Best Mini Power Banks For iPhones. Mfi certified power bank

Best Mini Power Banks For iPhones

Here we have listed some of the best mini power banks for iPhone. These small-sized power banks give an instant boost of charge to your dying iPhone battery while being extremely easy to carry around.

You can purchase third-party fast mini chargers for iPhone in any size and capacity you desire. The most popular power banks include features such as fast charging, wireless charging, AC adapters, LED flashlights, and even jump-start capabilities.

You can find a portable charger for any budget that keeps your device charged when the battery icon begins to dim.

It can be confusing to choose between so many options, so how do you decide which one is right for you? Read on to find the best small portable power banks.

Best Mini Power Banks for iPhone in 2023

Most power banks are fairly straightforward to use daily. Most people take these on their way to and from work each day. While we’re talking middling capacity, these are easy to carry but not as slim or lightweight as those categories.

Although neither of them excels at any one thing, they are solid all-rounders. While they can be expensive, they usually offer a good value for what they offer. Listed below are our picks for the best iPhone mini power banks.

iWALK Small Portable Charger

Isn’t it great to be able to charge your mobile phone without the need for a cable? You can charge your phone wirelessly, but once you remove it from its charger, the charging stops. For wireless charging, you can simply plug the iWALK Mini Portable Charger 4500mAh Ultra into your phone and start cranking out life-giving energy for it. As big as two fingers and weighing as much as a tube of lipstick, the iWalk is roughly the size of two fingers.

IWalk Mini Portable Charger has a battery capacity of 4,500mAh / 16.2Wh. It won’t be able to charge most phones more than once since it is not the largest power bank on the market. Despite its small size, it’s a great product. This power bank will keep your phone alive if it has a medium-sized battery or can serve as an addition to your main power bank.

Pxwaxpy Small Portable Charger

Designed like lipstick, this portable charger weighs 100 grams and is easy to carry in your or bag. over, this small charger won’t take up much space.

This portable charger has a capacity of 5200mAh, which is large enough to offer you full charging power for your iPhone 14 and above for 1 time or your iPhone 8 for 2 times.

An intelligent control IC is integrated into this small portable charger so that it prevents your power bank from being overcharged, overvoltage, overcurrent, or shorted. Using this high-quality power bank will bring you more convenience and happiness. The cordless portable charger can be used to charge your phone directly without a cable.

Kuulaa iPhone Portable Charger

The mini power bank is made specifically for iPhones and supports a maximum of 12W (5V/2.4A) of power delivery. It takes just 30 minutes to charge the iPhone 13 from 20% to 60%. The safety circuit design prevents overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuiting, or overloading.

A variety of fast charging protocols are supported by the USB-C input, including QC 2.0/3.0, FCP, and AFC. A 9V-2A charger can fully charge this portable charger in just 1.5 hours. If you use a 5V-2A charger, it will take three hours. USB-C supports a maximum of 5V/2.4A (Max) for charging your iPhone.

You can charge your iPhone anywhere with the Lightning port, eliminating the need for a charging cable. This device can easily be tucked into your. bag, or handbag, allowing you to save a lot of space.

Featuring a connector cover and LED display, this 3.5-ounce mini battery pack holds 5000mAh of power. A soft LED indicator light shows the remaining power in real-time, and the connector cover is easier to remove and open.

UNEUIOR Mini Portable Charger

With PD’s fast charging capability of 20W, you can charge iPhone 13 from 20% to 70% in only about 30 minutes. No cables are needed to charge your iPhones fast.

With a 9V-2A charger, this power bank can be fully recharged in 1.5 hours, while with a 5V-2A charger, it takes 3 hours to fully recharge.

This cordless iPhone charger is ultra-small and ultra-lightweight, weighing 150g, measuring 3″ in length, and is easy to fit into your purse. or even backpack. When this portable charger needs to be charged, its LED displays the current battery level, and input and output status.

The Safe of Power Bank has a capacity of 5000mAh. This power bank has an intelligent chip that can protect your devices from overcharging, over-discharge, excessive currents, short circuits, or overheating.

KKD Portable Charger for iPhone

There are no pop-ups on this MFi-certified portable charger, so your iPhone battery will not be damaged. The original connector ensures that your Apple devices are charged safely and quickly at maximum speed. With over 10 years of experience, KKD makes only the highest quality batteries.

This iPhone power bank is very compact, so it can be carried in a purse. etc. You don’t need any cables, just plug and charge. You can count on reliable power anywhere, anytime. The LED indicator indicates the amount of power left.

