How To Use A Solar Power Bank – A Helpful Guide. Superfly power bank

How To Use A Solar Power Bank – A Helpful Guide

Solar power banks are the perfect travel companion for those of you who are interested in prolonged adventures away from conveniences such as electric power points. If you’re planning one of these sorts of adventures, you’re not alone in wondering how you’ll charge your devices. On a personal note, I asked myself the same question when planning my backpacking trip from Barcelona to Rome. After some research, the answer was obvious – invest in a solar power bank. However, before buying one, many of you may be wondering how to use a solar power bank? To use a solar power bank efficiently, expose the device’s solar panel to full sunlight to maximize its charging capabilities. On average, it will take your solar power bank between 25-50 hours to fully charge, assuming the device was exposed to unobstructed sunlight. This article aims to walk you through the ins and outs of how to use a solar power bank efficiently. You can also skip to our best solar power bank recommendations.

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How To Use A Solar Power Bank?

Read the user manual

As with any tech product you buy, first things first, read the user manual. Even though solar power banks are easy to use, and you may want to rip them out of there, be mindful. Ask yourself some user-friendly questions – how do I preserve the performance, battery life, and capacity of my solar power bank? All your answers will be found in the user manual.

Charge Your Solar Power Bank

The amount of solar panels your solar power bank has is a good indicator of how efficient it will be charging in the sun.

Let’s say it only has one solar panel on the face of the power bank. It’s highly likely in this scenario that charging your power bank by the sun is a supplementary charging option, but not your main option.

Meaning, don’t expect your solar power bank to be fully charged after a couple of hours of sun exposure.

It is more likely that your power bank will rely on power points now and then to fully charge itself.

However, if you have a power bank with many monocrystalline solar panels, it is likely your battery can be solely charged by sun exposure.

Charging Your Device With Your Solar Power Bank

Once your solar power bank is fully charged, you’ll want to charge your device with it.

You can do this by connecting the USB end of your charger to the power bank, and inserting the other end into your device.

Most power banks have multiple USB ports for charging many devices at once, look out for these ports on the front of your solar power bank.

Something to take into consideration is the Amp output of your charging ports. Make sure that the ports you charge your smartphone with are only 1 amp.

Charging your smartphone with 2 amps may damage the battery life over time as it’s too fast for phones. Read the user manual to find this information out.

Know When Your Solar Power Bank Is Fully Charged

Usually, power banks have a light indicator to indicate how charged they are.

  • 1 light = 25% charged
  • 2 lights = 50% charged
  • 3 lights = 75% charged
  • 4 lights = 95% charged

Most solar power banks do not give 100% readings for safety reasons, it’s important you do not overcharge your power bank.

Make sure you recharge your solar power bank before it’s completely drained. Power banks that are completely drained require more energy to get going again, as opposed to a solar power bank charging from 50%.

How To Maintain Your Solar Power Bank

Investing in a quality solar power bank can sometimes cost you 100’s of dollars. Maintaining it properly will ensure that you get the most out of your money.

4 tips to maintaining your solar power bank :

  • Do not over charge it.
  • Keep it in cool places, any major increase in temperature will adversely affect the battery life of your power bank. 77°F to 86°F (25°C to 30°C) is optimum.
  • Don’t keep it at low charge, if you plan not to use it, charge it to 50% capacity first.
  • Charge your smartphone device with short length cables.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A Solar Power Bank?

This all depends on the number of solar panels your power bank has. The more panels, the faster it will charge as more sunlight is converted into electricity through the photovoltaic effect.

On average, you can expect a solar power bank of 25,000mAh to charge within 25-50 hours by the sun alone.

This is assuming the conditions were adequate, meaning full sun with no obstructions such as clouds.

Can I Use My Phone While Charging On Power Bank?

You are able to use your phone whilst charging your solar power bank.

However, doing this generally results in the battery being inline (or in series) with the smartphone. This causes a higher power draw which leads to excessive heating which could damage your battery.

This is not recommended. Only do it if absolutely necessary.

Read your manual to find out what your manufacturer recommends. they usually know how best how to use a solar power bank.

Best Solar Power Banks

Anker Solar Power Bank high quality

Built with CIGS, a type of thin-film solar material that offers greater flexibility than other solar cells while retaining durability.

How to use your power bank for the first time

Using a power bank for the first time is a pretty straightforward thing. Sometimes you can simply take it out of the box and you’re ready to go. But generally, you should charge the power bank first before using it.

Power banks are quite simple devices so you don’t need to have any advanced setup procedures in order to start using them for the first time. Other types of products might require you to do specific actions such as fully discharging and recharging the electronic device several times before using it. This is not the case with power banks.

Let’s go through some basic considerations you should be aware of when starting to use a new power bank for the first time.

First things first: read the user manual

Before using your new power bank, you should always read the user manual. Although the use of a power bank is simple and straightforward, this doesn’t mean you should ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations.

User manuals are targeted specifically to the device you are using. Even if some of the info you might find in the manual doesn’t overlap with what you’re about to read here, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

For example, in this user manual, RAVpower recommends fully charging the device before use:

However, on other user manuals for similar power banks, RAVpower does not make the same recommendation. So just be on the safe side, simply follow the instructions that come with your new power bank.

Do portable chargers come charged?

Yes, most power banks do come pre-charged. However, in most cases, it won’t be a full charge, but something around 75% or less. You’ll almost never buy a new power bank that is completely charged out of the box.

Of course, you could receive a completely empty power bank as well. That’s especially the case with most devices that have been on the shelf for a long period of time before being sold. After a while power banks, just like any other battery, will start losing power until they completely deplete their charge. For more information on this topic, check out our previous article on how long a power bank keeps its charge.

In order to assess the charging level, check how many LED lights are blinking when you press the power button. Most power banks have 4 LED lights that indicate the level of charging. Each of them stands for 25 percent power, on average. So if you see 3 out of 4 lights blinking, then the power bank is charged to around 75%.

However, some portable chargers come with LCD displays that showcase exactly how much charge is left. Power banks with display screens are more accurate in this regard.

How to charge your portable charger for the first time

As a best practice, you should fully charge the power bank before using it for the first time, even if it has some charge out of the box. Almost any power bank comes with a compatible charging cable that you can either plug into a wall socket or in other power sources such as a laptop’s USB port.

Please note that the majority of power banks do not come with a wall charger. Many people are not aware of this when they place the order and then get disappointed when they see that the package does not contain one. Furthermore, you should know that not all chargers are the same in terms of the power they can supply.

Some of them supply more power and thus can charge a power bank faster, while others are slower and they can add several hours to the charging time of your device.

If you don’t have a charger when you first get the power bank, you can simply charge it using the USB port from your laptop. Just be mindful that in this case, it might take a long time for the power bank to charge as most USB ports from laptops have very low current outputs, although there might be some exceptions too.

Using the power bank for the very first time

After seeing all four lights blink on your power bank, you know that the device is fully charged. What do you do next? Unplug it, obviously. Once you do that, you can use the power bank to charge your phone.

