Does Autozone Install or Replace Batteries. Autozone car battery install

Does Autozone Install or Replace Batteries?

Autozone is a popular place to purchase car parts and accessories. One of the services they offer is battery installation and replacement. They offer a variety of batteries, from standard lead-acid to solid-state batteries.

If you have a car with a standard lead-acid battery, you can purchase the battery from Autozone, and they will install it for you. For cars that require a particular type of battery, such as a hybrid or electric, Autozone offers battery installation by appointment only.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Battery at Autozone?

The cost of replacing a battery will depend on the type of battery you need. For a standard lead-acid battery, the cost is around 42, depending on the type and size you need. For an AGM battery, the cost is around 85.

does, autozone, install, replace

The cost can go up from there if you need a gel cell or another specialty type of battery. Most batteries will include a warranty that ranges from six to twelve months. You can also check out our article on how much it costs to replace a dead car battery for more information about pricing and warranty information.

Will My Warranty Be Affected If I Install My Battery?

In most cases, an aftermarket or replacement car battery will void your warranty on your original car batteries. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, so be sure to check out autocraft battery before purchasing a new battery for your car.

It is also essential to check with the retailer where you purchase your new battery. There may be different policies that apply based on your specific vehicle’s needs and whether or not they are installed by professionals at the store or by yourself at home.

Who is Autozone?

Autozone is an international company that sells automotive aftermarket products, including parts, fasteners, and fluids. Founded in 1972 in Memphis, Tennessee, Autozone went public in 1986 and now operates over 5,000 stores in North America. The company shockingly employs over 60,000 people worldwide.

Autozone was founded in 1972 by John Zimmer and Richard Sharp, who were both students at the University of Arkansas. They opened their first store in Memphis, Tennessee, one of the first auto parts stores to open in the city.

The company grew rapidly throughout the 1980s, expanding into other cities and adding new products. In 1986 it went public on NASDAQ under the symbol AZO. The company continued growing through the 1990s and 2000s.

The company has several different store formats, including its traditional AutoZone branded stores, AutoZone-branded stores operated by franchisees, AutoMeter-branded stores (automotive service parts equipment), and O’Reilly Auto Parts-branded stores (automotive service parts equipment).

Why are Batteries Important?

Batteries are essential in the car world. Without a battery, your car is nothing but a pretty, unusable object in your garage. Batteries are used to power up the starter motor, which starts up the engine of your car.

Without a battery, you’ll have to call for roadside assistance to get your vehicle started.

Batteries are also used to power up the lights of your car. You might think that you can use your car’s alternator to power up the lights, but it won’t work because the lights require a lot of power which will drain your battery.

Installation of Batteries at Autozone

Batteries can last for many years, but they will eventually need to be replaced. If you want to install new batteries in your vehicle, you can do so at your local Autozone store.

Autozone technicians can install several types of batteries:

  • Conventional lead-acid batteries, which are the most common and lowest priced type.
  • Maintenance-free batteries, which require no maintenance and have a longer life span.
  • Gel cell batteries, which are more expensive but provide better protection from corrosion.

The installation process is relatively simple: you visit your local Autozone store and speak with a technician about what type of battery you need and whether there is any existing damage to be addressed before installing a new battery.

The technician will then install the new battery in your vehicle for you. The cost of installation ranges from 52-95 per battery.

Replacement of Batteries at Autozone

Autozone is a company that sells auto parts and other supplies for vehicles. They offer several services, such as battery replacement, which can be done in person or online.

The company also offers to jump-start your car for free with the purchase of a new battery. AutoZone makes their batteries as well as offers branded batteries at a discounted price.

Autozone’s battery replacement service is top-rated with people who want to save money on car repairs. There are many reasons for this. One of the most obvious is that it saves people time. People often work during the day and find that they need to get their car serviced in the evening or weekend.

Autozone offers complimentary installation of your new battery, so you can have your car back up and running in no time. The company also offers very competitive prices.

While Autozone’s battery replacement service has many advantages, it does have some drawbacks. One of the biggest is that the retailer only offers a 90-day warranty on its replacement batteries. This is significantly less than what other companies offer.

It can also be challenging to find an Autozone store in your area if you rely on directions from your GPS. Another problem is that there are no guarantees that the new battery will work better than your old one.

