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Inside Electric: Batteries

The UR-1 race aircraft is fully electric and the energy is, naturally speaking, stored in the batteries.

Batteries are widely used and a variety have become available on the market. Talking about EVs (electric vehicles) has also become a regular topic of conversation for many.

This energy-storage system is hardly new and has a long, truly fascinating history. Previously, powering an EV with a battery was not a prerogative for even the most visionary science-fiction writers.

Below, we outline the history of the battery and how it has made its way into the first Swiss all-electric race plane. We answer: when have batteries being invented? How much have they improved since then? What type of battery are we using for the UR-1 airplane, our Swiss electric aircraft?

About us

The first battery was invented in 1799 by the famous Italian physicist, Alessandro Volta. His pioneering device, called a voltaic pile, consisted of a stack of copper and zinc plates, separated by brine-soaked paper-disks.

In 1836, the English chemist John Frederic Daniell created a new energy-storage device called the Daniell Cell after analyzing the voltaic pile. While this became the first practical battery, it is some twenty years later that the French physicist, Gaston Planté, put together the Lead-acid battery. Today, this remains the battery system used to power the average car’s electric system.

In the first decade of the 21 st Century, existing EVs used Nickel-metal hydride batteries. This technology was quickly substituted for the Lithium-ion polymer one, which can be found in many everyday devices, including PED (portable electric devices), wheelchairs, and cars.

Basic functioning

The basic functioning of every battery remains essentially the same: two electrodes are connected by a circuit and separated by an electrolyte.

Generally, the energy is produced through the chemical reaction between the materials of the electrodes. In simple terms, the anode loses electrons, which flow through the circuit to the cathode. This “movement” provokes a chemical reaction which is the source of the energy is released into the circuit. This energy can then be used to power electric motors, for example.

Most popular batteries

There are many types of batteries, each having properties more adapted to certain applications. The most common ones include the Lead-acid battery, the Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), and the Lithium-ion polymer (LiPo).


Anode Cathode Electrolyte Use Case Specific Energy Density (Wh/kg) Life Cycle (80% discharge) Main Hazard
Lead Lead dioxide Sulfuric acid Automotive 30-50 200-300 Acid spillage

The Lead-acid batteries are mostly used in automotive. These batteries are powerful, cheap, and easily rechargeable. However, they are heavy and don’t like to be completely empty over a long period.

Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH)

Anode Cathode Electrolyte Use Case Specific Energy Density (Wh/kg) Life Cycle (80% discharge) Main Hazard
Metal hydride Nickel oxyhydroxide Potassium hydroxide Common devices 60-120 300-500 Low

The Nickel-metal hydride batteries are well known. These small batteries are the ones we insert into home devices such as cameras or TV remote controllers. The difference between these and Alkaline batteries is that the NiMH battery is rechargeable and safer.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries were also used in the automotive sector and many EVs were built with this kind of energy storage device. However, these were soon replaced by the Lithium-ion polymer batteries, which have better energy density per weight and volume.

Lithium-ion polymer (LiPo)

Anode Cathode Electrolyte Use Case Specific Energy Density (Wh/kg) Life Cycle (80% discharge) Main Hazard
Graphite Lithium metal oxides Polymer electric motors 150-190 1’000-2’000 Fire and explosions

Unlike most batteries on the market, the LiPo battery consists of a solid polymer electrolyte. This kind of electrolyte was investigated for the purpose of preventing the formation of dendrite, a problem which used to appear in lithium-ion batteries.

This structure offers the opportunity to have a long-lasting battery hardwearing, that is light in weight and has a high energy density. Additionally, unlike other battery forms, they do not suffer from any memory effect when charged before being emptied completely.

Our choice

At Pie Aeronefs SA, we chose Lithium-ion polymer batteries for our first Swiss electric race aircraft. This kind of battery offers the best balance between power output and safety, despite the fire risks inherently found in Lithium-ion batteries.


In our UR-1 batteries, the anode consists of graphite material and the cathode of lithium cobalt oxide. The Nominal Voltage of our batteries is 3.7 V, and the Typical Capacity is 5000 mAh.


Our batteries are arranged in the wing of our UR-1 Swiss electric aircraft. This idea was inspired by the arrangement of fuel in conventional aircraft.

This becomes challenging when it comes to batteries. Indeed, we have to create a sophisticated structure able to support the weight of the battery. This consists of building a wing with appropriate rigidity, as a flexible wing may damage the batteries.

