MaxOak 185Wh/50000mAh Battery Pack Review. Power bank 50000

MaxOak 185Wh/50000mAh Battery Pack Review

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MAXOAK 185Wh/50000mAh External Battery Power Bank

The MaxOak 185Wh/50000mAh Battery Pack offers plenty of power inside, but weighs as much as most laptops and doesn’t offer a quick and convenient way to charge your devices due to its slow outputs.

MAXOAK 185Wh/50000mAh External Battery Power Bank

We purchased the MaxOak 185Wh/50000mAh Battery Pack so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

It’s difficult to go more than a few feet nowadays without coming across a power outlet (or at least a USB port), but on those rare occasions you’re away from any source of power, it’s nice to have a backup battery on hand for when your laptop or smartphone dies.

While there’s no shortage of options on the market, there aren’t many that can keep you going for days. That’s not the case with the MaxOak 50000mAh, an absolutely massive and robust charger that attempts to be the jack of all when it comes to charging gadgets on the go. It’s power comes at the cost of massive size and the charging ports aren’t too fast, but if you need tons of power, this is the battery pack to get.

Design: Bulky for travelers

First and foremost, this thing is a tank. At 2.77 pounds, it weighs many times more than most smartphones and nearly as much as most compact laptops. It also measures in at 8.1 x 5.3 x 1.3 inches (HWD), making it quite the behemoth to lug around. A small detail regarding the weight of the MaxOak is that it isn’t balanced. The side without the ports holds a fair bit more weight than the side with the various ports. It’s not a significant detail, but one you might notice with time.

As for the materials, the metal enclosure and place ends give it a fairly solid feel, but the metal doesn’t sit perfectly flush with the plastic ends, at least not in our model. It could be a one-off quality control issue or it might simply be the way in which the charger is constructed, but it’s definitely noticeable.

The number of ports integrated into the charger is impressive. It includes four USB Type-A ports—two 2.1A and two 1.0A—as well as two AC plug-in style connections—a 12-volt 2.5A plugin and a 20-volt 5.0A plugin. This offers a solid range of options for charging alongside the slew of connection adapters MaxOak includes with the charger. That said, it would’ve been nice to see a USB Type-C port (or two) considering how ubiquitous they’re becoming.

At 2.77 pounds, it weighs many times more than most smartphones and nearly as much as most compact laptops.

Charging the device is done via a small 16.8-volt 2.5A plug-in style port on the opposite side of the power button. Overall, the design is roughly what you’d expect from a 50000mAh laptop battery charger. Yes, it’s heavy, yes it’s quite beefy in size, but it comes with the territory.

Setup Process: Simple to start, but yet another adapter to carry around

Setting up the MaxOak laptop battery charger is as simple as it gets. After removing it from its unbranded cardboard box, it’s simply a matter of plugging it in and getting it charged up completely. Our device came charged at roughly 50% based on the onboard LED battery indicator, but to complete our tests we wanted it charged entirely, which leads us to our biggest complaint about this charger.

The point of a charger is to have extra battery power on hand when needed so you don’t have to carry around unnecessary cables when traveling. Unfortunately, the MaxOak battery pack doesn’t use any kind of USB or standardized port. Rather than charging it with a USB Type-C or even a micro-USB port, the MaxOak battery pack relies on its own proprietary power supply that’s nearly as large as most laptop chargers. Sure, the 50000mAh onboard is likely enough that you could leave both the battery pack charger and your laptop charger behind for most events, but eventually you’ll run out of juice and rather than reaching for a cable you would probably already have in your bag, you’re stuck bringing along a proprietary charger.

Charging Speed and Battery: Slow and steady wins this race

The MaxOak 50000mAh manages to charge at a decent rate considering its capacity, but we would’ve liked to see more high-powered ports for speedier charging. We charged and fully drained the MaxOak power bank five times and charging took roughly six to eight hours per recharge with an average of seven hours and fifteen minutes.

maxoak, 185wh, 50000mah, battery, pack

One nice bonus is the power bank can be charged while also giving a charge to a laptop or mobile device, adding an extra element of convenience.