The power of a portable phone charger is 5000mAh. Design that withstands 30000 pluggings and unplugging for extra durability and protection. You can think of it as another battery for your iPhone. There will be enough juice to charge an iPhone 12 1.1 times, an iPhone 13 once, and an iPhone 8 1.5 times. This is a great option if you’re traveling for a full day or need a backup supply. This battery pack charger has a Pass-Through Function, which allows you to charge your iPhone while charging your portable battery pack.

GIN FOXI Portable Charger for iPhone

It only takes about 30 minutes for the iPhone 13 to charge from 0% to 55% with 22W PD charging. Put an end to low power immediately! At 80%, the device will switch to Smart trickle charging, which ensures a safer fast charging experience. This iPhone portable charger has a 5000mAh capacity and excellent battery performance, which keeps your phone powered all day long.

The ultra-compact and lightweight design gives you plenty of capacity without taking up much space. Whether you keep it in your or purse, it will always be nearby when you need a charger.

An LCD digital display allows you to track your charge status easily. A precise display of the remaining power ranges from 1% to 100%. You don’t need to use any extra cables to charge your phone with the built-in interface. With the original charging input port, the device is perfectly compatible with the original lightning cable, ensuring a faster and safer charging experience.

Featuring a premium PC hard-shell design, this adventure-grade hard-shell is highly resistant to pressure and scratches. Having been tested 30000 times in both insertion and withdrawal, the charging port continues to function like new with long-term use. You can add safety assurance to your equipment by obtaining CE, FC, and RoHS certifications. Besides providing comprehensive protection, they also offer ultimate security.

TQGX Small Portable Charger

The portable charger iPhone provides Fast-Charging Technology, which provides the fastest possible charge time for your phone and tablet and can be fully charged in only 1.5 hours. When not in use, the connector is protected by a little cap. It takes only 2 hours to fully charge this portable charger, so it can be used as a backup power supply in an emergency or every day.

It is possible for most iPhone models to charge at least once, making them sufficient to be used in emergencies when out. With a compact design and weight of 0.2 pounds, the iPhone portable charger quickly charges without a cord. This makes it easy to carry around and put in your or bag. You will not need much space for this small charger.


Choose any of the power banks on the list and charge your iPhone’s battery whenever and wherever you want!

So, which of the above-mentioned best small portable chargers would you buy?

Three unique Apple Watch chargers you need to try

Level up your Apple Watch charging experience with these unique and portable chargers.

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The Apple Watch has undoubtedly become a must-have accessory for many iPhone users, thanks to its seamless integration, health and fitness tracking capabilities, and user-friendly features. However, its battery life, lasting up to a day, requires you to charge it regularly – often every night.

We’re all familiar with the standard charger that comes with the Apple Watch, but let’s face it — it’s not the most exciting option, and carrying it around can be cumbersome. Then there are charging docks and stations as well, but they may not be the most convenient options either. In this article, we’ll take a look at three unique Apple Watch chargers that not only offer portability but also bring a touch of excitement to charging your smartwatch.

Portable USB Charger Dock

The official Apple Watch charger comes with a long cable, which makes it difficult to carry and pack, especially when traveling. over, many users keep their chargers on their bedside tables, making it inconvenient to unplug and pack for a trip.

The portable USB charger dock provides an ideal solution for these situations. These wire-free docks easily plug into any USB port on your devices, such as your laptop or even directly into your wall charger. The recommended options below are also MFi certified, ensuring full compatibility with your smartwatch.

I personally use this accessory for my Apple Watch — primarily because I avoid overnight charging to preserve its battery health. With this dock, I can charge my watch directly from my laptop’s USB-C port, and it also doesn’t take up a lot of space. All in all, it is an excellent travel accessory and a convenient spare to keep in your laptop bag.

Anker Portable Charger for Apple Watch

The Anker Portable Apple Watch charger offers a USB-C connector and is compatible with all Apple Watch models out there. It is also MFi Certified so it will work safely with any Apple Watch.

ESR Portable Charger for Apple Watch

The ESR Portable Apple Watch charger is a cheaper alternative to the Anker charger. It offers the same features, such as fast charging, magnetic hold, USB-C connector, MFi certification, and much more.

Native Union Watch Puck

While the Native Union Apple Watch Puck comes with a slightly higher price tag compared to other options, it provides a flexible USB-C connector that can fold and adjust at an angle for added convenience.

