How to show the battery percentage on Mac. Battery buddy iOS

How to show the battery percentage on Mac

If you’d like to know exactly how much battery life remains on your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, you may want macOS to display the % next to the battery symbol in the menu bar. This article explains how to show battery percentage on MacBook.

See your device battery levels in the menu bar

Want to have the battery percentage of all your Apple devices in one spot? The Betteries app can do this and more!

How to show battery percentage in menu bar

In macOS Monterey, if you look to the right of the menu bar, you’ll see a battery icon. However, if you want to check how much charge your Mac still has, you need to click on that icon. If there was a percentage next to the icon, it would give you a better idea of how much battery life you have.

You probably know that since Apple released macOS Big Sur, the battery level percentage has been turned off by default. Fortunately, it’s easy to turn it back on by following the steps below:

  • Choose Apple menu System Preferences
  • Then click Battery
  • In the left sidebar, click Battery
  • Then check the box next to ‘Show battery status in menu bar.’

The battery indicator is now in the menu bar, but it doesn’t show a percentage yet. Here’s how to turn on battery percentage:

  • Choose Apple menu System Preferences
  • Then click Dock Menu Bar
  • In the left sidebar, click Battery
  • Then check the box next to Show Percentage.

That’s it! This is how you enable battery percentage on your MacBook.

Show battery percentage of all your Apple devices

Those of us who are completely immersed in the Apple ecosystem have a lot of batteries to consider; you may have a MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Airpods, all of which must be charged so as not to ruin your day. Fortunately, you can sync all of your products under one widget rather than switching between them frequently to determine whether you need to charge them. For example, I want my Mac to show battery percentage for Airpods and notify me when they run out of battery. Want your Mac to show Magic Mouse battery status? No problem. The app supports it too.

With Batteries, I check the battery life of all my devices, including Airpods and Magic Mouse, from the most convenient spot on my Mac. Once I connect my iPhone, iPad, Airpods, and other devices, they show up in the ‘Batteries’ widget in the Today View. The app can also show battery level in touch bar or menu bar.

To make your Mac show battery percentage iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc., you need to do the following (only once):

  • Connect your device
  • In Finder, enable ‘Show this device when on Wi-Fi’
  • In the future, use the same Wi-Fi network as your computer.

The best part is that when any of the devices I’ve connected to Batteries run out of power, the app lets me know about that so I can charge it on time.

How to increase your Mac’s battery life

It’s great that your Mac can display the remaining battery life as a percentage, but that information won’t help you extend the life of the battery.

Fortunately, you can do a few easy things to help your battery last longer. For example, you can set custom charging limits and enable heat protection, which prevents your Mac from charging if the temperature rises above the acceptable range. This way, you can use your charger while working without worrying about the battery.

My favorite app to set charging limits and manage battery health is AlDente Pro.

iStat Menus is another app I use to optimize my MacBook’s battery life. It has a Smart battery monitoring feature that lets you know what’s happening with the battery. The tool shows the Health, Cycles, and Condition of the battery.

What I like the most is that iStat Menus shows you how much time is left on your current charge and even a list of apps that are taking up too many resources. When you move your mouse over each of these options, you’ll see more information that will help you better deduce the battery’s condition.

And finally, make sure your Mac stays cool. The fans that turn on when your device gets too hot use up the most battery life. So, it’s better to limit the number of tasks that use a lot of processor power and could cause heat.

Also, a lot of processes that run on your Mac consume CPU cycles and RAM. They also affect your battery life. These can be apps that are enabled in Login Items or processes controlled by launch agents that are hidden in the Library folder. It’s possible to stop them from running at startup using an app called CleanMyMac X. Here’s how:

  • Open CleanMyMac X – you can install it from Setapp
  • In the left sidebar, click Optimization View All XX Items
  • Check the box next to Login Items
  • Then select the items you want to get rid of and click Remove
  • Check the box next to Launch Agents
  • Then select the items you want to get rid of and click the Remove button.

I also recommend using CleanMyMacX’s Smart Scan feature to remove useless add-ons, unneeded files, apps you no longer use, and settings changes that harm your Mac’s performance.

How to show battery percentage extend battery life with one app

It’s simpler to keep track of your Mac’s battery if you can see the percentage in the menu bar. Fortunately, it takes only a few clicks to turn it on. I showed you how at the beginning of this guide. But what if you’re completely immersed in the Apple ecosystem and have a lot of batteries to consider (MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Airpods)? The good news: you can make all your devices appear together in the menu bar with the help of the Batteries app.

