Deltaco 15000mAh Outdoor PowerBank, USB-C, LED flashlight, IP67. Power bank 15000

Power bank with AC outlet 3 in 1.15000mAH

ENEGON 15000mAh Portable Phone Charger, Small Fast Charging Power Battery Bank with Built in AC Wall Plug and Cables, 3 Outputs Dual Inputs, USB-C PDQc 3.0.External Battery Pack for Android iPhone

deltaco, 15000mah, outdoor, powerbank, usb-c

【3-in-1 Hybrid Portable Chargers】Our fast charging power bank with ac outlet (cargador portatil carga rapida) is multifunctional including cell phone charger, power adapters 2 charge cables which can be used for all Android and iPhones, for example Samsung and iPhone 11, 12, 13 etc. The product provides convenience as you will no longer forget your outlet plug or cables anymore because it’s all built in. This is the best travel charger. 【Fast Charging with 3 Outports】This mini battery bank has 2 built-in Type-C Outputs (18W/PD) and 1 USB output (Max 22.5W /QC 3.0). It allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time. It will be 2 times faster than the normal 5v/2A portable charger, ideal for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series cell phone models witch with quick charging function. 【Quick Charging with Dual Inputs】 Dual Inputs means two ways of charging this portable battery charger. One way to charge your power bank is through a built-in foldable wall outlet plug that fully charges in 5 hours. The second way is through a Type-C input that fully charges in about 4.5 hours. It can be used as an outlet plug that can charge your phone while charging itself. 【High Capacity LED Digital Display】The ENEGON 15000mah portable charger with ac outlet can fully charge your mobile phone 3-6 times based on your phone battery capacity. The LED digital display can inform you clearly the power storage status when charging and discharging. 【Small Size】The size of the battery pack is only 1.343.353.36 inch, almost half the size of the iPhone Max, Its ideal size makes it a very convenient travel charger that easily fits in your or bag so you can bring along to any of your outdoor activities and business trips. 【Multi-protection】The build in circuitry safety system protects your device from over-heat, over-current, over-discharge, over-voltage and short-circuit. Click the switch, one time to turn on the portable charger and two to turn it off.

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Why This Small Portable Charger?

Only 1 portable charger in the market with 15000mAh that has fast charging (In Out) with cable and AC plug outlet built in.

This USB C power bank with AC outlet provides your phone from 3 to 6 charges with 15000mah capacity. Good battery pack for your cell phone.

Truly cable-free and USB-charger-free portable charger.

Fast Charging with 3 Outports and 2 inputs. 2 times charging and discharging speed than normal portable battery bank.

Digital LED power display to show its juice status real time.

Be ideal to be travel charger as its small size.

Serves as an on-the-go cell phones charger.

It is highly recommended that the small battery pack should be fully charged via outlet or C inputs before first use.

Unitversal Compatibility:

  • iPhone 13/ iPhone 13 Pro/iPhone 13 Pro Max/iPhone 13 Mini
  • iPhone 12/ iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12 Pro Max/iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max, iPhone X / iPhone XR, iPhone SE 2020
  • iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 / iPhone 6 /iPhone 5

Compaitible with Android Series:

  • Samsung Galaxy S 9 Plus,Samsung Galaxy S 8,Samsung Galaxy S 8 Plus,SamsungGalaxy S 7,Samsung Galaxy S 6,Samsung Galaxy S 6 Edge,SamsungGalaxy S 5; samsunggalaxy note 8 samsunggalaxy s8 samsungnote 8 Samsung
  • Nokia 8 Google Pixel 2 OnePlus 5 Nintendo Switch Lumia 950 Samsung S8 plus,Samsung Galaxy S8 plus
  • Google Pixel Lumia 950XL,Google Nexus 5X OnePlus 3T, 10 Google Nexus 6P, LG G6,LG G5
  • Xiaomi 6 HTC U11 Life,Xiaomi 5S HTC

Compatible with iPad and Apple Watch:


AC Input: 100-240v, 50/60HZ 0.3A Max

Type C Input: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A

Built in Type-C Cable Output: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A 18W Max

Type-C Output: 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A 18W Max (support Android and Apple iPhone)

deltaco, 15000mah, outdoor, powerbank, usb-c

USB Output: 5V/3A, 5V/4.5A, 9v/2A,12V/1.5A 22.5W Max (support Android)

Battery Type: polymer lithium battery

The fodable AC plug is fodable, this will be convient to carry in your bag when not use outside.

