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[Solved] iOS 16 Widgets Not Working on iPhone/iPad

On the most recent iOS 16 updates, several reports of the Apple new widget not loading, appearing blank or black, and more. For this reason, we’ve put up useful advice on several efficient ways to fix iOS 16 widgets that aren’t working.

Top 6 Ways to Fix Widgets Not Working:

The iPhone widget might not load if there is a problem with your iOS device’s iCloud data synchronization. Besides, a bad internet connection frequently prevents the iOS widget from loading correctly. The iPhone widget might not load correctly due to your network service provider’s sluggish internet connection. Below are some of the best ways to fix widgets not working.

Way 1. Restart Your iPhone or iPad

Restarting your iPhone or iPad is the first solution on the list. Yes, it’s recommended to reset your phone when the iOS widget, not loading problem, initially appears. Your device’s operating system will be updated, and problems that prevent widgets from loading will also be rectified.

  • Simply launch the Settings app, choose General, scroll down, and press Shut down to restart your iPhone.
  • Holding the power button as the gadget shuts off can allow you to restart it.

Way 2. Remove the Widget and Re-add

You may delete the widget from your iPhone’s home screen and re-add it if you have problems with a particular app widget. What you must do is as follows.

  • Long-press the iOS widget that needs fixing.
  • From the context menu, choose Remove Widget.
  • Long-press on the home screen and then hit the plus sign at the top.
  • Use the following menu to look for the same app widget.
  • On the home screen, you may view recent widget information.

    Way 3. Update or Reinstall the Apps

    Widgets on the iPhone might not load correctly if you are using older apps. Because of this, we frequently update old programs because they frequently contain patches for issues that prevent the widget from loading properly. The following steps can be taken to update applications.

    • While holding down the App Store icon, choose Updates from the pop-up menu. By doing this, the App Store will open in a new tab right away with a list of all of your device’s out-of-date apps.
    • To update all of the programs to the most recent version, click Update all!

    Way 4. Update iOS or iPadOS

    Let’s say that built-in or third-party widgets such as TV, Weather, Batteries, News, Music, Stocks, Notes, Reminders, Smart Stack, Calendar, App Store, Clock, Contacts, Files, Fitness, Find My, Game Center, Photos, Podcasts, Mail, Maps, Screen Time, Shortcuts, Sleep, Siri Suggestions, or TV aren’t functioning. The best action in that situation is to upgrade your iPad or iPhone.

    To accomplish this, navigate to Settings General Software Update and download the most recent version of iOS or iPadOS, which has probably solved the flaw that causes iPhone widgets not working.

    Extra Tip: Update iOS with Simple Software

    While updating to the newest iOS or jailbreaking our iDevice, issues might arise. Most problems are simple to repair by rebooting or entering recovery mode. However, certain iOS faults are so difficult to resolve that you must restore the iOS operating system. Here is a comprehensive instruction on using Tenorshare ReiBoot to repair the iOS system.

    • Connect iPhone to your computer and run ReiBoot. Click Start button to start the iOS System Recovery tool when the device has been identified.

    To continue, select Standard Repair.

    Click Download to start downloading the most recent firmware package when you’re ready.

    The system recovery process may be started by clicking Start Standard Repair after the firmware package has been downloaded to your computer.

    Way 5. Disable Low Data Mode and Low Power Mode

    Low Power Mode temporarily lowers background processes like downloads, mail, and widget fetch to conserve battery life. The battery indicator at the top of your iPhone will turn yellow if Low Power Mode is enabled. If you want widget updates to happen automatically, you must turn off the add-on.

      Launch the iPhone’s Settings app. Access the Battery menu.

    Automatic updates and background processes like photo synchronization and widget refresh will be halted while Low Data Mode is set.

    Way 6. Edit the Widget Preferences

    Is the data that your widget is showing inaccurate? After that, you should update widget options to configure them properly. For instance, if the Weather widget displays inaccurate data, just long-press it, select Edit widget, select Location, and then enter the proper Location. To save the changes, touch outside the widget area after that.

    iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets: What’s New

    With the release of iOS 16 today, one of the biggest improvements is that users may now add widgets to their Lock Screen in addition to the Home Screen, which was already possible with iOS 14. This new capability, however, depends on developer acceptance outside of built-in widgets for Apple’s first-party apps such as Calendar, Clock, Home, Fitness, News, and others.

    These widgets are three different sizes: circular, rectangular, and inline. On the Lock Screen, the first two are displayed below the clock, and inline widgets are displayed above as a line of text or symbols. But the decision of which widgets to support is left to the developers.