To prevent any risk of fire, we designed an original battery fire protection system in addition to a liquid cooling system. information on this will be available soon.

Pros and cons of the LiPo Battery

It is important to note that the fire risk and the low endurance of Lithium-ion polymer batteries are inherent problems of this technology and are present in all LiPo cells.

Discover our fire protection system in a next article. Stay tuned.

How to Remove Battery Acid

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Battery acid buildup is an unfortunate circumstance that can lead us to think our electronics are dead. This usually happens when you leave batteries in an electronic over a long period of time without using it. Battery acid shows up in the form of a white powder, and can cause some serious damage to your electronics. In an ideal world you either use your electronics all the time, or take your batteries out when you think you won’t be using it for a while. Unfortunately for me, I like to think that I use my electronics much more often than I actually do meaning that I leave batteries in all the time.

I picked up my trusty TI-84 Plus Silver Edition calculator the other day to find that it had some battery acid buildup. Instead of tossing it (let’s be real, I don’t have the heart) I was able to neutralize the acid and clean up the battery compartment good as new! Hopefully this instructable helps you salvage some of your unused but still loved electronics!

Step 1: What You’ll Need

It’s pretty simple to get rid of battery acid. The important part is to use ingredients that will neutralize the acid. You’ll need the following:

  • baking soda
  • cotton swabs
  • a small container
  • water
  • paper towels
  • gloves

Odds are you have most of these already!

Step 2: Neutralize the Acid

Start by carefully removing the batteries from the device. Try not to touch them as the acid is bad for you so if you have gloves go ahead and put those on. Then put a couple teaspoons of baking soda into a small container. Add enough water so that it becomes a paste, and use your Q tip to coat the battery acid with the paste. This helps to neutralize the acid and allows it to be safely cleaned away.

Step 3: Take It Away!

Now grab a clean Q tip, or paper towel and dip it in water. Use this to remove any of the baking soda paste (and the acid!). Use another dry Q-tip or paper towel to help dry out any pooled water, and let the electronic air dry for an hour or so to make sure that all of the water is evaporated. This will also let you see if there is any baking soda or acid left over. Repeat this process until everything is removed.

remove, battery, acid

Be sure to safely recycle any of the compromised batteries you took out of the electronics and use fresh ones to avoid the same thing happening!

Thanks for reading, and hopefully this helps you salvage any acidified electronics!

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Thank goodness for this site. Almost everyone else has suggested vinegar or lemon juice. But baking soda is a more common household item! Thanks instructables!!

I always use white vinegar. I also apply it with a cotton swab. The vinegar dissolves the battery acid residue and cleans the contacts very well. I let the vinegar soak for a few minutes until it stops foaming then I remove the leftover residue with cotton swabs and let air dry before replacing the batteries.

They are called Alkaline batteries because they use an alkaline electrolyte instead of an acidic one. You aren’t neutralizing any acid with that paste, but instead scrubbing the corrosion and alkaline salts from the leads. Using a drop of vinegar on a cotton swab followed by water would yield similar results.

Good job on using what you had on hand to take care of a problem. That takes good ingenuity. Well done!

Thanks! And thanks for the super helpful comment, that’s good to know as an alternate method!

Jo Brand outrage shows we’re heading into a puritanical age, says Jonathan Pie creator Tom Walker

Sky News

Jo Brand outrage shows we’re heading into a puritanical age, says Jonathan Pie creator Tom Walker Listen: Comedian’s controversial ‘battery acid‘ joke Comedian George Carlin once said it is the comedian’s job to find where the line where you shouldn’t cross is. and then gently step over it.

We are heading into a puritanical age where most comedians feel they have to stay a couple of metres behind that line. Comedy is about hyperbole, irony, even shock sometimes.

It’s a dangerous precedent when the prime minister is getting involved, having a pop at the BBC for telling jokes on a comedy programme. I find it absolutely bizarre. It clearly wasn’t an incitement of hatred.

I wonder whether Nigel Farage, who called on the police to act following her Комментарии и мнения владельцев, is trolling us a little bit and having a go at the snowflake left. It’s quite often the left going ‘we need to watch ourselves with our language’, more than the right.

JonathanPieNews When Scotland arrested and charged a comedian for a joke, the uk went well past puritan

JonathanPieNews The self righteous ‘left’ started this. but you didn’t want to defend them when the jokes came from right wingers now did you ? Oh no you were ‘outraged’.