Two ways to recharge the power bank

  • The first way: Recharge with the built-in AC wall plug 110V-240V directly(15w)
  • The second way: Recharge with the USB-C cable. (22.5w)
  • 1 x 15000mAh Portable Charger
  • 1 x Built in Type Cable for Android
  • 1 x C Cable (3 ft) for iPhone, iPad
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Manual

The battery capacity is 55.5wh, Less than 100wh, no problem to take it on plane or anywhere.

The portable battery charger 15000mah but with small size (3.35/3.35/1.8), It fits easily inside backpacks.

Help and share the USB-c power bank 15000mah with your friends for charging her or his cellphone when urgent needs.

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Deltaco 15000mAh Outdoor PowerBank, USB-C, LED flashlight, IP67

Powerful Deltaco 15.000mAh Outdoor USB PowerBank with LED flashlight, USB-C port and IP67 dust waterproof.

20 days return policy

International Shipping

.000mAh Outdoor USB Powerbank with LED-flashlight and IP67 dust-/waterproof

This Smart Deltaco 15.000mAh USB PowerBank is a powerful ‘Outdoor’ suitable USB battery for operating and charging smartphones and tablets, as well as other USB-based gadgets such as GPS, Bluetooth speakers, cameras and headsets etc Simply plug your device into one of the USB ports and you have plenty of power on the go.

This powerful Powerbank is also suitable for outdoor use, such as hiking and camping etc. with its rugged dust- and water-resistant design (IP67). The power bank is also equipped with a powerful LED flashlight with 3 brightness levels (40-50-70 lumens) and a built-in SoS flashing function.

The Deltaco 15.000mAh PowerBank is equipped withh a USB-C port and a USB-A port with up to 5V/3A (15W) power for fast and stable charging. The power bank can be charged reasonably quickly via the USB-C port (≤ 5.5 hours)

The powerful 15.000mAh PowerBank is equipped with high-performance Lithium-ion cells. The power bank also has a built-in Power Save circuit, so that self-discharge is minimized, and the current does not simply leak when not in use. In addition, it has a number of safety features, including an internal temperature sensor, for safe operation. With the 4 built-in LED indicators, you can always see the remaining battery level (0-100%).

Despite its large capacity of 15.000mAh (55.5Wh), this Powerbank can be carried in hand luggage on most airlines.

15,000mAh (55.5Wh) Lithium-ion battery 1x USB-C input/output (5V/3A) 1x USB-A output (5V/3A) Multi-charger two devices simultaneously (max 15W) LED light with 3 brightness levels (40-50-70 lumens) and SoS flash Dust- Waterproof (IP67 rating) LED indicators for battery capacity (0-100%) Pass-through charging Dimensions (HxWxD): 131 x 53 x 53 mm / Weight: 370g

(The Power Bank uses regular USB-A / USB-C based cables and USB chargers. Purchased separately in the shop)

Model: PB-Q1002 Type: USB Power Bank Support: IP67, LED-Flashlight Capacity: 15.000mAh (55.5Wh) Input: USB-C (5V/3A, Max 15W) Output: 1xUSB-A 1xUSB-C (5V/3A, Max 15W) Charging time: ~5.5h Rechargeable: ≤ 500 cycles Capacity indicators: 4x Smart LED (~25%, ~50%, ~75%, ~100%) Conversion Efficiency: ~85% nominal Power Save Controller: Near Zero Self-discharge / Auto Power off / Smart Detect Output Protection: Short Circuit, Over Current, Over Charging Material: ABS Operating Temperature:.10°C to 45°C Operating Humidity: Max 90%, non-condensing Product Size (HxWxD): 131 x 53 x 53 mm Weight (Net): 370g Weight (Gross): 395g Safety / Compliance: CE, FCC, RoHS

Which Power Bank capacity (mAh) should I choose?

The Capacity (mAh) is also related to the size and weight of the Power Bank, so bigger capcacity also means bigger size and weight.

