How To Identify Between A Fake & Original Power Bank. Orashare power bank

How To Identify Between A Fake Original Power Bank

Getting An Original Power Bank is something that should cross your mind if you are thinking of getting a Powerbank for your laptop or mobile phone, oftentimes it is difficult to identify between a fake and an original power bank

It is highly notable that Nigerians know the actual issues that everyone who owns a Smartphone or any other gadget/device is currently facing, this is the unstable power voltage, hence, making our device gives us the awful low battery alert warning.

The power bank is very important because it serves as your travelling companion. When you are travelling, it keeps your device charged, in order not to miss any significant messages.

Anyways, before we list out the best power bank for all devices which includes your Smartphones, Laptops. There are a few guidelines that you are expected to go through.

Things To Consider Before Buying A PowerBank

Buying a power bank is not the issue but the question is this; is the power bank fake or original? Are you buying it because it’s very beautiful in appearance? What is your aim of going to the market to buy a power bank?

Are you aware that a fake power bank can cause a hazard to your phone by damaging it or the battery or even catch fire and in the process destroy your phone, tablet, household, office or even kill you? reason you should be very careful in choosing an original one.

If you are interested to get one power bank for your device then you’d have to follow the below guidelines. Am pretty sure, you aren’t looking for designs to boast outfits with any power bank. This is the step-by-step guide on how to get a portable power bank.

Company Brand

In most cases, this is not as important but on the issue of having power banks, the information is as important as getting yourself a car. The first reason is that most power banks from fake or pirated companies have caused a serious issue in Nigeria.

Last year, power banks really did an exploding tour in Nigeria, and the original companies such as Infinix, Tecno etc had to come out and list out the difference between original and fake power banks.

Power Bank Capacity

Getting to know the difference is another thing. Getting to know the capacity of the power bank and the output is taking one bold step at a time. This time, your money is at stake, as it can get you the wrong one.

On any power bank, the power capacity and output are actually the topmost reason you are buying it. Any power bank, you are buying must have at least, x3 of your current phone battery and 2.1 amp output and at least 2 amperages to charge.

A 2.1A-rated power bank to get charged fast, you should also use a 2.1A-rated wall charger as using a lower-rated charger like a 1A-rated wall charger that a usually more prevalent will be counter-productive


This has to do with the size and weight of what Power bank you are looking for. No matter, your work condition, house condition or whatsoever, there is no reason to get a heavyweight power bank for your device, as there is no significant reason to get it.

So in every case, it is very important, you get a portable power bank as it comes in different sizes and weights. So, when you are moving around, it doesn’t add a bit of stress to you.

identify, fake, original, power

USP Port Terminals

This is very important too. The number of USBs each power bank comes with is another idea when getting one for yourself. Well, it is ideal only when you have multiple devices to charge at once and also when you are going out with friends, you might need multiple USB ports to help them charge their devices.

But as the case may seem so helpful, it also does something else. Having one, two, or three USB ports on any power bank are ideal but the issue here is that when charging more than 1 device at a time, with more USB port, the lesser current it emits or produces.

Lithium-Ion vs Lithium Polymer Battery

When for the Best power banks that have to do with the two best battery components, the question always goes like Lithium-Ion vs Lithium Polymer Battery – Differences – Which Is Better?

They are popularly known as Li-ion or Li-Polymer in short terms. Meanwhile, the Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) had always added pounds in weight and shape when compared with Lithium Polymer (Li-Polymer) which is famously slimmer and lighter and everyone seems to love the sleek, portable stuff.

Lithium-Ion: This gives high energy density, low discharge rate, no priming required before first use and the overall cost is cheap. A Li-ion battery can’t be charged in cold temperatures but at fairly warm room temperatures.

There is a high risk of explosion if charged too quickly or inappropriately and they suffer from ageing even when not used.

Lithium Polymer: It uses a solid but flexible polymer electrolyte and lithium-ion battery cells normally have a voltage rating of 3.7v. It is safer, slimmer, lighter, costly to produce, has lower energy density, holds slightly higher specific energy.

Most of the battery packs go for the Li-ion as they are cheaper. But Lithium Polymer seems to be the best, as the manufacturers can make changes to the size and shape of the power banks and can also retain their charge longer. A Li-Po Battery is also safer in terms of usage as well.

