MFI Power banks, do you have it. Mfi power bank

MFI Portable Charger Power bank, do you have it?

MFI certification is an identification license for Apple’s authorized accessories manufacturers to produce external accessories. It is the abbreviation of Apple’s Made for iPhone Made for iPod Made for iPad.

MFI Scopes

The accessories that Apple sells are: 30pin connector. lightning connector, Authentication coprocessors, headphones, iWatch wireless charging module.


MFI certified factory is a member of Apple Inc. which an authorized company can print the MFI logo on product and packaging, and buy the Apple accessories from the agent of Apple.

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MFI power bank can help you win much more profit and Enhance corporate brand image and product value.

if want to be MFI member, should be passed the MFI factory audit firstly.

what’s the Power bank price with MFI? MFI power bank price normally high than the normal product.

power, banks, bank

learn more details about the power bank charger for mobile, please click below pictures

5000mah Portable charger with AC outlet, Build in charging cable and USB cable.

15000mah Heloideo USB Power bank with AC outlet. Power bank Portable charger with cable


The number of wireless charging power banks has been rising because most phones are wireless charging compatible. Of course, for most phones, wireless charging is not very fast. Along with wireless charging, most power banks tend to have ports that use fast charging, mainly it’s the convenience factor of wireless charging that is available.

This review looks at this MOMAX 10,000mAh wireless charging power bank with two fast charging ports and a Lightning input port. It’s one of the best choices for portable charging for nearly any phone, but let’s see why that is.

Power Capacity:

We’ve covered plenty of 10,000mAh power banks on this site, and you likely already know what to expect from this MOMAX power bank’s 10,000mAh power capacity. The capacity is mainly meant for charging phones, as most modern phones have large batteries, such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra features a 5,000mAh battery, or how the iPhone 13 has a 3,240mAh battery. Most phones will fair one full charge from this MOMAX power bank with some spare capacity. You may get two total charges depending on what phone you have and if it has a small battery.

For the most part, though, you will need to recharge this power bank after a full recharge for most phones. Not a negative aspect of the power bank, but it’s simply part of how far a 10,000mAh capacity gets you with modern devices.

Output Charging:

There are three ways to charge from this MOMAX power bank. There’s wireless charging at the top of the power bank, a USB-A Quick Charge port, and a USB-C Power Delivery port.

Wireless charging will be the slowest way to charge your phone from this power bank. The wireless output features 7.5.W fast wireless charging for iPhones and 10W for Samsung phones; if you have any other wireless charging the phone to use with this power bank, then the wireless charge rate you’ll get is 5W, which is pretty slow.

If you’re able to, we highly recommend using the ports on this MOMAX power bank as they are faster than the wireless charging. The USB-A Quick Charge port can fast charge compatible Android phones, and the USB-C Power Delivery port has a 20W output. The USB-C Power Delivery can fast charge most Android phones and iPhones from the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and newer models. You will need to use a USB-C to USB-C cable with the USB-C port to charge Android phones and a USB-C to Lightning cable to charge iPhones.

Our tests were able to fast wireless charge a Samsung Galaxy S20 and were also able to fast charge the Galaxy S20 via the USB-C Power Delivery port. We then charged a Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy A51, and an LG G7 simultaneously. The S20 was able to fast charge via the USB-C port, the Galaxy A51 standard via the Quick Charge port, and the LG G7 standard wireless charged at the top because the max output of this power bank is 22.5W, and charging power is prioritized to the USB-C port it seems.

You have two options to recharge this power bank. You can either use the USB-C port to recharge the power bank at 20W with a PD wall charger or use the Lightning input port to recharge at 12W. We recommend using the USB-C port for recharging as it’s faster, but the inclusion of a Lightning input is excellent as it’s very rare for a power bank to have a Lightning port.

Size and Weight:

This is a small power bank, and you won’t have any trouble being portable with it. The charger has a length of 5.4 inches, a width of 2.7 inches, and a thickness of 0.6 inches. The charger weighs 5 ounces. It can be easily slid into your. or you can hold it in your hand.

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Functional Components:

Using this MOMAX power bank is simple, with charging automatically starting when you plug a device into the ports. Wireless charging can only be done on the Lightning bolt symbol’s side, and for wireless charging to start, you have to press the power button. Once you’re wirelessly charging a phone, a purple LED light turns on at the side, and white lights show the power capacity level.

Structure and Material:

The power bank has a solid build, and we didn’t find any weak parts as it’s practically made like most other power banks on the market. It’s made of plastic and fabric covering over the plastic. The fabric makes the power bank have more grip. Of course, be careful not to drop the power bank from a high height as it’s not shockproof.


The power bank only got warm during charging, but that happens with every charger as heat is continuously generated during charging.


If you have a phone, this power bank will be perfect for you as you are very likely to use wireless charging and take advantage of either of the two fast charging ports. This power bank will be more reliable than most other power banks if you have an iPhone because it has a Lightning input port.


Charging power is excellent for a 10,000mAh power bank with it using two fast charging ports, with one USB-A Quick Charge port and a 20W USB-C Power Delivery port. It also features fast wireless charging with 7.5W and 10W.

The power bank is small, slim, and lightweight. Using the power bank is simple, with just a press of the power button to turn on wireless charging.

The charger does get a little warm during charging, but that’s normal. The fabric covering gives more grip to the power bank, a lot better than a regular plastic exposed power bank.

It doesn’t matter if you have an Android phone or an iPhone; this MOMAX power bank is reliable.

