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Top 10 EV Charging Software Companies in 2023

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, EV charging companies ensure that EV drivers access convenient and reliable charging options.

The demand for electric vehicles is clearly on the rise, and as a result, there is a growing demand for a reliable network of charging infrastructure too. The hardware can deliver thousands of kilowatts of electricity, and it needs to be complemented by suitable software solutions to ensure a flawless experience for EV drivers.

Technically, EV charging software enable the whole management of electric vehicle charging stations. Although many EV charging software companies on the market provide these kinds of solutions, they differ drastically from each other.

In our detailed research, we will tackle the top 10 EV charging software companies and present what they do and how they differ from each other.

The methodology used to evaluate and select the listed electric vehicle (EV) charging software companies is based on expertise in the industry.

We will introduce the EV charging market players, highlighting their expertise and strengths. Additionally, we will showcase their accomplishments, including any achievements they have received and the standards they have achieved.

Our primary FOCUS will be on their software solutions and a review of their features and capabilities. In that case, we will touch on available customer reviews and ratings on data networks.

We got the data from the world wide web, company websites, and various forums where we compared company solutions and software reviews.

Top 10 EV Charging Software Companies in 2023

Here are the 10 best EV charging software companies at the moment.

EV Software CompanyYear foundedRevenue
Tridens 2007, Slovenia
ChargePoint 2007, US 204.1M
EVBox 2010, Netherlands 135.3M
EV Connect 2009, US 12.6M
Shell Recharge Solutions 2009, US 10.9M
ChargeLab 2015, Canada
Driivz 2013, Israel
Ampeco 2018, Bulgaria 5M
GreenFlux 2011, Netherlands 12.9M
Current 2013, Norway

These EV charging software companies have their characteristics and are specialized in a particular field.

Let’s check out these top 10 EV charging software kings in detail and identify the best ones available!

Tridens: Innovative EV Charging Software Company

Tridens offers Tridens EV Charge, an innovative all-in-one Cloud-based EV charging software. This white-labeled solution comes with an easy-to-use mobile application.

What makes Tridens different is that they are the experts in billing operations.

Tridens EV Charge can handle the most challenging pricing and billing scenarios, allowing customers to take their business to the next level. Automated billing, invoicing, and payment collection are just a few of them.

european, north, american, charging

In fact, with Tridens EV Charge you can absolutely elevate your business through state-of-the-art EV billing. Tridens EV Charge helps CPOs and EMSPs manage the charging infrastructure more efficiently, enabling them to monitor charging sessions, track usage, and optimize charging rates.

Smart EV Charging: Unlocking Its Full Potential

Tridens is committed to continuously improving the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. By doing so, they aim to demonstrate their dedication to quality and security and have obtained certification to prove it.

Their support is also fantastic. They try to understand every use case in depth and make it easy to set up and use in practice. Tridens is available all over the world – from North and South America to Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

What can be determined is that Tridens is recognized as the best value for money.

ChargePoint: Biggest EV Charging Company in US

ChargePoint is the biggest EV charging company with the largest network of EV charging stations in the United States.

With over a decade of experience in the EV charging business, ChargePoint has built the largest network of charging infrastructure in the world. The company has over 20,000 charging locations in the US and at least twice as much charging ports.

For example, Tesla, one of the Chargebee’s closest competitors, has the world’s largest global network of fast charging stations. Tesla has over 40,000 Superchargers worldwide.

ChargePoint is definitely a good choice if you require a complete solution, as it offers both hardware and software. Indeed, ChargePoint is an EV charging company specialized in creating hardware, which is manufactured in a larger scale.

Furthermore, ChargePoint has software with some out-of-the-box features called ‘Complete control’, which sets based on driver type, and ‘Actionable reporting’, which gives information about the station’s health and current environmental impacts.

This software comes with the ChargePoint app that gives EV drivers access to hundreds of thousands of charging ports worldwide.

EVBox: EV Charging Solution Provider

EVBox is an EV charging solution provider focused on pushing sustainable mobility with their charging hardware and software.

It’s one of the biggest EV charging solution providers, with over 250,000 charging points globally.

In 2018, EVBox acquired EVTronic (a manufacturer of ultra-fast charging stations). This acquisition included 700 fast-charging stations in the existing European network.

Clearly, EVBox is an all-in-one EV charging solution provider. They are specialized in Smart charging and managing charging points remotely. With Wi-Fi/GPRS-enabled chargers, EV drivers can monitor and restrict access to EVBox charge points.

EVBox’s EV charging management software covers EV charging infrastructure for residential, commercial, and public use to facilitate the electric vehicle charging experience.

In fact, EV Box is a big EV charging company and a globally known brand for EV charging.

Shell: Shell Recharge Solutions

Shell is a giant global energy company that operates gas stations worldwide.

