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tCam-Mini is based off of on-going work on tCam. It is designed to make radiometric data from a Lepton 3.5 thermal imaging module available via Wi-Fi for remote access. It is supported by a desktop application, iOS app, simple web server and python library.

tCam-Mini is open-source hardware and software. The design and documentation may be found on Github. Its development has been documented on hackaday.io. Assembled, tested units are available for purchase from Group Gets with or without an external antenna. Please contact me for more information.

  • Hardware design based around Flir Lepton 3.5 and an ESP32 micro-controller. The hardware design may also be hand-built using off-the-shelf breakout and development boards.
  • Firmware for the ESP32.


  • 160×120 pixel Radiometric Thermal Imaging Camera (Flir Lepton 3.5)
  • USB interface for power, firmware updates and diagnostic output
  • Wi-Fi interface capable of either AP or client modes for remote access
  • Simple json-based packet interface
  • Time-lapse or streaming modes


  • High temperature event monitoring
  • Device thermal monitoring
  • Structure thermal leakage analysis
  • Wildlife detection and monitoring
  • Thermal biometric monitoring
  • Remote accessible camera for AI and data processing applications

Software Support

  • Desktop Application for Linux, OS X and Windows.
  • Simple recording web server
  • Python library
  • Android App (Play Store or Repo) by Jim Turner
  • iOS App for iPhone and iPad
  • R library written by Bob Rudus


Firmware upgrades and software packages may be found in the github repository and as individual downloads below.

Firmware version 3.1 binary files for Revision 3 ESP32 chips with 8 MB Flash and the Windows-based programming utility. This package may be used to upgrade firmware in PCB-based tCam-Mini and tCam-POE cameras such as those from Group Gets. Note that if you’ve already upgraded to version 2.0 firmware, you can use the desktop application’s OTA firmware update using only the tCamMini.bin file found in this release.

Firmware version 1.3 binary files for Revision 1 ESP32 chips and the Windows-based programming utility. Do not use this firmware for production boards. It is meant for hand-built cameras using 4MB flash and/or Revision 1 silicon only.

The tCam Family Serial Updater desktop computer utility program running on Mac OS X, Linux or Windows. It can be used to load the latest firmware onto a tCam-Mini via the serial port initially or any time you want to update. Requires internet connection as the firmware is downloaded from this website.

Unfortunately I could not sign the Mac OS or Windows versions because of the compiled esptool it uses to do the actual flashing. This means on Mac OS you’ll have to go to System Preferences-Security Privacy and manually confirm it’s ok to run it. Windows may give you grief about downloading the zip file and then running the binary.

Version 3.9.2 of the Espressif download tool provided here for your convenience. Use this program on a Windows computer to load the complete set of binary files onto tCam-Mini.

Note: It’s probably easier to use the tCam Family Serial Updater utility but this utility is useful for loading older versions of the firmware or situations where you don’t have internet access.

Desktop application version 3.1.0 allowing viewing, file storage from images, OTA FW updates and graphing of up to five temperature points in an image. Documentation can be found in the github repository. Now with the ability to check for updates.

Windows users may have to install Bonjour (mDNS) support using this installer from Apple.

Linux users may need to install libwebkit2gtk to view the built-in documentation.

The ARMv7 version of the application requires a Raspberry Pi 4 or faster in order to stream images at the fastest rate. Slower computers might have trouble keeping up and the application controls may become unresponsive.

Mac version is signed but you should Allow Apps from App Store and identified developers.

danjuliodesigns, battery, buddy, repo

A two-piece enclosure and optional GoPro™ compatible mount designed to be printed on a FDM 3D printer. Supports both Rev 2 (Micro-B USB) and Rev 4 (USB C) PCB versions. Pictures shown below.

Some of the best Charging Tweaks iOS 14

Previously, we showed you some of the best jailbreak tweaks for customizing and enhancing some facets on your jailbroken iOS 14 device. You can find them at the end of this article. Like that, there’s another essential element to expand the user experience. That is, jailbreak tweaks enhance the user experience of charging your jailbroken iOS 14 device. Here are the best charging tweaks iOS 14 to the best charging experience on your jailbroken iPhone.

