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Arlo Pro 4 and Pro 4 XL Review

Cheaper than its predecessor yet offering the same excellent image quality and features, plus the option to connect directly to Wi-Fi, the Arlo Pro 4 (and Pro 4 XL) is the ultimate indoor/outdoor camera. It requires a subscription to get the most out of it, but the price is worth it. If you’re looking for […]


Cheaper than its predecessor yet offering the same excellent image quality and features, plus the option to connect directly to Wi-Fi, the Arlo Pro 4 (and Pro 4 XL) is the ultimate indoor/outdoor camera. It requires a subscription to get the most out of it, but the price is worth it. If you’re looking for a top-quality, battery-powered camera, then this is the model for you.

  • Excellent quality
  • Works with Wi-Fi or base station
  • Smart features through Cloud subscription


If there was one thing holding back the Arlo range of security cameras it was the need (and expense) of having to have a base station to which to connect the cameras. The Arlo Pro 4 addresses this issue, removing the need for a base station and hooking up directly to your Wi-Fi network. We also now have the Arlo Pro 4 XL, which is the same physical camera only housed in a larger case with an extra-large battery. As both have the same security features, I’ve covered them both in this review.

Cheaper than the Pro 3 it replaces, yet maintaining the same image quality and features, this is one of the best indoor/outdoor wireless cameras you can buy.

Design and installation

Sit the Arlo Pro 4 next to the Arlo Pro 3 and you’re unlikely to spot any physical differences. Both cameras are sleek, white and lozenge-shaped, measuring 89 x 52 x 78mm. In the box you get a single magnetic mount that you can attach to a wall inside or out, although you can use the screw-mount underneath if you’d rather have a more flexible stand.

As with the rest of the Arlo range, the Pro 4 is powered by its internal battery. Pressing the release button once on the chassis slides the camera forward, but it stops at a locking position, so you can’t accidentally eject it onto the floor.

Once the centre has been ejected, you can remove the battery and charge it in an Arlo battery charger, if you have one. It may just be easier to remove the entire camera, battery installed, and use the provided magnetic cable. Optionally, you can buy a longer charging cable to permanently power the camera.

The Arlo Pro 4 XL has the same physical camera element, but this slides into a larger case that houses the larger battery. Again, you can charge the battery in an external charger or you can use the clip-on magnetic cable. Due to the size of the Pro 4 XL, it doesn’t work with the magnetic mount and must be attached to the screw mount. That’s similar to the Arlo Go 2, the cellular camera, which also has a larger battery.

It’s with the internals that the Pro 3 and Pro 4 differ. While the Pro 3 could connect via an Arlo base station only, the Pro 4 can connect to your standard Wi-Fi network or the base station.

The former option is likely to be cheaper for many, since you don’t need any additional hardware. It can make the camera a little more flexible to control, too, as you can see below. Some may find the base useful, as you may get a stronger connection and you can add offline recording.

About the Brand

Arlo is an award-winning industry pioneer who is changing how people experience the connected lifestyle. The company’s Cloud-based platform gives users visibility, insight, and a powerful way to protect and connect with the people and things that matter most in real-time.

Having been founded in 2014, Arlo has been making high-quality cameras for nearly a decade. They have made a name for themselves in the security industry thanks to their DIY-friendly ethos, durable, well-designed cameras, and Smart approach to protecting customers’ property and families.

The cameras not only look Smart, but they also work Smart. Arlo wireless security cameras have consistently outperformed the competition in terms of equipment design, functionality, value, and ease of use.

Arlo has a customer base of more than 4 million users who stand by their products and love the look, feel, and power of Arlo cameras. It is all about style, and their accessories are no exception. Magnetic wall mounts enhance the user-installation experience by allowing you to swivel and tilt the camera body around to get the best viewing angle.

The Arlo Pro 5 wireless security cameras, on the other hand, are high-resolution, weather-resistant security cameras that not only capture motion-triggered video but also shine a bright light on whatever is moving around on your property.

The Arlo Pro 5S 2K is a high-performance security camera with Wi-Fi built-in. When not in use, the device operates on the lowest power Band to extend battery life and reduce noise. Both indoor and outdoor security cameras send live footage of your home directly to your phone.