Usually, there is at least one USB port, but there are also other devices that come with more than one outlet for discharging electricity, such as the Anker PowerCore 20100. It’s possible that not all output ports on your power bank deliver the same amount of power. You can get various output values such as 1A, 2A, 2.5A, etc. The higher the Amps the faster your devices will charge. So if you want a fast charge use the port with the highest output.

Some power banks also come with different fast charging technologies such as Power Delivery, Quick Charge, or PowerIQ. These are great for delivering really fast charging times, but you should be aware that the device you’re trying to charge should also be compatible with the type of fast charge your power bank can provide. Otherwise, fast charging won’t work and the electronic device will get a regular charge.

You can also use a power bank to charge laptops. But in this case, the power output should be powerful enough in order to meet the laptop’s power needs. Not all power banks can supply enough power to be able to charge laptops. If you’re looking to read more into this subject, we have made a selection of power banks that can charge laptops.

Most manufacturers advise utilizing the USB cord (and wall charger) that originally came with your power bank. However, cables and wall chargers have very wide compatibilities so you should be able to use basically any type of cable or charger, provided that they have a quality built. Using cheap and/or poorly made cables and chargers will result in slow-charging times and might even cause damage to your power bank.

You should know that a power bank with an empty battery will take a while until it is fully charged. The quickest charging power banks take 2-3 hours such as the RAVPower 20000mAh 60W power bank, while others may take as long as 8 to 10 hours. If this is an important factor to you, make sure you know this information before placing your order.

How long does it take to charge a portable charger?

When it comes to charge times, there are a few different factors that might influence how long it will take for the power bank to reach that 100% level:

  • Power bank capacity: generally speaking, the more capacity a power bank has, the longer it will take for it to charge. So you can expect to reach a full charge much slower for a 72000mAh power bank for example, compared to a 5000mAh power bank. However, the difference between the charging time of these different capacities can be influenced by the next factor:
  • Charging technology: if the power bank comes with a USB type C port and fast charging technology such as PD or QC that can sustain 30W, then it will charge much faster compared to a power bank that has a micro USB charging port and a maximum input power of 18W. Due to this factor, you can find power banks with larger capacities that can charge faster than ones that have two times lower capacity overall.
  • Pre-charge level: If you charge your power bank when it’s 20% full, it will obviously take less time than charging it from 0%. Also, it’s generally recommended not to leave a power bank discharge to 0% on a regular basis, as it can affect the battery life in the long run.

In order to know what charging times to expect from a specific power bank, it’s best to check the user manual or manufacturer’s details on the product pages. Generally, the estimated charging time will be listed in hours, the most common being between 3 and 6 hours, depending on the features of each portable charger.

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If you’re looking to get a portable charger that can be replenished in a very fast time, then look for one that has a USB type C charging port and one of the following charging technologies: PD, QC, GaN, or graphite. You can also check out our curated list for some suggestions for different power banks that charge fast.

Some Maintenance Tips

After using your power bank for the very first time, there are still some tips you should note if you want to extend its battery life. Maintaining your power bank has a lot to do with following some best practices:

  • Avoid letting depleting the battery to 0% on a constant basis. Ideally, charge your power bank before it drops under 10%
  • Don’t expose it to very high temperatures (such as leaving it in your car during a hot day)
  • Don’t cover the power bank while it’s charging
  • If you’re not using it for a long time, make sure to recharge it every 2-3 months

In case your power bank doesn’t work properly, check out our troubleshooting guide for when the lights are blinking but the power bank is not charging.


A power bank is a long-term investment, especially if you travel a lot. It will definitely make your life simpler allowing you to charge your electronic devices on the go. As you can see, using it is quite straightforward and easy. Let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have any questions that have not been addressed in the article!

Top 30 richest musicians in Nigeria and their net worth as of 2023

The richest musician in Nigeria comes from a wealthy background but has never had an added advantage in the industry. Everyone works hard, including the so-called cool kids. None of these artists received success and fame on a silver platter. Most of the richest musicians in Nigeria discovered their talents before their teenage years. Some knew from childhood that they would become musicians. Others wanted different careers growing up but settled on music in high school or college.

Who is the richest musician in Nigeria in 2023?

Most of the richest musicians in Nigeria come from humble backgrounds. They struggled and beat all odds to become the stars the world celebrates today. This list of the richest Nigerian musicians unveils some of their cars and houses.

9ice. 1.2 million

  • Full name: Alexander Abolore Adegbola Akande
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, and dancer
  • Born: 17 January 1980
  • Birthplace: Oyo, Nigeria
  • Age: 43 years (as of June 2023)
  • Spouse: Olasunkanmi Ajala (2019 to present)
  • Children: Zion Akande, Michelle Abolanle Akande, Maya Akande, and Miya Akande
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, playing live, music streaming sites, and licensing fees

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9ice comes from a polygamous family of five wives and nine children. His birth home is Ogbomosho in Oyo State, but he grew up in Bariga, a suburb of Lagos, and always wanted to be a musician.

He dropped out of a law degree at Lagos State University and made a name for himself in music. The singer’s parents allowed him to pursue his dream because they noticed his love for music at age 14.

9ice’s released his first recorded demo, Risi de Alagbaja, in 1996 and his first official single, Little Money, in 2000. He has released several albums, including Tradition (2009), Gongo Aso (2008), and Greatest of All Times G.O.A.T. (2018).

The singer contested for a seat in the House of Representatives as an Ogbomoso North Constituency representative in 2015 but lost the elections.

9ice’s net worth

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Singer 9ice’s net worth of N500 million is equivalent to 1.2 million.

9ice’s house and cars

The singer owns a mansion in Lekki, Lagos State. He has several luxurious cars, including:

  • Mercedes Benz C Class
  • Ferrari
  • Range Rover sport
  • Mercedes Benz G wagon

Runtown. 2 million

  • Full name: Douglas Jack Agu
  • Occupation: Singer, producer, and songwriter
  • Born: 19 August 1989
  • Birthplace: Enugu, Nigeria
  • Age: 33 years (as of June 2023)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, endorsements, and licensing fees

Runtown moved from Enugu to Abuja after his father’s death. He ventured into music in 2007 but released his first track, Runtown, in 2010. The singer studies at a fashion school in New York.

Runtown’s net worth

Singer Runtown’s net worth is 2 million. He has signed several multi-million contracts with famous brands, including Adidas and Telcos.

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Runtown’s cars and houses

He has a beautiful house and was the first Nigerian artist to buy a new Lamborghini in 2017.

Harrysong. 2 million

  • Full name: Harrison Tare Okiri
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist
  • Born: 30 March 1981
  • Birthplace: Wari, Nigeria
  • Age: 42 years (as of June 2023)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, and licensing fees

Harrysong spent most of his youth in Port Harcourt and met Kcee after moving to Lagos in 2007. Kcee introduced him to some music executives who landed him a recording deal at E-money’s Five Star Music label.

He became famous after releasing a tribute song to Nelson Mandela. It was the most downloaded caller tune and won The Headies award in 2013.

