DAK’s OctoGrip Wireless Charging Powerbank. Powerbank wireless charge

DAK’s OctoGrip Wireless Charging Powerbank

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Wireless Charging is now more useful than before. See how we made it smarter.

DAK’s OctoGrip Wireless Charging Powerbank with Suction

Wireless charging has been available for quite a few years on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, but it wasn’t until Apple made it a standard feature on the iPhone 8 that wireless charging and wireless chargers became a significant cultural force on the accessories scene.

Personally, I’ve never been impressed. Allow me to explain.

How does Wireless Charging Work?

Wireless chargers use an induction coil that creates an electromagnetic field. Your wireless charger ready smartphone has an inductive coil, too, which coverts the waves back into electricity and charges up your battery.

So in practice, all you need to know is that you simply touch the back of your phone, even with the protective case still on, to the wireless charger, and that’s it. Your smartphone begins to recharge. No wires or cables. No tangle or mess. It just works.

The Problem with Wireless Chargers, And How DAK Fixed It

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of wireless charging. The promise of not being tethered to a power outlet, even tethered to a powerbank, is fantastic. I’m all in!

The problem is that the only way to charge your phone is by leaving it flat on the wireless charging pad.

Every time you lift up your smartphone to check a message or mindlessly scroll through news headlines, you aren’t charging up the battery.

Then we thought of this clever solution.

OctoGrip Wireless Powerbank: One Small Feature Makes All The Difference

We added 16 suction cups onto the OctoGrip Wireless Charging Powerbank so that it suctions onto the back of your phone. It works with just about any smooth protective case as well.

Now you’ve got an extra battery back that charges up your phone while you use, wherever you are. Whether you’re on the subway, in the office, or home in bed, you’ll stay fully charged and wire free.You’re guaranteed to love it.

The 10,000mah and 20,000mah models have the same fast-charging specs as the 12,000mah

You’ll love the OctoGrip 4,000mah for its compact size and super light weight. It isn’t bulky, won’t take up lots of space in your. and is pretty slim. If you’re on the go, and don’t need more than a quick 80% battery boost, that’s the one to get, hands down. It’s also a lower price, obviously.

What’s awesome about the OctoGrip 12,000mah is that it’s loaded with power. If you’re travelling or won’t have much access to power for a while, you’ll want the extra power. You’ll get close to 3 full charges with the OctoGrip 12,000 mah.

The OctoGrip 4,000 mah outputs 5 watts of power, which is the standard, but significantly slower than wired charging.

The OctoGrip 12,000 mah outputs 7.5 watts, which makes it a “Fast Wireless Charger”. It’s still not as fast as wired charging but it’s close. Add that with the convenience of a fully wireless powerbank that grips to your smartphone, and you’ll be really happy you made the switch.

You can also use it with a cable if you don’t have a smartphone that supports wireless charging protocol.

And of course, if you’re the type of person who needs power fast, you can still use one of the USB outputs on the OctoGrip to recharge your smartphone as quickly as possible.

Compatible with all devices that support Qi Wireless Charging

Here’s a partial list of compatible devices:

  • iPhone 8, 8, X, XR and later
  • Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10e
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9
  • LG G8 ThinQ, G8s ThinQ and V50 ThinQ
  • LG G7 ThinQ and LG V40 ThinQ
  • Sony Xperia XZ3 and Sony Xperia XZ2
  • Nokia 9 PureView
  • Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL
  • Huawei Mate 20 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9 Explorer

Here you can see the size difference between the OctoGrip 12000 and OctoGrip 4000. Even the larger sized OctoGrip 12000 isn’t larger than the size of your phone, so you’ll be using it comfortably.

Use it with your ddStudio Bluetooth Earbuds and your Perfect Smartphone Countertop Stand for the full cinematic hands-free experience!

