh offered by this solar power bank is a bit low compared to others. Thankfully, Blavor has offered almost everything else in this power bank, including dual USB ports, USB Type C input, flashlight, compass, and even a wireless charger. Since Blavor is a bit popular and reputable, it offers a 1-year long warranty with it.

  • Offers a capacity of 10000 mAh
  • Rated maximum output of 18 watts
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty
  • High charging speed power bank
  • Offers a high-performance wireless charger
  • Comes with USB Type C

QiSa Solar Power Bank

While QiSa might not be as popular as other power bank brands out there, it can still be a great option because it offers various handy features with its heavy-duty power banks.

Qisa’s solar power bank is present in the 2nd position in this article as it offers the highest capacity rating here in this article. And apart from offering a high capacity rating for longevity, this solar power bank also comes with a maximum output rating of 15.5 watts, which is quite decent if not the highest one out there.

The best thing about this solar power bank is that you get a capacity of 35800 mAh with it, which is the highest in this article. Thanks to this, you can use its dual USB output ports as well and the wireless charger at the same time and still expect them to last for a long time. Although, the 6-month long warranty offered by this solar power bank is a bit shorter than others

  • Offers a capacity of 35800 mAh
  • Rated maximum output of 15.5 watts
  • Comes with a 6-month long warranty
  • Rated for a very high capacity
  • Comes with dual USB ports as well as a wireless charging
  • Uses a waterproof design

Riapow Solar Power Bank

You can also consider Riapow if you want power banks for portable usage that have a justified price tag without compromising on the features and performance.

This Rainpow solar power bank is present in the 3rd position in this article as it offers a great value for money to its buyers. Starting with its charging speeds, it is rated to have a maximum output of 15.5 watts, which is quite high. That being said, this is only available over its USB ports since the wireless charger offers a slightly lower output rating.

Speaking of the ports, it comes with 4 output ports, which is quite high compared to others. This can be quite handy to get the most of the 26800 mAh battery capacity offered by this solar power bank. A great thing about this Riapow solar power bank is that it is quite reliable thanks to its 1.5-year long warranty despite having a lower price tag than others.

  • Offers a capacity of 26800 mAh
  • Rated maximum output of 15.5 watts
  • Comes with a 1.5-year long warranty
  • Includes various output ports
  • Offers inbuilt LED flashlight
  • Decent value for money with high performance

Mregb Solar Power Bank

In comparison with other power bank brands out there, Mregb is a much smaller brand, but its solar power bank offerings can still be a great option for many buyers out there.

This is our upgraded Solar Power Bank, the perfect companion for your outdoor endeavors. With an impressive 42800mAh battery capacity, it ensures uninterrupted device power. Constructed with durable ABS material, it’s waterproof, drop-proof, and dust-proof, withstanding extreme environments.

The power bank offers over 1600 charging cycles for long-lasting reliability. Equipped with a super bright LED flashlight and two USB output ports, it supports fast charging for smartphones and tablets. Solar charging provides emergency backup, while regular charging is recommended with a 5V2A charger. Embrace the advanced features of our Solar Power Bank and embark on your adventures with confidence.

Best Features:

  • Massive 42800mAh battery capacity for ample power on outdoor adventures.
  • Rugged, waterproof, drop-proof, and dust-proof design for durability.
  • Fast charging with dual USB ports and support for QC3.0.
  • Super bright LED flashlight for low-light situations.
  • Solar charging as an emergency backup.
  • Versatile compatibility with various USB devices.
  • Portable and convenient for travel and outdoor activities.
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance.

Yelomin Solar Power Bank

Those of you who are on a budget should consider Yelomin and its power bank models since most of its offerings, including the solar power bank mentioned in this article, are quite affordable.

Compared with the rest of the options present in this article, the Yelomin solar power bank is the cheapest option present in this article. Despite the lower price tag, you still get a decent maximum output rating of 10 watts with it. This output works for both 2A as well as 1A charging devices since it can automatically switch between them.