Alternatives to Autozone

Many auto supply stores are alternatives to Autozone. Stores like Pep Boys, Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts, and O’Reilly Auto Parts offer the same products as Autozone.

They typically carry a similar selection of parts and tools but at a much lower price. Pep Boys has the best reputation when it comes to alternative auto parts stores.

The same can be said when trying to decide between Walmart and Autozone. Walmart is better known for cheap car batteries and cheap car insurance in addition to cheap tires and other car parts and accessories.

However, Autozone is still a good choice for buying auto parts in bulk or when you need an emergency replacement part right away.

Need a new car battery? AAA delivers on the spot

The Approved Auto Repair Facility Locator is a powerful search tool that gives you easy access to information on over 7,000 Approved Auto Repair facilities across North America.

With AAA’s Mobile Car Battery Service, you can bypass the parts store and repair shop when it’s time for a new battery. Members can contact AAA with your battery issue and a service technician will come to you to test it. If possible, we’ll replace it on the spot.

AAA’s Mobile Car Battery Service.- one of the best deals on the road. AAA car batteries are competitively priced and each comes with a three-year replacement warranty.

A new battery will last, on average, three to five years, but driving conditions, climate and maintenance will affect its lifespan. You can get the most out of your battery by following these tips from AAA. Just remember to wear eye protection and gloves while working on your battery, and never smoke near a battery or allow it to be near sparks or an open flame.

Keep your battery clean. Periodically pop the hood and look for corrosion on the battery terminals. If you see any, clean it off with a small, stiff brush and a solution of baking soda and water. After removing the corrosion, rinse the battery with water.

does, autozone, install, replace

As your battery begins to age, have it tested occasionally by a AAA Approved Auto Repair shop near you. Testing equipment today can often give you a good sense of how much life a battery has left. That way you can replace it when necessary and avoid being stranded.

Car Mobile Battery Service is one of AAA’s most popular membership benefits, with service techs replacing more than 2 million batteries a year. Since 1999, AAA has recycled more than 18 million batteries. Laid end to end, they’d stretch from Miami to Seattle. Old and defective batteries are recycled, saving resources and keeping hazardous waste out of landfills.

Ways to Love Your Vehicle Battery

When you think of romance, your car battery probably doesn’t come to mind. But it’s worth showing your battery some love! You don’t realize how much you need it until it dies! Here are some ways to give your battery some TLC.

All the Electric Vehicle Perks That Come with a AAA membership!

Electric vehicles (EVs) are not new to AAA. Over the past decade, we have committed to learning, developing, and servicing EVs as their popularity has grown. We offer a variety of benefits specifically for those interested in EVs.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Brake Pads?

Brakes can wear down quickly. Learn how much it costs to replace brake pads, as well as warning signs to look for so you can continue driving with confidence.

Bad Alternator vs. Bad Battery: A Quick Guide

If your car doesn’t start, it could be a bad alternator or a bad battery. AAA explains the different signs for each so you can get it fixed and back on the road.

O’Reilly vs AutoZone Batteries: Which Battery Is Better For Your Vehicle?

If you are looking to purchase a new car battery, then you may want to start your search at your local auto parts store. Both O’Reilly Auto Parts and AutoZone offer their own line of private-label batteries. But which one is best for your vehicle?

Both O’Reilly and AutoZone offer excellent-quality batteries. If you are shopping strictly on price, then you may want to consider the O’Reilly battery. If you have a higher-end vehicle or want a better quality private label battery, the Duralast battery from AutoZone is the better choice.

This post will compare the line-up of batteries offered by both O’Reilly Auto Parts and AutoZone.

  • O’Reilly batteries
  • AutoZone batteries
  • How do O’Reilly and AutoZone batteries compare?
  • Sum Up
  • Battery fitting mistakes

Before you pull the lever, check out the battery buyers category for comparisons on quality batteries.

Before fitting a new battery, check out the most common battery fitting mistakes below, some of which are spendy to fix.

About O’Reilly

O’Reilly Auto Parts is one of the largest auto parts retailers in the United States. Currently, O’Reilly Auto Parts have over 5,600 locations in 47 states. The company sells its auto parts products to professional mechanics and do-it-yourself customers.

O’Reilly Batteries

O’Reilly Auto Parts offers its own line of Super Start Batteries for vehicles. Currently, there are four subbrands under the Super State private label brand from the auto retailer.