“Pro 5S is hands down the most secure and reliable camera Arlo has engineered to date,” said Tim Johnston, SVP of Product at Arlo, “Integrating three wireless technologies into one extremely compact form factor ensures users are better equipped to protect their everything. The redesigned, intuitive Arlo Secure App enhances the overall Pro 5S experience by providing frictionless access to the most comprehensive monitoring tools available.”


The Arlo Pro 5 security cameras are available in either all black or black and white. They are nice and small, so they won’t be an eyesore wherever you put them. They are also completely wireless, so no finicky setup is required.

These cameras come with everything you need to get started. A wall mount, rechargeable battery, magnetic charging cable, wall mount screw kit, quick start guide, and an Arlo monitoring decal are included. The camera can be mounted almost anywhere, including an outside wall of your home, because it is both UV and weather-resistant, and it has a motion-activated spotlight to illuminate dark spots at night.

Installation Set Up

Follow these simple steps to install and set up your Arlo pro 5 wireless security cameras.

  • To get started, download the Arlo smartphone app, which is available for both iOS and Android.
  • Remove the lens and insert the rechargeable battery,
  • Press the button on the device’s underside, then plug in the camera using the included magnetic charging cable.
  • Wait for the LED light to flash blue before selecting Add New Device.
  • Then choose the camera model.
  • If you’re plugging the camera into a wall outlet, measure the length of the cord required. To prevent tampering, use an outdoor outlet with a weatherproof box that is locked. You can also run the cable through your garage.
  • Now that you have this enter your Wi-Fi password, and then name the device. The app configures the rest of the technology for you; the entire process takes about 5 minutes.
  • Now it’s time to put some holes in the wall. Great! First, you’ll want to affix the camera’s wall plate to your wall. You may need to drill pilot holes for wall anchors, but otherwise, screw the mount into the wood and attach your camera to the mount.
  • Then check the video stream with your app and adjust its position.
  • Use cable clips to secure the cable to your exterior wall as needed.
  • Now Secure the adapter plate to the wall as you did with the camera mount. As you move along the cord, make sure you mount your camera’s power adapter above snow and flood levels.
  • You may consider concealing the cord and cable clips with paint to match your house. Remember, you can’t paint your adapter box or the camera and cord connections.
  • Arlo cameras rely solely on motion detection to determine when to begin recording a video clip. Using the Arlo app, you can test its effectiveness and adjust its sensitivity. Because the sensitivity setting isn’t universal, you’ll need to adjust your arming modes.
  • Arming an Arlo camera instructs it to begin sending notifications and recording video clips. It’s also an excellent way to safeguard your privacy. We recommend that you arm your camera whenever you leave the house or go to bed.

However, if you have trouble with installation, we recommend that you call a trusted technician to help with installation.

First Impressions

On the outside, the Arlo Ultra doesn’t look terribly different from its predecessor, the Arlo Pro 2. The face is black and pill-shaped while the rest of the camera is a stark white. It’s pretty minimalist and sleek, a look I’m definitely into. I’m not loving how the lens protrudes from the camera’s face, but that’s a personal preference.

It’s also worth noting that the Arlo Ultra comes with a motion-activated spotlight as well as a siren built-in. As the camera is indoor/ outdoor, I could see the spotlight coming in handy— if not to reveal an intruder than just to make the area easier to navigate at night. I also love that the Ultra is wireless, as this means they’ll be no clunky wires to distract from my feng shui.

The camera has a magnetic mount, which I appreciate as it makes for easy installation. I also like that the camera charges via a magnetic plate, and the battery is totally removable. So all in all, I’m liking the design, but let’s see what all the ruckus is about and actually use this camera.

arlo, extend, battery, life, step

Necessary Features

I truly don’t know where I’d be without our Necessary Features Test. It’s my compass that tells a bad camera apart from a good camera apart from an amazing camera. Let’s see if the Arlo Ultra has what it takes to pass our test.

The Arlo Ultra’s video quality is what makes it stand out from the majority of security cameras currently on the market. Typically, the standard video display of a home security camera is 1080p HD. 4K resolution, on the other hand, can appear twice as clear as 1080p HD.

Unfortunately, the Arlo Ultra 4K can’t actually shoot in 4K. Initially, I was baffled. How can a camera that has 4K in its name only stream in 1080p HD? I checked myself multiple times and tried to upgrade, but the hard truth is that the Arlo 4K can’t actually produce what it says it can. In any case, you’ll need to either pay an extra 450.99 a month to get 4K Cloud recording, which seems like a rip-off as it’s in the name of the product.