OctoGrip 4000 Wireless Charging Powerbank

Micro USB Input: 5V/2A (micro USB cable included)

Dimensions: 5″ in x 2.75″ in x.2″ in

OctoGrip 12000 Wireless Charging Powerbank

USB Type C Input: 9V/2A (USB Type C cable included)

USB Output: 5V/3.1A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A

Wireless Output: 5V/1A, 9V/ 1.12A

Dimensions: 5.85″ in x 2.85″ in x.5″ in

Deco Gear 8000mAh Power Bank, Wireless Surface Charging, Portable Charger, USB-C Charging Cable

  • Enjoy portable on-the-go wired or wireless charging
  • Charge two devices at once with 2 USB slots
  • Digital display shows remaining power and status
  • Rubber pad holds phone in place for wireless charging
  • Includes USB-to-USB-C charging cable

Deco Gear 8000mAh Power Bank, Wireless Surface Charging, Portable Charger, USB-C Charging Cable

Decrease quantity for Deco Gear 8000mAh Power Bank, Wireless Surface Charging, Portable Charger, USB-C Charging Cable Increase quantity for Deco Gear 8000mAh Power Bank, Wireless Surface Charging, Portable Charger, USB-C Charging Cable

octogrip, wireless, charging, powerbank, charge

Deco Gear 8000mAh Power Bank, Wireless Surface Charging, Portable Charger, USB-C Charging Cable

When you can’t find an outlet, the Deco Gear Wireless Power Bank brings your phone back to life wherever you are.

The ideal solution for active users on the go, the Deco Gear Wireless Power Bank packs plenty of power to help you get through the day and bring your cell phone to full charge. With an 8,000 mAh capacity, get multiple phone battery cycles out of one full charge.

With that power, this power bank offers multiple methods to transfer it – use the traditional USB connections to charge up to two devices at once or utilize the wireless charging pad to bring your device battery to full strength.

Included is an 11-inch USB-to-USB-C charging cable that works with compatible devices. If your phone needs a different connection, you can use your own charging cable as long as it’s compatible with a USB connection.

A digital display lets you know the status of your portable battery in percentage form and lets you know current charging status – Charging IN, Charging OUT, Wireless Charging, and current USB port usage.

Don’t let your phone down and bring a Deco Gear Wireless Power Bank on your next trip!

  • 8,000 mAh capacity
  • Wired and Wireless Charging
  • 2 USB ports
  • Rubber non-slip charging pad
  • USB-C and Mini-USB Ports
  • Activation Button
  • Product Length: 5.5 in.
  • Product Width: 2.7 in.
  • Product Height:.5 in.
  • Included Accessories: 11 in. USB-to-USB-C
  • Charging Cable (1)

Wireless charging is now widely used to charge smartphones and other devices. power banks can also charge devices using wireless technology there is a good selection of wireless power banks available.

Wireless charging techniques like Qi are now accepted for charging smartphones and many other devices. Along with this development, it is not surprising to see that a number of power banks are now available that can charge devices wirelessly.

Wireless charging has many advantages in terms of convenience and performance and therefore it makes sense to incorporate the ability to charge devices in this way into power banks.

Although Qi wireless charging power banks are not as widespread as traditional power banks that use a USB wired connector, they is a good selection that is available and they can be used very conveniently.

What is wireless charging

With a host of gadgets now using wireless charging, it is helpful to understand a little about it.

Essentially a wireless charger has a coil that it uses to transfer energy from the charging pad to the item being charged. Energy is transferred inductively, and this eliminates the need for the use of connectors, improving reliability as connectors are always susceptible to damage, even though major strides forward have been made for the connectors used for items like smartphones.

The most widely used standard for wireless charging is the Qi standard. this has been adopted for all the major smartphones and gadgets.

Note on Qi Wireless Charging:

Qi, pronounced chee, has become the most widely accepted form of wireless charging. It enables a variety of electronic and electrical items including smartphones, etc to be charged quickly and easily using a wire-less connection.

Read more about Qi Wireless Charging.

Wireless chargers are relatively commonplace, and now powerbanks, which have traditionally used wired connections are now becoming available with a built in wireless charger so that they can wirelessly connect to the items they need to charge.

