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A wide range of accessories for almost every need you might have with an iPhone 12 or 13

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The Anker MagGo series has a lot to offer and while pricey in some scenarios, the quality and thought process in creating the products really shows and that’s what keeps Anker’s accessories ahead of the pack.

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As an Apple iPhone user, the Anker MagGo series caught my eye as soon as I saw them pop-up on social media. From a power bank to car holders, desk stands and so much more, there’s a lot to check out.

What is MagSafe?

Introduced with the iPhone 12 series, MagSafe is Apple’s proprietary wireless charging technology. MagSafe consists of a strong magnet under the back case of an iPhone from the 12 or 13 series.

Mounted to the back of the phone, while the main aim of the technology is to enable easy wireless charging on iPhones, the strong magnets also bring about potential for accessories which can use the magnets to their advantage.

Anker 610 Phone Grip

The Anker 610 is a simply magnetic phone grip which is super slim, easy to use and has a pretty strong grip on the phone. The magnet is rated to hold up to 800gm of weight, which equates to about 4 iPhone 12 devices. The ring works with iPhone’s MagSafe cases too.

The ring on the holder is pretty smooth and should fit most fingers. It rotates 360 degrees and can be flipped up to 125 degrees. This enables you to have the phone tilted upwards on a table facing you in portrait position for easy scrolling or standing tall when in landscape mode to watch a video.

The Anker 610 is an innovative product and does serve a purpose but it comes with a few cons. For example, while it’s great that the magnetic ring stick on nice and firm, in positions such as me holding the phone (in this case an iPhone 13 Pro Max) with my whole hand, the magnet does tend to come off.

Another little con is the ring itself. Since the ring and the magnet are concentric circles, pulling out the ring itself can be a bit of a nuisance specially when you don’t have longer nails.

anker, maggo, series, review, magsafe

Nit-picking aside, the Anker 610 does do everything asked from it when in use. It’s versatile, provides an easier way to hold the phone and at AED 79 is extremely affordable.

Anker 623 Wireless Charger

With the launch of Apple’s magnetic MagSafe charging system came a flurry of chargers from third-party manufacturers. While most of them have a generically similar shape and size, the Anker 623 comes in with a unique soda-can like shape.

While tiny, the charger has some weight to it and can hold its own even with devices on it. When you first look at the charger, you can visibly see the MagSafe-compatible wireless charging pad on top. Tilt this pad 60 degrees and you find another surface to charge Airpods or any earbuds with Qi charging.

Inside the box, you also find a small 20W Anker PD wall charger and a 1.5m USB type-C cable matching the colour of your charger. A really nice touch on the charger is the non-slip texture on the bottom of the charger as well as an LED light which surrounds it. The light gives you an idea of the charge level even when the display of the phone is not visible to you.

One thing I instantly appreciated about the charger was its immensely small footprint. The 60 degree flip of the charging pad, lets you use keep your phone at an angle you prefer (as long as there aren’t earbuds charging on the pad behind).

Speaking of the charger for the earbuds, a small annoyance is that when you have a phone like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, access to the buds can be a bit of a stretch.

At AED 399, the charger isn’t badly priced. Far cheaper than Apple’s own AED 529 MagSafe charger and at par with Belkin’s BoostCharge Pro, the Anker 623 looks better than the competition and takes up much lesser space.

Anker 613 Car Charging Mount

Coming in at AED 349, the Anker 613 is definitely one of the more expensive offerings in the market as far as car chargers go. That being said it’s not like Apple makes their own version, so you might as well get one that’s reliable and from a proven brand.

My current car holder and charger setup is a AED 80 car holder and an AED 30 Apple car charging cable. Considering this, the ask for the Anker 613 is quite a bit. But there are quite a few pros to this setup.

Firstly, you car ends up looking so much neater. Not only is there just one cable which goes to the charger, Anker provides tools for cable management in the box itself. Secondly, the charger holds the phone in both landscape and portrait modes. Last but definitely not least, the Anker 613 allows zero fiddling when putting the phone on and taking it off the charger. One-handed placement on the MagSafe charger holds the device and a small pull takes it off.

