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Smartphone Power Banks: Here Are Our Top 10 Recommendations

Powerbanks extend the battery life of your smartphone with extra juice you can tap into while on the go or when there’s a power outage. If you own a smartphone, then you should probably have a power bank as an accessory too. But choosing the right power bank depends on your budget, your smartphone, and how much power you want out of it.

Power banks come in various shapes and sizes. I personally own several. The most important thing to remember is the capacity of your smartphone and the power bank you want. This is measured in milliamp Hours or mAh. As a rule of thumb, you should purchase a power bank that’s twice and more the capacity of your smartphone battery. That way, you can charge your smartphone at least two or more times.

Before you buy a powerbank

Since most smartphones have at least 3,000mAh rechargeable batteries, my recommendation is that you should buy a power bank with a minimum of 10,000mAh. However, 20,000mAh is ideal which can charge a typical smartphone at least 4 times.

There are power banks that are bigger than this. However, aviation restrictions might keep you grounded. Typically the biggest capacity of a power bank that can get on a plane is about 20,000mAh.

Besides battery capacity, another thing to keep in mind is the number of input and output ports on the power bank. Input ports are for charging. Usually, you’ll have a Micro USB, Lightning, and USB-C ports for this. The USB-C port, in particular, can sometimes be bi-directional meaning it can be used for both charging the power bank and charging your devices. A typical power bank will have a Micro-USB port and Lightning port. Fast-charging power banks will have a USB-C port which pumps a lot more power.

The outputs ports are usually the bigger rectangular-shaped USB-A ports similar to what you would find on a standard USB wall charger. They are used for charging your smartphone.

They support both standard charging at 10W and Quick Charge (QC) 3.0 fast charging which supports up to 18W. Wondering if your phone supports QC, here’s a list[pdf] of QC versions and supported devices. Fast-charging power banks have USB-C Power Delivery(PD) ports that can output as much as 45W of power. All this depends on the smartphone you have and which charging standard it supports.

Also, there are power banks that support Qi-wireless charging enabling you to juice up your smartphone without a cable. The key question to ask yourself here is if your smartphone supports wireless charging. If it does, then you can take advantage of the convenience of wireless charging at the expense of the speed of charging.

Lastly consider the time it takes to recharge the power bank itself. Micro-USB port is the most common interface for recharging the power bank, but at 10W it’s also the slowest. Consider a power bank with either a one-way or bi-directional USB-C input/output port for recharging the power bank because it’s 2-3 times faster than a Micro-USB port.

That said, let’s get into it. Summarily;

  • Best powerbank for iPhones: Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD – 34.99
  • Best fast-charging powerbank for any phone: INIU 20W USB-C PD3.0/QC4.0 10500 mAh Power Bank – 25.99
  • Best universal powerbank: RavPower 20000mAh 18W Portable Charger 3-Port Power Bank – 35.99
  • Best powerbank with wireless charging: AUKEY 10000mAh PB-WL02 Basix Wireless Charging Power Bank – 39.99
  • Best high-capacity powerbank: Fochew 15W wireless 30,800mAh 25W USB-PD Powerbank – 27.95

The Miady 10,000 mAh is one of the best deals for an inexpensive power bank that offers standard 10W charging. This power bank offers two 5V/2.4A outputs ports that can charge any smartphone at normal speeds using a standard USB-A to Lightning/USB-C/Micro USB cable. That includes iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, Pixels, Xiaomi, Huawei, Moto, etc. It has a Micro-USB port for slower and USB-C input ports for faster recharging. Miady is offering, not one but two power banks for just 19.99 on Amazon.

If you want more capacity, you can top up 6 and get the 2-Pack Miady 15000mAh model instead for 25.99.

Ekrist Dual-port 25,800 mAh Power bank

Looking for the cheapest high-capacity power bank with good reviews, then this Ekrist 25800 mAh power bank is what you’re looking for. For a price tag of 19.47, it comes with two USB-A 5W and 10W ports. For recharging, it comes with one Micro-USB input port. This power bank can recharge itself in 8~12 hours with 2.1A (10W) input charger which is a long time. I wish they included the faster charging USB-C instead. Where it lacks in charging speed, it compensates with a sweet price point and high battery capacity.

Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 Power Bank

Anker brings its PowerIQ technology to portable power banks with this PowerCore Slim 10000mAh power bank. PowerIQ is Anker’s proprietary charging technology that delivers the right amount of power to different portable devices. This power bank is slim and light comes with one output PowerIQ USB-A port that delivers 2.4A of current. It comes with two input charging ports; a Micro USB port and a faster charging USB-C port. The USB-C port is for recharging the power bank only. It can’t be used for charging your smartphones. It goes for 21.99 on amazon.

If you want the one with a bi-directional USB-C port, then you’ll have to get the 34.99 20W PowerCore Slim 10000 PD model instead. It supports USB-C PD meaning power flows in either direction — that is charging your phone or recharging the power bank. This option is great if you have an iPhone 11/12/13, Galaxy S20/21, or any of the flagship smartphones.

Aukey 10000mAh PB-N73S 18W PD USB C Portable Charger

This 10000mAh power bank is slim, portable, and feels premium. It has two USB-A QC 3.0 fast-charging output ports delivering up to 18W power output. It comes with one USB-C PD bidirectional for fast recharging the power bank and fast charging your smartphones. It’s priced at 19.99 on the Aukey website. Aukey was recently kicked out of Amazon.

If you want more capacity, then consider this 28.99 AUKEY 20000mAh PB-N74 Portable Charger model instead. It also has a lot more input/output ports increasing the number of devices you can charge with it.

Anker PowerCore Essential 20000mAh Power Bank

If you want to go with something with a lot more capacity, then you should consider the Anker PowerCore Essential 20000mAh Power Bank instead. This power bank doubles the capacity of the Anker PowerCore slim with a 20000 mAh battery and two USB-A PowerIQ output ports for charging two phones simultaneously at 2.4A per port. For recharging the power bank, you have the standard Micro USB input port which can take about 10 hours to fully recharge, or the faster USB-C port which takes about 5 hours with a USB-C charger. This power bank goes for 59.99 on amazon.

If you’re looking at smartphone power banks with the same capacity but with a bi-directional USB-C PD port, then consider the 66.99 Anker 20W PowerCore Essential 20000 PD. It comes with one USB-A IQ output port and another 20W USB-C PD port used for both charging and discharging the power bank. If you have an iPhone 11/12/13, Pixel 4/5, Galaxy S20/21, then this is a better option.

Xiaomi Redmi 20,000 mAh 18w Powerbank

The Redmi 20,000mAh is a power bank from Xiaomi, a Chinese company renown for producing premium products at unbeatable prices. This Powerbank was my daily driver for some time and I loved it. The build quality is great.

It comes with two big USB-A port outputs 5.1V/2.4V (12.24W), 9V/2V(18W), or 12V/1.5V (18W) output on a single port and 5.1V/3.6A on dual-port usage. It uses variable voltage meaning it will supply whatever amount of power your device takes—up to 18W. You can charge the power bank using Micro-USB or USB-C ports.

They are rated 5V/2.1A, 9V/2.1A, 12V/1.5A which is between 10W-18W input power. If you want to charge faster, use the USB-C port with a compatible USB-C cable and wall charger. This power bank goes for 34.99 on Amazon, Amazon India for ₹ 1,999.

imuto 30000mAh QC3.0 USB-C PD Portable Charger

This imuto 30000mAh is a high-capacity power bank that provides fast charging to QC 3.0 or USB-C PD devices up to 18W. It comes with two USB-A QC 3.0 output ports capable of fasting compatible devices running Qualcomm processors.

That would include smartphones like LG V30/, Q9, G5/6/7 Nokia 6/7/8/9, Redmi Note 5/9, Sony Xperia XZ/1/2, Xiaomi Mi 5/6. This power bank also supports USB-C PD up to 18W making it ideal for charging flagship smartphones such as iPhone 11/12/13, Pixel 4/5, Galaxy S20/21, and more.

The USB-C port is bidirectional, so it can also be used to fast-charge the power bank itself. This power bank goes for 39.99 on amazon.

Another great QC 3.0/4.0 power bank with USB-C PD support is this 10500 mAh power bank from INIU. It provides fast charging up to 18W through two USB-A QC 4.0 ports and one bidirectional 18W USB-C port.

