ESR HaloLock Kickstand Wireless Power Bank review. Esr power bank

ESR HaloLock Kickstand Wireless Power Bank review

The ESR HaloLock Kickstand Wireless Power Bank is a high-quality and versatile charging accessory that delivers impressive performance. This device comes with a built-in 10,000mAh battery capacity, which provides sufficient power to charge your smartphone or other electronic devices multiple times.


The standout feature of the ESR HaloLock Kickstand Wireless Power Bank is its ability to charge your phone wirelessly. This is made possible by the HaloLock magnetic system, which securely attaches your phone to the charging pad for fast and efficient charging. The magnetic system ensures that your phone stays in place, even if you accidentally bump it.

Another great feature of this device is its built-in kickstand, which allows you to prop up your phone in landscape or portrait mode while it’s charging. This is especially useful if you want to watch a movie or video while your phone is charging. The kickstand is adjustable, so you can find the perfect viewing angle that works for you.

Daily use on the go

The ESR HaloLock Kickstand Wireless Power Bank is also very portable and easy to carry around. But it’s not dainty by any means. The Kickstand Power Bank has an excellent weight and machined chassis that can take a beating in your s. This also houses the large 10,000mAH battery.

With this capacity, I was able to charge multiple devices with the HaloLock Kickstand. Of course, I can get pretty much three full recharges of my iPhone with the MagSafe option. Luckily, the USB-C charging port is capable of output as well as input to also charge my other peripherals as well. On a recent trip, I topped off my iPhone by around 40%, my earbuds, and my iPad by 60% while waiting on my plane.

In terms of charging speed, the ESR HaloLock Kickstand Wireless Power Bank does not disappoint. It features 20W fast charging wirelessly and 18W wired, which means it can quickly charge your phone to full battery capacity in a short amount of time. This is especially useful when you’re in a rush and need to charge your phone quickly.

Final thoughts

Overall, the ESR HaloLock Kickstand Wireless Power Bank is a great charging accessory that provides excellent performance and versatility. Its dual charging capability, built-in kickstand, and portability make it a must-have accessory for anyone who needs to charge their phone on the go.

The full retail cost of the ESR HaloLock Kickstand is 60 directly through ESR and is available in black and white variants. If you act right now, Amazon has the Kickstand for 50 with an additional 15% clip coupon.

ESR HaloLock wireless chargers and power bank with CryoBoost

Review of ESR’s wireless chargers that use trademark CryoBoost technology to improve heat dissipation.

Things to know about ESR HaloLock wireless chargers with CryoBoost:

  • ESR wireless chargers feature CryoBoost technology, which eliminates the biggest flaw of wireless chargers – Heat.
  • I have reviewed three products in this review:
  • HaloLock 3-in-1 wireless charger
  • HaloLock Wireless car charger
  • HaloLock 5,000mAh mini kickstand wireless power bank

Editor’s rating:

Compatible models: iPhone 12 series | iPhone 13 series | iPhone 14 series | Airpods Pro

ESR’s CryoBoost wireless chargers are designed to eliminate the biggest flaw of wireless chargers – Heat. Those that have used wireless chargers know how warm the device gets when charging wirelessly. But what if your wireless charger had an in-built heat dissipation system?

halolock, kickstand, wireless, power, bank, review

That would be cool, right? Like, quite literally, it would help your device maintain temperatures and be on the cooler side when charging. An added benefit of these ESR wireless chargers is that they feature HaloLock, essentially ESR’s MagSafe implementation.

Before we delve into the review of the products, let’s first understand what CryoBoost is and how it works.

What is CryoBoost?

CryoBoost is a unique technology developed by ESR that prevents your device from heating when charging wirelessly. It comprises a cooling fan that works with a set of first-of-their-kind heat dissipating components. When paired with HaloLock, CryoBoost enables cool, fast, and safe (due to a strong magnetic connection) wireless charging.

I got my hands on HaloLock 3-in-1 wireless charger, HaloLock wireless car charger with CryoBoost, and HaloLock 5,000mAh mini kickstand wireless power bank, and here’s what I think about these products.

