Best portable high-capacity power banks, including 50,000mAh chargers 2023. Power bank 50000 mah

Best portable high-capacity power banks, including 50,000mAh chargers 2023

These chargers offer the capacity and power output to handle all your device needs.

RAVPower 90W Power Delivery Portable Charger Charging Chromebook (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

Today’s phones and tablets are more powerful than ever, but despite more power-efficient processors, it’s not uncommon to find yourself needing to charge up at times when you aren’t near a wall outlet with a portable charger or power bank. A high-capacity battery pack that is 20,000mAh and higher is ideal for people who need a lot of juice while on the go, and while they may not fit into your. they’re necessary for keeping your devices topped off. Our top pick is the RAVPower 90W Power Delivery Portable Charger. Here’s why it’s the best high-capacity power bank, along with other great alternatives if you need something even bigger.

Reasons to avoid

Anker is one of the biggest names among power banks and chargers today. It’s built that name thanks to exemplary build quality and long-term durability and recently announced new technology to further improve on the best Anker power banks on the market. The Anker 737 Power Bank is a major upgrade from previous generations with 24,000mAh in a very compact package. But don’t mistake its small size for small power. It can pump out up to 140W of juice and recharge at the same rate. This means that this power bank can charge phones, tablets, and power-hungry laptops with no trouble.

24,000mAh is on the lower end of the high capacity spectrum, but it can still recharge a smartphone four to six times on a single charge or recharge most USB-C laptops from empty to full at least once. If you are using more than one port, it is worth keeping in mind that the USB-A port is capped at 18W regardless of what the USB-C port is doing. But those high-powered USB-C ports will still kick out up to 122W when using both simultaneously.

This beefy bundle isn’t lightweight, but nothing over 20,000mAh is. The Anker 737 Power Bank is compact enough to easily slip in and out of a backpack while rushing around an airport or convention. While it doesn’t come with a USB-C charger, it does include a high-quality USB-C to USB-C cable capable of handling the high wattage. You also get a helpful display showing battery percentage, what the output or input rate is and how long until the battery is drained or full.

Reasons to avoid

When it comes to charging multiple devices quickly with a power bank, you don’t need tons of ports, just a few ports that all charge at decent speeds. If you need a big, beefy battery that you can still fly with, the Sherpa 100PD is just under the FAA’s 100Whr limit, and it’s just what you need to keep a laptop or camera topped off while working on the road.

The main port here is a 60W USB-C Power Delivery Port, which will give your laptop a quick recharge and recharge faster once you reach your destination and plug it back in. You also get two USB-A ports for smaller peripherals and a Qi wireless charging pad on the top of the bank.

Reasons to avoid

Let’s say that you want an overwhelmingly huge battery pack with no concern about its price or size. If that’s the situation you’re in, the MAXOAK Power Bank 50000 hits all the right notes.

The 50,000mAh capacity here is enormous, and while you may not think you need that much battery, it comes in handy for long road trips, hurricane season, and other situations in which you’re without access to power for a prolonged period of time. With such a big battery, you could charge an iPhone X up to 16 times.

For phones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets, you have two USB-A ports at 2.1A and two USB-A ports at 1A. MAXOAK’s battery pack is also a great choice for laptops, as there are 20V and 12V DC outputs.

MAXOAK’s pack won’t be going in your anytime soon, but you can easily toss it in a backpack and have hours upon hours of charge time to take with you anywhere.

Reasons to avoid

Our editor Harish Jonnalagadda tests a lot of power banks, and two of his recent favorites are the Shargeek Storm 2 and Storm 2 Slim. He called the latter his new favorite because of its portability and 130W charging speed, but even though it could just make our list at 20,000 mAh, we’re more focused on high-capacity power banks here, so we’ll go with the standard Storm 2 for this list.

The Storm 2 has four ports, including a DC outlet with a variable voltage you can control via the built-in screen, which also shows ports in use, battery charge level, and thermals. As Harish noted, 25600mAh is just under the 27,000 maximum allowed on carry-on luggage, and the Storm 2’s 579g weight gives a pretty solid size-to-capacity ratio.

