Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K review: A fantastic blend of power and portability…

Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K review: A fantastic blend of power and portability

Bottom line: The Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K holds enough juice to power up most devices you’ll need when you’re away from a power outlet, and it delivers 18W power through its USB-C port, meaning it can charge your iPhone up real fast. Plus, it’s small and slim enough to fit in most bags and purses with ease, and its design is pretty slick.


  • USB-C with power delivery
  • USB-A to charge older devices
  • Slim and compact design
  • Stylish fabric colors


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Having a way to charge your phone when you’re not near a power outlet has become increasingly essential as our daily drivers become workhorses. Playing games, taking photos, scrolling social media, using FaceTime to catch up with friends, and yes, good old fashioned phone calls drain the battery on your phone. If you’re not careful, you just may find yourself getting a low battery notice at the worst possible time, but a portable battery pack can prevent you from having to worry about that.

I have been using portable battery packs for years to charge all sorts of my devices. From various iPhones and iPads to mobile gaming systems and rechargeable flashlights, a battery pack can be so incredibly useful. I have been using the Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K for a couple of months now because of its slim and compact design and fast-charging capabilities; it has become an essential piece of tech I take with me almost everywhere.

Just the essentials

Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K: Features

Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K has everything you need in a portable battery pack without bogging you down with a ton of features.

As you may have gathered from the name, the Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K has a capacity of 10,000 mAh, meaning it should be able to charge the iPhone 11 Pro Max twice and still have some juice left over.

You can charge your devices through one of the two ports. ethier a USB-A or USB-C port, and while the USB-A maxes out at 12W output, the USB-C can pump out 18W allowing the Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K to fast charge your iPhone 11. While, charging your phone with the USB-A port won’t be as fast, it still faster than the standard 5W wall charger that Apple ships the iPhone SE and iPhone 11.

It measures 5.88 inches by 2.69 inches, and its only just a tad over half an inch thick. Its perfectly easy to fit in your favorite tech bag, backpack, or purse, and it can even it in a in most jeans.

anker, powercore, sense, review, fantastic, blend

It charges everything I need fast

anker, powercore, sense, review, fantastic, blend

Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K: What I Like

Some products don’t need to be fancy, they just need to do the job you want them to do, and that’s how I feel about the PowerCore III Sense 10K. It charged everything I threw at it fairly quickly, and the amount of charge you can get out of the 10,000 mAh capacity is pretty great in real world situations.

It kept me using my iPhone for a few days, it can easily charge my iPhone XS Max to full at least twice and still have some juice left over. When I only used the battery pack to top up my devices, it was easy to charge just about every piece of tech I owned. It has kept my Apple Watch topped up to ensure I can get a workout in, and topped up my iPhone at the same time, so that I can transfer all the data to the Health app.

So you may already be wondering how a USB-C port will help you charge your iPhone, and that’s the biggest annoyance while using the Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K. You need to buy a seperate cable to truly make it the perfect iPhone battery pack.

You can’t completely fault Anker here though, since Apple is the one that insists on keep the proprietary Lightning port on its iPhones. If you’re lucky enough to to have the iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max, you already have a USB-C to Lightning cable so this isn’t a big deal, but if you’re trying to fast charge the iPhone 11, iPhone 8, or the new iPhone SE, you’re going to have to dish out some money to make that happen.

It would have been really awesome if Anker included one of their USB-C to Lightning cables but considering they have to pay Apple a fee for lincensing the technology, I don’t really blame Anker.

The best battery pack I have ever owned

Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K: The Bottom Line

Whether its keeping my iPhone topped up while Im out on the town or I’m using it to fully charge my Nintendo Switch, the Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K has been able to help me get through extended periods of time away from power outlets. I have no doubt that as the camping season ramps up, i’ll be getting even more use out of it.

anker, powercore, sense, review, fantastic, blend

Although using a the USB-C port to fast charge your iPhone is slightly problematic, investing in a USB-C to Lightning cable is a great asset. Even if you don’t, the USB-A port does put out 12W of output, so it’s not the slowest way to charge an iPhone either. Plus, it does come with a USC-C to USB-C cable, which is excellent for charging USB-C devices and for charging up the battery pack itself.

All in all, the Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K does everything you need a battery pack to do. It will keep you charged and ready to go, and since its so easy to carry around, you’ll never have to be without it.

