Best CR123A Battery Rechargeable vs. Non-Rechargeable Lithium CR123A Batteries…

Best CR123A Battery. Rechargeable vs. Non-Rechargeable Lithium CR123A Batteries

CR123A batteries are very popular cylindrical lithium batteries, commonly used in various devices like photo cameras, flashlights, security devices, military equipment, etc.

CR123A batteries come in two major versions: rechargeable and non-rechargeable CR123A batteries, both featuring different voltages, drain currents, capacities, etc. That and the fact that many manufacturers come with their ‘own’ labels lead to slight confusion when picking the right CR123A battery.

Updated: September 15, 2022.

CR123A Batteries. Features and Specifications

CR123A batteries are cylindrical batteries, featuring a battery size of 17 mm in diameter and 34.5 mm in height (0.67 x 1.36 inches).

These batteries are commonly labeled as ‘CR123A batteries’ (non-rechargeable type) or as ‘RCR123A batteries’ (rechargeable type), but they also appear with other labels, like CR17345, K123A, RCR16340, VL123A, DL123A, 5018LC, SF123A, EL123AP, 17345, 17340, 16340, etc. But, they all are also labeled as ‘CR123A’!

Voltage, capacity, and max drain current depend on the CR123A model and chemistry.

Non-rechargeable CR123A batteries have a nominal voltage of 3.0 volts and a capacity of around 1500 mAh. The shelf life of the best CR123A brands is usually in the 7-10 years range, making these batteries excellent choices for standby devices like EDC flashlights, security devices, digital cameras, military applications, and similar.

Non-rechargeable CR123A batteries also tolerate high drain currents, which is very important for high-power devices and for devices that require plenty of power for relatively short periods of time.

Rechargeable CR123A batteries (or RCR123A batteries) usually have voltage in the 3.6-3.7 range and capacity in the 500-800 mAh range. Note that rechargeable 3.0 and 3.3 volts batteries are also present on the market.

CR123A vs. RCR123A Batteries

The main differences between CR123A and RCR123A batteries are:

Before replacing the CR123A battery with the RCR123A battery, check if your device can be powered with an RCR123A battery. Note that 3.3 volts RCR123A batteries feature 0.3 volts higher nominal voltage, and 3.0 volts RCR123A batteries have practically the same voltage as CR123A batteries and can be used in less sensitive devices (if recommended by the device’s manufacturer!).

Note: some RCR123A manufacturers advertise their RCR123A batteries as both high drain and high capacity batteries (1000 mAh), but before buying such batteries, be sure to read the reviews of other buyers first. Personally, I doubt that such batteries (not just RCR123A) are as reliable as batteries from reputable brands. Just my 2c 🙂

On the other hand, CR123A batteries are manufactured and transported fully charged and ready to be used immediately. The shelf life of CR123A batteries can be up to or even more, than 10 years, while the best RCR123A batteries lose 10-30% of the initial charge after one year of storage.

CR123 vs. CR123A Battery

People often ask what the actual difference between CR123 and CR123A batteries is.

Well, the answer is simple. there is no difference. CR123 is the label commonly used for CR123A batteries; just somebody, somewhere forgot to add the required A letter.

If you own a CR123 battery, be sure to check other important details, like actual chemistry, type, voltage, and similar.

CR123A vs 18650 vs 3xAAA Batteries

CR123A batteries are roughly half the length of lithium 3.6 volts 18650 battery (17.0 x 34.5 mm vs. 18 x 65.2 mm).

Some devices are designed to operate using either two CR123A batteries or one 18650 battery, regardless of the 3-4 mm difference between 2x CR123A and 1x 18650 battery.

Also, CR123A batteries are available as both non-rechargeable lithium batteries providing 3.0 V and as rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (also often labeled as 17340, 17345, or 16340 batteries) providing 3.6. 3.7 V.

This voltage difference (3.6 vs. 6. 7.4 volts) can damage many devices, and one must check the documentation of a particular device to be absolutely sure if 2xCR123A batteries are supported.