The USB-C port is used for both charging and discharging the power bank brings the total of output ports to three. That’s three devices being charged at the same time. INIU is offering two power banks for 36.99, but if you want just one, you can get it at 25.99 and 27.99 for the 20,000 mAh model.

If the size is really important to you, then we recommend this 32.99 AINOPE 10,000mAh 18W QC 3.0/USB PD that’s as small as a deck of cards.

RavPower 20,000mAh 18W Portable Charger 3-Port Power Bank

This is probably the universal power bank that is ready to charge just about any of your smartphones. It can be charged by your existing iPhone USB-A to lightning cable and charge the iPhone with the same cable through one of the QC 3.0 USB-A ports. It can be charged by a slower Micro USB port.

In the output department, this power bank has two USB-A iSmart, PD, QC ports, and one bi-directional 18W USB-C PD port for charging and discharging the power bank. In total, it has 5 input/output ports for charging just about any smartphone or accessory. RavPower was recently banned from Amazon, so you’ll have to order it from their website for 35.99.

If you’re looking for something with fewer ports to specifically fast-charge your iPhone 11/12/13 or any of the flagship Android phones, then consider this 22.99 RavPower 10000mAh Power Bank 20W USB-C Portable Charger model instead.

Fochew 15W wireless 30,800mAh 25W USB-PD Powerbank

This power bank from Fochew supports not only wired fast charging via QC 4.0 and USB-C PD but also Qi-certified wireless charging. You get 5W, 7.5W, 10W, and 15W Max wireless fast charging. That’s great for charging Airpods and other TWS earbuds that support wireless charging.

On the cable’s end, you get two output QC 4.0 fast-charging ports with 18W power output. It also has a bidirectional USB-C PD 25W port for charging and discharging the power bank and one Micro USB port for charging. For just 27.95, this power bank offers a lot more than what you pay for.

Another Qi-certified portable power bank with wireless charging is the Anker PowerCore III 10K Wireless Portable Charger. It’s packed with a 10000mAh battery, offers 10W wireless charging, 18W fast charging via USB-C PD all for a premium price of 49.99.

AUKEY 10,000mAh PB-WL02 Basix Wireless Charging Power Bank

Another power bank with Qi wireless charging is the Aukey PB-WL02 Basix wireless charging power bank. It has a 10000mAh battery and supports 5W, 7.5W, and 10W wireless charging which is able to wirelessly charge Apple Airpods, iPhone 11/X, Galaxy S8/20/21. On the wired end, you get an 18W USB-C PD port and another 18W QC 3.0 USB-A port for fast charging.

This power bank comes with a handy flip-out stand that provides comfortable viewing for your phone while you charge it. This wireless power bank goes for 39.99 on the Aukey website which is slightly less than the Anker PowerCore III wireless power bank mentioned above.

If you’re looking for something from Ravpower, then consider this 5000mAh Portable Ultra-Slim Wireless Charger. But at 35.99 for this at half the battery capacity, I would rather go with the Aukey or Anker option instead.

So there you have it; our top smartphone charging power banks. If you have seen any great products online, let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

INIU Power Bank, 20W PD3.0 QC4.0 Fast Charging LED Display 20000mAh Portable Charger, 3A Outputs Flashlight Phone Battery Pack Compatible with iPhone Samsung

Quantity Decrease quantity for INIU Power Bank, 20W PD3.0 QC4.0 Fast Charging LED Display 20000mAh Portable Charger, 3A Outputs Flashlight Phone Battery Pack Compatible with iPhone Samsung

Increase quantity for INIU Power Bank, 20W PD3.0 QC4.0 Fast Charging LED Display 20000mAh Portable Charger, 3A Outputs Flashlight Phone Battery Pack Compatible with iPhone Samsung

INIU Power Bank, 20W PD3.0 QC4.0 Fast Charging LED Display 20000mAh Portable Charger, 3A Outputs Flashlight Phone Battery Pack Compatible with iPhone Samsung Xiaomi Huawei Tablet, etc.

Product Description

INIU is a innovator in mobile power and accessories. We are continually striving to create the best-possible mobile experience and empower the digital lives of people all around the world. At INIU, we use only the highest-quality materials.

