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Best Power Banks for Charging Up Your Phone on the Go

These days our smartphones are practically an extension of us. And when it comes to traveling, they serve as mobile boarding passes, guidebooks, GPS navigation systems and cameras. There’s almost nothing worse than watching your smartphone hit the dreaded 20% battery indicator and then drain down as you pray it guides you to your next destination before it shuts down. A portable phone charger can charge up your smartphone on the go and as much as we all depend on our phones for these days, it’s an invaluable tech tool to have on hand. There’s thousands of power bank chargers out there, and they definitely aren’t all created equal. We’ve tested our fair share of them with our iPhones and rounded up our favorites based on their charging-up power and portability. No matter whether you’re headed out in to the wilds for a rugged outdoor adventure or on your next city break, these are the best power banks for charging up your phone on the go.

The Most Important Features to Consider When Buying a Power Bank

We’ve had a lot of power banks and portable chargers over the years. If you’re phone is essentially a work tool, as it us for us while we travel, then choosing a portable charger based on design isn’t enough.

Power banks can tell you their theoretical charging capability by that mAh number on them, which is a number that’s often meaningless to most of us. mAh is the battery capacity in layman’s terms. Today’s smartphones have the average battery capacity of 2800mAh. That means that a 6000mAh power bank should fully charge up your phone twice and a tablet 1.5 times.

Aside from mAh, how quickly the power bank charges up our phones, how long the power bank holds it charge and the ease of portability are the most important features to us.

Our Lepow Moonstone is still going strong after years of use

Best Super Long Lasting Power Bank: Lepow Moonstone Portable Charger

We’ve owned our very same Lepow power bank since 2014 and this little guy is still going strong. The version we have is the 6000mAh, which will charge up an iPhone 8 two full charges. Lepow does make a 10000mAh version, though we haven’t had the need to upgrade yet.

We like that the Lepow Moonstone has two USB outputs, which means we can both charge up our iPhones at the same time from one portable charger. We’ve also used this power bank to charge up our DJI Mavic Pro remote controller. One power output is actually a fast charging power bank output, while the other is the same equivalent of plugging your phone in with a wall charger. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge an iPhone from the regular output and half of that to fully charge an iPhone from the fast output.

Lepow Moonstone is capable of holding its charge for weeks at a time. And even though ours is now four years old, it still charges up to 100%, holds its’ charge and charges our iPhones fully twice before the power bank needs recharged. It weighs 5.5 ounces and the square shape is equivalent to putting a powder compact in my purse. Tim can also comfortably put it the s of his cargo shorts, but it’s a little too fat to comfortably put in the s of jeans. It comes with a felt pouch and charging cable.

Fospower Power Active holds up in the most rugged conditions

Best Power Bank for Adventure Travel: Fospower PowerActive Rugged Power Bank

The Fospower PowerActive portable power bank is advertised to be waterproof, snow proof, dirt proof and drop proof. We decided to put it to the test on our trip to Oman, where we spent the majority of our time either diving or in the desert.

It’s 10200mAh, which will fully charge up an iPhone 8 4-5 times. There’s one 2.1A output, so you can only charge up one device at a time but it charges up devices quickly for a full charge in about 1 hour. The power bank holds its charge for about a week.

It weighs 7.8 ounces and it’s compact, but best for carrying inside of a bag or backpack. It’s just slightly too big to really carry in a

As for the waterproof, it can withstand being submerged in 3-feet of water for up to 30 minutes. The cover seal to the port needs to be closed securely, and it withstood getting wet while our bag sat on the floor of the dive boat. It would have also been a great portable charger for iPhone to have during those downpours while we were trekking in Nepal, because it’s just one less electronic device and piece of camera equipment we need to ensure gets stuffed in to a dry sack.

It definitely held its own when it came to being dirt proof. After getting hit with a surprise sandstorm that was like Imhotep had raised up a wall of sand and dropped it down upon us à la The Mummy, the Fospower PowerActive was the only thing not pouring sand out of all of its nooks and crannies for days after. There was layer of dust and sand that covered everything, even inside of our tent, as the wind howled and whipped the fine golden sands of the Rub Al Khali into spinning cyclones traveling across Oman’s Empty Quarter all night long. The only thing that the sand wasn’t practically glued to was the power bank, which easily wiped clean thanks to it’s design.