The singer released his debut album in 2012 called Testify. Some of his other famous songs are When She Loves, Better Pikin, and I’m in Love Remix ft. Olamide.

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Harrysong’s net worth

Singer Tare Okiri’s net worth of 2 million makes him one of the wealthiest musicians in Nigeria.

Harrysong’s house and cars

Harrysong owns a mansion in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria. Harrysong’s cars are:

Reminisce. 2 million

  • Full name: Remilekun Khalid Safaru
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor
  • Born: 26 January 1981
  • Birthplace: Kaduna, Nigeria
  • Age: 42 years (as of June 2023)
  • Spouse: Iya Hafusa
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, endorsements, and licensing fees

Reminisce recorded his first album in 2006 while signed at Coded Tunes. He sings in English and Yoruba. The rapper studied Purchase and Supply at the Kwara State Polytechnic.

His success in music is credited to his hard work and creativity. Reminisce has released several hits after hits. In 2014, America’s Times magazine mentioned him on its World Rappers You Should Meet list.

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Reminisce’s net worth

Singer Remilekun Khalid’s net worth is estimated to be 2 million, and he was a Samsung phones brand ambassador.

Reminisce’s cars and houses

Reminisce bought a 2017 Lexus SUV, has a mansion in Ikorodu, Lagos State, and posts more cars on social media.

Teni. 2.1 million

  • Full name: Yemi Eberechi Alade
  • Occupation: Singer and songwriter
  • Born: 23 December 1992
  • Birthplace: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Age: 30 years (as of June 2023)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, and licensing fees

Teniola Apata is the ninth out of ten children. Her late father was a retired Nigerian Brigadier. He was assassinated in front of his family on 8 January 1995.

Apata Memorial High School, a military-style private boarding school in Lagos, Nigeria, symbolizes his honour. The singer’s mother hails from Ondo, and her elder sister, Niniola, participated in the Project Fame West Africa season 6 held in 2013.

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Teni attended Apata Memorial High School and earned a Business Administration degree from the American InterContinental University. Her mother restrained and advised her to complete her degree before making music.

Singer Teni became famous in 2017 when her Instagram freestyle went viral. Her single, Askamaya, was ranked 15th on MTV Base’s Top 20 Hottest Naija Tracks of 2018.

Teni signed up with Shizzi’s Magic Fingers Records and left to join Dr. Dolor Entertainment. Some of her other singles are Wait, Amen, Lagos, Sugar Munny, and Pray.

Teni’s net worth

The multi-talented artist has a net worth of 2.1 million.

Teni’s house and cars

The singer acquired an expensive house in 2020. She also owns these cars:

Kizz Daniel. 2.3 million

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  • Full name: Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe
  • Occupation: Singer and songwriter
  • Born: 1 May 1994
  • Birthplace: Oyo, Nigeria
  • Age: 29 years (as of June 2023)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, and licensing fees

Kizz Daniel (formerly known as Kiss Daniel) developed an interest in music at age 11 and became a renowned international artist.

He attended Abeokuta Grammar School and graduated with a degree in Water Resource Management and Agrometeorology Engineering in 2013 from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

Kizz Daniel signed a record deal with G-worldwide Entertainment in 2013 but left a few years later due to a public contract dispute and court case. Kizz Daniel established Fly Boy Inc Record in November 2017.

Kizz Daniel’s net worth

The singer’s net worth is 2.3 million. He has several hits and a huge following.

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Kizz Daniel’s cars

Here are the estimated market of Kizz Daniel’s cars:

  • Bentley Continental GT (N35 million)
  • Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG (N50 million)
  • Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 63S Coupe (N35 million)
  • Ford Mustang (N11 million)

Duncan Mighty. 2.5 million

  • Full name: Duncan Wene Mighty Okechukwu
  • Occupation: Singer and music producer
  • Born: 28 October 1983
  • Birthplace: Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • Age: 39 years (as of June 2023)
  • Spouse: Vivien Okechukwu (2015 to present)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, and licensing fees

Duncan has produced great hits like Hand of Jesus and Don’t Give a Shot. Some of his best albums are Koliwater (2008), Footprints (2012), and The Certificate (2016).

He started as an instrumentalist, played the drums, and studied Audio Engineering at University. over, he was a sound instructor at the National Youth Service.

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Duncan’s debut album, Koliwater, was released in 2007. It was an honour for his late father, who had passed away a year before. The album helped his rise to fame.

Duncan released a second album in 2010 and the third one in 2012. He created Young Wealth Records in 2014 after releasing more albums.

Duncan Mighty’s net worth

Singer Wene Mighty’s net worth of 2.5 million also makes him one of Nigeria’s richest musicians.

Duncan Mighty’s cars and houses

Duncan owns mansions and properties countrywide, including Abuja and Lagos but lives in Port Harcourt. He lives in a luxurious house in Port Harcourt. The singer owns these cars:

  • Porshe Cayman
  • Rolls Royce Phantom
  • Mercedes Benz E-Class Convertible
  • Ford Explorer

Tekno. 2.5 million

  • Full name: Augustine Miles Kelechi
  • Occupation: Singer and songwriter
  • Born: 17 December 1992
  • Birthplace: Bauchi, Nigeria
  • Age: 30 years (as of June 2023)
  • Partner: Lola Rae
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, endorsements, and licensing fees

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Tekno was eight years old when he enrolled in a music school and learned to play the piano and guitar. He grew up in different parts of the country, including Nassarawa state, Abuja, and Kaduna state, because his dad worked for the Nigerian army.

In 2012, a Nigerian singer Iyayan spotted Tekno performing at an event in Abuja. Since Iyayan and the Made Men Music Group’s manager, Ubi Franklin, were friends, they convinced Tekno to move to Lagos State to build his music career.

Tekno signed into Made Men Music Group in 2013 and released beautiful hit tracks. The rest is history and a tough journey of hard work.

Tekno’s net worth

Singer Augustine Miles’ net worth is 2.5 million. He endorsed several brands, including MTN (an N18 million deal). Miles signed a 1.7 million record deal with Sony Music in 2016.

Pere’s biography: age, state of origin, sister, is he married?

Tekno’s cars

  • Black Range Rover HSE
  • Lamborghini Aventador
  • Bentley Continental GT
  • Mercedes Benz S550 Coupe
  • Unlimited Rubicon Jeep Wrangler
  • 2015 BMW X6

Chidinma Ekile. 2.8 million

  • Full name: Chidinma Ekile
  • Occupation: Gospel singer and songwriter
  • Born: 2 May 1991
  • Birthplace: Ikeja, Nigeria
  • Age: 32 years (as of June 2023)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, endorsements, and licensing fees

Chidinma is a gospel singer and songwriter famous for hits like Kedike. She rose to fame after winning the Project Fame West Africa show in 2010. The prize was a new N2.5 million Toyota RAVA4 and a music production deal.

Since then, Chidinma Ekile has become one famous female artist who has collaborated with other known singers. Her first movie was The Bridge. Chidinma is the sixth child of seven children.