Non-rechargeable CR123A batteries are often recommended for standby devices like EDC flashlights, panic lights, and similar devices that are often not used for years, but when they are used, they must operate reliably, while RCR123A and 18650 batteries are used in devices that are used practically on a daily basis.

3xAAA batteries can be used instead of one 18650 battery or instead of 2x CR123A batteries in certain devices via an AAA batteries holder. For devices that are often used, rechargeable 18650/RCR123A batteries are recommended choice.

But for standby applications, 3 high-quality AAA batteries (alkaline batteries, not rechargeable NiCd or NiMH batteries) or 2 high-quality CR123A batteries are a more reliable choice.

Note: good 18650 battery features 3.7 volts and 3000mAh capacity, while 2 good RCR123A batteries feature 3.7 volts and 750mAh capacity. Since devices that support the use of both batteries feature high-efficiency DC/DC converters, the voltage difference is not an issue. But energy density is in favor of 18650 batteries when compared with RCR123A batteries (11.1 Wh vs. 5.55 Wh) or even when compared with CR123A batteries (11.1 Wh vs. 9 Wh).

CR123A vs. 16340 Battery

16340 battery is rechargeable 3.6. 3.7 volts lithium battery that features 16 mm diameter and 34 mm length.

Its physical dimensions are very similar to the CR123A battery (17 x 34.5 mm), and rechargeable CR123A batteries (RCR123A) are sometimes labeled as 16340 batteries.

Note that lithium rechargeable batteries of similar size (for example, lithium 17340 and 17345 batteries) are also commonly labeled as rechargeable CR123A or simply RCR123A.

CR123A vs. CR-P2 Battery

CR-P2 battery consists of two batteries that are equivalent to CR123A.

CR-P2 batteries are 36 mm in height, 35 mm in length, and 19.5 mm in width and feature 6 volts nominal voltage and 1500 mAh nominal capacity.

They are commonly used in photo cameras and similar high-drain devices.

Some manufacturers also provide CR123A battery holders, letting the user choose to use either CR-P2 or 2x CR123A batteries.

CR123A vs. CR2 Battery

Both CR123A and CR2 batteries are non-rechargeable batteries based on the Lithium Manganese Dioxide chemistry, featuring a nominal voltage of 3.0 volts, a cutoff voltage of 2.0 volts, and a shelf-life of up to and sometimes even more than 10 years.

Also, they feature battery terminals on opposite sides of the battery.

CR123A battery features physical dimensions of (D x H) 17.0 x 34.5 mm (~0.6693 x 1.3583 inches) and a nominal capacity of around 1400-1500 mAh.

CR2 battery features physical dimensions of (D x H) 15.6 x 27 mm (~0.614 x 1.063 inches) and a nominal capacity of around 800-850 mAh.

As one can see, due to the differences in physical dimensions, CR123A and CR2 batteries are NOT interchangeable batteries. it is possible to find CR2 battery adapters that allow the user to place the CR2 battery in the battery compartment intended for the CR123A battery, but due to the much smaller capacity, CR2 battery will not last as long as the CR123A battery.

Also, due to the higher internal volume and area, the CR123A battery can provide stronger currents when powering high-drain devices.

CR123A Battery Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about CR123A and similar batteries.

Are CR123 and CR123A the same battery? Are CR123 and CR123A interchangeable?

Yes, CR123 and CR123A are the same batteries and can be used interchangeably.

What batteries can replace CR123A?

Depending on the device, 2xCR123A batteries can sometimes be replaced by a single 18650 battery or 3x AAA battery using a special battery holder. Also, if the device allows, the CR123A (3.0V) battery can be replaced with an RCR123A (3.6-3.7V) battery.

How long does CR123A battery last?

When stored properly, the CR123A battery may last for 7-10 years, sometimes even more.

What is a CR123A battery used for?

CR123A battery is used in various standby, EDC, and high-drain devices, tools, and appliances, including flashlights, digital cameras, medical and security systems, etc.

Can CR123A batteries be recharged?

No, CR123A batteries cannot be recharged.

best, cr123a, battery, rechargeable, non-rechargeable

But, RCR123A batteries can be recharged using dedicated battery chargers.

