Lamp Hack: How to Make Any Lamp Cordless. 9v battery life hacks

Lamp Hack: How to Make Any Lamp Cordless

Everyone always wants to pretend like it’s not an issue. Like they can just plop their desks right down in the center of their room and their lamps won’t even need access to an outlet. Designed by Armonia Decors Like their lamps don’t even come with cords. Like they do all their office work in the bright noonday sun, what do they need a functioning lamp for anyway?

But let’s talk reality. Sure, centering your desk in the middle of your office seems practical: You get to face the door of the room from where you sit at your desk, which easily earns you an A-plus from the feng shui overlords. And keeping your desk away from the wall opens up your wall space for lots of storage.

But there’s one problem. Unless you want to pay your bills whilst shrouded in the darkest pitch-black night (and for real, you might), you’re going to need a lamp on that desk… And that lamp is going to come with a pesky cord which is a trip hazard and most importantly – of course – an eyesore. Let’s be honest, how uncool and annoying is this mess? But if you’re not willing to compromise the room layout you want (and you want to appease the feng shui geeks), you can have your lamp and light it too… without the cord.

This is how we took our sad little rescue lamp, the 1 yard sale find that we fixed up in this post: …and hacked it up to remove the cord so it can sit on the desk we have centered in the middle of our office… without that pesky golden cord.

So here’s a little tutorial on how to make any corded lamp battery-powered!

Materials You’ll Need

  • Lamp. (See how to do this with a shaded lamp in this post)
  • 9-volt battery or 8 AA batteries (to save money, use rechargeables) Update: we recommend the 8 AA batteries in hindsight. The 9-volt was too dim.
  • 9-volt battery clip (like this, only about 2 shipped) or an 8 AA battery pack (like this) Update: we recommend the 8 AA battery pack, in hindsight. The 9V was too dim.
  • Wire strippers
  • Strand of LED lights like these (more on this in a second)
  • Soldering iron (we use this one) and solder (like this)
  • Optional: velcro and felt to cover the bottom of the lamp
  • Optional: brilliant husband (not available on amazon)
lamp, hack, make, cordless

Open bottom of lamp.

The bottom of the lamp had a piece of felt which we just peeled right off:

Remove top of lamp.

Update: see the post on how to do this step for shaded lamps here. We just unscrewed this round thing (nut?). Every lamp will be different, but there should be some way to unscrew it and remove the top.

Connect the lights to the top of the lamp

We are using these magical, fantastic LED reel lights, which we LOVE. This is what they look like when they come in the mail: It’s a flexible strand of lights that you can cut to any length, which uses almost no energy and is cheap. We used them to light our bookshelves (see that tutorial here): And just for fun, here’s what they look like with the whole strip lit by this one 9-volt battery: The end of the light strip has a red and a black wire and looks like this: Okay, now look at the part of the lamp where the lightbulb screws in. You’re going to solder the red wire of the light strip to one metal piece and the black wire to another. At this point, it doesn’t matter which wire goes to which metal piece. Cut the light strip to a desired length. We used about two feet of lights. If you look closely at the actual strip, there’s a line about every two inches where you can safely cut it. Here’s a little diagram:

UPDATE: Mark just left a comment pointing us to this LED light which screws right into the bulb socket. We haven’t tried it, but it might allow you to skip the step of soldering the strip lights to the lamp, and just screw it right in. You’d still need to connect the battery pack as we discuss below.

Reattach the top of the lamp

Now that the lights are connected to the lamp at the bulb socket, we threaded them through the hole in the top of the lamp and screwed that nut thing back on. The LED strip lights have a peel-and-stick backing, so you take off the paper backing… And just stick the lights to the inside of the lamp anywhere. It doesn’t need to be pretty. Unless that’s important to you. …Almost done!