The singer joined her church choir at age 10 and completed her primary and secondary school education in Ketu before her family moved to Ikorodu.

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She did business promotions using her singing talent while awaiting admission at the University of Lagos for a mass communication course. However, the school admitted her to a sociology program.

Her parents told her that she could not see for months after birth. Hence, Chidinma sang about it to inspire people undergoing a similar situation.

Chidinma’s net worth

Singer Ekile’s net worth is 2.8 million. She was a brand ambassador for Kimya Holdings’ Moped sanitary pads and MTN.

Chidinma’s cars and houses

Chidinma posted images of the house she built her mother some years back. The lady owns these cars:

  • Range Rover Sport (N35.2 million)
  • Hummer H2 (N25 million)
  • Range Rover Evoque (N23.9 million)
  • Toyota Highlander (N14.3 million)
  • Toyota Camry (N10.5 million)

Yemi Alade. 5 million

  • Full name: Yemi Eberechi Alade
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, actress, and activist
  • Born: 13 March 1989
  • Birthplace: Abia, Nigeria
  • Age: 34 years (as of June 2023)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, and licensing fees

OhGeesy’s bio: age, height, real name, ethnicity, net worth

Yemi gained fame after winning the Peak Talent Show in 2009 while at the University. She signed with Effyzzie Music Group and released her debut studio album, King of Queens, in 2014. It has hit singles, Johnny, Tangerine, and Kissing. The three songs made her extremely popular across the continent.

Yemi’s second studio album, Mama Africa, was released in 2016. She got nominations for the BET Awards for Best International Act in 2015 and 2016. In 2015, Yemi was the first female Nigerian artist to be a nominee for Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Her mother is of Igbo descent, while her Yoruba father was a police commissioner. They sent her to Victory Grammar School in Ikeja and the University of Lagos.

Yemi Alade’s net worth

Singer Eberechi is worth 5 million. She is among the richest Nigerian musicians.

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Yemi Alade’s cars and houses

She has not shared much about her house but occasionally posts these vehicles on her social media pages:

  • Lexus GX 460
  • Lamborghini Hurricane
  • Mercedes Benz G Wagon
  • Toyota Prado SUV
  • Toyota Tundra Truck

KCee. 4.5 million

  • Full name: Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo
  • Occupation: Singer and songwriter
  • Born: 18 April 1979
  • Birthplace: Ajegunle, Nigeria
  • Age: 44 years (as of June 2023)
  • Spouse: Ijeoma Okonkwo (2010 to present)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, endorsements, and licensing fees

KCee hails from a humble background. His father was a DJ, which must have inspired him to venture into music. The artist did menial jobs in Ajegunle while pursuing his secondary school education.

He met Precious while singing in the church choir. The duo formed a hip-hop group called Kc Presh (Kcee and Presh) and signed up with Kennis Music. They later left the label and formed KP Records.

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The duo won the 2002 Star Nigeria music competition sponsored by a Premium beer company, thus beating Asa, P-Square, Mr. Raw, and Klint D Drunk. However, they split in 2011. In 2013, KCee released a solo album under his brother’s Five Star Music. His brother is a billionaire E-Money.

KCee’s net worth

Singer Kingsley Chinweike’s net worth of 4.5 million makes him one of the best musicians in Nigeria. He landed a multi-million endorsement deal with MTN in 2013. The first lady (Patience Jonathan) appointed him as a Peace Ambassador Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria. He renewed the MTN deal in 2015.

KCee’s houses and cars

Chinweike owns a mansion in Lagos and another in his ancestral village named Uli. The village is in Anambra state. His car collection includes:

  • Toyota Land Cruiser (N30 million)
  • Mercedes Benz G wagon (N35 million)
  • BMW 7 Series (N28 million)
  • Rang Rover Sport (N26 million)

Wande Coal. 5 million

  • Full name: Oluwatobi Wande Ojosipe
  • Occupation: Singer and songwriter
  • Born: 18 October 1985
  • Birthplace: Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Age: 37 years (as of June 2023)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, and licensing fees

Wande Coal sings the RB Afro-pop genre. He was in his church’s teenage choir and got his first break in the industry as a dancer. Don Jazzy’s Mo’ Hits Records signed him up in 2006. Wande was featured on D’banj’s Rundown/Funk You Up album.

Wande’s debut album, Mushin To Mo’Hits, was widely received in the UK, Nigeria, and the USA. He signed on to Don Jazzy’s new label, Mavin Records, with Tiwa Savage in 2012 after a fallout with Mo’ Hits Records’ executives.

Since Wande Coal is a brilliant stage performer, there is never a dull moment at his shows and concerts. He bought his friend/manager, Nana Abbey, an E200 Kompressor Mercedes Benz.

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Wande Coal’s net worth

He is one of the most influential musicians in Nigeria, with a net worth of 5 million.

Falz. 5 million

  • Full name: Folarin Falana
  • Occupation: Rapper, songwriter, and actor
  • Born: 27 October 1990
  • Birthplace: Mushin, Lagos
  • Age: 32 years (as of June 2023)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, endorsements, and licensing fees

Flaz is the only child of his parents. They are lawyers and human rights activists. He has produced at least four albums, Wazup Guy (2014), Stories that Touch (2015), 27 (2017), and Moral Instruction (2019). The singer has also appeared in several films, including Jenifa’s Diary and Tinsel.

Folarin attended St. Leo’s Catholic Primary School in Ikeja and Olashore International School in Osun State. He earned an LLB honours degree in Law from the University of Reading, England. The Nigeria Law School in Abuja called him to the bar in 2012.

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Falz’s net worth

Star Folarin Falana’s net worth is 5 million. He became one of the richest musicians in Nigeria from endorsement deals, record sales, and buying assets.

Falz’s cars

  • Rolls-Royce Phantom (N145 million)
  • Lexus LX 570
  • Vintage Mercedes-Benz
  • Car gift from Cheki

Ice Prince. 5 million

  • Full name: Panshak Henry Zamani
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor
  • Born: 30 October 1986
  • Birthplace: Minna, Nigeria
  • Age: 36 years (as of June 2023)
  • Children: Jamal Zamani
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, endorsements, and licensing fees

Ice Prince grew up in Jos and attended the Catholic Secondary School. He would write rap music and perform in school. After that, Ice Prince went to St Murumba College, where the P-Square pair are alumni. At some point, he was a table attendant and made palm sandals to make ends meet for his family.

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After his parents’ death, he dropped out of university and wrote songs for big names like M.I. before releasing his debut album in 2010. He landed a deal with a US-based label, 300 Entertainment, in 2019. It has Megan Thee Stallion and other famous names.

Singer Ice Prince was the vice president of Chocolate City from 2015 to 2016. He has recorded many hits, including I Swear ft. French Montana, Superstar, and Aboki. The singer also played a guest role on Shuga Season 3 in 2013 and the lead role of Tony in House of Gold.

Ice Prince’s net worth

Singer Panshak Henry is worth 5 million. He created the Fir of Zamani (FOZ) clothing line in 2013, the Super Cool Cats label in 2015, and a glass line called Superfly. The star has had many endorsement deals and even rejected an N100 million deal from Globalcom.