In case you care not only about your battery percentage display but also your battery health, I strongly recommend installing iStat Menus and AlDente Pro to monitor your battery health and set charging limits.

show, battery, percentage, buddy

Finally, I regularly use CleanMyMac X to clean up and optimize my MacBook. Try it. I know you’ll love it.

And don’t worry. You don’t need to buy each app separately because Setapp gives you access to 240 tools for an affordable monthly fee of 9.99. You can also take advantage of Setapp’s free week-long trial to see how it can improve your workflow and solve your tasks. There’s nothing to lose, and you might discover some great apps!

So now you know how to fix the ‘macOS doesn’t show you the battery percentage’ problem. Make sure you’ve also checked our detailed guide on how to make your MacBook’s battery last longer. Stay tuned!

iOS 16 iPhone battery percentage not showing? Here’s what to do

A handy new feature Apple is bringing with iOS 16 is iPhone battery percentage in the status bar that shows at all times on the Home screen, app pages, in apps, and more. However, there are a few caveats, read on for what to do if the iOS 16 iPhone battery percentage isn’t showing on your device.

Interestingly, the iOS 16 iPhone battery percentage feature didn’t arrive until beta 5 (public beta 3). While some users have seen it turned on by default when installing the latest beta, you may have to manually enable it on your iPhone.

This marks the first time the battery percentage has been in the status bar on modern iPhones since it was dropped with the iPhone X back in 2017.

iOS 16 iPhone battery percentage: How to enable on your device

Here’s how those steps look:

Compatible iPhones

Currently in the iOS 16 beta 5/public beta 3, these are the models that appear to work with the new feature:

  • iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max
  • iPhone XS and XS Max
  • iPhone X

For now, that means it’s not available for iPhone 13 and 12 mini, iPhone 11, or iPhone XR.

A few other details about the iOS 16 iPhone battery percentage:

  • When your iPhone is not charging, you’ll see the normal battery icon but with the percentage number inside (it will show fully white with the number until it’s below 20%)
  • If your iPhone is in low power mode, the battery icon turns yellow but still shows the percentage
  • When charging, you’ll see the percentage with a small charging icon
  • If your iPhone is below 20%, you’ll see the icon turn red with the percentage number

What do you think about the iOS 16 iPhone battery percentage? Are you excited to see it return? Or wish it was done in a different way? Share your thoughts in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below!

Read more on iOS 16:

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SuperTooth Buddy: A Solid and Simple Bluetooth Speakerphone [Review]

The size of a flat Snickers bar, the SuperTooth Buddy attaches to a visor clip due to a powerful magnet on the back. This system makes it easy to remove, so you can take the speakerphone with you to another vehicle, or charge it, without having to remove the very rigid visor clip. Just grab it and plug it into the included AC/DC converter with the USB cable and rest on the dash, or leave it in the cup holder. The cable plugs into the back of the SuperTooth Buddy. This way you don’t have a long USB cable strung across the dash and up your windshield.

The SuperTooth Buddy is small enough that when connected to the visor it’s out-of-the-way. The black plastic housing is solid and rounded on the ends. The strong magnet lets the clip firmly grab hold of the visor without being loose.

There are two volume up/down buttons on one of the long sides. The green multifunction button is on the end closest to the mic for answering or starting a call. On the other long edge there is a power button to turn the device on/off and a red end button to stop a call. The multi-function button, though, makes that red button somewhat superfluous.

The designers put the USB port on the back with the magnet, which makes it impossible to plug the SuperTooth Buddy in while attached to the visor because the plug lies flush with the visor when attached to the clip. Since the SuperTooth Buddy is so easy to remove from the clip that is not a big issue, but the location might be inconvenient for those who want to use it clipped to a visor and charging at the same time.

While it is easy to pull the speakerphone off of the clip’s magnet, it is not so loose that it will fall off. The magnet is strong enough to keep it in place, but not too strong.

Ease of Use

The speakerphone was easy to install and set up. Just slide the clip on the visor and attach the speakerphone to it via the magnet. Pairing was simple and once paired it automatically reconnects each time you get back in the car. Automatic reconnection works great. My previous Motorola speakerphone had to be re-paired half the time.

If you have two phones or two people each with their own phone who often drive your car, then having the ability to pair two phones is handy. I carry two cell phones, so I liked this feature a lot.

To pair, just hold the ON/OFF button until the indicator light starts blinking alternately red and blue. Enter 0000 on the phone and you’re done. I had no problems paring an iPhone and an HTC Thunderbolt. In fact, on my iPhone I did not have to enter the code.