Today, as part of a shift to sustainable world, Shell is getting into the EV charging game, with stations located around the world. The company is well known to the world of electric vehicles and one of the biggest players in the electric vehicle charging industry.

In 2019, Shell bought Greenlots, an EV charging company that operated stations in the US and Canada. Today, Greenlots no longer exists. Instead, Shell Recharge Solutions was created.

Shell Recharge Solutions provides hardware and software for charging electric vehicles.

According to the map of Shell charging stations, around 3,200 Shell ports are available to US users. Washington DC has the most of Shell’s chargers in the nation.

Shell Recharge Solutions software is designed to help businesses, utilities, fleet operators, cities, retailers, and more. It comes along with the mobile app available for Android and Apple phones.

Shell Recharge Solutions is ISO 27001 compliant and emphasizes cybersecurity. For example, they provide multiple layers of hardware-level security, such as video surveillance and secured lockers.

EV Connect: EV Charging Technology Company

EV Connect is an EV charging technology company with headquarters in California, United States.

EV Connect is less of a charging network company and more like one that provides EV charging management software. However, they have lots of EV Connect charging stations too.

Their available software comes with an app that simplifies operations for CPOs and EMSPs.

In January 2023, EV Connect and Skycharger announced a Fleet-as-a-Service (FaaS) program to provide fleet operators with new financing and service options for EV charging infrastructure.

ChargeLab: EV Charging Management Tool and App

ChargeLab is Canadian, Toronto based startup with an innovative EV charging management tool. Their white-label, hardware-agnostic software can be customized to suit a variety of EV charging needs across North America.

The company focuses on flexibility and customizability of their services.

ChargeLab’s robust software has straightforward features and also a mobile app that provide end-user interfaces, making it easy for EV drivers to find, pay for, and use charging stations.

ChargeLab partnered with ABB – a global EV charging station manufacturer, to offer integrated electric vehicle charging hardware and software.

Driivz: A Software for EV Charging Stations

Driivz is a software development company from Israel.

This EV charging software company knows how to optimize energy consumption throughout the day by balancing energy usage.

Therefore, they developed software for EV charging stations that optimizes energy consumption throughout the day by balancing energy usage.

Driivz’s white-label EV charging software allows power utilities, gas oil companies, automakers, and EMSPs.

In 2021 Volvo Group invested in Driivz and together developed an electric car software for managing large charging networks from end-to-end.

No matter Driivz’s competitors, collaborating with Volvo was crucial for them.

Amepco: A Platform for EV Charging

Ampeco is an IT company that offers different services and consulting. The Bulgarian startup is located in Sofia and provides a platform for EV charging used by EV charging companies to manage their electric vehicle charging infrastructure, processes, and energy use bundled with white-label EV driver apps.

Ampeco’s EV charging platform is user-friendly and can handle different EV charging cases, including private and residential charging.

In 2022, Ampeco was awarded the global electric vehicle charging software product leadership award by Frost Sullivan. Also, with standards such as ISO 27001 and ISO 27701, the company strives to ensure safety and continuous development.

What is remarkable is that in 2023 Ampeco started collaborating with BMW i Venutres, which invested 13M in this startup. Also, Ampeco can boast 62,000 charging points connected to its management platform in the US and Europe.

Definitely a great EV charging software company with a recognizable platform for EV charging to keep an eye on it.

GreenFlux: A Platform for EV Charging Networks

GreenFlux offers IT services and consulting for 10 years in the EV charging field.

They provide an e-mobility infrastructure management platform for EV charging networks.

GreenFlux’s platform integrates EV charging technology with simple solutions for managing Greenflux charging station using open protocols and systems.

european, north, american, charging

What’s remarkable to mention is GreenFlux owns an award-winning IOT controller that enables advanced Smart charging and can be fitted in almost every EV charge station worldwide.

They are also ISO 27001 certified, which means they know the meaning of cybersecurity.

Current: An Electric Car Software Company

Current is an electric car software company focused on software development of EV charging solutions.

Current offer EV charging Cloud-based platform that provides a comprehensive management system for charging points.

Considering that Norway is one of the more electrically driven regions, which is also shown by the sales statistics of the electric car in Norway, we can conclude that the company will succeed in breaking into the foreign market.

These EV charging software companies are the industry leaders in EV charging.

All of them are truly exceptional and offer solutions that help provide EV drivers with an exceptional user experience.

Well, it’s really difficult to accurately assess who has better technology or better EV charging management software.

According to Sourceforge, Tridens is the only EV charging software company among all mentioned above with reviews and Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

But in fact, all depends on YOUR preferences and wishes!

The thing is that the smaller EV charging companies will make more of an effort in terms of customer support and solving specific problems, while the biggest ones will show their superiority.

Ready to get started?