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Ice Prince’s houses and cars

Reports had it that Panshak was constructing a posh house in 2015. Here are the estimated of the cars he owns:

  • Lamborghini (N55 million to N300 million)
  • Range Rover Sports (N13 million)
  • Bentley GT Coupe (N13 million)
  • Mercedes Benz GL 12CB

Patoranking. 6.5 million

  • Full name: Patrick Nnaemeka Okorie
  • Occupation: Singer and songwriter
  • Born: 27 May 1990
  • Birthplace: Ijegun, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Age: 33 years (as of June 2023)
  • Children: Rapharanking Okorie
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, and licensing fees

Patoranking is this list’s fifteenth richest musician in Nigeria and is known for his slang Wha Ya Say. The Nigerian Reggae-dancehall star has released several hits and won awards, including the AFRIMA awards.

Nnaemeka attended Citizen Comprehensive College in Epe, Lagos, and Jibril Martin Memorial Grammar School in Iponri. He performed in street jams and carnival dances before becoming a recording artist.

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Qdot and Kbaj helped the star compose and release his single Iya Bisi in May 2012. Patoranking worked for Dem Mama Records and Foston Musik before becoming an independent artist.

Patoranking’s net worth

Singer Nnaemeka Okorie’s net worth is 6.5 million. In addition, he participates in scholarship programs for children.

Patoranking’s houses and cars

His house is located in the elite Metro Garden, Lekki. Here are Patoranking’s cars:

  • Porsche 911
  • Mercedes Benz G55
  • Mercedes G Wagon
  • 2014 Range Rover SUV

Phyno. 6.7 million

  • Full name: Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike
  • Occupation: Singer, producer, songwriter, and rapper
  • Born: 9 October 1986
  • Birthplace: Enugu, Nigeria
  • Age: 36 years (as of June 2023)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, endorsements, and licensing fees

Phyno means phenomenal and reflects the singer’s exceptional personality. He is a man of many talents and desires. Phyno wanted to be a pilot or doctor but did not regret being a musician.

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He plays drums and piano and can create a rendition of every recording he hears. Phyno has a degree in public administration from the Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Enugu.

Phyno’s net worth

Singer Nelson Azubuike’s net worth of 6.7 million comes from music and endorsements. He has worked for worked with Nairabet, Nigeria breweries, and Airtel.

Phyno’s cars

Azubuike has an N170 million 3-bedroom-flat Duplex in Chevy View Estate, Lekki, and a luxurious mansion in Enugu. He has also been spotted with these cars:

  • Bentley Continental GT
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • Toyota Avalon
  • Range Rover

M.I. Abaga. 8 million

  • Full name: Jude Lemfani Abaga
  • Occupation: Rapper and record producer
  • Born: 4 October 1981
  • Birthplace: Jos, Nigeria
  • Age: 41 years (as of June 2023)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, endorsements, and licensing fees

M.I. Abaga is considered the rap god of Nigeria. He loved music growing up and developed a passion for poetry while studying Business and Economics at Calvin College in the US. The artist went to Baptist High School in Nigeria before going to the US.

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Jude Lemfani ventured into music in 2003, and his single, Crown Mentality, made him a household name in Plateau State in 2006. He released the fourth album in 2010 and two more before leaving the Chocolate City label to establish the Incredible Music label.

The star was the CEO of the Chocolate City label from 2015 and 2019. His other famous hits are One Naira, Your Father, Bad Belle, and Anti.

M.I. Abaga’snet worth

Singer Lemfani’s net worth is 8 million, and he has endorsed many brands, including GLO Mobile.

M.I. Abaga’s cars and houses

Unverified information indicates this music star owns a mansion in Abuja, Taraba state, and Lagos. Meanwhile, M.I. Abaga’s cars are:

Banky W. 9 million

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  • Full name: Olubankole Wellington
  • Occupation: Singer, rapper, actor, entrepreneur, and politician
  • Born: 27 March 1981
  • Birthplace: New York, United States
  • Age: 41 years (as of June 2023)
  • Spouse: Adesua Etomi (2017 to present)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, endorsements, and licensing fees

Banky W has Nigerian and American dual citizenship and is an accomplished singer and actor. Some of his famous films and TV shows are The Wedding Party, Shuga, and Jacob’s Cross. He was born in the USA but returned to Nigeria at age 5.

Wellington completed his primary and secondary school education in Nigeria, returned to the US for tertiary education, and established the E.M.E records in 2009. He dropped four studio albums and one EP before dissolving it in 2018.

Banky W’s net worth

Singer Wellington’s net worth is 9 million. He secured endorsement deals with Coca-Cola, Airtel, Microsoft, TomTom, Samsung, Uber, M.T.N., And Ciroc Vodka.

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The star stopped music production and ventured into brand marketing, advertising, and promotion. He lost the 2019 national elections to an APC candidate.

Banky W’s cars and houses

He has a Duplex house in Lekki, Nigeria, with a swimming pool at the bottom. He drives:

Tiwa Savage. 10 million

  • Full name: Tiwa Savage
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, and actress
  • Born: 5 February 1980
  • Birthplace: Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Age: 43 years (as of June 2023)
  • Spouse: Tunji Balogun (2013. 2018)
  • Children: Jamil Balogun
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, endorsements, and licensing fees

Tiwa Savage’s family moved to England when she was 11 years old. She obtained a Business Administration degree from Kent University before attending Berklee College of Music.

After participating in The X Factor (the UK edition), Tiwa signed up with Sony/ATV Music Publishing in 2009. The Nigerian music industry’s Rapid growth inspired her to return home in 2012 and sign up with Mavin Records.

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Tiwa’s 2013 debut studio album had several hit singles, including Kele Kele Love, Love Me (3x), Ife Wa Gbona, and Eminado. Two singles, My Darlin and Standing Ovation, stood out in her second album in 2015. In May 2019, she left Mavin Records and joined the Universal Music Group.

Tiwa is considered the highest-paid artist in Nigeria. She performed at the coronation concert of King Charles III and Queen Camilla at Windsor Castle in England.

Tiwa Savage’s net worth

The singer’s net worth is 10 million, and she has endorsed numerous brands, including Forte Oil, Star Radler, Maggi, and MTN Nigeria. The lady is involved in youth empowerment and cancer screening projects.

Tiwa Savage’s cars and houses

She bought an N75 million mansion in Lekki, and Tiwa Savage’s cars include:

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Flavour. 10.2 million

  • Full name: Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist
  • Born: 23 November 1983
  • Birthplace: Enugu, Nigeria
  • Age: 39 years (as of June 2023)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, and licensing fees

Mr. Flavour was a church drummer since age 13. He became a professional drum in 1999 and studied music when a music company gave him a scholarship. Flavour learned to play the keyboard and released his first album in 2005.

His song, Ada Ada, was nominated for the Best Music Video award at MTV Africa Music Awards in 2014. Some of his most popular albums include Thankful, Uplifted, and Blessed.