Russia-Ukraine latest: Wagner boss Prigozhin’s whereabouts unknown as rival seen for first time

A brief mutiny led by Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin may have been an ‘orchestrated event’, a global affairs analyst has told Sky News. He is now in apparent exile Belarus after an agreement with Vladimir Putin, but many questions remain unanswered. Read more

JonathanPieNews No, the CountDankulaTV outrage did that. The Jo Brand outrage was the response. JonathanPieNews Only puritanical against those not leading the establishment. JonathanPieNews Seems like right wingers are calling for equal rights. Its all okay or none it’s okay JonathanPieNews Where was all this interest when the left have called for people’s jobs? The hypocrisy is extraordinary

JonathanPieNews Except that the Puritans had the integrity to believe in what they said. The Jo brand outrage is largely insincere. JonathanPieNews you may find this YouTube video of interest, I certainly think it is quite thought provoking. (and funny). What it shows is that everyone is equal only some are more equal than others.

This thread is literally proving JonathanPieNews point. It was a shitty joke about a shitty subject told IMHO by a shitty comedienne but none of that alters the fact that it was a joke.

Jo Brand says ‘throw BATTERY ACID at politicians not milkshake’ on BBC radio showCOMEDIAN Jo Brand has been slammed after saying politicians should have battery acid thrown at them instead of milkshakes. The telly star, 61, was appearing on BBC Radio 4 when she joked about rece… There’s something really wrong with this person. I object to you using the term comedian to describe this leftie troll. Comedians are those that make people laugh. She’s as funny as a bad case of piles.

Entering into? JonathanPieNews Newsflash Are all th people who repeated her comment going to be investigated for incitement? Thought not. But they are spreading her comment a fast as they can go! One does think Mr Pie is being a hypocritical fool on this one. A joke is a joke but his Комментарии и мнения владельцев about other people’s jokes have been the polar opposite to this, hypocrisy thy name is Pie

How is throwing acid a joke its not stopping comedy as its not comedy to start with Would the person who tells the last ever joke please turn off the lights and close the door. Thank you. Using the jo brand logic. If during a stand up gig, Danny Baker has jokingly described rather than post the image on That would have been deemed ok because it’s humour ? ‍♂️

You weren’t bothered about free speech when it came to carl Benjamin and his rape joke. What a waste of police time and resources get a life So so sad the world we now live in. The joke has been taking out of context as a joke it’s funny. She never made fun of anyone who has been involved in an acid attack. The world needs to get a grip comedy is meant to push limits

Nigel Farage in scathing rant at BBC after Jo Brand acid attack gagBREXIT Party leader Nigel Farage has claimed he would have faced police action if he’d joked about throwing acid at political opponents as the backlash over Jo Brand’s Комментарии и мнения владельцев on a BBC… Why’d you leave out that the one he referred to specifically said she fantasized about throwing acid on him?

And until British sense of humour returns for everyone it’s only goi g to get worse too many hurty feelings in the world everyone is offended by anything The liberals made it like this. For so long anyone right of centre have been feeling the pain and frustration of censorship and political correct nonsense. All the double standards have finally caught up with the unhinged left and I’m afraid they will now have to deal with it

No that was a stupid so called joke. throwing acid cannot be funny in anyway can it Look in the mirror mate you lefties see what you don’t like! You speak absolute rubbish! It’s not what she said.its the double fg standards. The left get away with saying anything they want and it’s meant as a joke. bullshit. If someone had joked about throwing acid at Emily Thornberry all bloody hell would have broke loose!

We are already there. No, what we need is consistency! You can’t hammer a politician or anyone else for saying something that a ‘comedian’ is allowed to say without any risk of upsetting people. You can’t pick and choose who is allowed to be offensive! We’re already there, the current government is in a coalition with the DUP aka Christian ISIS.

What about Danny Baker? I’d say we’re in an age where people are being wilfully stupid so they can misinterpret stuff in order to justify getting furious with people they don’t like.

Jo Brand: ‘Freedom of speech in comedy is extremely important’Comedian Jo Brand has come under fire after joking that protesters should throw acid rather than milkshakes at politicians. JonathanPieNews DVATW I think you mean indicted. You are welcome. JonathanPieNews DVATW Vance blocks everybody that questions him,he should wind his neck in mentioning free speech. JonathanPieNews DVATW It’s putting ideas into people’s heads is what it is.

