Costco battery installation fee. Toyota RAV4 Roof Rail Leaks Lead to Class Action Lawsuit

By David A. Wood,

May 11, 2021 — A Costco Interstate battery warranty lawsuit alleges the free battery replacement program costs consumers the difference in the original purchase price of their Interstate batteries and the increased price of the replacement batteries Costco requires consumers to purchase.

The class action lawsuit includes consumers who purchased Interstate batteries at Costco and were not provided free replacement batteries when their Interstate batteries became defective.

costco, battery, installation, lead, class

On December 19, 2017, Florida plaintiff John Skrandel purchased an Interstate battery with a label that said Costco offered a “36-MONTH Free Replacement” warranty with the 72.99 purchase (in addition to other battery-related fees charged by Costco).

The plaintiff believed he would receive a free battery replacement if his Interstate battery went bad within 36 months of purchase.

costco, battery, installation, lead, class

The plaintiff says the battery failed in November 2020, so he returned the Interstate battery to Costco for a free replacement.

Instead of being provided with a free replacement battery, however, the representative at Costco advised Plaintiff that Costco would refund Plaintiff the original purchase price of the defective Interstate Battery and charge him for the new replacement battery, at the higher purchase price of 78.99, which was six dollars more than he had paid for his Interstate Battery. — Costco Interstate battery warranty lawsuit

Costco allegedly had removed the reference to its “Free Replacement” warranty from the label of the Interstate battery and replaced it with the words, “LIMITED WARRANTY REPLACEMENT.”

In addition, Costco had added a footnote to the label of the battery which told consumers they could learn more about warranty information on the Costco website.

The plaintiff says he objected to purchasing a higher-priced replacement battery by showing the Costco representative the Free Replacement warranty on his failed battery.

Costco allegedly told the plaintiff the company was no longer providing free replacement batteries and he would have to purchase the higher-priced battery if he wanted Costco to replace his defective Interstate battery. The lawsuit says the plaintiff had no choice because he needed the battery for his vehicle.

Plaintiff purchased his 72.99 Interstate Battery for a total price of 79.10, and the 78.99 replacement battery for a total price of 86.13. Although, for some unknown reason, the Costco representative refunded the Interstate Battery at a price of 76.99 (four more dollars than its purchase price), Plaintiff was still forced to pay out-of- 3.75 to have his defective Interstate Battery replaced. — Costco Interstate battery warranty lawsuit

The Costco Interstate battery warranty lawsuit alleges other consumers have reported paying as much as half the original purchase price of their Interstate battery to obtain their battery replacement.

The class action alleges Costco deceives reasonable consumers who expect a free replacement battery under warranty, whether 36 or 42 months. The plaintiff says at the least, a customer should have the purchase price of their Interstate battery refunded, and then be charged for a replacement battery at that same purchase price.

According to the lawsuit, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has rules about using the word free and Costco is allegedly not following the rules concerning the free battery replacement warranty.

The plaintiff claims Costco has sold about 1 million Interstate car batteries each year, and from 2014-2019 each battery was sold with a label regarding Free Replacement.

The Costco Interstate battery warranty lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida: Skrandel, v. Costco Wholesale Corporation.

The plaintiff is represented by Kopelowitz Ostrow Ferguson Weiselberg Gilbert, and Gordon Partners, P.A.

Costco Car Battery Warranty (2023 Update)

Costco isn’t the absolute best out there, but they are good for the money spent. Some of their batteries come with the Memory Saver option to help prevent battery failure if you store your vehicle for a period of time (usually during colder months or season changes). For the price, it’s hard to beat it – especially when you consider that they will always put in a new one if needed during the first 36 months of ownership under warranty.

The Costco Car Battery Warranty

Costco offers some pretty good car batteries, and I have been recommending them for years. I even got one for my own car not long ago, when the battery in my old Dodge Caravan finally died. It was just about five years old, which is a pretty good life for a starting battery.

