Micro SD 32GO power bank villaon 10.000mah original(double charge) Douala. Villaon power bank

Ad Details: micro SD 32GOpower bank villaon 10.000mah original(double charge) Douala

Waoouuuu,plus de stress dû aux coupures d’électricité.Un power bank qui va vous remonter rapidement la batterie comme le fer qui remonte un convalescent. N’hésitez pas,commander par curiosité et vous rentrerez par satisfaction.

Bonus supplémentaires : carte mémoire 32GO

micro, 32go, power, bank

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Introduction: Repair a Dead Power Bank || Repair and Replacement

About: I am an Electrical Engineer and making electronics projects, gardening, sketching, blogging, repairing gadgets, tinkering with circuits are my hobbies. Follow my instructable page and YouTube for more upcoming… About kavish laxkar »

One of my friend recently gave me a power bank which was completely dead. He is not using so he decided to gave me. So in this instructable i will show you how to repair such power banks with some repair and replacements. The batteries inside the power bank was corroded, so i tried to remove them out and gave a new life. I will share some simple tips in order to how to remove such corrosion even with home made solution easily available in our Kitchen. You can also replace new batteries for full capacity of power bank.

Small Introduction: Portable Power Banks are comprised of a special battery in a special case with a special circuit to control power flow. They allow you to store electrical energy (deposit it in the bank) and then later use it to charge up a mobile device (withdraw it from the bank). Power Banks have become increasingly popular as the battery life of our beloved phones, tablets and portable media players is outstripped by the amount of time we spend using them each day. By keeping a battery backup close by, you can top-up your device(s) while far from a wall outlet.

The Power Banks we’re talking about are good for almost any USB-charged devices. Cameras, GoPros, Portable speakers, GPS systems, MP3 players, smartphones and even some tablets can be charged from a Power Bank. practically anything that charges from USB at home can be charged from a Power Bank. you just have to remember to keep your Power Bank charged, too! Power Banks may also be known as Power Stations or Battery Banks, too.

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Step 1: Disassembly

First Disassemble the power Bank carefully. You need to apply little bit of force but be carefull not to break the circuit board inside. Do not forget to take safety precautions.

Step 2: Checking for Problems and Errors

Here observing carefully in my case i found corrosion/rust over all my individual Li-ion battery. So in order to remove this use white vinegar and rub over the surface where corrosion/rust is present. This will clean the contact surfaces of the battery and now we are ready to solder all batteries together.

If you don’t have White vinegar the you can do it via making your own solution.Follow these steps-

This process uses two solutions, one is regular table salt and vinegar. Any kind of vinegar will fine here. Its the acidity and corrosiveness of the salt and vinegar together that you want. The other solution is Sodium Bicarbonate/baking soda, and water. This is used to neutralize the corrosive properties of the other solution, and to further clean the battery terminals.

Step 1: Take off the Battries.

Step 2: Get 2 containers, one for each solution.

Step 3: Get 1 tablespoon of raw salt, and put it in one of the container. Fill up the rest of the container with vinegar, and stir the both together. Generally we put as much salt in the vinegar as will dissolve.

Step 4: Get 1 tablespoon of Sodium Bicarbonate(baking soda) and add it to the other container. Fill up the rest with water, and stir well. Add more baking soda to make it cloudy. The amount is not important, as long as it is alkaline to cancel the acid of the vinegar solution.

Step 5: Take the cotton ball or any cloth piece and rub over the battery terminal

Step 6: After 2 minutes or so, the terminal will look very shiny and new after appplying the vinegar solution. The acid and salt in the solution is etching away the oxides, exposing the bare metal. Make sure the metal is uniformly shiny. Leave it in longer if it is not perfectly clean throughout.

And you are done!! Shiny new battery terminals are ready for soldering.:)

Step 3: Plan for Repair and First Charging!

Check the Charging PCB with the help of multimeter, whether you are getting desirable output voltage or not. The nominal voltage of Li-ion cells is 3.6V-3.7V. I am getting output voltage of around 4.1volt that is enough to charge li-ion battery.

Now its time to solder the batteries. Unluckly while observing carefully i found that one of my four battery is dead because it was sweeled from the upperpart that simply means it wll not work. So i contuinuied my soldering part with just 3 batteries. Offcourse this reduced my Power bank capacity.

So lets do some Calculations over that.

Step 4: Calculation for New Capacity of Bank

In order to calculate overall capacity of bank we have to first determine the capacity of individual battery. So for this we have one formula:

Capacity of one cell(Battery)= Total Capacity of power bank / No of cells

That means the capacity of one cell is 2600 milli ampere hours(mAh)

Now,New capacity of power bank = Capacity of one cell No of cells working cell left

Our power Bank capacity reduced from 10400mAh to 7800mAh.

