Best MagSafe Power Bank For the iPhone 14. iPhone battery pack mah

Best MagSafe Power Bank For the iPhone 14

If you’ve been an iPhone user for a while, then you know that MagSafe charging is becoming a staple feature on new models. And if you’re looking for a good and reliable MagSafe charger, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the research and found the Best MagSafe Power Bank For the iPhone 14 (or for any MagSafe compatible device).

So, whether you’re looking for a fast charger or one that can charge your phone wirelessly, we’ve got you covered. Below is a Top 5 list of the Best MagSafe Power Banks for the iPhone 14.

iPhone 14 Update – We’ve tried each battery bank in our test group against the iPhone 14 and this list still stands.

Best MagSafe Power Bank For the iPhone 14 (and iPhone 12/13)

For this Top 5 list, we based our scoring on:

  • Battery Capacity – Stated vs. Rated vs. Tested
  • Strength of the magnets – Measured the amount of force required to remove battery pack from iPhone
  • Size and weight – General dimensions
  • Charge speeds – Timed how long it took to charge an iPhone 13 in 10% increments
  • Extra features – Anything else that made our lives easier.

Out of the 12 chargers that we tested, notable products that didn’t make the Top 5 include battery packs from Logixx, Apple and Pitaka.

#5 Spigen ArcHybrid MagSafe Battery Pack

The Spigen ArcHybrid MagSafe Battery Pack is an incredibly…average product. The 5000 mAh charger has a rated capacity of 3600 which is generally close to our tests. The LED indicators make it easy to check the battery levels, and the wireless charging function coupled with the pass-through charging makes it convenient to top-off multiple devices at the same time.

The magnetic strength of the Spigen ArcHybrid MagSafe Battery Pack is better than average, keeping the charger on the iPhone from most mild bumps.

From a charging perspective, the Spigen ArcHybrid MagSafe Battery Pack offers 7.5W of wireless charging which oddly enough, puts it in the middle of the pack in terms of charge speed.

For this round of testing, the Spigen ArcHybrid MagSafe Battery Pack was actually faster than Apple’s own MagSafe Charger. Charging the battery pack from dead to full took about 2.5 hours.


#4 AOGuerbe 10000 mAh power bank

AOGuerbe 10000 mAh power bank is one of the cheaper products in this list at 50. This might sound as a steal at first glance but there are a lot of caveats in this product.

First of all, the magnetic connection of the battery pack isn’t as great as other products. It’s actually missing the lower magnet. It looks like it’s there but it isn’t. Which means the battery pack is going to rotate on your phone.

AOGuerbe 10000 mAh power bank is also the biggest battery pack we reviewed and the one that feels the cheapest made. The seams feel quite rough and the MagSafe rings sit too far up on the battery pack. AOGuerbe 10000 mAh power bank looks ridiculous when mounted on the iPhone 12 or 13 mini.

However, AOGuerbe 10000 mAh power bank does have some extra features and charging speeds that makes them worthy of their spot. It had one of the faster charge times. The power bank outputs 15W’s for wireless charging so your iPhone will recognize it as a MagSafe charger and it can pass through charge through the USB-A and C ports. Which means you can charge your older Apple Watch and iPad’s if you wanted to. It also has a digital readout to tell you how much charge is in the pack.

Brilliant MagSafe power bank cuts cables with two-way charging [Review]

The OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe doubles down on wireless charging. It clings magnetically to your iPhone while charging it, and the external battery also magnetically attaches to MagSafe chargers to receive power. And it can do both at the same time. There are versions with 3,000mAh and 5,000 mAh of capacity.

I tested the MagSafe accessory with my iPhone 13, and I’m pleased with how well it works.

OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe review

Apple built magnets into the wireless charging coils its handsets — a setup it calls MagSafe. All accessory makers need to do is put magnets and charging coils in their external batteries and there’s no longer a need for a cable. Handset and power bank cling together while charging.

The OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe takes this idea and runs with it. The device includes a second MagSafe charger so you can put it on your charging stand or puck to juice it back up.

It also has a USB-C port so the external can power non-wireless devices. Or get replenished itself.