Battery Life

The speakerphone promises 20 hours of talk time and 1,000 hours of standby time. While I haven’t timed it, the battery lasts. I’ve charged it once in three weeks of use. I don’t make a ton of calls, but the battery still has maybe five hours of talk time and over three weeks of standby time. That makes the problem with the location of the USB port just about moot since you seldom have to charge it. I charged it up overnight when I first got the device and have not charged it again.

Call Quality

I called my son one day and asked him how good the sound was. He said that it was fine and then I told him I was using the SuperTooth Buddy and he was surprised. He said that it sounded like I was using my phone.

Incoming sound is extremely strong. I had to turn it down to about half volume to keep from being blown away.


At 69 direct, the battery life, simple installation and very good call quality make this a strong product and I can recommend it without hesitation. Amazon has the device for just 41, which makes it an even better value.


Why Is My iPhone Battery Yellow? (2023 Fix)

The status bar at the top of your iPhone screen can provide you with a lot of information using just some tiny icons.

Some of these icons are obvious, while others can be tougher to decipher.

If you have noticed that your battery is sometimes yellow and you aren’t sure why, then our tutorial below can help you more with the iPhone battery color meaning information.

You can also check out this video on YouTube to answer the question, “Why is my iPhone battery yellow?”

How to Get Rid of the Yellow Battery on an iPhone

Our guide continues below with additional information about why your iPhone battery icon is yellow, including pictures of these steps.

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The icons and status indicators at the top of your iPhone screen can tell you a lot of important information, provided that you know what everything means.

So you may be wondering why your iPhone battery icon is yellow if you are used to it being a different color.

You are probably familiar with the different stages of display that your iPhone’s battery icon can enter.

It is green when it is fully charged, red when almost empty, and white or black any other time, depending upon the background color of your screen.

Low Power Mode is a great addition for iPhone users that often deplete their battery quickly, or for users that have iPhones with dying batteries.

But you may not have purposely enabled Low Power mode, or you might dislike the yellow battery enough that the battery life gains from Low Power mode are not important enough.

Our tutorial below will show you where to find Low Power Mode so that you can turn it off and stop your battery icon from being yellow. We also discuss other information about iPhone battery color meaning if you have questions about that as well.

Video About Enabling Low Power Mode on an iPhone

Regardless of whether the yellow battery indicator appeared because Low Power Mode was enabled through this pop-up or through the manual method outlined below, the method for disabling it is the same.

Find out how to turn off the flash notification on the iPhone if your camera flash is going off when you receive a text message.

This guide will show you how to disable the Low Power mode to change your iPhone battery color from yellow back to either the black, red, green, or white color that it typically is.

This is going to result in your battery life draining more quickly than it did when Low Power Mode was enabled.

You can still make some adjustments that will help to improve battery life when you aren’t in Low Power mode, however, such as disabling Background App Refresh.

These steps will show you how to turn off the iPhone’s Low Power Mode setting through the Settings menu.

Step 1: Open the Settings menu.

Choose Settings.

Step 2: Scroll down and select the Battery option.

Open the Battery menu.

Step 3: Tap the button to the right of Low Power Mode to turn the setting off.

Disable Low Power Mode.

show, battery, percentage, buddy

Your battery icon should no longer be yellow. As mentioned earlier, you will likely see a decrease in battery life after turning off Low Power mode.

Summary – How to remove or turn off the yellow battery icon on an iPhone

Now that you know how to get rid of your iPhone’s yellow battery icon you may have some questions about the iPhone battery color meaning if you are seeing some different colors instead.

The table below provides additional information about iPhone battery color meaning for some of the different battery colors you might notice on your iPhone.

This iPhone battery color explanation chart can help you figure out why you may be seeing a black iPhone battery icon sometimes and a white icon other times.

iPhone Battery Color Explanation

A list of colors, an explanation of why each color might occur, and way to change the battery color indicator on your iPhone.

How to Make the iPhone Battery Yellow by Adding a Battery Button to the Control Center

The steps in this section are going to show you how to add a button to the Control Center that you can tap to toggle Low Power mode on or off. Note that you will need to be using iOS 11 or higher on your iPhone to have this option.

Step 4: Tap the green button to the left of Low Power Mode.

Once you have finished adding the Low Power Mode button to the Control Center you will be able to swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap the button to toggle Low Power Mode on or off as needed.

How to See What’s Been Draining Your iPhone Battery

If your iPhone has started going into Low Power Mode on its own, or if you find that you are getting low on battery life much more quickly than you had before, then you may be wondering why it’s happening.