Anker PowerCore III Sense 10k Review: Stylish battery for new devices [Video]

When it comes to portable power devices, Anker is one of the most well-known names. They’re often at or near the top for recommended power packs. One of their newer lines though, the PowerCore III Sense 10k, offers a fresh design along with Anker’s beloved quality and feature set. Coming in four colors, the Sense portable charger comes in at 49.99, is a slim 10,000mAh battery that can deliver up to 18W power delivery for today’s latest devices. Check out the video below to see more of it in action.

Size and design

One of the best things about this charger is its small size. Measuring just 5.9 x 2.7 x 0.6-inches, it’s super easy to throw in a. bag, or purse. The other great thing is its design and available colors. Often portable chargers are just black boxes. It can be nice if you want to be discrete, but it’s also great to see Anker making some other eye-catching options.

Anker PowerCore III Sense 10k: Video

The textured top feels great in the hand and gives it a nice textile grip rather than a hard black exterior. I opted for the Venetian Red option to go with a colorway fitting of 9to5Toys. My other top pick would have probably been the Winter Sage, which is kind of a muted green/grey.


At the heart of the Sense is its 10,000mAh battery. There is a metal button on top of the Sense that turns on output and also shows how much charge is available via four small lights. Power can be delivered in two ways or can charge two devices simultaneously. A PowerIQ-enabled USB-A port works with almost every mobile device, while the USB-C Power Delivery port can deliver up to 18W.

Charging battery pack back to full charge can take a while. But with the USB-C power delivery on the Sense, that time is cut down to 4.5-hours when using a wall charger. This isn’t included, unfortunately. You can also use a USB-C to USB-A Cable, but this takes the charge time up to about nine hours.


At 50, the Sense isn’t the cheapest option. But it’s feature set makes it a great choice. Another favorite power pack that we checked out last year was the 30 Jackery Bolt. This option has built-in lightning and micro USB cables to make charging on the go even easier. But the Bolt is only 6,000mAh and doesn’t charge devices or recharge itself nearly as fast as the Sense.

Wrapping up

Overall, the Anker PowerCore III Sense portable charger is a great option for charging the latest devices at high speeds and looking good while doing it. Its small size makes it easy to fit anywhere, and the 10,000mAh battery means you’ll be able to top off your devices a few times before needing to replenish the battery pack.

Buy the Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K

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Review: Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K PowerCore III 10K Wireless

When we think about power banks or portable chargers, Anker comes to mind simply because of their reliability and trusted build quality. Anker has recently refreshed their PowerCore series with the new PowerCore III Sense 10K and PowerCore III 10K Wireless.


In the PowerCore III Sense 10K box, you will find the following:

  • PowerCore III Sense 10K power bank
  • Anker USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Pouch
  • User manual

In the PowerCore III 10K Wireless box, you will find the following:

  • PowerCore III 10K Wireless power bank
  • Anker USB-A to USB-C cable
  • Pouch
  • User manual

Design and build quality

The PowerCore III Sense 10K power bank has a fabric-like finish on the top and a smooth matte plastic on the back. There are 4 different colours you can choose from – Sun-kissed Coral, Steel Blue, Winter Sage, and Venetian Red. The unit I have is the Steel Blue colour variant.

The PowerCore III 10K Wireless power bank has a textured finish on the top with an anti-rubber rubber ring to keep phones steady when charging wirelessly. The back has a smooth matte finish which seems to pick up fingerprints more easily than the PowerCore III Sense 10K.

anker, powercore, sense, review, fantastic, blend

One interesting design aspect about the PowerCore III 10K Wireless is that is has a hook like thing at the corner of the power bank. That hook like thing is actually a phone stand which you can prop your phone up at 70º – 80º angle. You can charge your phone while charging if you set the phone in landscape mode.

Comparing both power banks, they are about the same size – height is about the same as an iPhone 11. The PowerCore III 10K Wireless is slightly thicker. With regards to build quality, both power banks feel really well built and the buttons are all responsive and tactile.

Both power banks also come with pouches in the packaging. The pouch that comes with the PowerCore III 10K Wireless is made of a stretchy mesh-like material, while the one that comes with the PowerCore III Sense 10K is a smooth silk-like fabric.

Tech specs

Both the PowerCore III 10K Wireless and PowerCore III Sense 10K are rather similar, only that the PowerCore III 10K Wireless is capable of Qi-wireless charging. Both have a single USB-A and USB-C port. The USB-C port is capable of delivering 18W of power and has Anker’s proprietary PowerIQ 3.0 technology which offers high-speed charging to a wide range of mobile devices. The USB-A port on the other hand, supports charging speeds of up to 12W.