Wireless power bank buying guide

It always helps to have an idea of what to look for when buying a wireless charging power bank. Like any product there are a number of points to note when looking at the wireless charging power banks on offer.

octogrip, wireless, charging, powerbank, charge

    Power capacity: One of the major points to note when buying a wireless power bank is to ensure that the power bank storage is sufficient to give your device a full charge. With smartphone batteries increasing in capacity to ensure that have sufficient life between charges, so too the power banks need to increase in capacity to match this.

Remember, though, that the wireless power bank will only be able to charge as fast as the device being charged can accept it. Some adverts seem to imply that the charger will be able to charge a device much faster. This will only happen if the device can accept charge at a faster rate. If you have an older smartphone for example, it may not charge faster with the super speed wireless charge power bank. However it is often useful to have that capability in case you upgrade the smartphone or other device later.

Remember that you will need a charger for the wireless power bank and this is not normally supplied with the power bank.

  • Air transport: It is worth remembering that there are limitations on lithium ion batteries, which power banks use, when carrying them onto aircraft. They should always be packed in the carry-on luggage and there may also be limits on the maximum capacity of batteries that can be carried. check with your airline before travelling.
  • Cost: Wireless charging power banks require more electronics within them and they provide more functionality than a standard power bank. It is therefore not surprising that they are more expensive than the simpler, more traditional wired power banks. It is necessary to make a judgement call on whether the added convenience of a wireless power bank is worth the additional cost.
  • Points to note when using a wireless power bank

    Although wireless charging power banks are easy to use and provide a really easy and convenient method of charging a smartphone or other electronic device, there are a few simple pointers to note.

    • Positioning is key: It is necessary to be very careful about the positioning of the device to be charged. If the device to be charged is not aligned sufficiently accurately then it may not charge. Normally there is an indication on the phone whether it is being charged.
    • Take electronic device off charge when it is finished: Once the wirelessly charged electronic device has finished charging it should be removed. Otherwise the wireless power bank will still communicate with the electronic device and the charging circuitry will remain active. Although the current required for this is not high, it can result in using charge from the power bank, which might otherwise be used for charging. In an extreme case it might discharge the power bank.
    • Capacity size typically large: Most of the wireless power banks on the market a relatively large. They need to be sufficiently large to accommodate the coupling coil, etc, and whilst doing this, the designers, typically make them quite large in terms of capacity as well. A typical wireless power bank may have a capacity of 25 000 mA hours. check whether this can be taken on board an aircraft if you are thinking of travelling with it.

    As wireless charging becomes more popular, so the need for wireless charging power banks will rise. They combine the convenience of having additional power when away from mains chargers so that mobile devices like smartphones can be charged when on the move. Wireless power banks combine this with the convenience of being able to charge the device wirelessly.

    Wireless Powerbank

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    This product can only be purchased as an add on with another Silviano product.

    Customer Reviews

    Great power bank, super fast and great battery life

    I have used many powerbanks before but this one is actually amazing. The speed is super fast and battery life is great. Would highly recommend


    8000mAh power bank with QC3.0 Micro input QC3.0 USB output PD

    Built with 10W charging offers you the fastest wireless charging for Android and iPhone.

    18W Quick Charge type C type A input output

    • Ultra Slim wireless powerbank. 12mm thickness.
    • Powerbank Recharges fully in just 2.5 hours.
    • Wirelessly charges iPhone 0-50% in less over 1 hour at7.5W while Androids will charge 0-50% in just under 1 hour at 10W


    Insert the connector of the USB cable into the input of the power bank, and the USB port of the cable into a computer or wall adapter. The position of the LED shows the battery. Keep charging until all of the LEDs are on and the device is fully charged.

    Place power bank in Sleeve

    Once the power bank is fully charged place it in the back of the Sleeve.

    Turn the charger on by simply pressing the button displayed at the top of the device.

    octogrip, wireless, charging, powerbank, charge

    Place your Smartphone in the back of the Sleeve along with the power bank to charge it wirelessly on the go. This power bank can only wirelessly charge phones that support wireless charging.

    Connect the cable to the USB A port of the power bank. Plug in the other end of the cable to your mobile device / Tablet / Laptop.

    When disconnected for over 35 seconds, the power bank will close the output circuit automatically, entering power saving mode.

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