Chargetech PLUG Pro portable power supply review. Chargetech power bank

Chargetech PLUG Pro portable power supply review

I have become quite the collector of portable power supplys. I have reviewed probably a dozen of them here on the Gadgeteer and I have them everywhere… my house, my office, and my car. I give them as gifts, and I use just about all of them at some time during the day/week. I used to have a portable power supply about 4 years ago that had enough juice to charge my laptop almost all the way full, but it died. So ever since I have looked for one to replace it. And I believe I have found the solution with the 399 Chargetech PLUG Pro.

What is it?

The Chargetech PLUG Pro (hereinafter referred to as the PLUG) is a portable power supply that can power just about any small gadget or appliance. It is meant for electronics, so using it with power tools or things with motors probably will not work. But have no fear, if you do plug something up that the PLUG can’t handle, then it will shut down before short-circuiting or overheating.

Hardware specs

Weight: 2 lbs 3 oz Dimensions: 5.6 in (w) x 8.6 in (h) x 1.6 in (d) Compatibility: International Power Adapter Available

Input: – 1x Charging Port Output: – 2x International AC Outlets – 2x Fast Charge USB Ports – 1x USB Type-C Port

AC Adapter comes in both 110V and 220V options for worldwide usage. When finished charging, the LCD screen will display ‘FF’ to indicate a full battery. Input: 100-240V ~. 50/60Hz, 1.0A Output: 24.0V ⎓ 1.8A L.P.S

chargetech, plug, portable, power, supply

Certifications: CE, FCC Listed

What’s in the box?

The PLUG comes with a cloth carrying bag with a drawstring and a power adapter to charge it.

Design and features

The title of this review says the PLUG is ‘portable’, but it should be noted that it is quite heavy for a portable power supply. I would say it is about the same weight as one of your kids history textbooks from school, should it won’t be a device that you carry around every day. It will easily fit inside your backpack or large purse, but again, it is heavy coming in at over 2 lbs. Here is a picture of my Nexus 7 table sitting on top of the PLUG. It is a little over 1.5 inches in thickness, so it is pretty thick as well.

With a USB-C port on the side, 2 fast-charging USB ports and 2 regular power outlets, the PLUG can charge multiple devices at the same time. I have a bunch of portable batteries around my house, office, and car. And none of them have these many ways to charge. I have the 54,000 mAh model and that means I can recharge my Galaxy S6 Plug about 15 times. My laptop requires a 19V/3.42V charger, so the PLUG can charge my laptop from completely dead to fully charged in 1.5 hours, and the PLUG can do that 2 times before it needs to be recharged. Not bad.

And speaking of recharging, it is going to take you quite some time to charge the PLUG because, after all, the capacity is 54,000 mAh. It will take at least 7-8 hours to fully charge, so I charge it overnight when I need to charge it and by morning it is ready to go.

So what situations is it best to use the PLUG? Well, because of the size and weight you won’t be carrying it around in your unless you are MC Hammer (a little throwback to you 80’s music fans). When I travel there are of course wall outlets in the hotel room, and for my cellphone, it is much more convenient to carry one of my small portable charges that really does fit in my So I would say that the PLUG is perfect for when you are literally going to a place that has no power outlets. Like camping, or the park, or working a booth at a convention where your boss won’t spring for a power connection at the booth! You convention workers know what I am talking about.

It has an LED reading on the top that shows you how much juice is left. And it has all the bells and whistles you would expect like protection from overheating and short-circuiting. The model I have also has the international plugs. Which is another great use for the PLUG. International travelers will find this gadget invaluable for their US-designed gadgets but will also be able to plug in international devices as well.

Final thoughts

For 399, the PLUG isn’t for everyone. But for someone who regularly finds themselves without access to a power outlet, it is worth every penny. With the number of ports it has, and humongous capacity, and the portability it affords, the PLUG is a great gadget. Plus, unlike most other portable power supplies, you can actually use it with large gadgets like TVs, laptops, gaming consoles, small household appliances, even CPAP machines. I highly recommend this gadget.

Price: 399.00 Where to buy: Amazon Source: The sample of this product was provided by Chargetech.