Why This INIU Portable Charger?

√ Clear LED digital display lets you never guess the remaining power

√ Truly fast charge your devices with the cutting-edge PD3.0 QC4.0 outputs

√ Saving your 50% of the recharging time via the blazing-fast PD3.0 USB C input

√ An airline-approved 20000mAh power bank offers you a full week’s safe power

√ The built-in flashlight is helpful for reading, camping, blackout or emergency

Feature the 20W PD USB C In Out, the latest worldwide fast charging standard, to fast fuel both the charger and all the existing and upcoming USB C devices.

iniu, power, bank, fast
iniu, power, bank, fast

Fully compatible with all the mainstream fast charging protocols, plus INIU’s exclusive UPower tech, to charge 3 devices as fast as possible.

The most compact 20000mAh LED display power bank, easy to carry on the go and ready to power up your devices for a whole week.

Designed to not only work with all phones and tablets but smaller devices like Airpods, Smart watch, fitness tracker, Bluetooth speaker, etc.

What’s in the box: INIU 20000mAh PD Power Bank1, USB C Cable1, Travel Pouch 1, Welcome Guide1.

Within 3 years, for any quality issue, directly reach us and we’ll send you a new one!

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The Best Battery Packs to Keep Your Gadgets Going

When your smartphone can’t make it through the day, have a backup plan.

By Don Melanson Published: Apr 6, 2021

Chances are you’ve been stuck more than once searching for an outlet to top off a dying smartphone battery. If you’re looking to avoid that stress in the future, a portable battery pack is a great way to give yourself some added peace of mind and ensure that your mobile devices are always charged when you need them. Even if you’re not using it every day, it’s a great thing to keep on-hand (and juiced) in the event of an emergency, power outage, or if you just need something to run your lantern off of at the campsite.

Deciding to get one is simple. Choosing which one to get, however, isn’t. Some might only be able to partially recharge your smartphone or tablet (or juice it more slowly than your wall charger), while others are able to quickly recharge multiple devices but might be more than you need. Read on for buying advice and things to consider, plus reviews of stand-out models that are worth your hard-earned cash.

Size vs. Capacity

When deciding on a portable battery pack, keep in mind when and where you’re going to use it, and what you’ll be using it for. If you often find yourself looking to top off your smartphone battery during your daily routine, you’ll likely want a more portable but smaller capacity battery pack that’s easier to carry with you. If, on the other hand, you’re traveling a lot or regularly find yourself far from a power outlet for extended periods of time, you might be more inclined to trade some portability for added capacity that can let you recharge a number of devices (even a laptop) a couple of times over.

Like your smartphone or laptop’s battery, a portable battery pack’s capacity is measured in milliamp hours (or mAh). And that capacity can range from 1,000 or 1,500 in the smallest, most portable battery packs (enough to only partially recharge an average smartphone) to tens of thousands in higher capacity units—the biggest of which can weigh as much as the laptops they’re designed to power.


Another important consideration when it comes to portable battery packs is connectivity. While almost all of them will have at least one standard USB port to charge a range of devices, many also have Lightning connectors for Apple devices, as well as USB-C ports for newer smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets like the Nintendo Switch. Some larger battery packs can even have a regular AC outlet built into them.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the battery pack’s power output, which can indicate how fast it’s able to recharge devices. As you’d expect, the higher the output, the faster it provides juice—given your phone or other device supports that level of charging. Chargers with a low power output (under ten watts) will charge your phone more slowly that your regular power adapter, while a higher output (up to 45 watts) will be able to easily charge most USB-C laptops relatively quickly.

How We Chose

To select these portable battery packs, we relied on our own previous research on the subject and experience using similar devices. Then we consulted reviews from a range of trusted publications, including PC World, Wirecutter, and Android Central. We also took into account customer ratings from online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, using them to calculate our Consumer Score. This represents the percentage of reviewers on those sites that rated the battery packs at least four out of five stars.