OtterBox’s MagSafe power bank is a simple plastic rectangle. I think the designers were going for unobtrusive, and they accomplished that. You can get it in black or white to better match your iPhone.

The edges and corners are very rounded so the external battery is comfortable to hold. That’s important when it’s attached to your iPhone.

I’m reviewing the 5,000 mAh version, which has a casing that’s 3.8 inches by 2.5 inches by 0.6 inches (9.7cm x 6.4cm x 1.5cm). It weighs 0.31 pounds (139g).

The 3,000 mAh version is 3.8 inches by 2.6 inches by 0.5 inches (9.7cm x 6.4cm x 1.2cm). It weighs 0.24 pounds (107g).

To translate all those numbers into real-world use, you can use your iPhone with the OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe attached, but it’s just a bit cumbersome. Especially the 5,000 mAh version. I can hold the handset and the power bank fits in the palm of my hand. But it comes close to doubling the weight of the phone.

I think it’s worth it. When we get down to the Performance section you’ll see this accessory nearly doubles the battery life of the iPhone 13. You won‘t get that in something the size of a credit card. And all MagSafe battery packs are about this size or larger.

Plus, the external battery is removable. Put it on when you need it; take it off when you don’t.

Dual MagSafe charging mats

The back of the OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe is the side you put on your iPhone. You see the usual circle and line so you can correctly orient the magnets.

The other side is also a MagSafe charging mat, but without the visual indicators. They’d be confusing. But put this side on the Apple MagSafe charging puck or a similar accessory and the power bank will start sucking up electricity.

The two are not reversible. One side sends power while the other receives. But you can put the OtterBox battery on a MagSafe charger, then put your iPhone on the power bank and both will get juiced up.

In case there’s any confusion, the iPhone 12 series and iPhone 13 series support MagSafe, but no other Apple handsets.

Buttons, LEDs and USB-C port

A set of four LEDs on the bottom edge of OtterBox’s MagSafe power bank lets you estimate how much power is left in the battery.

These blink when power is flowing into the accessory. And one of the LED turns green when power is flowing to the iPhone.

Press a button that’s also on the bottom edge to activate the wireless charging mat.

Between the button and the LEDs is a USB-C port. You can use this to charge a non-MagSafe device, like an Apple Watch. Or use it to replenish the power bank itself more quickly.

OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe performance

I did real-world testing on the 5,000mAh version of OtterBox’s MagSafe power bank by having it charge my 6.1-inch iPhone 13. The external battery was able to raise the battery level of my handset by 87%.

That’s nearly a full charge, and all you need if you clip the accessory to your iPhone when the first battery alert goes off at 20%.

During wireless charging, my iPhone’s battery level was going up between 18% and 20% every half an hour.

The power bank and iPhone got warm during the charging process, but that’s not surprising. The iOS handset is Smart enough to slow down charging if it heats up too much.

best, magsafe, power, bank, iphone

Wired charging

To compare wireless and wired charging, I also used the USB-C port to charge the iPhone 13. In 30 minutes of charging this way, the battery level went up 26%.

That’s definitely faster than wireless charging, but requires charging cable.


Completely juicing OtterBox’s accessory back up via a MagSafe connection takes over 6 hours. It’s something better done overnight.

best, magsafe, power, bank, iphone

For a faster charge, using the USB-C port and a powerful charger. In my test, the power bank was replenished this way in 2 or 3 hours.

OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe final thoughts

If you regularly find yourself with a low iPhone battery, then you need a power bank. And MagSafe means you don’t also have to carry around a cable.

OtterBox’s external battery nearly doubles the amount of time you can use your iPhone. And while it’s bulky, it is no more so than any rival.


The 3,000mAh version of the OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe is 49.95. The 5,000mAh one costs 69.95. Each comes in black or white.

If you want to shop around, the Mophie Snap Juice Pack Mini (49.95) also offers 5,000 mAh of MagSafe charging. Or there’s the Sanho HyperJuice Magnetic Wireless Battery Pack (49.99). While both support MagSafe charting, neither of these can be charged themselves via a MagSafe connection. They depend on USB-C.