ChargeTech Reviews

got a power bank was literally 40 quid barely used it and already broke such a waste of money Im so mad and upset because I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now since I can’t charge my phone and I saved up for that and it’s so unreliable pls don’t buy from these

Date of experience : October 04, 2021

Only problem is that the chargers…

Only problem is that the chargers cannot handle the more powerful studio flashes on AC. They work pretty well on LED continuous lighting for video, but here again are happier with the lower wattage lights and only last about 40 minutes using the 900 LED’s.

Date of experience : April 05, 2018

Charge Tech is at the top of their game.

Whether you speak to sales or customer service, you will be speaking to someone who will know exactly what your asking about. Quick and responsive. Christian in customer service was a true pleasure to deal with. Thank you again, 5 Stars for you man!

Date of experience : December 16, 2019

Great product but lackluster sales people

Trying to duplicate the same deal I got not that long ago. Not too willing to negotiate pricing and the lag time in getting back to me is frustrating. That being said. the product is terrific so far. My students love the new charging stations I placed around campus.

Date of experience : April 13, 2018

Childrens Colorado ORder

For some reason I placed an order for two charging stations on one PO but received them through separate delivery methods which for a huge organization is almost impossible to track down. One went through UPS and made it to the dock with my name so that was easily received. The other one came in an AMAZON box. with no details and went through USPS so I spent a good 2 hours calling people and running around trying to find the other box before I never saw it again. Very weird. I would prefer they deliver together if there is a way to change that. THANKS!

Date of experience : April 12, 2018

We are very happy with our Charge Tech…

We are very happy with our Charge Tech Clean Charge Tablet Storage Carts. Customer Service appears to need some extra help to answer calls and questions in a timely manner. Otherwise, we are very pleased with our purchase so far.

Date of experience : April 13, 2018

Lack of communication after order is placed.

The ordering experience was fast and easy. My issue was the lack of communication after the order was placed. I had custom graphics order and had to follow up several times to make sure the files were received. The only person that was very helpful was Javier with your online chat he was able to push the order along and have it ship ontime. The product looks great.

Date of experience : April 05, 2018

Bay Charging stations work great and…

8 Bay Charging stations work great and I have received good reviews from our guests about the free stations. Only issue is charging cords are a little short on the inside and make it awkward for the customers to plug in their devices. This also makes them break faster and need replacing. Two more inches in length would make a big difference.

Date of experience : April 05, 2018

Great Products. Unreliable Deliveries.

I was ensured that I would receive the products in time for my event and that was false. 15 days later after my event wrapped, I finally got all products needed. I was refunded shipping and that was expected but most likely will not be using their services again. I depend on reliability when it comes to events and I would never be able to comfortably trust their word again.

On another note, seems like they have cool products.

Date of experience : April 05, 2018

Ordered 2 x 54K units

Ordered 2 x 54K units. One was not working. Returned it (from Canada) emailed shipping label ChargeTech then shipped new unit without waiting for broken one to arrive. To bad one unit was not working but their customer service fixed it brilliantly.

Date of experience : April 12, 2018


Not honest about the 30 day refund, product is not at the quality expected, received a wrong order that hasn’t been dealt with properly, no spare parts asking me to search for parts on amazon or other online shops. Plus many more I don’t recommend it at all and in my opinion they don’t deserve the 1 star even

Date of experience : April 05, 2018

Horrible Service

The product we purchase was great, nothing wrong with it. All of my issues occurred though the service ChargeTech provided.

I originally was going to purchase the product on Amazon for 625 a piece. I decided to order the product from ChargeTech directly and expedite the shipping which they charged me 825 per piece plus shipping costs. I was told that they product would be overnighted and arrive by 3pm the next day. That did not happen. It took a few days before I even received tracking information. The products arrive two days apart and a week after I needed the product.

The representative who was working on my purchased told me to call or him with any problems, I did so, and he never responded.

ChargeTech lied to their customer, charged more than Amazon, and failed to deliver on time.

Date of experience : April 06, 2018

Changed the game

We did not even know what power charging stations were. now all 4 of our studios have one. Chargetech has changed how we chat around the water cooler, now we chat around the charging stations!