You can use up to three of the four ports at once; below is the breakdown of how much power you get per charge:

  • USB-C1 USB-C2: 65W 30W
  • USB-C1 USB-A: 65W 18W
  • USB-C2 USB-A: 30W Max
  • DC USB-C2: 65W 30W
  • DC USB-A: 65W 18W
  • USB-C1 USB-C2 USB-A: 65W 25W
  • DC USB-C2 USB-A: 65W 25W

Perhaps the coolest thing about the Shargeek Storm 2, aside from its powerful wattage, is its transparent and distinct look, something techies will find pretty distinct from power banks’ usual look.

Reasons to avoid

If you’ve played in the rugged power space for any amount of time, you’re bound to be familiar with Jackery and its eponymous Explorer Series. These power stations come in sizes ranging from 160Whr all the way up to 100Whr, but after reviewing the Explorer 300, we think it hits the sweet spot in Jackery’s current lineup for three reasons:

  • The Explorer 300 has a USB-C Power Delivery port, while the 500 and 240 do not.
  • You get both AC wall plugs and a car outlet, which many camping appliances runoff.
  • 300Whr is a good capacity without getting super expensive or too heavy.
best, portable, high-capacity, power, banks, including

Unlike the RAVPower, Jackery goes for the traditional toolbox style where all the ports go on the front, and all the power cells sit in the bottom and back with a box, honking handle up top that’s easy to grab and easy to carry from a car to campsite and back again. There are two AC plugs here that can be used to charge electronics and run smaller appliances like a camp fridge or a TV, but it’s not rated for higher-wattage electronics like the Explorer 500 and 1000. When used with lower-wattage devices, it also has an automatic shutoff, meaning you can’t trust it to stay on all night with a CPAP machine.

Like Goal Zero, Jackery makes solar panels perfect for recharging this power station when you’re out in the woods for that three-week sabbatical, but also, like Goal Zero, those solar panels will come at a steep premium. If you need to recharge the Explorer 300 in a hurry, though, you can combine the 60W Power Delivery charging with the included 90W wall charger to recharge to 80% in two hours.

Like Goal Zero, Jackery makes solar panels perfect for recharging this power station when you’re out in the woods for that three-week sabbatical, but also, like Goal Zero, those solar panels will come at a steep premium. If you need to recharge the Explorer 300 in a hurry, though, you can combine the 60W Power Delivery charging with the included 90W wall charger to recharge to 80% in two hours.

Reasons to avoid

There are battery packs in a league of their own, and there’s the Fanttik Evo 300. Not everyone needs to spend this much money on a battery pack, but if you want one of the most powerful options out there and have the money to afford it, this is it, chief.

The Fanttik Evo 300 is less of a battery pack and more of a lunch box-sized emergency power station. You get plenty of ports and surge output up to 600W, which powers more substantial things through the AC outlet and car socket for a day or two.

Going back to the port selection, you have a lot to choose from, including:

  • 12V DC car socket
  • Two 110V AC output
  • Two USB-A 3A ports
  • Two USB-C ports, one rated at 60W PD
  • DC input combines with USB-C for faster recharging

While it is on the expensive side and a bit cumbersome, the after reviewing the Fanttik Evo 300, it became clear it’s one of the best options for having a reliable power source during power outages, emergencies, and long camping treks. As an added point of comfort, the power station has a large LED room light to ensure you are never left in the dark, checking all of the boxes for why everyone should own a portable power station.

Reasons to avoid

One of the best use cases for a power bank is using it as a power source while camping, hiking, or on other outdoor adventures. If this is the primary scenario in which you’ll be using your new power bank, we recommend checking out the BLAVOR Solar Charger Power Bank.

For people who spend a lot of time outdoors, one of the best features of this battery pack is solar panels on the top that allow it to recharge using the sun. Solar recharging isn’t the fastest, but it is nice to have. If you need to recharge the BLAVOR more quickly, you do so via USB-C or Micro-USB. This bank has a single USB-C 18W Power Delivery port, two USB-A ports (one 9V/2A, one Qualcomm QuickCharge 18W), and there’s even a 10W Qi wireless charging pad so that you can charge four devices at once.

An IPX5 rating offers ample protection against splashing water, there’s a built-in LED flashlight to help you see at night, and the 20,000mAh capacity should be plenty of battery for most weekend adventures.

Balancing size and sensibility: What makes the best high-capacity power banks

You’ll be happy no matter which battery packs on this list you choose, but at the end of the day, if you want a portable power bank that offers high-power output and isn’t going to be a beast to carry around, the Anker 737 Power Bank is the way to go. It allows you to charge three devices at once, it comes with a high-quality cable and has a helpful display to see the battery status. While this power bank isn’t going to come cheap, it offers impressive capabilities that will likely handle your mobile power for years to come.