Step 5: Packing and Testing

Enough Calculation, now its time to put all together. Pack the powerbank once again by installig batteries and other necessary parts.

Bring back the USB cable and Plug and finally just check weather powerbank starts cahrging or not. And wow we gave a power bank a new life with capacity of 7600mAh.

Step 6: Enjoy With Enough Power!

You can see after charging powerbank a little bit, it is now ready to use:)You just gave a new life to a dead power bank;)

This marks the end of this instructable. Hope you liked it.

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Fell free to have any query. Hope you liked my instructable.

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Комментарии и мнения владельцев

I have YHNY 8400 m Ah power Bank its single light is cntinews bling. didnot off what caus when light off

I have in my power Bank charging indication light and one other light adjecent mobile charging socket it is cntinus on when it will off what purpose of this ligjt plese send me ansewer thanks.

Hello everyone. I have wd my passport wireless pro hard drive. But few days ago the internal battery 6400mah 3.75v is dead. Now I want to a external power bank of 10000mah 3.75v as a battery. Can someone help me. Is this possible for current HDD circuit to charge the new power bank.

In this case you just continues with three batteries. what if I want to get a new one ? What specifications should I look for ? Can I buy it online ?

When I conect power bank with mobile it showing negtavie chargng it means ?

That simply mean you have interchanged the connection with ve and.ve. So just interchange the connection from inside the power bank

Hi. myself krishanu. I had purchased ambrane power bank. but the USB slots are not working several times I have given to change it.but no improvement. now I want to buy a new body and a circuit for it.maa the batteries are ok. please tell me where to buy and how to replace it.

How to remove the USB port? Please Sir

Sir I want to remove from the power bank

i have one doubt on New power bank.i bought a 10,000 Mah Power bank for mobile charging. but it is getting the input power instead of this not getting a full charge and not providing the output. it means its not giving charge to any mobile. in this circumstances what can i do. kindly help me to solve this issue.

I received a new White colour power bank I want to change it.I want to a brown colour power bank plz change it.

In case all li-ion cells were bad would it work with 3pcs Ni-MH 1.2V cells in series?

Your help will be very much appreciated.

This is really sketchy. Your cells leaked electrolyte and yet you still reuse them. Replace the 18650s. Also If you want more veiws you should consider changing your title image

Villain 20,000mAh 18W Power Delivery Quick Charge Power Bank

9.5 Users score: 0 with 0 votes


  • Features Power Delivery and Quick Charge for fast charging
  • Digital power capacity display
  • Has three input ports for recharging


Power Delivery power banks are everywhere now, and that’s because of just how widespread Power Delivery is now used for many devices. At the start, smartphones were compatible with PD charging, but that soon spread to laptops and tablets, too. With the use of this powerful charging tech used across a range of devices, you’re able to use the same charger to charge your laptop and phone.

One of the most reliable types of chargers that you can use for charging USB-C PD compatible devices are Power Delivery power banks. One of the best parts of owning a Power Delivery portable charger is that they often use PD along with another fast charging tech. This Villain power bank is one of those chargers, as it not only uses PD charging but other features that can help with charging other devices.

Power Capacity:

In this case, this Villain power bank would be able to charge most modern smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra which has a 5,000mAh battery to full power about three times. Charging laptops to full power with this power bank is also possible but you may fair about two full charges for most laptops. As laptops have larger batteries and use more power while being used.

Overall, you can expect about two or three days of use with this Villain power bank without having to recharge it.

Output Charging:

The charging from this Villain power bank can be done through three ports.

One of the ports is of course the USB-C Power Delivery port. The Power Delivery port on this Vilain power bank has an 18W charging speed. So, this is where the Villain power bank somewhat falters and that’s because an 18W PD charging speed is great for fast charging smartphones. You’re able to fast charge most USB-C PD compatible Android smartphones and you can also charge the newer iPhone models such as the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and the newest iPhone 11. That said, for fast charging an iPhone with a Power Delivery port, you have to use a Lightning to USB-C charging cable.

On the flip side, an 18W charging speed when it comes to charging laptops is pretty slow. You can charge a few laptops that are compatible with USB-C Power Delivery such as the MacBook and Chromebook, however, even those laptops will charge slower than, say, a 30W or higher Power Delivery port.

So the Power Delivery port on this power bank is perfect for charging smartphones, but when it comes to laptops you will experience slower charging than the charger that came with your laptop.