Super Start Economy

Super State Economy is the most affordable private-label battery offered by O’Reilly Auto Parts. These batteries are ideal for those on a budget and who have an older vehicle. These batteries tend to be about 30% less expensive than the average battery.

Super Start Premium

Super Start Premium is the mid-level battery offered by O’Reilly Auto Parts. Whether you have a newer or an older vehicle, Super Start Premium will provide the best value in the O’Reilly batteries line-up.

Super Start Extreme

Super Start Extreme is designed for those who have high-use vehicles or those who take their vehicles off-roading. These batteries tend to be tougher, longer-lasting, and provide excellent starting power. Super Start Extreme batteries are priced higher than Super Start Premium batteries.

Super Start Platinum

Super Start Platinum batteries are the high-end model in the O’Reilly Auto Parts Super Start brand. These batteries are designed for luxury vehicles and high-performance vehicles. Super Start Platinum batteries will have the best warranty as well as the best build construction.

About AutoZone

AutoZone is the largest auto parts-only retailer in the United States. The company has over 6,000 locations across the country and services professional mechanics as well as the consumer market. The company is known for providing just about all types of auto parts, including aftermarket parts.

AutoZone Batteries

AutoZone offers its own line-up of private-label batteries. Like O’Reilly Auto Parts, AutoZone offers four sub-brands of batteries for vehicles. Each sub-brand provides a different level of pricing.


The Econocraft line-up of batteries is the most affordable from AutoZone’s private label brand. This content is owned by moc.sotuaytsur. These batteries are ideal for those who need basic starting power from an older vehicle. Econocraft batteries are about 30% less expensive than the average battery cost.


Duralast is the standard battery brand from AutoZone. In most cases, a Duralast battery will be sufficient for most vehicles. Compared to non-private-label batteries from Diehard, Optima, and ACDelco, these batteries are affordable.

Duralast Gold

Duralast Gold is the premium private label sub-brand from AutoZone. These batteries are ideal for high-use or luxury vehicles. Duralast Gold batteries will have better build construction, offer better starting power, and last longer than Duralast batteries.

Duralast Platinum

Duralast Platinum batteries are the highest quality batteries offered by AutoZone. These batteries are ideal for high-performance vehicles or those who take their vehicles to extreme-weather environments. Duralast Platinum batteries will last longer than any of the other batteries offered by AutoZone.

How Do O’Reilly and AutoZone Batteries Compare?

Here, we will compare both battery brands in terms of selection, quality, pricing, longevity, performance, and warranty.


Both O’Reilly and AutoZone offer you four sub-brands that offer different pricing and quality levels. With both brands, you will likely find the battery that will fit your needs and your budget. In this case, both brands tie in this category.


AutoZone’s selection of Duralast batteries has a better reputation and sells in a higher volume than the private label batteries offered by O’Reilly Auto Parts. If you are picky about battery quality, then you will want to opt for AutoZone.


Both O’Reilly and AutoZone offer four different sub-brands of batteries at different price levels. However, it appears that O’Reilly’s line-up of batteries tends to beat AutoZone’s Duralast line-up of batteries in most cases. Here O’Reilly gets the edge.


Both O’Reilly and AutoZone offer batteries that can provide you with a long life. However, if you want to get the maximum life from your battery, you will want to go with the Duralast Platinum battery from AutoZone. These high-end batteries are known for lasting longer and performing well in extreme weather conditions. The edge here goes to AutoZone.


When it comes to performance, the clear winner is going to be AutoZone. Their line-up of Durlast Gold and Duralast Premium are among the best private-label batteries that you can find on the market. If you want a great battery for your high-end car and don’t want to spend more on a Diehard or ACDelco battery, then going with AutoZone batteries is going to be your choice.


AutoZone’s Duralast battery comes with a two-year warranty, while AutoZone’s Duralast Gold and Duralast Platinum battery come with a three-year warranty. O’Reilly Auto Parts offers a two-year warranty on its Super Start Premium battery and a three-year warranty on its Super Start Extreme and Super Start Platinum battery. Here, both brands tie in when it comes to warranty coverage.

The bottom line on O’Reilly and AutoZone Batteries

So which battery brand is best for you? Shopping strictly on price, you may want to consider O’Reilly Auto Parts. However, if you own a higher-end vehicle or simply want a better quality private label battery, you will want to look at the Durlast brand of AutoZone batteries.