The Best Portable Chargers To Keep You Going On Long And Busy Days

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

It’s happened to all of us. You go out and realize you didn’t put the phone on the charger and your phone’s battery is low. Or you’re out all day, using power-hungry features like the camera, display or GPS, and now the battery is low and there’s no outlet in sight. Perhaps you’re simply working from a cafe that lacks outlets, and you want to power your laptop for the afternoon. The best portable chargers, like our pick for the best overall, the INIU B62 Power Bank, can keep you powered up and ready to go anytime, anywhere.

Carrying a portable charger is a great way to make sure you never miss a beat and always have available power for your most important devices, like your phone, tablet or laptop. For frequent travelers, a portable charger is a must have device. And since portable chargers come in a range of capacities and sizes, each with varying abilities, you may choose to keep multiple portable chargers on hand for different situations. Here are our top picks for the best portable chargers you can buy in 2023.

  • Best Portable Charger Overall:INIU B62 Power Bank
  • Best Portable Charger For iPhone: Apple MagSafe Battery Pack
  • Best Portable Charger With AC Outlet: Mophie PowerStation Pro AC
  • Best Portable Charger With Built-In Cables: Mophie PowerStation Plus
  • Best Portable Charger For Laptops: Baseus Laptop Power Bank
  • Best High-Power Portable Charger For Laptops: Anker 737 Power Bank
  • Best Portable Charger For Adventures: Anker 548 Power Bank
  • Best Qi Wireless Portable Charger: LionEnergy Eclipse

Best Portable Charger Overall

INIU B62 Power Bank

Battery capacity: 15,000mAh | Output ports: 2x USB-A, 1x USB-C | Size: 5.8 x 2.8 x 0.9 inches | Weight: 11.7 ounces | Display: Yes

Best for: Charging smartphones and tablets quickly.

INIU is a less recognizable name, but its lineup of power bank and charging accessories stands out from the crowd. The INIU B62 has a single USB-C port that supports up to 45-watt output with USB Power Delivery. That means you can use this versatile battery for charging a low-power laptop or a portable gaming system.

This model supports a range of fast-charging protocols, but it only handles up to Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0. If you want to charge a QC 4.0 device, look at the INIUs B5 Power Bank, which has a similar physical design, adds QC 4.0 and can charge three devices simultaneously (but it lacks enough power output to charge a laptop). The B62 has a large LCD that shows your remaining power, and it has a grippy texture that resists scuffs and grit. Bonus: It comes with a nifty pull-out stand that works well to prop up a phone while it’s charging.

What the editors say: Tech editor Melissa Perenson notes, “This battery is a workhorse, handily charging up devices with surprising speed. It recharges quickly, too. It’s a little thick, but its rectangular design pairs well with a smartphone.”

Anker PowerCore III 10K

Battery capacity: 10,000mAh | Output ports: 1x USB-A, 1x USB-C | Size: 5.9 x 2.7 x 0.8 inches | Weight: 8.6 ounces

Best for: Mix of wired and wireless charging, in a slim design and mid-range capacity.

The Anker PowerCore III 10K hits a good balance between features, performance and price. The svelte, candy bar design houses 10-watt Qi wireless charging, with one each of USB-A and USB-C ports on the top edge. This model is slim, but not as slim as one Anker model. Nor does it have the magnetic attachment of Anker’s newer MagGo series. Or the power to handle charging a laptop or gaming system.

Despite those caveats, the PowerCore III 10K stands out for its balance of charging features and its performance—which was faster for both wired and wireless charging than on some competing models. This battery pairs well with a standard rectangular phone design, and it’s lightweight, too. The unit itself has a textured plastic case that did a better job withstanding scuffs than some of Anker’s other models. The chassis also has a built-in stand—a simple pull-out bracket to prop up your phone. However, the recessed power button is a bit awkwardly placed.

What the editors say: “This model’s Qi wireless gives it an edge over the typical portable charger with the same capacity,” says tech editor Melissa Perenson. “I especially liked this battery’s light weight, and how easy it was to hold alongside an iPhone or Android phone.”

  • Textured case keeps fingerprints and scuffs away
  • Qi wireless charging at 10 watts
  • Built-in stand

Best Portable Charger For iPhone

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

Battery capacity: Unavailable | Ports: MagSafe (wireless) only | Size: 3.8 x 2.5 x 0.4 inches | Weight: 6.4 ounces

Best for: iPhone users who want a small MagSafe battery pack.