OtterBox provided Cult of Mac with a review unit for this article. See our reviews policy, and check out more in-depth reviews of Apple-related items.


Optimized for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13, Jetpack is a powerful MagSafe compatible power bank. It fits perfectly with the new phone camera layout and it doesn’t hang over the edge either (even on the mini).

  • 15W MagSafe-enabled wireless charging
  • 5,000mAh capacity
  • Ultra-strong magnets to keep it in place
  • Optimized for iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12
  • Lightning input
  • USB-C PD output
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • 5,000 mAh battery capacity
  • Charge 2 devices at once
  • Up to 15W wireless charging output
  • Also supports 10W, 7.5W, 5W wireless charging output
  • Supports 5V/2.4A 9V/2A 12V/1.5A (PD Protocol) USB-C output
  • LED charging indicators
  • Supports 5V/2A Lightning input
  • Supports 5V/2A 9V/2A USB-C input
  • Power Delivery: PD 3.0
  • 110 mm (l) x 66 mm (w) x 11 mm (h)
  • 3.8 oz / 110 grams

Free US and international shipping on orders over 69, and our 30 days money-back guarantee.

This product is covered by our 1-year limited warranty.

Really good magnets.

Unlike other magnetic power banks that slip and slide all over the place, Jetpack’s array of magnets is ultra-strong — so it keeps it firmly in place.

New phone? New power bank.

Its small and compact size is designed to fit iPhone 14, iPhone 13, and iPhone 12, which means it won’t cover the camera or hang over the edge of the phone.

No wires, no fuss.

The MagSafe-enabled wireless charging coil lets you power your phone with no wires necessary.

% extra battery.

Jetpack’s 5,000mAh capacity will take your iPhone from 0 to 80% while you’re out and about. So you’ll never be without battery when you need it most.

30-day Money Back Guarentee

Customer Reviews

It is just as good as the original of Apple, or mabe better. Do not hesitate to buy it! Great job guys!


Jetpack is small and light. I dont usually carry a big bag around with this is perfect. It fits on the back of my iPhone perfectly and because the magnets are so strong, it doesnt move at all! I love this power bank.

If youre looking for a new power bank, Jetpack is seriously the way to go. The magnets are so strong, so when you stick it on the back of your phone it doesnt move at all! It is also quite small, so it doesnt cover your iPhone camera or hang off the edge of your phone, which is great. Lastly, it charges my phone super quickly, which is very convenient.

I have never seen a power bank that lets you charge your phone both with and without a cable, it is great!

I bought this as a birthday present for my husband and he loves it. His phone dies extremely fast and with Jetpack it charges really quickly so its perfect for him!

Jetpack is AMAZING! It never slides off my iPhone 13 and charges my phone super fast, I highly recommend this!

Jetpack is the best wireless charger Ive tried. It allows you to recharge your phone using a cable or wirelessly, which is super handy. The wireless charging took a little bit longer to charge my phone, but overall it worked well.

I am extremely impressed with Jetpack. The magnetic feature is convenient and effective. My other magnetic power bank would slide off, but the Jetpack stayed on my iPhone for hours without moving!

The Jetpack is light and perfect for a day out! The power bank recharges my phone with a cable or wirelessly, and I dont have to worry about dealing with a dead phone all day!

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myCharge Mag-Lock Review: The Best MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone

Now that MagSafe has been available for more than just a few months (now past the one-year mark), the market for MagSafe accessories has exploded. One area of concern when Apple debuted even the iPhone 13 series was that battery life for non-Pro Max models would continue to be abysmal. But the problem is only compounded when you need to worry about trying to keep a portable charger and Lightning cable with you.

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Thankfully, we have started to see more and more accessory makers release MagSafe-compatible portable chargers. These just magnetically attach to the back of your iPhone and will provide an ultra-portable wireless charger that you can take with you anywhere. Apple even went so far as to release its own MagSafe Battery Pack, but that’s not without shortcomings of its own.

best, magsafe, power, bank, iphone

Since then, we’ve also seen options from Anker, who is one of the industry leaders when it comes to charging accessories of pretty much any kind. Now, myCharge is getting into the game as it announced its MAG-LOCK wireless charger right around the same time as the iPhone 13 launch.