I went to Costco to buy it because I wanted the Costco Car Battery Warranty. A lot of places don’t offer any warranty at all on their batteries, but if you get it at Costco, they will replace it if it fails during the first three years of ownership (and you only pay a few dollars to get a replacement – before tax). It just makes sense to me to buy a battery with that sort of guarantee.

How long is Costco car battery warranty?

There are a lot of different opinions on how long a Costco car battery warranty should last, but I am told by their technical service department that it’s 3 years (36 months). However, if they replace it under the terms of the warranty, they will always put in a new battery that is equal to or better than your original one.

In other words, if your warranty battery fails after three years and Costco replaces it under warranty, they will install another new battery with at least as much capacity and voltage as the original.

costco, battery, installation, lead, class

Will Costco replace car battery?

If your Costco car battery warranty fails, you can go to any Costco warehouse and return it for a new one. However, before you return it, I recommend calling their technical service department at (800) 955-2292 first. The reason is that the battery may need to be replaced with one of a lower rating (capacity) if it’s too far gone.

This is an issue with some batteries, mainly cheap ones that are manufactured in third world countries. They just don’t put out enough juice to start an engine very well anymore – especially in hot weather, when everything begins to wear out faster.

How long is a car battery under warranty?

The Costco car battery warranty period is three years, but their technical department will sometimes replace the battery under warranty even if it’s only two years old. It all depends on how much power the battery has left.

So, if you own a Costco car battery and have had it for three years or more, and you are having trouble starting your vehicle, I’d call them first to find out what to do.

Are Costco car batteries maintenance-free?

Costco batteries are supposed to be maintenance-free. However, I’ve read several reports of people who have found it necessary to “service” their car battery every year or two.

The procedure is simple. You just pull off the negative (black) cable connection from the car battery terminals, then attach a jumper cable between the positive (red) cables, which will draw enough power from the other battery to get your car started and running again immediately.

If possible check the battery liquid level now and then to check if there is no leak and at the normal levels.

Are car batteries cheaper at Costco?

The big-box chain that sells everything at a discount from the warehouse is no exception with car batteries. The Costco car battery warranty is fantastic, even if it’s only for 3 years (36 months) and not 4 years.

A lot of people want to know if Costco car batteries are cheaper than the competition, and they are – especially after you have had it replaced once under warranty. You can get a lot of use out of a Costco car battery if you don’t mind getting another one every now and then.

The best price I found online for a Costco Car Battery was 149.95 plus tax with free shipping available (see here) which seems to be competitive with other places like Sears. The shipping weight is 45 pounds.

Conclusion on Costco Car Battery Warranty

Should you get a battery for your vehicle at Costco? well that will totally depend on you, it doesn’t matter where you get a car battery from what matters most is the quality, size and longevity of the battery, I hope you found this article informative.

Thank you for reading this far! I hope that the information provided in this article will be helpful to you.

Robert Anderson is a world class motorhead who rebuilt his first carb at age 10, his first engine at age 15, and completed his first full hotrod build when he was just 18! Previously, he has ran a part warehouse, delivered pizzas, and managed the service department for a 20 million/year revenue dealership. Robert knows cars like few others and he is passionate about sharing his knowledge.

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Does Costco Install Car Batteries?

Suppose your existing car battery has already begun to exhibit indicators of deterioration. The poor starts, the cranking sounds, and the battery empty sooner than intended indicate that a replacement is necessary. At this time, most drivers begin searching for the cheapest places to purchase a new battery.

Costco is one of the most popular solutions for many drivers due to its high-quality inventory and fantastic prices. Does Costco offer battery installation for its customers? No, the well-known store does not provide battery installation to its customers. Once you purchase the battery from their shop, you must locate a mechanic to install it, or you can do it yourself (obviously, if you know how to).

Is Costco A Good Place To Buy Car Batteries?

