Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Review: Our Top Pick, Despite the Price. Apple battery pack firmware

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Review: Our Top Pick, Despite the Price

Yes, it’s a touch expensive. But it’s also the by far the best MagSafe portable battery for your new iPhone.

If you own a late-model iPhone and burn through your battery on a daily basis, well, you’re lucky to be living in 2022. These days, there are quite a few portable batteries that work with MagSafe, many of which are made by renown third-party accessories makers like Mophie, Belkin, Anker and OtterBox.

However, in my experience, they all fall short in comparison to the MagSafe external battery that Apple makes.

So if you an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 and you’re looking for a portable power bank, get the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack. It’s the best way to charge your iPhone on-the-go, while still being able to use your iPhone. Here’s why.

It’s smarter than any other MagSafe portable charger.

The biggest advantage of the MagSafe Battery Pack is its tight integration with iOS — which means it works in ways with your iPhone that other portable batteries simply cannot. It’s the only portable battery that spurs the reveal of a big MagSafe icon on your iPhone’s display when connected. It’s only the portable battery that you can check its exact power level from the Control Center, just like you can from a connected Apple Watch or Airpods. And it’s Smart enough to stop charging your iPhone when it reaches 90 percent to preserve its battery life. (However, you can choose to let it top off your iPhone by adjusting the settings.)

You can check how much battery the MagSafe Battery Pack has any time it’s attached to your iPhone. Just open the Control Center.

It’s easy to use this MagSafe battery pack.

If you use any other portable battery pack with your iPhone, whether it supports MagSafe or not, you’ll realize that each requires you to press a button on the charger to start charging your iPhone; simply connecting to your phone isn’t enough. It’s annoying, because it’s another extra step that you can forget.

With the MagSafe Battery Pack, however, there’s no button to initiate charging. Once connected, it starts charging your iPhone automatically. It’s beautiful.

Right when you attach the MagSafe Battery Pack to your iPhone 12 or 13, it shows this graphic that tells you how much charge is both the iPhone and the battery have left.

Apple’s MagSafe pack supports fast-charging. but there’s a catch.

The big advantage to MagSafe charging in general is that it can wirelessly charge a compatible iPhone at 15 watts, rather than the 7.5-watt max of other Qi wireless chargers. And the MagSafe Battery Pack can also do this. but only when used as a wired MagSafe charger with a 20-watt wall adapter. Effectively, it can be turned into a regular MagSafe charger — which is cool.

Also, the MagSafe Battery Pack is capable of wireless charging your iPhone faster when not connected to power. In April 2022, Apple silently rolled out a firmware update that allows the MagSafe Battery Pack to fast charge your iPhone at 7.5-watts, which is up from the standard 5-watts that all other options are capable of. This means it can top off your iPhone pretty quick.

(Note: To get these faster wireless charging speeds, your MagSafe Battery Pack needs to be running the latest 2.7.b.0 firmware. To check this, connect the MagSafe Battery Pack to your iPhone open the Settings app select General select About and then select MagSafe Battery Pack. If it’s not running the latest firmware update, it will update on its own.)

apple, magsafe, battery, pack, review

This portable battery supports pass-through charging.

You’d think that most portable batteries that support MagSafe would also support pass-through charging — meaning you could charge both devices while connected to each other — but that isn’t the case. The MagSafe Battery Pack is one of the few options that, when connected to any iPhone and a Lightning cable, it’ll charge your iPhone first, then refill the MagSafe Battery Pack. No need to disconnect the two devices.

There are other MagSafe-compatible portable chargers, like this one from OtterBox, which are higher-capacity and more affordable, but they lack the same Smart features as the MagSafe Battery Pack.

Apple’s MagSafe battery pack is the best. but it’s not perfect.

I’ve had the opportunity to test a lot of different portable batteries that support MagSafe, and Apple’s own is definitely my favorite. However, it’s far from ideal — just ask the YouTube videos condemning it. At 1,460mAh, it’s one of the lowest capacity chargers out there. It costs 99 (or 88 on Amazon), making it one of the most expensive options. And it’s only available in white, so you’re going to have to buy a skin if you want it to match your iPhone case.

Maybe the biggest annoyance for me is that it can’t wireless charge itself when not connected to an iPhone; if you put it on another MagSafe wireless charger, like the MagSafe Duo, it won’t charge. It’s stupid and frustrating, especially from the company that pioneered the philosophy of it just works; that said, many other options also can’t wireless charge themselves, so it’s nowhere near a deal breaker.