She should be sacked! The word puritanical offends me It’s not what she said that is the issue, it’s the hypocritical double standards. The left wants to stop us saying “wrong” things but want to be able to say anything they like Sky news were outraged about the UKIP guy saying he wouldn’t rape Jess Phillips. Left wing sky news strikes again.

Yeah. but not an age concerned with taking Kremlin money huh.

Jo Brand: BBC defends comedian over battery acid jokeHeresy panellists are ‘often deliberately provocative. but not intended to be taken seriously’, the BBC has said. Typical BBC think they rule the world and are above the law. Time to call it a day and get rid. We know they would they did the same with Jimmy Savile Imagine my shock

Jo Brand says ‘BBC can’t sack me’ REFUSES to apologise for acid attack gagJO Brand today defiantly claimed ‘you can’t sack me’ as she refused to apologise in the wake of a growing backlash over her calls for politicians such as Nigel Farage to be attack… She looks like an acid attack victimherself Shes a good comedian, Looks like a Bulldog chewing a wasp

Theresa May calls on BBC to explain why Jo Brand battery acid joke was broadcastJo Brand refuses to speak to the media after claims she incited violence with batteryacid joke. When asked how important freedom of choice is, she reluctantly answered. ‘I think it’s extremely important.’ PM urges the BBC to explain why joke was aired PMs getting involved with joe Brand stupid joke. But hasn’t said a word about the BBC decision to charge Vets and pensioners over 75 license fees jo dissed you Aired and repeated on 5live rachelburden breakfast show

Recyclables Where They Go

Antifreeze, Gasoline, Diesel, Motor Oil, Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid and Windshield Wiper Solution are all hazardous materials and should be disposed of as household hazardous waste. Antifreeze is toxic and must be stored in a closed container at all times.

How to Recycle:

Carefully pour the used antifreeze into a clean, plastic jug with a screw-top lid. Secure lid on tightly. DO NOT mix motor oil or antifreeze with any other material (no water, brake fluid, solvents).

Contaminated Antifreeze Uncontaminated Antifreeze should be secured in a jug taken to a Douglas County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event. See here for more details on the next Hazardous Waste Event.

Pictures below to help identify the correct material to be recycled.

Cans need to be emptied and rinsed clean.

Drop-Off Recycling Trailers:

  • Trailer 1: Pangborn Memorial Airport (Gen. Aviation Entrance) See Map
  • Trailer 2: Baker Flats Industrial Area NE Cascade Avenue See Map
  • Trailer 3: Suncove, Orondo, WA See Map
  • Trailer 4: Orondo, School Road See Map
  • Trailer 5: Mansfield, Railroad Avenue See Map
  • Trailer 6: Palisades Grange Hall (NO Tin)See Map
  • City of Bridgeport Community Recycling Center 1007 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport, WA 98813. 509.868.4041 1st 3rd Thurs. Sat. 9AM. 11AM
  • Town of Rock Island Community Recycling Center 701 2nd St., Rock Island, WA 98850. 509.884.1261 2nd 4th Thurs. each month 8AM. 11AM; Friday’s 8:30AM. 1:30PM
  • Town of Waterville Community Recycling Center 510 N. Chelan Ave., Waterville, WA 98858. 509.745-8871 Tues. Sat 2PM. 4PM
  • Wenatchee Valley Salvage Recycling. 509.886.7161 295 Urban Industrial Avenue East Wenatchee, WA 98802 Monday. Friday 8AM. 4PM Saturday’s 8AM. 11:30PM

Pictures below to help identify the correct material to recycle.

Hamilton Beach Brand appliances (working or not) offer a mail-in recycling service. To find out more information visit:

Small Appliances. Includes kitchen countertop appliances, blow dryers, clothing irons, fans space heaters. Small appliances are hard to recycle.

If the item is still in working condition, please consider donating them at the following locations:

Please give each of these locations a courtesy call to insure they are accepting the item at this time.