Note that, all battery types are susceptible to different levels of risk of fire/explosion due to the inherent nature of electric current. So it is advisable to get an in-built Li-Poly battery with double overcharge and discharge protection. This is very important for regions with voltage volatility.

How To Identify A Fake PowerBank

Identifying a fake Powerbank is as simple as ABC if you are Smart, Below are the easiest ways to figure out if a power bank is fake or not

  • It Has No Brand Name: Some power banks in the market have no brand name, instead what is written on them is just “Power Bank”. Don’t go for them! There are many branded ones you can check out for. Examples are those from Xiaomi, Anker, Jackberry, iMuto, ice works, MaxOak, Qi-infinity and so on.
  • Exaggerated Ratings: Many power banks that are rated above 30,000mAh capacity are usually fake except those from popular brands.
  • Lite Weight: Most fake Power banks weigh very lite. You will see a power bank with a 50,000mAh capacity weighing very lite and even fancy looking and easy to put inside s. My dear, it’s fake. An original 50,000mAh is supposed to be decently heavy and bulky.
  • 4. They are Very Cheap: Most fake power banks are very cheap, in fact, their are too good to be true. You will see a seller pressuring you to buy a 30,000mAh Capacity power bank for just N3,000. Chai! God help us.
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How To Identify Original Power Bank

Meanwhile, contrary to the above-mentioned ways to spot a fake power bank, here are the main ways to know and identify a good and original power bank. Read on…

  • The original power Bank comes with a brand name.
  • It doesn’t have exaggerated high capacity like 40000mAh,50000mAh,100000mAh etc.
  • The charging capacity tallies with what it is written on it depending on your battery capacity too.
identify, fake, original, power
  • Original power banks are heavier
  • They are usually rugged in nature and bulky
  • Original power banks don’t come with many fancy features like too many LED Lights, many display screens, music players and so on
  • They usually take a longer time to completely get charged (depending on the capacity – the higher the capacity, the longer charging time required) except it comes with fast charge technology.
  • It is decently and justifiably costly

Is New Age Power Bank Good?

Yes, New Age Power banks are very good and reliable. New Age produces one of the best power bank products in Nigeria. The New Age 18,500mAh power bank is currently the best-selling power bank in Nigeria

Conclusion: How To Identify Between A Fake Original Power Bank

In summary, shine your eyes when buying a new power bank. Let this article serve as a reference point in identifying the best and original power bank to go for.

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Power Bank Regulations and Standards in the EU: An Overview

Planning to sell power banks in the European Union? In this guide, we provide an overview of regulations, directives, certification, and testing requirements, applicable to power banks in the EU.

  • Power banks for cell phone
  • Power banks for laptops
  • Power banks for speakers
  • Power banks for tablets

We Help Brands Importers With Product Compliance (US EU)

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  • Product Requirements Lists
  • Product Certification
  • Product Packaging Labeling
  • Lab Testing


RoHS specifies the maximum levels of heavy metals in electronic components and solder, including those used in power banks. The restricted substances are listed below:

  • Lead (Pb)
  • Mercury (Hg)
  • Cadmium (Cd)
  • Hexavalent chromium (Cr6)
  • Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB)
  • Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE)
  • Bis(2-Ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP)
  • Butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP)
  • Dibutyl phthalate (DBP)
  • Diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP)

It’s possible to find those restricted substances in power banks, especially in paint, batteries, and other metallic parts. The level of restricted substances must not exceed a certain level. For example, the lead shall never exceed 1000 ppm (parts per million).

RoHS compliance starts at an early stage. You must inform your supplier of the RoHS requirements, therefore, they can only use RoHS compliant components for the manufacturing process. This should not be taken for granted, as the “default component” is not RoHS compliant.

You should not expect a RoHS test report from your supplier. Even they can provide you a RoHS test report, you need to ensure that the report is verified and valid. Therefore, We suggest that you should book third lab testing for power banks.

RoHS test is not expensive when compared with other product tests. RoHS test is on a per-component basis, and starting at 10 per component.

Here are some companies offering RoHS testing:

The CE marking is required for power banks, as the RoHS directive is a CE marking directives.

