How to Fix “Slow Charger” Warning on Steam Deck. Powerbank steam deck

How to Fix “Slow Charger” Warning on Steam Deck

Steam Deck has rocked the world with its compact form factor and performance. To ensure portable gaming, the console includes a battery with enough juice and 45W charging support. However, charging the Steam Deck has certain restrictions, making the options to charge the console quite limited. Curious tinkerers and unsuspecting users might notice the “Slow Charger” warning pop-up when they plug unofficial chargers into their Steam Deck. In this article, we will discuss what causes the slow charger warning on Steam Deck and how to fix it.

What Is the Slow Charger Warning on Steam Deck?

Imagine this, you bought a Steam Deck and fully charge it up. After an intense gaming session on your sofa, you get the low battery pop-up, with the system asking you to plug in the charger. Since the Steam Deck charger is far away, you reach out for your standard mobile USB-C charger, as Steam Deck supports any USB Type-C cable. Upon plugging in the charger, you see the “Slow Charger” warning on your Steam Deck.

This pop-up shows up when a user plugs in an incompatible, slow power adapter to charge the battery. Steam Deck houses a 5,313mAh battery, and they make it mandatory to use 45W chargers to juice the console. The official charger you get in the box supports this power output. After all, it is a proprietary charger. However, most mobile chargers can only output up to 18W or 30W, which is not sufficient for the system.

When the pop-up shows up on the screen, it means the Steam Deck is is not getting enough power and is being charged slowly. In certain cases, if a user plugs in a charger with a power output under 20W, it will keep discharging the console. Now, it can be a major annoyance, so let’s look at the solutions to fix this slow charging issue on Steam Deck:

How to Fix the Slow Charger Warning on Steam Deck

Use a Compatible Charger

The “slow charger” warming pop-up informs users that their charger does not have enough power output to charge the console. As such, the only way to avoid this is by plugging in an appropriate 45W charger, power bank, or the official Steam Deck charger.

Doing so will ensure that the handheld receives the required power to charge itself, contributing to longer play times. We recommend a few Steam Deck chargers in our dedicated linked here. Give it a read if you are looking for alternatives to the official charger and want an all-in-one option for your USB-C electronics.

Try Another Charging Cable

The other problem that might give you the slow charger warning on your Steam Deck can be a faulty USB-C cable. Steam Deck has a USB-C port that allows users to use any compatible 45W charger. However, a faulty cable can hinder the power transfer to the handheld.

Additionally, the problem can happen because of the connection between the charging pins and the cable not being perfect. It could also be due to several other reasons, such as a faulty connector, etc. Hence, we recommended trying out another USB-C cable to charger the Steam Deck.

slow, charger, warning, steam

Try Charging with a Power Bank

Apart from a compatible charger, another great alternative to dismiss the “slow charger” warning is through a power bank. As long as you have a compatible 20,000mAh power bank that supports over 45W charging, the Steam Deck should charge as usual and not display the warning. A power bank is also a great alternative for chargers and comes in handy during travel.

We have suggested various power banks that you can purchase for your Steam Deck. Every one of them supports well over 45W charging and has proper safety features.

Restart Your Steam Deck

The final option is the age-old solution – restarting the handheld. Suppose you are using a supported charger or power bank, and you get the slow charger warning on your Steam Deck. Chances are, this could be a software-related bug, in which case, a quick restart should fix the issue.

JSAUX Reveals Steam Deck Modcase, Powerbank, Dock, And

Accessory manufacturer JSAUX has showcased a slew of new Steam Deck products, including a modular case, powerbank, cooler, 11-in-1 dock, and a portable M.2 solid-state drive case.

There’s a lot to get through so make yourself comfortable. First up, what’s up with the dock?

I’ve been using JSAUX docks for the past month and they are of all kinds of great. The only problem I’ve found is that with the dock with an SSD built in, it doesn’t get enough power to work as flawlessly as it should. That said, JSAUX has previously noted they’re sending out new 65-watt chargers that should fix most problems.