    We hope you appreciate our post on how to fix the iOS 16 lock screen app photo widgets not working issue. The solutions listed above were tested in a different sequence. In our instance, rebooting the smartphone was necessary before the third-party app widgets were displayed. Therefore, we are unsure if the widgets appeared after restarting the iPhone or whether a different fix rendered them functional only after restarting.

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    This App would be great, except that it flashes a silly startup screen, then try’s to get you to upgrade to the pro version. Once you have clicked through the upgrade screen and are viewing the data you also have to contend with adds. My advice, Adds, or an upgrade notice but not both. I deleted after a few uses, so they lost a potential sale and add revenue.

    How to customize your Android’s battery indicator (screenshots)

    Keeping tabs on the battery level of your Android device can be easier than it usually is by default.

    Install ChargeBar

    Keeping track of your battery life on any device can be a chore. Thankfully, Android allows for some pretty neat ways to help keep track.

    CNET contributor Nicole Cozma told us about ChargeBar for Android. ChargeBar gives you a great visual reminder of your battery level. As with a lot of great Android utilities we have covered, it’s also free in the Google Play Store.

    battery, buddy, free, android

    After you download and install the app, toggle the switch at the top to turn it on.

    Set up the app

    Once ChargeBar is enabled, you should see a light blue line across the top of your screen. This line indicates your current battery level. It’s a great way to have a constant reminder of your current battery level. Yes, your device does have a small battery icon that does the same thing, but that small icon makes it tough to determine precisely how much battery life you have left, and it can make significant drops in a short time.

    If you want to have the ChargeBar always present, even after your device reboots, make sure to check the box to start on boot. You can also decide if you want the bar to be present in full screen apps, hidden on your lockscreen, have an icon shortcut in the notification tray to the app and.- last but not least.- animate the bar while your device is charging. Check or uncheck the appropriate boxes based on your preference, then scroll down for more options.

    Adjust the ChargeBar

    If the blue bar isn’t your color of choice, you can change the color by tapping on the color swatch.

    You can also increase the width, or thickness, of the ChargeBar by changing the height setting. Keep in mind, the thicker you make the bar, the more information it can potentially cover up. The next slide has a bar with an increased height so you can get an idea of how it would look on your device.

    ChargeBar at 5

    As you can see, the height of the bar has been increased to a setting of 5, making it easier to see. Going even further, we will increase the height to 20.

    ChargeBar at 20

    At a setting of 20 you can see that information is starting to get covered up, taking up almost half of the top status bar. Play around with the color and size until you find a your preferred setup.


    You can also change the position of the ChargeBar. The default location is the top of your screen, with options to move it to the bottom of your screen or the bottom of the status bar up top.

    Lockscreen look

    I set the bar on my device to be displayed on the bottom, and enabled it to be present on the lockscreen.

    Adding a battery indicator to your Android device is just another layer of customization you can add. By using the ChargeBar, or any of the other battery indicators, you can keep a better watch on your battery‘s current level.

    Of course, this slideshow only addresses keeping track of your battery status. For tips on extending your device’s battery life, check out Nicole Cozma’s set of tips in our spring cleaning series here.

    How to Fix Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Not Working? iOS 16 Supported

    Pokemon Go has gained huge popularity, especially among smartphone users worldwide. And all credit goes to its advanced features and functionalities and one of them is Adventure Sync. However, there are many users recently reported that Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working. It could be due to several reasons. However, the good news is that the problem can be fixed with ease. In this article, we’ll take a peek at numerous tips to help you fix the problem.

    Part 1: Basic Info About Pokemon Go Adventure Sync

    Before you learn what to when Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working on Samsung, let’s first understand how does Pokemon Go Adventure Sync work.

    What Is Pokemon Go Adventure Sync?

    Adventure Sync is one of the advanced features available in Pokemon Go. By turning it on, you can monitor steps as you walk and gain rewards. Introduced in late 2018, this feature is free.

    How Does It Work?

    Adventure Sync utilities the GPS technology on your device and information from fitness apps, which include Apple Health and Google Fit. On the basis of this information, the tool or feature provides you with an in-game reward for the distance that you walked whilst the game is not open on your phone. In reward, you’ll gain any Buddy Candy, get your eggs hatched, or earn rewards to meet fitness goals. In March 2010, Niantic proclaimed a new update to Adventure Sync and that’ll roll out very soon. This update will introduce social traits to Pokemon Go and enhance the procedure to track indoor activities.