For the PowerCore III 10K Wireless, the wireless charging speed is up to 10W. Both power banks is able to be fully charged via the USB-C port in just 4.5 hours if you use at least a 18W power adapter such as the Anker PowerPort III Nano.


Anker states that you can charge your iPhone 11 with the 18W USB-C port to 50% in 30 minutes. For my testing, both power bank averaged around 42 minutes to get my iPhone 11 from 3% to 50%.

Wireless charging with the PowerCore III 10K Wireless took longer due to its 10W cap, I got my iPhone 11 to 50% in about 1 hour and 20 minutes.


It’s hard not to like the Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K Wireless and PowerCore III 10K Wireless. They have great build quality, exude a premium design, and have trusted charging technologies so that you can feel safe charging your phone without worrying about any battery health impacts.

Currently, only the PowerCore III Sense 10K is available for purchase in Singapore and it retails for S69.90. It is quite expensive for a 10,000mAh power bank, but Anker do offer a 18-month warranty period which should sweeten the deal.

Review: Anker PowerCore III Sense 10K

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For frequent travelers and tech power users alike portable batteries have become an essential tool. In today’s mobile sphere, battery life has been a chief concern for those who often find themselves away from a wall outlet or unwilling to deal with the added bulk of a battery-powered charging case for their smartphone. Anker, a leading tech accessory provider aims to deliver an industry-leading portable battery solution with the new PowerCore III Sense 10K priced at 49.99

Design Build Quality

The PowerCore III comes in a variety of color options including Sun-Kissed Coral, Steel Blue, Winter Sage, and Venetian Red which is the model that Anker sent to us for review. The vibrant Venetian Red model makes a bold statement that is sure to pair well with any of Apple’s Product Red devices or accessories. For a more subdued aesthetic, I would definitely recommend the Winter Sage or Steel Blue color options. Characterized by a well-balanced 149.5 x 68.5 x 14.5 mm form factor and a weight of 212 grams, the PowerCore III feels quite robust.

Sandwiched between its lightly-textured plastic rear and color-matched fabric front is a 10,000 mAh battery which promises to deliver over 46 hours of talk time with 18W power delivery. Lightly rounded corners give the PowerCore III a very premium feel making the device just as ergonomically considerate as a modern smartphone. Along with some documentation, Anker included in the box a handy fabric carrying case and a short USB-C to USB-C power cord.

Charging can be activated by pressing the metal button on the front of the power bank which is also color-matched and features a circular texture pattern. When the device is powered on, four LED lights will illuminate on top of the button to display quarterly battery levels. While many charging brick competitors feature products that require you to repeatedly press a button to view the battery’s capacity, Anker’s PowerCore III conveniently includes LED battery indicators that remain illuminated until you power off the device.


As you can imagine, I found it quite challenging to assess the utility of the PowerCore III while in quarantine since this is largely a product meant for a mobile lifestyle. Unfortunately, I found that the PowerCore III did not live up to it’s claim of offering 18W fast charging on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. While the 18W charger that came with my iPhone 11 Pro charges my iPhone from 0-100% in 1 hour and 57 minutes the PowerCore III took roughly under 2 hrs and 20 minutes to charge my iPhone from 0-100%. When it came to my 12.9 inch iPad Pro (2018) the PowerCore III was not enough to provide a full charge taking a staggering 4 hours and 35 minutes to charge my iPad from 0-84%.

According to Anker, the power bank itself can take up to a painful 9 hours to charge if you use the USB-A to USB-C cable that comes with your iPhone to charge the PowerCore III. If you use the included USB-C to USB-C power cord that charging time is brought down to a more reasonable 3.5 hours. It is important to bear in mind that my battery tests were conducted using Anker’s USB-A to Lighting cable. Individual results may vary.


Though Anker has been criticized for its somewhat slow charging times this is likely due to its PowerIQ technology which trickles out battery power more slowly in an effort to maintain the battery health of your device. Anker even provides an 18-month warranty for the PowerCore III upon purchase. Fast charging is a practice that has proven quite taxing with many regular users of the feature seeing their battery health degrade significantly after only a few months of use. While this portable charger may be more feasible for smaller mobile devices instead of large tablets, it is definitely a fantastic long-term solution for those looking to maintain their battery health and consequently the longevity of their device over time.

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