Mr. Flavour’s net worth

Singer Izuchukwu Okoli’s net worth of 10.2 million makes him the tenth richest musician in Nigeria on this list. He was a brand ambassador for MTN and Nigeria breweries’ life beer and energy drinks. The Chinedu Okoli Foundation empowers uprising musicians, specifically the youth.

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Mr. Flavour’s cars and house

Izuchukwu lives in Lagos. He has a posh home and bought his mother a house years ago. He has at least four cars:

Olamide. 10. 5 million

  • Full name: Olamide Gbenga Adedeji
  • Occupation: Singer, record producer, and rapper
  • Born: 15 March 1989
  • Birthplace: Bariga, Ikeja, Nigeria
  • Age: 34 years (as of June 2023)
  • Children: Batifeori Maximilliano Adedeji and Tunrepin Myles
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, endorsements, and licensing fees

Olamide is among the most loved hip-hop superstars in Nigeria. He mostly records songs in his native language, Yoruba. The artist has at least seven studio albums and won many awards at prestigious Nigerian and African award ceremonies.

The singer dropped out of the Tai Solarin University of Education because his father could not fund his tertiary education. He released an album under the Coded Tunes record label in 2010 and a debut studio album in 2011.

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Adedeji left Coded Tunes in 2012 and released the second and third studio albums under his YBNL Nation label. The label signed a Joint Venture deal with an international distribution company, Empire, in 2020.

Olamide bought his producer (Young John) a Toyota Venza worth N6 million and purchased an N20 million 3-bedroom apartment for his mother.

Olamide’s net worth

Singer Gbenga Adedeji’s net worth is about 10.5 million. He was the first Nigerian celebrity to sign an endorsement deal with Ciroc. He has also done endorsements for several brands and charges N2 million to N4 million per show.

Olamide’s house and cars

The singer has an N70 million mansion in Lekki, Lagos. The N25 million home in Bariga, Lagos (near one of his filling stations). He has two filling stations in Lagos and a fleet of automobiles. Some of Olamide’s cars:

  • Rolls Royce Phantom (N68 million)
  • Land Rover Range Rover V8 (N32 million)
  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class (N23 million)
  • Land Rover Range Rover Sport (N15 million)
  • Toyota Camry (N4 million)

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Peter Okoye. 12 million

  • Full name: 18 November 1981
  • Occupation: Singer and record producer
  • Born: 26 November 1982
  • Birthplace: Jos, Nigeria
  • Age: 41 years (as of June 2023)
  • Spouse: Lola Omotayo-Okoye (2013 to present)
  • Children: Cameron Okoye and Aliona Okoye
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, and licensing fees

Peter Okoye (alias Mr. P) and twin brother Paul Okoye (alias Rudeboy) rose to fame in the early 2000s as the P-Square duo. They co-established Square Records and produced tracks through the label.

In December 2011, the twins signed up with Akon’s Konvict Muzik and entered a record distribution deal with Universal Music’s South African branch in May 2012.

The duo seized working together in 2016 but went public in September 2017. Some sources claim they fell out due to a family dispute, while others state they disagreed with their manager.

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The twins released several songs and created music labels as solo artists. After nine years of separation, they plan to produce new songs together as P-square.

Peter Okoye’s net worth

Singer Peter Okoye’s net worth of 12 million makes him one of the richest musicians in Nigeria. He has signed numerous endorsement deals, including Glo, Empire Records, and Olympic Milk. Additionally, Peter owns the PClassic Label, which has signed DJ Switch.

The singer’s 2021 album featured Tamar Braxton, Tiwa Savage, Wande Coal, Simi, Teni, Singah, DJ Switch, Mohombi, and OvieKelz.

Peter Okoye’s house and cars

Peter and his twin bought a 3.8 million house in Banana Island, one of Nigeria’s most affluent neighbourhoods. over, they have the same taste in cars. Here are some of Mr. P’s cars:

  • Range Rover
  • Dodge Challenger
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Mercedes Benz G-Wagon
  • Porsche 718 Cayman
  • Chevrolet Camaro roadster

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Timaya. 14 million

  • Full name: Inetimi Timaya Odon
  • Occupation: Singer and songwriter
  • Born: 15 August 1980
  • Birthplace: Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • Age: 42 years (as of June 2023)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, and licensing fees

Timaya was born in Port Harcourt and grew up in a large family. His father worked in a bank while his mum was a small business person. He stayed back in Lagos when the family returned to Port Harcourt.

Inetimi enrolled at the Uniport’s banking and finance course but quit school later and joined the Eedris Abdulkareems music group as a backup vocalist. Timaya went solo after three years and met producer Obaksolo, who helped him release his first album.

Odon’s third album made him a national star, and he established the Dem Mama Records Music Label in 2012. The star has six albums and numerous singles. Fans call him the Dancehall King of Nigeria.

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Timaya’s net worth

Singer Inetimi Odon’s net worth is estimated at 14 million.

Timaya’s cars and houses

Odon has two properties in Port Harcourt and one in Lagos. The Lagos property is worth N500 million, while one of the properties reportedly costs N100 million. He is believed to have also invested in hotels and other estates countrywide. Timaya has these vehicles in his collection:

  • 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan (N117 million)
  • Porsche 911 Carrera (N46.7 million)
  • Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG (N55 million)
  • Bentley Continental GT (N73 million)
  • 2018 Mercedes-Benz Maybach S650 (N761 million)
  • Range Rover Sport Collection (N38 million)
  • Lexus LX570 (N30 million)
  • Lexus GX460 (N20 million)

D’banj. 14 million

  • Full name: Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo
  • Occupation: Singer, producer, rapper, and businessman
  • Born: 9 June 1980
  • Birthplace: Zaria, Nigeria
  • Age: 43 years (as of June 2023)
  • Spouse: Lineo Didi Kilgrow (2016 to present)
  • Children: Daniel Oyebanjo III, Zane Oyebanjo
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, endorsements, and licensing fees

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D’banj is no new name in any list of the top richest musician in Nigeria. He was born to a military dad and a business mum. The family traveled a lot because of the father’s military career and settled in England.

Oyebanjo liked playing the Harmonica his elder brother, Femi, gifted him. His dad and Femi died in a plane crash. D’banj completed his early education in a military school, attended Navy School in Abeokuta, and studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Lagos.

He met Don Jazzy in London and co-established the Mo’Hits All Stars label in Nigeria in 2004. The singer created the DB records after Mo’ Hits All-Stars was dissolved.

Oyebanjo collaborated with Kanye West on his 2011 album, Good Music, and performed his single, Top Of The World, at the 2013 African Cup of Nations’ closing ceremony in South Africa.

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D’banj’s net worth

The star’s net worth is about 14 million. Besides music earnings and money generated from DB records, the singer has endorsed Power Fist, Globacom, Bank of Industry, Heritage Bank, Beats by Dre, Ciroc, and SLOT.