Date of experience : April 10, 2018

How to Use a Power Bank: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

You know that anxious feeling when the “low battery” notification pops up on your screen? There’s something about it that can send your mind into a tailspin. Even worse, sometimes you don’t have your charger, and you’re nowhere near an outlet! Luckily, there’s a handy tool out there to keep you fully charged: the power bank. If you’re looking to learn the basics of power banks, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get right into it!

How to Charge a Power Bank Top

Charging a power bank is pretty straightforward, especially since most of them come with instruction manuals. However, if yours didn’t come with one, you can still charge it without breaking a sweat!

Here is the best way to charge a power bank:

  • Attach the cable to the power bank.
  • Connect the other side of the cable to your power source.
  • Your power bank should begin charging.
  • Once charged, unplug the power bank from the wall and your phone.
  • Step 1: Attach the Cable Attach the cable that came with your power bank to the device itself. Most of the time, the port that connects to your power bank is a micro USB.
  • Step 2: Plug Into Power Source Next, plug in the other side of the cable (usually a standard USB) into your wall plug or your computer. Some wall outlets even have USB ports built in, so if you have one of those nearby, you won’t need a wall adapter!
  • Step 3: Start Charging Your power bank should start charging. If it has an indicator light, keep a close eye on it. Once it is fully charged, all the indicator lights will illuminate.
  • Step 4: Unplug the Charger Unplug the charger from the wall or your computer once all indicator lights are illuminated.

How Often Should You Charge a Power Bank? Top

A general rule of thumb is that the more you charge your power bank, the shorter the lifespan of the device. You should charge your power bank only as often as is necessary. If you use your power bank sparingly, at least charge it once every 3 months to keep the battery active.

Can I Use My Phone While Charging? Top

There shouldn’t be any harm in using your cell phone while it is charging. You may notice your phone getting a bit warm, but this is expected. It’s worth noting, however, that using your phone while it is charging may not result in a 100% charged battery since you are actively using the power source before the charge is complete. If you want your cell phone to be fully charged, it’s best to leave it alone while it powers up!

Why Do Some Power Banks Take Longer to Charge? Top

Some power banks take longer to charge because larger batteries have a bigger capacity to store energy. For example, a high capacity power bank with 20,000 mAh can take up to 40 hours to charge fully. Smaller power banks with 4,000 mAh may only take a couple hours to charge.

Think of it like a shot glass versus a tall drinking glass. It’s going to take a lot longer for a drinking glass to fill with water than it will for the shot glass!

How Long Should You Charge a Power Bank? Top

You should only charge your power bank for the amount of time it takes for it to get a full battery. Once the device is fully charged, you should unplug it from the power source. You can check the user manual to find out how your power bank indicates it has been fully charged, but most of them have some sort of light that shows the amount of power left in the battery.

The amount of time it takes for a power bank to reach its full capacity varies depending on the type. A heavy-duty power bank will take longer to charge than a smaller one. Generally speaking, it takes between 1 to 2 hours for a power bank to become fully charged!

Did You Know?

There are super powerful power banks on the market that allow you to power larger devices like televisions, curling irons, and oscillating fans!

Can I Charge My Power Bank Overnight? Top

You should avoid charging your power bank overnight whenever possible. It is unlikely to cause significant damage, but there is still a chance it could reduce the lifespan of your battery over time.

For lower-quality power banks, leaving your power bank plugged in after it is fully charged can cause overheating, especially if they are left to charge in direct sunlight. The safest option is to always unplug your power bank once it has reached full capacity!

How Can You Make Your Phone Charge Faster? Top

If you ever find yourself in need of a quick battery charge for your smartphone, there are a few steps you can take to make your phone charge faster. Always make sure your charging cables are plugged all the way in and your power bank has enough power to charge your phone.

Here are some tips to make your phone charge faster:

  • Turn on airplane mode
  • Don’t use your phone while charging
  • Turn your phone off
  • Use a high-capacity power bank
  • Don’t use a wireless charger

Turn on Airplane Mode

Putting your phone on airplane mode is a surefire way to reduce charging time. This is because the setting turns off your phone’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular capabilities, which are all settings that drain your power! When your device is on airplane mode, it’s consuming less power, which makes for a quicker charge.