How many times you can charge your devices depends partly of the PowerBank capacity (mAh), set against the battery capacity (mAh) of the devices you want to charge. Smartphone batteries typically have between 2000-4000mAh capacity. powerful devices such as iPad / Tablets are normally between 6000-10000mAh. You can usually find the battery capacity (mAh) ratings on your various devices, in the product manual / documentation.

For example the iPhone 12 has a 2815mAh battery, so divided up with a 10000mAh Power Bank, will theoretically give you 3,55 full recharges.

However it also consumes energy to actually transfer / convert the power. both in the Power Bank and the recipient device. Secondly, there is also a natural loss in the cables and factors such as temperature, humidity, and not least wear on both ends come in to play.

In other words, you can not just divide the PowerBank capacity with the devices battery capacity. A rule of thumb says that about 20% goes to the above.

Finally, one should also remember that if the device is ON while being charged, it also means up to double power consumption. In this case the Power Bank both have to charge the battery and keep the device operated at the same time.

A cheap / inferior / standard Power Bank will typically have a significantly poorer energy efficiency than a good Power Bank. Secondly fake rated PowerBanks are very common in the market. All Chill Power Bank is specified with real capacity indication.

I tried a Power Bank in a different brand with fairly poor performance. Is Chill’s any different / better?

The two most expensive parts in a Power Bank is the battery cells and the Microchip (optimization and safety). The battery cells constitute up to 80% of the production cost. If a manufacturer will sell cheap power bank, then it is here to save!

So the majority of cheap standard Power Bank on the market are therefore either equipped with cheap battery cells, poor security / energy optimization and / or even with fake rated capacity (mAh). It’s incredibly easy for a manufacturer to make a nice design, put 5000-8000mAh cheap / low cells in it, and indicate and sell it as 10000mAh. How will you confirm you’ve got the listed capacity?

PowerBanks from Chill use handpicked A-Grade cells from renowned battery cell manufacturers. Secondly all models are equipped with energy-optimized micro-chip control and safety. So Chill’s Power Banks have virtually no self-discharge and will retain its capacity much longer.

Obviously they might cost a bit extra, but it pays off. You get a much better price vs performance ratio. like with other energy A rated appliances.

Will Chill’s PowerBanks support my devices?

Chill’s PowerBanks works with all equipment capable og being charged via USB. Virtually all modern Smartphones and iPad / Tablets, cameras, GPS devices, Bluetooth devices etc. is using one of the various USB connectors for charging. If you already use a USB charger / power supply with your devices, then you can also fit your regular USB cable in the Power Bank instead.

The PowerBank itself is also being recharged via USB. Just connect it to your ordinary USB charger / power supply which came included with your Smarthpone / Tablet, a USB port in your computer or any other USB charging source / power supply (sold separately).

The capacity estimation seems a bit inaccurate?

The capacity calculation in a Power Bank works by measuring the internal battery voltage (high capacity = higher voltage and vice versa).

So for optimal capacity usage, the electronics need to know the battery cells current full and empty levels. This is normally measured continuously during full charge/discharge cycles (Full cycles are not required for daily use with a decent Powerbank)

For the same reason, maximum capacity usage is only achieved after 3-5 full cycles when new! Also Actual capacity is gradually affected over time when used etc.

If you experience the capacity estimation seem a bit imprecise, it is basically just a matter of during a full cycle for calibration. You can follow this approach:

Manual Calibration:- Discharge the Power Bank completely- Fully recharge the Power Bank (until LED / LCD Display does not blink)- Disconnect the charging cable for a few seconds and reconnect it to charge again. After a moment the LED / LCD will again be fully lit

The Power Bank is now calibrated and can be used normally again.

How long is the lifespan of a Power Bank?

A Power Bank is basically a Li-ion or Li-Polymer based battery wrapped in electronics, which then enables use via USB standard.

The lifespan of the batteries themselves depends largely on the cell quality, but also on the operating conditions.

Cheap / standard Power Bank also have cheaper cells inside, and usually the capacity will drop rapidly after just a few months.

Better Power Banks are designed to theoretically deliver 300-500 charges / cycles and will typically still have 50% capacity remaining after this. Depending on the use and conditions a lifespan of 1-3 years is usually to be expected. however this is also a huge interval!