D’banj’s houses and cars

Oyebanjo owns a mansion in Ikoyi, Lagos, and a 25-million home in Lekki, Lagos. He also loves bikes and posh cars. His collection has these cars:

  • Rolls-Royce Phantom (N164million)
  • A Bentley (N108m)
  • Dbanj Ferrari f430 (N68million)
  • Mercedes Benz Amg GT (N53.2 million)
  • Aston Martin Vantage (N50 million)
  • 2015 Porsche Carrera (N33.2million)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (N30 million to 52 million each)
  • Range Rover SUV
  • Harley Davidson bike (N2.3 million)

Paul Okoye (Rudeboy). 16 million

  • Full name: Paul Okoye
  • Occupation: Singer and record producer
  • Born: 18 November 1981
  • Birthplace: Jos, Nigeria
  • Age: 41 years (as of June 2023)
  • Spouse: Anita Isama (2014. 2021)
  • Children: Andre Okoye
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, and licensing fees

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Rudeboy has been in the Nigerian music industry for over two decades. The singer and his identical twin brother, Peter Okoye, rose to stardom in the 2000s as the P-Square Band.

The twins attended St Murumba secondary school in Jos and were members of the music and drama club. The duo disbanded P-Square in 2017 over a family dispute and created solo brands. They are back together in 2023 and plan to produce their first album in nine years.

Paul Okoye’s net worth

Singer Paul Okoye’s net worth is currently 16 million. He released two singles in 2017 and one in 2018, then established the Fire Department Inc. label in 2019.

Paul Okoye’s house and cars

Besides their Banana Island mansion, the Okoye twins bought posh homes next to each other in Atlanta in January 2014. However, they sold their joint properties after splitting. Some of the cars Paul cruises around are:

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  • Bentley Bentayga
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE43 AMG 4MATIC Coupe
  • Lamborghini Aventador Roadster
  • Lamborghini Huracan
  • BMW X6
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Range Rover
  • 2014 Benz C-Class Coupe

Burna Boy. 17 million

  • Full name: Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, and performing artist
  • Born: 2 July 1991
  • Birthplace: Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • Age: 31 years (as of June 2023)
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, and licensing fees

Burna Boy’s father worked at a welding company while his mother was a translator. His grandfather was once musician Fela Kuti’s manager.

solar, power, bank, helpful, guide, superfly

Burna Boy made beats using FruityLoops growing up. He attended Corona Secondary School in Agbara, Ogun State, then joined the University of Sussex in London to pursue a Media Technology course.

The star’s mother became his manager when he ventured into music. The singer’s 2012 track, Like to Party, propelled him to international fame. It was part of his debut album. The artist signed with Bad Habit/Atlantic Records in 2017.

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Burna Boy’s net worth

Singer Burna Boy’s net worth of about 17 million makes him the fifth richest musician in Nigeria on this list. The artist has at least five albums and numerous hit singles. Additionally, he has received three BET awards (2019, 2020, 2021) and one Grammy award (2021).

Burna Boy’s house and cars

In 2020, the singer bought an 8-bedroom mansion worth about N500 million in Lekki. Fans have spotted him in these grand rides:

  • Bentley Continental GT
  • Mercedes Benz S Class
  • Mercedes Benz G Wagon
  • 2013 Ferrari 458 Italia
  • Range Rover Autobiography SUV
  • 2022 Lamborghini Urus
  • 2021 Rolls Royce Dawn

2Baba (2Face). 22.5 million

  • Full name: Innocent Ujah Idibia
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist
  • Born: 18 September 1975
  • Birthplace: Jos, Nigeria
  • Age: 47 years (as of June 2023)
  • Spouse: Annie Macaulay-Idibia (2012 to present)
  • Children: Isabella Idibia, Justin Idibia, Olivia Idibia, Nino Idibia, Zii Idibia, Rose Idibia, and Innocent Idibia
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, selling merchandise, endorsements, and licensing fees

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2Face’s music career began during his University days in Enugu. After that, he attended Mount Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School, then went to the Institute of Management Technology (IMT) to study Business administration and management.

Ujah performed at shows and parties within and outside IMT. After making enough money, he began composing and performing at the EBS’s GB fan club (Enugu State Broadcasting Services).

He dropped out of school and moved to Lagos State with Blackface (Ahmedu Augustine) and Faze (Chibuzor Orji). The trio formed the Plantashun Boiz Band and released two albums in 2000 and 2003.

Ujah launched his debut solo album in 2004 after the Band broke up and the second one in 2006. The artist and his former bandmates produced a Band album in 2007. He released four more sole alums afterward.

2Face’s net worth

Singer Ujah’s net worth of 22.5 million makes him one of the most successful musicians in Nigeria. He has released six albums since 2004. 2Face established the Hypertek Digital label (a subsidiary of the 960 Music Group) in 2006.

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It signed up Dammy Krane, Victor Uwaifo, and other established musicians. 2Face has also endorsed Nigerian Breweries, Guinness, and more companies.

He became the Youth Ambassador for Peace Summit and the brand ambassador for the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control in 2009.

2Face’s cars and houses

He owns a five-bedroom duplex at Richmond Gate Estate and a home on Banana Island. Both homes are worth over N400 million. He drives luxury, vintage, and sports cars. Some of his vehicles are:

Don Jazzy. 25 million

  • Full name: Michael Collins Ajereh
  • Occupation: Singer, producer, entrepreneur, and comedian
  • Born: 26 November 1982
  • Birthplace: Umuahia, Nigeria
  • Age: 40 years (as of June 2023)
  • Spouse: Michelle Jackson ​​(2003. 2005)​
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, and licensing fees

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Don Jazzy was born in Umuahia but raised in Lagos. He attended a co-educational high school, Federal Government College Lagos, and Ambrose Alli University. The singer has a business management degree.

He began playing the bass guitar, traditional, and percussion instruments at age 12. Don Jazzy went to London in 2000 to stay with his uncle. He played the drums at a local church and McDonald’s as a security guard.

Meanwhile, Don Jazzy maintained a close relationship with Solek, JJC, Kas, The 419 Squad, and D’Banj. Emeka Infiniti taught him how to produce music at the O-Town record company.

The duo formed Mo’ Hits Records in 2004, and Don released two albums two years later. His third album, Curriculum Vitae, made him a household name in West Africa.

Don Jazzy’s net worth

Music producer Don Jazzy’s net worth is 25 million. The artist created Mavin Records in May 2012 and released an album featuring artists signed to the label. He later signed Tiwa Savage.

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The record now has Ladipoe, Ayra Starr, Rema, Koredo Bello, Reekado Banks, ad other renowned Nigerian musicians. Don Jazzy charges N50000 or more to produce a song.

