Black Friday Deal: Stay powered on the go with UGREEN’s Power Bank 10000mAh. Ugreen power bank

Black Friday Deal: Stay powered on the go with UGREEN’s Power Bank 10000mAh

Power banks are a dime a dozen. These are essentially external batteries that help keep your phones juiced up and powered while you’re on the move and don’t have access to a power outlet to charge it up. It’s ideal for heavy users who burn through their phone’s battery quickly while doing high-performance tasks like photo or video editing and playing games.

This doesn’t mean that we should just resort to any old power bank if we’re looking for that extra boost of battery. After all, there are various factors to consider, like power output, safety, design, size, weight, and so on.

If you’re looking for a power bank that can offer and do more than the run-of-the-mill power banks in the market today, then UGREEN’s 20W power bank could be it.


The UGREEN 20W PD power bank measures 5.39 x 3.23 x 1.81 inches and weighs 8.4 ounces, It’s definitely one of the smaller power banks we’ve seen, and it also comes with two ports – USB-C and USB-A, so if you need to charge a device with a USB-C to USB-C cable, or USB-A to Lightning or USB-C, it has you covered.

There is a built-in LED indicator to show how much battery you have left so it’s easy to know when you need to recharge it at a glance.

W Power Delivery

The problem with a lot of power banks is that they don’t always offer the most power output. Generally speaking, they’re good enough to charge your phone up, but what if you needed faster charging?

That’s where UGREEN comes in, where the company’s 20W PD power bank can offer up to 20W of power. While it definitely isn’t the same compared to a wall outlet and using a dedicated fast charger, it is still faster than the average power bank. The company claims that with 20W of power, it can charge an iPhone from 0% to 60% in just 30 minutes, and up to full in 3.3 hours.

,000mAh Safe ATL battery

In addition to power output, another factor to consider when choosing a power bank is the battery size. Too small of a battery and you’ll probably only be able to charge your phone maybe once, but UGREEN’s 20W PD power bank comes with a 10,000mAh battery that’s good enough to recharge an iPhone 12 up to 2.5 times.

With other Android phones that come with 4,000 to 5,000mAh batteries, we reckon that you should also be able to squeeze out at least two charges.

Safety is also another concern with these power banks. After all, no one would want a power bank that has the potential to overheat, short circuit, or catch on fire. This is why UGREEN has equipped it with a Safe ATL battery which offers increased stability and lifespan. The company claims that the battery is capable of holding 80% of its capacity even after 500 cycles.

Assuming you use it once every couple of days, you should be able to get a couple of years worth of usage out of it, which isn’t a bad investment at all.


If a power bank with high power output, a small sleek design, and with support for multiple port types is something you’ve been looking for, then the UGREEN Portable Phone Charger PD 20W could definitely be worth taking a look at.

  • Portable Charger with USB-C Power Delivery 20W: UGREEN portable phone charger loads dual fast charging output ports. Type C.
  • Universal Capability: UGREEN portable charger with AC outlet contains 10000mAh capacity, charging an iPhone 12 up to 2.5.

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Review: Ugreen USB-C Power Bank with 18 Watts tested

Small and very practical power bank for everyday use.


  • compact and lightweight (175g)
  • USB-C port with 18 Watts
  • Pass-through charging possible
  • LEDs are not annoying


The Ugreen USB-C power bank has a practical feature: it can take and give off 18 watts of power. This makes it a good companion on the road.

High performance means fast charging speed. Thus the power bank, which weighs only 175 grams, can be quickly charged via USB-C port. 18 watts are possible, that is 9 volts and 2 amperes. The power bank can also be charged with 5 volts and draws 3 amperes when the power supply is strong enough. This brings you up to 15 watts, which is a bit less than the 9 volt version, but it is still pretty fast. This is especially useful if you want to charge a device at the USB-A port at the same time (so-called pass-through charging): the power bank then charges itself with 5 volts and also outputs 5 volts to the connected device. The power is split approximately ⅔ to ⅓ – a very handy feature if you only have a USB-C charger with you, but want to charge the battery pack and the smartphone at the same time.

USB ports with modern standards

Also the output of the two USB ports is up to date. Both ports output the following power:

So the maximum is 18 watts. The USB-C port adheres to the Power Delivery 3.0 standard, the USB-A is Quick Charge 3.0, which doesn’t help us with Apple devices. But 2.4 amps are still output cleanly.

