Converting a 3x AAA Battery LED Light to Li-ion. Aaa battery led lights

Wood LED Lamp Base RGB Lights USB Powered AAA Battery Bin TDL-WC-B

TDL-WC-B oval wood LED base is made of solid beech. There are 7 kinds of RGB light colors and fading light mode available. The slot length is 11.5cm. It comes with USB cable and touch button. There is AAA battery bin at the bottom of 3D LED lamp base. This well-made wood led base helps you make 3d lamps, led acrylic signs easily.


Model Number

Light Color

Power Input


LED Quantity

LED Lift Time


Slot Dimension

Unit Package Weight

Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Pink, White
DC 5V 1A
Solid Beech
7 pieces RGB SMD LEDs
10,000 hours
1506040mm (LED Base)

Packing List:

Each kit includes: 1 piece wood LED lamp base, 1 piece USB cable Pack in white foam bag


Is the base compatible with all our optical light panel? It fits for 5~5.1mm thickness acrylic light panel and bottom width is shorter than 120mm (slot width is 120mm).

What’s the power source? Is there a built-in battery? It get power from DC 5V USB. You can load 3 pieces AAA batteries.

Is it ok to add foam and gift box for this wood LED lamp base?

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Low Minimum Order Quantity of 100 pieces (Sample/Trail Order is Welcome) Competitive Wholesale and Low Shipping Cost Flexible Shipping Ways (trackable online) Professional Custom Made Design Service and Fast Sampling 1 Year Warranty

OEM Services:

Custom length and width of wood led lamp base Custom size of slot length and width

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Introduction: Converting a 3x AAA Battery LED Light to Li-ion

These LED candles provide a nice level of light and are safe to leave lit anywhere at any time unlike normal candles. What I don’t like about these however is that they use three AAA batteries in series. With a typical capacity of 1200mAh (for alkaline) these batteries get notably dimmer in a couple of days, and become e-waste in a week.

So with a handful of parts (which costs less than the price of a new pack of AAA batteries) I’ll show how easy it can be to make this type of light rechargeable!

Step 1: Disassembly

The wax body of this candle had some cracks from shipping which made pulling the plastic base out quite easy. This was held in with some hot glue, so a drop of IPA would also work to loosen the base.

In the second picture you can see a 6 pin IC with no markings which directly drives the LED via a surface mount resistor. This board also has what I presume is a 3 pin IR receiver, perhaps for different modes of operation? I did not receive a remote with these so I can only guess.

Step 2: Obtaining Parts

I had this TC4056A charger board on hand, as well as the DW01 protection board which is soldered to the 18650. The 18650 cell itself is salvaged from a laptop battery, it measures around 2.4Ah and will be perfect for this low drain application.

Step 3: Wiring

Place the TC4056A charger board in the battery compartment and pass wires into the inside, then solder these wires to the respective battery compartment contacts as shown.

Solder wires onto the Pack and Pack- terminals of the protection board, then solder these onto the same contacts as the charger board, noting the polarity. I added some tape to the exposed battery contacts just to be on the safe side too.

Step 4: Reassembly

I used some hot glue to securely mount the 18650 upright on the candle base, then glued the base back into the wax shell. The 18650 is not visible through the wax shell at all which I was pleased about, and now if it goes flat I can simply pop the cover off and charge it rather than put AAA batteries in there.

I hope you enjoyed this quick instructable and if you have any feedback please let me know ­čÖé

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How To Power LED Strip Lights With Batteries?

LED strip lights are great for adding some extra light to your home or office space. They come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and styles. If you want to add some additional lighting to your room, then LED strips might be the perfect choice for you.

But you can’t have a 220V plug ready to power an LED strip anywhere. So, at some point, for convenience, you may need to use batteries instead to power the LED strips. Batteries are handy if you’re in a place without power, such as camping or in a car.

Can I light up LED strip lights with batteries?

Yes, you can use any battery for lighting up LED strips. However, rechargeable batteries are recommended since they last longer and save energy.

Why do I need to use a battery to power LED strip lights?

The batteries are portable, so you can take them wherever you go. If you want to go camping outdoors, you can’t find power. But you can easily carry the battery with you. Many of our sample display boxes are battery-powered so that we can display samples to our customers anytime, anywhere.

How to choose a battery for LED strip lights?