Portable Power Bank for Apple Watch

Next on our list are portable battery pack chargers designed specifically for Apple Watch. Just like there are power banks for smartphones, these portable chargers allow you to charge your Apple Watch while on the go, without needing to find an outlet.

Each of the options we’ve included below has a built-in Apple Watch charging module, which eliminates the need for carrying around the Apple Watch charging cable. They come in various capacities, so you can choose a battery pack that suits your needs, just like you would with a power bank for your smartphone.

Belkin Boost Charge Power Bank for Apple Watch

The Belkin Boost Charge Power Bank for Apple Watch offers a big 2,000 mAh battery that provides up to 63 additional hours of battery life. It is MFi certified for full compatibility with your smartwatch.

iWALK Portable Apple Watch Charger

For those looking for a charging solution for their iPhone and Apple Watch, the iWALK Portable Charger is the perfect option. This charger includes a magnetic charger module for the Apple Watch as well as a Lightning connector for the iPhone.

LVFAN Portable Charger for Apple Watch

The LVFAN Portable Charger for Apple Watch offers a big 4,000 mAh battery and a built-in magnetic charging module for your smartwatch. over, it is easy to recharge thanks to USB Type-C connector.

Keychain Apple Watch Chargers

Finally, for those looking for a truly distinctive charging solution, the keychain Apple Watch chargers are a fantastic option. These chargers look like ordinary keychains but house a hidden charging pad for your Apple Watch. You can attach them to your house or car keys, providing a convenient charging solution that’s always within reach. We believe this a unique and practical accessory that every Apple Watch owner should consider.

i.VALUX Portable Keychain Wireless Charger for Apple Watch

best, mini, power, banks

The i.VALUX Portable Keychain Wireless Charger offers a 1,000 mAh battery capable enough of charging your Apple Watch 1-1.5 times. It is compatible with all Apple Watch models and offers various charging protection features.

Voiday Portable Charger for Apple Watch

This keychain charger for Apple Watch offers a slightly bigger 1200 mAh battery capable enough to charge your smartwatch up to 3 times. It also offers compatibility with all Apple Watch models and charging protection.

Huoto Portable Charger for Apple Watch

While this keychain charger is slightly expensive, it offers better features in terms of a bigger battery (1,400 mAh) as well as a USB-C charging port. It is compatible with all Apple Watch models and offers a leather holder for keychain ring.

This marks the end of our top three unique chargers for the Apple Watch guide. With the options mentioned above, you can ensure your Apple Watch stays charged no matter where you go. Which charger piques your interest the most? Share your thoughts with us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section below!

Apple Watch Ultra

The latest edition in the Apple Watch lineup is the Apple Watch Ultra. It comes with body temperature sensors, LTE, and GPS, a new large 49mm size, a more durable design, and the longest battery life in an Apple Watch to date.

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8 takes the crown from Series 7, becoming the best wearable to buy and keeping track of your fitness levels and notifications. It promises all-day battery life and a new body temperature sensor to improve metric accuracy.

Apple Watch SE 2

The affordable Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation) looks the same as its predecessor; it features improved fitness tracking and is powered by the latest and most powerful Apple S8 chip. It’s available in three colors and supports the same bands as the last generation.


Power banks are usually compatible with various devices, such as charging various phones and tablets. Some power banks can charge laptops, too, but those are ones with much more powerful charging power. There are some power banks that are for specific devices only and are not the best to use with others.

In this review, we’re looking at this MOMAX 5,000mAh power bank with a narrow usage regarding what devices you can use within it. This MOMAX power bank has only one output charging method and a single Lightning input port to recharge it with.

Power Capacity:

This MOMAX power bank has a 5,000mAh power capacity, and that’s definitely on the very low side, but it fits its wireless charging only output. A 5,000mAh capacity will get you one full recharge for phones that you charge with this power bank, and of course, it matters most what phone you’re going to be charging with the power bank.

best, mini, power, banks

This power bank is made to charge the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models; this power bank uses MagSafe magnetic wireless charging. If we’re considering the two top-tier models, such as the iPhone 12 Pro Max with its 3,687mAh battery and the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 4,352mAh battery. You’re likely going to get near a full charge with this MOMAX power bank; however, getting an actual full charge is unlikely because a 5,000mAh power capacity is not a lot compared to modern phones, especially when factoring in batteries that most moderns phones have.