Overall, both O’Reilly Auto Parts and AutoZone offer excellent choices when it comes to private-label batteries, but do check out for great deals before you pull the lever.

Battery Fitting Mistakes

Can you fit your own battery? You sure can. But you should know three common battery fitting errors.

1 Removing car’s computer power – Some cars won’t like to have their batteries removed. It causes the computers to lose track of the sensors they use to manage various systems.

2 Connecting a battery up backways – This is a really common issue and can be spendy to fix.

Anyway, we will avoid these common issues because we will follow some basic battery fitting tips.

3 Failing to calibrate the Battery control module

1 Removing the car’s computer power

This doesn’t tend to be an issue with regular family cars, but the more sophisticated the car, the more computers, and the more likely removing the battery will cause issues.

What type of issues? Mostly irritating type stuff like inop HVAC systems or erratic window controls and poor quality gear changes. And in most cases, these issues fix themselves by just driving the car. (my favorite type of problem)

But sometimes, you have an erratic idle that won’t fix itself and may require a visit to a dealer to set it straight again.

I advise folks who are going to change a battery to use a KAM (Keep Alive Memory) tool; it sends a small voltage to the car’s computers to keep them alive while the battery is disconnected.

2 Connecting up the battery backways

In many cases, connecting up backways just blows a fuse, no biggie, right? And hooking up backways is an easy mistake to make, and it often stems from trying to fit a battery that isn’t suitable, poles on the wrong sides, etc.

But for some unlucky folks hooking up backways can result in some spendy repair bills.

I wrote a post about hooking up your battery backways, and you can check that out here – “Battery sparked now won’t start.”

I also wrote a post about battery terminal identification, and you can check it out here Unmarked car battery terminals.

does, autozone, install, replace

3 Battery Control Module

Modern vehicles use a computer specifically to manage your battery health; when you replace the battery, the battery control module (computer) should be calibrated – You tell the computer, ” Hey, I’m a new battery, and you don’t need to charge me at the same rate you did the old battery.

If the control module isn’t notified of the battery change, it may overcharge your new battery, which will shorten its life. Anyway, I wrote a post about swapping out your battery, it covers all of the above in more detail, and you can check it out here – “How hard to change a car battery?

About the Author

John Cunningham is a Red Seal Qualified automotive motive technician with over twenty-five years of experience in the field. When he’s not writing about car repair, you’ll find him in his happy place – restoring classic cars.

Helpful Battery-s

Batteries drain and fail for many reasons, including old age, alternator issues, battery drain, or simply loose battery terminals. And below, I’ll list some posts I wrote on common battery-related issues, from troubleshooting repairs to buying advice.

Battery Troubleshooting

  • Battery issues
  • Alternator issues
  • Unmarked car battery terminals
  • How hard to change a car battery?
  • Car won’t idle after battery change?
  • Car battery dead car won’t unlock
  • Tools to replace car battery
  • How long to charge a car battery driving?
  • Car battery drain
  • Is ground same as negative?
  • Battery troubleshooting blog section

Battery Buying

John Cunningham is an Automotive Technician and writer on He’s been a mechanic for over twenty-five years and has worked for GM, Volvo, Volkswagen, Land Rover, and Jaguar dealerships.

John uses his know-how and experience to write fluff-free articles that help fellow gearheads with all aspects of vehicle ownership, including maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting.

Hey, I’m John Cunningham, a technical writer here at

I’m a Red Seal-qualified Auto Service Technician with over twenty-five years experience working on Classic and Modern Cars.

I’ve worked for GM, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, Audi, and VW main dealers.

Yep, I’ve skint my knuckles on them all!

What to Know About the AutoZone Warranty

Almost every new vehicle part you purchase from AutoZone is covered by an AutoZone warranty. Just as official manufacturer parts are guaranteed to be free of defects, so too are the batteries and aftermarket parts sold by AutoZone.

Don’t pay for a new part when you can get a replacement for free. This article reviews key information you need to know about the AutoZone warranty, such as how it works and how long it lasts.

We’ll also recommend several top-rated extended car warranties to keep more of your vehicle protected. If you like the idea of having your car’s parts covered in the case of an unexpected breakdown, coverage from one of the best extended car warranty companies can protect the majority of vehicle parts, not just the ones you purchase at AutoZone.