Despite this, I am happy with the camera’s 1080p HD video display, so full marks for video.

Night Vision

The Arlo Ultra is pretty unique when it comes to night vision. It has two LED sensors that produce infrared light, allowing the camera to see in the dark and produce black and white footage.

However, the camera also has color night vision from its motion-activated spotlight. As you can see, both of the night vision video displays are pretty clear, so I’m happy with the night vision.

arlo, extend, battery, life, step

Audio Quality

Of course, the Arlo Ultra comes with two-way audio which allows you to talk with whoever you’re recording. I believe every security camera should include two-way audio, as it’s super useful for scaring away intruders. Full marks for audio!


Arlo Basic Arlo Smart Arlo Smart Premier Arlo Smart Elite Premium Video Recording Add-on
Amount of Cloud Storage 0 Days 30 Days 30 Days 60 Days Continuous recording for 14 days or 30 days
4K Cloud Recording No No No No Yes
Advanced A.I. Detection No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max Amout of Cameras 5 1 per add-on subscription 10 20 1 per add-on subscription
Monthly Price

Video Review

Twice the amount of pixels as 1080p HD means footage twice as clear. Discover how you can get the Arlo Ultra.

You’ll control your fancy new Arlo Ultra through the Arlo app. Here, you’ll be able to livestream footage, control device settings, talk through two-way audio, connect to Smart home platforms, receive notifications, and view Cloud storage. The app has decent ratings of 3.9 and four on the Apple and Google Play stores, respectively. Unfortunately, as I said before, there’s a delay between the camera and the app’s livestream. Clearly, this is a huge issue if you do have an intrusion. However, since the app’s ratings are generally positive, I feel comfortable saying that the app itself is useful.


5000.99 9.99 14.99 450.99

Although Arlo doesn’t require monthly fees, Arlo Smart Home provides a ton of value to make your notifications even more specific. Uncover your options.

With a security camera, you want to make sure you have a way to back up your footage. Actually, you really should have two ways of backing up your footage in case one of them fails. Luckily, Arlo offers both Cloud and local storage in the Arlo Smart plans. The Arlo hub has a port for a micro-SD card for local storage, but as far as Cloud storage goes, you’re going to need to invest in a paid plan. Still, the camera gets full marks for having both types of storage available.

Smart Platform Integration

As you can see on the box above, the Arlo Ultra integrates with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you’ll be able to use voice commands to control it.

Artificial Intelligence

So, I have some good news. Your purchase of the Arlo Ultra gives you one year of Arlo Smart Home! Yippee! So what exactly does that give you? Well, a few things. But let’s talk A.I.

With Arlo Smart Home, your Ultra will give you person detection, pet detection, package detection, and even vehicle detection. Being able to tell the difference between moving images is going to give you more specific notifications. Plus, the Ultra offers auto zooming and tracking so it can FOCUS on what’s important— people moving in front of it. For these awesome features included, I’m giving the Arlo Ultra 4K full marks when it comes to artificial intelligence.


So clearly the Arlo Ultra 4K is not what I had hoped for, but I still want to show you how it compares to similar cameras. I chose the Arlo Pro 2, a sister camera, and the Nest Outdoor.

Arlo Pro 2

The Arlo Pro 2 is Arlo’s previous iteration of an indoor/ outdoor camera. Like the Arlo 4K as we learned, the Arlo Pro 2 has 1080p HD video display, the industry standard. Its field of view is 50 degrees more narrow than the Ultra’s at 130, which is still pretty wide. Both of the cameras offer two-way audio plus integrations with Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

Unlike the Ultra, the Arlo Pro 2 does not come with Arlo Smart Home, so you’ll need to purchase person detection, pet detection, and other useful features. The Arlo Pro 2’s big advantage over the Arlo Ultra 4K, besides being true to its advertisement, are its lack of battery and connectivity issues. It also comes with a week of Cloud storage on the house, which the Ultra lacks. Overall, I would definitely buy the Arlo Pro 2 over the Arlo Ultra 4K. It’s only 220, compared to the 400 I paid for the Arlo Ultra 4K.

