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BMW Is Giving Its EV Buyers Some Free Charging

The i4 and iX battery-electrics are on the way from Bavaria, and so are more Electrify America stations.

By Jay Ramey Published: Feb 8, 2022

  • BMW EV buyers will receive two years of free 30-minute charging sessions from Electrify America, starting from the time of vehicle purchase.
  • The complimentary charging program will begin in March with the first arrivals of salable BMW i4 and iX models.
  • Electrify America, a Volkswagen subsidiary, operates 3500 separate chargers delivering between 150 kW and 350 kW in the US.

With the impending arrival of the BMW i4 and the BMW iX the Munich-based automaker is set to open a new chapter in its electrification strategy, giving repeat BMW buyers bodystyles that they’re already used to, as opposed to something quirky or otherwise aimed at deep-ed early adopters.

But new EVs these days are not enough—buyers already expect some free charging to be thrown in.

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BMW will do just that, giving 2022 model-year BMW EV buyers two years of 30-minute complimentary charging at approximately 3500 Electrify America chargers, starting from the date of purchase. Buyers will be able to use the myBMWapp or the Electrify America app to find local charging stations.

The collaboration with Electrify America is one more step on our road toward a sustainable future, said Sebastian Mackensen, president and CEO, BMW of North America. Charging availability is a key feature when it comes to electric vehicles. We’re excited to offer our customers access to charging that is fast, affordable and convenient, as we launch the next generation of all-electric from BMW.

With the first examples of the BMW i4 eDrive40, i4 M50 sedans and BMW iX xDrive50 crossovers arriving in March, BMW will enter two very competitive EV segments, with the midsize sedan segment having been dominated by the Tesla Model 3 and almost nothing else for quite some time. The BMW iX, on the other hand, will see no shortage of competition from the start, with the Audi e-tron likely being its closest rival, prior to more arrivals from Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac and others.

Electric BMW i4 M50 and i4 eDrive40 Look Great, Drive Greater

BMW says it will take only 10 minutes of charging for iX and i4 owners to add between 90 and 108 miles of range to their vehicles, respectively.

The inclusion of some amount of free charging has been a crucial part of EV sales for a while, with almost all EV makers striking deals for free charging with the largest station owners.

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Electrify America has the country’s largest open network of ultra-fast chargers—3500 of them delivering between 150 kW and 350 kW at about 800 stations. The company has recently completed a second cross-country route along the southern US, linking up the two coasts with a variety of route options, with plans to more than double its charging infrastructure by 2026.

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This is a very exciting time as more drivers are turning to e-mobility for their transportation needs to travel around town and across the country, said Giovanni Palazzo, president and CEO of Electrify America. Our coast-to-coast network of ultra-fast chargers is growing every week with more charging stations which are ready to welcome new owners of electric vehicles from BMW. We are delighted to collaborate with such a prestigious automotive brand.

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BMW i4 Charging Cost Calculator

Datsources used are only authoritative sites such as,,, and the manufacturers’ official websites. We use fact-checking and publish data only after verification. If you have other data write to us.

BMW i4 electric car charging calculator: calculate the cost online

The automated system will help you calculate the cost of charging your electric car regardless of the location: whether it is a garage or a network of charging stations. The BMW i4 charging cost calculator allows you to select any type of socket, as well as the type of charging station (Level-1 or Level-2).

The benefit of the automated system is to provide a cost comparison depending on the charging station. And importantly, it will answer the main question: Where is more profitable to charge a BMW i4: at home or through a network charging station?

BMW i4 charging cost calculator: for whom is it intended

The calculator will be useful for both experienced owners and newcomers who are planning to buy an electric car.

If the charge level of your electric car is almost zero, and you have doubts about whether the charge will be enough to the nearest charging station, this service is for you. The calculator will quickly and accurately calculate the charge price and allow you to drive to the charging point.

Main tasks of BMW charging cost calculator

The main feature of the calculator is simple functionality and intuitive interface. The 3 main tasks of the system:

  • Calculating charging time.
  • Determination of the most profitable network for powering the electric car.
  • Finding the exact cost of charging.