HaloLock 3-in-1 wireless charger with CryoBoost review

As the name suggests, the HaloLock 3-in-1 Wireless Charger with CryoBoost is a wireless charger that can simultaneously charge an iPhone, Airpods, and the Apple Watch. It is compatible with iPhones that feature MagSafe, i.e., iPhone 12, 13, and 14 series, or you will have to use a MagSafe case/ring with iPhone 11 or older.

The Airpods charging area can wirelessly charge Airpods 2, 3, Pro, and 2nd-generation Airpods Pro with a compatible MagSafe charging case. And the Apple Watch Charger is just a stand that houses the Apple Watch charger and hides the cable within its base.

halolock, kickstand, wireless, power, bank, review

Build and design

The wireless charger comes in matte white, and the stand boasts a metallic silver finish. The base, which doubles as a charging dock for Airpods, features a stand to house the Apple Watch charger. It has one of the best implementations to house the cables, so there is no cable clutter at all.

To hide the cables of the Apple Watch charger cable, there is smartly-designed cable routing enclosed within the base of the charger. It has USB-A and USB-C ports, and you can use whichever you want. The base also has four anti-skid pads at the bottom. It ensures that the charger doesn’t wobble or skid when detaching your devices from it.

The power input port is on the rear and can be neatly hidden when you mount the stand on a table. However, the ferrite bead is near the end of the cable, which can be intrusive if you are a cable-management freak.

While all other components feature a polycarbonate build, the iPhone charger stand and the Apple Watch charger stand and housing are made from aluminum alloy. The iPhone stand is adjustable. And this adjustability provides great viewing angles when your iPhone is mounted on the device in both portrait and landscape modes.

The holding force of the magnets of the HaloLock charging pad is 1000 grams. It means it can hold the weight of 4 Pro Max iPhones. The material of the charging pad has a glossy finish and ESR branding at the center.

halolock, kickstand, wireless, power, bank, review

Just beside the pad is a circular ridge that displays the CryoBoost status light and doubles as a vent for the fan and the heat dissipation technology. You can disable CryoBoost cooling whenever you want, as the backlight can be distracting when you’re trying to sleep.


The HaloLock 3-in-1 wireless charger is great if you want to mount it on your work table or just beside your bed before you go to sleep and keep all your devices on charge in one place without the hassle of wires. The HaloLock charging pad can wirelessly charge a caseless iPhone that supports MagSafe charging and an iPhone with an official MagSafe case or a HaloLock case.

Luckily, the iPhone 13 Pro Max in the office has a clear HaloLock case on. I tried attaching the iPhone to the charging pad with and without a case, and I’m surprised with the results. The magnetic lock is visibly stronger with the case!

To wirelessly charge your iPhone, whether you use a case or not is up to you. However, the magnetic lock is stronger with a case on. You can attach your iPhone in portrait or landscape orientation. And since the stand is adjustable, you can also set it at a comfortable angle.

While MagSafe provides wireless charging speeds of up to 15W, the total power output of the ESR charger is 12.5W. This means the maximum speed it provides is 7.5W for the iPhone, 5W for the Airpods, and 5W for the Apple Watch. I’ve learned over time that, no matter what the power output is, the charging speeds will be slow if there’s no proper heat dissipation.

When charging your iPhone with the ESR charger 3-in-1 wireless charger, you can expect a similar or slightly higher charging time than MagSafe. ESR claims a charge time of three hours to fully charge the iPhone, and their claims are close to actual results, but it will largely depend on your room temperature.

Should you get the ESR HaloLock 3-in-1 wireless charger?

  • Minimal design
  • CryoBoost cooling technology
  • HaloLock enables a strong magnetic lock
  • Adjustable viewing angles
  • Not an official MagSafe charger
  • Lacks Qi wireless charging
  • Intrusive ferrite bead on the power cable

The ESR HaloLock 3-in-1 wireless charger is priced at 69.99, and the price-to-performance ratio is on par with other wireless chargers available in the market. If I had a bone to pick with this charger, it would be the lack of support for Qi wireless charging. That would enable a 10W charging speed.