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is a bit pricey, but it is the Apple-branded battery—and it has a simplicity to it not found elsewhere. This compact battery pack attaches to the back of any iPhone 12 or later smartphone. It provides additional power when you need to extend the life of your smartphone. Thanks to its MagSafe compatibility. you can use the battery pack on its own or in conjunction with any Apple MagSafe phone case. It won’t, however, work with non-MagSafe cases.

This battery is a bit pricey considering it will only recharge your iPhone once—and only between 40 percent and 70 percent. However, that’s enough juice to keep your phone operational for a few hours more.

  • Compact design for any iPhone (12 and later)
  • Compatible with all MagSafe cases
  • Genuine Apple product

Best Portable Charger With AC Outlet

Mophie PowerStation Pro AC

Battery capacity: 27,000mAh | Output ports: 2x USB-C, 1x USB-A, 1x AC | Size: 10.8 x 5.9 x 1.4 inches | Weight: 2.6 pounds

Best for: Capacious charging via USB and a 3-prong AC outlet.

The Mophie PowerStation Pro AC makes it easy to charge four devices simultaneously. At 27,000mAh, this model is at the maximum limit for transporting a single battery onto a plane. All that battery capacity matters, though, since it can recharge an iPhone five times. The 3-prong AC outlet is one reason this model stands out; with an outlet, you can then charge things like camera batteries, or run a laptop or other device that uses AC power.

The battery can handle 100 watts, while the USB ports handle 20 watts each and the USB Power Delivery port is at 60 watts. One drawback lies with its weight: The PowerStation Pro AC is a hefty 2.6 pounds. The battery has a loop that makes it easier to grab, which is good since its casing is smooth hard to hold.

Omnicharge Omni 20

Battery capacity: 20,000mAh | Output ports: Qi wireless, 1x USB-C, 2X USB-A, 1x AC/HVDC, 1x barrel | Size: 5.0 x 4.8 x 1.0 inches | Weight: 1.3 pounds

The Omnicharge Omni 20 is highly versatile, especially considering its relatively compact size. It includes a 20,000mAh capacity battery, fast 18-watt charging over USB-A, 60-watt charging over USB-C and 10-watt Qi wireless charging. The 100-watt AC/HCDC outlet provides power to laptops, drones and cameras that don’t support USB charging.

The Omni 20 has a built-in OLED display that shows the total power left in the charger, as well as the demands of each connected device. It even supports pass-through charging, so you can continue to charge your array of devices even when recharging the Omni itself.

iniu, power, bank, fast
  • Offers pass-through charging
  • 20,0000mAh capacity battery
  • Portable and convenient

Best Portable Charger With Built-In Cables

Mophie PowerStation Plus

Battery capacity: 10,000mAh | Output Ports: 1x USB-C | Built-in cables: 1x USB-C, 1x Lightning | Size: 5.8 x 0.7 x 2.8 inches | Weight: 8 ounces

Best for: Charging a phone or tablet with a Lightning or USB-C port.

The Mophie PowerStation Plus conveniently integrates cables into the sides of the portable charger. This otherwise nondescript rectangle has smooth front and back surfaces, and it has a rubberized layer around the edges. The Lightning and USB-C cables tuck neatly into the top of the unit with a snug fit, and little tabs to help you free them when needed. The cables are long enough for you to plug them into a phone and stack the charger neatly beneath it.

This charger’s dedicated USB-C Power Delivery port delivers 20 watts of power, and a total of 25 watts shared. The USB-C port charges faster than the integrated cables.

Best Portable Charger For Laptops

Baseus Laptop Power Bank

Battery capacity: 20,000mAh | Ports: 2x USB-C, 2x USB-A | Size: 6.4 x 5.3 x 0.7 inches | Weight: 1.1 pounds | Display: Yes

Best for: Charging a laptop or mobile device.

The Baseus Laptop Power Bank stands out for delivering 100 watts of power in a thin and lightweight square design that’s highly portable. Most competitors’ portable chargers that output 100 watts are larger, thicker and heavier than this Baseus model. The low profile makes it easy to slide this charger alongside a laptop when traveling.