Technical capabilities

Electric cars have different port formats, so it’s important to know where the charging stations with the right port are located. It’s not always possible or a resource to go to such a station, so you should always have an adapter in your glove compartment to expand the list of available networks. In the future, the number of public charging stations will increase. Our website has an overview of the facts about the future of charging stations for electric cars.

Among the extras that should be in the driver’s kit is an extension cable (in case the outlet is far away). In the case of a portable charger, its power depends on the outlet used. The best solution for the driver may be to install a stationary charger. this will provide maximum power. Expert advice on our website can help you choose a BMW charging station for your home.

EV battery size

The BMW i4 EV charging specs and guide are designed to help you decide which type of charger to use for your BMW i4. The standard AC charger requires ninety-five watts of power to charge the i4 at its maximum speed. A fast charger like the BMW Wallbox needs two hundred watts of power to recharge the i4 at its maximum rate. A full charge can take about eight hours with the BMW i4’s maximum charging rate of 11 kW.

charging, cost, calculator, stations

The charging rate for BMW i4 EV varies from four to eight p/mile, depending on the type of charging. Home charging usually provides the lowest cost per mile, while public Rapid EV charging tends to double the cost. These costs compare favorably to the twelve to fifteen p/mile cost of a conventional car. To calculate the charging costs of your BMW i4, you can use a public charging calculator. The calculator can be adjusted for electricity cost and level of charge.


The cost of BMW i4 EV charging is dependent on the type of charge needed and the remaining charge in the battery. Rapid charging tends to cost more than home charging. However, it still beats conventional car fuel costs by up to 12 p/mile. For a more accurate estimate of BWM i4 EV charging costs, use Charging Calculator. It allows you to input your vehicle model, electricity cost and level of charge to calculate how much it will cost to charge your BMW i4.

BMW has a deal with Electrify America for the 2022 BMW i4 EV. Those who purchase the 2022 model year of the BMW i4 will be eligible for two years of free charging at any Electrify America public charging station. These free charging sessions will be available at any EVgo charging station and at select partner network stations in all 50 states. However, the credit is not as generous as the Electrify America deal.

About charging

Charging station networks often include 2 main types of charging:

Owners of an electric car with a large kilowatt capacity will find charging by the minute to be most beneficial. Keep in mind that some charging station networks charge for the session, as well as downtime after the completion of charging.

The calculator accurately calculates charging time from the home or public grid both before a full charge and when recharging to a certain limit.

In conclusion

Every owner will appreciate this service for its simplicity and efficiency. All processes are calculated in as much detail as possible. The calculator determines the charging price, intermediate charging time as well as the distance your BMW will drive at a certain battery level.

The BMW i4 charging cost calculator is as extensive as possible and different from its counterparts. We will help you save not only money but also, most importantly, time! See other types of calculators on the site and take advantage of all the innovations of the modern world.

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Electric BMW Charging Station in Savannah, GA

Have you ever been thinking, where can I charge my electric car, and wishing you knew where to find a free EV charging station nearby? Critz BMW has an electric vehicle charging station at our dealership for anyone to use. Regardless of the make and model you drive, you can stop by and charge up whenever you need. With a whole new lineup of electric BMW vehicles heading toward our Savannah BMW dealership, we’re enthusiastically embracing the electric future of automotive. Contact Us Get Directions

Electric Car Charging Station near Me

You don’t have to worry about checking electric car charging when you visit Critz BMW, as we’re proud to offer a free EV charging station in Savannah. If you’re running errands around town and your vehicle needs to power up, our GA BMW dealer and electric car charging station are conveniently located in Oakdale. Feel free to contact Critz BMW for information about our public electric vehicle charging stations.