The best jailbreak tweaks for charging iOS 14

So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s dive into it.

MagSafe Enabler

MagSafe Enabler is a great jailbreak tweak that lets you enable new native MagSafe Charge Animation on the lock screen on a jailbroken iPhone running iOS 14 that does not support MagSafe charging.

However, this simple tweak doesn’t give you a MagSafe charging capability for iPhone. But, the MagSafe Enabler tweak provides the charging animation displayed on a MagSafe-capable iPhone when connected to a MagSafe power source or a non-MagSafe charger.

Primarily, the tweak doesn’t provide any options to configure. It is also compatible with iOS 14.1 and above versions of iOS and is open-sourced on Github.

Download: MagSafe Enabler (Free)

MagSafe Enabler Repo: BigBoss


If you use MagSafe Enabler, it only provides the native MagSafe animation. But if you expect a higher degree of customization, the Electrifying tweak is for you.

Mainly, the tweak allows jailbreakers to customize the MagSafe charging animation. And it also upgrades and presents the native Low Power alert to be much more aesthetically pleasing. In other words, the Electrifying tweak offers you a redesigned low battery alert and MagSafe charging animation on the lock screen.

Download: Electrifying (free)

Electrifying Repo: https://titand3v.github.io/


When your iPhone or iPad is being charged, the battery level percentage will rise, and while discharging, the battery level percentage will fall accordingly.

Axe is a simple battery tweak that uses a slow-shifting color gradient to colorize the Status Bar and Lock Screen battery indicator based on the battery percentage on your jailbroken iPhone.

You can learn more about Axe and how it works in our full review post.


Some iPhone users are interested in the battery level for a long time to ensure that the battery does not die quickly. By default, the iOS operating System indicates a green color battery icon fill for any battery level above 20%, and less than 20%, it turns red.

However, iOS developer ExeRhythm has changed the battery colorization experience by releasing a new battery jailbreak tweak called Batterain. Like the Axe tweak above, it simply colors the iOS 14’s battery indicator with a slow-shifting color gradient based on how much battery you have left.

You can know more about Batterain and how it works in our full review post.


There is nothing more confusing than draining the battery of your iPhone in the middle of a game or watching the climax of your favorite movie. So, instead of shutting down a game you’ve been playing or watching a movie for a while before your device’s battery level reaches 0%, would you not want to run it until the last bit of your iPhone battery? So, iOS developer ExeRhythm has released a free battery jailbreak tweak called SpeedrunTime that allows jailbreakers to utilize every last bit of power of their iPhone battery before the device shuts down.

In short, it gives you a final warning at 1% battery percentage, and it’s time you must speedily connect your device to a charger.

Download: SpeedrunTime (Free)

SpeedrunTime Repo: https://www.exerhythm.ovh/repo

Total Charge Tones

Total Charge Tones is an awesome MobileSubstrate battery tweak that plays a selected tone alert when your battery is charged to 100% percentage. Primarily, it’s beneficial if your device doesn’t want to be connected to a power source all day. And you are notified when to disconnect from power when your device no longer needs it.

Download: Total Charge Tones (Free)

Total Charge Tones Repo: BigBoss


When navigating to the battery section of the Settings app, users can see Battery Health on their iPhones. Therefore, users can get an idea and determine how used device’s internal battery might be.

As you know, Apple has provided a Battery Health section on iOS for iPhones to monitor this degradation. But that is not available on iPod touches or iPads running iOS or iPadOS 14.

So, BatteryHealthEnabler(iPad/iPod) is a simple tweak that enables a Battery Health section for those devices.

BatteryHealthEnabler(iPad/iPod) Repo: https://brendonjkding.github.io


PowerUp is a free jailbreak battery tweak for iOS 14 that helps jailbreakers charge their devices faster by putting them into a hibernation-like state when connected to a power source. Mainly, PowerUp reduces battery discharge while charging and charging time.

The tweak is compatible with iOS 13 and iOS 14 devices and is open-sourced on Github.

