Apple MagSafe Battery Pack review. iPhone magnetic power bank

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack review

apple, magsafe, battery, pack

Best Today: Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

We all know that the battery life of a phone is not limitless and that iPhones do not have a great reputation for lasting as long on one charge as other smartphones.

Unless you stick close to a power outlet, you’ll need a power bank or battery case to top up on the move.

Apple’s recent iPhones boast a technology called MagSafe that offers a tidier solution than carrying around a cabled power bank.

It allows enabled accessories to magnetically latch on to the back of the iPhone for wireless charging or other functions.

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack offers a power boost when your iPhone’s internal battery is running out on you.


The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is a compact (96-x-64-11cm) white brick that weighs 114g.

Clamped to the back of a white iPhone, it creates a hump reminiscent of Apple’s old Smart Battery Case, see above left.

That full Smart Battery Case (sadly unavailable for iPhone 12, 13 or 14 ranges) was derided for its humpback, but we loved it for its Smart features, battery life and all-round protective duties. We have tested a third-party alternative – the Newdery Battery Case for iPhone 13 and 13 Pro – if you desire the protection and can live without the Apple logo, Smart features and official certification.

The MagSafe Battery Pack is similar in looks when magnetically locked to the phone but lacks the robust protection you get with a battery case.

You can, and should, of course, keep your precious phone in a protective case, and then to use this battery pack you’ll need to buy a MagSafe-friendly case.

While it matches well with a white iPhone, the lack of MagSafe Battery Pack colour options means it will literally stick out on any other colour iPhone. In comparison, Anker’s similar MagGo 622 battery pack comes in five mellow colours. Read our Anker MagGo 622 Battery Pack review.

Apple’s pack charges via Lightning cable rather than USB-C (used by Anker and other magnetic power bank makers), but this makes sense as all iPhone users will have a Lightning cable to hand. USB-C is the future, though, and these days fewer wall chargers come with old-standard USB-A ports that work with regular Lightning-to-USB cables. No cable is included with the Pack.

The magnetic clamp is strong, allaying fears that it might slip off the phone and get damaged or lost.

apple, magsafe, battery, pack

Battery capacity

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack has a 1,460mAh battery capacity. An iPhone 12 mini’s internal battery is rated at 2,227mAh, an iPhone 13 at 3,227mAh, and a 13 Pro Max at 4,352mAh.

(We’ve listed the battery capacities of every iPhone for your delectation.)

The Apple Battery Pack therefore looks a bit puny in power capacity – especially in light of the Anker MagGo 622’s 5,000mAh capacity. But milliamp hours don’t tell the whole story.

The Apple pack has a higher voltage potential (7.62V) than the iPhone (3.81V) or the Anker pack, meaning that it can provide more power to an iPhone than its mAh suggests; in fact, it works out as equivalent to 2,920mAh.

It makes more sense to compare each battery’s Watt Hour specification. The difference between Anker’s 19.13Wh and Apple’s 11.13Wh is still great (172% more power from Anker) but less distant than the unadjusted milliamp rating first suggests.

That’s the good news, but there’s a further blow to the battery power… and not just for the Apple pack. The Apple Battery Pack should be able to nearly fully charge an iPhone 13 Pro, but it doesn’t get close because of the inherent inefficiency of wireless charging.

When charging wirelessly, up to a staggering 50% of a battery pack’s charge to the phone can be lost to bad placement and heat loss, plus other environmental factors – compared to a wired charging connection.

As the magnetic fit is so precise and strongly locked, MagSafe wireless charging is much more efficient than standard Qi wireless charging where the device just sits on top of the charger. Anyone who has fiddled their phone into the correct position for wireless charging to commence will know that placement isn’t always easy. With MagSafe, it locks into the exact position.

MagSafe charging remains inefficient (it’s still wireless after all) but maybe loses only 30% of the attached battery charge because the placement is so precise – and that brings the Apple pack closer still to the Anker pack because the higher-capacity battery loses more of its charge at 30% than the smaller one.

apple, magsafe, battery, pack

For wired MagSafe charging, read our roundup of the best MagSafe chargers. Remember that, while wired, the actual charging is wireless so comes with the same limitations, although, when connected to a 20W or higher wall charger, it can charge an iPhone 12/13 at up to 15W compared to the MagSafe Battery Pack’s 7.5W.

Charging power

When Apple originally released the MagSafe Battery Pack it could charge an iPhone at just 5W, comparing poorly to rival magnetic battery packs that charge at 7.5W.