Where can I buy a CR123A battery?

CR123A batteries are very common batteries and can be found at online shops and local hardware stores, office supply stores and similar.

Long Story Short: CR123A batteries are popular batteries manufactured by most reputable brands. thanks to their reliable performance even after years of storage, these powerful batteries are commonly used in high-tech devices and other electronics.

RCR123A batteries can save plenty of money; just be sure that the device they are intended for, supports their use due to the voltage difference and that these RCR123A batteries are charged with the battery chargers intended for such batteries.

Both CR123A and RCR123A batteries are available at most online shops and stores.

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Best TASER and Stun Guns of 2023

We researched the best stun guns and TASERs to help you find the right one. We also share state laws for these self-defense weapons.

SafeWise experts have years of firsthand experience testing the products we recommend. We may earn money when you click buy links. Learn how we test and review.

Step aside, pepper spray—there’s more than one way to defend yourself from an attack, like a handy stun gun. Our top three picks are from Vipertek, a brand with a strong reputation for quality stun guns. Among these devices, the Vipertek VTS-989 takes the top spot thanks to thoughtful features like a great hand grip and anti-grab electrodes for extra protection against attackers.

We also talked to an expert about stun gun tips and looked into state laws to teach you the basics of stun gun legality (especially since they’re illegal in two states). Read on to learn how stun guns and TASERs are more affordable and lower stakes than purchasing a gun.

Compare the best stun guns price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

Stun gun reviews

Vipertek VTS-989: Best overall price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The Vipertek VTS-989 is a perfect example of what to expect from a stun gun—we like its handgrip, which makes it easy to hold and use. There’s a handy power button on the side so you can use the device with one hand.

Safety switch

It won’t turn on accidentally, since there’s a safety switch on the other side of the unit that you can also use to turn on the LED flashlight. The rechargeable battery is great for keeping the Vipertek VTS-989 ready for anything.

Anti-grab strips

There are two electrodes on the business end of the stun gun to help you make skin contact through clothing for a more effective defense. Alongside the electrodes are two metal strips that shock attackers who are trying to grab it. Even without shocking someone, this thing’s loud sound is an extra layer of intimidation.


While it’s not the smallest stun gun we’ve seen, it’s about the size of a typical smartphone, so you can store it in a bag or No matter where you store it, we recommend keeping the stun gun in its included holster to prevent the safety switch from moving.


This is one of the more expensive stun guns on our list, but it’s hard to deny the glowing customer reviews online. We think it’s worth a few extra dollars compared to cheaper models.

Vipertek VTS-880: Budget pick price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

If you have a small budget, take a look at the Vipertek VTS-880, which costs around 10. For this price, you get a compact unit that won’t take up too much space in your Even with a small size and a low cost, this stun gun can effectively subdue an attacker.

Built-in charger

We like that you don’t need an extra charging cable for this unit since it has a small plug built into the base. As with any stun gun, you’ll get loud sounds to help deter attackers from getting closer.

No anti-grab strips

Unlike our top pick, this stun gun is too small for metal strips along the sides to prevent attackers from grabbing the device. Still, the small size won’t stick out of your hand as far, so it’s harder to grab anyway.

No wrist strap

It doesn’t have a wrist strap, so you need to keep the included holster on a belt if you don’t want to carry a bag while running. None of these drawbacks are deal-breakers, especially if you want a reliable, cheap stun gun.

If a compact size is more important than a lower price, consider spending an extra dollar to buy the Vipertek VTS-881, which has a slightly smaller design.

Vipertek VTS-195: Best tactical flashlight price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

While flashlights are usually a secondary feature on stun guns, the Vipertek VTS-195 does the opposite by taking on the looks and functionality of a tactical flashlight. Because it looks like a flashlight, it’s less likely that an attacker would swipe it right away, giving you more time to defend yourself.

Rechargeable battery

Much like the other Vipertek stun guns we looked at, the VTS-195 comes with a rechargeable battery, so you don’t need to buy replacement batteries.