Don’t Use Your Phone While Charging

Using your phone while it’s charging is going to increase the amount of time it takes for your battery to be fully powered. It may be difficult to resist the urge to send that text message or check Instagram, but it’s worth the sacrifice if you want your phone to be fully charged!

Turn Your Phone Off

This strategy works similar to airplane mode because it turns off all the components in your phone that would otherwise be using your battery. When your phone is powered off, it’s able to reach a full charge much faster. Keeping your phone on while it’s charging is like trying to sleep while you’re hungry or thirsty—it’s going to be much more difficult!

Use a High-Capacity Power Bank

Some power banks are more powerful than others. The heavy-duty ones are going to make your phone charge much faster than the smaller ones! However, not all phones can handle a high-powered portable charger. It’s best to contact the manufacturer of your cell phone to see what they recommend. Charging your battery with too much power is never a good idea!

Don’t Use a Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are a genius invention, but they’re not the best option if your goal is to charge your phone quickly. Plugging your phone in directly to a power bank or outlet is the quickest way to bring it back to life because it’s directly connected to the power source!

At the end of the day, any way you can prevent your phone from using battery while charging will ultimately help it charge faster! You might also notice your phone charging slowly with a low-capacity power bank. Be sure that your phone and power bank are compatible for the most efficient charging.

How Long Do Power Banks Last? Top

The amount of time a power bank lasts varies from product to product, but on average, a power bank should last at least a couple hundred charging cycles.

If you use your power bank frequently, you’re going to consume more charging cycles than someone who only uses their power bank occasionally. There are more durable power banks out there than can last upwards of 1,000 charging cycles, but most of the smaller ones on the market have a lifespan of 200 or 300 cycles. The age of the power bank also has a significant impact on how long it lasts. As the batteries inside of the device age, they become less effective.

How to Store a Power Bank Top

Power banks should always be stored in a cool location that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight, such as a desk drawer. According to Battery University, batteries achieve optimum service life if used at 68 degrees Fahrenheit, or slightly below that temperature.

If you store your power bank in direct sunlight or a warm environment like the glove box in your car, it won’t last as long. It’s also best to store your power bank in a pouch or case when not in use. This helps protect the charging ports so they do not accumulate dust or debris!

Should You Buy a Power Bank? Top

If you’re always on the go or find yourself with a low battery, you should buy a power bank! They come in handy during vacations, trade shows, plane rides, or any time you are using your phone away from an outlet. The type of power bank you’ll need depends on your lifestyle and how many devices you need to charge.

There’s no reason to not invest in a power bank. They’re like an extra insurance policy for your phone’s battery! Having one with you just in case is always a good idea.

The Bottom Line

Power banks make our lives a bit easier by ensuring we never run out of juice. By using them properly, you’re not only protecting the power bank, but you’re also getting the most out of your investment! A properly cared-for power bank will get you through those long meetings and plane rides. Just think of all the adventures you’ll go on while still having peace of mind!

Discharging at High and Low Temperatures. (n.d.). Retrieved March 25, 2020, from

Summerson, C. (2017, December 4). Is Wireless Charging Slower Than Wired Charging? Retrieved March 27, 2020, from

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Review: ChargeTech – 27,000mAh Portable AC Battery Pack

AC Outlet power banks is a growing way to not only charge devices but it’s a great way to power devices as well. These kinds of chargers can be more than just being able to provide charging power to your smartphone or tablet.

Instead, they’re also able to act as a portable wall outlet with their built-in AC outlets. With this kind of tech, the freedom of taking your laptop and sitting freely anywhere in the library or perhaps taking it camping is where this kind of charger performs best.

There’s such a need for this kind of power, and when we don’t have it, it can make our experiences fall short of greatness.

This is the ChargeTech 27,000mAh portable power bank. It has quite a bit to boast about, but let’s find out if it’s all, not just a bluff.

Similar AC Power Banks:

Power Capacity:

The power capacity is 27,000mAh and with Panasonic batteries being used, we’re confident that you’re going to be receiving close to that power. The charging speed you receive for the device you’re charging will determine the real power capacity that you’re able to get.

With that said, though the charging speed out of the two USB Ports is combined to be the only 2.4A, and AC Outlet can Output or rather power 85W.

chargetech, plug, portable, power, supply

So if you’re charging from either USB port, it won’t do much to the power capacity, because the Amperage current will only be at a possible max of 2.4A and that will not generate too much heat to provide a poor conversion rate.