Thankfully, Apple has fixed this inadequacy with a firmware update (2.7).

If you already own the Battery Pack, to get 7.5W charging on the go you need to update it to the latest firmware. This can be done in two ways: one extremely slow, one super-fast. Guess which one we recommend.

The firmware update can begin automatically after you attach your battery pack to your iPhone but this method can take about a week!

If you’d prefer an update that takes five minutes, plug your Lightning cable into the battery pack and the other end into your Mac or iPad. The firmware update will then speedily bring your pack up to date and raring to go at 7.5W.

Battery pack tests

We tested the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack and its rivals with a simple battery recharge shootout. We let our test-unit iPhone 13 Pro (3,095mAh battery capacity) drain to just 5% and then set the Battery Pack to work recharging the phone.

We then assign it a score of whatever percentage it managed to charge the iPhone to and subtract the 5%; we test each model at least twice. It’s not a real-world test of day-to-day use where you’ll likely be using your phone for various tasks (of varying battery usage). But it does give us a score that we can use to compare different battery-pack models.

The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack scored 60% in our test, showing that it won’t supply a 100% recharge, or anywhere near it.

On the plus side, its extra battery life is slightly greater than with Apple’s old Smart Battery Case.

Apple’s Smart advantages

So far we’ve been disappointed by the Apple MagSafe Pack’s battery life, especially in comparison to its cheaper non-Apple rivals.

But, with its advantage of owning the hardware and software, Apple’s battery pack has Smart features up its sleeve that are missing from the alternatives.

For starters, just as with the Airpods, the MagSafe Battery Pack shows its charge in the Battery widget on the iPhone’s Today view – just swipe right from the home screen to see all your Apple battery charge info in one place.

Third-party devices lack this handy iPhone info link.

Apple’s battery pack can charge the phone simultaneously with the Lightning cable, reaching a maximum 15W charge as long as the wall charger is rated at least 27W.

The iPhone can even reverse charge the MagSafe Battery Pack if its internal battery is full and connected to power.

The MagSafe Battery Pack stops providing a charge if the iPhone reaches 90%. This offers your iPhone’s internal battery protection as batteries survive longer when not charged to the maximum each time.

Another protective feature is that if the iPhone becomes too hot, the MagSafe Battery Pack stops charging over 80%.

The MagSafe Battery Pack automatically charges the iPhone, so there’s no need to turn it on or off. Most third-party MagSafe battery packs require you to push a button to initiate charging.


The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is available in one size and one colour (white). It costs US99 / £99 / CA119 / AU139 / €109.

Alternatives from Anker and Belkin are less expensive and with higher battery capacities, but do lack Apple’s smarter features.

The Apple battery pack is compatible with all models of the iPhone 12, 13 and 14 ranges. Some of the larger third-party battery packs are too large for the mini iPhones.


We’d have loved a full protective Smart Battery Case from Apple, as we got for the iPhone 11 and earlier, but Apple has set its heart on MagSafe and so detachable is the only option, and it has to be in white.

Compatible with all models of iPhone 12, 13 and 14, the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is an intelligent and convenient power pack that magnetically clamps to the iPhone.

It’s underpowered compared to cheaper non-Apple alternatives, but it’s smarter and works seamlessly with iOS info widgets.

Baseus Magnetic Power Bank review: Kickstand high capacity make up for size

Baseus Magnetic Power Bank

Baseus Magnetic Power Bank

Magnetic battery packs for iPhone are a dime a dozen, but a useful kickstand, LED display, and large capacity make the Baseus Magnetic Power Bank stand out.

It’s not a secret that we’re fans of Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack, so that makes it all the more difficult to find suitable alternatives. However, Baseus has a great offering that provides desirable features in a not-too-big battery.

We use a handful of metrics to determine if a MagSafe battery pack is worth considering — size, weight, charge potential, and unique feature set. For example, Apple’s battery pack meets in the middle offering a good-enough capacity for its size with a minimalistic design.

Baseus Magnetic Power Bank design and features

The Baseus Magnetic Power Bank has a 10,000mAh capacity with a 20W PD USB-C port. It has a small kickstand hidden in the base and an LED display.

It is made from plastic and rubber materials that attract fingerprints and skin oils, though it’s easy to wipe clean. The magnets stick out from the bottom with a slightly raised lip and have a grippy surface.

Though the battery pack isn’t technically MagSafe, it does cause the MagSafe charging animation to occur when attached. It charges an iPhone at 7.5W when using the wireless charging mode.