Costco is among the most incredible locations to purchase a car battery. Costco consistently attempts to provide the best value for its consumers by selling batteries at affordable pricing. Costco offers Interstate-brand car batteries at affordable pricing but does not offer auto battery installation. While Costco is a famous destination for petrol (if you’re a member) and most locations include tire shops, its auto services are limited to gas and tires.

Since Costco sells car batteries, it may still be a viable alternative, provided your vehicle is in excellent enough condition to get you to the store. You can contact your local Costco to ensure it carries the correct battery size for your car.

Costco offers a limited guarantee on Interstate batteries; Costco will restore or refund a portion of the purchase price if your battery dies within the warranty term. Costco provides interstate batteries to vehicles other than automobiles, including golf carts, boats, motorbikes, and all-terrain cars.

In addition, as a Costco member, you may be eligible for a 15% discount on some parts and services at non-Costco service locations that participate in Costco’s Auto Program. over, Costco accepts used batteries. When purchasing a battery from Costco, you will be charged a refundable fee. Bringing your old battery to them and allowing them to destroy or recycle it correctly will enable you to receive a refund.

Costco can still assist you if you seek a repair shop to install your battery. Costco’s Auto Program is available to guide you on the correct route.

Does Costco Offer A Warranty On Car Batteries?

When you buy batteries at Costco, you do receive a limited warranty. The guarantee period may vary based on the type of battery you buy. Typically, you can receive a free replacement or complete refund if the battery dies before the end of the specified warranty period or is shown to be otherwise defective during that time frame. What usually is available depends on what happened, how long you’ve owned the battery, and the warranty terms.

The first alternative is to research car batteries on the Costco webpage. On the website, there are several places where you may enter precise information about your vehicle (make, model, year, engine type, etc.).

Costco can then decide whether a car battery is available to buy at a nearby location. If there are no car batteries available at the Costco location closest to you, you can use an alternative zip code to look for the battery you need at other stores. You may be fascinated by Costco’s oil change service (which has been discontinued), battery core charging, and car leasing programs for further car-related services.

Interstate Batteries That are Available at Costco

Costco offers two primary varieties of Interstate batteries, including;

Standard Flooded Battery

Standard Flooded Batteries are the most popular form of a car battery. This sort of car battery is ideal for vehicles with basic electrical requirements. Standard Flooded Batteries are renowned for their longevity, typically lasting clients for decades.

It is primarily due to the battery’s robust circuits and free-flowing liquid architecture. In addition, this type is sealed, requiring no maintenance on the car’s owner. This design’s lack of upkeep has maintained a prominent selling point among consumers.

Usually, this is the least expensive sort of automobile battery you can buy from Costco. Nonetheless, it is assured to provide reliable starting power. This battery is also suitable for various climates. Standard Flooded Batteries have a significantly shorter lifespan when compared to more modern automobile battery technologies.

Absorbed Glass Mat Battery

AGM batteries are among the most modern forms of car batteries. This sort of car battery was created to provide optimal performance for high-end vehicles with more significant power requirements. As stated previously, ordinary flooded batteries are more suitable for cars with standard electrical requirements.

Absorbed Glass Mat Batteries excel in delivering higher starting power and increased power when the engine is off. But, these batteries are more expensive than their flooded liquid counterparts due to their improved capability.

AGM batteries typically cost twice or three times as much as their flooded counterparts. However, this cost increase may be required for drivers of automobiles that require more power. When purchasing a car battery at Costco, you are assured of fair pricing. Continue reading as we discuss Costco’s car battery prices!

Other places You can Buy and Get Your Batteries Installed

There are some retailers who not only sell but also install batteries. So if you’re particular about battery installation, you may want to visit them.

However, They only install for free if you bought a new battery from them.

Some will even test your old battery to ensure it is old enough to get replaced. If you, however, got it through other means, you may need to do the installation yourself or have a professional mechanic do it for you.