Wire the bottom of the lamp to the battery

Moving back to the bottom of the lamp, cut the cord a few inches away from the base. (Scary, I know! But we’ll get this bad boy working in no time.) And pull the wires apart: Using a wire stripper, strip the ends of each wire: Now you’re going to solder the ends of these wires onto a 9-volt battery clip like this: These are SUPER cheap – like about 2 bucks after shipping on amazon here – or you can steal one from some old 9-volt electronic, like we did with this old alarm clock: UPDATE: We made this light using a 9-volt battery pack and a 9-volt battery, but we’re going to switch it over to an 8 AA battery pack and run it on AA batteries to make it a little brighter. I’d recommend running yours off 8 AA batteries too. All the instructions are the same, you’ll just use an 8 AA-battery pack instead of a 9-volt battery pack, and put AA batteries in it instead of a 9-volt.)

Clip the battery pack onto a 9-volt battery and hold the wires up to the lamp wires. See if the lamp lights up. (Make sure the switch is on!) If it doesn’t, switch wires.

YAY! We have LIGHT!

When you find which wire goes where, take off the battery, twist the wires together and tape them with electrical tape. We soldered them too, but that’s optional. Attach the 9-volt battery again and tuck it inside the lamp. Then just put the lamp back together. We stuck the felt piece back on and added some velcro so it stays on but is easily removable to change the battery.

We had most of this stuff on hand, the only cost to us was the strand of LED lights. We only used 2 feet of lights, and we have lots of plans for the leftovers!

How well does it work?

So far, so good! We’ve run the light for about 8 hours total and it’s still going strong. If you’d like your lamp to be on the brighter side, opt for the 8-battery pack, because it offers 12 volts of power. The 9-volt will run slightly dimmer. Update: We’ve decided the brighter AA is much better, so we changed our lamp over. To give you an idea of brightness, our lamp is slightly brighter than a 40-watt incandescent bulb and slightly dimmer than a 60-watt.

And that’s the story of how our sad, lost little rescue lamp dusted itself off, found a new home, got all fixed up and is now going places with his life. Going where ever it wants, really. Because it doesn’t need access to an outlet.

UPDATE: Check out the new post on how to do this for lamps with shades here. See our other lighting projects here and our tips and hacks here. This post contains affiliate links.

Make Your Pump Mobile: Medela and Spectra Battery Packs (2022)

Do you have a breast pump that keeps you tied to an outlet? Are you looking for a Spectra S2 battery pack, or a way to use your Medela Pump in Style on the go? Here is a complete guide to making your breast pump mobile with an external battery pack!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click through and make a purchase, I’ll be compensated at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I love! info here.

Two types of breast pump external power sources

There are two different ways that you can power your breast pump without being tied to an outlet when your pump doesn’t have a built-in rechargable battery – an external battery pack, or a car adapter.

External battery pack

When you need to pump, you just plug your pump into the external battery as you would into your outlet. The benefit of using it is that you aren’t tied to a wall; you can pump anywhere you need to, and you can be more mobile.

Some external battery packs use batteries, while others are charged before use.

Car adapter

A car charger allows you to power your pump by plugging it in to your vehicle outlet.

Which type of battery pack is best for you?

Which one will work best for you depends on where you want to be able to pump. If it’s mostly in car (like on your commute), the advantage to using a car charger is that you don’t have to worry about keeping it charged or buying batteries.

On the other hand, if you want to have more flexibility with where you can pump, an external battery pack might work better.

Breast pumps and voltage

Besides the type of power source you want to have, the voltage that your breast pump requires is another important thing to consider.

Most breast pumps use 9V or 12V power sources, you want to make sure to use the right one. If you use a voltage that is too low, the suction on your pump may be negatively affected. If you use a voltage that is too high, it can damage your pump.

To find out which voltage you need, check the power cord that you use with your pump – it should say what the voltage is. (Most Medela pumps now use a 9V and most Spectra pumps use a 12V, but check your cord or your instruction manual to confirm.)