The iPhone sees the battery pack as a standard wireless charger, so battery level info is not available within the OS. Instead, the display on the back of the battery provides a charging indicator and battery level.

Power is supplied to the battery through USB-C at up to 18W when connected to power. A USB-C to USB-C cable is included in the box for charging.

The USB-C port is also capable of charging connected devices up to 20W with Power Delivery. This is the faster way to take advantage of the battery‘s 10,000mAh capacity, but it does require a cable.

It is also possible to charge using the wireless charging pad and USB port simultaneously. We tested this by charging Airpods Pro via a cable while the iPhone was on the charging pad. This will chemically deplete the battery faster because of higher current draw than one device solo plus the extra heat generated, so we’d recommend charging only one device at a time.

Baseus says the battery pack will charge an iPhone 14 Pro Max about 1.8 times. This is compared to the 40% battery Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack provides.

This large capacity and number of charges are owed to the battery pack’s size. It isn’t too large, though it is just barely below the threshold of unwieldy.

It measures 4.6 inches long by 2.7 inches wide by 0.8 inches thick. Apple’s is 3.75 inches long by 2.5 inches wide, by 0.43 inches thick.

The magnets are aligned to the top of the battery pack, which means the pack will sit at a comfortable distance from the camera bump on any iPhone model. However, that does mean there will be excess hanging below the iPhone when used in portrait.

The battery pack is also on the heavier side. It weighs 9.6 ounces, which is heavier than the iPhone 14 Pro Max at 7.27 ounces. Apple’s battery pack weighs 4.06 ounces for comparison.

Using the Baseus Magnetic Power Bank

As an iPhone 14 Pro Max user, the Baseus Magnetic Power Bank is a snug fit. Since the iPhone is slightly wider, it means we can comfortably grip the iPhone with the battery pack resting in our palm. However, it does more than double the weight in hand.

The size and weight aren’t too much of an issue since we’re not likely to use the phone while it is attached to this battery pack. It has features centered around keeping the battery pack on a table when charging, which makes sense given its size and weight.

That does mean the Baseus Magnetic Power Bank falls into a different use case versus Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack. We tend to keep Apple’s pack attached even when using the iPhone or carrying it around versus using the Baseus pack when idling at a table.

This isn’t a criticism of the battery pack itself. The larger size results from the feature set and capacity, so it is expected that it would serve a slightly different use case.

The kickstand is small, out of the way, and easy to open and shut. It swings into a fully open position to prop the battery pack in a portrait or landscape orientation.

While the kickstand works in landscape, it offers a much better view in portrait. The iPhone can be rotated independently of the battery pack, which means the iPhone can show a video raised at a better viewing angle.

Either orientation or position feels secure. A bump to the table or devices won’t easily make them topple.

This is where the usefulness of the Baseus Magnetic Power Bank kicks in. Settle down at a table, attach the iPhone, and pop on a video while charging.

This simple feature makes the entire battery pack worth keeping in a bag during travel or commutes. We wouldn’t find much use for the pack when hiking, but idling at an airport, at a restaurant, or just to make it a few extra hours in an app-centric amusement park are the perfect use cases.

Think a few extra hours, not extra days, of use.

There’s also the option of attaching a wire to get a faster, more efficient charge while taking advantage of the magnetic stand. Or, to plug in another device to charge both at once — but we talked about that already.

Should you buy the Baseus Magnetic Power Bank?

Anyone looking for a great travel battery should consider the Baseus Magnetic Power Bank. It won’t fit every use case, but it doesn’t have to.

Existing owners of Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack will find a lot of utility in Baseus’ pack. It covers use cases not addressed by Apple’s while offering a larger charging capacity.

This is a large battery pack, but it isn’t too big. However, we’d recommend buying it for use on a table since that’s where its feature set thrives.

Rating 3.5 out of 5

This is a useful battery pack that does its job well. It offers a magnetic pack on a kickstand that provides plenty of tabletop use cases.

However, its size makes it less useful as a handheld pack. A slightly smaller future model could go a long way to address our concerns.

Where to buy the Baseus Magnetic Power Bank

Get the Baseus Magnetic Power Bank for 59.99 on Amazon. For a limited time, apply the on-page coupon for a 15% discount.

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OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe review: Magception — charge this magnetic battery with MagSafe

Bottom line: OtterBox’s magnetic wireless power bank comes in 3000mAh or 5000mAh capacities, has two colors and has dual-sided magnets. It has a USB-C port to charge other devices at 5W and magnetic charging caps out at 7.5W.