Because this is a budget offering, it’s given battery capacity of 20000 mAh is to be expected. Although unlike other budget options, this one comes with dual USB ports, inbuilt LED light, and even a compass making it a great camping companion. Unfortunately, this solar power bank only has a 90-day long warranty, which is quite lower compared to others.

  • Offers a capacity of 20000 mAh
  • Rated maximum output of 10 watts
  • Comes with a 90-day long warranty
  • Affordable solar power bank
  • Decent performance for the price
  • Includes a flashlight and a compass

Durecopow Solar Power Bank

Durecopow offers a high quality solar power bank, which is made of silicone and ABS plastic material that not only makes this charger durable but also water-resistant, shock-resistant and dust proof. So, you can conveniently carry it in your backpack during camping, hiking or for any outdoor trip.

It’s lithium ion battery has the capacity of 20000 mAH, so you can charge your phone 4 times in a day. The battery is strong enough to last for more than 1000 recharge cycles. over, you can charge this battery either through sunlight or through the given outlet.

Coming to the ports, you get two USB ports with the maximum outputs of 2.1A and 1A respectively. So, you can use this power bank to charge iPhones, Samsung, Nexus, HTC smartphones, tablets and others.

over, you get a 12 months warranty on the product and 24×7 service once you purchase the product.

  • Maximum charging time of this power bank is 8 hours.
  • Can charge two devices simultaneously with 2 USB ports.
  • 20000 mAH battery capacity that lasts until you charge your phone 4 times.
  • 12 months warranty.
  • 2 LED lights that can be used as flash lights.
  • 5 indicators to show the status of the battery

Feeke Power Bank

Feeke is a relatively small brand. Nevertheless the brand manufactures and sells quality products that are right there at the top along with other popular brands’ products.

This is our upgraded Power Bank, now with an impressive 36800mAh capacity to keep your devices powered up for extended periods. Its sturdy and durable construction ensures long-lasting reliability. With 3A (max) outputs, it charges your devices 2.5 times faster. Navigate confidently with the high-precision calibrated compass, and stay prepared with the super bright flashlight that lasts up to 100 hours.

The waterproof and dustproof design protects against harsh environments. Enjoy the convenience of dual USB fast charging ports. For added versatility, the solar charging feature provides emergency power. Get the ultimate power solution with our advanced Power Bank.

Best Features:

  • 36800mAh for multiple device charges
  • Dual 5V3A outputs for quick power-up
  • Rugged ABS construction for shockproof protection
  • Calibrated compass and super bright flashlight
  • Time-saving fast charging
  • Reliable durability
  • Convenient compass and flashlight
  • Emergency solar charging option

Qi Solar Power Bank

This wireless solar power charger from Qi works on a 35800 mAH battery, so you can charge your smartphone 5 times in a day. It works on 12W solar power, which means you can use it for all iphones, Samsung phones and other USB compatible devices.

The charger comes with 3 USB ports, with maximum outputs of 2A, 3.1A and 1.5A. Out of these, two are fast charging ports and one is wireless output charging. So, you can conveniently charge three devices at the same time.

over, the outer shell of this charger is made of ABS plastic, which is dustproof, waterproof and is also shock absorbent. So, you can carry this powerbank with you anywhere irrespective of the climatic conditions.

  • Automatically adjusts the power output to not spoil your devices from overcharging.
  • Shockproof and resists accidental falls even on a hill.
  • Has 280 lumens flashlight with 3.3W light output to illuminate a large area.
  • 2 USB ports support 10W fast charging.
  • Waterproof solar panels do not get damaged when the charger is drenched in rain.

LICORNE Solar Power Bank

Coming to the last option in this article, we have LICORNE and its power bank offerings, including a few solar power banks, which include the one mentioned in this article.

This is the LICORNE Portable Solar Charger, the ultimate power solution for outdoor enthusiasts. With an impressive 30000mAh capacity, this power bank offers long-lasting power in a compact design. It features 66W fast-charging capabilities, allowing for quick device charging. The dual USB ports enable simultaneous charging of two devices, while the powerful LED lights double as flashlights. Built with IPX67 waterproof and durable materials, it can withstand tough outdoor conditions.