  • Goodwill (East Wenatchee)- 509.884.1906 620 Grant Road, East Wenatchee, WA, 98802 Donation Hours: Monday. Saturday 9:00AM. 6:00PM
  • Goodwill (Wenatchee). 509.669.7636 830 S. Mission Street, Wenatchee, WA, 98801 Donation Hours: Monday. Sunday 9AM. 6:30PM
  • YWCA Thrift Store. 509.662.3531 212 1st Street, Wenatchee, WA, 98801 Donation Hours: Tuesday. Saturday 10:30AM. 5:30PM
  • Das Thrift Haus. 509.888.9990 219 14th Street, Leavenworth, WA, 98826 Donation Hours: Monday. Saturday 11AM. 5PM
  • Veteran’s Warehouse. 509.888.7313 1219 N. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee, WA, 98801 Donation Hours: Monday. Saturday 10AM. 6PM
  • Wenatchee Senior Center Thrift Store. 509.662.7036 1312 Maple Street, Wenatchee, WA, 98801 Donation Hours: Monday. Friday 9AM. 4PM
  • Coulee City Senior Center Thrift Shop. 509.632.8701 520 W. Douglas Street, Coulee City, WA, 99115 Donation Hours: Friday’s 9AM. 4PM Saturday’s 10AM. 2PM

Large Appliances. Includes washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, stoves, dishwashers, swamp coolers, Microwaves, BBQ’s hot water heaters.

Please give each of these locations a courtesy call to ensure they are accepting the item at this time.

Recycling Centers will take appliances containing Freon but will charge more.

Wenatchee Valley Salvage Recycling will only accept Freon-containing appliances (refrigerators, freezers, A/C units) if the Freon has been removed or show evidence the compressor has been punched.

  • Recycling Centers Call to set up a time to drop-off appliances.
  • Wenatchee Valley Salvage Recycling. 509.886.7161 295 Urban Industrial Avenue East Wenatchee, WA, 98802 Donation Hours: Monday. Friday 8AM. 4PM Saturday’s 8AM. 11:30AM

Batteries (Alkaline Carbon Zinc, Single-Use (AA, AAA, C, D, 9Volt, lantern, etc.))

If manufactured since 1996, alkaline carbon zinc batteries, single-use (AA, AAA, C, D, 9volt, lantern, etc.) contain only a minute trace of mercury. They are not designated as hazardous waste.

Before you recycle (or dispose) of alkaline batteries, combine them together in a bundle secure it with tape to avoid their tips touching inadvertently starting a fire. These single-use batteries can then be bagged recycled.

Single-use batteries are not reusable when they loose their charge. They are commonly found in remote controls, car keyless entry remotes, watches, pacemakers, hearing aids, memory backup fire alarm devices, toys, etc.

  • Douglas County Solid Waste Office. 509.886.0899 140 19th St. N.W., East Wenatchee Mon Thurs. 8AM. 4PM
  • Power Pacific Batteries- 509.663.6100 742 S. Mission St., Wenatchee Mon Thurs. 8AM. 4PM

It is illegal in Washington to put a vehicle battery in your garbage can. A standard-size vehicle battery is a wet cell battery, which contains about 21 pounds of lead ( a highly toxic metal), three pounds of plastic one gallon of sulfuric acid (a corrosive electrolyte solution). The lead sulfuric acid from these batteries can seep into the soil contaminate ground water, potentially affecting the quality of our drinking water supply. Also, disposing of batteries near rivers, streams or lakes can threaten aquatic life.

A used battery that still has useful life may be reconditioned for resale. Worn-out batteries are routed to lead reclaiming plants where the lead is extracted used in the manufacture of new batteries. The plastic sulfuric acid can also be recycled. Recycling spent batteries protects our community the environment, saves the energy cost of raw materials.

Recycle: To prepare for recycling, remove the battery from the vehicle place it in a cardboard or plastic box for easy handling to keep the acid away from your clothing skin. Do not store batteries outside in the rain.

AutoZone accepts vehicle batteries provides 10.00 in-store credit for each battery (limited to five batteries per person per day).

  • AutoZone (E. Wenatchee). 509.415.6142 711 Grant Road, East Wenatchee Mon Sun. 7:30AM. 9PM
  • AutoZone (Wenatchee). 509.662.7967 1035 Springwater Avenue, Wenatchee Mon Sun. 7:30AM. 9PM
  • Battery Systems of Wenatchee- 509.886.9033 921 S Miller St., Wenatchee Mon Fri. 8AM. 5PM
  • Douglas County Hazardous Waste Collection Event. 509.886.0899

Jerry’s Auto Supply accepts auto power sport batteries for recycling. No other types of batteries are accepted. They pay 7.50 each for auto batteries.