Bright flashlight

This stun gun flashlight is brighter and more useful than others on our list, making it a great pick to accompany you on an evening walk. User reviews seem to agree that it’s not going to last as well as a dedicated flashlight, but it can free you from carrying extra items.

In any case, we think the Vipertek VTS-195 is a practical alternative to more purpose-built stun guns.

Sabre Self-Defense Kit: Best combo pack price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

We thought we’d include the Sabre Self-Defense Kit, since you get two types of self defense for a low price. It comes with a stun gun and a pepper spray. While Vipertek might sell the best stun guns, Sabre dominates our rankings of the best pepper sprays.

Passable stun gun

The stun gun isn’t much different in design from our top pick, but we found a few user reviews saying it wasn’t very sturdy. Still, the product has a lifetime warranty that should cover any manufacturing defects.

Convenient combo pack

In most cases, we suggest buying your stun gun and pepper spray separately, but the combo pack is a convenient choice if you don’t want to browse pepper spray reviews after an exhausting search to find the right stun gun.

Compared to stun guns, pepper spray is safer than stun guns, legal in more states, and generally more affordable, making it a great alternative. Head over to our pepper spray review to learn why Sabre is our top pick in that category.

TASER Pulse: Best range price as of post date. Read full disclaimer.

The TASER Pulse is the only proper TASER gun on our list. Unlike stun guns, this unit shoots barbed projectiles up to 15 feet away to keep attackers from getting close, similar to a TASER used by a police officer. The gun-style design is also easy to aim and shocks attackers for 30 seconds to disable them completely.

Smartphone app

And this TASER weapon works with the Noonlight smartphone app to contact the police if you ever fire the weapon. This is a nice safety feature, but it doesn’t overcome the single biggest flaw of this product: its cost.

Too expensive

Even though this is a consumer-grade product, it’s too expensive for most folks—costing around 400. And to further add insult to injury, its one-time-use cartridges cost more than most stun guns. To put the cost into perspective, imagine having to buy a new Vipertek VTS-989 after every use.

In all fairness, you can still use the TASER Pulse without a projectile cartridge, but it will have the same point-blank range as a typical stun gun.

While the TASER Pulse is the most powerful electric shock weapon on our list, we don’t think it’s worth the cost for most folks.

products we considered

Guard Dog Security Hornet

The Guard Dog Security Hornet is probably the smallest stun gun we came across during our research—it even fits on a keychain. We say probably because there aren’t any dimensions available to compare with other brands. Still, the product photos show a compact device about the size of a Snickers candy bar. It also doesn’t have many customer reviews, making it harder to recommend.

Foxfend Spark

The Foxfend Spark looks like a lipstick from the outside but sports a hidden stun gun. While we like the lid that protects the stun gun from accidental discharge, it might be slower to access during an emergency. It’s also not as compact as a typical lipstick.

Stun gun safety tips

We asked safety expert Pete Canavan for some stun gun safety tips:

best, cr123a, battery, rechargeable, non-rechargeable

Understand the risk

First, and most critical, is understanding the risk. Stun guns deliver debilitating shocks and cause pain. If you cannot see yourself doing this even in self-defense, consider alternatives like a personal safety app or self-defense weapons or courses.

Any weapon can also be used against you if you’re not prepared to use it. Regularly practice deploying your stun gun so that you’re ready when you need to.

Understand how your stun gun works

Some have switches, others have buttons, and some have both. There are dozens of designs available. Some look like brass knuckles, others are also flashlights, and some are traditional hand-held designs.

The end of the many stun guns deliver a charge when pressed against someone, completing the circuit between the short electrodes. Before contact, many of these stun guns also create a bright electrical charge and crackling sound that can serve as a deterrent to would-be attackers.

Some stun guns, like many made by TASER, fire barbed electrodes connected to the gun by wires. The barbs stick to clothing or skin so the charge can be delivered from a distance of 15–20 feet.

Most stun guns will work through light clothing, but keep in mind that heavy or bulky clothing or jackets will reduce their effectiveness.

Consider your habits

In your research, take into account your individual habits and situation. If you frequently travel by air, you won’t be able to take a stun gun with you on the plane. Do you rarely carry a bag? A smaller design that fits in a may better serve you than a bulky one.