With a sleek and stylish appearance, this multi-purpose charger includes a compass carabiner for added convenience. Stay powered up and prepared for any adventure with the LICORNE Portable Solar Charger.

Best Features:

  • Large 30000mAh capacity.
  • 66W fast-charging power.
  • Dual USB output.
  • Powerful LED lights.
  • IPX67 waterproof rating.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Multi-purpose with compass carabiner.
  • Quick charging capability.
  • Ability to charge multiple devices.
  • Portable and easy to carry.
  • Versatile outdoor tool.

Suscell Solar Power Bank

Suscell is another small brand that specializes in developing power storage devices. The brand uses efficient solar panels and dual USB ports to collect more energy and enable fast charging.

Suscell’s solar power bank has a decent capacity of 20000 mAh to power your Smart devices. Similar to all solar power banks made by the brand, this energy storage device also features dual USB ports allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously. There is a built-in Smart charging identification system to automatically identify the type of charging device.

The solar power bank not only charges on solar power but also uses a 5V/1.6A adapter. It takes 3 to 7 days for reaching full charge on solar power and 10 hours using the adapter. The power bank features a compass and 2 LED lights that come in handy during emergencies and outdoor activities. There is also an extra hook on the power bank that allows you to hang it on your backpack while travelling.

Suscell backs this portable solar power bank with a 1 year warranty from the original date of purchase.

Best Features

  • Offers a capacity of 20000 mAh
  • Rated watts/hour of 74wh
  • Comes with a 1-year long warranty
  • Charges 2 devices simultaneously
  • Comes with 2 LED lights and a compass
  • Maximum portability

Buying Guide For The Best Solar Power Banks

Even if you buy a high capacity power bank, it will eventually run out of battery after some period of time. This can be a big issue if you spend a lot of time traveling away from your home. In that case, getting something like a solar power bank with inbuilt solar panels can be a great option.

And thus, we have already mentioned the best solar power banks earlier in this article. You can even find their important details like features and options to choose the right one for you. But if you want to learn more about these solar power banks, then make sure to go through this detailed buying guide:


The first thing to check before getting any kind of power bank is its capacity rating. Even with a solar power bank, it simply tells you about how long your power bank will last on a single charge.

This includes ratings like 20000 mAh, 30000 mAh, or even higher. It is generally recommended to go with a solar power bank with the highest possible rating. This is due to the reason that a 30000 mAh power bank will last much longer than a 20000 mAh one and can easily charge your smartphone multiple times.

promate, rugged, ecolight, solar

Maximum Output

If you are going with a high capacity power bank for charging your smartphone multiple times before running out of battery, you should also check the maximum output wattage rating.

This rating simply tells you about the charging speeds offered by your solar power bank and is given in watts. Usually, you will find maximum output ratings like 10 watts, 12 watts, 15 watts, and even 18 watts in a few cases. With an 18-watt power bank, you can quickly charge your smartphone and save a lot of time compared to a 10-watt power bank.


Another thing to check while getting power banks is the type and number of ports offered by your solar power bank. As you would expect, having multiple input and output ports on a power bank is highly important. Thus, most of them offer 2 output ports and even 2 input ports in a few cases.

For output, you will generally find USB Type-A ports so that you can use any cable of your choice. A few power banks might also have a USB Type C port that offers input as well as output support for high versatility. Other than this, you might also find a second micro USB port on some power bank models so that you can charge it as you please.


Apart from offering a long battery life, a power bank should also last for a long time so that you do not have to buy a new one again and again. Thankfully, this can be easily ensured by simply checking the warranty duration offered by your solar power bank. While most of the models available out there come with a 1-year long warranty, some models also come with a 2-year long warranty making it a much more reliable option for most.


If you spend a lot of time traveling on long road trips, camping trips, trekking trips, or something similar, then you might find even your power bank losing all of its charge. This is true even if you have a high capacity power bank. And this can be a big issue if you are in a remote area and cannot get a power socket for charging your power bank.