The bottom line is that MagSafe Battery Pack is very similar to Apple’s Airpods — it works with your iPhone in ways other options simply cannot. And ultimately, that’s why you should pick it. Even it’s a touch more expensive.

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack Can Now Charge at 7.5W Wirelessly—Here’s How to Update Firmware

Apple brings an update for the MagSafe Battery Pack, and the new firmware gives the public a chance to have a faster experience with the portable wireless charging bank. The latest update will bring as much as 7.5W of output via the magnets at the back of the device and charge the iPhone faster than its previous version.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack Firmware Update

Apple’s support document details the use of the MagSafe battery pack, and it focuses on the way to charge the smartphone device wirelessly, on the go. It also said that users can now charge it at a higher rate, specifically with 7.5W of power that the device can directly output from its recent firmware update from the Cupertino giant.

The company said that users may update their MagSafe battery packs now, and it would be available for all devices to connect. The charging pack’s update will ensure that the device will output more power and bring a faster charging experience, especially as its original output is only five watts for charging the iPhone.

apple, magsafe, battery, pack, review

How to Update the MagSafe Battery Pack

According to Mac Rumors, there are plenty of methods to update the MagSafe battery pack, and it will only require three things. One is the power cord, the MagSafe battery pack, and an Apple device.

Using the iPhone would take a long time to update the battery pack, so it is recommended to use the Mac or iPad to download and install it in five minutes or more.

Apple and its MagSafe Features

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack was released for public sale last July 2021, and it changed how users charge on the go from traditional power banks that require wires. Users may opt to use the MagSafe charging wire for the iPhone and hook it up on power banks, but it will have loose wires and other things to carry for replenishing the device.

The MagSafe attaches to the back of the iPhone and latches itself using the magnets, and it can easily attach and detach to the smartphone. It also helps avoid using the dedicated charging port that may wear out for its prolonged use, hence the importance of this wireless charging feature.

apple, magsafe, battery, pack, review

Other companies released their takes on the MagSafe, and one of them is Anker’s power device.

The MagSafe battery pack has a low wattage for power output in its original release, with only 5 watts of the production for the iPhone. While that is sufficient to charge the device at an adequate rate, having extra power is better, and the battery can take it.

Apple’s latest firmware update will help in reducing the charging time and increase power for the power pack.

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How To Update MagSafe Battery Pack Firmware

Wondering how to update MagSafe Battery Pack firmware? It’s something people rush to Google whenever they hear that Apple has updated the MagSafe Battery Pack’s firmware. And people rush to Google how to update MagSafe Battery Pack firmware, because Apple doesn’t provide much guidance on doing so.

This is very un-Apple-like. When it comes to software updates for its other devices (like the iPhone or Mac), Apple makes it VERY easy to see when an update is available – and makes it super easy to manually download the update. But not so with MagSafe Battery Pack firmware. Here’s what you need to know…

What Is Firmware?

It’s easiest to think of firmware as permanent software that gets installed on a device. This device can be anything from a smartphone to a computer to a video game console to, yes, the MagSafe Battery Pack.

Firmware can usually never be uninstalled or downgraded, which regular software updates allow for. The only thing you can normally do is replace the existing firmware with a new updated firmware. And when you do that it’s known as a firmware update.

Firmware updates normally don’t add major new features to a device. Instead, they fix critical bugs deep in the hardware layer, or occasionally they might allow an accessory to work with a new device. For example, a wireless charger might get a firmware update in order for it to work with the latest smartphones.

What Do MagSafe Battery Pack Firmware Updates Do?

Apple almost never reveals what a MagSafe Battery Pack update does. This means there is no way of knowing what the firmware update does unless someone happens to notice a change themselves post-update. Sometimes people post this anecdotal observation online, which is your best be for ever finding out what a firmware update does.

How to Update Your MagSafe Battery Pack Firmware

When it comes to firmware updates for its accessories, Apple provides no way to manually initiate the firmware update. As a matter of fact, Apple will never even tell you there is a firmware update available for the MagSafe Battery Pack.

Instead, Apple pushes the firmware update out quietly over its network, which is then downloaded to your iPhone and transferred to the MagSafe Battery Pack the next time it’s connected. It’s all very hush-hush and a completely opaque process.