There’s also a built in flash light, which came in handy for walking around to our tent and just being able to see once dark fell in the desert. Again, the built-in flashlight would have spared us from packing headlamps and power banks on many trips when you’re only using a headlamp to go to an from a bathroom.

The Fospower PowerActive comes with a charging cable, a strap that has a compass on it and a carabiner that attaches to the strap.

Lovie Style Phone Charging Passport Holders come with a slim power bank

Best Multi-Purpose Power Bank: Lovie Style Phone Charging Passport Holder

Even though our go to Lepow mobile power bank can fully charge up an iPhone twice, our work days on media trips can often stretch on for 16 hours. Between constantly recording video for Instagram Story, taking notes and other functions we use our iPhones for, we can drain our batteries quickly. We might charge up two or more times in a day. That’s why I love my Lovie Style phone charging passport holder. I almost always have it with me if we’re traveling to stash away our passports and make sure they stay in their best shape. And the Lovie Style comes with a slim 4000mAh power bank that easily slides in and out of the passport holder. We can grab it for a third iPhone power bank for a long day out.

At 4000mAh, the slim power bank charges up an iPhone fully once. It’s just 1 centimeter thick, so it’s very easy to stash in a purse or without taking up much space at all.

We Recommend

Best Passport Holders for Travelers

The Lovie Style phone charging passport holder comes with the power bank, which has built in lightning micro USB cables.

Anker PowerCore Mini is a mobile charger the size of tube of chapstick

Best Compact Power Bank: Anker PowerCore Mini

Sometimes you just need a really compact phone battery charger that is small enough to toss inside of an evening bag or put in a Anker PowerCore Mini delivers 3350mAh charging power in a chapstick-sized tube. It charges up an iPhone 8 fully in about 3-4 hours.

It comes in five different colors from black to a feminine metallic pink. It also has a multi-protect system to keep electronic threats like short circuits at bay. It’s a favorite with more than 26,000 reviews on Amazon and has a 4.5 star rating.

Anker PowerCore Mini comes with a travel pouch, micro USB cable and an 18-month warranty.

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Your article is helpful! I like the one with the flashlight function the most. I bought mine because it was a recommendation of a German travel blogger. It’s called Stay mobile and it has 22400 mAh. So far I am really happy with it. I didn’t use a power bank until this year but now I can’t imagine to go without anymore. It’s really helpful and especially because my iPhone has now a weaker battery.

I like the look of the Anker. My main issue with all of the powerbanks is that they seem prone to failure – and it’s always when I’m travelling. I now take 2 or 3 with me!

wow, I love the power bank wallet that is exactly what I need! I am always wrestling with my power brick and its cords. That is super useful! A good travel accessory

The Lepow looks so cute as well as being hardy and long-lasting! On work trips I carry a hefty 10000mAh Anguo charger – it’s heavy but can charge my iPhone X 4-5 times. I love the passport holder / charger combo – I might have to get myself one of those!

This question nags at me every time I go on vacation, but I’ve never been proactive enough to look for a solution. However, now I’m going to pick up the compact PowerCore Mini to make sure I don’t have this stress on our next vacation in a few weeks. It sounds absolutely perfect for the way I like to travel lightweight!

We have a range of power banks, including a few I’ve been given as freebies by suppliers or clients at work, and others we’ve bought for our travelling. Like you, we have one larger capacity one, too big for a but it can charge our two phones and/ or laptop several times on a single charge. It’s also one that we can recharge via mains or solar, so it’s handy on safari when we don’t have access to electric power outlets everywhere.

I love the convenience of the Lovie Style phone charging passport holder. It sounds pretty effective and what I love most about it is the ability to use it for much more. We are always looking for “juice” and places to plug in when we travel. We a simple power bank but it can only charge one iPhone and then it needs to be recharged. We’ve been talking about upgrading and this article does a great job highlighting several and their benefits. Thanks for the recommendations.

Power banks always confuse me. I have a drawer full of ones that I have collected over the years but they never seem to last. Now I at least know what I’m looking for when selecting one. On another note, that passport charger is going on my Christmas list.

This is a great list and your comparison of products is very helpful, considering the different applications and features that you have highlighted. Next time we need to buy a power bank, I will be clearer on what to look for.