The new dock is capable of 4K at 120Hz, which you’ll likely never use on the Steam Deck but it’s a solid humblebrag for how good this thing is. Elsewhere the dock packs in HDMI 2.1, DP 1.4, and it’s capable of solving most power issues thanks to the 100W PD (that’s ‘power delivery’) charging.

Some rough napkin math: The Steam Deck charger bundled in with the console juggles 45 watts. If the Deck needs more juice, it stops other devices from sucking up juice, resulting in external USB devices struggling to get enough power. If we assume the Steam Deck takes all of the 45-watt charge (it doesn’t but bear with me), then this new JSAUX dock leaves 65 watts available for any USB devices.

Logically, the new dock should be able to house an external keyboard, mouse, wireless headset, and an SSD and still have room to breathe.

Moving on, the cooler is designed to bring down the Steam Deck’s internal temperature, which often runs hot and sounds like a jet that’s about to crash.

JSAUX notes the new cooling system increases airflow from the vents and doesn’t create negative pressure, resulting in temperature reductions of up to 18 degrees. How true that is for the average user isn’t clear, but that’s a loft claim that’s sure to be put to the test.

With the modular case, it’s made from eco-friendly PC ABS silicone materials, while the edge wrap – designed to lessen shock when dropped – makes use of TPE.

It also features a kickstand, a front cover for when it’s not in use, and a handy little port on the back if you want to pick up any other JSAUX accessories and hook them up.

Less is known about the M.2 SSD case and powerbank add-ons, but I’ll be sure to update the article as more information comes to light.

If you’re looking to pick up any of the new JSAUX items, pre-orders open on December 19, general sales open to everyone on January 9, 2023, and orders are aiming to be shipped on January 11, 2023.

Lastly, there are currently six different sets available coming, each with a different price point.

  • Basic Set: Modular case, metal bracket, strap, and protective case – 29.99
  • Cooler Kit: Includes the modular case and the cooler – 59.99
  • Hub Kit: Includes the modular case and the 11-in-1 hub (dock) – 89.99
  • Power Bank Kit: Includes the modular case and the powerbank – 89.99
  • M.2 Slot Kit: Includes the modular case and the M.2 SSD case – 39.99
  • Ultimate Kit: Includes the modular case, cooler, 11-in-1 hub, powerbank, and the M.2 case – 149.99

It’s worth noting, you can save 10 on some of the above if you pre-order through the JSAUX website.

Wesley Copeland

Wesley Copeland is a gaming, tech, and toys journalist with over 10 years of experience writing online. Originally starting in video games before specializing in tech and toys, you can find his bylines at IGN, VG24/7, Kotaku, Tech Radar, Games Radar, PC Gamer, Heavy, and many more. He’s also highly passionate about how tech can be used to better our day-to-day lives.

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Mejores power bank y baterías externas para Steam Deck

Aunque ya hemos hablado en este blog sobre cómo exprimir al máximo la batería de nuestra Steam Deck, es cierto que si quieres alargar al máximo tus tiempos de juegos ya sea de viaje o durante un tiempo prolongado fuera de un enchufe llevar una buena power bank es clave para que no pares de avanzar en tus historias preferidas.

Contenidos de este artículo

slow, charger, warning, steam

Por ello, en este artículo no solo te vamos a enseñar las mejores power banks para este uso, sino a identificar qué elementos tienen que tener para que puedas cargar de manera óptima tu handheld PC, ya que si pretendes ponerle una batería externa de las típicas de los móviles… suerte con el tiempo de carga.

Características principales para cargar tu Steam Deck con una power bank

Simplificando mucho y centrándonos en los elementos principales, Steam Deck las principales características de la batería de Steam Deck son las siguientes.

¿Esto que quiere decir? Pues que si compramos un cargador que cargue por debajo de 45W pues la cargaremos más lento o directamente habrá problemas durante su carga y que la capacidad de una carga de Steam Deck ronda los 10000 mAh, por lo que una power bank de 5000mAh, por poner un ejemplo, nos estaría brindando una carga más o menos completa adicional.