MyCharge Mag-Lock Review: Design

The MyCharge Mag-Lock comes in five different colors, while also being available in three different capacities. The colors available match the same color options that Apple released across the iPhone 13 lineup, allowing you to mix and match, or just match, based on your preferences. In terms of the different capacities, you can get one of these in the following battery capacities:

The lowest model provides an additional 16 hours of battery life, while the 6,000mAh version bumps that up to 32 hours. Then, the 9,000mAh Mag-Lock offers a whopping 48 hours of additional battery life before you’ll need to recharge it.

One thing that Apple manages to do extremely well, is offer designs for accessories that are simply unmatched. The company’s own MagSafe Battery Pack only comes in one color, but it’s minimal and just works. That’s not to say that the Mag-Lock doesn’t work, we’ll touch more on that later, but there is a bit of a difference that adds some bulk and functionality.

Out of the box, the myCharge Mag-Lock looks like a behemoth and feels rather heavy. On the “inside” of the Mag-Lock, you’ll find some branding, along with a soft-touch ring which is the side that attaches to your iPhone. The soft ring is not only there to help you line things up, but to also act as a bit of a buffer between the plastic and back glass of your iPhone.

Looking at the bottom of the Mag-Lock, you’ll find some regulatory information, including the charging speeds and capacity. But this is also where you’ll find the USB-C charging port for when it’s time to juice back up the Mag-Lock. On the left side (facing down), you’ll see a single button with an LED indicator that gives you some indication as to how much juice is left in the pack. Other than that, you won’t find any other buttons with the only difference being the myCharge branding on the Mag-Lock.

MyCharge Mag-Lock Review: Function

The unit that we received for review is the 6,000mAh version, which retails for 60, but can be had at Amazon for just 41 at the time of this writing. This is said to provide up to an additional 32 hours of battery life for the iPhone 13, and it surely doesn’t disappoint there.

In my time with the Mag-Lock, I found myself reaching for this MagSafe charger more than my Apple, Anker, or Mophie one just because it seemed like it always had enough juice in the tank. Even with using an iPhone 13 Pro Max, the Mag-Lock helped keep my iPhone with enough power until I was able to make it home or to plug it into my car charger.

Another nice touch with the Mag-Lock is the fact that there’s an audible chime that plays whenever you attach or detach the charger from the iPhone. It’s extremely helpful, especially for those who want to put their iPhone in a bag or and want to make sure it’s still being charged. Too many times have I put my Apple MagSafe Battery Pack into a only to realize that it wasn’t aligned properly and my iPhone didn’t end up charging properly.

Another area where myCharge excels is in the magnets that are used with the Mag-Lock. The company touts this as offering “the strongest magnetic grip of any magnetic charger”, and it definitely meets those expectations compared to other chargers. Plus, you don’t have to worry about taking off your iPhone’s case, provided that it too is MagSafe-compatible.

My biggest qualm with the myCharge Mag-Lock isn’t actually the company’s fault at all. But imagine walking around with an iPhone 13 Pro Max and having the 6,000mAh Mag-Lock attached to it. It’s simply unwieldy and rather heavy to use on a regular basis.

best, magsafe, power, bank, iphone

MyCharge Mag-Lock Review: Conclusion

Even if you own the iPhone 13 Pro Max, you might come across situations where you need a bit more juice before the day comes to an end. Instead of having to try and carry around a portable charger and compatible cable, we definitely recommend picking up a MagSafe battery pack. As for which one is the best? If you want a few extra bells and whistles, along with strong magnets and different size/color options, the Mag-Lock is absolutely perfect.

myCharge did a wonderful job in integrating just enough useful features, such as the power button and audible chime. Plus, the fact that you aren’t “stuck” with just a single size option goes a long way when it comes to the decision-making process. The Mag-Lock is definitely a must-own for anyone who has an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 with MagSafe compatibility.

Andrew is a freelance writer based on the East Coast of the US.

He has written for a variety of sites over the years, including i, Android Central, Phandroid, and a few others. Now, he spends his days working for an HVAC company, while moonlighting as a freelance writer at night.

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