This was a fantastic explanation, I hate my power bank because of how slow it is lol so the first one you mentioned sounds ideal considering it only takes two hours, I’m definitely sold on this and will use your amazing link Jennifer!

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How Much mAh Do You Need To Charge Your iPhone X

The Apple iPhone X is one of the most popular iPhones on the market. It has a fantastic design, great features and a powerful battery that can last up to two days with moderate usage. But like all devices, it needs to be recharged periodically. So how much mAh do you need to charge your iPhone X?

The answer may vary depending on the type of charging method you use, but generally speaking, an iPhone X requires 860-920 mAh to fully charge its battery. This means that if you have a power bank with 10,000mAh capacity, it should provide enough power to charge the iPhone X at least 10 times.

But what if you don’t have access to a power bank or wall adapter? In this case, you can still use your computer’s USB port to charge your device. The iPhone X has a fast-charging capability that allows it to draw up to 9V/2A (18W) from compatible USB ports. If your computer supports this kind of connection, then it shold take about 3 hours for the phone‘s battery to be fully charged.

It is also important to note that temperature plays a big role in how quickly the phone charges. If your device is too hot or too cold (above 95°F or below 32°F), then charging might take longer than usual. In these cases, make sure that you don’t leave your phone in direct sunlight or near any heat source wile charging.

best, power, banks, charging

if you want to ensure maximum battery life for your Apple iPhone X then make sure that you always keep it charged and use only compatible chargers or USB ports when doing so. The suggested optimal charging speed is 860-920 mAh per hour and if you have access to a power bank, then it should provide enough power for multiple charges throughout the day.


How Many Times Can an iPhone X Be Charged with a 10000mAh Battery?

The Apple iPhone X has a battery capacity of 2716mAh. A 10,000mAh power bank has an actual 6,660mAh capacity, so you can expect to charge your iPhone X approximately 2.5 times with one full charge of the power bank. However, this will depend on how much energy your device is using while it’s beng charged and other factors such as the temperature of the device and power bank when you are charging them.

How Many Times Can an iPhone X be Charged with 5000mAh?

The 5000 mAh battery capacity can extend your Apple iPhone X / XS battery life up to 1.3 times. This means that if your phone has a full charge and the 5000 mAh battery is fully charged, it can provide up to an additional 1.3 charges for your device. This is equivalent to around 3-4 days of extra usage time before needing to recharge both the phone and the battery pack itself.

What Is the Battery Capacity of an iPhone?

The amount of mAh an iPhone needs depends on the specific model and its usage. Generally speaking, an iPhone requires between 2,000 and 3,500 mAh of battery capacity. For example, the iPhone 13 mini has a battery capacity of 2,406 mAh, while the iPhone 13 Pro has a battery capacity of 3,095 mAh. This range allows for different levels of use — from basic to intensive — from each device. To give a more precise answer, it’s best to look at the specific model you’re using and how much power it draws from its battery.

Estimating the Number of Charges for an iPhone X with a 20000mAh Battery

The 20000mAh power bank should be able to charge your iPhone X more than six times. To calculate the exact number of charges, divide the power bank’s capacity (20000mAh) by the phone’s battery capacity (2716mAh). This gives you 7.35, which means you can get at least seven full charges out of your 20000mAh power bank. Keep in mind that this is just an estimate as various factors can affect the actual number of charges you’ll get out of your power bank.

Charging an iPhone All Day: Is It Safe?

Yes, it is generally OK to charge your iPhone all day. Regularly charging your phone throughout the day can actually help extend the life of its battery. This is because when a lithium-ion battery runs down to 0%, it experiences what’s known as a ‘deep discharge’, which can cause serious damage to the internal components. To avoid this, try and keep your phone battery from going below 50% by topping it up during the day with regular wireless charging sessions. Doing this will help ensure that your battery continues to perform optimally for longer.

Which Powerbank is Best Suited for iPhone X?

The Jackery Titan S 20,100mAh Power Bank is an excellent choice for charging an iPhone X. It is a high-capacity power bank with a 20,100mAh capacity, providig enough power to charge the iPhone X multiple times on the go. It also features fast charging technology, allowing for up to 18W of output for quick and efficient charging. Additionally, it comes with two USB ports that can be used simultaneously, so you can charge two devices at once. Its slim and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around in your or bag. All in all, the Jackery Titan S 20,100mAh Power Bank is an ideal choice for charging an iPhone X on the go.