Charging the power bank itself is only one half of the equation though—and arguably the less important half. importantly, is how well it can charge other devices.

The MaxOak power bank charged the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active just shy of twelve times from 0% to 100%. This aligns almost exactly with the 50000mAh capacity of the MaxOak power divided by the 4,000mAh capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active. We experienced similar results with the iPhone XS. While Apple doesn’t specifically mention the battery capacity of the iPhone XS, third parties have reported it to be approximately 2,700mAh, which would equate to roughly 18.5 full charges. In our tests, we were able to get 17.5 charges from the MaxOak power bank.

Moving onto laptops, our Asus X555LA was able to be charged four and a half times from 0% with the MaxOak power bank, with an average charge time of three hours or so. The Asus X555LA has a relatively small battery compared to most laptops, which means it falls in line with MaxOak’s claims that its power bank can charge a laptop two times over give or take a little.

Price: Right down the middle

The MaxOak 50000mAh power bank comes in at 135.99 at the time of this review. This is a reasonable price when taking into consideration how much battery capacity you’re getting with it.

Competition: One in the same

In terms of pure capacity, the MaxOak doesn’t have much competition. There are only two other 50000mAh power banks on Amazon: the Crave PowerPack and the Renogy power bank and all of them use the exact same design, just with different branding.

In terms of pure capacity, the MaxOak doesn’t have much competition.

The Crave PowerPack retails for 139.99, exactly 4 more than the MaxOak power bank, while the Renogy power bank retails for just 109.99, a full 25 less than the MaxOak power bank. Considering all three power banks appear to be identical to each other in capacity and accessories, the Renogy looks to be the best value.

Want to see how other brands compare? Check out our other reviews of the best portable laptop battery chargers available on the market today.

Plenty of power, but output is lacking.

Overall, the MaxOak 50000mAh is a decent power bank with massive capacity. However, it isn’t designed with newer computers and devices in mind. If you have an older laptop on hand that isn’t a MacBook (the MaxOak doesn’t support any MagSafe connectors) or doesn’t use USB Type-C for charging, it’ll get the job done. But if your smartphone or laptop is newer and relies on more recent and powerful connections, you’re going to want to look elsewhere.

Maxoak K2 50000mAh Power Bank Review

Named after the second-highest mountain in the world, the K2 has one of the biggest capacity of all portable batteries available on the market right now. To put it into perspective, I can charge my recently downgraded iPhone SE 2020 more than 27 times.

While countries like Korea are way ahead when it comes to the availability of Wi-Fi and power outlets in public spaces, digital nomad support is dismay with Starbucks being one of the few reliable options. While I own plenty of great mobile chargers, like the NOMAD Powerpack, this is my first charger designed specifically for laptops.

Since I’ve recently gotten a mobile Wi-Fi set, the K2 is the final piece of the puzzle to give me ultimate mobility freedom. With mobile power and the internet, I can take my work anywhere, anytime.


The K2 has a smooth metal finish that gives it a premium feel, matching well with the aluminum space gray finish of my MacBook Pro. This finish is the only one available for the K2.

To keep the aesthetics simple, all indicators and ports are on one side of the battery.

On the long side, there are standard battery icons to meet industry requirements.

Opposite that side, is the MAXOAK logo.

maxoak, 185wh, 50000mah, battery, pack

The entire mobile battery looks sleek and sturdy. The appearance of the K2 takes after the recent trend of laptop accessories and would not look out of place alongside your arsenal of digital products. While the style blends well with my space gray MacBook Pro, what’s going to be drawing attention is its massive size.

While it feels fine to lug the K2 around even in a backpack as compact as the Tortuga Prelude Daypack, it’s when putting it on the table that you are going to feel the magnitude of the device. If you’ve experienced minuscule cafe tables, this should concern you. It’s certainly not a compact companion, but more of a muscle sidekick.