Final word

Stun guns and TASERs use a sharp electric shock to deter and subdue attackers, making them an effective alternative to traditional firearms. In particular, stun guns are reusable, affordable, and compact.

Vipertek consistently sells the best stun guns on the market, culminating in the Vipertek VTS-989. Its sturdy hand grip, rechargeable battery, and anti-grab electrodes make for an effective tool to protect yourself wherever you are. It’s one of the more expensive stun guns but still quite affordable compared to pricey TASER guns.

While stun guns provide convenient, chemical-free self defense, they’re not an excuse to slack off on Smart security habits. You still need to pay attention to your surroundings and be ready to react in an emergency.

If you’re looking for a place to start improving your safety, most communities offer self-defense courses. For a stun gun alternative, check out our pepper spray review.

Stun gun FAQ

At the most basic level, stun guns are usually for close quarters while TASERs use projectiles at a distance. Check out our guide to stun guns vs. TASERs to learn more.

Can a stun gun kill you?

Yes. According to Reuters, 49 people died from stun guns in 2018. Here are five factors that can increase the risk of dying by stun gun:

  • Repeated use of TASERs and stun guns
  • Malfunctioning devices
  • Medical conditions
  • Drug use
  • Serious injury from falling to the ground

Always call 911 whenever you use an electroshock weapon for self defense. This allows law enforcement to apprehend dangerous people and facilitate medical assistance if necessary.

Can anyone buy a stun gun?

You can buy a stun gun if you are at least 18 years old in most states. Some states have higher age limits and may restrict possession to non-felons.

State-by-state stun gun and TASER laws

Are stun guns and TASERs legal?

States with stun gun restrictions are few. There are many states with no stun gun restrictions.

In some states, you can expect additional ownership restrictions generally based on age, criminal history, and whether you need a permit. As you research your state laws, you’ll find that stun gun restrictions are usually a few common rules:

  • Concealed carry requires a permit
  • Purchase requires valid government-issued ID
  • Must be 19 or older to purchase
  • Must be a non-felon
  • In-home defense only
  • Background check and a 24-hour waiting period

Although stun guns are legal in most states, it’s usually good to check if your city and county have any restrictions in place.

While there are no specific federal regulations on stun guns, you can’t put them in carry-on luggage when flying. Even though they’re allowed in checked bags, they need to be inoperable to prevent accidental discharge.

For a quick rundown of state stun gun laws and requirements, check out the table below.

Copper CR123 LED Flashlight by Maratac® REV 3

Limited Production Run. Only 500 Pieces For 2020!

The Solid Copper CR123 REV 3 was made for one our chief executives and was liked so much by staff it made it into production. Here is your chance to get a very limited EDC / Preppers light with a 10-year shelf life when using a Lithium CR123.

Rev 3 Upgrades:

  • Brighter
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Aggressive Knurling
  • Hollowed Out Back Tail End With Key Ring Loop. Pairs With TheTitanium Nano Split Ring Perfectly


  • Length: 2.75 Diameter:.75
  • Weight: 75.9 Grams for Rev 3
  • Comes with extra o-ring
  • LED Type: XP-G3 with a lifespan up to 50,000 hours. ( Focused Beam With Great Spread)
  • Flashlight body is made of 101 Copper billet.
  • The deep aluminum alloy reflector has an orange peel reflector for a smooth beam
  • Its proprietary circuit design features reverse polarity protection and runs off of one CR123 battery that provides 3 levels of operation
  • Twist on for LowTwist on again for Medium Twist on again for High
  • 3 Second Memory and then resets

Using a single CR123 Cell battery we got the following results:

  • Low mode, 5 lumens output for up to 180 hours
  • Medium mode, 55 lumens output for up to 5 Hours
  • High mode, 500 Lumens output for up to 1.5 Hours

Note: No battery is included and the use of rechargeable batteries exceeding 3.6V is not meant to be used with this light. We only recommend using standard high-quality 3V CR123 Cells.

Where do you ship how fast?

