Mangata Orbit Home Battery Station with 2 Wirelessly Charging Power Banks (5,000…

Mangata Orbit Home Battery Station with 2 Wirelessly Charging Power Banks (5,000 mAh each)

The Mangata Orbit dual power bank charging station is easy to use at home or the office. Use the USB cable provided to connect the Power Station to a wall socket. Enjoy cable clutter free desk space!

Grab. Store. Charge. Re-charge.

Get through your busy day without fearing your personal devices will die! Just charge up your power banks in the neatly designed wireless charging station, then grab one as you leave home or the office – and just go!

No Power Outlet? No Problem!

Hate that frantic rush to find a wall socket in time? With the Mangata Orbit, you’ll never have to deal with it again with a spare power bank. Each powerbank has a 5000 mAh capacity, enough battery power to recharge an iPhone 2.5 times. And with a power surge protector built-in, you never have to worry about the damage electricity fluctuations can do either.

Avoid Cable Clutter

Recharging multiple electronic devices at once can cause table-top bedlam. But the streamline-designed wireless charging dock station sits neatly out of the way, so you can avoid the mess that multiple cables, like those from your Smartphone and iPhone charger, can create.

Always Have a Spare

The Mangata Orbit USB charging station is a dual charging dock, so you can always have a spare ready – just in case! Simply insert the provided power packs into a USB port each, so you’re always ready when your iPhone or tablet needs reviving. Each portable power bank is small enough to slip into a bag. purse, or backpack, allowing you to recharge your devices anywhere. Perfect for today’s Digital Nomads!

Ideal Power Bank for Apple iPhone

Each power supply unit has a 5000mAh lithium-ion battery with enough power to recharge an Apple iPhone up to 2x times:

2.9x iPhone 6S1.8xiPhone 6S2.5x iPhone 71.7x iPhone 72.7x iPhone 81.8 iPhone 8 Plus1.8x iPhone X/XS1.6x iPhone XR1.5x iPhone XS Max1.6x iPhone 111.6x iPhone 11 Pro1.2x iPhone 11 Pro Max2.7x iPhone SE (2nd generation)2.2x iPhone 12 mini1.7x iPhone 121.7x iPhone 12 Pro1.3x iPhone 12 Pro Max2x iPhone 13 mini1.5x iPhone 131.6x iPhone 13 Pro1.1x iPhone 13 Pro Max2.4x iPhone SE (3rd generation)1.5x iPhone 141.1x iPhone 14 Plus1.5x iPhone 14 Pro1.1x iPhone 14 Pro Max

Easy-To-Carry Battery

Each power unit provided is slim, lightweight and easy to carry. Weighing only 125 grams, its as light as a baseball so you can carry 100% portable power supply with you wherever you go.

mangata, orbit, home, battery, station, wirelessly

Modern Sleek Design

The Orbit power bank charger has a matt graphite finish and is narrow enough to sit discreetly out of the way on any worktop. And with a single USB charging cable necessary – and no other charger cable – table top mayhem can be avoided.

Retail packaging

Box contents. 2 power banks, 1 charging station, premium extra-long MicroUSB charging cable, user manual, 1-yr warranty.

Built-In Protection

With a power surge protector built into the charger, the Orbit protects your personal devices against the damage that sudden electrical surges can cause.

Specification of Power Banks:Capacity: 2x 5000mAh (each) / 10000 mAh totalCell Type: Lithium-ionInput: DC 5V 1.5AOutput: DC 5V 2.1ADimension: 92mm x 54mm x 24mm

Specification of Power Station:Input: DC 5V 3A Max.Output: DC 5V 1.5A Max.Dimension: 143mm x 46mm x 20.5mm


Place charging station on a table. Connect end of micro USB cable (included) to charging station and the other end to USB wall plug (not included). Dock wireless power banks into charging slots. Watch LED light on power bank to see battery charge level. Once charged, remove power banks for use


Model Name Orbit
Tablet Works with all Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Apple iPhone, Samsung phone and all other Android devices
Style Accessory
Brand Mangata Cases
Function Business, School, Travel, Men, Women
Price Budget 1. 39
Dimensions Power Bank. 92mm x 54mm x 24mm (WDH)Charging Station. 143mm x 46mm x 20.5mm (WDH)
Weight 125 grams / 4.4 oz
Exterior Material Matt Graphite Polyurethane
Features 2x 5000mAh Power BanksWireless Charging StationMicro USB CableLED battery indicatorsMagnetic DockIndividual USB Plug for ChargingUL 2056 certificationFast ChargeAutomatic Power Off when Device Fully ChargedUniversalRetail Packaging

Shipping Rates

Due to global supply chain challenges, international delivery time frames may be slower than what we’ve been used to pre-Covid. Thank you for your patience.