The size is to be expected given the capacity of the battery and won’t be a dealbreaker for most.

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This is a 50,000mAh battery and the largest capacity battery I’ve ever owned. mAh is calculated from the voltage (V) and Wh (watt-hours) using the following formula; Wh1000/V = mAh.

To see how many charges your devices can get, simply compare it to the mAh value of your device battery. For most laptops, the K2 will provide more than two full charges.


It uses a Li-polymer battery which lets you recharge it over a thousand times. Compared to Li-ion batteries, Li-polymer batteries are lightweight and have improved safety but costs an average of 30% more to manufacture.

The battery takes about 6-8 hours to reach a full charge.


The K2 features one DC20V5A (max 130W), one DC12V2.5A, and four 5V USB outputs. Two of the USB ports are rated at 2.1A, while the other two are 1.0A.


The K2 is not designed for Apple laptops, and those who want to use the battery with their Apple laptops should look at the Maxoak K3 instead.

That said, I ignored all warnings and used it with my MacBook Pro anyway. While there is no USB-C port, nor is there an adapter included for USB-C charging, I used a USB-A to USB-C charger to charge my MacBook Pro from the 2.1A USB port.

Technically, the MacBook Pro charges. If you are charging while using the laptop, even if it’s just to watch videos or surf the web, the battery level will go down. For me, it goes down at a rate of about 2-3% per hour on my 2018 MacBook Pro.

I designed a thing.

I found a 100 year old company that would create these heirloom quality canisters for me. They are handmade and will keep your tea leaves, coffee beans or anything that you need dry for years to come.

This is because the 2.5V/2.1A output can only charge at 5.25 watts (W), which is calculated by multiplying voltage with ampere. This is way too low compared to the chargers that come with Apple laptops which are usually at 45W, 60W or 85W.

A word of warning for those who are looking to use this with their Apple laptops. In most cases, using the USB output on the K2 will just result in the laptop not charging sufficiently to sustain your activities. In the worst case, it would cause the K2 to overheat trying to keep up with the laptop needs.

The K2 comes with overcurrent and low-current protection, so it should technically shut down should something like overheating will occur. But, seeing as Apple laptop charging is not supported, it will be at your own risk.

For non-Apple laptops, the K2 comes with a whopping 14 different adapters for almost every brand of laptop.

  • 6.01.4/6.544mm for Fujitsu/Sony
  • 5.52.5mm for Acer/Asus/IBM/Dell/HP/Compaq/Fujitsu/Toshiba/NEC
  • 5.51.7mm for Acer
  • 4.81.8mm for HP
  • 5.01.0mm for Samsung
  • 7.40.6/7.40.6/7.45.0mm for Dell
  • Fordell: 7.40.6/7.45.0mm for Dell
  • 7.90.9/7.95.5mm for IBM/Lenovo
  • 3.01.1mm for Samsung
  • 4.53.0mm for HP
  • Lenovo (rectangle shape with thread in the middle)
  • 4.01.35mm for Asus
  • 4.01.7mm for Lenovo
  • Fordell: 4.53.0mm for Dell

Suffice to say, apart from Apple laptops, you are pretty much covered.

What (else) is included

Apart from the adapters, the K2 also comes with a black AC charger to charge the device, as well as a white USB-C to Micro-USB cable.

There’s also a protective bag that lets you house the device. It comes with a small zippered in the front for some cables and adaptors.


While the K2 is relatively heavier and bulkier than most mobile batteries, I felt that it was still within a reasonable weight range to carry around.

While it comes with a protective bag, I often just dump the device into my bag with the charging cable attached.

While some charger requires your to press a button after plugging in to start charging. The K2 charges as soon as it’s connected to your device. There is a large power button on the device which shows you the amount of juice remaining.