Nest Cam Outdoor

The Nest Cam Outdoor costs half as much as the Arlo Ultra 4K at a cool 200, still on the higher-end for home security cameras. Like the Ultra, it records in 1080p HD, with a field of view 50 degrees narrower than the Ultra at 130 degrees, just like the Arlo Pro 2! Both of the cameras have great infrared night vision, two-way audio, and integrations with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Unfortunately, the Nest Outdoor has no local storage and only three free hours of Cloud storage. You can buy five days, 10 days or a month of Cloud storage, but it’s going to be a bit pricey, even pricier than Arlo’s Cloud storage options.

While the Nest Outdoor doesn’t include any A.I capabilities, you can purchase person detection and activity zones with Nest Aware. The Arlo Ultra 4K comes with person detection and activity zones, so it has the Nest Outdoor beat in this category.

Again, the Nest Outdoor works as advertised. It records in 1080p HD, has a normal battery life and no serious connectivity issues. Plus it’s half the cost of the Ultra, so I’d buy the Nest Outdoor over the Arlo Ultra 4K camera any day of the week. For more information, read my full review of the Nest Cam Outdoor.

arlo, extend, battery, life, step

See how Arlo measures up in the industry

We tested Arlo and compared it side-by-side with other brands to give you the full picture.


Not to harp on the issue, but I think it’s pretty clear that the Arlo Ultra 4K Camera is not a worthwhile investment, at least not yet. For a camera that has 4K in the title, it’s pretty shocking that the camera can’t actually shoot in 4K. And that’s a shame because this camera shines in a lot of other ways, be it infrared and color night vision, two-way audio, Cloud, and local storage, Smart platform integrations with Google and Amazon, or person and pet detection. Hopefully when the camera is rereleased Arlo will have fixed its issues.

Find out if the Arlo Ultra is right for you in our full analysis of the Arlo cameras, or our Arlo Pro 3 review for another option. Explore packages.


The Arlo Ultra is a stylish-looking product, with the same classic-looking white-and-black design shared by previous generations of Arlo security cameras. The camera itself has a black face, the upper part of which houses the camera lens and spotlight, while the rest of the device is white, and can be removed in one piece to make changing the battery a cinch. If you’d rather hard-wire the camera, you’ll find charging pins for the magnetic cable, which snaps into position, on the bottom of the unit.

There are two ways to mount the camera. As standard, the camera comes with a magnetic base that can be fixed to a wall, although the camera can be detached from this mount easily, making it not suitable if the camera is within reach of anyone that might be snooping around your property. There’s also a connector for a screw mount on the back of the camera, although the screw mount itself is an optional extra. We found it pretty simple to screw the base into a wall, then attach the camera magnetically to that base and position it so its field of view fully covered the front of our property.

Arlo cameras work through the Arlo SmartHub, so if you haven’t used an Arlo camera before you’ll need a hub to complete your Arlo setup – you get one in the box with the starter kit.

The design of the SmartHub matches that of the camera – it’s mostly white, and looks stylish and unobtrusive. It features a power input and an ethernet port, and during the setup process you’ll connect it to your Wi-Fi router.


The Arlo Ultra itself is pretty easy to set up. You need to download the Arlo app and follow the on-screen instructions, and during this process you’ll be told to plug the SmartHub into your router, insert the battery into the camera, and so on. The whole setup process is really very simple, but if you’re at all intimidated, the app walks you through every step.

Once the Arlo Ultra is physically set up, you may want to adjust a few settings in the app. For example, we quickly set up geofencing, whereby the camera turned itself on or off based on whether we were away or at home. with our location being shared with the camera from out smartphone. Among other things you can also change the name of the camera, and adjust the speaker and microphone volume.

After that, it requires little attention. unless something bad happens. If your camera is set to turn on when you’re gone, and off when you’re home, you should only get notifications when the camera detects motion or other events happen.

We were impressed with the notifications, as not only do they include a snapshot of the motion, they also offer quick access to actions such as sounding a siren or calling a friend to alert them to the issue without you having to launch the app.

Of course, there’s also image quality to consider, especially given that this is one of the few 4K home security cameras out there.

The good news is that image quality from the Arlo Ultra is excellent. The high resolution allows for a 12x zoom, enabling you to zoom in to examine areas in detail when viewing footage through the Arlo app. It offers HDR support too so even if the sun is shining brightly or very dark shadows are being cast, areas of detail won’t be lost. The camera has a 180-degree field of view, but without the distorted fisheye effect that some other security cameras create, and color night vision. It goes a step further than other systems by offering automatic zooming and motion tracking (although this reduces the quality of the video to HD).