    Adventure Sync brings a lot of benefits to users. Before introducing this feature, users need to open their Pokemon Go to monitor their location and steps. However, after the feature, the Pokemon Go automatically monitors all activities as long as you have enabled Adventure Sync and the user has their device on them.

    Part 2. How to Fix Adventure Sync Pokemon Go Not Working?

    To fix Adventure Sync Pokemon Go not working problem, try the following tips:

    The Game Must Be (Fully) Closed!

    One of the reasons behind the problem is that Your Pokemon Go is not fully closed. In order for Adventure Sync to work and get credit for fitness data, your game needs to be fully closed. Therefore, turning off the game in the background and foreground can help you fix the problem. Even The Silph Road stated, “Perhaps the most important thing to remember regarding Adventure Sync is that fitness data is only credited when the Pokémon GO app is completely closed”.

    Make sure Your Adventure Sync is Activated

    When Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working on Android, ensure that your Activation Sync is enabled. To do so, follow the below steps:

    • Open the Pokemon Go app on your phone.
    • Tap the Main menu.
    • Navigate to Settings.
    • Tap Adventure Sync.
    • Ensure that the Adventure Sync is turned on.

    Log Out and Log Back In

    Have you tried logging out and then logging back in your Pokemon Go app? Sometimes, such tricks do wonders to fix app-related issues.

    • Sign out of your Pokemon Go app.
    • Sign out to the health app you’re using along with your Pokemon Go app.
    • In a while, log back into both applications.

    This would probably fix the problem. If Adventure Sync is still now working, continue reading.

    Make Sure Adventure Sync Has All The Permissions

    Another reason to encounter Adventure Sync not working in Pokemon Go is that the feature doesn’t have all permissions required. So, follow the below steps to make sure that Adventure Sync has all the permissions required:

    • 1. On your iPhone, open Apple Health and in Sources and validate that Adventure Sync is allowed. Also, in “Settings”” Privacy”” Motion Fitness” and enable the “Fitness Tracking” option.
    • 2. On Android devices, install the Google Fit app and provide it Storage and Location access. Then, allow the Pokemon Go app to fetch Google Fit data from your Google account.
    battery, buddy, free, android

    Update Pokemon Go to Latest Version

    Try to update your Pokemon Go app to the latest version available. The game keeps introducing new updates for the app advancement with the latest technologies and to fix any issues. Updating the app can fix the problem.

    To update Pokemon Go on an Android phone, follow the below steps:

    • Go to Google Play Store and tap on the Hamburger Menu button.
    • Navigate to “My apps games”.
    • In the search bar, enter “Pokemon Go” and open it.
    • Click the Update button to commence the update process.

    To update Pokemon Go on an iPhone, follow the below steps:

    • 1. Go to App Store.
    • 2. Click on the Today button.
    • 3. Click the Profile button.
    • 4. Open the Pokemon Go app and tap the “Update” button.

    After successfully updating a Pokemon Go app, check if the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working on the iPhone problem is gone or not.

    Disable Battery Saver In Pokemon’s Go Settings.

    Is Adventure Sync not working on Android? If so, then enabled Battery Saver could be the reason behind it. Adventure Sync is not going to work on Android devices if Battery Saver is enabled. Therefore, disable or turn off Battery Saver in Pokemon’s Go Settings.

    • 1. Open the Pokemon Go app on your phone.
    • 2. Tap the Main menu.
    • 3. Navigate to Settings.
    • 4. Here, turn off the Battery Saver option.

    Repair iOS or Android System When Pokemon Go Adventure Sync Not Working

    The adventure sync not working on Android or iOS might be due to the devie system malfunction. In this case, you can repair the device system to solve this issue. There are several Android or iOS System repair tools that have been recommended by users or bloggers. UltFone Android System Repair is one of the recommended tools to repair Android, and its iOS System Repair recently has a major update to support iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. It can reinstall iOS without erasing data.

    This video guide will demonstrate how this software solve 150 iOS/iPadOS system issues without data loss.

    The Bottom Line

    We hope that the tips mentioned here have helped you fix the Pokemon Go Adventure Sync not working problem. Of course, it’s maddening when Adventure Sync not counting steps. But have some patience and try the above tips.

    • One click to change iPhone location without jailbreak
    • teleport your location to anywhere in the world
    • Prevent from being tracked by someone else
    • Support the newest iPhone 14 series and iOS/iPadOS 16/15

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