Download: PowerUp (Free)

PowerUp Repo: https://repo.squiddy.dev/

SmartBattery 2 – 1.99

SmartBattery 2 is an ultimate charging tweak that enhances the battery experience on your jailbroken device in many ways. Mainly, it offers a feature to estimate how long it will take before the device reaches a full charge while plugged in.

Behalf of that, it provides many other useful charging features such as a notification sound when fully charged, monitoring, saving and tunning your battery, Smart charging capabilities to increase charging speed, details about your current charger, and more.

SmartBattery 2 Repo: https://repo.packix.com/

danjuliodesigns, battery, buddy, repo


Vaon is an add-on for the App Switcher that adds convenient battery information for Bluetooth devices in the iOS app switcher. With it, users can view the battery percentages of their iPhones and any connected devices quickly every time you enable the App Switcher.

Vaon Features

  • Showing Bluetooth device battery information on the app switcher
  • Displays Airpods, Apple Watch, iPhone/iPad, and any other Bluetooth device.
  • Shows the last known battery status of disconnected devices.
  • iPad Style grid app switcher
  • Custom sizing and placement
  • Animates the color of the charging device’s battery cell outline

The tweak supports jailbroken iOS 13 and 14 devices and is open-sourced on GitHub.

Download: Vaon (Free)

Vaon Repo: https://atar13.github.io/repo/

There are undoubtedly many tweaks that can improve the charging experience on iOS 14. But we would like to keep this post readable by mentioning the tweaks that we used.

Are you looking for more jailbreak tweaks? Try these:

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  • Best Alternatives to Batchomatic for iOS 14
  • All in one jailbreak customize tweaks iOS 14
  • Best jailbreak detection bypass tweaks for iOS 14
  • Best Volume Hud tweaks for iOS 14 in 2021

So, here are some of the best charging tweaks for iOS 14. If you use charging tweaks that I have not mentioned above, be sure to share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section below.

Sunny Buddy Solar Charger V13 Hookup Guide

Heads up! If you have an older version of the Sunny Buddy (V1.0 and older), please refer to this hookup guide. For V1.3 and beyond, continue reading. Check the back of the board for the version number.

The Sunny Buddy is a small maximum power point tracking solar charger for single-cell LiPo batteries.

SparkFun Sunny Buddy. MPPT Solar Charger

This is the Sunny Buddy, a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) solar charger for single-cell LiPo batteries. This MPPT solar …

This tutorial will help you understand what the Sunny Buddy is, why it’s useful, and how to use it.

Required Materials

The Sunny Buddy can’t do anything without a supporting cast. Pair the Sunny Buddy with these buddies to make it work:

    Solar Panel.- Most panels should work, just make sure they produce an output voltage between 6-20V. Our large and huge panels will work. Our small panels will work if you connect two of them in series (see the Hooking It Up page for details). The following panels with a center-positive barrel jack will be able to plug directly into the Sunny Buddy with ease.

Solar Panel. 3.5W

Retired PRT-13782 Have a project that needs some good power? Do you like free power provided by our friend, Mr. Sun? Check out this high qualit…

Solar Panel. 9W

Retired PRT-13784 Have a project that needs some good power? Do you like free power provided by our friend, Mr. Sun? Check out this high qualit…

Solar Panel. 6W

Retired PRT-13783 Have a project that needs some good power? Do you like free power provided by our friend, Mr. Sun? Check out this high qualit…

Heads up! Under real world conditions, the Sunny Buddy may not be able to charge a LiPo battery sufficiently with the small 2W solar panel. The Sunny Buddy’s output charge current measured was about 7mA since the small 2W solar panel was not able to reach the minimum input voltage requirements by itself. We recommend using a larger solar panel like the 3.5W, 6W, or 9W solar panels to achieve the Sunny Buddy’s minimum voltage input requirements.