Operating conditions have a crucial effect on battery cells lifespan, so you must follow these guidelines to maximize the life:

(Cheaper / inferior Power Bank typically requires to be used more often)

Review: EasyAcc 2nd Gen. 15,000mAh Power Bank

The more charging ports that a power bank has, then the more versatile it is.

This is the consensus with nearly all charging electronics actually, but when you have a power bank that has many charging ports, then its capabilities are that much better. Usually at least.

There are power banks with many charging ports such as the ZeroLemon that has 5 Output charging ports and yet its charging capabilities are rather mediocre.

This is the EasyAcc 15,000mAh power bank that has 3 charging ports. Let’s see if 3 is the magic number to a power.

Similar Power Banks:

Power Capacity

The power capacity of the EasyAcc charger is 15,000mAh.

It sounds good but the Output capacity is going to be very different for nearly everybody, this is because there are 3 charging ports and the Max Output of the power bank is 4.8A.

So if you’re charging more devices and they’re using more of the power bank’s power, then you’re going to be left with less Output capacity.

We’re gonna assume that you’re going to at least be using 2 of the 3 charging ports of the portable charger and with that, you’re going to be using about half or more than half of the Max Output. As a result, you can expect an Output power capacity of 12,000mAh.

Power Capacity for Smartphones

A 12,000mAh power capacity is still quite a lot of power that is going to be able to charge nearly any device that you use with this power bank, to charge to its full capacity. This goes for smartphones and this EasyAcc Power bank can recharge most smartphones 4 times or more.

Power Capacity for Tablets

As for tablets, they’re a slightly different case.

If you want a tablet to charge to its full capacity, then you should charge it alone or possibly with just another device connected to the power bank, preferably a smartphone.

This is because most of the power capacity of the portable charger should be attributed to the tablet. If that’s done, then this power bank will be able to charge most tablets to their full capacities like iPads.

DevicesEasyAcc 2nd Gen. 15,000mAh Power Bank (Output Capacity = 12,000mAh)Phone CapacityEasyAcc 2nd Gen. 15,000mAh Left Over Capacity after One Charge

Output Charging: Per Port: 5V/2.4A | Max Output: 4.8A

The charging speed is surprisingly really good. We’re surprised because in most cases when there are many ports, the charging speed tends to wane but that’s not the case here.

Each of the 3 ports is capable of outputting 2.4 Amps, which is going to be able to charge nearly any device at its max charging speed (Except for Quick Charge compatible devices, since this power bank does not have Quick Charge).

Although it’s important to remember that the max output of the power bank is 4.8A. This means that you can connect 2 iPads and the Max Output of 4.8A will be reached since the Max charging speed of iPads is 2.4 Amps.

If you connect three iPads to the power bank, then charging speed will be limited to 1.6A for each port because the Output of 4.8A must be reached only.

It’s an ideal Max Output, even though a 7.2A Max Output would put this charger into a limitless charging speed range. There’s no need to worry about charging speed unless you are indeed charging three iPads at the same time, even then the Amperage is 1.6A.

So charging three smartphones should provide a max charging speed to the smartphones that are connected or any other devices that have similar charging speeds.

Input Charging: 5V/2.0A

If you want to recharge this power bank as fast as possible then you should use a 2 Amp wall charger. By doing so, you’ll be able to recharge this power bank within 7-8 hours. If you’re using a lower Amperage wall charger, then you’re going to be waiting double the time at 14-15 hours.

To know what the best wall chargers are to use with this power bank or any other portable chargers that you currently own; take a look at our wall charger review section.

Size and Weight:

So the power capacity matches the design for this power bank with it being not too large but being large enough and heavy enough that makes it best to just set it down and use it.

The length of the EasyAcc 15,000mAh is 5.9 inches, it has a width of 2.8 inches and a thickness of 0.8 inches. The weight is nearly a pound at 11.8 ounces.

So maybe you can carry it while you’re charging a single device but the weight of the portable charger is heavy even for its capacity.

Most of the time you’re going to opt to set the charger down, this is true for those times that you’re charging more than a single device and overall it provides a more comfortable user experience.

Functional Components:

The few functional parts of the power bank are in a few different places on the charger. The 3 USB Output charging ports are on the same short side with them all lined up horizontally next to each other.