While the possibility of a troublesome battery can never be ruled out, you can also open your Battery menu and see what’s been using it. This information can be found at Settings Battery then scrolling down to the Battery Usage by App section.

Note that there is a toggle at the top of this section where you can choose between the Last 24 Hours or the Last 10 Days.

How to View Battery Health on an iPhone

If you aren’t convinced that your battery problems are related to app usage, then there is another place where you can actually check the health of your battery.

This information is also found on the Settings Battery menu by tapping the Battery Health button at the top. This will display the screen below where you can see the battery’s current maximum capacity.

Now that you know more about the iPhone battery color meaning you can take any actions that might be required when you notice a different color.

Note that it is normal for the capacity to drain over time as the phone and the battery both get older. If the bottom of this menu indicates that the battery is performing at peak capacity, then your battery is likely in good shape.

There were quite a few other changes and settings added with iOS 9, including Wi-Fi Assist. This is an option that will use your cellular data when your Wi-Fi connection is weak or problematic. You can turn Wi-Fi Assist on or off, however, if you wish to adjust the setting.

Frequently Asked Questions About the iPhone Yellow Battery Icon

What is this yellow battery iPad icon?

Much like the Low Power Moder that we discussed in the article above, your other Apple devices can also take advantage of the setting to extend their battery life.

If you see an iPad yellow battery icon, then that is an indication that Low Power Mode is enabled on the device.

You can also remove the yellow battery icon on the iPad by opening the Settings app, choosing the Battery option, then shutting off Low Power Mode.

Why is my iPhone battery orange instead of green?

The “yellow” battery that we have been discussing in this tutorial is not strictly yellow in color.

Some people will describe it as more of an orange or golden color.

Regardless of which color you would consider that battery icon, it indicates that the Low Power Mode is turned on, either automatically, by tapping the Low Power Mode button in the Control Center, or by enabling Low Power Mode from the Battery submenu in the Settings app.

If you are accustomed to seeing a green battery then shutting off Low Power Mode will restore the battery to that green color, unless you are below 20%, at which point you will see a red battery icon.

Is an iPhone battery symbol yellow color a bad thing?

When something changes on your iPhone and you weren’t expecting it to, it may be cause for alarm.

This is especially the case for something like the battery, which is a pretty important part of the phone.

Fortunately, an iPhone battery yellow bar just means that the device is in power saver mode.

It essentially behaves the same way that it would in the normal battery mode, just with a few minor adjustments that can help the battery last longer.

If the Low Power Mode is a problem for what you are trying to do you can always go to the Settings Battery menu and turn it off, which will remove the yellow battery icon.

Why does my iPhone seem to drain faster when I have a green battery icon?

If the battery color indicator on your iPhone is green, then that means the battery has a lot of charge, so it isn’t using any of the power saving mode settings that Low Power Mode would enable.

If you often wind up with a low battery by the end of the day and are worried about keeping as much life as possible, then you may want to open the Settings app from the iPhone Home screen and put the device into Low Power Mode even when you have a high battery percentage.

How do I put my iPhone into dark mode?

Your iPhone has a Light Mode and a Dark Mode setting on it. It can switch between these modes automatically, or you can do it manually by going to Settings Display Brightness then tapping the Light or Dark option in the Appearance section.

show, battery, percentage, buddy

Can I turn Low Power Mode on or off whenever I want?

Yes, you can manually switch this setting any time by tapping the Low Power Mode button in the Control Center or by going to Settings Battery Low Power Mode.

How do I change the Background App Refresh setting on an iPhone?

One of the things that Low Power mode will do is turn off Background App Refresh.

You can find this setting at Settings General Background App Refresh.

You can then tap the Background App Refresh button at the top of the screen, where you will be able to choose if and when it is active.

You can also choose which apps are able to update in the background.

Note that if you currently have Low Power Mode turned on, then the Background App Refresh menu is going to be grayed out.

What does yellow charging color mean on iPhone?

If the iPhone’s battery is showing as a yellow color at the top-right corner of the screen, then you need to access Low Power Mode if you want to change it.

You can do this by going to Settings Battery and tapping the button next to Low Power Mode to turn it off.

Note that you can make the iPhone battery turn yellow again by re-enabling that setting, which will do things like change the auto-lock setting, stop automatic downloads, and change other items that affect battery usage.

Check out this iMessage sent as text message article if you sometimes have that happen and aren’t sure why.

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show, battery, percentage, buddy

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