Learn how your business can thrive with Tridens EV Charge.

European and North American EV Charging Infrastructure Market 2021: Demand for Public and Destination Charging to Increase Rapidly in Europe

Dublin, Sept. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE).- The EV Charging Infrastructure in Europe and North America. 2nd Edition report has been added to’s offering.

The total installed base of dedicated charging points in Europe is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33 percent from 2.3 million in 2020 to 9.7 million by 2025. In North America, the analyst estimates that the total installed base of dedicated charging points will increase from 0.9 million in 2020 to reach 2.6 million in 2025, growing at a CAGR of 25 percent.

These numbers include both private and public charging points. About 887,000 of these charging points in the two regions were monitored via cellular connections in 2020. Get up to date with the latest information about vendors, charge point operators, products and markets.

The number of connected EV charging points in Europe and North America reached an estimated 1.6 million units in 2020. Europe represents the largest share comprising around 1.3 million of these charging points, corresponding to a connectivity penetration rate of 53 percent. In North America, about 0.3 million of the total number of charging points were connected, equivalent to a connectivity penetration rate of 40 percent. Growing at a compound annual growth rate of 38 percent, the number of connected charging points in the two regions is expected to reach 7.9 million in 2025.

The connected EV charging station market is served by a variety of players. The type of companies offering back-office software platforms for charging stations includes dedicated charging station management software providers, hardware providers as well as charge point operators (CPOs). The back-office platforms developed in-house by CPOs are in some cases also offered as white-label solutions to other CPOs.

In North America, ChargePoint is a clear leader in terms of connected charging points. Additional companies having a notable number of connected charging stations on their platform in the region include AddEnergie, SemaConnect, EV Connect, Blink Charging, Greenlots (Shell Group) and Tesla. ChargePoint and Enel X further account for the majority of the connected home chargers in the region. Examples of vendors having a significant number of connected charging points in Europe include Etrel (LandisGyr), Easee, EVBox (Engie), NewMotion (Shell Group), Last Mile Solutions, Greenflux, Has-to-be, Virta Pod Point and Driivz. The Nordic hardware providers CTEK and Zaptec also have large numbers of connected charging points. Additional notable players in Europe include Vattenfall, Innogy, Allego and Fortum.

Highlights from the report:

  • Insights from 30 executive interviews with market leading companies.
  • New data on EV charging infrastructure in Europe and North America.
  • Comprehensive description of the EV charging value chain and key applications.
  • In-depth analysis of market trends and key developments.
  • Profiles of 54 companies offering EV charging hardware and software.
  • Profiles of 27 charge point operators (CPOs).
  • Market forecasts lasting until 2025.

Key Topics Covered:

1 EV charging in Europe and North America1.1 EV charging infrastructure in Europe1.2 EV charging infrastructure in North America1.3 The electric vehicle market1.4 Market players

2 Charging technologies and standards2.1 Electric vehicle charging2.2 Connector standards2.3 Connectivity and management software2.4 Payment solutions

3 Charge point operators

4 Hardware and software providers

5 Market analysis and trends5.1 Market analysis5.1.1 Market forecast5.1.2 Regional market analysis5.1.3 Government incentives and investments5.2 Value chain analysis5.2.1 EV charging hardware vendors5.2.2 Software providers and charge point operators5.2.3 Automotive industry players5.2.4 Mergers and acquisitions5.3 Market trends5.3.1 Electric vehicle market continues to grow in spite of the COVID-19 crisis5.3.2 The business case for connected charging stations continues to improve5.3.3 MAs drive consolidation in the EV charging landscape5.3.4 Going public gives access to growth capital5.3.5 Demand for public and destination charging to increase rapidly in Europe5.3.6 Open architectures alter the EV charging value chain5.3.7 A modular design improves the case for DC charging5.3.8 Car OEMs offer MSP services to lower barriers to EV adoption