RoHS is not an official compliance mark. It is commonly used to distinguish RoHS compliant components. It has no legal meaning by itself.

As mentioned, RoHS components are not the “default components”. When working with electronics suppliers in Shenzhen, power bank manufacturers or otherwise, it’s essential to instruct them that they must specifically procure RoHS parts before assembling your products.

Low Voltage Directive (LVD)

LVD covers electrical equipment with an input or output voltage of between 50 and 1000 volts for alternating current, and between 75 and 1500 volts for direct current. Therefore, LVD still applicable to certain types of power banks.

Power banks might come with an AC adapter (charger). LVD also applies to AC adapters with an input voltage between 110 to 240V, and an output voltage of 5V. As such, your AC adapter and power banks must comply with the LVD when importing to the EU.

You must request a verifiable and valid LVD test reports from your power bank supplier. Otherwise, you should book a third-party LVD testing before your power banks are placed on the EU market.

Some reputable testing companies such as Bureau Veritas, TUV, and SGS, provide LVD testing for power banks and other electronics. We suggest that you should book a test to verify LVD compliance.

Importing and selling non-compliant power banks is risky as it might cause severe injury or even death. Further, the European market surveillance authorities often conduct random inspections on power banks; which could result in heavy fines and force recall on your products – assuming you cannot provide valid and verifiable test reports and other CE documents.

Your power bank’s specification determines the cost of the LVD test. Normally, the LVD test costs from around 1500 dollars per SKU.

LVD is a CE Marking Directive, which means you must affix the CE marking on your products. In addition, you should also prepare the Declaration of Conformity (DoC), user manual and technical file.

As with RoHS, you should not take for granted that power banks manufactured in China are LVD compliant. There are plenty of power banks on the market not specifically designed on a PCB and component level to ensure LVD compliance.

EMC Directive

The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive regulates the interferences that your products may have with other electrical and electronic equipment. The EMC Directive applies to products such as power banks that generate electromagnetic disturbance.

Not many power bank suppliers can provide the EMC test report. However, you should instruct your supplier about the EMC directive, and request an EMC test report before importing the products to the EU. Otherwise, you need to book an EMC test via testing companies such as SGS and Intertek.

EMC Directive Testing Costs

Similar to most of the testing for electronics products, the EMC test cost depends on the complexity of your products such as materials and components. EMC tests can cost from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

EMC directive is also a CE Marking Directive. As such, you must carry the CE marking, and issue the DoC, user manual, and technical file for your power banks.

Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

The RED establishes a regulatory framework for radio equipment. If your power banks include features such as wireless charging, Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth, 3G/5G/LTE, then it falls within the scope of the RED.

  • Power banks with Wi-Fi features
  • Power banks with Bluetooth features
  • Power banks with RFID features
  • Power banks with 3G/5G/LTE features

Very few power bank suppliers can provide RED test reports. Therefore, third-party RED testing is the only way to assess RED compliance. You can book RED tests from some reputable testing companies such as Intertek and TUV.

It depends on the features of your power banks. RED testing can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars. We suggest that you should request free quotations specifically for your products from testing companies.

RED is also a CE Marking Directive. That means you must carry a CE marking and provide a DoC, user manual and technical file as required.

CE Marking

The CE marking is a declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable CE marking directives, such as RED, EMC, and LVD. Since any power bank is covered by such directives, you must permanently affix the CE Marking on the product, packaging, and the user manual.

CE label file

The CE marking label is standardized in a recognizable form (e.g. The minimum dimension of the CE mark must be 5mm in height). You must provide a digital CE label file or.eps format to your supplier, and specify the information as below:

You shall also include the CE mark in your packaging and user manual files.

Product Traceability

Besides the CE marking, you may also be required to provide a permanent traceability code for your power banks and its packaging. The traceability code shall include information such as:

Example: SKU-1211-019-CN

CE Documentation

As mentioned above, the CE marking is only one part of CE compliance. To ensure that your power bank is compliant, you must also issue the Declaration of Conformity (DoC), User Manual and Technical File for your products.

Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

The DoC is a legal document issued and signed by the importer or the manufacturer. The DoC is required for all CE marked products including power banks. You need to issue your DoC with the information below:

  • Produce identification/SKU (e.g. Oven Model X)
  • Product features
  • Name and address of the manufacturer/importer
  • List of EN standards or directives
  • Location
  • Responsible individual

The DoC is often required by different parties (e.g. Amazon, retailer, end-consumers), to verify if the product meets all the requirements of the applicable directives.

User Manual

For the user manual, here is an overview of the information that you should include:

An overview of the product

Instructions on how to use the product

Instructions on how to recharge the product

identify, fake, original, power

Instructions on how to dispose of the product environmentally

You shall also include all compliance mark in the user manual, in case there is not enough space for compliance mark on your product.

Technical File

The technical file is similar to your product specifications sheet. You must include product material and design, packaging, labeling, and other relevant files. Here is an overview of the information that should be included:

  • Bill of materials
  • Design drawings
  • Label files
  • Packaging files
  • List of applied standards and directives (e.g. RoHS)
  • Test reports
  • QC reports
  • Risk assessment

Test Report

The technical file shall include all relevant test reports of your product. It should also match the applicable standards or directives on the DoC.

WEEE Symbol

The WEEE Directive applies to a wide range of electronic and electrical products including power banks. WEEE symbol indicates that the product is a separate collection for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. The symbol must be printed visibly, legibly and indelibly.

Don’t expect that your supplier will provide a WEEE symbol for you. Instead, you must provide a WEEE file to your supplier or.eps format. In addition, we suggest that you shall include the symbol in your packaging and user manual files as well.


REACH applies to all consumer products that sold in the EU including power banks. Certain chemicals and heavy metals are restricted under REACH. Your products must comply with the substances restriction, otherwise, it is illegal to import and sell in the EU.

Here are a few examples of regulated substances:

  • Lead compound
  • Cadmium compound
  • Mercury compound
  • Chloroethen
  • Chloroform
  • Wood powder

Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)

The EU adds new substances to the SVHC list when they find new substances that may potentially pose harm to consumers. It’s impossible for importers to even know what substances are included in their product. Therefore, we recommend that you should book REACH testing from reputable testing companies.

Lab testing

Other than third-party lab testing, there is no other way to verify that your power banks are REACH compliant. Some leading testing companies such as QIMA, TUV, and SGS, provide REACH test for power banks.

Note that you should conduct the test before the products are shipped to the EU. In addition, you should also inform your suppliers of REACH compliance in advance.

Here are some companies offering REACH compliance testing:

You can find more companies in this guide.

REACH test is on a per-material basis. The overall cost depends on different items and colors. In general, the REACH test starts from 200 per material.

You can learn more about REACH lab testing in this guide.

Directive 94/62/EC: Packaging Regulations

Directive 94/62/EC regulates the packaging materials for all consumer products including power banks. Before importing power banks to the EU, you must also ensure that the packaging material is compliant. Follows with a brief summary of Directive 94/62/EC:

Heavy Metals Restrictions

Directive 94/62/EC restricts the presence of certain heavy metals in the packaging (e.g. Hg, Pb, Cr6, Cd). Importers can verify the material used in their products’ packaging via third-party lab testing.

Several testing companies such as TUV, QIMA, and Intertek, can offer packaging material tests for Directive 94/62/EC compliance.

Additional Packaging Information

Packaging shall be designed in a way to facilitate the collection, reuse, and material recycling.

Packaging shall also include compliance marks.

Amazon Europe Compliance Requirements

Amazon has strict requirements for product compliance. If you are planning to sell power banks on Amazon, you must comply with all mandatory requirements such as directives and regulations in the EU.

Further, the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for power banks is also required. To obtain approval from Amazon, we suggest that you should read the power banks’ requirements thoroughly in the Amazon Seller Central before mass production.

How does Amazon check product compliance?

Amazon reviews all relevant documents you can provide, including certificates, product photos, and SDS. For power banks, you should also expect that they will ask for all relevant test reports.

What can happen if we sell non-compliant power banks on Amazon?

Amazon will not tolerate any non-compliant products. Amazon has the right to remove any non-compliant power banks listing on Amazon, and they can suspend your entire account if needed.

In addition, Amazon has a reporting system for violation of selling. Therefore, selling non-compliant power banks is highly risky as the buyers can also report non-compliant behaviors.

