JUICE BOOSTER 2 Pack M Mobile charging station 22 kW Type 2 cable 5m. Juice ev charger

JUICE BOOSTER 2. Pack M. A mobile charging station. 32A. 22kW

JUICE BOOSTER 2 is a mobile transportable charging station that comes with various adapters to charge any Type 2 electric vehicle at all available power outlets and sockets.

The JUICE BOOSTER 2 mobile wallbox has been manufactured with a very robust aluminium alloy body. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 wallbox is a Premium Quality mobile charging station. Its connectors and adapters are made of Quality Premium stainless steel.

Made in Switzerland, the JUICE BOOSTER 2 32A can be connected in both single and three phase with a maximum charging power of 7,4kW single phase and 22kW three phase.

The JUICE BOOSTER 2 is ZE Ready certified and ensures compatibility with all Type 2 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Available adapters for the JUICE BOOSTER 2 wallbox:

Easy-to-use instructions

JUICE BOOSTER 2 mobile charging station is very easy to use: just choose the JUICE BOOSTER 2 adapter according to the socket you want to connect it to. Then select the desired charging power and connect the type 2 plug to your electric vehicle. The charging process will start automatically.

The JUICE BOOSTER 2 wallbox sets the maximum safe power according to the socket it is connected to. It is then it is possible to change the charging current from 6A by pressing the button on the charging station. The JUICE BOOSTER 2 mobile wallbox also keeps the charging intensity in the internal memory for your next recharges.

The charging cable function: The JUICE BOOSTER 2 its type 2 adapter replaces a Type 2 cable. This saves you from having to buy a separate cable.

The practical storage bag allows you to store the JUICE BOOSTER 2 plus all its adapters in the trunk of your vehicle. You don’t need anything else to charge your electric car.

JuiceBox 40 Plug In

With the number of electric vehicles on the road increasing each year, it’s more important than ever to have a reliable and affordable charging station at home. JuiceBox 40 is the perfect solution for your home charging needs. It’s fast, powerful, and easy to use, making it the ideal choice for any EV driver. The Juicebox 40 delivers all the safety and Smart charging features you need to make home charging easy, reliable, and cost-effective. With its 40 amp capacity, JuiceBox can fast charge any electric vehicle on the market today.

Affordable Plug-In Charger

The JuiceBox 40 is one of the most affordable plug-in chargers on the market. With a lower price point than many other home charging stations, this charger is perfect for those looking for an economical solution that still delivers high-quality performance.

Weather-Resistant Durable Charger

The JuiceBox 40 is designed to withstand the elements. With a weather-resistant casing, this charger can withstand extreme temperatures, making it an excellent choice for those who live in areas with harsh weather conditions.

Easy Installation

This charger is easy to install, so you can start charging your car in no time. You can choose to either use a hardwired input whip or a 240V Plug. While you’ll need professional installation for a 240V plug if you don’t already have this type of outlet, the hardwired input is an excellent option for those who want to do it themselves.

3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

The JuiceBox 40 comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can rest assured knowing that your investment is protected. In addition, if you ever have any issues with your charger, you’ll be able to speak with customer service and get the help you need.

Universal Compatability With All EVs

The JuiceBox 40 is universally compatible with all-electric vehicles on the market today. This means that regardless of what type of EV you have, this charger will be able to charge it. So if you’re looking for a charger that’s compatible with all cars, the JuiceBox Pro 40 is a perfect choice.

Effortless Management Through Your Mobile App

The JuiceBox app makes it easy to manage your home charging station. With the app, you can track your energy usage, set charging schedules, and receive notifications when your car is fully charged. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, making it accessible no matter what type of phone you have. Specifications:

Output Power 40A, 9.6 kW

Input Voltage Single phase input power: 208. 240 VAC ~ 60Hz

Input 2.0 ft (0.6 m) input cable with NEMA 14-50 plug OR 2.5 ft (0.8 m) hardwire conduit wiring

Output Cable 25-foot SAE J1772 standard plug

Dimensions 7.6” (173 mm) x 18.6”(474 mm) x 5.6” (141 mm)

Weight 15 lbs

Codes and Standards FCC Part 15 Class B, NEC 625 compliant

Warranty 3-year warranty for use under normal residential operating conditions

Safety UL and cUL Listed

Energy Efficiency ENERGY STAR certified Data Sheet Download

JuiceBox 48 EV Home Charger

Get going with the JuiceBox, your essential Smart home charging station combining speed, performance and value JuiceBox 48 is the best-selling Smart home charging station, that combines speed, performance and value. Enjoyed by thousands of satisfied EV drivers, it delivers all the safety and Smart charging features you need to.