Simple Shipping

Customer service shouldn’t stop at checkout. When you order from Tablet2Cases you get the total package. That means from A to Z, start to finish, either you feel good or we failed. Shipping is no exception. If you have any questions about your package, just contact us any time day or night and we’ll get the answers you need.

Orders process in less than 24 business hours. If you order 50 or more, it’s free. That’s right, free shipping on all orders over 50! Orders over 50 automatically ship from the nearest warehouse to you.

Air Mail is the cheapest shipping method. In USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and UAE you get local shipping (ie USPS, Canada Post, etc). It’s slightly more expensive than Air Mail, but faster because it’s dispatched from a local warehouse. It’s only available while stocks last. For super fast delivery, use shipping with DHL / UPS for guaranteed delivery within 1-3 days.

mangata, orbit, home, battery, station, wirelessly

Our Peace of Mind Promise

Our #1 priority is your peace of mind. We stand by products we sell. No matter what the product warranty says, we’ll cover it and everything else.

No holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Whatever it takes.

We’re here for you. Peace of mind. Promised.

Simple Returns

Sometimes things we don’t expect, just happen. We strive to get it right 100% always, but we’re humans, not robots, so mistakes are possible. At least we own it, right?

The cool thing is, if something isn’t perfect we do whatever it takes to fix it. Because stuff happens! Take a look at our return policies.

Tablet2Cases is proud to offer stunning and durable wholesale tablet cases to public institutions and private businesses around the globe.

We don’t just play the role of middle man selling you generic cases: with Tablet2Cases, you can design customized solutions to meet the specific needs of your business and protect your investment.

Our schools demand nothing but the Cooper line of cases for our iPads. Customer service is always there to help me select inventory and set up discounts for larger orders.

Bulk Tablet Cases from Top-Quality Manufacturers

We know you have high expectations and standards. You take pride in every aspect of your business.

Tablet2Cases has developed professional relationships with some of the best manufacturing and production centers available. This allows us – and by extension, you – to have control and oversight over the production process and quality assurance.

It all starts with an idea – your idea.

Our flexible step-by-step production process allows you to customize your cases based on your business’s specific goals. Your product is in good hands with us. Our experienced professionals will bring your design to life while handling every detail with the precision and care your business deserves.

We take enormous pride in exceeding every customer’s expectations. Check our portfolio to see some of our work.

Boost Brand Awareness with Wholesale Tablet Cases

You put a lot of resources, energy, and heart into developing your brand. Why not incorporate your brand logo and aesthetic into your wholesale tablet cases?

Make an impact and leave a lasting impression. Tweaking the colors, logos, fonts, and packaging to match your branding is an excellent way to boost your brand awareness.

Made-to-Order with Your Choice of Durable Materials

Our cases are completely customized to meet your expectations and needs in every respect. Tablet2Cases offers a wide range of durable materials to choose from.

  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam
  • Real leather
  • Faux leather
  • Polyurethane
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
  • Silicone
  • And more

After choosing your material, we’ll work with you to design a cutout that meets the needs of your specific tablet fleet.

Tablet2Cases will ensure that openings are cut to allow access for cameras, ports, buttons, and any accessories you plan to use. You can also leave openings for barcodes, IDs, or QI wireless card storage.

You’re completely in control of the design and you’ll always have final approval before we produce the full fleet of cases. Our job is to guide you through bringing your idea to life, overseeing manufacturing, and delivering the product to your doorstep.

Of course, we’re also available for after sales support anytime you need us.

Learn more on how to get your custom case here.



Attention to Detail

Control case material and durability

Fluid operation with reliable service

Timing and cost navigating your decision

Wholesale Pricing

Discounts for larger quantities

Reputable delivery partners

Discounts on small orders

Discounts for larger quantities

Reputable partner to deliver your order on time

Discounts on small orders

Other Perks

mangata, orbit, home, battery, station, wirelessly

Worldwide Shipping

1 free sample

Payment options

Dedicated account manager

Review: Juice power banks – a couple of squashes short of a juice bar?

We’ve all been there. Enjoying a night out, or a weekend trip, or any long day away from sockets, when disaster strikes – a dead phone battery. Your salvation? A portable charger. In steps Juice.

On first look, everything about the Juice chargers – Juice Squash Power Bank, Juice Squash XL Power Bank and Juice Power Station, all available at Carphone Warehouse ­– seems like exactly what you’re looking for.

They exhibit an economy of design – sleek, elegant and (with the exception of the Power Station) small enough to fit in a handbag or – that’s immediately appealing. They’re also all weirdly soft to the touch, but not in a bad way.