This is not a battery for travel. At 185Wh, it exceeds the maximum allowable limit for most, if not all flights. Additionally, the weight of battery would not be a luxury most one-bag travelers can afford.


If you are the type that likes to work on the move and uses a non-Apple laptop, the K2 offers the highest capacity laptop battery you can find.


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The best ultra-high capacity portable chargers — up to 50,000mAh

Ultra-high-capacity power banks are a must-have if you plan to spend extended time on the go. These 25000mAh to 50000mAh beasts can power larger devices like digital cameras and laptops, or give your phone a full charge several times. Here are the best ultra-high capacity portable charger options if you plan to use a power bank to keep all your fancy devices powered up.

The best 25000mAh to 50000mAh power banks

Editor’s note: We’ll regularly update this list of the best 50000mAh power bank options. Also, when using power banks with USB-C ports, check your device’s compatibility beforehand. Some power banks may require adapters, and others may not work at all.

Anker 747 Power Bank 25600mAh

Key details:

  • Capacity: 25600mAh
  • Output: 2 x USB, 2 x USB-C, 87W max
  • Dimensions: 183 x 82 x 24mm, 748g

Anker is a trusted name for portable battery chargers, and this particular option offers it all. First, you get a lovely capacity of 25600mAh, which is more than enough to recharge your smartphone multiple times.

This upgraded version of the power bank comes with four USB ports, including two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports. The 87W output lets you charge a MacBook or Nintendo Switch. Like every portable charger on this list, you get protection from short circuits, overcharging, and current or voltage surges. The mobile charger also has a 65W USB-C wall charger, which is an excellent addition.

Sikon Portable Laptop Charger 31200mAh

Key details:

  • Capacity: 31200mAh
  • Output: 1 x USB-A, 1 x USB-C, 1 x AC outlet (100W)
  • Dimensions: 211 x 69 x 69mm, 953g

This Sikon portable charger is fantastic if you plan to use an AC outlet on the go. It has one, and it can charge devices at up to 100W. There’s also an 18W USB-C port and a 17W USB-A port. Not to mention the 31,200mAh battery, which is pretty large.

maxoak, 185wh, 50000mah, battery, pack

The design is also very convenient, as it is longer than wider, and can fit more easily in most bags. It even has an integrated light, which means you can use the battery as a flashlight.

Omni Ultimate 38400mah

Key details:

  • Capacity: 38400mAh
  • Output: 2 x USB, 2 x USB-C, 1 x DC, 1 x AC
  • Dimensions: 165 x 145 x 53mm, 1.41kg

OmniCharge is known for its quality power banks, and the Omni Ultimate 38400mah is one of the best high-capacity portable batteries around. That said, it’s not an affordable one. It’s also not small or light. If you can get past those downsides, you’ll be rewarded with great features you likely won’t find in other options.

It comes with a wide variety of ports, even including AC and DC ports. The AC port can actually handle 120W speeds. Even its USB-C ports can charge at 60W, enough to charge many tablets and laptops. Another great feature is its removable battery, which allows you to hot-swap cells on the go.

The Omni Ultimate is more than just a 38,400mAh battery pack, it has two 22.5W USB-A ports, two 100W USB-C ports, a 100W DC port, and a 120W AC port. There is not much you can’t charge with this power pack.

RGVOTA Portable Charger

Key details:

Ultra-high capacity portable chargers can get expensive as you start increasing those mAh numbers. Just look at the options above for reference. You don’t need to pay that much to get a large battery capacity, though. The RGVOTA Portable Charger comes with a 38800mAh battery and has a 34.95 MSRP.

There are some sacrifices to be had, though. For starters, all outputs are USB-A 5V/2.1A ports. It also comes with a USB-C and a micro-USB port, but these are only for charging the battery, not for juicing up devices. All that said, you still get a pretty nicely-sized battery pack, a great choice of fun colors, and a battery percentage screen. Not to mention the low price!

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