The other two ports are USB-A ports. One port features Quick Charge and can fast charge Quick Charge compatible smartphones. The other USB-A port has a standard charging speed of 5V/3.0A. Even the standard port on this Villain power bank is faster than most other standard ports on other power banks because it has 3 Amps rather than the regular 2.4 Amps that most ports tend to have.

Input Charging:

Recharging this power bank is just as impressive as the output charging and that’s because this Villain power bank has three input ports that it can be recharged from. The USB-C and Micro-USB port are the two main ports that you want to use to recharge this power bank because they’re able to recharge the power bank at 18W. That said, to recharge the power bank at 18W you’re going to need an 18W PD wall charger or a Quick Charge wall charger for the Micro-USB input port.

The one other input port is a Lightning input which is very rare to have on power banks, but it’s what makes this portable charger more unique to own for iPhone users. The only downside of the Lightning input is that it has a 7.5W recharge speed for the power bank only.

Size and Weight:

The size and weight of this power bank won’t be much of a problem. When it comes to 20,000mAh power bank most of them are pretty small now, and this Villain power bank is an example of that. It has a length of 5.5 inches, a width of 2.7 inches, and a thickness of 0.8 inches. The weight of the power bank is 12.5 ounces.

This charger can fit into your or you can carry it, too.

Functional Components:

Charging automatically starts once you plug a device into the Villain power bank. That said, there is a power button to the side that you can press to restart charging if it has stopped, and you can use the power button for checking how much power capacity is left. Speaking of checking the power capacity there is a digital display at the top.

Structure and Material:

Build quality of this Villain power bank is solid and there isn’t anything special about it. It’s not made of Aluminum and instead, it’s made of plastic. There is no water-resistance or shock-resistance either. That said, adding those things would make the power bank large and weigh more.


The charging tech behind this power bank is fast and because of that we thought the charger would heat up, but it didn’t. This is standard for power banks that do feature Power Delivery and Quick Charge as those two fast charging technologies have been around for quite a while.


For the most part, this Villain 20,000mAh power bank is going to be reliable for most people. The power capacity is enough for charging smartphones and laptops to full power a few times until its depleted.

The charging is pretty good as the power bank features Power Delivery and Quick Charge. That said, the 18W Power Delivery charging is going to be more useful for charging smartphones than laptops as most laptops require more charging power.


With a 20,000mAh power capacity and two fast-charging technologies, along with three ways to recharge this power bank, this Villain power bank is only lacking with having more charging power with its Power Delivery port.

Using this Vilaint power bank is simple as charging automatically starts and checking the power capacity is simple because of its digital display.

The charger has a plastic build, but it’s a solid one that won’t be breaking apart anytime soon.

It’s a reliable power bank for charging smartphones, but if you’re looking to use the Power Delivery port for charging your laptop then you may not have the best experience as 18W is best suited for smartphones.


Villain has created an all-in-one type of power bank with then charger featuring a Quick Charge, Power Delivery, and a more than powerful standard port. Along with that, you’re able to recharge from one of the input ports, with one of them being a Lightning input port, which is very rare to find with power banks. At the same time, it makes this power bank very reliable for iPhone users.

Villain Character Name Generator

Looking for a good name for your villain beyond Hannibal Lecter? If you’re searching for villain names, this villain name generator was built to be a starting point for you. We encourage you to do further research on naming traditions for your exact region and era.

Generated 5 random names


First name means: Dark and gloomy.


First name means: The dark one; a river in England.


First name means: Dark moon.


First name means: A serpent demoness in Greek mythology.


First name means: Branding a criminal.

Any of these names are yours to use — though we’d be delighted if you dropped us the success story at service@reedsy.com!

coolest villain names for inspiration

Villain name Name meaning Gender
Cessair Sorrow, affliction Female
Abaddon Angel of death Male
Jabez He makes sorrowful. Male
Kshipa Darkness of the night Female
Alastor Tormentor Male
Keres Evil spirits Female
Andras Marquis of Hell Male
Lilitu Demon Male
Azazel Scapegoat Male
Gorgon Bringer of Death Male
Agrona An ancient Celtic goddess of slaughter and death Female
Heath An isolated wasteland Male
Methuselah To bring death Male
Ernesh Battle to the death Male
Mercurius God of tradesmen and thieves Male

Looking for more good villain names?

Feel free to use all of the names that this villain name generator provides. Be sure to tell us the success story at service@reedsy.com! And if you still need to battle the forces of good in order to uncover the perfect name, the rest of the Internet’s got you covered. Here are some of our other favorite villain name generators on the web:

Or if you think that generators are fun and all — but that you’d rather create your own villain name? Great Head to this post, which is all about naming a character.

Archetype Generators

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