Altogether if considering the usage of the USB ports and the AC Outlet at the same time, the Output power capacity that you’d be receiving would be 24,000mAh. Of course, that’s still a rough estimate because it will wholly depend on your usage of the power bank.

With that said, the power capacity from using the USB ports should provide you with enough power capacity to charge smartphones 5 times or more; plenty more times if you have a smartphone with a small battery capacity. Tablets can charge about 2 times, but that’s usually the case if you’re taking advantage of the entire power capacity.

DevicesChargeTech. 27,000mAh Portable AC Battery Pack (Output Capacity = 24,000mAh)Phone CapacityChargeTech. 27,000mAh Portable AC Battery Pack Left Over Capacity after One Charge

AC Outlet: 3 Prong Outlet

It’s basically like taking a wall outlet with you on the go. This AC Outlet can take a 3 prong plug, so you can use either or 3 prong devices or 2 prong ones to use with the outlet.

Although that’s true only if the power bank can power the device you’re connecting it to. The main thing to consider is the AC Outlet’s power delivery and how much Watts the device that you’re connecting the power bank to requires in order function.

To give you a general idea, 85Watts is going to be able to power small appliances like small fans, hair straighteners, a video game console like the Wii or Xbox One, and a Laptop charger being the most used device to use with the AC outlet.

So it’s important to know what devices you want to use with AC Outlet and more importantly whether or not they are being powered at 85 watts or lower. Anything over 85W and the AC Outlet will be rendered useless.

Two USB Outputs: Max Output 5V/2.4A

There are two USB charging Output ports with this power bank and it sounds really good but unfortunately, the max output of both of the ports combined is 5V/2.4A. Don’t be fooled by what ChargeTech has written on their website or the Amazon page.

The charging output is shared between both of the USB ports, so if you plug a tablet into one port and a smartphone into the other port, the tablet will not be charging at its max speed since power is being pulled to the smartphone as well.

If you want to charge a tablet like an iPad at max speed, then we recommend charging the iPad alone; this way, the iPad will be able to draw the full 2.4 Amp current.

If you’re charging two smartphones using the USB ports, then you can most likely expect both of the smartphones to take 1.0A or 1.2A to be more precise. However, it’s best to connect just a single phone even in this case because most smartphones nowadays can charge beyond 1.0A charging speed.

Input Charging: 20V/2A

The power bank doesn’t use the traditional Micro-USB Input port to recharge, instead, you have to charge it with a DC power cord that comes with the power bank charger. So even though the recharging can’t be done using a Micro-USB cable that is rather universal and you can easily get one nearly anywhere.

Charging with the DC cord is an overall much better way to recharge the power bank.

chargetech, plug, portable, power, supply

This is because the Input is at 20V/2A. This charging is great because the high voltage ensures that the Amp current is almost always constant during the recharging process and as a result, you can expect the power bank to be fully recharged in 2.5 hours. For a power bank with 27,000mAh of power capacity, this type of charging is very welcomed.

Size and Weight

With its power capabilities, of course, this AC power bank is going to be large and quite heavy. The length of the ChargeTech power bank is 7.5 inches, 5.2 inches in width, and 1 inch in thickness.

So it’s the size of a tablet in terms of length and width. It’s on the heavy side at a weight of 2.4 pounds. So to be clear if you haven’t gotten the idea yet. This power bank is NOT meant to be held and used.

You’re mainly supposed to set it down and use it. This goes for charging a smartphone, tablet, and especially if you’re using the AC Outlet.

If you’re taking it somewhere, you could just hold it on your way to your location or put it into a bag for more convenience. Even though the charger is large and heavy, it’s your best bet to be able to get portable power through an AC outlet in a comfortable location.

The main purpose of this charger being made was so that you don’t have to be stuck to wall outlets. It solves the problem by practically making this a portable wall outlet (Only if you’re charging a device that can draw 85Watts or less!).

Functional Components

The functional parts of the AC power bank are mostly on a single side. One side of the charger has the 3 prong AC Outlet, a light to indicate the AC outlet is on, a switch to turn on the AC Outlet, And 2 USB charging ports. On top is the power button and 4 LED power capacity indicators.