The power button is on the long side of the charger and the Micro-USB Input port is on the opposite long side of the charger. There are 4 LED power capacity indicators on the top.

Charging automatically begins when you connect a device into any of the charging ports and charging automatically stops when there aren’t any devices connected. So this leaves the power button with mostly a single usage of simply checking the power capacity.

Structure and Material:

The structure is standard with it having a top and bottom piece. There are 2 side panels on the power bank as well.

Nearly everything on the charger is made of plastic, and with that said, it’s best not to drop this power bank.

This is because there aren’t any securities to make it preventative of taking shock damage from a fall. Along with the heavyweight, the shock on impact can be devastating.


Like most power banks or at least we hope ALL power banks.

This one has safety tech like Over-Charge protection so charging automatically stops when your devices are all fully charged, Over-Current protection so Output current is controlled and Short-Circuit is to prevent a short-circuit from happening.

If there is one flaw about the build, it’s the usage of the Lithium Polymer batteries. We realize that the use of Lithium Polymer batteries is to make the power bank more slim and portable.

However, if too much heat is generated while devices are charging then that can lead to expanding the Polymer batteries.

As a result, the body structure of the power bank can begin to expand. This can be prevalent with some power banks that are bad at managing Temperature and although it isn’t the case with this charger, it can very well be if charging is constantly taken to its limits.

However, if that happens you can always depend on EasyAcc’s 18 Month Warranty.


Reliability can go quite far. We like this power bank for its 3 charging ports and how well it goes about supporting the usage of the 3 charging ports.

The Max Output of 4.8A is what we mean by the great support for the charging ports because no matter what you’re charging or how many devices are you’re charging, the charging speed of those devices will be pretty good.

Portability can be a problem to rely on but it’s manageable if you’re just setting it down.



The Output power capacity is going to change depending on the way you use it.

However, charging smartphones multiple times is completely possible, although you’ll have to strategize a bit if you want to charge a tablet to its full capacity.

Charging speed is what makes the 3 charging ports so awesome to use, because, at nearly any charging situation, you’re going to be able to charge any device at its max charging speed. Even with the Max Output of 4.8A, the charging speed is still pretty good.


The design could better. With this power bank, the size is large and the weight is rather heavy.


Build quality is okay but the structure of the power bank is simply plastic with no reinforcements and along with the heavyweight, dropping such a charger would not bode well.


Reliability is fantastic because of the powering capabilities, with the power bank being able to charge 3 devices at once and most of the time the charging speeds of each of the devices will be really good.

Specs of the EasyAcc 2nd Gen. 15,000mAh Power Bank:

Max Output: Per Port: 5V/2.4A

Max Output: 4.8A

  • Input: 5V/2.0A Via Micro-USB Input
  • LED Power Indicators: 4 LED Dotted Power Capacity
  • Size: 5.9 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches
  • Weight: 11.8 Ounces


Most of the time, power banks with 3 charging ports boast about how they can charge fast and provide lots of power and yet they always under-deliver with their real stats. In this case, the EasyAcc Portable Charger can provide a powerful and versatile charging experience that can be useful for any device that you plan on charging.

Tecknet Iep1500 Power Bank Review – Bicycle Touring Gear

The Tecknet Iep1500 Power Bank proved to be the best portable charger for my electronic gear on a recent one week bicycle tour. If you are looking for a powerbank to charge a mobile phone quickly, the Tecknet Iep1500 Power Bank is a very affordable option.

Note: This review is for an old product. If you’re interested in the best powerbank for bike touring, check out the Anker Powercore 26800.

The Tecknet Iep1500 Power Bank

Recharging tech gear when bicycle touring can sometimes be a bit of a pain. I bought the Tecknet Iep1500 Power Bank 15000 mAh External Battery Backup in order to provide a solution.

The idea of a power bank external battery, is that it acts as a portable charger for USB powered devices when there is no access to mains electricity. Exactly what I was looking for.

The Tecknet iEP1500 isn’t just limited to bicycle touring of course. Hikers, campers, festival goers, and even conference or event attendees will all find a use for it.

Tecknet iEP1500 Power Bank Review

So, let’s start with the basics. The Tecknet iEP1500 Power Bank can hold 15000 mAh.

To be honest, I haven’t got a clue what that actually means.

