CR123 Vs CR123A Batteries, what is the difference between. 123 battery replacement

CR123 Vs CR123A Batteries, what is the difference between?

When the power supplies for your home appliances run out, battery types like the CR123 and CR123A will be ideal alternatives at affordable prices. If you are inexperienced, choosing an inappropriate product may cause problems for your high-performance equipment.

If you are stuck in this situation, then don’t worry! Our article provides a detailed breakdown of the basic differences between CR123 Vs CR123A batteries. Scroll down, and you will have the opportunity to explore it with the most comprehensive insight.

CR123 Vs CR123A- Overview

Before entering the analysis and comparison section, understanding each product model will be the key to fully absorbing the information. If you want to explore information about each product in more detail, follow us, and we will give you the most useful information in no time!

What Are CR123 Batteries?

Among the small-capacity batteries, CR123 stands out as a product with affordable price and high applicability in life. They often appear in small devices such as photo cameras, alarm clocks, security devices, high-performance equipment, and other high-tech electronic products.

This 3V durable battery provides users with an energy capacity ranging from 1,500 mAh to 2,500 mAh. It can sustain an energy pulse of 3,000 mAh while operating at a continuous current of about 2,000 mAh.

For high-performance equipment that requires 100 mA commonly found in life, this product can provide 30 hours of continuous power before requiring recharging.

What Are CR123A Batteries?

CR123A products are popular due to their ability to provide users with high voltages. As a result, they often appear in devices that require high amounts of power (such as digital cameras and high-tech LED torches.).

The products of this Lithium-ion battery classification can generate a 3,000 mAH pulse source at a continuous current of 2,000 mAH. Like the CR123, they can sustain 100 mA devices for about 30 hours before recharging.

CR123 Vs CR123A- Detailed Comparison

According to information from battery manufacturers, the CR123 and CR123A both follow the operating mechanism of Duracell lithium batteries. They are suitable for small and medium-sized household electronic equipment such as high-tech LED torches, watches, and digital cameras.

Yet, you can not deny that the two separate product samples will certainly have certain differences, and CR123 and CR123A are no exception. We’ve compiled the information and outlined six typical areas between the two products above to provide you with the most comprehensive review.


At first glance, both products offer fairly uniform sizes and are smaller than expected. If you look closely, you will notice that the CR123 tends to be longer and thinner than its rivals.

When making a detailed comparison in size with AA alkaline products ( average length of 44mm), these two products are significantly smaller but serve users twice the battery voltage. That is why compact size can be considered a proud advantage of the battery manufacturers.


In terms of lifespan, you can hardly find an actual difference between these cylindrical batteries. If stored at ideal temperatures (below 60°C), they can last up to 10 years before showing deterioration in quality.

When CR123 and CR123A act as power supplies, they are quite durable and can last up to five years in alarm systems. Their exact lifespan is highly dependent on external influences and user usage, making it difficult to conclude which product has a superior lifespan.


Both CR123 and CR123A batteries have the same voltage of 3 volts. However, CR123A has the advantage of an ideal voltage supply. While the CR123 can only supply electric current ranging from 1.2 to 1.5 volts, it can guarantee a stable 1.5 volts voltage.


In the field of chemicals, they all operate according to the mechanism of producing high energy density per volume (580 Wh/liter) and mass (280 Wh/Kg).

According to information from the manufacturer, both products use lithium-based salts as an electrolyte, and the dangerous chemistry of Manganese dioxide (LiMnO2) and Lithium. In addition, the two poles of the battery are derived from manganese dioxide, which has been guaranteed through heat treatment.


The Lithium chemical inside a product is a hazard if you give it a chance to come into direct contact with your skin. Nevertheless, operating at excessively high temperatures makes the battery prone to adverse effects and damage to the devices it serves.

Don’t worry! Just have complete peace of mind as they come with a built-in safety feature – PTC (pressure-temperature-current) guarantee. If the current is detected too high, they will automatically cut off strongly to ensure the user’s safety.

Operating Temperature

The key difference between CR123 and CR123A comes from the range of temperatures at which they can operate normally. The CR123 can deliver battery power in temperatures ranging from.20°C to 70°C, while its rival has far superior operating temperatures – from.40°C to 70°C.

Are CR123 And CR123a The Same?