Companies Mentioned

  • ABB
  • ABL
  • AddEnergie (FLO)
  • Alfen
  • Allego
  • Alpitronic
  • Blink Charging
  • Bouygues Energies and Services (Bouygues Construction)
  • BP Pulse
  • BTCPower (Innogy)
  • CEZ Group
  • Chargecloud
  • ChargeNode
  • ChargePoint
  • Circontrol
  • ClipperCreek
  • Compleo Charging Solutions
  • CTEK
  • DBT Group
  • Delta Electronics
  • Driivz
  • Easee
  • Efacec
  • Ekoenergetyka
  • Electrify America
  • Electrify Canada
  • EnBW
  • Eneco eMobility
  • Enel X (Enel Group)
  • eNovates
  • Ensto
  • ESB Group
  • Etrel
  • EV Connect
  • EVBox (ENGIE)
  • EVgo
  • EvoCharge (Phillips Temro)
  • EVPassport
  • Evtec
  • Fastned
  • Fortum
  • Freshmile
  • Garo
  • Gnrgy
  • Green Motion (Eaton)
  • GreenFlux
  • Greenlots (Shell Group)
  • Has-to-be
  • Hydro-Quebec
  • Iberdrola Group
  • IES Synergy
  • Ingeteam
  • Innogy eMobility Solutions (E.ON Group)
  • InstaVolt
  • Ionity
  • Izivia (EDF)
  • Keba
  • Kostad
  • Last Mile Solutions
  • Mennekes Group
  • Mer (Statkraft)
  • NewMotion (Shell Group)
  • Pod Point (EDF)
  • Recharge
  • Rolec Services
  • Schneider Electric
  • SemaConnect
  • Siemens
  • Signet
  • Smartlab
  • Tesla
  • TotalEnergies
  • Tritium
  • Vattenfall Group
  • Virta
  • Volta Charging
  • Wallbe
  • Wallbox
  • Webasto
  • Wirelane
  • Zaptec

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IMPROVED advises GreenFlux on the divestiture of its Charge Point Operating division to Joulz

GreenFlux, an industry-leading provider of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging platforms and Smart charging technology, announced the signing of a definitive agreement to sell its Charge Point Operator (CPO) and E-Mobility Service Provider (eMSP) division to Joulz, a 3i Infrastructure company. Joulz is a leading owner and provider of essential energy infrastructure equipment and services in the Netherlands. The divestiture allows GreenFlux to fully FOCUS on the continued development of its EV charging platform and the international growth of the company.

In 2011 GreenFlux started offering EV charging infrastructure to EV drivers, fleets and building one of the first charging networks in the Netherlands. Today, GreenFlux is an international frontrunner in the EV market, offering software platform solutions to manage charging infrastructures for electric vehicles. The platform enables operators of charging infrastructure to remotely manage charge points, process transactions and utilize Smart charging to adjust the charging speeds to the capacity of the electricity grid and local energy generation. Its products and services are offered to leading charge point operators, e-mobility service providers and companies of the utility, oil and gas and automotive industries over five continents.

This is the first acquisition executed by Joulz after its incorporation under 3i Infrastructure Group. The Dutch branch of the charge point operator will continue as Joulz Laadoplossing B.V. Its activities are predominantly situated in the Netherlands and concerns over 3,000 charging stations. The GreenFlux charging platform, which is excluded from the transaction, remains an integral part of the proposition. Thus compelling a close partnership between GreenFlux and Joulz Laadoplossingen B.V.As a result of the transaction, Joulz has become an important customer of GreenFlux, utilizing the EV charging platform to manage their charging network in the Netherlands. Both parties will continue to closely work together.

We had 9 years of experience deploying Smart charge points in the most advanced electric driving market in the world. We’ve applied this experience to help our platform customers, who want to optimize their operations by leveraging our Smart EV charging platform. But now, GreenFlux is in an accelerated scale-up phase to roll out its platform across selected key markets in Europe, Asia and the United States. That is why we have decided to divest our CPO and eMSP division. The proceeds will fund GreenFlux towards the future and provide the means to FOCUS on enhancing our EV charging platform and growing that business internationally. The new owner, Joulz, is ideally positioned to let this business grow further.

Jurjen de Jong

Chief Executive Officer, GreenFlux

The demand for electric transport is increasing rapidly. Not only is the growth in electric company cars increasing, but we see demand growing in the transport and public transport sector. This means that much more charging infrastructure is also needed. Through the acquisition, Joulz enhances its expertise to deliver this important part of the energy transition to our customers. We are entering the next growth phase with Joulz to realize our strategy: Joulz is turning ON new energy.

Jan Verheij

Chief Executive Officer, Joulz

“GreenFlux is an industry-leading EV charging solution provider. The company has a secure technology platform serving Charge Point Operators. On top, GreenFlux has founded a robust business unit executing Charge Point Operating services in the B2B segment and focussed on the larger complex projects. The current market dynamics require additional FOCUS and, therefore, GreenFlux decided to divest its Charge Point Operating business unit, including a portfolio of 3.000 charge points. The divesture allows GreenFlux to continue its focused growth strategy and invest in its technology roadmap. Also, Joulz – as an energy transition infrastructure player – is a great strategic partner for GreenFlux’s technology platform. We note that the combination Joulz 3i Infrastructure is one of the first larger groups to enter the asset-heavy private charging domain. This transaction will be supportive for the Electric Vehicles uptake the coming years. We already see a lot of traction coming from various angles and players who experience the necessity to develop a more focussed strategy and build their sustainable ecosystem. With our well-developed market insights in this space, we believe we can add substantial value.”

Frank Verbeek

Managing Partner, IMPROVED

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