The charger also allows for a 134 degree angle adjustment which makes it easy to adjust for different car setups. Thanks to this, there is a bit of wobble in the car holder while on the road but considering how cheaper models wobble, I can’t really give the Anker 613 negative points for this one.

There are other cheaper MagSafe car holder options in the market like the Otterbox and Belkin Car Vent Mounts, but personally I’ve never liked placing anything on my car vents, so those just aren’t options for me.

Anker 622 Magnetic Battery Pack

Another great application of Apple’s MagSafe technology is a battery pack. While Apple’s own device comes in at AED 419 for a 1460 mAh battery, the Anker 622 is 5000 mAh battery at just AED 299.

No cables, no extra bulk. Just a charger that snaps on the back of your phone and does its thing. Not just that, the USB type-C port on the charger is bi-directional. This means you can even charge another non-MagSafe device with a cable.

There’s also a kickstand on the back of the charger, making it a stand to use your device vertically as well as horizontally for content consumption. The battery pack also works with Apple’s MagSafe cases.

In the whole Anker MagGo series, this is by far my favourite product and I think it’s a must have for anyone who needs to charge their device on the go. Whether you need some extra juice for calls or on an outdoor adventure, the Anker 622 would be my definite suggestion for iPhone 12/13 users.

Final Thoughts

If you use an iPhone 12 or 13 series device, the Anker MagGo series of accessories should definitely be on your radar. There is definitely something for everyone in the series.

We didn’t get the check out the Anker 633 and 637 desk charging devices but the other four have really shown that you can be confident picking up something from this series.

Review: Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo)

The Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo) is a wireless portable charger for iPhone 13/12. Featuring 5000mAh of power at a 7.5W charging speed, the Anker 622 is built for use. It comes in a variety of colors, from Dolomite White, Interstellar Gray, Buds Green, Misty Blue and Lilac Purple. It charges via USB-C, and the back includes a foldable kickstand that allows the device to prop upright.

For this review, I took the Anker 622 with me for two major events. When it comes to battery life, I need a strong battery primarily for one thing: Pokémon Go. As a semi-avid player, large events require a large battery. While the game isn’t the most graphically advanced, between your screen constantly running as well as your GPS constantly running, the game is largely known as a battery drainer.

First Test of the Anker 622 Magnetic Battery

For the first test, I decided to bring the battery with me during a Pokémon Go community day event. While the event has been shortened from six hours to three hours, it was still plenty of time to see what the Anker 622 was capable of.

For this experiment, I used an iPhone 12 with a battery that is still fairly in good health (around 87% max charging). I immediately started the event with the Anker 622 attached to my iPhone. Right off the bat, I appreciated how well the battery attached to my phone.

Thanks to the MagSafe tech, the battery attached directly to my case. While the battery itself is slightly thicker than my phone, it overall did not feel uncomfortable in the slightest. While I wouldn’t want it attached to my phone all the time, it certainly would not bother me, especially thanks to the battery boost.

Using this during Pokémon Go’s community day didn’t even cause the battery to break a sweat. The 5000mAh capacity knocks the sails off the iPhone 12’s 2815mAh battery. By the end of the event, my phone was fully charged, and the Anker still had about half of its life. This is with my phone running the game with the screen on for the entire three hours of the event.

While it handled a small event, I wanted to see how the battery could handle an all day adventure.

Test Two: Cedar Point

Three hours of non-stop screen time is okay, but what about using the battery all day? For my next experiment, I took the battery with me to Cedar Point, a theme-park located in Sandusky, Ohio. The area was not only a great place to ride roller coasters (Millennium Force being the best), but is also an ample opportunity to play Pokémon Go, and thus really see what the Anker 622 is capable of.

Starting my day around noon, I began walking around Cedar Point playing the game as often as I could. With the Anker 622 attached to my phone, I gave no worries to the things that would typically kill my iPhone battery, such as playing games while waiting in long lines.

Five hours into my day, my phone was still going strong, though the Anker was starting to lose much of its juice. However, the battery no doubt would have allowed me to stay on my phone throughout the day, and well into the night. Though my adventures at Cedar Point ended early (I picked a terrible day to go), I know the Anker 622 will be my partner for the next time.

