Jnc660 not charging. What do customers say about JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter?

The Powerful JNC660 Jump Starter: 1700 Peak Amps Reviewed

The Jump N Carry JNC660 is a highly rated jump starter on the market in 2023. Its impressive capabilities make it a standout option in the industry, making it a great choice to review and present.

In previous reviews, we have covered mini jump starters that also function as power banks, allowing for the charging of various devices and gadgets. However, the JNC660 differs in that it is specialized solely for jumpstarting.

While some may prefer a multifunctional device, the JNC660’s specialized FOCUS on jumpstarting makes it an excellent option for those in need of a reliable and powerful jump starter. Additionally, it also has a 12V outlet for additional functionality.

Jump-N-Carry JNC660 – Unpacking

If you have read some of our previous reviews you would notice that we were emphasizing the size of the mini jump starters we reviewed. All of them were literary.sized devices based on lithium-ion batteries.

This JNC660 Jump-N-Carry jump starter is not the such device. This portable jump starter definitely is bigger and heavier but you have to understand that this one is way much more powerful and stronger than all of them. It is a size of a suitcase and actually, it looks just like that.

A blue-colored device with jumper clamps built-in and nicely wrapped around this device looks pretty much nice and handy despite its size.

On the front side of JNC660 you will notice a few things:

  • Voltmeter (allows you to check the status of the battery inside this portable jump starter by pressing the red button just under it)
  • 12V power outlet (can power a variety of accessories. Also includes automatic circuit protection to prevent overloads)
  • Status lights
  • Built-in charger (features completely automatic charging which allows the unit to be in always ready state)
  • Jumper clamps (these 42 inches long and super quality clamps definitely will deliver power to 12V battery without fear to be melted or in any way damaged)
  • Weight 18 lbs
  • Dimensions: 3 x 14.1 x 5.1 inches

An important feature of this portable jump starter is a fully replicable Clore PERFORMER battery. These batteries are designed for maximum power density and durability, which results in exceptional cranking power, extended cranking duration, and long service life.

jnc660, charging, 1700, peak

JNC660 parts

Basically, this jump starter is a compound of different parts which are completely replaceable:

  • 12V 18AH Replacement Battery (high-quality battery valve regulated, spill-proof construction makes it completely safe to use)
  • Cover for Jump-N-Carry Jump Starter Models
  • Clore Automotive Llc Internal Charger
  • Replacement Black Clamp
  • Replacement Red Clamp

Video review

It is well-known fact that larger diesel engines require more cranking power to start. As mentioned earlier on this post this portable jump starter is a very powerful device and can be used to jump-start diesel 8L engines or heavy-duty trucks. Sometimes even smaller, less powerful cars and engines require a high boost of Amps before they can start especially during cold winter days.

With Jump N Carry JNC660 you will NOT have a drained battery problem again that is for sure. With 1700 peak Amps and 425 Cranking Amps you can start SUV or any big diesel engine with no problem as we tested it on our diesel SUV and didn’t have any problem even though our 12V battery was completely drained.

All you need to do is to check if your portable jump starter is fully charged in order to perform full power to the battery, connect the clamps on the correct way (check this article if you are not sure how to do it), and when all is ready to go turn your key to start the car. Voila! That’s it. Simple and easy.

A 1700 peak amp is enough to start a dead cow if you ask me so I am sure you will not have a problem starting whatever vehicle you own even on cold winter days.

What I liked most is the length of the jumper clamps. Ah man what a relief when you can manipulate with those and it makes it much easier to connect to the battery. Also, the quality is very good I have to say but I guess it has to be because with such power they would melt easily which is dangerous as well.

After you start the engine (I don’t doubt you will) just carefully detach the clamps and let the engine fill the car battery.

Another thing that can be done with JNC660 is simply to charge a dead battery. Simply connect it to a drained battery and let it charge it (needs approximately 2h to charge a fully drained 12V battery.

Product Features

Maintenance Free

BatteryGuy SLA batteries do not require any maintenance while in use. Electrolyte levels are calibrated during factory production and do not need to be inspected or topped up

Puncture Resistant Case

Each of the 6 cells within this SLA battery is wrapped in a puncture resistant polyethylene envelope so even if the outercase is pierced no leakage will occur.

