Casio gbd 800 battery. How long will it last?


Beyond the warranty you receive FREE:- repair of mechanical damage to the watch within 1 year- battery replacement- strap adjustment (just write your wrist circumference in the note in the shopping basket) In case of mechanical damage within the first 12 months of purchase that prevents it from working properly. In this case, we will reimburse the cost of servicing up to 20% of the purchase price of the watch. I want to know more. VIP service conditions

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Basic features


12/24-hour format. 5 daily alarms. Auto LED. Timer. 1/1 minutes. 1 hour. Dual time. Hourly signal. Pedometer. Shock resistance. LAP memory. Full auto-calendar. Smartwatch. 1/100 second stopwatch. 24 hours Detailed description

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Detailed description

Mostly of rubber, resins or silicone. This type of material has high flexibility, is hypoallergenic, water resistant, and does not absorb sweat.

The watch is powered by a battery.

Mostly of rubber, resins or silicone. This type of material has high flexibility, is hypoallergenic, water resistant, and does not absorb sweat.

A choice of two ways to display time in 12 or 24 hour format. For example, 3:45 or 15:45.

5 independent alarms for flexible reminders of important events. You can set 5 different reminders.

Illumination of the main dial is provided by LED diode. The auto function provides automatic switching of illumination by leaning your hand to the face. The illumination is activated by a sensor, which is activated by turning your hand by 45 ° this illuminates the main dial. This feature can be easily turned on or off. When auto function is deactivated, activate illumination by touch of a button.

Countdown timer with a maximum time of 1 hour. Example: set a countdown for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes alarm starts.

Besides the main watch time, you can display a second time. Ideal for people who have friends in another time zone and want to find out what is the time in their zone.

When enabled, watch makes every hour an audible warning sounds.

Sensor sports feature using a built-in triaxial accelerometer. The step counter can be started manually, or it starts automatically when recording a walk or run. The display shows the total number of steps and the number of steps per hour, with a target setting of 1,000 to 50,000 steps available, accompanied by a sound alert. The watch face also indicates your walks progress with a lack of activity alert.

A unique design that eliminates the adverse effects of mechanical impact, vibration and shock, thus ensuring a high mechanical resistance of watches.

The watch can store and retrieve individual splits during stopwatch function.

The display shows the current date. It is pre-programmed, so there is no need to set short and long month and leap years. Most watches have this pre-programmed date until 2099th.

The watch can be paired via Bluetooth with devices running on Android and iOS.

Elapsed time, split time and final time are measured to the nearest hundredth of a second. The maximum measured time is 24 hours.

Watches marked with water tightness 200M/20ATM are designed for swimming, snorkeling, and for diving with breathing apparatus. 200M/20ATM indicates the degree of water resistance standardized by ISO 6425. ISO tests include temperature changes, depth, pressure (water and air) for different times under rest and during manipulation with the operative part of the watch. The dive models, subsequently performs the test of resistance to salt water and the ability to cope with the watch positive pressure (decompression simulation).

Currently the most widespread type of watch glass. It’s very hard and has a high content of silicon thanks to which it’s highly scratch- and impact-resistant. However, it doesn’t mean that it is completely scratch-resistant.

The most widely used method of fastening, which is mainly used in leather and silicone straps. Simply turn on the buckle into the required holes as needed.

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It feels like a G Shock

If you love the G-Shock design, there’s nothing that would disappoint you here. It’s got the chunk and the muscle combined with the usual rugged nature of the watch. Similar to its siblings in the G-Shock family, the GBA-800 is made to deal with the harshest conditions.

The GBA-800 comes in six different colors having a distinct appeal of their own. My model was white in color and it’s one of the bossiest looking white watches I have put on my wrist. It can resist bangs, drops, knocks and water submersion up to 200 meters. It’s got the raw industrial design, but that also goes well with the indestructible nature of the watch. The strap is also flexible and does give a soft and comfortable feel to the skin.

It’s got flexible wristbands that aren’t actually sweat proof, but it does come with ample of breathing space. There are around 15 buckle loops leaving tiny space in between, which helps it fit in vast wrist sizes. But if you’re hairy or have a soft skin, you might end up hurting yourself while tightening the belt at times.

Also, the white variant does look amazing in hand, but in a city like Delhi, it would not take very long to lose the bright white effect. However, you can always wash it with a soft brush and make it look new again.

There are four buttons on the body, and a large circular textured button to switch on the backlight. Rest four buttons are the usual— Adjust, Reset, Mode and Start button, with each performing a different function.