  • LiPo Battery (single cell).- The Sunny Buddy is intended to charge a single Polymer Lithium Ion cell. LiPo’s come in all shapes and sizes, we recommend you use one with a capacity greater than 450mAh (e.g. 850mAh, 1000mAh, or 2000mAh). Batteries like those, with a JST termination, will plug directly into the Sunny Buddy. The 450mAh size suggestion is due to the charge rate of the Sunny Buddymost LiPo cells don’t like being charged faster than their equivalent capacity.

Lithium Ion Battery. 2Ah

In stock PRT-13855 These are very slim, extremely light weight batteries based on Lithium Ion chemistry. Each cell outputs a nominal 3.7V at 200…

Lithium Ion Battery. 850mAh

In stock PRT-13854 These are very slim, extremely light weight batteries based on Lithium Ion chemistry. Each cell outputs a nominal 3.7V at 850…

Lithium Ion Battery. 1Ah

Out of stock PRT-13813 Slim, extremely light weight batteries based on Lithium Ion chemistry. Each cell outputs a nominal 3.7V at 1000 mAh!

Lithium Ion Battery. 6Ah

In stock PRT-13856 If you need some juice, this 6Ah Lithium Ion Battery is for you. These are very compact batteries based on Lithium Ion chemis…

  • A Load.- Your battery has to power something, right? Your load can be anything from an LED to an Arduino-powered robot.

Suggested Reading

Here are some other tutorials you may find useful before delving into this hookup guide:

  • Batteries.- Check out the battery tutorial for some help understanding why the Sunny Buddy works only with LiPo batteries.
  • Electricity Basics.- It may be useful to review how current and voltage combine to transmit power to a load.
  • How to Power Your Project.- Solar power and batteries are just one of many ways to power your project. Make sure to consider all possibilities!

Battery Technologies

The basics behind the batteries used in portable electronic devices: LiPo, NiMH, coin cells, and alkaline.


The Sunny Buddy is a maximum power point transfer (MPPT) solar charger. Why does that matter? What makes it worth having in a circuit? The answers lay ahead.

How Batteries Are Charged

Battery charging is a current dependent action, not a voltage dependent action. Battery chargers monitor the current flowing into the battery and limit it to some set value, chosen to prevent damage to the battery. An ideal battery charger will provide as much current to the battery as it is capable of drawing from its power supply, but no more than the battery can handle.

Power Supply Behavior

Consider the first part of that last sentence: as much current as it is capable of drawing from its power supply. I’ve collected some data from five different power supplies: a 2000 mAh LiPo battery, a bench supply, our small solar cell, our large solar cell, and the Sunny Buddy attached to the small cell in full Colorado sunlight (albeit in midwinter).

The chart compares output voltage versus load current for the five sources listed above: in short, how much current each is capable of providing. For a sort of baseline comparison, note that the output of the bench supply, the battery, and the Sunny Buddy are pretty flat. You can clearly see the point at about 240mA where the Sunny Buddy could no longer safely draw more current from the solar cell. In a charging application, that’s the point at which it would have settled in and charged the battery. Since I was actively increasing the load to stress the supplies, it folded back to a lower voltage to gracefully handle the excessive load without bursting into flames.

The solar cells, however, behave quite differently. They slowly droop until they reach a certain point, then decline increasingly rapidly until even a small increase in current draw causes the output voltage to plummet. There’s a point on that curve, in the knee region, where the power transferred to the load is at its peak. This point, called the maximum power point, is crucial to squeezing the most efficiency out of a solar cell.

Finding that point is the key here. The solar cell curves will be compressed along the X-axis in lower light conditions, and, while the unloaded voltage may remain quite high even in low light, the amount of current which can be drawn from the cell decreases rapidly with the amount of light available.

The Sunny Buddy locks in on that point in the curve, pulling the maximum current the cell will provide, but no more, and turning it into charge current. The circled region of the graph shows this: the highest current the small solar cell can deliver is around 180mA, but the Sunny Buddy pushes out 240mA before entering current limit. That’s an extra 33% more charge current available to your battery over a comparable 5V charger.


Efficiency in any power supply system can be said to be the ratio of power out to power in. This is another place where the Sunny Buddy is better than comparable linear solutions.