I do know, that the more mAh a portable battery holds, the more recharges it will be able to give.

This is one of the larger capacity powerbanks on the market, and so was immediately attractive to me.

I had some initial concerns that the device would be too bulky. No worries though, as it’s really no bigger than a TV remote control. So far, so good.

In terms of charging, most people seem to think they can get between 4 and 5 full smartphone recharges out of the Tecknet iEP1500 Power Bank.

I was looking to power a range of devices such as my Garmin Touring Pro Cycling GPS, Sony MP3 Player, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Iconia A1 tablet computer.

Each of these devices takes a different amount of charge to get them to full. My week long bicycle tour around the Fens of East Anglia provided the perfect opportunity to give this bit of kit a good test.

Below, is a YouTube video that I have made which gives the product a thorough review as well. Please let me know if you like it (or not!).

I am trying to include more video in this bicycle touring blog, and could do with peoples feedback. Beneath the video in this article, I have included some stats and my conclusions, so don’t leave after watching!

The Tecknet iEP1500Power Bank Review Video

After charging the Tecknet iEP1500 Power Bank to full when at home before leaving, I took it out on the road with me for my bicycle tour. Diligent to the end (and also rather boringly), I kept a list of each charge that I made during the trip, listed below.

Found a pub to recharge my phone in! Note – If I was cycling around the world, I would have plugged the Tecknet iEP1500 Power Bank into the wall with the phone charging out of it. It does happily charge one device at the same time as charging itself, but struggles with two devices.

Phone down to (??). Recharged to (??). – Sorry, didn’t make a note of this, but this was the last charge I made, and the Powerbank was empty after this. It was enough to get me home on the last day!

Hope those stats didn’t bore you too much, but I guess its the sort of thing that people need to know! Right, time for some conclusions then.

The Tecknet iEP1500 Power Bank – My Conclusions

It’s a rare day when a product matches and then exceeds your expectations, but this powerbank did just that. When I set out on the one week cycle tour of the Fens I thought I might need to recharge it at some point during the trip. In the end, there was no need. It had enough power to keep my GPS live (my priority), and also to charge my phone every couple of days (secondary importance).

As I was reasonably careful with the power I used on my gadgets, I never needed to use it to charge the tablet computer or other devices. And this is fine. This was a realistic test of the Tecknet iEP1500 Power Bank under bicycle touring conditions. Normally, when cycling around the world, I get to plug something into a wall every 7 days or so, and this is the perfect back up for in between those times.

It actually got me thinking a little more about power. I have been considering becoming “self sufficient” in terms of power on my next tour, which means either carrying solar or buying a dynamo. The Tecknet iEP1500 Power Bank is so good though, that I am seriously considering doing neither. Instead I might buy another powerbank so that I have two. Then, I can recharge them both on those occasions that I stay somewhere with power, along with all my other gadgets.

Final Thoughts on the Tecknet Powerbank

To finalise then. The Tecknet iEP1500 Power Bank is a great bit of kit. Although the reason I have it is for bicycle touring, almost everyone that owns tech gear can find a use for it. Inexpensive, reasonably lightweight and small, you could even keep one at home to charge your phone if you get a power cut in your area. As always, if you are thinking of buying one, please use my affiliate links to help keep this travel blog up and running. Cheers guys and gals! Extra note – I am updating this line in August 2017, 3 years after the initial review. The power bank is still going strong! I certainly had my money’s worth out of that one!

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2 thoughts on “Tecknet Iep1500 Power Bank Review – Bicycle Touring Gear”

I have been using a power pack for some time and love it however I have now bought for a small cost something better! If you have a hub dynamo which I am a massive fan of, for less than £20 I have bought a power converter which simply plugs into the dynamo, as I rarely use my lights in the daytime I thought what a waste of juice, some research on the tinterweb and bingo, there is enough juice produced to charge my S3, I have found I could have the screen on with this plugged in and it keeps it ticking over without losing charge from about 10mph. Weight is 87grams, much lighter than the power pack. Reply

I am still working out whether solar or a hub dynamo would be better for me. (i suppose in a perfect world both!). I was thinking much along the same lines as yourself, but rather than charge the phone directly (which I don’t need on all the time), have it linked into charging the powerbank. Reply

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