The design of a watch is hidden more on the inside than the outside. In GBA-800’s case, the watch is quite basic yet good-looking if you like simplicity. The white variant has got a white inner skin, where the bottom half of the face is covered with a monochrome display, while a small circular display is located at the one o’clock position. The bigger display shows time, world time, stopwatch and information related to fitness, while the circular display shows your step goal progress. Since it’s a hybrid analog watch, there are two hands telling— hour and minutes.

Overall, the GBA-800 has the looks and quality of the G-Shock we know. It’s a bit smaller than average G-Shock size, made to be worn a slightly loose, but it still retains the feel you primarily pay for while buying a G-Shock.

Sync and tracking

As mentioned previously, it uses a basic 3-axis accelerometer for fitness tracking. By fitness tracking we mean the basics— step counter, calorie burn and for measuring exercise intensity. For those expecting heart rate monitor, or sleep tracking, GBA-800 isn’t the perfect choice. You should rather buy a dedicated fitness watch or tracker for such functionalities.

As the GBA-800 comes with Bluetooth connectivity options, you can pair the watch with your Android or iOS running device. To sync metrics and tweak watch settings, you need to install the G-Shock Connected app.

Pairing the watch to the phone takes no effort, it’s quick and easy. The app does not come with a feature loaded interface, instead, you see a minimalistic and subtle looking screen after setting up. The first screen shows today’s activity and the percentage of goal completion depending on whatever you have set for a day. You’ll find steps taken and calorie burnt on the main screen, and get a more detailed graphical representation of the metrics upon tapping the numbers.

casio, battery, long, last

Upon opening all activity option, you’ll find a complete calendar with your daily activity record. You can find daily, weekly and monthly data inside the app, you just have to keep the phone synced with the app. Furthermore, you will find times, stopwatch, world time and a guide upon swiping from left to right or vice versa.

While using the app, it became quite evident that it’s not for serious fitness addicts. Instead, it’s more of a conventional watch that you wear and forget. Meaning, you don’t need to charge it or worry about its position. You just put it on and start your day.


The GBA-800 gives accurate results when it comes to steps tracking. I compared it with my Fitbit Charge 2, and the results were more or less the same. Although it wasn’t consistently matching the Fitbit, the difference was never more than 4-5 steps.

The biggest advantage of having a G-Shock as a fitness companion is its battery. While most fitness trackers need to be charged at least once a week, the CR2016 battery inside is claimed to last for more than 2 years.

casio, battery, long, last

Should you buy it?

Before you ask that question to yourself, have a clear understanding of what you are looking out for— a G-Shock, a smartwatch or a fitness watch. If you are a fan of rugged yet stylish-looking G-Shock watch with an added feature to track your daily activity, consider this. It’s not focused at fitness enthusiasts who like having a range of fitness-oriented features during work out sessions.

It’s rugged, looks stylish, has all the watch features and can organize your daily data via a minimalistic app. In my opinion, for an office goer who does not work out and still likes to keep a check on basic daily activity, the GBA-800 does a pretty fair job. And the best part about G-Shock is that it can outlast any other smartwatch/fitness Band when it comes to durability. So, that’s one of the biggest points of consideration before buying.

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Screen and software

The GBD-200 does not have a touchscreen and you interact with it solely using the buttons on the case. There are five in all, with the ones on the side controlling the software, and the front button for activating the backlight. All are easy to locate but do require a little effort to press. However, this means you won’t do so by accident.

Like most G-Shock watches it takes a little while to get used to operating the watch, as it doesn’t always feel natural, especially if you’re used to touchscreens or no watch at all. The Mode button cycles through the menu, showing the interval workout screen, the stopwatch, activity data, and the notification window. A long press of the Adjust button opens a varied settings menu, while a short press changes the main time display’s layout.

The screen has a “negative” look meaning it has a black background and a grey color for the text and numbers. It’s small compared to smartwatches, and there’s no brightness adjustment. The size means seeing notification details isn’t always easy at a glance, especially if like me your eyesight isn’t absolutely perfect. It’s clear and legible even in sunlight though, and if you still struggle due to the size, one of the alternate time layouts features very large numbers, making it easier to see.

I’ve tested the watch connected to an iPhone 12 Pro, where it requires the installation of G-Shock’s Move app. Notifications have been very reliable, but don’t expect them to be as glanceable or actionable as on a smartwatch with a touchscreen. There are two stages to a notification. You get a small alert showing the app and a few words of the message, which is enough to get an idea of whether it requires your attention or not. To see more you have to navigate through the menu to the notifications page, then choose the message you want to see in greater detail.