Concerning charging the Anker 622, I will give it credit for being rather fast. Though I typically do my best to charge external batteries alongside my device the night prior to needing them, charging the Anker from zero to a hundred took me around an hour and a half. This is largely thanks to the battery’s 7.5W charging speed. Which isn’t bad for a device that can handle all day use.

Small Concerns and Final Thoughts

While the battery is rather beefy in terms of power, there are some small drawbacks. The Anker 622 uses bi-directional USB-C to charge. Now, I cannot fully fault the company for choosing USB-C, as it is something Apple should have done with the iPhone line as well. however, it is a nuisance that my phone and my external battery cannot be charged by the same cord. However, I can’t really fault Anker for its decision to go with USB-C.

The second problem also isn’t really a problem, rather personal preference. Personally, I am not the largest fan of the foldable kickstand that is included with the device. However, this is only because the kickstand makes the back of the battery “flat,” rather than rounded like the front of the device that connects to the phone. This is entirely a non-issue, rather, just me looking for uniformity.

Ultimately, this battery works well for me, and I think it would work well for others. When it comes to external batteries, I’m the type that needs to burn through them in a day, and the Anker 622 does exactly that.

Product: Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo)

We Like It. You Should Get It.

  • 5000mAh provides maximum all day iPhone use.
  • MagSafe attached directly to the phone, feels nice.
  • USB-C.
  • Color options are great.
  • USB-C (Though, this is not Anker’s fault).
  • Flat back isn’t uniform with the rest of the device.
  • Will not work with non-magnetic phone cases.

The best MagSafe battery packs for backup power whenever your iPhone needs it

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  • The best MagSafe battery packs make wireless, on-the-go charging secure and convenient.
  • You’ll want to keep in mind charging speed, size and weight, and magnet strength when choosing a battery pack.
  • Our picks include battery packs from Apple and trusted third-party brands like Anker and Belkin.

As we rely more and more on our smartphones, it’s become more of a necessity to ensure that you can charge your phone from anywhere. While portable power banks are a common accessory, the more recent introduction of wireless MagSafe battery packs presents a simpler solution for on-the-go charging.

If you use an iPhone 12, 13 or 14 model, your phone is equipped with Apple’s MagSafe technology that allows you to charge your device without the hassle of needing a cable and outlet. Though MagSafe charging is typically less efficient than charging via cable, the simplicity and added convenience makes the investment more than worth it.

anker, maggo, series, review, magsafe

Our list of MagSafe battery packs includes some of the best options available today, as well as other quality choices that are geared more toward style or budget.

Apple MagSafe battery pack

If you’re an Apple purist, the Apple MagSafe battery pack is an easy choice. With Smart features like reverse wireless charging (allowing you to charge your phone and the battery pack at the same time) and an iOS-integrated battery widget showing the pack’s charge status, this battery pack is definitely the most sophisticated on the market.

anker, maggo, series, review, magsafe

Importantly, as an official Apple product, this pack is able to take full advantage of MagSafe technology, providing 15W wireless charging with precise magnetic alignment. While it only is available in white and is on the more expensive side, its Smart features and ease of use make it a worthy investment.

Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo)

Anker’s 622 MagGo is one of a few options on this list that includes an integrated kickstand that you can use to prop your phone up while attached — a feature that certainly sets it apart in terms of functionality, beyond the fact that the battery pack itself is a reliable choice for regular, Pro, and Max iPhone 12-14 models (it’s not recommended for the mini due to its size).

The strong magnet provides perfect alignment every time both horizontally and vertically, and has LED lights on the base to indicate remaining battery life. In three pastel shades as well as classic black and white, this is an excellent option that won’t add too much bulk to your phone while charging.

Moft Snap Stand Power Set

This modular power bank set serves as a MagSafe battery, wallet, and stand, all within a sleek faux leather package. Compatible with all iPhone sizes in the 12-14 series (including Mini and Max models), this power bank provides a seamless experience overall. The wallet can hold up to three cards and can be magnetically detached from the battery pack base — meaning you can use the wallet and stand on its own if you don’t need the battery for charging.