We think the best value pick is the RAVPower 90W Power Delivery Portable Charger with its 30,000mAh capacity. It’s the most affordable entry on this list, and yet it also hosts one of the highest charging speeds and will still fit easily in your backpack or suitcase (so long as you aren’t getting on a plane). Yes, it only has two ports, but unless you consistently need to charge 3-4 devices at once, why pay for ports you on’t need?

How to choose the best high-capacity battery pack

While battery packs are seemingly simple gadgets, there are quite a few different things you should consider before buying one.

Sure, you could go out and buy the biggest one you see, but if you take the time to understand the little differences between everything, you’ll end up with a battery pack that truly fits your needs and works the best for your specific workflow/lifestyle. Once you have determined what you’ll be using the mobile power solution for, you can decide if a high-capacity power bank is for you or if you should go with one of the best portable power stations.

How much battery capacity do you actually need?

Perhaps the most important thing to consider before buying a battery pack is its capacity — in other words, how big of a battery it’s packing.

Since we’re dealing with high-capacity packs, we’re only looking at 20,000mAh or higher options. As such, any of the picks on this list will be able to charge your smartphone multiple times and still have some leftover fuel in the tank.

For comparison’s sake, most smartphones today have batteries that vary in capacity from around 3,500 and 4,500mAh. If you’re planning on using your battery pack to charge your phone, tablet, or headphones, something with a capacity of around 10,000-15,000mAh should be enough so long as you’re getting home to an outlet by the end of the day. If this sounds like a better fit for you, you might want to consider a more compact power bank.

So, why do power banks with capacities of 30,000mAh and more exist? There are a couple of good reasons:

  • For people that want to charge a larger device, such as a laptop, having a big capacity will ensure you have access to enough power.
  • For backpacking or other outdoor adventures where outlets are few and far between, a high-capacity bank ensures you can keep your phone charged and your lifeline alive, as well as power small camping appliances.
  • If you live somewhere prone to severe weather like hurricanes or tornadoes, a power station-style high-capacity portable charger like the Anker 757 PowerHouse will ensure you can stay connected while waiting for the electrical grid to be repaired. That also applies to whether you experience a serious personal emergency like a house fire.

Why USB-C is so important

We’ve talked a lot about USB-C Power Delivery throughout this article, but let’s take a step back for a second and explain why it’s so important and why you should get a USB-C battery pack.

USB-C is essentially the better-in-every-way evolution from those Micro-USB ports that used to be prevalent on just about every Android phone for charging. Not only does USB-C benefit from the fact that it’s reversible (meaning there’s no wrong way to insert it), but it’s also considerably more powerful: Power Delivery can be used to charge at speeds up to 100W or beyond, such as the 140W speeds on our overall pick, the Anker 737 Power Bank.

Here’s the thing, though — not all USB-C ports are created equally. Most USB-C ports come with the Power Delivery standard (often referred to as PD), which signifies that a USB-C port offers considerably faster charging and data speeds. So if a USB-C port only offers 15W, that’s a USB-C port that is not USB-C, and you should skip it.

As such, when you’re looking to charge a device that has an extraordinarily big battery, not just USB-C but also Power Delivery is a must. Not only are a lot of newer devices moving to Power Delivery ports, but it’ll also cut down quite a bit on recharge times.

Power Banks

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How to Choose the Right Power Bank?

For a longer trip, you may want to choose a power bank with a higher mAh and wattage. Power banks with higher mAh can last for more charge cycles before needing a recharge themselves. This is especially helpful for trips that have a long travel time where you may not have guaranteed access to wall outlets to power your devices.

We recommend anywhere from 20,000 mAh to 30,000 mAh and 65W to 100W for trips with extended travel time. This level of charging capacity helps give you peace of mind during travel (which is already stressful as it is) and guarantees that you will not have to rely on wall sockets for your devices or for a recharge to your power bank.

For a shorter trip, you may not need as much mAh and wattage in your power bank. We recommend a range of 6000 mAh to 10,000 mAh and 20W to 45W for trips with a shorter travel time. These types of power banks hold plenty of energy to guarantee 1 or 2 full charges to your smartphone without needing to be recharged. That should be plenty of power to get you to your destination and within reach of a wall outlet.