Does the iPhone X Support 20W Fast Charging?

Yes, the iPhone X does support 20W fast charging. To take advantage of this feature, you must use an Apple USB-C to Lightning cable and a 20W USB-C Power Adapter. When using this adapter, you can fast charge your iPhone X up to 50 percent battery in around 30 minutes.

Compatibility of iPhone X with 20W Charger

Yes, the iPhone X and XS are both compatible with Apple’s official 20W USB-C power adapter. This charger is perfect for fast-charging your device, providing up to 50% charge after 30 minutes of use when paired with an official USB-C to Lightning cable. So, if you’re loking for a quick and efficient way to charge your iPhone X or XS, the 20W USB-C power adapter is an ideal choice.


The iPhone X is a great smartphone which offers a powerful performance and stunning visuals. It has an OLED Super Retina display with True Tone technology, a powerful A11 Bionic processor, and a 12MP dual-lens camera. It also has facial recognition technology for added security. With its long-lasting battery life, the iPhone X can last up to 10 hours of use on a single charge. With the help of a 10,000mAh power bank, the iPhone X can be charged up to 1.5 times for even more extended battery life. All in all, the iPhone X is an excellent choice for anyne looking for a reliable and powerful smartphone.

MyPort Power Bank

Please select all options.

MyPort is the ultimate triple threat of charging, by combining a phone stand, power bank, and wireless charger all in one.

  • 10,000 mAh battery capacity
  • Qi-certified wireless charging 2 USB ports
  • Use MyPort as a power bank or wireless charging stand
  • 1x USB-C PD 18W (input output)
  • 1x standard USB port 18W
  • Rubberized matte black finish
  • Fast charge iPhone Android devices with USB-C port
  • 10W wireless charging

The Ultimate Triple Threat

MyPort is the ultimate triple threat of charging, by combining a phone stand, power bank, and wireless charger all in one. When at home or in the office, just prop your iPhone, Android, or other Qi-enabled device on the stand to effortlessly charge your device. The stand simultaneously provides easy, hands-free viewing and wireless charging of your mobile device.

Meet your Charging Needs

When MyPort is in phone stand-mode, the portable power bank is continuously charging. Then, when you’re ready to head out, simply detach the charging pad from the stand to use MyPort as an on-the-go power bank. This portable feature conveniently offers two charging optionseither charge your tablet or phone by connecting any USB or USB-C cable (for fast charging), or just rest your phone on the power bank for a wireless charging experience. MyPort gives you the flexibility, confidence, and speed to keep your devices powered up wherever life takes you.

best, power, banks, charging

Included in Box

3 ft. USB-A to USB-C charging cable

,000mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack | PD 18 Watt | 2-Pack

The PhoneSuit Energy Core is a powerful, compact mobile power solution for your smartphone, tablets and more. Utilizing the latest in technology, it features dual full USB output ports and a high density rechargeable battery. The PhoneSuit Energy Core’s versatility makes it the perfect companion for when at home or on travel.

Up To 600% Extra Power

PhoneSuit’s custom High density lithium-ion 10000 mAh Battery cell coupled with an advanced chipset electronics can deliver the power you need for your iPhone, Smartphone, Tablets, Bluetooth headsets, speakers and more. The PhoneSuit can provide up to 600% additional Smartphone power depending on the device. time to talk, chat and run your favorite Apps.

Charge your iPhone, iPod, Samsung, HTC, LG, Pixel, Android

Use an Apple Lightning cable to charge your iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPad Mini and more. Use the included Micro-USB cable, the Energy Core can charge your Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8, Galaxy Note series, LG One, and more in an ultra-compact, portable device.

Why It’s Great!

USB-C 18 Watt Power Delivery

Supports Type-C PD 18 Watt output. Charge high speed devices such as the latest Smartphones from Apple, Samsung more.

Advanced Chipset / Power Management

Smart Power Management prioritizes and manages power delivery to your Smartphone. Features automatic-off when the Smartphone reaches 100%. The PhoneSuit’s custom high density lithium-ion polymer cell and advanced chipset can deliver high conversion efficiency when providing power to your iPhone.