This power bank must be turned on to begin charging and you can press the power button to turn it on. Once on, the USB charging ports illuminate a blue color within them regardless of them having a cable inside them or not.

The charger does not stop charging once a device has charged fully through the USB ports, so if you want to save power capacity you have to remove the device from the USB port.

This kind of design somewhat shows the power bank’s age and how it should implement Over-Charging Protection because this way more power capacity would be saved.

AC Outlet has a Switch Button

You have to turn on the AC Outlet to use it and we find this to be a good idea since it would dangerous to have the AC outlet on at all times. To turn on the AC Outlet, you simply switch it to “On” and then a Red vertical light comes on next to the AC outlet to show that it’s ready to use.

Putting it all together, this isn’t exactly a “Portable power bank” in the way that many power bank chargers are. Don’t get us wrong, though, of course, this is meant to be portable; just not portable as in walking around with it freely. It has a pretty good design, just needs an auto-off feature so there’s no worry about turning it off manually.

Structure and Material

This large and heavy power bank has quite a few separated parts and it’s all made of plastic. Although it’s all really solid. There aren’t any parts that can come loose and all the functional parts of the charger are depressed into the power bank so nothing is sticking out.

Of course just a bit of a warning, though; dropping the power bank is not something that should be taken lightly. When you have something as heavy as this (at 2.4 pounds) then something inside or outside of it is bound to get damaged because the shock from the heavyweight will damage it.

It may look physically tough, but it’s not a rugged power bank built like RAVPower’s Rugged charger or EasyAcc’s.


On the inside is where there are a few issues. ChargeTech hasn’t disclosed what kind of safety tech they have implemented with this AC power bank, but we’re pretty sure that there’s the usual Short-Circuit Prevention and Current Control. Otherwise, the power bank would be damaged after a few uses.

Of course, there’s the use of Panasonic cells that make the conversion quite good and the batteries can last for more charge cycles.

With that said, the charger can heat up if it’s being used heavily and as a result, you’ll be getting less Output power capacity.


This power bank is highly reliable if you’re mainly purchasing it to use the AC Outlet.

It’s a harsh thing to say but that’s the truth. Sure, the charger does have 2 USB charging ports but the Max Output of both USB ports put together is only 2.4A and that’s not very much power if you’re charging two devices at the same time.

Some might say that the power capacity is a lot and that’s true. The power capacity can very well last you days or even weeks but the charging speed that you’re receiving right then and there matters a lot too.

Also, you must use a device that is only able to draw 85Watts or less when you’re using the AC Outlet. Anything that needs more power is going to make the AC Outlet useless.

So you should know what you’re going to use with this AC outlet that this power bank has, as a way of ensuring that you’re able to use the charger’s main feature. It may be described as a portable wall outlet, which is true to an extent but it’s not of the same powering capabilities.



The power capacity is really impressive at an approximately 24,000mAh Output power that can last for days or even weeks. The USB charging is disappointing and will only be able to provide 2.4A Max Output. The AC Outlet can take either 2 or 3 prong plugs, but can only power devices up to 85W or lower.


It’s about the size of a tablet and is heavy at 2.4 pounds. To put it simply, you gotta put this thing down to charge comfortably.

The lack of the USB port’s ability to stop charging when a device is fully charged is obsolete. The power bank must be turned on to use the USB ports and once on, the AC Outlet must be turned on via a switch.

The USB ports have a blue light that’s illuminated inside of them and the AC Outlet has a Red light next to it to indicate that it’s on.


The power bank is separated into quite a few pieces that are all made of plastic. However it holds strong, but just don’t drop it because the amount of shock may very well damage the power bank.

The use of Panasonic battery cells is welcome as it provides a better conversion rating and longer-lasting batteries. The charger does heat up if you’re using it heavily with the AC Outlet and the USB charging ports together.


It’s at its most reliable when you’re using the AC Outlet. You can use the USB charging ports but that’s not the main thing that this power bank can provide. The main thing is to use the AC Outlet with a device that can be powered from it. If you’re only using the USB charging ports, then you’re only relying on half the capabilities.