It’s a lot of button presses to get to this point, and even more to scroll through an individual message purely due to the screen’s capacity to show text, but you can see almost all the information. You can’t reply or interact with messages on the watch, but it does alert you to SMS and calls along with app messages. By default, the watch beeps when a message arrives but it’s quite loud and irritating. It can be turned off in the menu, or replaced by a vibration that is strong enough to be noticeable on your wrist.

It has been really great to wear a G-Shock watch that also shows notifications

The GBD-200 doesn’t provide the same level of interaction or smartphone syncing as an Apple Watch or other full touchscreen smartwatch, but it does enough to be helpful. It has been really great to wear a G-Shock watch that also shows notifications, as it closely matches what you get from a fitness Band, including a phone finder, without compromising on style.

Fitness tracking

While notification and smartphone support are close to what you get on a simple fitness Band, the fitness tracking is centered around walking and running, and there are no options to track specific workouts or activities like golf, swimming, or yoga. Starting a run is as simple as pressing the Start button, and the display then shows time elapsed, distance, and pace. Press the same button again to stop the tracking.

That’s about it, apart from interval workout tracking. This takes some setting up, but it does only need to be done once. It can store up to 20 different intervals for a single workout and the time can be set for each stage individually. It’s a shame this can’t be set up in the G-Shock Move app, as it’s long-winded on the watch. It’s also easy to make a mistake and because the operating system isn’t very fast, the trial-and-error aspect can get frustrating.

Data is synced across the app when you open it. The Move app is highly customizable, right down to the order information is shown on the screen. Step count can be seen on the watch face or in the app, where you also get a breakdown of your workout with calorie burn and distance. I really like the watch face that shows progress towards your goal for each day of the week, which helps better understand your daily activity. The watch does not have a heart rate sensor or its own GPS, but it can take data from your phone or another device for this. It also links with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Strava.

Put alongside a smartwatch or fitness Band and the GBD-200’s fitness tracking is basic, and not very informative. Accuracy is good and the watch matched the step count and distance tracked by other wearables. Whether the functionality is enough depends on your own needs. If you want a daily step count and a way to track a walk or run, just to monitor your personal activity levels, it’s perfectly acceptable. However, if you want deeper analysis including data taken from a heart rate sensor, sleep tracking, or multiple workout modes, it won’t be the watch for you.

Battery and charging

This will be a short section, just as it should be for any hybrid smartwatch. The GBD-200 uses a single internal battery which Casio says should last for about a year before it needs replacing if you use the Bluetooth connection all the time and track an hour of activity each day. Use it less and the lifetime may be up to two years.

The GBD-200 costs 149 or 139 British pounds. It will be available through G-Shock’s online store and boutique retail stores, in both the U.S. and the U.K.

About the Suunto Vertical Titanium Solar

The Suunto Vertical Titanium Solar is a round-face smartwatch designed for outdoor training and adventures. The Its 1.14-inch matrix display is highly visible in bright sunlight. And, while it is a color display, it’s not going to wow you like an AMOLED or LCD display might. This is a screen meant to convey information in the harshest environments while using the smallest amount of power possible. At night or in darker environments, the watch has a built-in backlight to ensure that you can still see its face and data fields. The Vertical comes in stainless steel and a titanium model that comes with a solar panel array backed into its display. We tested the latter.

What We Like

We liked the Suunto Vertical Titanium Solar’s clicky buttons and responsive touch display. The watch’s various functions can even be accessed while wearing gloves.

Sleek Design

We really like the design of the Vertical. While chunky, compared to a device like the Pixel Watch, its premium materials and finish, provide it with a sleek, sporty look.

At 13.6mm thick, the Vertical isn’t necessarily the slimmest, smartwatch out there but it is not over-the-top chunky, like the Casio G-Shock GBD-H2000. It’s more subtle in its shape, making it a great choice for those who want a rugged but understated outdoor companion. On the right side of the Vertical, you’ll find the three buttons that you to navigate the watch’s various functions. The buttons are clicky and easy to press, and they’re well-spaced enough to prevent accidental presses, even when wearing gloves. On the back of the watch, you’ll find the health-tracking sensors.

We found the watch’s interface easy to navigate, using either its aforementioned buttons or tap-and-swipe gestures. You’ll start on the main watch face, and you can then swipe down to access a menu of features, up to access the different workout types, or to the sides to show different screens for things like notifications, weather, heart rate, and more. I found that the watch does a good job of telling you what the buttons do with contextual arrow icons on the display. During testing, I found the watch was occasionally slow to acknowledge input. It was never more than a fraction of a second, but the lag was consistent. That said, this is a minor inconvenience that doesn’t detract from the Veritcal’s overall usefulness.