Get going with the JuiceBox, your essential Smart home charging station combining speed, performance and value

JuiceBox 48 is the best-selling Smart home charging station, that combines speed, performance and value. Enjoyed by thousands of satisfied EV drivers, it delivers all the safety and Smart charging features you need to make home charging easy, reliable and cost-effective.JuiceBox is the only line of charging stations that affords both direct user control and Smart grid optimization, accessible through our software platform, JuiceNet®.

Control charging anywhere, anytime via our mobile app and web portal Reduce your energy costs by scheduling charging when rates are low Select a cleaner electricity mix to reduce your emissions (in applicable geographies) Participate in Smart grid programs to further lower the cost of owning and driving your EV (in applicable geographies)

Why JuiceBox ?

Up to 9x Faster Charging

Powered by JuiceNet

Easy to Use and Install

  • Small, lightweight enclosure; lockable, quick-release mount; weatherproof for indoor/outdoor installation.

Universal Compatibility

Cleaner Driving

juice, booster, pack, mobile, charging, station
  • Optimize charging times and participate in Smart grid programs to reduce emissions; ENERGY STAR®-certified

See Charger Status

JuiceBox® 48 Specifications

Electrical Characteristics Power: 48A, 11.5 kW maximum (adjustable) Single phase input: nominal voltage 208/240 VAC

Input Cable 2.3 ft (0.7m) UL-rated hardwire conduit wiring

Output Cable Connector 25 ft cable (7.6m) J1772 standard compliant

JuiceNet® App Precision measurement of power, energy,voltage current Automated notifications: time-of-use in effect, start of charge, end of charge, unit offline, unit back online, car needs to be plugged in to charge Web-based portal for desktop access See JuiceNet app data sheet for more on convenient features

Smart Grid Connectivity Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz)

Firmware End-to-end AES-256-based encrypted protocols 90-day, 15-minute interval data storage Over-the-air (OTA) upgradeable firmware Persistent data storage upon power interruption

Emissions Reduction Available via optional JuiceNet Green software upgrade

Enclosure Dynamic LED lights show charging status: network connectivity, charging in progress, delaying charging, standby Weatherproof, dust-tight, polycarbonate enclosure: NEMA 4X Quick-release wall mounting bracket included Built-in security lock and integrated cable management Operating Temperature:.40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C )

Weight Dimensions Main enclosure: H: 18.5 in (469 mm) x W: 6.8 in (173 mm) x D: 5.8 in (147 mm) 15 lbs (6.8 kg)

juice, booster, pack, mobile, charging, station

Codes Standards FCC Part 15 Class B, NEC 625 compliant, ENERGY STAR® OpenADR 2.0b compliant

Safety UL and cUL Listed

Warranty 3-year limited product warranty (parts only) for use under normal residential operating conditions

JUICEBOX and JUICENET are registered trademarks of Enel X North America, an Enel Group company. Other product 2020.03.19 and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or trade names of their respective owners.17,3 cm/6,8 po

I’ve had my Juicebox 48 for two months now, and I’m delighted with it. It’s installed in my garage (hard-wired by a professional electrician), and delivers quick level-2 charging capacity to my EV’s 60 KwH lithium-ion battery. I also love that the Juicebox 48 is a Smart device with many useful features, like sending updates on actual charging progress to an app on my phone. I plan to program the app to schedule charging during off-peak hours when electricity rates are lower. Because of its electricity-saving features, the Juicebox 48 is currently eligible for a government rebate in British Columbia. Five stars!

I’m very grateful to the ChargeHub team for helping me with the ChargeHub app and the Passport Promotion (50 of charging credits). They fixed an issue for me and ensured I’m off to a good start with my new charger. And the Juicebox48 charger is amazing. so easy to use, reliable and fast!

We go hands-on and install a JuiceBox EV charger to see how it tackles a Jeep Wrangler 4xe

Editor’s Note: When Neil Rosenzweig over at our Outdoors group was dissatisfied with the factory charger that came with his Jeep Wrangler 4xe, AutoGuide arranged for him to receive a JuiceBox EV charger to test and review. Neil was not compensated for his review.