Devices are particularly important during business trips. You may need your phone to link up with colleagues and your computer to get tasks done. For that reason, you may want to choose a power bank that has a high mAh to last multiple charging cycles, and that can power a variety of devices.

We once again recommend a 20,000 mAh to 30,000 mAh and 65W to 100W power bank for business trips. It may also be useful in these cases to have multiple power banks dedicated to each of your devices. Our Baseus Blade Laptop Power Bank has a charging capacity of 20,000 mAh and 100W, making it an excellent source of energy for your laptop while your phone is linked up to another portable charger.

When it comes to parties and small day trips, you will not need a portable charger with a huge charging capacity. We once again recommend a range of 6000 mAh to 10,000 mAh and 20W to 45W. Our Baseus Magnetic Foldable Power Bank, with a 10,000 mAh and 20W capacity, is particularly convenient for parties and other outings thanks to its ability to fold up and be used as a kickstand. Easily stored in your. it utilizes a magnetic connection to secure strongly to your device, providing a fast charge without interrupting your device usage.

All You Need to Know About Power Bank

Power banks allow you to charge your devices on the go. With a power bank in hand, you can juice up and continue to use your devices without worrying whether or not there will be outlets nearby to keep you going.

Power banks, also known as portable chargers, operate in a similar fashion to your bank account, hence their name. They act as a storage facility for energy. You can use the electrical energy stored within your power bank to charge your devices anytime and anywhere. This is largely thanks to a special type of circuit contained within the power bank itself that controls the flow of energy.

The process is really quite simple and consists of 3 parts: energy absorption, energy storage, and energy release.

Before you head out on any excursion, whether it’s a business trip, a day out with friends, or any other instance where you may find yourself without ready access to outlets, charge up your power bank through an external power supply like a wall socket. The energy will be stored within the portable charger in a chemical form, ready to be passed into your device at any moment when it is connected to the charger via an output port.

A fast charging power bank is exactly what its name implies: a portable charger that can juice up your devices at a much faster rate than simple wall chargers. These power banks utilize a higher voltage and essentially increase the number of watts being pumped into your device to charge it up more quickly than average.

Wireless power banks are extremely convenient for those who hate traveling around with tons of wires. Rather than getting all tangled up in wires every time you need to charge your devices, simply rely on a wireless power bank. Though they do require a USB to charge themselves, these handy gadgets have the ability to charge your devices through contact alone, with no wired connection required. Battery cases that attach to the back of your phone are one common example of wireless power banks.

To understand the question, we first need to take a look at mAh. The unit mAh is also known as a milliamp hour, and it refers to the charging capacity of a power bank. It indicates how much energy can be transferred from your power bank to another device over time. And, of course, the higher the mAh of a power bank, the more energy it can provide.

Today’s average smartphone has a battery capacity of 2,800 mAh. With that number in mind, let’s break down the charging output you can expect from these common types of power banks:

  • 6000 mAh: 2 full smartphone charges before power bank recharge required.
  • 10,000 mAh: About 3.5 smartphone charges before a power bank recharge is required.
  • 20,000 mAh: 7 full smartphone charges before power bank recharge is required.
  • 30,000 mAh: Nearly 11 full smartphone charges before a power bank recharge is required.

The lifespan of a power bank may vary depending on various factors, such as quality, build, battery capacity, type of battery, and how the power bank is used. The average lifespan range for a power bank may be anywhere from 1.5 to 3 years or 300 to 1000 charge cycles. It’s important to remember that charge cycles are likely the most accurate representation of lifespan. This is because some may use a power bank more frequently than others, making years an inaccurate depiction of the lifespan that does not factor in usage.

To increase the lifespan of your power bank, remember to take good care of it. Here are a few useful tips to help you make the most out of your portable chargers:

  • Do not use a power bank to charge your devices above 80%.
  • Do not leave power banks in extremely hot or cold temperatures.
  • Do not let your power bank reach 0%.
  • Do not bring your power bank in contact with liquids of any kind.

With power banks and other types of batteries, the first thing you need to worry about in terms of wattage is the watt-hour. Watt-hours indicate how much energy you can get out of a battery and the rate at which that energy will be transmitted from the power bank to your device.