Electric BMW Sales in Savannah, GA

There are new electric BMW vehicles on the way including the 2022 BMW i3 Electric Sedan, i3s Sporty Electric Sedan and i4 all-electric four-door coupe. You can also look forward to the 2022 BMW iX electric Sports Activity Vehicle® release in upcoming months. Whether you preorder a BMW iX or get the keys to a new BMW i3s, our nearby EV charging stations will be here when you need them. We’ll gladly show you how to charge an electric car and take you for a test-drive when these brand-new models arrive.

We can help you get behind the wheel of a new BMW electric vehicle so you can use our EV charging station anytime. Even if you don’t drive a BMW EV, you’re welcome to use one of our public charging stations. As more Savannah BMW drivers go electric, we want to continue serving as a reliable community resource.

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Join one of the largest public charging networks in Europe – and access 200.121 charge points.

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The ultimate in e-mobility

Charge Anywhere Anytime Europe wide

Charging anywhere at 200.121 charge points across Europe – with Green Energy. Our network has the right type of charger ready for your BMW and your charging preference. IONITY High Power Charging is also part of our extensive BMW Charging Network.

Tariffs, Packages New Vehicle Charging Specials

Any BMW driver is eligible to use the BMW Charging Service, with a choice of tariffs and packages to meet your preference.Customers purchasing a brand-new electrified BMW may also benefit from new vehicle offers like 12 months BP Pulse Package with no subscription fees. Any new BMW iX3, iX or i4 in addition gets 12 months IONITY Plus Package with no subscription fees. So no need for second thoughts. explore your public charging habits benefitting from attractive preferential rates.

Full Convenience Transparency

All in one Convenience: Register once and access the whole BMW Charging network with your BMW Charging Card or via the My BMW App. Your BMW Charging Dashboard is your transparent one stop shop for your charging history and invoices (in one currency).

Connected Charging: All-in the My BMW App

Find the right public charging spot, navigate there, authenticate yourself at the charge point… and start charging. Check your state of charge remotely and review all charging interactions via the BMW Charging Dashboard. All that – as well as more features also for home charging – simply using your My BMW App.

Search for charge points

Enter an address and filter for relevant charge points to find the most suitable charging station near your frequently visited spots, and check its availability.

Join today and charge your BMW anywhere, anytime.


I would like to redeem my voucher. How does that work?

There are two ways to redeem your voucher: either directly during registration or later in the customer area.During registration:You can enter your voucher code in the Vouchers field in the last step of registration.In the customer area:

Log in to your customer account.- Go to Contracts.- Go to Add a voucher.- Enter your code number in the free voucher field.- Go to Check voucher.

If you need further assistance, please contact Customer Service, whose contact details can be found on our website in the Support section under Contact Support.

The charging station is not working and I cannot charge.

If you cannot start a charging session, please take into consideration the following recommendations:

Please check in advance, if the charge point is available or out of order within the app.

For the authentication via app, please first check whether the charging station supports authentication via app or QR code. You can find out by clicking on the charging station in your app. If it does, it is recommended to use the Start button in the app instead of scanning the QR code placed on the charging station.

In case of technical or physical problems, contact the charge point operator first. You can find the operator’s service hotline on the charging station.

If the problem still remains, please contact your customer service hotline which you can find under the support page contact support on the website.

How can I view my invoice?

You can view and download your invoice via our Web Portal:Log in to your customer account.- Click on invoice- Click on ⤓ to download the invoice PDF- Click on the PDF file and open it

How can I change my payment method?

You can change your payment method in our Web Portal.To change your credit card or PayPal information:- Log in to your customer account- Click on account- Scroll down to Payment details- Click on the edit function on the right (pencil icon).

BMW Charging: The entire range of charging services.

Whether charging on the road, at home or at work. BMW Charging offers you not only a constantly growing network of charging infrastructure spanning all regions, but also the charging solution that is right for you at home or at work. You will find everything about our wallboxes, charging cables and associated services, digital charging services and charging technologies in our vehicles on our BMW website in the Charging section.

Compatibility of connectors depends on car model.