For example, here you can see my Medela pump uses a 9V adaptor:

Best external breast pump battery packs

Here are some of the best external battery packs you can use for your breast pump.

TalentCell – 12V

The TalentCell is the most popular Spectra S2 battery pack. It is a 12V rechargable battery.

Using it is pretty simple: you plug it into an outlet to charge. Once it’s fully charged, you plug it into your Spectra and pump as you normally would, except that you can pump wherever you want!

In our group, most people report that the pump works the same (i.e., no loss of suction) when charged into the TalentCell battery pack as it does when plugged into the wall.

You can also attach the battery to the bottom of your pump using Velcro strips to make things easier.

Medela Battery Pack – 9V

The Medela battery pack comes standard with some versions of the Pump in Style, but with others you have to buy it separately. To use it, you just add 8 AA batteries to it and plug it into your pump like you would plug in the power adaptor.

One of the benefits of using batteries is that if you’ll be without a power source for a long time (like if you’re camping), you can just pack a lot of batteries.

On other hand, buying batteries is expensive, and it may be cheaper to use a battery you can recharge.

Some people in the group noted that the suction isn’t as strong using this battery pack as it when the pump is plugged in. Others said that the type of battery makes a difference. If you notice reduced suction, you might want to try different batteries and see if that helps.

Medela 9V and Spectra 12V Car Adaptors

There isn’t really anything that differentiates the Medela and Spectra adaptors except for the voltage. They both work the same – you plug the adapter into the vehicle lighter, plug the other end into your pump, and you can pump in the car. These both have 8 foot cords, so you can pump in the back seat if necessary.

These adaptors be really helpful if you’re frequently in the your car or live in an area prone to long power outages.

Maymom – 9V

This product is similar to the Medela battery pack in that it runs on 8 AA batteries. The main difference is that it also includes a car adaptor, and it’s less expensive than the Medela battery pack. If you want both a 9V battery pack and a car adapter, this might be a good option!

I hope this primer on how to set up a Medela or Spectra battery pack is helpful! Let us know any other tricks you have in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

The Best 9-Volt Batteries for Your Devices

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When your smoke detector begins annoyingly chirping in the middle of the night after years of silent vigil, it can only mean one thing: It’s time to find a new 9-volt battery!

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The Best 9-Volt Batteries for Your Devices

These 9-volt batteries power many of the important devices that we rely on, such as Smart home products, medical devices, smoke detectors, and more. Due to their long, dependable lifespan, they’re a battery that many people take for granted despite the fact that they rely so heavily upon them. We made this guide to showcase the best 9-volt batteries out there so that you’ll have a reliable source of power when you need it most.

Buying Guide for 9-Volt Batteries

Why buy 9-volt batteries? Your devices need them, so you have to have them. You can use 9-volt batteries for a wide array of applications that call for a greater amount of power than lesser batteries can provide. 9-volt batteries are also an ideal choice for low-drain devices (such as your trusty smoke alarm), as these batteries tend to last for a long time without the need for you to replace them. What should you look for in 9-volt batteries?

  • Battery Life: Nobody likes constantly changing batteries. Although 9-volt batteries are known for longevity, the difference between changing your smoke detector batteries every six months and every two years is stark. Additionally, finding 9-volt batteries that offer excellent battery life will make it less likely that your devices will fail during an emergency when you need them most.
  • Shelf Life: A battery’s shelf life determines how long it can hold its charge while being kept in storage. If you like to keep a stockpile of batteries available for whenever you need them, your batteries’ shelf life becomes incredibly important. 9-volt batteries tend to sport a shelf life of between a few years and a decade. For dependable batteries with an extra-long shelf life, paying a little extra is the norm.
  • Dependability: Some batteries are simply better than others at providing steady, dependable power. If your batteries can’t provide steady power to your device, you’ll notice your electronics powering off randomly, flickering, or just not behaving as they should be. Thus, for medical equipment, smoke detectors, and other important electronic devices, a battery’s dependability should be a primary factor to consider.
lamp, hack, make, cordless

Should you invest in rechargeable 9-volt batteries?