How do I Find Out What Firmware My MagSafe Battery Pack Has?

When it comes to MagSafe Battery Pack firmware update, about the only thing you can see transparently with them is what version of firmware is currently installed on MagSafe Battery Pack. This, thankfully, is easy to find out.

  • Connect your MagSafe Battery Pack to your iPhone. Make sure it is solidly connected to it, which shouldn’t be a problem as it will just snap on in place (that’s the magic of MagSafe).
  • Next, open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Tap General.
  • Tap About.
  • Scroll down a ways until you see “MagSafe Battery Pack” and tap on it.

On the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack page, you’ll see the firmware version listed. It is usually a series of numbers and letters mixed together, but it could also just be numbers and decimal places.

If your current firmware number doesn’t match the latest firmware version number that you heard about online, just leave the battery pack connected to the iPhone and it’ll update eventually.

MagSafe Battery Pack Able to Charge at 7.5W Speeds Following Firmware Update

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is now able to charge at a faster 7.5W thanks to a recent firmware update. Charging abilities are now raised from the previous 5W.

The latest firmware update for the MagSafe Battery Pack became available earlier this week. As MacRumors reports, the 2.7.b.0 update brought the ability to charge at a faster and higher rate.

Updating the MagSafe Battery Pack can be done by attaching it to an iPhone. However, many recommend updating the device by using an iPad or Mac device. This ensures a faster experience for the user as utilizing an iPhone for an update can take exceedingly longer. Users can attach the MagSafe Battery Pack to a Lightning cable and plus the USB side to an iPad or Mac.

In order to receive 7.5W charging, the 2.7.b.0 update is required. Users can double-check which firmware their device is running by attaching it to an iPhone. By navigating to ‘Settings,’ users can go to ‘General’ and click ‘About.’ ‌Here, they can see the current firmware that’s being used.

Even with the latest update, the MagSafe Battery Pack’s best charging status is when it is plugged in. When using a Lightning cable, the battery can charge at its full 15W. Though, a power source is required for the MagSafe Battery Pack to ever reach that potential. However, the 7.5W charge is very comparable to other Qi chargers.

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apple, magsafe, battery, pack, review

Update your MagSafe Battery Pack to charge your iPhone faster

Every once in a while, Apple sneaks a big new feature into an update without letting users know ahead of time. That appears to be what happened with the latest firmware update for the MagSafe Battery Pack. In a support article on its website, Apple confirmed that Firmware Version 2.7 increases the charging speed of the MagSafe accessory. Previously, the MagSafe Battery Pack offered 5W charging on the go. It’s now capable of 7.5W charging.

MagSafe Battery Pack charging speeds increased

Apple launched the 99 MagSafe Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 last August. The accessory snaps onto the back of an iPhone and charges it automatically when the battery life begins dropping. It’s also compatible with the entire iPhone 13 line.

When you plug the pack into a 20W or higher power source, it can charge your iPhone with up to 15W of power. Unplugged, it was previously capable of outputting 5W of power, but it jumped to 7.5W after the latest update. At this point, MagSafe Battery Pack owners may be wondering how to update the accessory as quickly as possible.

As Apple explains, the firmware update will begin automatically when you attach a Magsafe Battery Pack to your iPhone. Unfortunately, the update takes “about one week” to complete using this method. If you want the update right away, there is another method:

To update the firmware using a Mac or iPad, plug one end of a Lightning to USB cable into the Lightning connector on your battery pack, and the other end into your Mac or iPad. The firmware update will take about 5 minutes.

If you want to make sure that you are running the latest firmware version, go to Settings General About MagSafe Battery Pack on your iPhone.

Pros and cons

Reviews for Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack were generally positive when it launched last year, but 5W charging is nothing to write home about. Upgrading the unplugged charging speeds by 50% will certainly make the accessory even more useful, as it can’t provide a full charge anyway. It might as well expend its charge as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, this could lead to overheating issues. Last October, The Verge’s Sean Hollister complained about his iPhone 12 mini being “uncomfortably warm to hold” with a MagSafe Battery Pack attached. That was when the accessory could only output 5W of power. Now that it’s charging iPhones 1.5x as fast, will it get even hotter?

The firmware update just started rolling out this week. It might be worth waiting until more battery pack owners report back before updating.

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