Their micro USB to USB charging system is simplicity itself, with an included-in-box cable fulfilling both the function of charging your phone and of charging the power pack itself, provided you have an Android phone. iOS users must use their own charging cables, as a result of Apple’s unique – read, ‘at times frustrating’ – charge-port design.

Even if you are an iOS user, using one of the power banks only requires you to carry a single cable, which is a relief for anyone who wants a truly portable experience. Minimal clutter, minimal headache.

And yet the Juice power banks aren’t without flaw.

Niggling design issues

Where the Juice Squash Power Bank and Squash XL Power Bank have crystal clear battery level indicators, the Power Station’s design places an almost impossible-to-discern battery indicator below its surface. As a small LED battles to be seen through layers of plastic, you’ll find yourself straining for any idea of battery level at all.

And they’re not intuitive. With a product like this – especially one that’s cleared the bar elsewhere – you want it to be easy, straight from the box.

To display battery level when not actively charging the power pack is simple on the Squash XL. Push a button and hey, presto. On the other two devices, it’s a little more opaque, and a lot of messing around is required to find out how much juice (pardon the pun), is left.

But that issue is not exclusive to displaying battery level. It takes a little trial and error, and some futzing around with the USB cable, to get the power pack to engage at all. You’re never quite sure if it’s human error that’s causing the problem, or design.

A glance at the rudimentary instructions suggests that shaking the power pack should wake it up and get it working. That must be a Masons’ secret handshake-esque trick, as it took a whole lot of shaking to get anything to happen at all.

Not enough Juice

Quite simply, none of these power packs performed as advertised. All tests were carried out using iOS devices, so there may be some wiggle room if you’re on Android, but don’t take that for granted.

The Juice Squash Power Bank claims to offer one-and-a-half charges on an iPhone 6. It got less than one (83pc charge). The Squash XL power bank is meant to get you three, but netted just under two (190pc charge). Both charged relatively quickly.

The Juice Power Station was the biggest letdown. Purporting to give you one full charge of an iPad Air, it only managed to eke out 62pc – albeit charging a regular ol’ iPad, not the Air – and took a painful four hours and 15 minutes to get that far before dying.

That said, the Power Station would be ideal for camping or for the festival circuit, as it would give a couple of full charges to a smartphone or two.

The Juice Power Station in action. Photo: Connor McKenna

The most unforgivable issue though, for me, was that the adapters don’t seem to communicate fully with the device they’re charging.

Where traditional chargers stop charging at 100pc, the Juice power banks apparently eschew logic and continue pumping in the power. As a person who turns off all notifications over night, and thus someone not used to hearing vibrations in the early hours, it woke me each time it began its charge cycle.

Unplugging my phone from the charger in a fit of frustration at 3am, and waking to a battery still at 100pc, it’s clear the charging cycle was unnecessary. This means the pack uses up more of its own battery power than necessary, rendering it far less effective than it should be. Of course, this can be avoided if you only charge during daylight hours, and if you’re watching like a hawk for it to hit 100.

mangata, orbit, home, battery, station, wirelessly


This may read like a damning review, but really the things that count tick all the right boxes.

Yes, it may take the intellect of Einstein to get one of the damn things to work, and yes, they may not give quite the charge they claim, but, to all intents and purposes, they do just what they’re supposed to do – they charge your phone (or iPad).

You’re unlikely to ever be using one of these as your main source of power and, for festivals, long days, or nights out, they’re just what you need to top up your battery and keep you texting, tweeting and Tindering until you get back to civilisation.

Final verdict? Three-and-a-half out of five. They may not be perfect, but they get the job done (more or less).

Juice power banks are available at Carphone Warehouse.

Solar Power Bank vs. Traditional Power Bank: Which One is Right for You?

Whether you need extra battery life for your smartphone or tablet on the go or want an eco-friendly power source, there are a couple of options to consider: traditional power banks and solar power banks. Power banks plug into an outlet and recharge via charging cables.

Solar power banks are portable, sustainable, and convenient since they harness energy from the sunlight to charge your devices. When deciding between the two, you must determine how much battery life you need versus how much portability is most important to you. With their advantages evaluated, a solar or traditional power bank could be the right choice depending on your priorities and use case.

Capacity and Charge Speed

While solar power banks were once considered a niche product, they have emerged as a compelling mainstream solution for charging on the go and even powering homes during outages. No longer limited to just a few devices, the high-capacity batteries and AC power ports of modern solar energy banks allow them to serve as emergency backup generators capable of powering critical circuits for extended periods.

At the same time, solar panels ensure these power banks charge sustainably using an abundant and renewable energy source. The sun’s power is harnessed to recharge batteries and reduce dependence on fossil fuels and the electrical grid. For those seeking eco-friendly yet powerful portable chargers and temporary home generators, solar energy banks offer an attractive and increasingly viable option.