Choosing a battery for an LED strip is very simple. You must FOCUS on the output voltage, power capacity, and connection.

Voltage selection

Most LED strips work on 12V or 24V. You need to ensure that your battery’s output voltage cannot exceed the working voltage of the LED strip. Otherwise, it will permanently damage the LED strip. The output voltage of a single battery may not reach 12V or 24V, and you can connect multiple batteries in series to get the voltage required by the LED strip.

For example, for a 12V LED strip, you need 8 pcs 1.5V AA batteries connected in series (1.5V 8 = 12V). And for 24V LED strips, you can connect 2 pcs 12V batteries in series, because 12V 2 = 24V.

Calculating power capacity

Battery capacity is usually measured in milliamp hours, abbreviated as mAh, or watt-hours, abbreviated as Wh. This value indicates the hours the battery can deliver a specific amount of current (mA) or power (W) before it runs out of charge.

You may have a question, how to calculate how long a fully charged battery can be used to light up an LED strip?

First, you need to know the total power of the LED strip. You can quickly learn from the label of the LED strip that the power of one meter of LED strip, the total power is the power of 1 meter multiplied by the total length. Then divide the total power by the voltage to get the total current A. Then you multiply A by 1000 to convert it to mA.

You can find the mAh value on the battery. Below are the mAh values of some standard batteries.AA Dry Cell: 400-900 mAhAA Alkaline: 1700-2850 mAh9V Alkaline: 550 mAhStandard car battery: 45,000 mAh

Finally, you divide the battery’s mAh value by the LED strip’s mA value. The result is the expected operating hours of the battery.

Connecting the battery

Another thing is you need to make sure your battery and LED strip connectors are compatible. A battery pack has open wires or DC connectors as its output terminals. LED strips generally have open wires or DC connectors.

What batteries can be used to power LED strip lights?

There are a variety of batteries that can be used to power LED strips, each with a specific role. Common batteries generally include Coin cells, alkalines, and lithium batteries.

Coin cell battery

A coin cell battery is a small, cylindrical battery often used in small electronic devices such as watches and calculators. These batteries are also known as button cells or watch batteries. Coin cell batteries get their name from their size and shape, similar to a coin.

Coin cell batteries are made up of two electrodes, a positive electrode (cathode) and a negative electrode (anode), separated by an electrolyte. When the battery is used, the cathode and anode react with the electrolyte to create an electrical current. The amount of electrical current a coin cell battery can produce is determined by its size.

Coin cell batteries are typically made of lithium or zinc-carbon, although other materials such as silver-oxide or mercury-oxide can also be used.

Coin cells can only supply 3 volts at 220mAh, enough to light one to a few LEDs for a few hours.

1.5V AA/AAA Alkaline battery

1.5V AA AAA Alkaline batteries are common in many electronic devices.

These batteries are often used in flashlights, remote controls, and other small electronics. Alkaline batteries have a longer shelf life than other types of batteries, making them a good choice for devices that are not used frequently.

Due to its small size, the capacity of the AAA battery is only 1000mAh. However, the capacity of AA batteries can be as high as 2400mAh.

Battery box

A battery case is an excellent option if you need to connect multiple AA/AAA batteries. Multiple batteries can be installed in one battery box, connected in series.

3.7V rechargeable battery

A 3.7V rechargeable battery is a battery that can be recharged and used multiple times. It is made up of two or more cells that are connected in series or parallel.

9V Alkaline Battery

A 9V alkaline battery is a battery that uses an alkaline electrolyte to produce a voltage of 9 volts. The alkaline electrolyte is a mixture of potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide, both highly corrosive.

9V alkaline batteries are also known for their long shelf life; they can last up to 10 years when stored properly. If you need a reliable and long-lasting battery for your devices, then a 9V alkaline battery is perfect. It can have a nominal capacity of 500 mAh.

12V rechargeable Lithium battery

A 12V rechargeable Lithium battery is a type of battery that can be used in a variety of electronic devices. It comprises lithium ions, electrically charged particles that can store and release energy.

The advantage of using a 12V rechargeable Lithium battery over other types of batteries is that it has a higher energy density. This means it can store more energy per unit of weight than other batteries. This makes it ideal for use in portable electronic devices where weight is a concern. It can have a nominal capacity of 20,000 mAh.

How long can the battery power the led strip light?