  • Product Requirements Lists
  • Product Certification
  • Product Packaging Labeling
  • Lab Testing

Find US and EU Compliance Requirements for Your Products

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Sources: Our articles are written in part based on publicly available information, and our own practical experience relating to product compliance. These are some of the primary sources we use:

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Best Portable Chargers for the Nintendo Switch

A portable charger (aka power bank) can mean the difference between stressing over your Nintendo Switch’s battery life. Or being able to play all day long without worry. The best portable chargers for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite can all fast charge them while you play. While also offering enough capacity to keep you going, whether for a long commute or a day of travel.

Looking to charge at home, work, or for travel? Check out Best Chargers for the Nintendo Switch.

Anker PowerCore 13400 Nintendo Switch Edition

Like our phones and laptops, the Switch has a finite amount of battery life. With fewer energy saving options. A portable charger for the Nintendo Switch can extend your playtime away from home. But what kind and how large depends on your model Switch and travel plans. This portable charger buying guide for the Nintendo Switch will go over the various options. Including recommendations for most Switch traveling needs.

It is safe to charge the Switch with a third-party charger. There have been no reports of good quality, third party power sources damaging a Switch. There have been problems with third party docks. But the issue stemmed from poor (or no) PD protocols on the dock’s power transfer chip. As with any accessory do your homework and buy well-reviewed and quality products. I have more details in Safely Charging the Switch.

Energy Efficiency of Your Model Nintendo Switch

There are currently three Nintendo Switch models. They have varying energy efficiency levels and battery sizes. As such the model you own will affect how much playtime you can get.

Nintendo Switch, original (HAC-001)

  • Released March 2017, mostly out of stores by fall 2019
  • 2.5-6.5 hours playtime
  • Actual playtime may be less for “launch day” units. Due to the normal consumption of its lithium battery.

Original Nintendo Switch, new Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch, updated (HAC-001-01)

  • Released August 2019
  • 4.5-9 hours playtime
  • New hardware with many energy efficiency improvements
  • Same size battery as the original (4310mAh)

Nintendo Switch Lite (HDH-001)

  • Released September 2019
  • 3-7 hours playtime
  • Same improved energy efficiency hardware as the updated model
  • Smaller internal battery as larger models (3570mAh)

All things being equal, a power bank goes furthest with the updated Switch than the other models. So if you have a model from late 2019 you can get away with a smaller power bank. While a larger power bank will help an original model Switch gain more playtime. And cost much less than trading in your console.

Power Output – Fast charging your Nintendo Switch

With the right cable, you can connect almost any USB portable charger to the Nintendo Switch and have it draw power. But how quickly it charges depends on the power output specs of your portable charger. Making it as important of a specification as its capacity.

USB Power Delivery

The Nintendo Switch supports USB Power Delivery over USB-C. USB Power Delivery (USB PD) is a fast-charging standard. Like Quick Charge, but not cross-compatible. The Switch will always charge at a better rate with a USB-C PD power source.


  • Charges all model Switches near their max rate in handheld/tabletop mode
  • Also commonly used to fast-charge newer iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel
  • Chargers supporting 15V will charge all model Switches at their max rate; but are uncommon among 18W
  • An 18W charger with 12V (but no 15V) will charge an original model Switch slower than normal; but still more than enough to charge while you play


  • Guarantees all model Switches charge at their max rate, which requires 15V output
  • Can also power most 12-inch laptops
  • Max charge rate is not required to charge while you play, and you may not notice a difference between 18W and 30W

Get a USB-C to USB-C 2.0 cable with a USB PD portable charger.


Regular USB-C should offer up to 15W output. It isn’t as fast as USB PD. But it is enough to charge the Switch while you play.

A USB-A portable charger offering 5V/2A (or more amps) output can keep up with the updated Switch and Switch Lite’s demands. But the original model Switch may continue to drain, though at a reduced rate. For best results connect while the Switch’s battery is near 100%. You’ll also need a USB-C to USB-A 2.0 cable.

A USB-A portable charger only offering 5V/1A will only charge the Switch while it is asleep. And then quite slowly. Not worth messing with.