Output Charging:

As we mentioned before, this is a wireless charging-only power bank. There are no output ports, and you can only charge wireless charging compatible phones with it, which is most phones on the market. However, the most crucial factor is using an iPhone 12 or an iPhone 13 with this MOMAX power bank because both of those iPhone models are MagSafe compatible. MagSafe enables the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13 to attach magnetically to the charger; most other phones cannot do that. Therefore this MOMAX power bank isn’t really usable for other phones.

You can still place the power bank flat down and place an Android phone on top of the power bank to wirelessly charge. The same is true for any wireless charging iPhone, such as the iPhone X, 8, and 11, but these phones will not magnetically attach to the power bank.

The wireless charging speed available is 5W, 7.5W, and 10W. 7.5W is mainly meant for iPhones, and 10W is intended for Samsung phones. We did charge a Galaxy S20 from this power bank, but it was only able to standard charge at 5W; otherwise, with 10W wireless charging, the screen would read “fast wireless charging”. So we definitely think that the charging rate maxes out at 7.5W and not 10W.

Input Charging:

Another indication that this power bank is meant for charging iPhones is that it only has a Lightning input port to recharge from. The recharge rate is 5V/2.4A (12W), so you’re alright with using a regular USB-A wall charger to recharge the power bank. Not many power banks use a Lightning input port, but this being mainly an iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 power bank, it makes sense.

Size and Weight:

This power bank has a mini size, with it having a length of 4 inches, a width of 2.4 inches, and a thickness of 0.6 inches. The weight of the power bank is 6 ounces. You’re going to easily hold the power bank in your hand while charging your iPhone 12 or an iPhone 13 as it’s magnetically attached to the power bank. You can also place it into your with no problems.

You can likely tell by now that this MOMAX power bank has an incredible design with a clear glass showing the power bank’s inner circuitry, including the charging coils and the magnets that can keep an iPhone 12 or an iPhone 13 attached to the power bank. Very few power banks have this type of transparent design, with this TEGIC power bank being the only other one we’ve reviewed.

You have to place your phone on the charging pad and press the power button to activate wireless charging. It will be easy to center an iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13 as they can magnetically align themselves to the center of the charging coil.

For a Galaxy S20, we had to do a bit of maneuvering to get phone centered and start charging.

At the back of the power the bank is a stand you can set up, which makes the power bank into a wireless charging stand. Once again, this is most beneficial for iPhone users as you can even place your iPhone horizontally. We did use the power bank in stand mode with the Galaxy S20, and it did well enough, but it’s not exactly an optimal user experience without the magnetism.

Structure and Material:

The build quality of this power bank is excellent. The front has glass showing the inner circuitry, the back is made of plastic, and the siding is made of thick Aluminum Alloy. It all comes together, which makes the power bank feel incredibly strong and will last a long time.


During wireless charging, your phone and the power bank will get warm. They won’t get hot, but they will get warm, which generally happens with wireless charging.


This is an excellent choice if you have an iPhone 12 or 13 and only want a power bank used for wireless charging. If you’ve got any other phone, it’s best to look for a power bank that has ports that you can charge from. To get the most out of this MOMAX power bank, you’ll need a MagSafe compatible phone and currently, that’d be the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13.


Charging power is okay because the power bank only features wireless charging and only has a Lightning input that can recharge the power bank at 12W.

The design of this MOMAX power bank is beautiful, with a see-through glass that shows the inner circuitry of the power bank. It’s also easy to use with a power button to begin wireless charging.

The charger has a great build with a glass front, plastic back, and Aluminum Alloy siding.

You should get this power bank if you have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13. It’s not very reliable for other phones due to their lack of MagSafe compatibility.

MOMAX 5,000mAh Magnetic Power Bank Stand with Lightning Input Specs


Few power banks on the market have very concise compatibility. This MOMAMX power bank is one of them, with it only featuring MagSafe wireless charging and a Lighting input; this is a power bank made for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 users.

  • 【The Most Premium Magnetic Battery】Clear tempered glass features conceptual art with a premium metallic edge, it’s the perfect impressive gift or iPhone 14/13/12 accessories for him or her.
  • 【Strong Magnetic Snap On Design】The high-power magnets and charging coils that magnetically lock in the perfect place and an efficient charge with Magsafe devices like iPhone 14/13/12 Series. (Note: Magnetic suction feature is not compatible with iPhone 11 and earlier models!)
  • 【Stable and Strong Hold】Features a versatile and stable built-in foldable stand, support to view your iPhone 14/13/12 in portrait landscape
  • 【Apple-User Friendly】MFi-Certified Lightning input, recharge with a lightning iPhone cable. 0.62 inch (16mm) thin and 4.05 inch (103mm) length only, it’s super compact and lightweight for single-handedly taking selfies/ calls/ photo and more
  • 【What You Get】Momax Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack with Stand 5000mAh (Q.Mag Power 5), ) Instruction manual, worry-free warranty, and our friendly customer service.