We ship orders Worldwide. If you don’t see your country as an option at checkout let us know and we can help.

ServiceShipping TimeSpeed Of Delivery / Weight
First Class Domestic 2–5 Business Days Standard ( under 16 Ounces )
Priority Mail Domestic 1-4 Business Days Fast ( Over 16 Ounces )
First Class International 7 Business Days. Varies by Destination Customs Clearance Standard ( Under 64 Ounces )
Priority International 5 Days. Varies by Destination Customs Clearance Fast ( Over 64 Ounces )

Customs delays in some cases can add a couple weeks of delays in some cases depending on time of year. For example during the holiday rush wait times can be longer for customs clearance so order early.

How long does shipping take?

We ship within 1-2 business days Monday. Friday

How do I track my order?

We want you to be excited and happy with everything you buy from CountyComm so we offer quick easy returns so you never have to worry ( Click Here )

Full 365 day warranty on all items we sell from defect or failure.

best, cr123a, battery, rechargeable, non-rechargeable

We stand behind every product we sell 100% from watches to flashlights, we have you covered!

Customer Reviews

I originally received this light as a gift (many years ago when it was first released). It has become one of my most heavily used EDC items. I only use RAYCON researchable batteries for perfect function and long battery life (I stay away from other brands of rechargeables due to inconsistent or high voltage). Smooth function and a beautiful patina, performs better than some of my more expensive lights. Love it.

Feel: very heavy for its size (duh solid copper). The twist action is very smooth, and the machine work is perfect. Patina’s very fast, and looks great.

Function: the low mode is nice, although its a bit bright for a low mode. The other two modes are very bright, perfect inspection/edc light levels. it fits very well in the coin of my jeans.

Potential Improvements: the lanyard hole is too small for 550 cord (sadness), but it fits a small split-ring. I would change this. The light is a bit glitchy, sometimes it turns off by itself if you shake it. maybe a stronger spring would fix that? It would be 100% perfect if it had a clip. Just sayin. Lastly, it tends to roll off of things; a clip would fix this too.

Fantastic light. hasn’t left my since i got it.

This is a pretty good light mine had a gremlin in it at first but it has disappeared and is working good now, the low mode is way brighter than 5 lumens it’s at least 15 but it’s my most used mode On this light

About as big as I would go for a carry, I really like the aesthetics and feel of this unit. Extremely well made, the high polish copper is awesome. Love the rugged knurled body. Using at night to search my 11/4 acre wooded property, this light and beam combo throws a great amount of light for scanning wide and deep. Highly recommend!

EBL 4 Pack CR123A 3V Lithium Battery 2400mWh with Micro USB Cable


Each order from EBL is shipped from the United States and will be delivered by standard shipping with an estimated delivery time of 7-14 business days.

When will my order be shipped?

We usually take 2 to 5 business days to schedule shipments, except for pre-sales items. A notification will be sent to the customer via email after shipment.

Which countries do you ship to?

We can ship to the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Do you ship internationally on your website? Can you ship to my country?

Our website is still testing shipping products worldwide. Therefore, the shipping cost charged at checkout is an estimate and will be based on the actual postage cost incurred when the product is sent by courier (generally based on the weight and volume of the products).Please Note: We will refund the excess if the postage charged is more than the actual shipping charge. Meanwhile, if the postage charged is less than the actual shipping cost, we will also charge the customer for the additional shipping cost.

Domestic Shipping

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Delivery areas within the U.S.

EBL official website supports delivery to most areas of the United States. We cannot deliver to the following areas:

  • American Samoa
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Please note: Power stations and solar panels cannot be shipped to Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Alaska.

Thank you for your understanding.

International Shipping

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And we can ship to other countries, but only for wholesale orders. Please contact us at for more details.

As we are still testing shipping of EBL products to all parts of the world. Therefore, the shipping charges charged at checkout are an estimate and the actual shipping charges will be based on the actual postage costs incurred when the product is sent by the courier (generally based on the weight and volume of the product).