Corrosion Resistance

We use Silver plated copper Faston Tabs, copper wire lead connectors, Coperized Silver or Lead stud terminals and Stainless Steel nut and bolt terminals depending on the model

High Energy Density

The way we make our 12 volt 18ah SLA batteries means you get an excellent energy per pound of weight ratio.

Optimized Conductivity

The materials we use inside and out have been specially selected for their optimal electrical conductivity so energy loss inside the battery is minimized.

Impact Resistant

All BatteryGuy SLA batteries come in a touch thermoplastic case designed to Battery Council International Standards

Rechargeable Battery

This 12 volt 18ah SLA battery can be discharged and recharged multiple times. Cycle service life will depend on the depth of discharges. See the Technical Specification Sheet for more details.

Deep Cycle Design

All BatteryGuy SLA batteries are designed for deep cycling making them ideal for UPSs, Emergency Lighting, Mobile Medical Devices and many other applications.

Gas Safety Vents

We know charging equipment or the appliance that the battery powers can malfunction but our one way gas safety vents ensure there is no risk of battery explosion or fire.

Anti Buckle Separators

Internal plate buckling can kill a battery outright or simply reduce its lifespan. Our AGM separators gives the plates extra support to eliminate buckling.

Detailed description

BatteryGuy 12 Volt 18 ah replacement rechargeable battery for Jump N Carry JNC660.

It meets or exceeds the Jump N Carry JNC660 specifications defined by the Original Equipment Manufacturer but at a much lower price.

(This is one Battery – Please verify quantity needed for your application before ordering)

Chemistry: Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid

Dimensions: 7.13 L x 3 W x 6.59 H

Height w/terminals: 6.59 H

Connector Type: NB2

How Does a Portable Jump Starter Work?

A portable jump starter is just like a rechargeable battery or power bank. It has multiple battery cells inside that hold the charge when you connect it to your 12V car outlet or wall outlet.

Once it is charged fully, it can transfer the charge to another place when connected. It is stored until your car battery needs a jump.

When you turn it on and connect the jump starter to your car’s battery using the jumper cables, it becomes ready to transfer the electricity to the battery. The rest is just like regular jumping with the help of a car.

A popular belief is jump starters charge your car’s battery, which is wrong. Instead of charging, it helps your car’s battery return to life by providing the necessary electricity. You can then try to start your car’s engine.

If the starter can provide enough electricity needed, your car engine starts.

In most cases, the amperage your car needs is close to the peak amperage of the starter. So, you should keep all auxiliary features off so your car’s battery can use the maximum electricity from the starter.

Tips on Maintaining a Jump Starter and Its Battery

Charge It Frequently

Keep the jump starter battery fully charged. Don’t leave it for a long time in the discharge stage.

jnc660, charging, 1700, peak

The batteries of jump starters don’t come with any memory issues. So, you can charge those frequently without damage.

It is suggested to charge the battery every time you use the jump starter. If you need to use the jump starter regularly, you should charge it every night. On the other hand, if you’re not a frequent user, charge it every time you use it.

Disconnect Quickly after Jump Starting

After a successful jump-start, don’t forget to disconnect it as quickly as possible. You shouldn’t keep it connected.

You may think that keeping the jump starter connected to the new running vehicle is an effective and easy way of recharging it. But this is not the right thing to do.

Follow the Duty Circle

Every jump starter comes with a recommended duty circle. The duty circle typically described the time needed for the jump starter to take a rest in between two crankings.

A typical duty circle of jump starters is a maximum of six seconds of cranking and then 3 minutes of rest. Check the user manual to find out the duty circle of your jump starter.

Store in the Suggested Temperature

Jump starters come with a recommended temperature. You should store it within the temperature if possible. If you live in a place with extreme weather conditions, FOCUS on this.

If you don’t store it at a suggested temperature and leave it in extreme weather conditions, the battery will be damaged. Temperature affects both short-term and long-term battery life.

Other Maintenances

You should keep the Jumpstarter clean. If any of the clamps come in contact with the acid from the battery, you should clean them using a clean cloth. If it comes in contact with the acid frequently, thoroughly clean it regularly. The best way is to use a mixture of water and baking soda. Also, use a wire brush for better cleaning.

Final Verdict

I guess now you know what to do when the portable jump starter not charging. A jump starter is a sensitive tool and you need to take proper care of it. Otherwise, such issues will occur frequently.

Having a defective jump starter won’t help you in anything. So, follow the tips I’ve shared if you don’t want to face such situations.

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