If you want to know how long a fully charged battery can be used to power an LED strip, you need to know two things: battery capacity and power consumption of the LED strip.

Battery capacity

Generally, the battery’s capacity will be marked on the surface of the battery.

Here, I take a lithium 12V battery at 2500mAh as an example.

Power consumption of the LED strip

You can easily know the power per meter of the LED strip through the label.

The total power of the LED strip can be multiplied by the power of 1 meter by the total length in meters.

Here is an example of a 12V, 6W/m LED strip with a length of 2 meters.

So total power consumption is 12W.


First, you divide the total power of the strip by the voltage to get the current in A.

Then convert the current A to mA by multiplying by 1000. That is the current of the LED strip is 12W/12V1000=1000mA.

Then we divide the capacity of the battery by the total current of the light bar to get the operating time of the battery in hours. That is 2500mAh / 1000mA = 2.5h.

So the working time of the battery is 2.5 hours.

How to extend battery life?

Due to the small capacity of the battery, it can generally only work for a few hours. After the battery runs out of power, you can either better the battery or recharge it. But you can extend the life of your battery by following a few simple methods.

Add a switch

You can add a switch to cut off the power when you don’t need the lighting. This saves energy and extends battery life.

Add a dimmer

The brightness of your lighting doesn’t need to be constant all the time. Sometimes reducing the brightness of the lighting in certain scenes can save power and extend battery life. You can add a dimmer to the battery and LED strip to adjust the brightness of the LED strip.

Reduce LED strips

The longer the LED strips you use, the shorter the battery life. So, please re-evaluate. Do you really need such a long LED strip? A choice must be made between the LED strip’s length and the battery’s life.

How to connect the led strip light to the battery?

It is a simple process that anyone can do.

Step 1: First, find the positive and negative terminals on the battery.

The positive terminal will have a plus sign next to it, while the negative terminal will have a minus sign (-) next to it.

Step 2: Locate the corresponding terminals on the led strip light. The positive terminal on the led strip light will be marked with a plus sign. while the negative terminal will be marked with a minus sign (-).

converting, battery, light, li-ion

Step 3: Once you have located the correct terminals, connect the positive terminal of the battery to the positive terminal of the led strip light, and then connect the negative terminal of the battery to the negative terminal of the led strip light.

How to power RGB strip light with battery?

You will need the following items: RGB light bar, battery, and controller.

Step 1: Connect the controller and battery.

First, you need to connect the controller’s positive terminal to the battery’s positive terminal.

Next, you connect the controller’s negative terminal to the battery’s negative terminal.

Step 2: Connect the RGB LED strip to the controller.

You can clearly see the markings on the controller: V, R, G, B. Just connect the corresponding RGB wires to these terminals.

Can I use a battery to power my sensor cabinet light?

Yes, you can, as long as you ensure the voltage of the battery is compatible with the voltage of the LED strip.

If you plan to use the battery to light the sensor cabinet light frequently, the best option is to use a rechargeable battery. This way, you won’t have to change the battery and need to charge it.

Can I power a 12V LED strip with a 9V battery?

Yes, you can. The 12V LED strip can work at a lower voltage than it requires, but the brightness will be lower.

The LEDs work at 3V, and the LED strips use PCBs to connect multiple LEDs in series. For example, a 12V LED strip is 3 LEDs connected in series, with a resistor to dissipate the extra voltage (3V).

converting, battery, light, li-ion

It is safe to light a 12V LED strip with a 9V battery. However, it should be noted that if the voltage of the battery is higher than that of the LED strip, it will permanently damage the LED strip.

Can I connect a 12V LED strip to a car battery?

Your car’s battery has a voltage of 12.6 volts or higher when fully charged. If your engine is running, its voltage will rise to 13.7 to 14.7 volts, dropping to 11 volts whenever battery drain occurs. Due to the lack of stability, it is never a good idea to power the 12V LED strip directly from the car battery. Doing so can cause the strips to overheat and shorten their life.

Instead of connecting them directly, you need a voltage regulator. Because you need exactly 12V to run your LED strips, using a regulator will drop your 14V battery to 12, making your LED strips safer. However, there is a problem. Whenever your car’s battery voltage drops, the brightness of your LEDs will and may drop.

Will LED strip lights drain my car’s battery?