The advantage of the USB-C port with 18 watts is that you can also quickly charge current Apple devices with a USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to Lightning cable, just as if you had a small 18 watt charger with you. The capacity of the power bank is so big that we could let an iPad Pro 10,5″ charge up to 89% – then the power bank was empty. So the size is enough to charge the iPhone a few times, give a smaller iPad about 80% of charge or even deliver some backup power for the MacBook. Here it is of course an advantage if the MacBook itself is very economical. So a 12″ MacBook or a MacBook Air should be happy about the one or two hours of extra work time that you urgently need. For longer periods of time, you will of course have to use a power bank with a larger capacity.

Ideal capacity for everyday use

The capacity: The model is advertised as 10,000 mAh power bank. To be fair, Ugreen also states a “Rated Capacity”, which is 6000 mAh. These are so to speak the gross and net data, a discrepancy is always experienced with power banks. But it is nice to see that a manufacturer indicates this discrepancy from the beginning and does not hide it.

black, friday, deal, stay, powered, ugreen

However the indication in mAh does not help if one does not know which value the voltage has to calculate Watt hourse – with this value it is then only possible to compare different devices. Since the Ugreen cells have a current of 3.85 V and the gross capacity is 10.000 mAh the energy content of the power bank should result in 38.5 Watt hours. But only in an ideal world, because after all you don’t get out all the energy you put into it.

The 6000 mAh seem to be measured at 5 Volts, which would result in an energy content of 30 Wh – and that seems to be correct: we measured 31 watt hours. That is almost exactly 80% of the net value and even a little more than the honestly additionally printed value.

[amazon box=”B086Y8P3MT” description_items=”3″]

The case itself makes a good impression, although the color of the lid differs from the product photos and is not as bright. Nevertheless the structure is quite pleasant. The bottom side also feels good. A nice detail are the slightly recessed LEDs: if you look at it directly from above, the charging status is clearly visible. If you look a little bit from the side, the LEDs are not visible anymore. That’s great: you can charge the power bank at night without any light flashing in your face. The power switch is recessed and you have to hit it exactly – but when you plug in a cable the power bank switches itself on.

Besides the power bank there is a small manual in the package and a USB-A to USB-C cable that supports 3 amps. Since the power bank with its 18 Watt USB-C support is less than 20, it is our power bank of choice. It is small enough not to be a nuisance but big enough to hold a few charges for the iPhone over the weekend and in an emergency even gives your MacBook a few extra hours.

UGREEN 10,000mAh PD 18W Power Bank Review – Lots Of Power In Your Palm

UGREEN is no stranger to the market for small portable power banks but a review of its new 10,000mAh PD 18W Power Bank shows the company’s commitment to that product category runs much deeper than might be expected. Priced at an unreasonable value cost of just 23.99, this is a product that I expected to see fall short in several ways. It doesn’t.

Rather than skimping on power, capability, design, or quality, UGREEN has designed and released a mobile power supply that’s just about perfect. Not only does this battery pack hold a massive amount of power, relative to its size.

The power bank is fast-charge enabled with two outputs for multi-device charging that won’t take up too much space. In fact, the on a pair of skinny jeans should suffice for storage here — albeit not necessarily comfortably.

Build quality with this high-capacity high-portability power bank isn’t without quirks but is more than made up for by UGREEN’s use of high-quality PC materials. That’s setting aside the company’s decision to include an LCD screen instead of the standard four-dot LED array for the device’s capacity readout.

The primary drawback here, barely worth taking notice of, is that this power bank won’t charge everything quickly. There are already plenty of devices that have moved beyond 18W charging and a whole slew of incoming devices that will push things further in that direction. Regardless, it will charge faster than the standard power brick.

Of course, that already says quite a bit about this device, possibly enough to make a decision from. But UGREEN has left almost no detail with its newest charger to chance either. So it’s still worth digging into for a closer look.

A tiny UGREEN power bank but not the small on capacity

If a device’s size is the primary concern, the UGREEN power bank is designed at a scale so small that it puts other portable chargers to shame. Most 6,000mAh power banks I’ve had the opportunity to review are nothing like the newest UGREEN 18W power bank. They’re just monstrously large. This one is comparable in size to a fully-loaded wallet.