The technical specifications show that the two products are similar. The most typical differences between them probably include only the letter A (representing A cell) and the operating temperature of each product.

Are CR123 And CR123a Interchangeable?

Although the specifications and dimensions are insignificant, it is best not to substitute these two products. Why say that?

Although the CR123 is slightly longer than its competition, it can sometimes cause trouble inserting batteries into sensitive devices. Besides, CR123a is designed specifically for high-tech LED torches and digital cameras, while CR123 does not do this.

In terms of voltage, the CR123 battery provides a larger voltage than the competition but has a lower voltage than the CR123A model. Therefore, the intentional installation will sometimes cause some problems in the performance of the equipment it serves.

How Do I Know If My Batteries Need To Be Replaced?

The different impact and maintenance methods make it difficult to give an exact time that the above products will serve you. But according to experts, the above battery samples will last an average of 3 years before showing signs of wear and cannot be recharged. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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GP Pro CR123A Lithium Battery

GP Lithium Pro CR123A is your dependable power source. With longer-lasting power than ever and 40% more energy capacity, it powers any gadgets that demand high energy input such as security and medical devices like smoke detectors and AED rescue kits.

In comparison with CR123A batteries IEC standard test, results are subject to deviation with different usage behaviour and devices.

Power that never runs cold

Supply devices with stable power to operate at their maximum efficiency even under extremely cold weather throughout the battery service life and prevent abrupt voltage drop which happens all the time with low temperature. The Lithium batteries operate reliably and discharge with exceptional energy-efficient performance even under the extremes of cold and hot from.40°C to 60°C. It fuels your wildest, and coldest adventure so you will always stay connected with your devices.

As fresh as day 1

What does not age? Your GP lithium battery. It holds power for up to 10 years. as fresh as the day they were made. Avoid power panic by stocking up for emergency without the fear of idle self-discharge!

To ensure optimal power is reserved in unused batteries, store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

Designed and tested for safety

Crafted with consistent precision, every single battery is assessed and tested for their quality before making their way to you. With the ultra-secured structure that prevents leakage, GP lithium batteries are tested by global safety science authority UL, and the United Nations. proven to strictly comply with international safety standards. That’s a battery that you can trust.

RAVPower CR123A 3V Lithium Battery

Pay with Ease

How do I use the discount code? Copy the discount code from the product page, and then apply the discount code at check out.

Can I redeem multiple discount codes? No. Discount codes cannot be combined.Only one code can be applied per order.

Why is my discount code invalid? 1) The discount code is not applicable to the specific items you want to buy 2) The discount code wasn’t entered correctly 3) The discount code has expired 4) The discount code is not from Ravpower’s official website


NOTE: Batteries Can Not Be Recharged!

Long-Lasting Reliable PowerEach battery houses an impressive 1,500mAh capacity with low internal resistance. This ensures you can efficiently power your equipment for an extended period of time. Save the trouble of changing batteries for years to come.

Supports Most AppliancesInvest in a pack of RAVPower CR123A Batteries that can be used to power everyday appliances with the capacity of 1500mAh / 3.0V (4.5Wh). Pair it up with your Polaroid, Arlo cameras, flashlights, microphones, and most household medical equipment to be prepared for any emergencies. Replace CR123, DL123A, K123A, EL123AP, 5018LC, CR17345 and CR17335 with 3V voltage; Replace RCR123A, RCR17335, VL123A and ML123A with 3.7V voltage.

Superior Performance in Any WeatherBenefit from unconditional convenience and consistent performance in either freezing Arctic conditions or a scorching desert. Our batteries can beat the most extreme weather ranging from.40°C to 85°C /.49°F to 185°F.

Up to 10 Year Shelf LifePremium low self-discharge mechanism keeps for nearly 10 years of idleness without draining the battery. Never get stuck ever again because of a dead battery.

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Greener and SaferEnvironment-friendly Li-ion batteries are your first step to a greener world. Containing no harmful chemicals, RAVPower batteries are guarded with short circuit, over current, and voltage surge Smart protections that are gentler to the earth and safer for you.

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Zoll Type 123 Lithium Batteries

Zoll Type 123 Lithium Batteries Part Number: 8000-0807-01 Quantity of Ten (10) with Storage Sleeve. Compatible with AED Plus.

Questions about Zoll Type 123 Lithium Batteries?

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