  • Jerry’s Auto Supply (N. Wenatchee). 509.665.8833 1754 N. Wenatchee Ave. Mon Fri. 8AM. 5:30PM; Sat. 8AM. 5PM
  • Jerry’s Auto Supply (Cashmere). 509.782-2041 201 Applets Way, Cashmere Mon Fri. 8AM. 5:30PM; Sat. 8AM. 5PM
  • Jerry’s Auto Supply (Leavenworth). 509.548.5244 11756 US Route 2, Leavenworth Mon Fri. 8AM. 5:30PM; Sat. 8AM. 5PM

Les Schwab will accept any type of vehicle battery (no charge; no store credit)

  • Les Schwab Tire Center (E. Wenatchee). 509.884.2414 301 Grant Road, East Wenatchee Mon Fri. 8AM. 6PM; Sat. 8AM. 5PM
  • Les Schwab Tire Center (Wenatchee)- 509.662.4427 1643 North Wenatchee Avenue Mon Fri. 8AM. 6PM; Sat. 8AM. 5PM
  • Pacific Power Batteries. 509.663.6100 742 S. Mission St., Wenatchee Mon Fri. 8AM. 6PM; Sat Sun. 9AM.5PM

Rechargeable batteries that are nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd), nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH), lithium ion (Li-ion), or small, sealed lead batteries are considered hazardous waste. These batteries should be recycled at a battery vendor, hazardous waste drop-off location or a hazardous waste collection event.

Rechargeable batteries are commonly found in cordless power tools, cordless phones, laptops, cellphones, cameras, two-way radios, biomedical equipment, etc.

Recycling other chemistry batteries such as Ni-Cad (Nickel-Cadmium), Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydride), Lithium Ion types, Alkaline, Carbon-Zinc. All of these batteries are collected at the store level.

  • Home Depot. 509.663.5505 1405 Maiden Lane, Wenatchee Mon Thurs. 6AM. 9PM; Fri. 6AM. 5PM; Sat. 6AM. 9PM; Sun. 7AM. 8PM Rechargeable batteries: Non-leaking, rechargeable batteries used in power tools, cell phones laptops (NO single use batteries like AA,AAA, 9-volt, etc.)
  • Lowe’s Home Improvement. 509.663.4530 1200 Walla Walla Avenue, Wenatchee Mon Thurs. 6AM. 9PM; Fri. 6AM. 6PM; Sat. 6AM. 9PM; Sun 7AM. 8PM Rechargeable batteries: Non-leaking, rechargeable batteries used in power tools, cell phones laptops (NO single use batteries like AA,AAA, 9-volt, etc.)
  • Power Pacific Batteries. 509.663.6100 742 S. Mission St., Wenatchee Mon Fri. 8AM. 6PM; Sat Sun. 9AM. 5PM Alkaline non-lithium rechargeable cost 1.10/lb; no lithium batteries accepted.
  • City of Bridgeport Community Recycling Center- 509.868.4041 1007, Fairview Avenue, Bridgeport 1st 3rd Thursday Saturday each month from 9AM. 11AM
  • Douglas County Solid Waste Office- 509.886.0899 140 19th St. NW, East Wenatchee Mon Thurs. 8AM. 4PM Rechargeable batteries: Non-leaking, rechargeable batteries used in power tools, cell phones laptops.
  • Rock Island Community Recycling Center. 509.884-1261 23 S. Garden Avenue, Rock Island 2nd 4th Thursday each month 8AM. 11AM; Fri. 8:30AM. 1:30PM
  • Town of Waterville Community Recycling Center- 509.745-8871 520 West 3rd St., Waterville Tuesday Saturday of each month from 9AM. 11AM

Batteries. Damaged/Recalled (DDR)

Need to recycle damaged, defective or recalled batteries?Whether you have just one, or you are managing a large recall, Call2Recycle has recycling kits options available.

Clean, flattened cardboard. NO food soiled or wet cardboard.

Drop-Off Recycling Trailers Located in East Wenatchee:

Trailer 1: Pangborn Memorial Airport (Gen. Aviation Entrance ). See Map

Trailer 2: Baker Flats Industrial Area NE Cascade Avenue- See Map

Other Drop-Off Recycling Trailer Locations:

Trailer 3: Sun Cove, Orondo, WA- See Map

Trailer 4: Orondo School Road- See Map

Trailer 5: Mansfield, Railroad Ave, WA. See Map

Trailer 6: Palisades Grange Hall ( No tin )- See Map

  • City of Bridgeport Community Recycling Center- 509.868.4041 1007 Fairview Ave., Bridgeport 1st 3rd Thursday Saturday each month from 9AM. 11AM
  • Rock Island Community Recycling Center- 509.884.1261 701 2nd St., Rock Island 2nd 4th Thurs. each month 8AM. 11AM; Friday’s 8:30AM. 1:30PM
  • Town of Waterville Community Recycling Center- 509.745.8871 510 N. Chelan Ave., Waterville Tues. Sat. 2PM. 4PM

Pictures below to help identify the right material and the proper way of disposing.