Your car’s battery has enough capacity to power a typical car light strip for more than 50 hours before it runs out.Many factors can accelerate capacity loss, such as a high number of LEDs or the use of high-powered LEDs. But.Usually, even if you leave it overnight, it’s unlikely to drain your car’s battery.

Are battery powered LED strips safe?

LED strip lights are safe if you install and use them correctly, whether it is LED power supply or battery power.Be careful, do not use higher voltage to power the LED strip, which will damage the LED strip and even cause a fire.

Precautions for using a battery

Like other electronic devices, you need to be careful with batteries. Do not use a battery with a higher voltage than the LED strip to power the LED strip. This will damage the LED strip and may also cause a fire.When charging a rechargeable battery, do not charge it with a voltage higher than its proper voltage, as it may cause the battery to overheat, swell, and cause a fire.

Can I power LED lights with a power bank?

Yes, you can power LED lights with a power bank. But you need to ensure that the voltage of the power bank is compatible with the voltage of the LED strip.

What batteries are best for LED lights?

The best battery for LED lights is Lithium Ion Polymer Battery. This battery has a high energy density which means it stores more power per unit volume. Also, these batteries last longer than other types of batteries.


In conclusion, it is possible to power LED strip lights with batteries. This can be done by connecting the LED strip’s positive and negative wires to the batteries positive and negative terminals. It is important to use the correct type of battery so that the LED strip does not overheat and catch fire.

LEDYi manufactures high-quality LED strips and LED neon flex. All of our products go through high-tech laboratories to ensure the utmost quality. Besides, we offer customizable options on our LED strips and neon flex. So, for premium LED strip and LED neon flex, contact LEDYi ASAP!

Aaa battery led lights

Roll over image to zoom in Click on image to zoom


The Hybrid series is the newest series among RovyVon’s line, why Hybrid? We’d like to find a way to balance between a built-in proprietary battery and a replaceable easy-to-get battery, that’s just like a PHEV car that the battery power supply gives a quiet driving experience and the traditional power supply of gas gives no range anxiety on the go.

converting, battery, light, li-ion

The H3 comes with a built-in 300mAh lipo battery that can be charged via the USB-C charging port, and it is also compatible with an AAA battery (1.5V Alkaline battery or rechargeable 1.2V NiMH battery) or rechargeable 10440 li-ion battery. After inserted the external battery (AAA or 10440), it will use the external battery by default once turned on, of course, you can switch it between the built-in battery or external battery as you prefer, there’s a battery indicator to show which battery you are using at the moment, green is for external battery and blue is for built-in battery.

The two buttons share the same function that is much more convenient for different use environments, you could use the side rubber button to turn on the H3 and turn it off with the tail metal button. And the LED is optional. 6500K cool white or 5000K neutral white 90 CRI.

It has a slim size that 133mm/5.24 in length and 16.5mm/0.65 in diameter. It comes with a clip, USB-C charging cable, an extra Charging port cover, a User manual, and a warranty card in the box besides the H3 flashlight itself.


  • Crafted from aerospace 6063 aluminum alloy with hard anodization
  • Light Orange Peel (LOP) reflector, nice soft beam
  • Hybrid battery power supply with built-in 330mAh Li-po battery and replaceable AAA/10440 battery (not included)
  • Dual switch user friendly
  • Quick access to moonlight
  • Detachable deep carry stainless steel clip included
  • IPX8 water resistance

Power supply switch

  • By default, it will use the external battery once it was installed.
  • By holding the side switch for 3 seconds (the light is off), the power can be switched between the internal battery and external battery. a) If the external battery was used, it will be switched to the internal battery (Li-po) and the battery indicator will show Blue to indicate it was switched successfully; b) If the internal battery was used, it will be switched to the external battery and the battery indicator will show green to indicate it was switched successfully.
  • It will switch automatically if the battery is low (Li-po / 10440 is lower than 2.8V or AAA battery is lower than 0.8V).
  • It will fail to switch the power supply in the following cases. a) The board has issues like short circuit, etc.; b) Both batteries are low voltage.

Operation (Any button)

Moonlight: from off, single click and click again to turn off2. Turn on: Rapid double-click, then click to cycle through moonlight (0.5lm)-low (10lm)-med (100lm)-high (400lm)3. Turn off: long press 0.3s4. Emergency modes: Rapid triple-click to turn on, then click to cycle through Strobe-SOS-Beacon, long-press 0.3s to turn off

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