This fast, portable charger has a textured plastic front, with a large, monochromatic digital display that shows its remaining battery power and charging status. It can handle small current devices like earbuds and smartwatches as well as it can a phone or laptop. The ports are all along the top edge, with two USB-A and two USB-C ports, each labeled with their output levels. The unit comes with a carry case, and a 100-watt USB-C to USB-C cable, for use with a laptop.

iniu, power, bank, fast

What the editors say: “I like the stylish yet functional industrial design of this charger,” says tech editor Melissa Perenson. “It was easy to carry around while charging multiple devices quickly.”

  • Slim, lightweight design
  • Informative display
  • Charges four devices simultaneously

Best High-Output Portable Charger For Laptops

Anker 737 Power Bank

Battery capacity: 24,000mAh | Output Ports: 2x USB-C, 1x USB-A | Size: 6.1 x 2.1 x 1.9 inches | Weight: 1.4 | Display: Yes

Best for: Charging a laptop and mobile devices.

The Anker 737 Power Bank PowerCore 24K packs 140 watts, one of the highest power outputs you can buy in a such a portable design. This model stands at about 2 inches square, and is 6 inches long, making it shaped like a square tower (if you stand it on its end) or a very thick battery that fits in your hand. Inside sits a high capacity 24,000mAh battery, which is just below the maximum 27,000mAh you can bring on a plane.

Along the length sits a useful, easy-to-read color digital display which shows the power use and remaining battery/recharge time. The charger has three inputs, all on one end, and includes USB Power Delivery 3.1 support. It includes a 140-watt USB-C to USB-C cable for use with a laptop.

Best Portable Charger For Adventures

Anker 548 Power Bank (PowerCore Reserve)

Battery capacity: 60,000mAh | Output ports: 2x USB-C, 2x USB-A, Solar input | Size: 4.5 × 4.5 × 7.7 inches | Weight: 5.1 pounds

The Anker 548 Power Bank (PowerCore Reserve) packs a 60,000mAh battery capacity, which makes this power bank best for use at home or on adventures that don’t require a flight. Its rugged design makes it the perfect complement to outdoor adventures, with a retractable LED lamp and SOS beacon for use in emergencies. It has two USB-C and two USB-A ports, and the USB-C ports can handle 60-watt and 27-watt output (only one of the two handles input and output both). The front panel has an additional, uncommon port—for jacking in a solar panel for recharging. The EV-grade batteries can handle up to 3,000 recharging cycles.

The unit has a useful color digital display above the array of ports that shows charging status and remaining power. In between sit the buttons for the light and the SOS beacon. At 5.1 pounds, it feels sturdy, and it comes with a pliable handle. You get a USB-C to USB-C cable for charging, but you need to buy a wall charger and solar charging cable yourself.

What the editors say: “I love the pop-up light, with its retractable silicone design,” notes tech editor Melissa Perenson. “It’s surprisingly bright (though dedicated lanterns may be better), and it automatically lights up in the dark. The light’s inclusion makes this so much more than just a power bank on steroids. I also liked how the woven handle makes it easy to carry.”

Best Qi Wireless Portable Charger

Lion Eclipse

Battery capacity: 27,000mAh | Output ports: Qi wireless, 2x USB-A, 1x USB-C | Size: 8.5 x 3.5 x 1.3 inches | Weight: 1.6 pounds

Best for: Charging a phone, earbuds and watch wirelessly in a rugged device.

The Lion Eclipse stands out for its inclusion of three Qi wireless charging pads, at 10-watts, 5-watts and 2-watts. This means you can charge a phone, earbuds and a watch wirelessly, something most portable power banks with Qi can’t do. The power button and three ports—two USB-A and one USB-C with Power Delivery up to 85 watts—sit under a rubberized protective cover. These ports can handle a laptop or a portable gaming console, and they deliver simultaneous fast charging. This portable charger uses a 27,000mAh battery, the maximum size you can take on a plane.

While the Lion Eclipse Power Bank will fit easily within a backpack or briefcase, it’s too cumbersome to fit comfortably in a purse and too large for a It has a 5-year warranty and a lifecycle of over 1,000 charges.

  • Simultaneously charges multiple devices
  • High battery capacity
  • Three Qi wireless charging pads

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