The second thing to worry about when it comes to wattage in your power bank is the overall energy capacity. Oftentimes, the wattage of a power bank refers to its maximum charging output. This may be higher or lower depending on how the power bank is being used. When used as a means of gaining energy from an external source, the maximum wattage output may be higher than when it is used as a power bank on its own. So, if you used a dual 45W power bank, you might expect the energy output to reach up to 45W when used as a charging station from an external source and up to 30W when used as a standalone power bank.

If you’re wondering how to charge your power bank, we’re here to help you there too. To juice up your portable charger, simply connect it to an external power source like a wall socket, just like you would with your devices. This will allow it to absorb and subsequently store electrical energy to then be transferred to your device of choice later on when needed.

Review: Crave PowerPack 50,000mAh Portable Power Bank

Power banks that have very high power capacities can provide more than just a power capacity that can charge many devices multiple times over.

These kinds of power banks are also able to charge many devices at the same time and they can also charge larger devices like laptops.

However, as amazing as these kinds of portable chargers are, the “Portable” part of them isn’t exactly as portable as the word defines. Since they have larger power capacities and size capabilities, the equivalent exchange with all that power is that you get something that is large and heavy.

With that said, being large and heavy isn’t that bad when you have so much power that is utilized in such a great way. This Crave 50,000mAh power bank can achieve just that with its power, but the charging portion of the power bank is quite weak. Let’s take a closer look at this Charger Harbor Review.

Similar High Capacity Power Banks:

Power Capacity:

Much like any other power bank on the market no matter how small or large they are, the power capacity that a power bank starts with isn’t what you’re going to receive.

This is because charging the power has to go through a conversion process through the batteries, circuitry, and then through the charging cable to your device.

In this case, the Crave power bank has an average conversion rate, and this is mostly attributed to its capability of Outputting 5 Amps all at once.

As a result, you’re most likely going to be able to charge 3 devices at once with the power bank, which is going to give you a 70% conversion rate. This means that you’ll be able to use about 35,000mAh of usable power. And that’s still a lot of power to use.

The Crave power bank is going to dominate when it comes to charging smartphones because you’ll be able to charge smartphones like the iPhone 6s Plus which has a 2,750mAh battery capacity about 13 times to full power. You can charge the new iPhone 7 18 times to its full power.

Even charging smartphones that are higher up on the battery spectrum such as a Samsung Galaxy S7 with this power bank, you’ll be able to get 11 full charges.

With all that said, just remember that we’re measuring full charges by charge a certain device alone with the Crave 50,000mAh power bank, and no other devices charging at the same time.

DevicesCrave PowerPack 50,000mAh (Output Capacity = 35,000mAh)Phone CapacityCrave PowerPack 50,000mAh Left Over Capacity after One Charge

Output Charging:

There are quite a lot of options to charge using the Crave power bank.

USB Charging:

There are 4 USB charging ports, two of the USB charging ports have a charging speed of 5V/2.1A and the other 2 charging ports have a charging speed of 5V/1.0A.

V/2.1A Charging Ports:

The two charging ports that have a charging speed of 2.1 Amps are the two that you should be using no matter what USB charging device you’re using.

This is because most devices will be able to charge at their fast charging speed with both of these ports. This goes for most smartphones, but this power bank does not feature Quick Charge and as a result, they won’t be able to charge at their max charging speed.

However, these two charging ports are very good for charging tablets as well because you’ll be able to charge most tablets at or at least near their max charging speeds.

V/1.0A Charging Ports:

Both of these charging ports are the ones that are best to avoid because the charging speeds are slow. So the only reason that you’re going to use these charging ports is when you’re charging more than 2 USB charging devices and are forced into using these ports.

DC Charging:

There is 2 DC Output charging ports that are useful for larger devices like Laptops and Digital Camera.

V/3A DC Output Port:

These DC charging ports is most useful for charging devices like Laptops and it’ll be able to charge most Laptops at their max charging speeds. With that said, the power bank cannot charge MacBooks because it does meet the charging power that MacBook use to charge.

V/2.5A Charging Port:

This DC port Output lower power than the other charging port but it’s still very useful for charging lower power devices.

best, portable, high-capacity, power, banks, including

Overall Output Charging:

So there is some bad news that goes with this highly capable power bank, and that’s because the charger is only able to Output 5 Amps of power at once.

Once the power bank is Outputting over 5 Amps at once, then it will turn off. This is a safety feature to make sure that the power bank doesn’t overheat and damage itself. Even so, that’s quite a low Max Output that is only going to allow you to charge 3 devices at once at most.