El cable para cargar tu Steam Deck es importante

Aunque aquí parezca que lo más importante sea la power bank, tienes que saber que el cable que saldrá desde este dispositivo a nuestra Steam Deck tiene que cumplir con los protocolos y standares correctos para que pueda pasar la energía exacta que queremos que llegue a nuestra handheld pc.

En esencia, necesitamos un cable USB tipo pd 3.0. Este tipo de cables nos permitirán mandar los 45W que necesitamos que lleguen desde la poder bank a la Steam Deck y poder cargarla como si de un enchufe de casa se tratara.

Algunos ejemplos de cables

En la siguiente lista te dejamos algunos cables perfectamente compatibles en Amazon. Puedes hacer clic en cada uno de los modelos para ver sus precios:

Con los datos anteriormente explicados, ahora pasemos a revisar algunas opciones muy interesantes en el terreno de las power bank.

Principales baterías externas para Steam Deck calidad precio

Charmast 23800mAh

Esta batería externa nos permitirá cargar nuestra Steam Deck unas 4 veces, por lo que nos permitirá extender al máximo nuestras partidas fuera de casa.

Es posiblemente la power bank más sencilla y económica que podemos encontrar que cumple con los estándares de carga de Steam Deck para sacar su máximo potencial, por lo que si buscas algo sencillo, barato y adaptado a tu Steam Deck, esta es la opción más interesante.

Baseus Power Bank 20000 mAh

Aunque pueda parecer peor compra respecto al primero por su capacidad, nada más lejos de la realidad, ya que la diferencia en capacidad no es realmente alta y es poco reseñable con respecto a lo que ofrece este otro power bank.

Si buscas un una fuente de alimentación portátil más versátil que pienses usar para más dispositivos a parte de tu Steam Deck y a la que le vas a dar un uso en viajes y tal… la diferencia de precio con respecto a la anterior es mucho más recomendable.

¿Debería de comprarme una power bank para Mi Steam Deck?

Por supuesto podrías prbar las que tienes por casa que no lleguen a estas capacidades. Por lo general, lo que ocurrirá es que te carguen la máquina pero que a lo mejor no te la carguen al mismo ritmo que estés gastándola, no pudiendo jugar a la vez, o que tardes una cantidad realmente grande en llegar a llenar la batería de tu pc de mano de manera completa.

Desde Handledeck recomendamos las opciones que OS hemos dejado debido a que son equilibradas en cuanto a calidad precio, teniendo una versión más barata y una con un precio menos ajustado según bolsillos y necesidades, ya que ambas en cuanto a cargar la Steam Deck harán exactamente lo mismo, siendo en cualquier caso la experiencia ideal en cuanto a carga de tu Steam Deck.

8 comentarios en “Mejores power bank y baterías externas para Steam Deck”

¿Puedo estropear la batería si el cargador es de mas W que los 45w de Mi Steam Deck? Tengo un cargador de Xiaomi de 120w pero me da miedo usarlo con Mi Steam Deck por si a la larga acabo estropeandole la batería.

En teoría simplemente cogería 45W, al igual que están ocurriendo con muchos docks que llegan al mercado que cargan a 100W pero Steam Deck solo carga a 45W.

Cargarla la cargará, pero muy lento. Aquí la clave, como digo en el artículo, es que cargue a la velocidad que gastas si quieres usarla mientras juegas. Pero puede venirte bien la que tienes si es para cargarla durante una noche y meterle algo de energía.

Tengo una Powerbank Anker 20000 mAh con cable 3.0 tipo C,estoy esperando a la llegada de la Steam Deck y quería saber que tal me iría,ya que con Nintendo Switch me cargaba hiper bien incluso mientras jugaba,llegaba a cargarla 2 veces completa practicamente, irá bien?