Because of this, getting one of the best solar power banks mentioned up above in this article can be a great idea. All of them have been mentioned, along with their important details like major features and options. You can even find a detailed buying guide related to the best solar power banks. And as per all of these details, here are our favorite recommendations for the best solar power banks out there:

  • Those of you who are on a budget should go with the Yelomin solar power banks as it is the cheapest option present in this article. Despite that, you get a decent 20000 mAh battery capacity along with a 10-watt maximum output rating. Apart from offering dual USB output ports, you also get an inbuilt LED flashlight and a compass with this solar power bank.
  • If you want a high capacity power bank, then you can consider the QiSa solar power bank. You get a capacity of 35800 mAh with this power bank, which is much higher than all other options in this article. This is combined with a pretty decent maximum output rating of 15.5 watts. A great thing about this power bank is that it also offers wireless charging support while being waterproof.
  • The Blavor solar power bank is the best performing option present here in this article. While its capacity of 10000 mAh might be a bit low compared to other options, that is justified for the given portable size. As for its maximum output rating of 18 watts, it results in excellent charging speeds along with a 10-watt wireless charger pad present on its one side.

Make sure to share your thoughts in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section. You can also post any questions down there if you have any!

X-DRAGON 10000mAh Solar Power Bank Review

The X-DRAGON 10000mAh Solar Power Bank is a four-panel solar power bank that’s pleasantly lightweight, durable, and high-performing.

X-DRAGON 10000mAh Solar Power Bank

We purchased the X-DRAGON 10000mAh Solar Power Bank so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

Solar power banks offer flexibility when it comes to charging your devices on the go. But when you’re on the move, you want an option that can keep up and not weigh you down. The X-Dragon 10000mAh Solar Power Bank could be your match in versatility. It’s not the most rugged option out there, but it’s attractive, sturdy, and light enough to pack away in your camping pack or your work bag.

Design: Mostly sleek and functional

This solar power bank comes equipped with a 10000mAh battery and four solar panels, three of which fold out. When folded up, the device resembles a smartphone’s dimensions, except significantly thicker. It’s definitely more substantial because of the fold-out solar panels, but it’s very lightweight at just 13.88 ounces.

Since it’s not very heavy, this is a plus in the portability column. There is a leather tab that you could easily attach a carabiner to (though the manufacturer didn’t include one), but if you were to hang the power bank from your bag, you’d have little choice but to carry it with all panels unfolded. That’s really the biggest design flaw: there’s no closure mechanism to keep the solar panels folded up when not in use.

Of course, it’s lightweight and slim enough to just fold up and stow away in your backpack if you don’t want to carry it unfolded on a pack.

It’s attractive, sturdy, and light enough for packing away in your camping pack or your work bag.

Overall, the device feels sturdy, thanks to durable, water-resistant plastic and faux leather materials. Though the manufacturer claims that this power bank is waterproof, we left it unfolded in a heavy rain shower to test the water resistance and noticed that the device didn’t seem strong enough to withstand much water at all. We’d recommend against exposing it to anything but light splashing.

There is a plastic cover protecting the dual USB 2.0 ports and the micro-USB port for charging the device, but we noticed that it can pop out relatively easily. This is another reason to be mindful of protecting the power bank during a rain shower and avoid accidentally submerging it in water.

The built-in LED light at the bottom of the unit offers three flashlight functions, which are intended to use while camping. But getting the light to turn on is a bit awkward. We found that we had to really press down hard on the flashlight power button to activate it.

Setup Process: Plug and play

Out of the box, the X-DRAGON 10000mAh Solar Power Bank was about 25% charged, which we were able to determine by looking at the indicator light panel on the side of the device.

The user manual claims the device can charge fully if exposed to direct sunlight for 15 hours, but it also explicitly says that the solar panels are only meant to extend the life of the battery charge—you’re supposed to charge it up via the micro-USB port (like a typical power bank) and only rely on the solar panels as a backup. If you want an entirely-solar power bank, the X-DRAGON might not be the device you’re looking for.

Using the provided micro-USB cord, we plugged in the solar bank to AC power and achieved a full charge in 4.5 hours. This was significantly faster than the seven hours the manufacturer estimated.