Review: UGreen’s latest MFi Power Bank for Apple Watch includes a built-in Lightning cable

There are lots of third-party products to choose from when it comes to charging your Apple Watch, but not many of them include a built-in magnetic charging puck. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been testing out a unique offering from UGreen, the new 4400mAh portable power bank for Apple Watch, which also includes a built-in Lightning cable.

best, mini, power, banks

My colleague Jeff reviewed UGreen’s previous model, which features the built-in magnetic charging puck for Apple Watch, but doesn’t have the built-in Lightning cable. Overall, Jeff was impressed with UGreen’s 2200mAh portable Apple Watch Charger, but felt it was priced a little high.

UGreen’s newest offering adds more value with a larger battery capacity, a built-in Lightning cable and a price tag only 5 more than its sibling at 55 (with current Amazon instant coupon).


  • Battery Capcity: 4400mAh (16.28Wh)
  • Rated Capacity: 2860mAh 5.1V
  • Charging Voltage: 5.25V
  • micro USB Input: 5V/2A
  • Lightning Output: 5V/1A
  • Magnetic Charger Output: 5V/1A
  • Dimensions: 143 x 39 x 21 mm (little bigger than a Snickers)
  • MFi certified (for both Apple Watch charger and Lightning cable)

UGreen says that the 4400mAh Power Bank with Magnetic Charger will provide 8 charges to an Apple Watch or 1.5 charges to an iPhone 8. I’ve been using it to charge both my iPhone X and Apple Watch overnight, more on that below.

Materials Build

UGreen’s 4400mAh Power Bank with Magnetic Charger has a simple and clean design with a satin finish on the plastic exterior. Although it doesn’t feature a metal build, it still feels solid.

On top is the magnetic charging puck for Apple Watch, and the built-in Lightning cable stows on the bottom of the charger. On one side you’ll find the micro-USB port for charging the internal battery, and on the opposite side is the aluminum power button which also operates the battery LED indicator.

Included in the box is a brief manual, the Power Bank with Magnetic Charger, and a micro USB cable for charging (you’ll need to use your own power brick).

UGreen offers a one-year warranty and life-time service support for all of its products. It’s also worth noting that UGreen has 4.3/5 stars on Amazon for its portable Apple Watch/iPhone chargers (decently higher than Belkin’s Valet Charger).

In Use

I’ve been really pleased with this portable charger after using it for the last few weeks, including a weekend trip to Chicago. As I mentioned, I’ve mostly used it to simultaneously charge my iPhone X and Apple Watch overnight.

It’s really convenient to be able to consolidate accessories and chargers when traveling. I already have a few devices (mouse, baby monitor, Bluetooth speaker) that use micro USB for charging, so UGreen’s portable power bank allows me to leave my Apple Watch and iPhone cables and bricks at home.

After a night of fully charging my iPhone X and Apple Watch, I’ve been left with a little juice left in the power bank, but it usually needs recharging.

Another option would be to use it mainly for charging your Apple Watch while on the go, which should last for longer trips of about a week. With the versatility and convenience, it feels like a great deal to me when compared to buying a separate power bank, Apple Watch charging puck, and an extra Lightning cable.

Another nice detail is that you can rest the power bank on its side to utilize Night Stand Mode when charging your Apple Watch. When charging just an iPhone, you can flip the Lighting cable up to rest your iPhone on top of the charger.

In my use, the portable power bank charges up in about 2.5 hours, a little faster than UGreen says. Just make sure to use a 10W power brick if charging speed is important to you. As far as charging speed for Apple Watch and iPhone, it outputs 5V/1A which is the same as the standard power brick that comes with both devices.

Two things that I think would make this device even better would be the use of USB C instead of micro USB and a model with an even larger battery capacity. However, this is a great device as it ships right now.


After going hands-on, UGreen’s portable 4400mAh Power Bank with Magnetic Charger feels like a worthwhile accessory to pick up. With convenience, versatility, good build quality, and fair price, it’s easy to recommend.

Normally priced at 60, UGreen is offering a 5 instant coupon on Amazon bringing this 4400mAh Power Bank with Magnetic Charger down to 55 shipped.

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