In terms of exact measurements, the power bank measures just 9.5 x 6.7cm and just 2.6cm thick. That’s right around 3.74-inches long by just under 2.64-inches wide and just over an inch thin. It weighs just a gram short of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 flagship phablet — at 194 grams. That’s for a power bank that doesn’t deliver 6,000mAh but brings 10,000mAh to the table.

The one aspect of this charging device that I noticed missing from the previous iteration was its TPU rubber carry strap. Because this device is small but not so small as to be a good fit for every size hand, the strap made it easier not to accidentally drop the power bank while carrying it around. That’s just not included this time around despite that the size is effectively the same.

Fortunately, this is small enough to fit in a easily. I was even able to accomplish that with some of my tighter jeans. It also sits readily enough in a handbag, purse, or the center console or cupholder in a car. So that wasn’t too big a drawback at all, even if it would have been nice to have.

If the size and capacity are what really matters, setting aside other details we’ll be addressing momentarily, this UGREEN Power Bank will be the one to buy. It’s barely even a competition.

W charging helps this UGREEN power bank brush aside the usual caveats

With a capacity of right around 10,000mAh, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect this device to take all day to charge. That’s an incorrect assumption to make. It’s not a Rapid process or something that can be accomplished in a few minutes. But it isn’t nearly as bad as I expected going into this UGREEN power bank review.

The previous mini power supply from the company took just under 5-hours to charge. That doesn’t hold true for this device. It does much better at just over 3-hours and 40-minutes. Others I’ve purchased or used typically take between 5-hours and 6-hours.

But there have been some inexpensive devices that will take all day to refill at this capacity and that isn’t the biggest improvement with this power bank either. UGREEN ensured its newest power bank is better in terms of how quickly it charges other devices.

This is a PD 18W input and output charger, meaning it will fast charge even the newest Samsung devices. Its large capacity means it will do so twice and then some, within reason. For devices with larger batteries, that number is obviously going to drop and it will vary anyway from device to device. It charged my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 twice with some capacity to spare.

There are two outputs here too. Those are a USB Type-C and a standard USB-A output. The USB-C doubles as an input to refuel the bank.

Additionally, UGREEN’s new power bank includes an LCD display. That shows how much capacity is remaining in the form of a percentage. That meant it was easy to see when the power bank needed to be charged before heading out. Much easier than any dot-based readout could ever be.

Inexpensive and with a high build quality

Direct from the company, the UGREEN 10,000mAh PD 18W Power Bank used in this review only costs 23.99. It’s at this point where I’d ordinarily be asking just where the catch is. But there doesn’t seem to be one. The ports on this gadget are both very snug and solid. No wiggle exists, even using cables other than the under one-foot cord that’s included in the box.

Seams in the left and right edge are cleanly aligned. The tiny gaps around the front and back face panels are minimal too.

Because those panels are made of a shadowed-clear plastic, they have a completely different feel than the soft-touch PC material used throughout the rest of the build. Aside from giving the device a premium in-hand feel, that also gives it a much more premium look. The sole available color, matte black, is well-suited to the underlying design.

The rounded edges are smooth to the touch and have a similar impact on the overall feel of this gadget.

Each of the ports is clearly marked. The USB-C output/input port is the 18W PD plug while the USB-A plug is Quick Charge 3.0 compatible at up to 18W too. That’s backed by a built-in protection system UGREEN included against overloads, over-currents, over-voltages, overheating, or short circuits. The back panel provides a great deal of technical detail about capacity and certifications.

The design itself fits neatly in-hand but not quite neatly enough that it would be easy for everybody to hold onto. So it would have been great to see a TPU or rubber strap to counter the fact that it’s reasonably thick — though not at all too thick or brick-like. It is small enough that it fits well within the frame of most flagship devices.

Should you buy into the hype?

Most portable power solutions are, summarily, either bulky or low on capacity. precisely, it often seems that those refill slowly and charge up smartphones or other devices in an equally snail-like fashion by default. For every reduction in size companies typically manage, those aspects have seemed to get worse for years. For every improvement in capabilities, devices have tended to get bigger.