The charger features an active in-built cooling system and can easily handle higher-wattage wireless charging. Maybe the next iteration features higher charging speeds. Nonetheless, you cannot go wrong with this ESR HoloLock wireless charger for the price.

ESR’s HaloLock accessories take iPhone’s MagSafe to the next level

ESR is a well-known manufacturer of accessories for mobile devices, with more than 100 million customers around the world. And with its new HaloLock system, ESR expands the capabilities of MagSafe for iPhone to an even wider variety of accessories, from cases to external batteries that function as a stand.

Apple introduced MagSafe to the iPhone in 2020 with iPhone 12. By combining the Qi standard for wireless charging with strong magnets, MagSafe has enabled a new range of accessories that align perfectly with the phone. This is especially important for charging accessories, as the perfect alignment makes charging more efficient.

And with an internal 5,000 mAh battery, you can fully recharge any iPhone model with the HaloLock Power Bank Wallet. Of course, the accessory can also recharge other MagSafe-compatible devices, such as the Airpods charging case. The HaloLock Power Bank Wallet can be easily recharged via a USB-C port.

HaloLock Geo Wallet

The HaloLock Geo Wallet also offers an elegant wallet solution that can be attached magnetically to your iPhone. However, this accessory is fully compatible with Apple’s Find My network, which means you can track it anywhere.

This is a big advantage compared to Apple’s MagSafe Wallet that only shows the location where the accessory has been detached from the iPhone. The HaloLock Geo Wallet also has stronger magnets than Apple’s alternative. Still, if you lose it, don’t worry. The Find My app will show you exactly where the wallet is anywhere in the world.

Enjoy a magnetic lock on your phone more than double the strength of the official MagSafe Wallet via powerful built-in magnets with 1,500 g of holding force. Go about your day with peace of mind, knowing your most important items are locked on for the ride.

To ensure that you will be able to track your wallet, the HaloLock Geo Wallet comes with a built-in battery that lasts for three months on a single charge. And when the battery dies, you can easily recharge it using a special magnetic to USB-C cable.

The HaloLock Geo Wallet also has a secure-grip finger loop, so you can hold your iPhone more firmly. The finger loop can be folded flat if you don’t want to use it.

It’s worth noting that the ESR HaloLock Geo Wallet is currently available on Kickstarter. Sales on Amazon will begin in May.

HaloLock Charger with CryoBoost

Wireless recharging can be challenging. Even with perfect alignment, thanks to the magnets, these chargers heat up the device more than conventional wired chargers. This is why ESR created CryoBoost technology, which adds a cooling fan to the charger that helps dissipate the heat.

And the best part is that the HaloLock Wireless Charger is available in two different versions: a 3-in-1 base and a car mount.

The HaloLock 3-in-1 Wireless Charger is the perfect solution for Airpods and Apple Watch users, as it can charge these two devices simultaneously with your iPhone. There’s even a Sleep mode that turns off the status lights at night.

Meanwhile, the HaloLock Wireless Car Charger conveniently lets you keep your iPhone attached to your car dashboard while it recharges wirelessly.

ESR HaloLock cases and more

ESR also offers a variety of cases for iPhone, iPad, and other devices. The CLASSIC Kickstand Case with HaloLock is a simple but elegant transparent case made of acrylic that protects your iPhone without hiding its original design. The case comes with a kickstand in the camera area so that you can sit your iPhone on a flat surface.

And Airpods Pro owners can get the CYBER ARMOR Tough Case with HaloLock, which strongly protects their earbuds with a ruggedized design and is MagSafe compatible.

All HaloLock products can be found at special on Amazon or the ESR Gear online store.

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Which MagSafe battery pack is best? 6 Expert Picks

ZDNET tested the best MagSage battery packs on the market to see which can best power your iPhone. Compare leading models from Apple, Anker, and more.

Jason Cipriani is based out of beautiful Colorado and has been covering technology news and reviewing the latest gadgets as a freelance journalist for the past 13 years. His work can be found all across the Internet and in print.

Lena Muhtadi Borrelli has several years of experience in writing for insurance domains such as Bankrate, allconnect, Healthline,,, My Slumber Yard and MYMOVE. She is a financial expert who previously worked for Morgan St.