Please note

  • Batteries cannot be shipped to other countries.
  • If the postage charged is more than the actual postage cost, we will refund the excess. Also, if the postage charged is less than the actual shipping cost, we will charge the customer for the additional shipping cost.


1) Standard Shipping is not available for P.O. Boxes and APO/FPO addresses.

2) After the order has been paid, the warehouse needs 2-5 business days to process your order. You will receive a notification once your order has been shipped.

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5) If there is any shipping issue with your package, you must contact Customer Support within 30 days of placing your order.

How would EBL Official ship my order?

USPS and UPS are our logistics partners to ship out EBL products. we will choose the carrier that we think works best for our customers.

How do I check the status of my order?

Once your order is picked up by the carrier at our warehouse, we will send you a shipment tracking update email with the estimated delivery date and tracking number. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam or junk mail folder or contact us by email at

I ordered more than one item. Will they all be delivered at the same time?

We try to make sure all your items reach you at the same time. Sometimes our products are not always sent together since different shipping options can be used,depending on the product. Once an item has been shipped,you will receive a shipment notification email.

Why is there no tracking update?

If your order is still under the estimated delivery time frame, kindly wait patiently. Once this process has been completed, you will see tracking updates.

If your order has not been updated for a long time and is overdue, you may contact the shipping courier or contact us for help.

Can I change the delivery address of my package after it has been shipped out?

Unfortunately, we cannot change the shipping address once the product is in transit.

What do I need to do when the product I received is different from the one I ordered?

Please provide some details about the issue and contact customer support at

Delivered but Not Received

If the tracking information shows that your package has been delivered, but you cannot find it, please wait two business days for it to arrive. In the meantime, we recommend that you check your home and ask your neighbors if they may have received it for you.2. If after that you still haven’t received it, please contact us via and we will be happy to help you.

Welcome to EBL’s Warranty and Refund Policy page, where you can email us directly if you encounter any quality-related problems after purchasing EBL products. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience your purchase of EBL products may cause.

If your product is defective during the warranty period, please contact us by mail or via live chat and let us know what we can do to help you.

We will take care of all quality-related issues and offer a REPLACEMENT or FULL REFUND, including the return shipping costs.

Please note that this page is for products purchased through For products purchased through the EBL store on sites such as eBay and Amazon or from EBL’s authorized distributors, please contact them directly.

Warranty Period

All products purchased from EBL are guaranteed with a 12-month hassle-free warranty. In each case, the warranty period is measured starting on the date of purchase by the original consumer purchaser.

Valid Proof of Purchase

A sales receipt from the consumer’s first purchase, or other reasonable proof, is required in order to confirm the start date of the warranty period. Please provide both of the following vouchers when processing warranty claims:

  • Provided order number from
  • The email or phone number or name used to place the order.

Limited to Original Consumer Buyer

The warranty on EBL’s product is limited to the original consumer purchaser and is not transferable to any subsequent owner.

Warranty excludes :

  • Products without sufficient proof of purchase.
  • Damage caused by misuse the faulty parts.(including static discharge).
  • Improper installation.
  • Damaged by yourself.
  • Purchase the product by mistake.
  • Neglect, accident or modification, which have been soldered or altered during assembly.
  • Complimentary products.

How to claim warranty?

To obtain warranty service, please contact our customer service team at


EBL will replace any EBL product that fails to operate within the applicable warranty period due to defect in workmanship or material. The replacement product assumes the remaining warranty period of the original product.


We offer a 30 day hassle-free money back guarantee on items purchased directly from ( We only provide prepaid return label for quality problem products. Other than that, customers need to pay for the return shipping fee. ) If for any reason you are not satisfied and would like to return an item, please let us know within 30 days.

Refunds can only be issued to the original payment method and cannot be issued to other cards or bank accounts. Refunds will be processed within 3-5 business days, and refunds generally take 10-15 business days to be returned to the original payment method.

Note: Once the package is shipped, any shipping costs paid at the time of the order, if applicable, are non-refundable.

There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted:

  • Products with missing parts that do not affect normal use.
  • Products that cannot be replaced and have quality problems in part.