Power banks with AC Outlets are good but they’re not the best in terms of what you’d think they’d provide. Sure, they have an AC Outlet but the main mistake is thinking that the AC Outlet has the same powering capabilities as a wall outlet, but it doesn’t.

In this case, the ChargeTech AC Outlet power bank does a good job of providing just enough power through its USB charging ports and a good amount of power through its AC Outlet of 85Watts to provide for your needs. You can’t go overboard with it but it’ll do just fine if you know how and what you want to use it with.

The Chargetech 124K is a beast of a power station with a 124,000mAh battery

Is that a power bank in your or are you just happy to see me? That was my first thought when I was introduced to this beast delivering over 462Wh of power. That’s right, 124,800mAh at 3.7V.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love power. I always have a Xiaomi 20,000mAh in my backpack and I’ll take an Omni 20 or Ultimate out for production, but this… this is far beyond any photographer’s wildest dreams.

chargetech, plug, portable, power, supply

What can you do with this powerhouse?

Well, for starters, you could recharge your average phone about 30 times. Or… It can charge four Inspire-2 97WH batteries. Or… it can power a small 5W light for about three days. Or… it can run a standard LED panel for about a day… You get the point. It’s plenty of power.

As you can see, the big bonus on this unit is that fact that it sports not one, but two, 300 Watt power sockets. Now, I don’t know when was the last time you checked your usual suspects, but 300 Watts is a lot.

This means that, for example, you run four Spekular double-kits off this unit or four 120D lights. (Two out of each socket). But you can’t run 300W lights like the 300D. While the LED itself takes 300W, the actual power consumption is a bit higher as the radio, power block and fan each take their toll. But, then, four 120Watt lights is good enough for me. That configuration will last for about an hour on the unit.

In addition, the unit has plenty of regular and custom outlets, including a QC3.0 USB port, 2 high power (2.4) USB ports and a 60W USB-C PD port on the front. That is plenty for powering any and every device in your arsenal. While the USB-C PD is not powerful enough for some laptops, you can still use the power sockets on the back with your laptop charger.

On the back, you’ll find three 9-12V direct DC ports, though I was not clear on how to set the ports to be 9 or 12V. They just say DC.

If this is not enough, you get one last port – a 12V, car-style, lighter socket.

There is a LED indicator on the back side of the unit. colors are simple: Green = good, Red = bad. Though what bad is, we can’t always tell. In our case, it was either a battery drain or too much draw. I wish it had a small LCD like the Omni.

The unit feels quite solid and of good build quality. A combination of aluminum and tough plastic in the front back.

Ok, that’s it for ports and overall look. But there is more.

Two nice bonuses are a semi-bright 5W LED light and a 10W Bluetooth speaker. While none of those is a must for a battery, they are certainly a nice touch. And if you take the unit out for camping, you’ll be quite happy.

Real life tests

We were very intrigued to see how much of that capacity can actually be used in a real-life scenario. I mean, the fact that the battery holds 462Wh of electricity, does not necessarily mean that it can deliver all this output for usage.

We did some tests with a total of 240 Watt lights, a combination of Aputures and Spekulars. When doing that we timed out after about one hour and 26 minutes. So we estimate that the unit can deliver about 360WH before maxing out on high consumption units. I think that if you used less demanding devices you would squeeze more juice out of it.

Another test was using a 300W light, the Aputure 300D. The over-current protection kicked in and the Chargetech let us know that it won’t have any of that! I think that while the COB on the 300D consumes 300W, the peripherals take a few extra watts, bringing the total to over 300 watts and triggering the circuit protection.

Ok, here is some good news, the speaker is also loud. Incredibly loud. Loud enough to run a party where your neighbor will complain. And it retains a full spectrum of bass and treble surprisingly well, considering that this product is primarily a battery and not a speaker.

Charging the unit with the supplied wall wart took a few hours, but it can be charged with up to 150W supplier for a quick three hours zero to full run.

Cost competition

OK, at 699 it’s not a cheap thrill. The competing Anker Power House 2 sells for 499, but only has one power outlet and has no max draw rating on its website. Hard call.


If you can afford the Chargetech 124K, it will reward you with lots of hours of usage per charge. It is the only dual 300W output unit I could find out there. If this is what you need, you’ll get your money’s worth and more.

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