The Sunny Buddy is a switching supply; the output power is given by the equation Pout = Pin Efficiency. The Sunny Buddy’s efficiency has repeatedly measured to be about 80% in tests.

Let’s consider a linear solution. To avoid getting too far into that steep region of the graph, we’ll set our charge current at 160mA. To calculate the output efficiency, we divided the output power by the input power. Looking at the voltage on the solar cell curve, we see that for 160mA the output voltage is about 7V; thus, input power is 7V 160mA = 1142mW. Output power is 4.2V 160mA = 672mW. That’s the approximate charge voltage times the charge current. Efficiency is power in over power out: 672/1142 = 59%. Best case, that’s the percentage of the electric power generated by the cell that you’re using. It will actually be lower when the cell voltage is lower than 4.2V, which it will be over most of the charging range.

Here, again, Sunny Buddy wins: it’s using (at least) 20% more of the available power from the solar cell.

Cloudy Days

But what happens to our linear charge circuit when the sun goes behind a Cloud? As I mentioned earlier, as available solar energy decreases, the graph compresses along the X-axis. If that steep region drops below the set current of our charger, things go pear-shaped fast. The available voltage plummets, and the charger stops working.

We can combat that by either setting a lower charge current in the first place, which isn’t ideal because it means on a good, sunny day, you’re losing a lot of potential solar energy by not loading the solar cell heavily enough, or by servoing our charge current to the voltage, reducing or increasing it based on the cell voltage. While that may sound simple, in practice it’s quite complex.

Enter the Sunny Buddy

The Sunny Buddy does just that: it monitors the cell voltage and stops drawing current when the voltage droop indicates the cell is being pushed a little too far. Furthermore, since the Sunny Buddy uses a switching topology rather than a linear topology, it has a better efficiency than any linear solution can provide.

Hooking It Up

There are three parts to consider when embedding the Sunny Buddy into a project:

Solar Panel Input

The input side of the Sunny Buddy comes with a common barrel jack installed.

The following solar panels can be plugged directly in to the Sunny Buddy’s female barrel jack with ease.

Solar Panel. 3.5W

Have a project that needs some good power? Do you like free power provided by our friend, Mr. Sun? Check out this high qualit…

Solar Panel. 9W

Have a project that needs some good power? Do you like free power provided by our friend, Mr. Sun? Check out this high qualit…

Solar Panel. 6W

Have a project that needs some good power? Do you like free power provided by our friend, Mr. Sun? Check out this high qualit…

Heads up! Under real world conditions, the Sunny Buddy may not be able to charge a LiPo battery sufficiently with the small 2W solar panel. The Sunny Buddy’s output charge current measured was about 7mA since the small 2W solar panel was not able to reach the minimum input voltage requirements by itself. We recommend using a larger solar panel like the 3.5W, 6W, or 9W solar panels to achieve the Sunny Buddy‘s minimum voltage input requirements.

There are also additional footprints for attaching 3.5mm screw terminals or an additional barrel jack to the board.

Screw Terminals 3.5mm Pitch (2-Pin)

Screw Terminal 3.5mm pitch pins with slide-locking together to form any size you need. Rated up to 125V @ 6A, and can accept …

Top 10 BEST Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 16 and iOS 15 You Must Try on Unc0ver, CheckRa1n Palera1n

With iOS 16 finally being jailbroken first by PaleRa1n, there’s a lot of opportunity for customizing your iOS device. The best iOS features that made their way to stock iOS releases usually came from jailbreak tweaks that inspired the Apple developers to implement them in stock iOS.

Such was the case with Copy and Paste, f.Lux, and many other tweaks.

iOS 15 was also a great firmware to stay on before iOS 16 was finally jailbroken (which took a while on the newer devices), so in this article, we’re taking a look at the Top 20 Best Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 15 and iOS 16 for all major jailbreaks.

These tweaks work fine with:

  • PaleRa1n Jailbreak
  • XinaA15 Jailbreak
  • Unc0ver Jailbreak
  • Taurine Jailbreak
  • Odyssey Jailbreak
  • CheckRa1n Jailbreak

From customizing your iOS device the way you like to removing odd and annoying iOS features, here are our Top 20 Best tweaks to get on iOS 15 and iOS 16:


CarBridge is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to get a much better CarPlay experience. It’s basically what CarPlay should have been right from the start, and it allows you to open any application you want via CarPlay in your car, and not only the pre-defined ones.