  • Comes in 3000mAh or 5000mAh capacities
  • Has USB-C for charging other devices at 5W
  • Magnetic wireless charging with 7.5W output
  • Small and compact, dual-sided magnets
  • Two colors to choose from
apple, magsafe, battery, pack


  • – Plastic housing feels cheap
  • – No stabilizing line below magnetic ring
  • – Magnetic hold is not very strong
  • – Doesn’t automatically charge upon attaching

You can always trust i.

Our team of Apple experts have years of experience testing all kinds of tech and gadgets, so you can be sure our recommendations and criticisms are accurate and helpful. Find out more about how we test.

When Apple introduced MagSafe with the iPhone 12 lineup, I was intrigued but unsure if it would be a huge deal for me. After all, the first accessories were just wallets and chargers, essentially. But as time passed, more MagSafe accessories came out, including PopSockets and even battery packs. Once these kinds of accessories made their debut, I became hooked — MagSafe is now something I simply cannot do without.

While Apple has its MagSafe Battery Pack, many other brands are coming out with their own versions. Brands like Anker, mophie, RAVPower, and others have magnetic battery packs; though they aren’t officially MagSafe-certified, they work well. OtterBox, a brand known for tough and durable cases, has been branching out into power products recently. The latest addition is the OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe.

How does the OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe stack up with all of the other options out there? Let’s find out.

OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe: Price and availability

While OtterBox products are usually found at multiple big-name retailers, the OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe is only available directly from the OtterBox website. It comes in two capacities: 3000mAh or 5000mAh and both versions are available in either black or white. However, the white version is currently out of stock, but you can sign up for email notifications of when it’s back in stock. The 3000mAh version costs 50, while the 5000mAh version is 70.

OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe: One of the only dual-sided magnetic battery packs

OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe comes in two battery capacities: 3000mAh or 5000mAh. It also comes in two colors: black or white. For my testing unit, I got the black color in 5000mAh.

The OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe is made of a lightweight plastic material that serves as the housing for the battery. Since this is OtterBox, the plastic is supposed to be tough and durable, designed to survive accidental drops. The side that attaches to your phone has a magnetic circle with all of the regulatory information underneath it. The side that faces outward simply has the OtterBox logo towards the bottom. On the bottom edge, you’ll find four LED status indicator lights, a USB-C port, and a button to turn the battery pack on and off — this one does not automatically start charging once you attach it to your iPhone.

On my iPhone 13 Pro, the OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe fits decently, leaving a bit of space at the bottom. I don’t have an iPhone 13 mini, so I can’t test it out myself, but there should not be an issue with that device. However, due to the large camera bump on the iPhone 13 Pros, the fit can vary depending on the case that you choose to use.

With the OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe, you have 7.5W charging speeds via MagSafe, which is a little more than even Apple‘s own MagSafe Battery Pack. However, since this is not an official MagSafe certified charger, you will not get 15W output, nor do you get the MagSafe charging animation on your best iPhone with iOS 15. Still, it’s faster than Apple’s and comes in larger capacities, so that’s a plus. And there is a USB-C port, so you can also use this to charge other non-MagSafe devices with the appropriate cable.

OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe: Magnetic hold is weak, no stabilizing line

One of the most significant issues with the OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe is that there is no stabilizing line underneath the magnetic circle. Because of this, the battery pack itself is quite prone to sliding around, especially if you put it with your phone in a

While MagSafe launched with the iPhone 12 and only had a few supported accessories, there is no shortage of great MagSafe battery packs nowadays. One of my personal favorites is the Anker MagGo 622. This portable little power bank packs in 5000mAh of power and charges at 7.5W speeds. It also has a USB-C port to charge other devices, and it even doubles as a portable stand for your MagSafe iPhone. Plus, the price is pretty good at just 60 for a double-duty product.

Another preferred MagSafe battery pack I’ve been using is the Anker MagGo 633 Magnetic Wireless Charger. While this acts as a MagSafe stand and wireless charger first and foremost, the stand itself has a removable MagSafe battery pack. The detachable battery pack has a 5000mAh capacity, and since it charges up while it’s in the stand, it should always be topped off and ready to go with you. It even has a USB-C port to charge other devices, and it’s quite slim. Honestly, I never go to Disneyland without this in my bag. While the price is a little high at 120, it is basically a 4-in-1 product, which is well worth it.

Of course, we can’t forget about the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack. This is the official one from Apple, but it’s a smaller capacity and, oddly enough, only charges at 5W speeds. It’s also much more expensive at 99 for what many consider an inferior product than third-party offerings. But it does integrate with iOS 15 to tell you how much juice is left, which is nice, and the only MagSafe battery pack to have such a feature.

OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe: Should you buy it?

You should buy this if.

  • You want a dual-sided MagSafe power bank
  • You want options when it comes to capacity and color
  • You want something that charges faster than 5W

You shouldn’t buy this if.

  • You want strong magnets
  • You want a battery pack with more grip
  • You don’t have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 device

The OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe is a small and compact little battery pack, making it perfect for throwing into your bag or slipping into your And it attaches magnetically to your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 device, which is convenient for wireless charging with 7.5W output speeds. Plus, OtterBox made it in two capacities, 3000mAh or 5000mAh, so you can pick the size that fits your needs best. It also comes in white or black, which is nice. OtterBox’s Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe is also unique in that it has dual-sided magnets, so you can even mount this battery pack onto a MagSafe stand or even charge it with another MagSafe charger or battery.

However, the number of issues with this magnetic battery pack, especially for the price, keep me from fully recommending it over competing products. It tends to move around a bit because of the hard plastic housing (it’s slippery) and no stabilizing line under the magnetic ring. It’s also a little thicker than other products, and honestly, the plastic makes it feel cheap. For the same price, you can find better magnetic battery packs out there.

ZEERA MagSafe Power Bank : The Best MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 13 iPhone 12 series

Get some extra power just by snapping the ZEERA MagSafe Battery Bank to the back of your iPhone 12.

A Design Upgrade

We have been listening to our customers and constantly improving our products. This time, we changed the color of the button from silver to black.

Key Features

  • When you charge your ZEERA MagSafe Power Bank, you can not only charge it, but also wirelessly charge your iPhone at the same time.
  • Benefit from its compact and lightweight design, ZEERA MagSafe Battery Pack can be even putting in your wallet.
  • The USB C Interface on the ZEERA MagSafe Power Bank is not only capable of charging the battery pack itself, but also able to charge other devices such as iPad through a USB C to USB C / USB C to Lightning cable.
  • Combine with ZEERA Magic Kickstand, you are allowed to use our MagSafe Power Bank with your iPhone at any angles and any places you want.
  • ZEERA MagSafe Power Bank Kit comes with a Magnetic Charging Cable. Those ring magnets hold the ZEERA cable in a neat and tidy shape while remaining fully functional and extendable. Make your coil small or large keeping those counter tops looking great. Organizing your cables has never been this simpler.
  • This slim, lightweightand portable battery pack is designed to keep your devices powered up when you need them most.
  • Thanks to built-in magnets, it instantly aligns with your iPhone12 or iPhone 11 when equipped with an ZEERA MagSafe Case and starts wirelessly charging your devices.


  • By combining magnets and wireless charging technology in an ultra‑slim, compact design, we created a classy multi-functional portable charger you can easily keep on your phone to keep it charged wirelessly.


  • When at home and plugged-in, ZEERA MagSafe Power Bankworks just like any other wireless charger. Ready to go? Unplug it and use it as a convenient portable battery to charge your phone wirelessly or wired while out and about.
  • Thanks toZEERA Magic Kickstand, the ZEERA MagSafe Power Bank makes it incredibly easy to dock your phone on the desk other surfaces. Or take it with you for easy and convenient wireless charging on the go. Ultra. functional, portable and powerful!
  • ZEERA MagSafeportable battery ditches the Lightning cord to create a seamless wireless charging solution.
  • ZEERA MagSafe Power Bank is perfect for traveling, camping, or literally any time that you don’t have an outlet nearby.
  • With 3000 mAh of storage capacity, you can be sure that you would never run of battery on the go. However, what’s unique about this product is that it magnetically sticks to the back of your iPhone and makes using the phone while charging a breeze. And when you get home, you can just use it as a wireless charging stand. So it provides the ULTIMATE 2 in 1 Combo for the price of 1!
  • You don’t have to get a Power Bank, a MagSafe Wireless Charger or a Battery Case for your iPhone 12. We have got all that covered in one device!

ZEERA MagSafe Power Bank is exclusively designed for iPhone 12 Series Devices And it’s universal for iPhone 11 series devices when equipped with ZEERA MagSafe Cases.


Model : ZEERA MagSafe Power Bank

Material : Aluminum Alloy

Battery : 3000mAh(3.7V)

Input : USB C 5V⎓2.4A

Output : USB C 5V⎓2.4A / QI Wireless 7.5W

Size : 856010mm

Weight : 80g

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