Input Charging:

For a power bank that a power capacity of 50,000mAh, the charging speed is really good. It’s recharged through a DC Input port that can recharge the power bank at 16.8V/2.5A.

So the Crave portable charger can fully recharge within 7-8 hours. That’s not bad at all considering the power capacity of the power bank can last for weeks and all you have to do is recharge it for a couple of hours.

Size and Weight:

With it having such a large power capacity, the size of the power bank is going to match it too. This is because it’s a large and heavy power bank that’s not meant to be held.

It has a length of 8 inches, a width of 6 inches, and thickness is 2 inches.

The weight of the power bank is 1 pound.

So it might be large and heavy, but that doesn’t mean that the Crave power bank is not portable. After all, it’s still a portable power. With that said, it’s still good to take when you’re at work, or the library because you can just set it down and charge your laptop and smartphone without being next to a Wall Outlet.

Also, it can be taken for camping trips or a hike into the outdoors and even though it’s heavy, placing it into your backpack will improve portability. With something that has so much power capacity, it’s very helpful to have long-lasting power.

Functional Components:

All of the functional parts of the power bank are on a single side of the charger.

On the side is where you’ll find:

You must press the power button to begin charging from the power bank.

Structure and Material:

The entire Crave power bank is made of plastic but it’s still built very well, with the plastic being used is very thick. However, we recommend not dropping the power bank because it doesn’t have any shock absorbing properties that are going to save it.


On the tech side, there’s quite a bit going on with the Crave power bank using a wide range of safety tech features to keep charging safely.

One of the most useful ones is the usage of Auto-ShutOff abilities. With the auto-ShutOff, once the Max Output capabilities of the power bank have been reached, then it turns off automatically. This can prevent damage to the power bank.

However, we found that it has a low Max Output that could have more potential in terms of getting more out of the power bank.


This 50,000mAh Crave power bank is very useful for when you’re either charging USB chargeable devices and Laptops and when you want to charge them LOTS of times over.

It’s the power capacity that is the main attraction here because it can last very long and that means you can rely on a single full charge of the power bank for a long while.

Also, in addition to the charging ports that allow you to charge many devices at once, including Laptops, then we think that this power bank has flawless reliability.

With that said, there are still some unreliable traits that it holds. It’s a very large and heavy power bank that isn’t the best to carry around. Also, with its Max Output limit of 5 Amps all at once, the power bank can at most charge 3 devices at once which makes its other charging ports that aren’t be used, irrelevant.



It has a very large power capacity and many charging ports. The power capacity is high enough that you can charge tablets, and smartphones lots of times over. You can get about 2 full charges for most smartphones. There are 4 USB charging ports.

Although the powering capabilities seem flawless, the power bank can only Output 5 Amps at once.


It’s large and heavy by nature because of its high power capacity. All of its usable parts are on a single side and you have to press the power button to begin charging.


Not the strongest structure but it’s still quite sturdy. Just don’t go dropping the power bank because that may very well damage it.


With its high power capacity and lots of charging options, for the most part, this Crave portable charger is very reliable. However, the Low Max Output of power can prove to be limited and so can the size and weight of it.

Specs of the Crave PowerPack 50,000mAh:

2 – 5V/2.1A USB Ports

best, portable, high-capacity, power, banks, including

2 – 5V/1.0A USB Ports

1 – 20V/3A DC Output Port

1 – 12V/2.5A Charging Port

  • Input: 16.8V/2.5A Via DC Input
  • LED Power Indicators: 4 LED Dotted Power Capacity Indicators
  • Size: 8 x 6 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 1 Pound


The Crave 50,000mAh power bank is perfect when you’re going to be away from a stable source of power for a while because it has the power that can last for days, weeks, and possibly a month.

Even though it has 4 USB charging ports, what takes the cake is the usage of DC Output ports that can charge Laptops.

Even with all of its grandeur it still has its setbacks with not having a higher enough Max Output of power and it’s important to remember along with its high power capacity, also comes its large size and heavyweight.

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If you choose store pick-up, you will need to present 1 valid ID and the order confirmation in our store to claim your order. If the person who ordered chooses an authorized representative to pick up or receive the item, the person who ordered needs to send us the following prior to pick-up date: (1) Letter of Authorization, (2) Copy of your Valid ID (3) Copy of the valid ID of the authorized person (4) Order Confirmation. The authorized representative then needs to bring their Valid ID and Order Confirmation on the day they will pick up the item from our store.