Return shipping costs should be paid by the customer in the following situations:

  • Purchase the product by mistake.
  • Usage of product contrary to its stated instructions.
  • Returning products without any proven defect.
  • Removal of identification labels such as, but not limited to, the original label, patent, serial number, or trade dress.
  • Damage caused by improper storage, abuse or user error.
  • Neglect, accident or modification, which have been soldered or altered during assembly.

Late or Missing Refunds

If you haven’t received your refund, first check your bank account again. If payment was made by credit card, we will refund the money to your account once we receive the product. Please allow 10-15 business days for the credit to be applied to your credit card or original payment method.Then contact your credit card company, it may take some time for your refund to be officially posted. Next contact your bank. There is usually some processing time before the refund is credited. If you have done all of this and you still have not received your refund, please contact us at

How do I return an item?

  • Get in touch with us and start the return process within 30 days of the original shipping date.
  • Provide proof of purchase from (either the email address, phone number used to register, or order number).
  • The product should be returned in its original packaging, unused, and in the same condition as the item you received.
  • Refunds will be processed within 3-5 business days after we confirm receipt of your returned items at our warehouse.

What is an RCR123 Lithium Battery?

The question, what is an RCR123?, is often asked by newbie rechargeable battery seekers. And with good reason! RCR123 batteries are a terrific and inexpensive alternative to expensive disposable CR123 batteries. How so? Read on.

RCR123 Basics

They can be roughly 1mm longer than a CR123, due to the added protection circuit

An RCR123 is also known by its alternate name…which actually describes the average size of the battery: 16340.

I think from the dimensions of this EagleTac cell, you can deduce what 16340 means. The numerals 1634 pretty much describe the size. The “0” at the end, like ANY Lithium-ion battery, denotes that the cell is round!

The RCR123 (16340) Allure

One of the biggest uses for RCR cells these days are LED flashlights. The allure as far as that is concerned, is when you’re using them in high-drain devices. Today’s flashlights typically need a lot more voltage to operate, and can drain a battery fairly quickly.

Since the RCR cell is rechargeable, its relative lost cost, when compared to buying disposable CR123 batteries in a retail store, is a no-brainer! The only caveat to ‘some’, might be that unlike CR123 batteries, the rechargeable variety can only be purchased online! Obviously, you can buy disposables online as well, often for as little as 1 a piece. Very cheap when compared to 5 each…in most retail stores. But again, even at 1 each, you can deplete a CR123 in no time. Meanwhile, the RCR123 only needs to be recharged.

Warning! Don’t Buy Cheap!

This same warning applies to ALL lithium-based batteries! This article explains why buying cheap rechargeable batteries can be a bad decision.

Do a bit of brand research. Basically you can’t go wrong if you stick to cells marketed by flashlight manufacturers.

None of these RCR123 brands will cost more than a few dollars per cell. The best advice when faced with a myriad of choices, is to avoid those which have an mAh capacity of more than 800. There are many out there at VERY tempting prices, whose capacities exceed 1000 mAh. These cells are not be trusted! And those over-inflated capacities are completely bogus!

Any RCR123 that’s worth its name, will have a capacity in the 750 mAh range. Ultimately, when used in a high-drain device, an RCR123 won’t provide as much lasting power than a CR123 disposable. BUT…it’s the rechargeable factor that exceeds the supply of power.

Is Protection Better?

Most, SHOULD have the word “protected” written on the label. This means that the cell will cease to provide power when drained to a preset threshold.

RCR123 batteries described as “IMR” are a slightly different type of chemistry. They provide a good solid shot of intense power for any device that draws a lot of voltage, but they’re not protected. This just means that depending on the device (or flashlight) that they can be depleted to zero volts. Most battery “experts” will advise against running a cell that low on a continual basis.

My Recommendation

An RCR123 battery is an excellent choice for any device where a rechargeable battery can be used. There are dozens of flashlights that accept them, both in single and double form. They’re a convenient size, and are packed with power!

Your choices at this link are plentiful. Just remember the guidelines I described above so you don’t find yourself in a questionable position!

Your questions prior to a purchase will also be answered if you let me know in the questions area below.

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