Don Jazzy’s houses and cars

He owns a mansion in Lekki, Banana Island, and Los Angeles. The Nigerian superstar also drives these expensive vehicles:

  • Bentley Continental flying spur (N25 million)
  • Lexus LX570 (N36 million)
  • Toyota Prado SUV priced between 59,840 to 87,807
  • Porsche 911 Carrera (N42 million)
  • Mercedes G-Wagon worth (N64.9 million)
  • Cadillac Escalade SUV (N27.2 million)
  • Range Rover Sport SUV (N53.9 million)
  • Mercedes Benz E350 (N20 million)

Davido. 27.6 million

  • Full name: David Adedeji Adeleke
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, and record producer
  • Born: 21 November 1992
  • Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, United States
  • Age: 30 years (as of June 2023)
  • Children: Hailey Veronica Adeleke, David Adedeji Adeleke Jr., and Aurora Imade Adeleke
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, endorsements, and licensing fees

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Davido was born in Atlanta, USA, to a wealthy family. His father, Dr. Adedeji Adekele, is the CEO of Pacific Holdings company and a co-founder of Adekele University in Osun State. He attended the British International School in Lagos and moved to Alabama, USA, at age 16 to study business administration at Oakwood University.

When Davido and his cousins Sina Rambo and B-Red ventured into music, he quit University and relocated to London to make music a full-time career. In 2011, Davido returned to Nigeria and enrolled at Babcock University to honour his father.

He released his debut single in October 2011 and his first album in July 2012. Davido later graduated with a second upper music degree in 2015. His career was at its peak when he launched the Davido Music Worldwide label (in partnership with Sony Music Africa) in 2016.

Davido’s net worth

Singer Adedeji’s net worth of 27.6 million makes him the richest artist in Nigeria. Besides music earnings from royalties, concerts, and streaming sites like Spotify and YouTube, he has done multi-million Naira endorsements with MTN Nigeria (N30 million), Guinness Nigeria, and Infinix Mobile.

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Davido’s assets

He has a mansion in Georgia, USA, and two homes in Lagos, Nigeria (one in Banana Island (N800 million) and the other in Lekki). Davido owns a Bombardier Global 6000 private jet. The Nigerian star has these cars in his collection:

  • Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2019 (N350 million)
  • Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster (N285 million)
  • Bentley Bentayga (N108 million)
  • Range Rover SV Autobiography (N98 million)
  • Bentley Continental GT (N95 million)
  • Range Rover Sports (N84 million to N90 million)
  • Mercedes AMG GLS63 (N45 million)
  • Toyota Landcruiser (N30 million)
  • Audi R8 (N23.4 million)
  • Porsche Panamera Turbo S (N22.8 million)
  • Mercedes G-Wagon (N21 million)
  • Audi Q7 (N12 million)
  • Chevrolet Camaro GS (N9.4 million)

Wizkid. 30 million

  • Full name: Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, and record producer
  • Born: 16 July 1990
  • Birthplace: Surulere, Ikeja, Nigeria
  • Age: 32 years (as of June 2023)
  • Children: Zion Ayo-Balogun, Boluwatife Balogun, and Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, Jr.
  • Source of wealth: Royalties, advances, live performances, music streaming sites, endorsements, and licensing fees

Top 20 richest footballers in the world in 2022 and their net worth

Wizkid was born in Surulere in Lagos State and is the second richest musician in Nigeria. He released an album with the Glorious Five Group at age 11 and signed up with Bank W’s EME Records in 2009. Singer Wizkid gained popularity in the same year after releasing Holla at Your Boy in his 2011 debut album Superstar.

His song with Drake, One Dance, appeared in Guinness World Records, and he was the first African artist to have over a million followers on

Ibrahim Balogun established the Star Boy Entertainment label in May 2013 and was the first Nigeran artist to win a Grammy in 2020. The Nigerian artist was also featured in Beyoncé’s Grammy Award-winning track, Brown Skin Girl, in 2021.

Wizkid’s net worth

Singer Ibrahim Balogun’s net worth is 30 million. Like other musicians, he also makes money from royalties, music streaming sites, endorsements, and concerts. The artist has endorsed numerous high-end companies like Guinness, Pepsi (350,000), MTN, Glo (N128 million), Puma, and Tecno.

Tiwa Savage biography: Age, net worth, songs, partner, hairstyles

Wizkid’s cars and houses

He has a mansion in Los Angeles and an N3 million home in Surulere, Lagos. The artist also owns these luxurious automobiles:

  • Lamborghini Urus (N80 million)
  • Porsche Panamera (N50.8 million)
  • Mercedes Benz G63 AMG (N55 million to N65 million)
  • BMW X6 Crossover (N8.7 million)

Who are the top 30 richest musicians in Nigeria?

Many Nigerian singers are global stars. They are among the wealthiest artists in Africa. Below is a list of the 30 richest musicians in Nigeria:

  • Wizkid. 30 million
  • Davido. 27.6 million
  • Don Jazzy. 25 million
  • 2Baba (2Face). 22.5 million
  • Burna Boy. 17 million
  • Paul Okoye. 16 million
  • D’banj. 14 million
  • Timaya. 14 million
  • Peter Okoye. 12 million
  • Olamide. 10. 5 million
  • Flavour. 10.2 million
  • Tiwa Savage. 10 million
  • Phyno. 6.7 million
  • Banky W. 9 million
  • M.I. Abaga. 8 million
  • Patroranking. 6.5 million
  • Ice Prince. 5 million
  • Falz. 5 million
  • Wande Coal. 5 million
  • KCee. 4.5 million
  • Yemi Alade. 5 million
  • Chidinma Ekile. 2.8 million
  • Tekno. 2.5 million
  • Duncan Mighty. 2.5 million
  • Kizz Daniel. 2.3 million
  • Teni. 2.1 million
  • Reminisce. 2 million
  • Harrysong. 2 million
  • Runtown. 2 million
  • 9ice. 1.2 million

Top 8 Nigerian musicians with private jets and how much they cost

Who is Forbes richest musician in Nigeria?

The Nigerian music industry is very competitive. Both old and upcoming artists are doing exceptionally well in the international music arena. Below are the ten richest musicians in Nigeria:

Artist Net worth
Wizkid 30 million
Davido 27.6 million
Don Jazzy 25 million
2Baba (2Face) 22.5 million
Burna Boy 17 million
Paul Okoye 16 million
D’banj 14 million
Timaya 14 million
Peter Okoye 12 million
Olamide 10.5 million

Who is the richest musician in Nigeria presently?

Wizkid is the richest musician in Nigeria, with a 30 million net worth. Davido takes the second position, with a 27.6 million net worth.

Who is the richest between Davido and Wizkid?

Wizkid leads with a 30 million net worth. Davido’s net worth is 27.6 million.

Who is the best singer in Nigeria?

Wizkid tops the list of best musicians in Nigeria with 65 awards.

Top 25 richest Nollywood actors and their net worth in 2023

Who is the richest musician in Africa?

Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour is the richest musician in Africa, with a 145 million net worth. He is also a politician, businessman, music composer, and occasional actor.

The richest musicians in Nigeria prefer specific residential areas and car brands. Most live in Lekki, Lagos, and drive Mercedes and Bentleys. Additionally, these stars support one another. Some got into the industry because established artists spotted their talents and offered to push them to glory. also published a list of the richest musicians in Africa. Most of the stars listed among the wealthiest singers in Nigeria also appear on this list.

Nigeria has produced many famous artists across the globe. Nigerian stars also celebrate celebrities from other African nations whenever they rise to the top.

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