The following are some retailers that sell and install car batteries;

  • Pep Boys
  • NAPA Auto Parts
  • Auto Zone
  • Advance Auto Parts
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • Sam’s Club
  • Walmart

The retailers above indeed do free battery installation, but it may not be so in all locations. Because the majority of them are independently owned and operated, as such service isn’t uniform.

So if, for example, you want to buy from Nappa Auto Parts, and you’re particular about free installation, make sure you inquire if that center offers free installation.

This is to ensure you don’t get disappointed or feel received.


Who can buy from Costco?

Only people with a Costco membership can buy from Costco. This enables the company to keep records of all their customers’ purchases and other helpful information. And in the event customers need their help, especially with their warranty service, things can be done easily.

What if I lost my receipt? Do I still get Costco Warranty?

You are eligible to use the Costco warranty without the receipt. They do not need it to replace a faulty battery that is within the warranty period. This is why you must have a Costco membership to buy from them. All they need to do is go to their system since all your information is already there. However, for Costco to do battery replacements without a receipt, the original purchaser will need to provide the old battery. They will use the battery’s serial number to track the purchase that was made. But, if you provide your receipt, the process will be faster since they will get all information from your receipt at go.

Does Costco test and Install Car Batteries?

Costco does not test or install car batteries. They sure sell interstate car batteries but do not test or install whether you bought the batteries from them or not. Costco also offers a range of tire and fuel services. However, they can help you connect to auto centers quickly to help you with installation and general vehicle maintenance.

Who produces Interstate Batteries?

Interstate batteries are produced by Johnson Controls, manufacturing plants located in Monterey, Mexico. This manufacturer is known to produce highly reliable batteries, which draws many customers to the brand – The particular reason why Costco decides to sell their products.

How do I Get Rid of my Costco Interstate Batteries?

If your battery is old and you want to get rid of it, take it to Costco. Lead-acid batteries are toxic and will pose a danger if not disposed of properly. And as such, Costco helps recycle batteries the proper way to keep the environment safe. For Costco members, this is also the best time to take back the core fee you paid when purchasing the battery. So aside from keeping the environment safe, you also gain back a few bucks from returning the old battery.

Is the battery core charge compulsory at Costco?

It is a must you pay the battery core charge if you are buying directly from Costco. The reason is to encourage buyers to return their old batteries so they can be appropriately disposed of. Thereby keeping a healthy environment. over, the fee is fully refundable upon the return of the batteries.

How good are Interstate Batteries?

Interstate batteries perform well. They can hold a charge for a more extended period while still giving out the required charge. Plus, they have a longer life span compared to other batteries in their class. Just ensure you take care of the battery properly. For example, using a start battery to power high-demand electronics that use above 12 Volts will damage your battery. Costco does not associate with anything below quality. However, if you want to see how this battery performs, make it an excellent choice for your next battery replacement.

costco, battery, installation, lead, class

How do I make my battery last longer?

Sometimes, batteries can deteriorate faster due to factory errors. However, batteries’ lifespan can also be determined by it’s usage. Most auto batteries charge when they are in use. Leaving your automobile idle for long periods, especially in cold weather, will make them lose charge. Driving short distances consistently can also affect your battery since it won’t get enough charge from the alternator. Lastly, don’t overcharge and ensure you use the battery for its intended purpose. Using a 12-volt battery to power high-demanding electronics will likely destroy the battery quickly.

Final thoughts

Buying a car battery from Costco is like buying a gold mine at an affordable price. Costco is not just known for excellent warranties and selling at discounted prices.

They also ensure the manufacturers they partner with sell high-performing and durable batteries. However, they do not offer battery installation.

You can do the installation yourself following the process on your owner’s manual. Or use the Costco Auto program at discounted prices.

But if you’re particular about free auto batteries installation, you may want to look somewhere else. Some retailers do the free installation if you buy it from them.

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