If you already own a regular USB-C or USB-A portable charger you can give it a go. But if buying a new portable charger stick with USB PD. They are the best value long term.

Capacity – Only carry what you need

capacity generally means more playtime. But you can end up with too much capacity. If you use 50% or less of a power bank then you’re carrying more weight than needed. And likely paid more than necessary, too.

Capacity to Play Time

You can’t compare the mAh of the power bank to the mAh of your device’s battery. The changes in voltage from the battery to USB back to battery make the math more complicated. Not to mention expected power efficiency losses. The result is the actual capacity provided isn’t as much as the capacity listed.

As such I use this general guide of capacity to playtime. Based on my own testing of many power banks with the Nintendo Switch. Individual power banks may give you better or worse playtimes. Depending on their power efficiency.

How Much Do You Need?

For most travel, I recommend a 10,000mAh power bank. Including the Switch’s battery, you can get 7-10 hours (depending on your model Switch) total. than enough for domestic travel.

A larger 20,000mAh may be more appropriate for longer international flights. It also works better if you need to charge several devices as you travel. Some also prefer a larger power bank for their commute. Opting to carry more weight to save having to recharge it as often.

than 20,000mAh is overkill for most people under most conditions. We’re talking 13-22 hours of running your Switch without access to a power outlet. You can also run into issues with carrying such a large power bank on some international flights.

In the United States, you can fly with a 26,800mAh power bank on any flight.

Budget – Don’t pay for more than you really need

So you now have a good idea of what type and size power bank to get. But keep your personal budget in mind. In general the larger and faster a power bank, the more expensive it is. If your ideal model is too much here are some cost savings suggestions.

  • Go with 18W USB-C PD over 30W. You likely wouldn’t notice a difference in charge times.
  • Don’t go with 15W USB-C or USB-A. They aren’t much cheaper and aren’t a good value.
  • If wanting a 20,000mAh or larger model reconsider your capacity needs. A 10,000mAh works for most people under normal situations. Plan for what’s expected, not what might happen.
  • Anker, AUKEY, and RAVPower are the most popular brands. But also the most expensive, especially Anker.
  • Price in the cost of a USB-C to USB-C cable. Especially when comparing a power bank that includes it with one that does not.


These portable chargers offer around 10,000mAh capacity. They take up little space in a Switch carrying case. And can fit in your jeans But are more comfortable in a jacket

Anker’s compact portable fast charger. Includes a trickle charge mode, good for earbuds and fitness trackers.

  • Ports: USB-C, USB-A
  • Output: 18W USB-C PD
  • Capacity: 10,000mAh
  • Nintendo Switch (original): 4 hours of play
  • Nintendo Switch (new): 6 hours of play
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: 5.5 hours of play

A budget-friendly alternative to the more popular brands. Offers the same fast charging for newer Switches, a bit slower for the original model. In more of a cubical form. And at a lower price.

  • Ports: USB-C, USB-A
  • Output: 18W USB-C PD, Quick Charge 3.0
  • Capacity: 10,000mAh
  • Nintendo Switch (original): 4 hours of play
  • Nintendo Switch (new): 5 hours of play
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: 5.5 hours of play

Nintendo Licensed

Certified by Nintendo to work perfectly with the Nintendo Switch. It carries their seal of approval. After undergoing quality assurance testing at Nintendo’s labs. But with that licensing comes a price.

  • Ports: USB-C, USB-A
  • Output: 22.5W USB-C PD
  • Capacity: 13,400mAh
  • Nintendo Switch (original): 5 hours of play
  • Nintendo Switch (new): 7.5 hours of play
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: 7.5 hours of play


Need a portable charger for the great outdoors? This one is designed with camping and hiking in mind. It is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. Without being over-designed.

  • Ports: USB-C, USB-A
  • Output: 18W USB-C PD, Quick Charge 3.0
  • Capacity: 10,000mAh
  • Nintendo Switch (original): 4.5 hours of play
  • Nintendo Switch (new): 6 hours of play
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: 6.5 hours of play

High Capacity

These portable chargers offer 20,000 – 26,800mAh capacity. Making them big and heavy, but also offering enough power to keep playing for a day or more. All are legal to fly within the USA.

Anker’s cheapest high capacity portable charger. Made specifically with handheld devices in mind.