Although solar charging has traditionally been slower than AC power, Rapid-charging portable power banks can now match the recharge speeds of standard power banks using high-powered AC ports. Once you were tethered to hours of charging in direct sunlight, these power banks can deliver a full recharge in 2-8 hours or less via AC power alone if needed. They provide the flexibility and convenience of solar with far fewer constraints.

With every charge cycle and year of responsible use, the value of portable power banks grows increasingly clear. By choosing high-quality, durable components, their owners can expect to enjoy long lifespans of dependable, eco-friendly power without the regular replacement costs of cheaper, less sustainable alternatives. Although higher upfront costs were once a barrier, lower total costs of ownership, improving technology and falling are making mobile power banks an affordable as well as compelling choice.

For those seeking a portable, renewable and potentially home backup power source, mobile power banks have never been more versatile, capable and justifiable. Whether charging essential devices while camping or powering critical circuits during outages, these power banks are delivering the eco-friendly yet impactful power solutions people need. Although still improving with every technology cycle, the future of solar power banks is bright indeed. Overall, they represent the future of charging and temporary power generation done right.

Cons of solar power banks

Are Solar Power Banks Worth It?

Solar power banks have significant benefits for the environment, self-sufficiency, longevity, emergency preparedness and additional features. However, they typically cost more than traditional power banks. Whether the pros of power banks outweigh the cons for you depends on your priorities and needs versus budget.

For many eco-conscious or adventure-seeking users, solar power banks absolutely can be worth the extra cost. But for more casual or budget-focused users, regular power banks still work great as a more affordable option. The worth of solar power banks comes down to determining what factors matter most in your purchasing decision.


If you want the latest Smart features or emergency backup power, solar power bank may suit you better than regular power banks. But for basic charging on the go, either solar or traditional power banks can absolutely work great, depending on what factors matter most in your decision.

In the end, there is no single right answer. you need to weigh all the pros and cons based on your unique needs and priorities. New renewable technologies and falling costs will only make solar power banks more viable and worthwhile over time for more people and use cases. But traditional power banks still fulfill an important role, offering simple, affordable and effective charging solutions when you don’t need all the extra features or benefits of newer options.


What is a Solar Generator? When most people talk about solar generators, they’re often referring to a portable power station that is powered by sunlight. For context, you can think about a solar ge.

Be Prepared! Get Your Emergency Electricity Sources for the Next Outage You know the scene all too well — you’re sitting in your home, enjoying a movie night or trying to finish off some work when.

Cooking outdoors and enjoying freshly-made savory food alfresco with family and friends is just one of the best ways to spend quality time together. From grilling steaks and burgers to roasting mar.

USA Warehouse 500W Lithium Battery Portable Outdoor Solar Generators Charging Station Power Banks

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Product Description

1.Can I take some samples for testing before placing an order?Yes, customers need to pay sample fees and courier fees.

How long can you provide samples?1~5 days after the deposit payment is confirmed.

3.What can you buy from us?Outdoor energy storage power system,lithium battery.

4.Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?Answer: We are a manufacturer, welcome to visit our factory, videos and pictures are alsoavailable for you to check.

5.Is this product safe?

We attach great importance to product safety.Our batteries have passed safety tests such as overcharge, overdischarge, overtemperature, short circuit, and acupuncture, and will not catch fire or explode under any circumstances. The battery pack also has BMS protection. Any short circuit, overcharge,overdischarge,and overheating can be effectively protected to ensure the safety of the product during use.

6.Can l print my logo on the product or provide OEM/ODM services?

Yes. Any customer’s needs will get our attention. Customization is our advantage. We sincerely

provide OEM/ODM services, so please tell me your requirements and we will provide you with the best solution.

7.How to place an order?

You can contact us in website.

8.Can we visit your factory?

Yes, we very much welcome your visit, as well as any form of communication.

Business Range: Construction Decoration, Metallurgy, Mineral Energy, Sporting Goods Recreation, Transportation

Company Introduction: Jiangsu Snail Zhixing Technology Co., Ltd was founded in wuxi city China. With new lightweight flexible modules as the carrier, KWVK promotes the industrialization and marketization of photovoltaic modules,

The cleanest energy. Set photovoltaic solar products research and development, production, application, sales as a whole, in the flexible photovoltaic product practice and application, photovoltaic cross-border to walk in the forefront of the world peers. Snail zhixing, the company was founded in 2022 April 11, with photovoltaic and Internet and as the foundation, dedicated to the photovoltaic (PV) of new energy efficient use wisdom to travel, to adjust energy structure, and the goal of reducing carbon emissions, the company since its establishment has applied for a number of invention patents and utility model patents, one of the leading enterprises in the peer.

Tether Tools ONsite 26,800 mAh USB Type-C Battery Bank. 100W PD

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