Seguramente te irá bien, tiene que ver a que velocidad carga y cuanta energía gastas. en este artículo nos centramos en poner powerbank que pudieran cargar la máquina en cualquier circunstancia, incluso cuando gasta mucha energía. Lo peor que te puede pasar es que cargue más lento de lo que gastas, por lo que puedes probarla un tiempo y si ves que eso te pasa mucho, pues te compras una que cumpla con esos requisitos, como las que tenemos en este artículo.

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Powerbank steam deck

Steam Deck has a 40whr battery that offers 2 to 8 hours of gameplay time. This relies on the usage, if you are playing constantly then the battery life will not last above 2 to 3 hours. And this can be annoying because you will have to stop your game to charge the device. You can optimize the Steam Deck battery by reducing the brightness and game settings. If you hate doing that then the best way to get more battery life from Steam Deck is by attaching a power bank. In this guide, I am going to list the top 10 best Steam Deck Power Banks to buy in 2023.

What is Steam Deck Charging Port Type?

Steam Deck has a USB-C or commonly known as a Type-C port. Any power bank that has Type-C output is compatible with Steam Deck. Steam Deck does not has a special power bank requirement. Some power banks come with a Dock facility. You change more than one device on it like iVoler Docking Station for Steam Deck. These models are costly as they have more connectivity ports. But if you want to stick with basic power banks that can offer extended hours of battery power for Steam beck then check the below list.

Steam Deck Fast Charging Compatibility:

Steam Deck has a fast charging feature and a 45watt charger can fill up the battery fast. Steam Deck also supports 64-watt chargers that are commonly used for Nintendo Switch or for some laptops. But if you are using Power Bank that is lower than 45 watts, for example, 30watt the charging time will increase. You might see a Slow Charger indication on the devices. It is recommended to go with a minimum of a 45-watt power bank for Steam Deck to get the max out of its Fast Charging feature.

Can I travel or carry 45-watt power banks in Flight?

slow, charger, warning, steam

Best Steam Deck Battery Pack or Power Bank:

The power banks listed above come with fast charging. Many of them have their own unique tech that reduces charging time and offers a stable power supply. A minor issue with them is their charging time. Due to the large battery capacity, it takes hours to charge them up to full. Otherwise once loaded you don’t have to worry about low battery issues on Steam Deck while playing the game.

If you are wondering if is it safe to play games on Steam Deck while charging, then the answer is yes. You can play games and charge the device at the same time. Here are more details and photos of all the best battery banks for Steam Deck.

Ambrane Stylo Boost – 40,000mAh (64watt Type-c)

  • Li-Polymer Battery
  • PD USB Ports for iPhones
  • Stylo Boost
  • Fast Charge Laptops
  • Fast Charge Smartphones
  • Multilayer Chipset Protection

Anker PowerCore 26,800mAh PD 45W – 26,800mAh (45watt Type-c)

  • 60w PD Charger
  • Fast Charge Laptops
  • Fast Charge Smartphones
  • Fast Charge MacBook
  • Fast Charge iPad

Aigo 45W PD2.0 – 20,100 mAh (45watt Type-c)

  • PD 2.0 Technology
  • Takes 4 Hours to Fully Charge
  • Premium high-density lithium-ion
  • Fast Charge Laptops
  • Fast Charge Smartphones
  • Fast Charge MacBook
  • Fast Charge iPad

Portronics Power 45 – 20,000mAh (45watt Type-c)

  • Triple Charging Output: 2USB 1 Type-C
  • Fast Charge Laptops
  • Fast Charge Smartphones
  • Fast Charge MacBook
  • Fast Charge iPad

Mi Power Bank Hypersonic – 20,000mAh

  • 50watt / 45watt Output
  • Power Delivery 3.0
  • Triple Port Fast Charging
  • Low Current Charging Support
  • Fast Charge Laptops
  • Fast Charge Smartphones
  • Fast Charge MacBook
  • Fast Charge iPad

So this was our list of the best power banks for Steam Deck. The above models were added to the list on the basis of their features, output, and connectivity.

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