MOMAX 10,000mAh Wireless Power Bank with PD and Lightning Input Specs


The MOMAX 10,000mAh wireless charging Power Delivery power bank with a Lightning input is an all-around power bank for charging your phone while you’re on the move.

  • 【10W Max Wireless Charging Portable Charger】 Wireless portable charger support 5W, 7.5W,10W Max wireless fast charging. Conveniently charge your QI-Certified devices up to 10W without connect cable. Special charging mode for low current devices below 60mA (e.g. Airpods Pro / Fitness Tracker, etc.)
  • 【One Cable Recharge】Supports lightning input which allows for using the same Lightning cable or Lightning to USB-C cable to charge your iPhone and power bank.
  • 【Slim Size, Big Power】One of the slimmest and lightest 10,000mAh portable chargers on the market. Provides 2.25 charges for iPhone 14 or 13, 1.6 charges for Galaxy S20 and 1.2 charges for iPad mini 6.
  • 【Superior Safety Protection】Our Q Power Touch fast charging portable charger built-in overheat, over-charged, over-discharged, over-voltage, over-current, short circuit and FOB protection
  • 【Chic Fashionable Design】Leather-like Woven Touch, Rounded edge design, comfortably grab the battery pack in your hand

Spectro Power Bank with Integrated MFi 2-in-1 Cable Sold out

This color is soon available. Pre-order now and be the first to receive.

Description Quantity Price per piece Price Total Product price Price: xDiscountDiscount 5%Imprint Price: xSetup charge Price: 1 xDelivery costs Price: 1 x free

Everything you need to know


  • Spectro Power Bank with Integrated MFi 2-in-1 Cable. Slim 5000mAh power bank with integrated MFi certified and Micro USB cable, which allows you to charge Apple devices as well as other devices with a Micro USB import port. The 4 LED indicators show the remaining battery in the power bank. Grade A Lithium Polymer battery with a power input of 5V/2A and output of 5V/2.1A. Includes a USB to Micro USB connecting cable to recharge the battery backup. Supplied in a white Avenue gift box.

This color is soon available. Pre-order now and be the first to receive. Or find an alternative


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The best portable Apple Watch power banks to use while traveling

The Apple Watch has pretty reliable all-day battery life most of the time. In certain use cases, however, you might need to give it another boost – such as if you’re traveling or doing a lengthy LTE workout. Read on as we roundup our favorite Apple Watch power bank accessories.

Why use an Apple Watch power bank?

Personally, I find the best reason to own an Apple Watch power bank is for traveling. The Apple Watch’s magnetic charging puck can be a a bit of a pain to use while on the road, especially if you’re only traveling for a few days and don’t need to bring your full array of cables and charging blocks.

Of course, you can always charge your Apple Watch using a normal portable battery, but those solutions require you to supply your own Apple Watch charging cable. Apple Watch power banks generally integrate an Apple Watch charging – including all of the ones mentioned below.

Choice #1 – Ugreen

My personal pick for an Apple Watch power packs comes from Ugreen. Its Portable Travel Power Bank packs a 2,200mAh rechargeable battery that comes with an integrated Apple Watch charging puck. The Ugreen Portable Travel is MFi certified and includes a USB-A port that allows you to quickly charge your iPhone and other devices.

The 2,200mAh battery is enough to get you 3-4 full Apple Watch charges, which is perfect for weekend travel. It packs a nice combination of power and form factor, coming in at just 16mm thick and 5.29 ounces heavy. The one downside is that you have to recharge the Ugreen with a microUSB cable, though one is included in the box and that’s a common annoyance with all of these chargers. Read our full review of the Ugreen here.

The Ugreen Portable Travel Power Bank is available for 53.95 on Amazon. At one point, Ugreen sold a more powerful charging solution with an integrated Lightning cable, but that is seemingly no longer available. We’ll update if it returns.

Choice #2 – Griffin

If your goal is ultimately portability, the Griffin Travel Power Bank Key Chain for Apple Watch is an excellent choice. It quite literally attaches to your key like any other key would, and gives you 1,050mAh of battery life. This means it’s not the post powerful battery pack out there, but what it lacks in power, it makes up for in portability.

You’ll still get around 2 full Apple Watch charges with this battery pack. The battery pack itself recharges via microUSB, unfortunately, but again, one is included with purchase. It also includes a nifty built-in stand to raise your Apple Watch and make Nightstand mode easy to see.

The Griffin Travel Power Bank Key Chain for Apple Watch is available for 31.

Choice #3 – MIPOW

On the other side of the coin, if you’re looking for something with the most power possible, MIPOW sells its MFi-certified Apple Watch Power Bank with 6,000mAh of juice. This will get you roughly 10 full Apple Watch charges while on the go.

The MIPOW also has an integrated Lightning cable, however, which makes it easy to charge both your iPhone and your Apple Watch at the same time while traveling. If ultimate power is your goal, and you’re willing to compromise some portability for that power, the MIPOW is a great choice. It’s available for 99.99.

Other Apple Watch power banks:

If none of these options strike your fancy, a few other ones are available. Maxon’s sells a keychain Apple Watch charger for 18.99, while Smatree sells an intriguing charging case for Apple Watch at 28.99, but it doesn’t include an Apple Watch puck. Belkin also just recently introduced its pricey, but powerful Boost Up Charge Power Bank for Apple Watch, but we haven’t been able to try that one out yet.

Do you have a favorite Apple Watch portable power bank? Have you tried any of these options? I personally use the Ugreen charger, but let us know what you think down in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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