Wallboxes mobile ev car chargers for the BMW i4

Are you looking for the best charging option for an BMW i4? Then you have come to the right place, because you don’t need a BMW wallbox to charge your car. There are many possibilities to charge your car and we help you to make the right choice, step by step.

The BMW i4 needs a Mennekes type 2 plug and the car has a maximum AC charging capacity of 11 kW. This means that your car with a wallbox at home will never charge faster than that. In addition, the car has an usable battery capacity of 80 kWh.

Of course, it is also possible that you do not want to use a wallbox but a mobile wallbox or a wallbox with a lower charging capacity. That is why you will find here all the important charging information about the BMW i4.

Charge pointMax.PowerTime
Mobile wallbox (2.3 kW) 230V / 1x10A 2.3 kW 41h
1-phase 16A (3.7 kW) 230V / 1x16A 3.7 kW 25h30m
1-phase 25A (5.8 kW) 230V / 1x25A 5.8 kW 16h15m
1-phase 32A (7.4 kW) 230V / 1x32A 7.4 kW 12h45m
3-phase 16A (11 kW) 400V / 3 x16A 11 kW 8h45m
3-phase 25A (17 kW) 400V / 3 x16A 11 kW 8h45m
3-phase 32A (22 kW) 400V / 3 x16A 11 kW 8h45m

= Charging speed limited by vehicle

EV charging cable for BMW i4

The BMW i4 has a mennekes connection, so it requires a type 2 ev charging cable. The car has a 3-phase 11 kW charging capacity. It is therefore only possible to use a phase 3 ev charging cable of 11 or 22 KW if you charge 11 kW.

Looking for a charging cable for this car? Then click here.

Wallbox for BMW i4

The electric BMW i4 has a maximum charging power of 11 kW with an usable battery capacity of 80 kWh. This means that charging via a wallbox is advisable. A number of things are useful to know for this. A wallbox with a heavier charging capacity will not charge more than the maximum load capacity of your car, but it can’t hurt either. A wallbox with a lighter power is also possible and can be useful, for example, when the fuse box is not suitable for heavy charging. The wallbox will never charge heavier than what it is made for. Wallboxes have 4 charging capacities, provided that these cannot be adjusted yourself:

charging, cost, calculator, stations

3.7 kW wallbox (1 phase of 16A): will charge a maximum of 3.7 kW for this car.7.4 kW wallbox (1 phase of 32A): will charge a maximum of 3.7 kW for this car.11 kW wallbox (3 phases of 16A): will charge a maximum of 11 kW for this car.22 kW wallbox (3 phases of 32A) : will charge a maximum of 11 kW for this car

Fuse box connection for the wallboxChoosing the best wallbox for your BMW i4 depends not only on the possibilities of the car but also for a large part of the fuse box connection. Especially whether you have a 1 or 3 phase connection at home or at work. The BMW i4 can charge on 3 phases and can therefore load the maximum charging capacity (if it is at least 3 x 16A). If you don’t have a 3 phase connection yet, but you will get it in the future. You can still buy a 3 phase wallbox and just connect 1 phase so you can still charge your car in the meantime.

If you have a 1 phase connection, you cannot charge the maximum charging capacity of 11 kW, you will always only charge a maximum of 3.7 kW regardless of the power of the wallbox. You can also read this article from us with more information about the connection in your fuse box.

Mobile wallbox for BMW i4

With a mobile wallbox (also called portable ev charger), you can charge your hybrid or electric car through a normal socket at home. So is the BMW i4. Sockets at home have a power of about 220 volt, depending on your country. A mobile wallbox is equipped in such a way that it can be connected to that power grid.

For your BMW i4 you need to have a Type 2 mobile wallbox. Of course, charging at home via the socket is less fast, but it can certainly be sufficient for hybrid or electric cars with a smaller battery. A mobile wallbox can usually charge 2.3 or 3.7 kW (10 or 16A). Due to the high battery capacity of the BMW i4, we recommend using a portable ev charger mainly as a backup or as an emergency solution.

Do you still have questions? Please feel free to contact us.

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