Sean Jackson is a creative copywriter living in Florida. He’s had work published with CNET,, theScore, ESPN, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Jason Cipriani is based out of beautiful Colorado and has been covering technology news and reviewing the latest gadgets as a freelance journalist for the past 13 years. His work can be found all across the Internet and in print.

Lena Muhtadi Borrelli has several years of experience in writing for insurance domains such as Bankrate, allconnect, Healthline,,, My Slumber Yard and MYMOVE. She is a financial expert who previously worked for Morgan St.

Sean Jackson is a creative copywriter living in Florida. He’s had work published with CNET,, theScore, ESPN, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

No matter how much Apple touts the longevity of the latest iPhone’s battery, users know it never seems to last all day.

Wireless battery packs that employ Apple’s MagSage technology offer an even more compact solution to the ever-helpful portable power banks, so you can ditch the wires entirely to power your iPhone 12-14 generation model on the go.- including the mini and Pro Max.

ZDNET went hands-on with the best and latest MagSafe battery packs on the market, testing them for efficient charge rate, portability, and charging pass-through capabilities to help you confidently decide which is the most practical and powerful option for your phone. Our first pick, the myCharge MagLock Magnetic Powerbank is budget friendly, has a built-in speaker that signals charge level and connection, and has a unique design that keeps the pack from overheating. Read on to see how other models compare and which is right for you.

myCharge MagLock Magnetic Powerbank

Best MagSafe battery pack overall

  • Comprehensive functionality
  • USB-C port
  • Built-in speaker signals charge level and connection
  • Budget-friendly

Features: Capacity: 3,000mAh, 6,000mAh, 9,000mAh | Charging Port: USB-C | Power button: Yes

The latest company to offer a MagSafe compatible battery pack is myCharge with its MagLock lineup. The MagLock lineup has three different options, ranging in capacity and price. A 3,000mAh option is 50, 6,000mAh is 60 and the 9,000mAh pack is 70.

The MagLock has a unique raised design where the pack connects to the phone. According to myCharge, the gap between the phone and the battery pack allows both devices to remain cooler than the competition, which leads to better efficiency and faster charging rates. When you connect the pack to your phone, it plays a short sound to let you know the pack is in use. Another sound plays when you remove the pack from your iPhone.

There’s also a power button, but I haven’t had to use it. I just attach the pack to my phone, let it charge, and then remove it. The MagLock is charged via a USB-C connection, and functions as a wireless charging pad if you place your phone on the pack while it’s plugged in.

Apple MagSafe battery pack

Best MagSafe battery pack for native integration

  • Deep integration with iOS takes full advantage of the battery pack
  • Smart charging ensures proper iPhone and battery pack charging
  • Your iPhone uses reverse wireless charging to charge the pack
  • Compact size

Features: Capacity: 1,460mAh/ 11.13Wh | Charging Port: Lightning | Power button: No

Apple’s MagSafe battery pack is the second smallest battery pack I tested, even though pictures can make it look big. Inside are two battery cells with 11.13 Wh of capacity. Don’t expect the battery pack to charge your iPhone from 0 to 100. Wireless charging is highly inefficient due to several factors (heat being one of them). You’re more likely to get around a 60% charge on the iPhone 12 Pro, and for most, that’s more than good enough to get through a long day at work or when traveling.

At 100, the MagSafe battery pack is the most expensive pack of the lot. Its tight integration can arguably justify Apple tax with iOS 14.7 and above; when you place the pack on a compatible iPhone, you’ll see an animation on your screen letting you know how much of a charge the pack has. It will automatically begin charging your phone. The first time you attach one to your phone, you’ll also see an alert letting you know it will keep your phone at 90% to protect your battery. The battery widget built into iOS will show the pack’s current charge level, right alongside your iPhone and other accessories.

Charging the battery pack is done via a Lightning connector on the bottom of the pack. If you use a 20W adapter, you can charge both the pack and the iPhone at the same time by plugging the connector into your iPhone. Your iPhone will then use reverse wireless charging to top off the battery pack.- the first time we’ve seen such a feature in use from any iPhone model.

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