Charging Speed: Fast and ready to keep going

The X-DRAGON 10000mAh Solar Power Bank contains Smart IC chip technology that helps it adjust to whichever device it’s powering for maximum charging speed. While the manufacturer claims a 5V/2.1A charging speed, our testing found that it’s actually a bit slower than that.

We used a USB multimeter to take a reading of the voltage and amperage of this solar power bank when connected to three different smartphones and one Android tablet. Our readings showed that iPhones benefited from an average 4.95V/.98A charging speed, a Google Nexus 5X charged at 4.92V/.94A and a Kindle Fire charged at a speed of 4.97V/.97A.

In terms of actual charging times, this worked out to be about two hours for the iPhones, a little over two hours for the Google Nexus 5X, and about four and a half hours for the Kindle Fire.

When we charged two iPhones with 10% battery for 30 minutes, we did notice that the charging speed was pretty fast. In a brief 30-minute window, the iPhone X reached 27% and the iPhone 6S Plus increased to 39% battery.

It’s not lightning fast when charging one or multiple devices, but it’s still quite adequate. And we didn’t experience any overheating when charging one or two devices, or when charging in the sun.

Since we tested this charger over the course of a mostly cloudy and rainy week, we couldn’t test the full solar power charging time. But we definitely noticed the strong solar conversion power on a couple of days when we could access full sun. We tested the power bank in two five-hour blocks in direct sunlight and found that it consistently increased by one LED indicator (about 25%) each time. On a cloudy day after five hours outside, there was no change to the indicators.

All in all, this device earns high marks for charging speed since we found it consistently charges in four hours, powers up smartphones in two hours, and soaks up power from adequate sunshine.

Battery: Relatively generous and consistent

The 10000mAh Li-polymer battery isn’t the most massive, but it offers a fairly generous and consistent amount of power: about five hours.

After fully charging up the X-DRAGON, we were able to completely charge an iPhone X, Google Nexus 5X, and stream Netflix videos from a Kindle Fire for a little over an hour before needing a second charge.

We also tested the device against a completely dead Kindle Fire, streaming Netflix media and charging at the same time. The X-DRAGON was able to support this for five hours while also charging the tablet’s battery to 86% full before it died.

We performed another test of the battery life by streaming YouTube videos from a fully drained Google Nexus 5X and iPhone 6S Plus. The X-DRAGON was able to support streaming for 6.5 hours on the Nexus and 1.5 hours on the iPhone before it died.

Price: Great value for four solar panels

Usually priced around 35, the X-DRAGON 1000mAh offers great value in the world of four-panel solar power banks. There are several other options in the 10000mAh-15000mAh capacity range that are less expensive, but they lack the added benefit of three additional solar panels. They also don’t charge as quickly.

Competition: Pricier options offer more features and greater capacity

The WBPINE 24000mAh Solar Bank, which is usually priced around 45, offers supreme battery life and supplemental solar charging for even more convenience when you’re traveling. Even if you did consistently use it, you’d still likely get twice the battery life out of it compared to the X-DRAGON.

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The tradeoff is more weight and bulk due to the bigger battery, but if you’re not really an avid hiker or camper, you might be fine with the X-DRAGON, which offers similar smartphone charging speed (about two hours for an iPhone) and comes with the fourth solar panel, which the WBPINE does not offer.

Other four-paneled solar chargers like the QuadraPro 5.5W Portable Solar Wireless Phone Charger cost around 55. You’re working with a battery capacity of only 6000mAh but also the ability to charge one phone wirelessly and two additional phones through the two 5V/2A USB ports. It’s also slightly lighter and comes with two snaps to prevent the solar panels from unfolding, which is a big missed opportunity for the X-DRAGON solar charger.

Interested in seeing some more options? Explore our other solar power bank recommendations.

Great for outdoorsy people who want a speedy charge while they’re on the go.

If you want to really maximize solar power, then the X-DRAGON 10000mAh Solar Power Bank is certainly a contender. This solar power bank is designed well and doesn’t add much unnecessary bulk while still offering decent power. It also converts solar power quite effectively when it’s in full sun.


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