The Arlo Ultra captures high-resolution footage with bright colors, and its super-wide field-of-view means it should be able to capture most of what happens outside your door, in your home, or wherever else you place it.

Footage taken at night is of very good quality too. Details are crisp and sharp, and we found it easy to make out what was going on in the pictures. If you want color footage, you can choose to have the floodlight illuminate when motion is sensed at night

Audio quality is also good. There’s a dual-microphone array, and the camera has noise-cancellation tech to cut out wind noise, which comes in handy for two-way audio if you need to use it.

The Arlo Ultra works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit, so you can ask your preferred assistant to show footage from the camera on your TV, view a live feed in your preferred Smart home app, and so on.


In general, the Arlo app is well-designed and easy to use, especially after you’ve had it for a few days and fine-tuned the settings to your liking.

On the home screen, you’ll find a feed from all of your cameras that are set up, along with buttons to access the settings for your SmartHub and each camera. You can also quickly and easily add new cameras and devices through this screen.

The settings for each device are also fairly easy to access. From the settings menu of the camera, you can switch cameras on and off easily, check the battery level of your device, change the video quality, and set up ‘zones’ so that you’re only alerted when motion is detected in these areas.

If you subscribe to Arlo Smart you’ll also be able to choose if you only want to be alerted about certain types of motion detected by the camera, for example when a person or vehicle is detected.

Elsewhere, you can see a list of events in the Library section, and set the different modes your cameras are in from the Mode tab. Last but not least is the Settings tab, from which you can set up notifications, your profile, manage your subscription, and so on.

arlo, extend, battery, life, step

We think most users will be able to easily navigate the app, and it offers a good range of features.

Battery life

Arlo claims the battery in the Arlo Ultra will last anywhere from three to six months between charges. Due to our making heavy use of the camera for this review we’re not able to give figures for ‘typical’ use, but how long the battery lasts will depend upon how often motion is detected, how many times Live View is activated, and whether the two-way microphone and speaker are used. We found it took around three and a half hours to recharge the battery using the bundled USB cable and power adapter.

Why is Arlo Essential Not Responding to Remote?

If you find that your Arlo Essential is not responding to the remote control, it may be because the batteries need to be replaced. You’ll know the batteries need to be replaced when the LED on the camera blinks red four times. To remove the battery from your Arlo Essential, locate the battery compartment on the bottom of the camera.

The battery compartment is located under the removable panel. To remove the panel, use a small Phillips head screwdriver to remove the two screws that secure the panel. Once the screws are removed, the panel will come off easily. Locate the battery compartment and open it.

You should see two batteries inside. Remove both batteries and replace them with new ones. Close the battery compartment and replace the panel.

How Much It Would Take the Cost to Replace a Brand New Battery for Arlo Essential Camera

The cost of replacing a brand-new battery for an Arlo Essential Camera will depend on the model. Generally speaking, replacement batteries range from 20 – 50 depending on the capacity and type.

Additionally, some models require special tools or parts to replace the battery, which can add to the cost. Ultimately, it is best to contact an authorized Arlo retailer or service center to get a quote on the cost of replacing the battery.

If you are looking for ways to save money, there are other options available as well. For example, many third-party companies offer compatible batteries at lower than Arlo’s official products.

however, if the battery is still under warranty, Arlo may be able to replace it for free. Additionally, some retailers offer discounts or other promotions to help lower the cost of replacement batteries.

In any case, if the battery is completely irreplaceable, it’s best to contact the manufacturer or an authorized retailer for advice on how to proceed.

It is important to remember that buying a compatible battery may void the warranty of your Arlo Essential Camera, so be sure to read all the terms and conditions before making any decisions.

Final Words

Battery removal from Arlo Essential camera is a simple process that can be accomplished in a few minutes. First, remove the screw on the back of the camera using a Phillips head screwdriver. Next, slide the battery cover off of the camera. The battery will then be accessible and can be removed by sliding it out in the direction of the arrow.

To replace the battery, follow these same steps in reverse order. Reattach the screw to keep your camera secure after replacing the battery. We hope this guide on how to remove battery from arlo essential camera was helpful. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Arlo customer support for assistance. Thanks for reading!

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