Depending on the application, using rechargeable 9-volt batteries could be a great cost-cutting measure or a minor annoyance. For high-drain devices that burn through 9Vs like nobody’s business, investing in high-quality rechargeable batteries can save you a lot of money in the long run, especially when compared to using budget 9Vs with poor battery life. However, low-drain devices that require replacement batteries less frequently are another story. For these applications, high-quality, long-lasting 9-volt batteries are your best bet and will save you the frustration of having to recharge and change your batteries every few months.

Our Picks for the Best 9-Volt Batteries

Energizer 9V Ultimate Lithium Batteries

These 9-volt batteries sport an unsurpassed battery life and a premium price point.

23.06 24.17 Save 5%

Pros: These Energizer batteries are great for providing dependable, long-lasting power for devices ranging from outdoor surveillance systems to digital cameras and Smart home gadgets. Compared to more budget-friendly options, the battery life really is night and day. Additionally, these batteries perform really well in extreme temperatures, and their 10-year shelf life is just about as good as it gets.

Cons: Since they sport such a great battery life (even when compared to other lithium batteries), perhaps it’s not surprising that these are one of the most expensive 9-volt batteries on the market. Additionally, due to their squared edges and unique design, these batteries might not be a great fit for certain vintage electronics.

Bottom Line: These batteries will save you a trip around the house to change your smoke detector batteries every year and should perform admirably for three or four years, depending on your device. However, some people would just prefer less expensive batteries and wouldn’t mind changing them more frequently.

VONIKO 9V Batteries

These budget-friendly 9-volt batteries offer a superior battery life compared to similarly priced options.

6.99 11.35 Save 38%

Pros: Alkaline batteries such as these aren’t known for world-beating battery life, but these budget-friendly 9-volt batteries definitely impress compared to other budget options. They are also one of the best-constructed budget 9-volt batteries that you’ll come across, and are thus known to resist leaks and corrosion with the very best of them.

Cons: These batteries are simply not designed to be used outdoors in a freezing cold setting. So, if that’s what you need, go for a lithium option instead. Additionally, they tend to die fairly quickly in high-drain devices, especially when compared to quality lithium batteries.

Bottom Line: As far as budget 9-volt batteries go, these ones outperform the standard bearers in terms of battery life and overall dependability. There are definitely longer-lasting batteries out there, but at this item’s price point, this is just about as good as it gets.

EBL 9V Rechargeable Batteries with 5 Bay Charger

Sporting a nifty charger and five rechargeable batteries, this offering offers great value for those who burn through 9Vs throughout their work day.

34.99 38.99 Save 10%

Pros: These rechargeable 9-volt batteries from EBL perform well above average in terms of battery life compared to other rechargeable options when used with low-drain devices. The charger itself also includes some nice safety features to prevent overvoltage and overheating. As a cherry on top, this product also comes with a nifty hexagonal battery case to keep your 9-volt batteries safe and sound while not in use.

Cons: When using a demanding high-drain device, these will have a shorter battery life than a high-quality lithium single-use 9V. So, while this might be OK if you’re doing some work outside, it can become quite a problem if you’re in the middle of a gig and your mic powers down. Another issue is that the batteries don’t “lock in” as securely as one might like when they’re being charged.

Bottom Line: If you go through multiple packs of 9-volt batteries a week due to the demands of work, a rechargeable option of this caliber is an excellent way to save money and always have additional batteries on hand. However, for demanding applications and situations where you can’t afford to stop your work and replace a battery, these could leave something to be desired.

Tenergy 6LR61 9V Alkaline Battery, Non-Rechargeable Battery for Smoke Alarms, Guitar Pickups, Microphones and. 24 Pack

While not offering the longer battery life of big-brand 9-volt batteries, these are very reliable and affordable.

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