The tweak allows the whole iPhone screen to be mirrored to the car’s infotainment system, and you can control the apps right from your car’s touchscreen. It’s what CarPlay should be from the factor, but oddly enough, it is not.

CarBridge brings you these features, but it does not come cheap. You can obtain the tweak from Packix for 9.99


This tweak allows you to unlock the device directly (if you have Face ID) if there are no notifications to read, instead of having you swipe up even after your face has been detected. This will only auto-unlock your FaceID-enabled device if there is no unread notification, making it perfect for quick unlocking when there’s nothing there to be read.

This free tweak works on all FaceID devices starting from iPhone X and going all the way to iPhone 12.

danjuliodesigns, battery, buddy, repo

Filza File Manager

It’s impossible to make a Top Tweaks list and not include Filza. It’s maybe one of the most essential tweaks ever developed for jailbroken iOS and it’s likely what inspired the stock Files application which is just a gimped version with barely any features – Thanks Apple.

Filza File Manager is a complete file manager with file opening capability. It can handle several types of file formats including DEB tweak files that it can install just like Cydia would. Filza allows you to fully browse the whole filesystem leaving no stone unturned.

With Filza you have full ROOT access over your device which means that every single file can be modified, from the battery charging sound effect to the Lock Screen text. It’s a powerful tool with powerful access to the device. It’s often very useful when your jailbreak breaks because of a rogue tweak.

Filza can also expose various files over to the network using its built-in WebDAV capabilities. It’s also able to open files downloaded from Safari directly. Filza also has a built-in Terminal so you can run commands in bash if you need to fix your jailbreak and you do not have NewTerm2 or SSH installed.

Some other of the features Filza has:

  • Hex Editor
  • File Viewer
  • SQLite Database Editor
  • IPA and DEB Installer
  • Madia Player supports both audio and video formats
  • Archive tools for zipping and unzipping supporting ZIP, 7zip, tar, rar.
  • File and folder search bar
  • Music Library manager (easily export and import)
  • Supports Windows File Sharing through SMB.
  • Cloud Services Support (FTP, SFTP, WebDav, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box)


A few years ago, the tweak to go when you wanted themes on your jailbroken iPhone used to be Winterboard. After Winterboard died down, Anemone and Anemone 3 took their place up until iOS 12 when it too mostly died down. It’s still popular amongst Coolstar’s fans, but the tweak to go now is Snowboard.

SnowBoard allows easily installing and deploying iOS Themes from Cydia, Sileo, or Zebra on all jailbreaks. You can easily disable or enable themes, icon masks, and various effects. Snowboard creates a new Settings panel where all your themes get installed and you can easily switch between them by just enabling the theme you want and disabling the one you don’t. You do not even need to respring your device for the icons to apply.

Snowboard is completely free.

Snapper 2

Snapper 2 is truly amazing – it has a feature that should have been on iOS for a long time now, and it would have given a boost on productivity to many people, but instead, Apple mostly keeps it for iPadOS where multitasking is a thing.

In other words, Snapper 2 allows you to take a cropped screenshot of something on the screen, and then have it floating on the screen in a corner while you enter another app. This way you can reference back what you’ve screenshotted without leaving the app you’re working in.

Now exactly like the multitasking Windows on iPadOS, but still better than having to go back and forth between apps.

iCleaner and iCleaner Pro

This is another must-have for your collection. iCleaner has been around for a long time and it’s godsent when your device starts running low on storage space. Compared to all the fake cleaners in the AppStore, iCleaner is the real deal.

The tweak, compared to those AppStore fakes, has full root access and sandbox escape, which means that it can actually perform a cleanup because it can access the files on the device.