Most electronic waste contains toxins such as lead, cadmium and mercury. By reusing, repairing or donating your cell phone or other electronics, these toxins are kept out of landfills.

You also may be able to trade it into the manufacturer, who will either refurbish it or recycle it.

Currently, cell phones are NOT accepted at locations sponsoring the E-Cycle WA program.

  • Big Sky Recycling. 971.373.6217 Accepts: Smartphones, cell phones (all makes models), Ipads tablets Does NOT take: TV’s/cable boxes, computers/printers, home phones Donate Recycle Cell Phones For Charity in 3 simple steps Free
  • Call2Recycle Bins are located at Lowe’s and Home Depot in Wenatchee.

Recyclable Electronics

Acceptable recyclable electronics can be turned in by households, small business, charities, school districts and small government offices through the E-Cycle WA Program. The items are disassembled and the parts are recycled into new, useable items. The acceptable items for this program are:

  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Computer monitors
  • CD ROMs
  • Connecting cables and wires
  • Hard drives
  • Laptops
  • Mother boards
  • Scanners
  • Zip drives
  • Tablets
  • E-readers
  • Portable DVD players

Non-Recyclable Electronics

Unfortunately, computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice and printers are not included in this program. These items can and should be recycled as well.

Drop-off locations for peripherals such as keyboards, mice and printers, are:

  • Salvation Army 509.662.5103. 1219 Wenatchee Ave. Wenatchee, WA
  • Pacific Power Batteries509.663.6100. 742 S. Mission Wenatchee, WA
  • Wenatchee Goodwill509.663.7636. 830 S. Mission Wenatchee, WA
  • E. Wen Goodwill509.884.1906. 620 Grant Rd E. Wenatchee, WA
  • YWCA 509.423.7599 231 N. Wenatchee Ave. Wenatchee, WA

All Electronic Waste, even those excluded from the E-Cycle WA program can be recycled for a fee here:

  • Office Depot509.663.4733. 915 N. Wenatchee Ave. Wenatchee, WA Recycle boxes ( 5, 10, and 15) Small items such as cell phones or big items such as printers.

Any brand of ink cartridges f rom any store can be recycled at:

Check with your service provider for a recycle program.

CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) and fluorescent tubes are recycled through the LightRecycle Wasington Program.

These drop-off sites are free of charge but have a limit of 10 per person, per day :

  • Stan’s Merry Mart. 733 S. Wenatchee Ave. Wenatchee, WA.(509) 662-5858
  • Rock Island Community Recycling Center- 23 S. Garden Ave. Rock Island WA. (509) 884-1261
  • Lake Chelan Lighting Center- 917 E Woodin Ave Chealn, WA.(509) 687-6101

Free of charge, once a year, without limits, you can bring CFL and fluorescent tubes to:

remove, battery, acid

All fuels and fuel oils should be disposed of as a Hazardous Waste.

Fuels and fuel oils are petroleum products that are used in many types of engines, lamps, heaters, furnaces, stoves, and as solvents. Fuel oils come from crude petroleum and are refined to meet specifications for each use. Fuel oils are mixtures of aliphatic (open chain and cyclic compounds that are similar to open chain compounds) and aromatic (benzene and compounds similar to benzene) petroleum hydrocarbons. In addition, they may contain small amounts of nitrogen, sulfur, and other elements as additives. Fuel oils are distinguished from each other primarily by their boiling point ranges, chemical additives, and uses. Fuel oils include: Kerosene, coal oil, Diesel Fuel, home heating oil, and gasoline.

You can dispose of your fuel at the Douglas County Hazardous Waste Collection Event

Thanks to Lake Chelan Rotary’s project 911 Glass Rescue, residents can drop relatively-clean glass bottles, jars and ceramics off in Chelan at the City of Chelan Recycling Center at 23235 Hwy 97A on Saturdays from 8am. 12pm.

The glass is crushed and reused as sand, gravel, landscaping/agriculture purposes and much more!