If you choose delivery, orders within Tagbilaran will be delivered via our local rider (Save ‘N Earn delivery) while orders outside of Tagbilaran covering areas of Visayas, Luzon, and Mindanao will be delivered via our courier partners: JT or LBC. When receiving the item from our courier partner, you will need to present 1 valid ID and the order confirmation. If the person who ordered chooses an authorized representative to receive the item, the person who ordered needs to send us the following prior to us shipping the item: (1) Letter of Authorization, (2) Copy of your Valid ID (3) Copy of the valid ID of the authorized person (4) Order Confirmation. The authorized representative then needs to bring their Valid ID and Order Confirmation on the day they will receive the item from courier.

By selecting credit card as a mode of payment, you agree, understand, and confirm that all the details you provided are correct and accurate and you shall not use a credit card that is not lawfully owned by you. You also represent that you have the valid rights and title in any and all Contents/Credit Card details that you submit to our site, that you have not infringed in any right over the same belonging to any party, and further that you will indemnify or its affiliates for all claims arising out of any content/credit card details that you submit on the site. will also not be liable for any credit card fraud. The liability to use a card fraudulently will be on the user.

You also acknowledge and agree that may preserve Content and the said information will not be utilized and shared or disclosed by with any third party unless required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such preservation or disclosure is reasonably necessary to:a) comply with legal process, law, regulation, or court order;b) enforce the Terms and Conditions of this agreement;c) respond to claims that any Content/ credit card details violate the rights of third-parties may at any time modify the terms and conditions (Terms) of the Service without any prior notification. Your use of our website after any amendment to the Terms and Conditions shall constitute your acceptance of these terms and you also agree to be bound any such changes/revision.

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General Information. All products in our website are available for delivery within Philippines only. We also accept orders from international customers whose shipping addresses are in the Philippines. Any shipment outside of Philippines are not available as of this time.

All orders within Tagbilaran will be delivered via Local Delivery or SNE delivery. Local delivery means a Save N Earn staff or rider will deliver straight to your address.

All orders outside of Tagbilaran, and other areas of Visayas, Luzon and Mindanao, will be delivered via JT or LBC Delivery. Once processed, will provide the customer with the tracking #.

Delivery TimeLocal delivery will be delivered within the day of order.

Delivery via JT and LBC, if within Visayas, has an estimated delivery time of 5-7 days. If within Luzon or Mindanao, there is an estimated delivery time of 7-10 days. Delivery times are to be used as a guide only and are subject to change. Furthermore, customer agrees not to hold responsible for naturals disasters, terrorism, pandemics etc. which may affect the timing of the delivery of the order.

Shipping CostsShipping costs are based on the amount, weight of your order and the delivery method. To find out how much your order will cost, simply add the items you would like to purchase to your cart, and proceed to checkout page. At the checkout screen, shipping charges will be displayed.

Damaged or Defective Items in TransportIf there is any damage or defect to your ordered item upon receipt, please contact us immediately at 0929-585-5555. Please do not receive item from courier if you notice any tampering to the packaging.

QuestionsIf you have any questions about the delivery and shipment or your order, please contact us at 0929-585-5555.

Please also review the Delivery Policy of our partner couriers JT and LBC, you may refer to their official website.

All orders for pick-up are reserved for 3 days. After 3 days, will automatically cancel the order unless otherwise customer will contact or message us to extend reservation which we will be subject to our approval.

All orders for delivery are processed after our call verification to customer. Once we have verified the order with customer and after his confirmation to proceed, we process the order for shipping. No cancellations or change of mind are allowed after an order has been shipped. mobile phones are covered by 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty. All mobile phones are checked prior to shipping. If the customer finds a defect with the item, the item will be accepted by any of the brand’s service center where it will be assessed by an accredited technician. The Brand Service Center will decide if the item is for replacement or for repair depending on their initial assessment. All items received with damage or defect please refer to the Brand Warranty Policy.

We only accept returns if has sent the wrong item. Returns due to change of mind are not valid. Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it and in the original packaging. Please include in returning, the official receipt, acknowledgement receipt and delivery form. Shipping charges for all returns must be prepaid and insured by you. You are responsible for any loss or damage of the unit during shipment. Once we receive your returned item, we will inspect it and notify you of the status of your replacement or refund based on our checking of the returned item.

Gift cards are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

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