What Is the AutoZone Warranty?

AutoZone provides warranty protection for most vehicle parts and batteries that it sells. The AutoZone warranty is a guarantee that these components are free from defects and are built to last for a certain amount of time. Parts that fail or malfunction during the warranty period can be replaced or refunded at any AutoZone location or fulfillment center.

How Does the AutoZone Warranty Work?

If a part that you purchase at AutoZone fails within the AutoZone warranty period, return the failed component to any AutoZone store and bring your receipt. You may also be asked to provide a valid, government-issued ID. The store will replace the part at no additional cost or give you a refund.

Like any automotive coverage plan, the AutoZone warranty only covers parts that fail after normal use. It does not cover damage due to abuse, misuse, improper installation, off-road use or caused by another failed part. The length of the AutoZone warranty varies by part.

Do You Need a Receipt to Return a Part at AutoZone?

If you have lost your receipt, you can still return your AutoZone part by calling AutoZone Customer Support at 800-288-6966 and requesting the relevant transaction information.

How Long Is the AutoZone Warranty?

AutoZone warranty lengths vary by part and will be outlined on your receipt or can be found on AutoZone’s website by searching your part number. Some parts, like starters, alternators and water pumps, come with a limited lifetime warranty. All AutoZone parts and batteries warranties expire if you sell or transfer your vehicle.

AutoZone Warranty Length: Batteries

Automotive batteries are covered under the AutoZone warranty anywhere from 90 days to four years, depending on the battery brand. Non-automotive batteries are covered between 30 days and two years, depending on the brand.

Battery TypeBatteryAutoZone Warranty Length
Automotive Econocraft 90 days
Automotive Valucraft 1 year
Automotive Duralast 2 years
Automotive Optima Yellow/Red Top 2 to 3 years
Automotive Duralast Gold 3 years
Automotive Platinum 3 years
Automotive Odyssey 3 to 4 years
Non-Automotive Valucraft LG Utility 30 days
Non-Automotive Duralast LG Utility 90 days
Non-Automotive Duralast Gold LG Utility 90 days
Non-Automotive Econocraft 90 days
Non-Automotive Valucraft 1 year
Non-Automotive Duralast Heavy Duty 1 year
Non-Automotive Non-Branded Heavy Duty 1 year
Non-Automotive Optima Blue Top 2 years

How to Cover Parts With an Extended Car Warranty

The AutoZone warranty will cover parts you purchase from AutoZone, but it doesn’t extend to the parts already in your vehicle. That means the part will have to have broken down once before it’s covered. Additionally, the AutoZone warranty only covers parts – not the labor to replace the part in your vehicle. If you want more coverage, an extended auto warranty may be a good idea.

All new vehicles come with a warranty, but these typically expire after three years. To continue your warranty protection, you can buy an extended vehicle service contract to pay for the cost of unexpected repairs or breakdowns. Check out two of our top recommended providers, Endurance and CARCHEX, below.

Endurance: Best Provider

Endurance offers several levels of car warranty protection that range from powertrain coverage – which protects parts that make the car move, like the engine, transmission and drive axles – to exclusionary coverage for protection of most all vehicle components, with some exceptions.

To give you an idea of how much an Endurance contract might cost, the chart below describes quotes we received from Endurance for an exclusionary contract for a 2018 Toyota RAV4 with 30,000 miles on the odometer.

Plan NameSupreme
Term Length 5 years/100,000 miles
Monthly Cost 77.35 for 36 months
Down Payment 166.55
Total Cost 2,951.15
Deductible 100.00

For more information, read our full Endurance warranty review. You can also click below to receive a free quote from the provider to see how much a plan would cost for your vehicle.

CARCHEX: Best for High-Mileage Cars

Like Endurance, CARCHEX offers warranty contracts ranging from basic powertrain to exclusionary bumper-to-bumper protection. See the quote CARCHEX offered for exclusionary coverage on a 2018 Toyota RAV4 with 30,000 miles below.

Plan NameTitanium
Term Length 7 years/125,000 miles
Monthly Cost 190.00 for 18 months
Down Payment 342.00
Total Cost 3,762.00
Deductible 100.00

To learn more, read our complete CARCHEX review. You can also click below to get a free quote from CARCHEX.

Featured Extended Warranty Companies

We reviewed the best extended auto warranty providers, and here are our top picks.

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