I’m a first time EV owner and as a result, a first-time home charger user and owner. Back in June when I brought our Jeep Wrangler 4xe battery hybrid home, I thought it would just be easy enough to use the Gen1 charger that came with it. However, after plugging in the 4xe every day for the first couple of months and letting it charge for 12-plus hours on a completely drained battery, I started to question if it was worth the wait—and quickly decided it wasn’t. I found myself looking in the garage, checking on and watching for all the blue lights on the dash to light up, letting me know how much the battery still had to go. The process was painful. This wasn’t what the future of the automobile was supposed to be like.

Why a JuiceBox EV charger?

As a first time EV owner, you may be wondering why I chose a JuiceBox? I started doing my homework on EV charging the day I ordered the 4xe and since I was going to have eight to 10 weeks, I read a lot. I spent hours on sites like Jeep Wrangler 4xe Forum, and other EV sites, gathering insights about what others like myself were experiencing, and looking for suggestions from other knowledge-seeking individuals. For me, it was going to come down to ease of use and reliability, but as I continued to research, I was surprised by how sophisticated EV charging had become. While there are plenty of reviews and articles (including an in-depth look from AutoGuide), a couple things seemed to be consistent about the JuiceBox products:

Ability to track usage via the app.

A JuiceBox 32 EV charger is plenty for overnight charging of full EVs, and more than enough for the battery in my Wrangler, but JuiceBox went all-out and sent a 40-amp JuiceBox 40. It also didn’t hurt that a couple friends with full EVs, as opposed to plug-in hybrids, said JuiceBox was the way to go. They were on their second and third EVs and had spent a lot of money over the years on other charging solutions. I was able to learn from their mistakes.

Ultimately what pushed me to JuiceBox was the following:

I was not going to need to install a separate electrical circuit, as the JuiceBox 40 could charge the 4xe’s 17.4kWh battery from 1% to 100% in two hours.

The ability to schedule charging times.

Notifications when the car was completely charged.

juice, booster, pack, mobile, charging, station

Tracking my charging history and KW usage within the app.

The ability to share the load for an additional charger on a single circuit, if I have the future need.

Delivery and Installation

Once the JuiceBox charger arrived, I couldn’t wait to open the box. As excited as I was for it to arrive, my dog Tito thought it was something for him. I expected a bunch of parts, and that assembly was going to be needed. To my surprise, the only assembly was going to be attaching the supplied bracket to the wall and setting/locking the JuiceBox to the bracket, before downloading the app and plugging the unit in. In addition to the JuiceBox, the box included:

A wall plug with several feet of cable.

A 25-foot cable with connector and holster.

A step-by-step instruction manual.

A cheat sheet with step-by-step guidance to download the app (iOS or Google Play) and set up an account.

From the time our electrician finished running the electrical to the garage, I followed the instructions for Wi-Fi set up and was charging the 4xe in under 20 minutes. As anyone who has installed an EV charger in the past few years has probably experienced, the most difficult and time-consuming part of the process was getting time on the electrician’s calendar to install the NEMA 14-50 plug outlet as our house did not have one in the garage. The wait was many weeks, so I recommend planning well ahead, especially if you’re purchasing or own a fully electric vehicle and you require significant charging on a daily basis.

Using the JuiceBox App

Once you download and install the EV JuiceNet app and create an account, the process is very simple. It’s important to point out that you need to go through the app setup before plugging in your JuiceBox. After connecting to Wi-Fi, JuiceBox recommends waiting 10 minutes before plugging in your vehicle, as it will check its firmware version and perform any necessary updates.

In our house, we have been thrilled with the ease of the JuiceBox in charging our 4xe and the ability to track our usage with the app. Since instillation, we have been able to:

Charge our 4XE efficiently.

Start and stop the charging sequence with ease.

Set a charging schedule so that we charge on non-peak hours.

Save a tremendous amount on gasoline.


As I said up front, if everything was this easy to use, there would be less stress in making decisions and trying new things. Now I’m able to be fully charged in approximately two hours and back on the road without having to use any fuel.

Thank you, JuiceBox, for developing a consumer friendly product that made adopting an electrified vehicle truly easy. It’s no wonder this product came so highly recommended.