  • Ports: USB-C, USB-A
  • Output: 18W USB-C PD, PowerIQ 2.0 (Quick Charge compatible)
  • Capacity: 20,000mAh
  • Nintendo Switch (original): 8 hours of play
  • Nintendo Switch (new): 12 hours of play
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: 12 hours of play

A more budget-friendly alternative to popular brands. Offers the same best charging rate for the Switch. And unusually efficient power transfers, allowing for more playtime.

  • Ports: USB-C, USB-A x2
  • Output: 27W USB-C PD, Quick Charge 3.0
  • Capacity: 20,000mAh
  • Nintendo Switch (original): 10 hours of play
  • Nintendo Switch (new): 14 hours of play
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: 14 hours of play

Where to buy affordable power banks that are high-quality and below P400 online

Aside from cellphones, power banks are now becoming a necessity, especially for millennials who love browsing their social media accounts. Now that there are also power outages in the country and sometimes, it lasts for a day, having a power bank is really important.

No one can really tell when there will be blackouts or brownouts. Sometimes, when a typhoon comes, the power runs out and one of the worst scenarios could be that your cellphone battery is running low as hell. Really frustrating! The best thing you can do is have your power bank ready and fully-charged so you can just use it for your phone.

Aside from the fact that it is convenient to use when there is an emergency, you can also use it for different devices like your Wi-Fi, rechargeable electric fan, and Bluetooth earphones. It’s also handy so you can just bring it anywhere you want!

KAMI team searched for the best power banks you can find online that are heavy-duty and just below P400. Check this out:

Romoss K518 20000mAh Dual Output Powerbank

The Romoss K518 is a power bank that has 20000mAh. It has two USB ports and a micro input port. There is also a digital indicator that shows its battery power so you would know if you should charge it again.

Aside from its great performance, it is also very stylish and classy! You can add it as a fashion piece that you can just put inside your bag wherever you go.

Available now on Shopee for just P199!

Rapoo S1005 10000mAh Powerbank

The Rapoo S1005 has a capacity of 10000mAh. Its battery is made of lithium polymer and it has two USB ports. It has a LED lights display which indicates your power bank’s battery life. It gets fully-charged for about 5.5 to 6.5 hours. This power bank also comes with a free USB cable!

Buy yours now on Shopee for just P279 and while there’s still a flash sale to get a 69% discount!

Orashare S1021L 10000mah Powerbank

The Orashare S1021L power bank has a capacity of 10000mah. It has a classy digital LED display so you can determine if you should be charging it already. It’s also very convenient to use because it is thin and light, it will not occupy a lot of space in your bag. The available colors are stylish and classic as well!

Get yours now on Lazada for just P379 and get a 49% discount!

VEGER 10000mAh Powerbank

This VEGER Powerbank has a capacity of 10000mAh and it’s fast charging. It has dual outputs and a micro USB port. No more worries when you want to charge 2 devices at the same time. It has a Multi-Protect Safety System which prevents short circuits and surges. Better safe than sorry, right?

The best part is that it has a 1-year warranty from its manufacturer! You can easily reach their contact support if there would be problems. Great deal!

Available now on Lazada for P379 and get a 58% discount just for today!

PINENG PN-936 Powerbank

The PINENG PN-936 is a carbon fiber power bank that has a 10000mAh capacity. It also has two USB ports and a light indicator display. It has built-in battery protection to prevent short circuit and overcharging.

This power bank comes with a free mask as well! Very timely for this pandemic. It is also thin and light so you can easily carry it anywhere.

Buy yours now on Lazada for just P399 and get a 33% discount!

BAVIN PC088 Powerbank

Bavin is one of the popular brands when it comes to power banks because it’s really reliable. The BAVIN PC088 Powerbank has a capacity of 10000mAh and has two USB ports. It also has 2 input slots for micro USB.

This BAVIN Powerbank comes with a mini USB cable so you can charge it whenever you have to!

Get one now on Shopee and enjoy a 54% discount!

Powerbanks are really must-haves that will help you most, especially when there is an emergency. When your cellphone battery is running out, you can just charge it through your power bank and stay connected with your family, friends, and relatives. You should get yours now!

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