You will be charged a modest fee according to weight to help defray their costs. You can then take some of their product home to experiment and play with! To find more about this project visit

Medication To protect your privacy, residents are reminded to remove all personally identifiable information on medication labels or packaging before disposing of unwanted medicine.

Do not place medicine in the trash or recycling, and never flush them down the toilet.

If transferring medications to a sealed bag, please be sure to recycle remaining packaging.

Pills, capsules, ointments, creams, lotions, powders and liquid medicines less than 4 ounces. Medication in any dosage form, except for those listed below, in their original container or sealed bag are accepted.

  • Herbal remedies
  • Vitamins
  • Supplements
  • Cosmetics
  • Other personal care products
  • Medical devices
  • Batteries
  • Mercury-containing thermometers
  • Sharps
  • Illicit drugs
  • Pet pesticide products

Medicine Kiosks Drop-offs Locations:

  • Costco Pharmacy. 509.886.0754 375 Highline Drive South. Mail-back. Standard Envelopes only.
  • East Wenatchee Safeway Pharmacy- 509-884-0678 510 Grant Road. East Wenatchee
  • East Wenatchee City Hall. 509.884.9515 271 9th St. NE. East Wenatchee. By the Police Department Window
  • Confluence Health Wen. Valley Hospital Clinics. 509.663.8711 820 N Chelan Ave.
  • Confluence Health. 509.667.3333 1201 S. Miller St Mail-back location also
  • Columbia Valley Community Health Pharmacy. 509.664.3508 600 Orondo Ave Mail-back location also

Medicine Mail-back Locations:

Pictures below to show approved medication bottles and bags.

Currently, the City of Rock Island and Town of Waterville’s Recycling Centers collect uncontaminated used waste motor oil. They ask their citizens to not contaminate their waste oil with brake fluid, antifreeze, solvents, pesticides or any other non-motor oil product, as the Community Recycling Centers cannot legally burn contaminated waste oil. Up to 55 gallons can be collected.

Please call and schedule a drop-off time.

  • Rock Island City Hall. Phone: 509-884-1261
  • Waterville Town Hall. Phone: 509-745-8871

Dryden transfer station will accept motor oil @ 1 per gallon

Chelan transfer station will accept motor oil @ 2 per gallon

Pictures below to help identify items for proper recycling

Paper Paper Food Containers Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, phonebooks, paperback books, mail (plastic window envelopes ok), paper bags, and food boxes. Empty and clean paper cups, cartons, and boxes can all be recycled at the following places:

Clean paper and clean paper food containers.

NOTHING plastic lined (hot coffee cups) or waxy (frozen food like ice cream cartons)

NO food soiled or wet paper (greasy pizza boxes)

NO shredded paper (it gets caught in the machine)

remove, battery, acid

Pictures below to help identify the right material to recycle.

Recycle your paint, stain, and varnish at any of the following Douglas County drop-off sites:

Note Please call ahead to confirm business hours and ask if they can accept the type amount of paint you’d like to recycle. Once the paint recycling bin at a facility has been filled, they cannot accept any more used product until the bin has been replaced. These locations accept ALL brands of paint. Sites DO NOT accept aerosols (spray paint), leaking, unlabeled, or empty containers.


  • Zacker Processing Center 509.886.0899 Mon. Thurs. 2PM. 4PM
  • Rock Island Community Recycling Center 509.884.1261 2nd 4th Thurs. each month 8AM. 11AM Friday’s 8:30AM. 1:30PM
  • Waterville Community Recycling Center 509.745.8871 Tues. Sat. 2PM. 4PM
  • Bridgeport Community Recycling Center 509.868.4041 1st 3rd Thurs. Sat. 9AM. 11AM

Plastic PETE #1 HDPE #2 Bottle shape with screw off lid preferred, ONLY #1 and #2 plastics DO NOT put small plastic lids in the recycling, they should be thrown away.

Pictures below to help identify the right material to recycle.

Plastic Grocery Bags Plastic Wrap

Residents can take plastic grocery bags plastic wrap to the local grocery stores to be recycled. Please DO NOT put in curbside bins. Stores in the Wenatchee Valley that accept them include:

  • Safeway (East Wenatchee, Wenatchee Chelan)
  • Walmart (Wenatchee Chelan)
  • Grocery Outlet (East Wenatchee Wenatchee)
  • Fred Meyer
  • Martin’s Market in Cashmere.

Pictures below to help identify the right material to recycle.

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