Pricing has seemed to have an even greater impact on everything, although that has gotten better over the years for portable power banks.

UGREEN is doing something quite different for its line of power banks. Instead of focusing solely on keeping the cost down, it’s putting palpable effort into reducing the size of portable chargers. Simultaneously, the company is working to ensure that size reduction doesn’t impact cost or proficiency in a meaningful way.

The result of that effort, so far, is the UGREEN 10,000mAh PD 18W Power Bank. The power solution defies convention in that it is solidly designed and manufactured, in addition to high-speed, high-capacity, and budget-friendly. At just 23.99, users can expect a charging experience that isn’t just user-friendly thanks to a built-in LCD display. They can expect a charging rate that either matches or comes close to matching that of their wall adapter.

In some cases, because this is PD or Quick Charge enabled and not every OEM includes a fast-charging adapter for their compatible gadget, it might even surpass that expectation. The same can be said of charging up this charger.

That all comes in a package that doesn’t weigh more than the average flagship or mid-range device and is smaller than those too. This is nearly impossible not to recommend for anybody that needs a premium charging solution at a minimal cost.

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Ugreen’s Power Bank with USB-C and wireless charging impresses with affordable price and flexible functionality for iPhone and iPad

Ugreen makes a range of great Apple accessories, and I recently came across one of my favorite ones to date. The 10000mAh Power Bank offers wireless charging for iPhone as well as USB-C PD for input and output and a standard USB-A port for fast charging. Read on for our full look at this useful, flexible, and affordable power bank for iPhone and iPad.

There are a handful of power banks on the market that offer wireless charging for iPhone, but not as many include USB-C. What’s even better with Ugreen’s 10000mAh Power Bank is the USB-C PD also offers 18W output and a USB-A port for just 37.

Materials and Build

This power bank has a nice feel to it with rounded edges. The back and sides are made up of a satin finished plastic. The top has a bit of texture to it with a faux-leather design. There is a wireless charging icon in the middle with a small Ugreen logo at the bottom.

It has the same footprint as an iPhone XS and is about twice as thick. It’s comfortable to hold both devices if you want to use your iPhone while charging it wirelessly.

There is a four LED battery indicator for battery status. The first LED turns green when outputting power via the wireless pad or either of the USB ports.

The top side features the USB-C PD and fast charge USB-A port. Although the USB-C only says “IN,” I happily discovered that it works for both input and output. Ugreen confirms that both USB ports support 18W fast charging.

Ugreen offers a 18-month warranty with its products and also has a lifetime service support policy.

In Use

I’ve used quite a few power banks and I have to say this is the best one I’ve come across so far. USB-C is a necessity at this point, but adding in wireless charging and a USB-A port makes this a winner.

Whether you want to keep this in your backpack, purse, or briefcase for daily use or are looking for extra power when traveling, Ugreen’s 10000mAh Power Bank is super handy since you don’t need to pull out a cable to juice up your iPhone.

However, for times when you want to fast charge, or charge multiple devices at once, you’ve covered here as well (I successfully used it to charge two iPhones and an iPad mini at simultaneously).

Ugreen’s Power Bank is really handy for the limbo state of charging with Apple’s latest devices: Lightning and wireless charging for iPhones, USB-C for the 2018 iPad Pro and Lightning for 2017 and earlier ones.

Just for fun, I plugged this power bank up to my 15-inch MacBook Pro. I was curious to see if my notebook would charge the bank, or the bank would try to charge my MacBook Pro. Turns out, it does the latter. It outputs enough power to maintain the MBP battery level where it’s at, but not add any charge.

Ugreen’s Power Bank includes a USB-C to USB-A cable, but there’s no power adapter included with it. However, between your USB-C MacBook charger and iPad charger, you’re probably covered. However, Anker makes a great USB-C USB-A charger for 30 if you’re looking for one.

Final Thoughts

At 37, there’s a lot to love about Ugreen’s 10000mAh Power Bank with wireless charging and USB-C.

I honestly don’t have any constructive feedback for this power bank. It’s got a clean, simple design, great functionality, and is a delight to use. I think Ugreen really nailed it.

You can pick up the 10000mAh Power Bank with Wireless Charging Pad for 37 on Amazon (at the time of writing there is an addition 5% off instant Amazon coupon).

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