Every scan I run with iCleaner once in a while finds a ton of temporary files and caches that if removed, free me over 1-2 GB of storage which can be a lot when you have one of the lower storage space variants of the iPhone, such as the 16 GB one or nowadays, the 32 GB variant.

iCleaner analyzes the file system and tells you what can be deleted to free up space. It never deletes your personal files or photos. iCleaner concentrates on tweak dependencies, temporary files, caches, web files, attachments, and so on.

What is even better about it, iCleaner is free and works on all current jailbreaks. The PRO version exists, and it gives even more features, such as selectively disabling iOS daemons, tweaks, and so on.

I highly recommend the free version for your arsenal.


Do you remember the old T9 feature from back in the day? It used to be on all devices, except the iPhone for some reason. If you feel like having T9 (comes from Text on 9-Keys) on your iOS device, I cannot recommend EasyDialer14 enough. It’s the best tweak for this purpose, and although it’s very niche, it certainly does its job well.

I am well aware most people who jailbreak nowadays probably never used T9 before and don’t even know what it is, but for those few who need it, EasyDialer14 exists.


If customization is what you have in mind when you first jailbreak your device once a new iOS version is out, then Springtomize is a must-have for you. Not but really. I can’t even begin to describe how many parts of iOS can be customized with this tweak.

Springtomize can easily customize the following iOS components:

  • Animations
  • App Switcher
  • Control Center
  • Dock
  • Folders
  • Icons
  • Lock Screen
  • Pages
  • Status Bar
  • Notifications Center
  • Many more

Springtomize also allows you to increase the rows and the size of your home screen icons making it one of the biggest customization platforms on iOS 14 and 13 alike.

It’s neatly organized so that you can choose what category you wanna customize and then go wild with whatever makes you feel great with your device. Springtomize even supports profiles so that you can apply different customizations for different scenarios.


This is a very simple, yet pretty neat tweak that allows you to customize the color of the home bar on the devices with a notch (iPhone X onwards) to match the accent color of the application currently open.

Let’s say you have an application that has a lot of red on the current screen. The home bar (the long line from the bottom of the screen that you drag to go to the home screen) will also become a shade of red to match the app accent.

Not a sophisticated tweak but it allows yet another degree of customization for iOS 14 and 13.

BatteryBuddy ᴗ

BatteryBuddy is what I call a cute tweak, and once you try it once, you’ll know what I am talking about. Once this tweak is installed, the battery icon gets a facial expression depending on the current status. Low battery? Sad face. Charging? Happy face ᴗ. If the battery is half empty the face changes to a poker face “o-o”.

This isn’t necessarily a must-have tweak, but it’s pretty cute and many will likely find it nice to have. Gives the battery icon a bit more personality.

Other Jailbreak Tweaks you should check out

You should also check out these tweaks if you’re currently jailbroken. They’re often making it to the top lists, so they’re all worth taking a look at.

  • BigSurCenter – 1.99 – Gives you macOS Big Sur Control Center on iOS.
  • CallFavorites – FREE – Lets you 3D-Touch on the Phone icon to call favorites.
  • Cylinder Reborn – FREE – The amazing OG Cylinder animations now on iOS 14!
  • Déjà Vu – FREE – Always-On display for iOS, and a pretty neat one at that.
  • DeleteForeverXS – FREE – This allows you to permanently delete a photo right from the trash can icon, instead of moving it to deleted photos album.
  • DockX Reborn – 1.00 – If customizing the Dock on iOS and iPadOS is what you want, you’ve hit the motherlode.
  • Eneko – FREE – Allows you to set video wallpapers with minimal system overhead.
  • Atria – One of the most advanced Home Screen customization tools out there.
  • Marker – FREE – A Much better cursor control on iOS. If selecting text on iOS is as annoying to you as it is for me, you need this.
  • MediaBar14 – 1.49 – Brings a few small media control buttons on the bottom of the screen to easily control music playback.
  • Perseus – FREE – Allows you to unlock your iPhone with FaceID even with a face mask on. Yes, even if you don’t have iOS 14.5.
  • ReProvision Reborn – FREE – Resign IPA Applications right from your jailbroken device.

What is your favorite tweak of all time?

Tell me in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section down below.

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