What’s In The Box

Technical Specifications

Model No: PS-ECORE-100LT PD 18 Watt Model Name: PhoneSuit Energy Core LT PD Battery Pack UPC: 854338007787 Battery Capacity: High Density 10000 mAh Type-C Input PD: 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A (18 Watts Max) Type-C Output PD: 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A,12V/1.5A (18 Watts Max) USB QC 3.0 Output: 5V/3A, 9V/2A,12V/1.5A (18 Watts Max) Micro-USB Input: 5V/2A Size MM: L 80 x W 55 x H 16 mm Weight: 4.9 oz Talk: Up to 70 hours talk time Video: Up to 60 hours video time Music: Up to 240 hours music time Micro-USB Cable: Included Compatibility: Apple iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Android, Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy Note, LG, Pixel, Pixel XL, Materials: Polycarbonate Composite, Textured Design

Customer Reviews




Review: Ugreen’s magnetic wireless battery case for iPhone X and XS offers convenience, protection, and power for under 30

Ugreen makes a range of solid Apple accessories and the latest one we’ve been able to test out is the magnetic wireless battery case for iPhone X and XS. Read on for our hands-on look at this convenient way to keep your iPhone protected and battery topped off for under 30.

We’ve found Ugreen does a great job offering solid accessories at a fair price. Now, we’ve gone hands-on with the slick magnetic wireless battery case for iPhone.

Materials and Build

The wireless battery case consists of two components, a slim case with an integrated magnet and the thicker wireless power bank that attaches to the case.

Both are made with satin-finished plastic and offer a great experience in use with nicely rounded edges and a super soft feel.

The sides of the slim black case are smooth, while the rear has a fine texture to it. When using both the case and magnetic wireless charger, you’ll notice the back of the power bank is smooth, while the tapered top quarter near the camera cutout features a diamond pattern.

The inside of both the case and the battery portion have a soft felt to both protect your iPhone and keep the case from being scratched when attaching and removing the battery.

The overall build quality feels solid and the design of this battery case is sharp. It’s really convenient to easily switch between using your iPhone with a slim case and topping off your battery with the magnetic wireless power bank portion.

The main downside is that the power bank recharges via microUSB, likely a cost-saving choice. However, it does include a convenient USB-A port for charging other devices.

Ugreen includes an 18-month warranty with this battery case. It also has a lifetime service support policy.

Ugreen wireless battery case for iPhone in use

After using this wireless battery case for several weeks, I think Ugreen’s approach has quite a few benefits over more traditional battery cases.

First, it’s really easy to get the case on and off. The magnetic/wireless charging design makes it super simple to have extra power with you and ready to seamlessly attach to your iPhone at any time. To me, this is the best of both worlds when looking at pros and cons of standalone power banks and battery cases.

The next thing I have really appreciated in my testing has been how good this battery case feels. While the whole unit roughly doubles the size of an iPhone, it’s so smooth and comfortable to use, I haven’t minded the extra bulk or weight.

best, power, banks, charging

If you’re a fan of thin cases, you’ll likely love the clean and simple case that comes with the wireless battery case. The only downside I found with the case in particular is the sides don’t really wrap around the edge of the screen to offer much protection for your X or XS display.

In my use, I found the battery pack to recharge in just under two hours with a 12W power adapter (technically it only accepts up to 10W). After several tests, the 5W wireless output recharged my iPhone X from 10-100% in a touch under three hours. While that’s a bit slow, being an integrated case charger means speed doesn’t matter so much.

While there’s a power button on the bottom to check battery status with 4 LEDs, another convenient feature is it just starts charging your iPhone as soon as you attach the battery portion to the case.

For those who are curious, you can use the battery portion without the included case, but it doesn’t attach as securely without the magnetic connection between the case and the battery. But if you plan on holding it while you charge, it shouldn’t be an issue. However, the auto-sensing feature won’t work without using the case.

Finally, the inclusion of a USB-A port with 5W output to charge any miscellaneous accessories or devices is a great addition.


While I would love to see USB-C on this wireless battery case for iPhone X and XS, at under 30, it’s hard to complain with everything that it offers. From the soft, satin finish, easy to use magnetic, wireless design, and extra USB-A port, Ugreen’s battery case is worth picking up.

It’s available via Amazon for 29.99, but there’s also an extra 10% off instant coupon bringing the price down to 26.99 for this wireless battery case for iPhone.

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