JuiceBox® Pro 40 Commercial 9.6 kW EV Charging Station w/ QR Code RFID Single Port Wall Mount, Hardwired

JuiceBox® Pro 40 is an affordable and modern Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) system equipment or charging stations suitable for commercial charging needs, includes QR code and RFID reader. The ideal EV charging station for businesses that want to provide fast and affordable EV charging services to their customers, tenants and employees. JuiceBox® charging stations are compatible with all electric vehicle (special adapter needed for Tesla) and will automatically adjust to the optimal power output for your vehicle to provide safe and convenient charging. Includes quick-release mounting bracket.

The JuiceBox® EV chargers can operate without the software in behind a gate uses, this is where any driver could use the charger at any time for free and there is no ability to monitor or report usage. However, the majority of commercial EV charger uses will necessitate the JuiceNet® Enterprise Software subscription. Powered by the JuiceNet® Smart EV charging platform, JuiceBox® offers access control and energy optimization to help you manage EV charging activity and maximize your EVSE investment.

Note: Software features can only be enabled when a charging station has access to Wi-Fi. Non-connected stations will still charge EVs but will not have access to full dashboard capabilities.

The EV charging stations are rated for indoor and outdoor use and can be installed in a flexible range of locations. Examples of places to use :

  • Apartments Condos
  • Auto dealerships
  • Cities Government
  • Fleets
  • Green buildings
  • Hospitality
  • Parking
  • Restaurants
  • Workplaces
  • University campuses
  • Hospitals

Software Note: Standard purchase does not include JuiceNet® Enterprise software, a separate fee at 120/year per charging port is sold separately.Information on how to register for and access your selected software subscription will be provided separately via email from Enel-X Juice Box.A JuiceNet® activation form is included with the charging units, if missing it can be downloaded from the JME Sales website or call and a PDF version can be sent to you. An Enel-X JuiceNet® Tech specialist will reach out after the form is sent to Enel-X and provide a set-up tutorial and account activation details. Contact a JME Sales Associate if there are any questions at 800-333-3331.

Hardwire version must be directly fastened to the circuit without using a traditional plug, requires professional installment. Installation can be completed by most certified electricians. Visit link for installation guide: https://support-emobility.enelx.com/hc/en-us/articles/360062287771-Installation


  • Built-in cable management and security lock. Dynamic display with LED lights shows Wi-Fi connectivity and charging details
  • This is the hardwired version of JuiceBox® 40 and can be wall or pedestal mounted
  • Rated for indoor and outdoor installation the EV station has a water-proof, dust tight polycarbonate casing and robust cables and plugs. Making the JuicBox® durable and reliable in all conditions.
  • QR code and RFID reader included.
  • EV users can monitor instantaneous power, amperage and other details using an intuitive mobile app. Notifications can be set up for when the vehicle is fully charges or begins/ends a charging session.
  • EV business providers can access EV units real-time and historical charging data through JuiceNet® Smart charging dashboards or easy to use Smart phone app avaible for Android or iOS.
  • Building mangers can enable charging access for employees or tenants with RFID cards that are sold separately in quantities of 10,25 or 100.


  • Output: High charging speed, 40A Max, 8.3 kW @ 208 VAC or 9.6 kW @ 240 VAC
  • Input: 2.5 ft. ( 0.8m) hardwire pigtail installation (professional installation requirement)
  • Output cable: 25 ft. (7.6 m) cable w/SAE J1772 standard plug
  • Integrated cable management
  • Built-in security lock
  • Dynamic LED lights show power, connectivity, and charging status
  • Authenticate and start charging sessions with RFID cards
  • Make a payment for charging by scanning the QR code with credit card, or redirect to the mobile app for login and processing
  • Compatible with JuicePedestal® JuiceStand® Pro, sold separately
  • Operating Temperature:.40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C )
  • NEMA 4 enclosure
  • IP66: Weatherproof, dust-tight, polycarbonate enclosure
  • IK10: Resistant polycarbonate case
  • UL and cUL listed
  • Meets Standards: FCC part 15 Class B and ENERGY Star®
  • Complies to: NEC 625, OCPP 1.6J and Open ADR 2.0b
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for commercial usage
  • Dimensions: 18.5 in. H x 6.8 in. W x 5.8 in. D (469 mm H x 173 mm W x 174mm D)
  • Weight: 15 lbs. (6.8 kg)


  • JuiceBox® Pro 40
  • 40 Amp 25 ft. charging cable ( J1772 cable)
  • QR code and RFID reader
  • 2.5 ft. hardwire pigtail outdoor rated with flex conduit
  • A quick-release mounting bracket

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