We liked the selection of straps that Suunto provides to its users. We liked the fact that these 22mm straps are easy to swap out for any other strap of the same size, Suunto branded or not.

Solid Activity Tracking

During testing, we found that the Vertical Titanium Solar’s health sensors were accurate enough for trustworthy metrics tracking.

casio, battery, long, last

The Vertical isn’t just a good-looking device, it’s an excellent fitness tracker. On the back of the device can be found the range of health-tracking sensors, including a heart rate monitor and blood oxygen sensor, gait and other movement sensors, altitude, GPS, and barometer hardware–all of which are important for tracking training progress as an athlete or knowing where you’re going (or have been,) on a hike or cycling trek.

The Vertical comes with dozens of different workout types – so much so that if you’re going to do a new workout, you may find yourself spending a minute or two scrolling through all the options to find the right one. Thankfully, you can re-order the workouts in the Suunto app – where you can also create new modes that show you the data you want to see during a specific workout.

For the most part, I found the device’s metrics to be more or less in line with my Apple Watch Ultra – it tracked my average heart rate over a 1-hour workout as 117 beats per minute, while the Apple Watch tracked at 115. Variations this minute are common. While your fitness data will sync smoothly to your iPhone or Android smartphone via the free Suunto app, there’s no need to ever look at it, if you’re an iPhone user. The Suunto app with Apple Health. Unfortunately, at the time this review was written, it did not appear to sync with Google Fit.

Offline Maps

One of the biggest advantages to this watch over some alternatives is that it allows the user to store offline maps – which makes it a compelling option for hikers who want something that can be used to stay on track, even when out of cellular coverage. It’s a feature that’s common with outdoor-oriented tool watches, but it’s uncommon to see it in a garden-variety smartwatch.

The Maps, which include topographical data, heatmap information, and more, can be managed and downloaded via the Suunto app, while the Vertical is being charged. Creating waypoints–a must for navigating in the wild, finding your campsite, or making your way to points of interest–are easy to create using the Vertical. That said, the watch and its maps do less well in the city: it can help you navigate a town’s streets to your final destination, but you’ll have to do so without the aid of street names.

Great App Design

The Suunto App is well-designed and easy to use.

casio, battery, long, last

Suunto has put a lot of work into developing the accompanying Suunto app (available on iOS and Android). The app is well-designed too. From the home screen, you’ll see things like your recent workouts, the amount of time that you’ve worked out, and your progress. You’ll then be able to jump into different tabs to see which days you’ve worked out, data for the workouts, settings for your maps, and your profile. There’s certainly a lot to go through, but I was able to get used to the layout pretty quickly, after which I appreciated how many settings and features were packed into the app.

What We Don’t Like

We liked the Suunto Vertical Titanium Solar’s clicky buttons and responsive touch display. The watch’s various functions can even be accessed while wearing gloves.

Premium Pricing

The Suunto Vertical Titanium Solar is a great watch, but it doesn’t come cheap. At the time that this review was written, The least expensive version of the Sunnto Vertical cost 629. If you want the titanium-clad beauty with the solar panels that we tested, you’ll have to fork over 839. That’s a lot of money, for most people. It is, however, in line with other similar devices. The Garmin Fenix 7, for example, costs 650, while the solar-powered iteration will set you back 800. And, of course, the base model is cheaper than the 800 Apple Watch Ultra–a device that offers far more features, but sadly, far less battery life.

While it may lack some of the bells and whistles of the Vertical Titanium Solar, a wearable like the Garmin Instinct 2, which is also available in a solar-powered variant, costs far less and could serve many individuals, just as well.

Not A Traditional Smartwatch

If you’re looking for a piece of wrist-worn tech that’ll let you ditch your phone while you go out for a run, the Vertical is not the watch for you. While you can download offline maps, you can’t download offline music. There’s no tap-to-pay functionality and you can forget about staying in touch with your pals via text over cellular. These aren’t failings of the device’s design. It just wasn’t made for these tasks.

That said, for many, fitness-tracking features and phone notifications such as text messages and caller ID may be all some people want from a Smart wearable.

Should you buy the Suunto Vertical Titanium Solar?

Yes, if you want a stylish hiking watch with offline maps

If you’re looking for an intelligent outdoor watch with incredible battery life, a tough, thoughtful design and tons of features to make your time outdoors or training a safe, metric-filled treat, the Suunto Vertical Titanium is a great option. That it also provides basic smartphone notifications so that you can keep track of your life, on the go, is icing on the cake.

However, if your lifestyle demands a smartwatch that leans into social media, onboard music storage, and the other nice-to-haves that we’ve come to explect from iOS and WearOS-powered devices, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

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were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

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