An additional feature of note is that the stand allows for either vertical or horizontal magnetic orientation while in use, making it ideal for video streaming or standard vertical use. It also supports pass-through charging, so your phone will be charged primarily when charging via the breakaway magnetic USB-C cable.

Anker 633 Magnetic Wireless Charger (MagGo)

The Anker 633 MagGo, compatible with all iPhone 12 and 13 models, is a great dual investment for both a portable power bank and an at-home charging stand. The stand will charge the battery and your phone simultaneously (prioritizing your phone with pass-through charging), and you can orient your phone horizontally or vertically while in use. You can also adjust the stand’s viewing angle up to 40° to your preference, a small detail but one that certainly adds to the luxury experience this product provides.

The feature that sets the Anker 633 apart, however, is the stand’s Qi-enabled base that allows you to wirelessly charge your Airpods case. The battery pack comes in black and white as well as a pale blue, and the stand will match the color you choose for the pack.

OtterBox Wireless Power Bank for MagSafe

The OtterBox wireless power bank includes much of the same appeal as the company’s high-quality cases, namely the protective-but-not-bulky design made of grippy textured plastic. The power bank has LED lights at the base to show its remaining power, and can be used as a standalone corded power bank if needed to charge Airpods or other small devices. You can even use it to charge your Airpods wirelessly, provided you have Apple’s Wireless Charging Case.

Casely Power Pod

It also comes with a separate magnetic adhesive ring, which will allow you to use the Power Pod with phones that have wireless charging compatibility but aren’t equipped with MagSafe charging, so you can have the benefit of the signature MagSafe magnetic snap into place when charging.

Belkin BoostCharge Magnetic 10k MAh Power Bank

This Belkin power bank is about as large as the iPhone itself, so while it’s not a power bank like some of its competitors it provides a higher charging capacity. It supports pass-through charging and can be used as a standard wired power bank to charge another device (like your Airpods) while your phone charges via the MagSafe magnets. It’s a highly functional power bank, and is ideal if you’ll be unable to plug your phone in for a long period of time — think layovers or weekend trips.

Mophie Snap Juice Pack Mini

For a low-profile battery pack that’s.friendly, look no further than the Mophie Snap Juice Pack Mini. It’s thinner and smaller than some of its competitors, and has a nice fabric finish to add texture. It also conveniently comes with a magnet adapter to enable magnetic wireless charging on iPhones and Androids that are not MagSafe-enabled.

This battery pack is the smaller version of their larger power bank sold directly through Apple, and is a nice alternative to the larger model as a more portable option while still providing a full phone battery’s worth of charge. For true 15W wireless charging, however, you’ll want to opt for the larger Mophie Powerstation, which has the same pass-through charging capabilities as the Snap Juice Pack Mini but with the addition of an adjustable stand and tripod socket as supplemental accessories.

Belkin Magnetic Wireless Power Bank 2.5K

With a strong magnetic connection and unfussy design, this portable MagSafe power bank from Belkin is ideal for a quick charge in a pinch. Due to its smaller size, its battery capacity and charging speed are lower than the Belkin BoostCharge listed above, but for iPhone Mini users (or those looking to spend a minimal amount of money on an easy-to-use charging bank) it does the trick.

Anker 521 Magnetic Battery

A wallet-friendly version of Anker‘s 633 MagGo (included on this list above) is conveniently available in the Anker 521 magnetic battery. The Anker 521 is available in purple, green, and blue in addition to basic black and white, and is slightly smaller in size, making it ideal for iPhone Mini models. With short circuit protection, temperature control, and built-in foreign object detection, this is a high-quality choice at a reasonable price.


Are MagSafe battery packs worth it?

Charging through a MagSafe battery pack doesn’t generally provide the same charging efficiency as using a cable, but the benefits of carrying fewer cords make them a Smart and simple choice. Especially if you are someone who relies on their phone for work, content creation, or streaming, a MagSafe battery pack will likely come in handy to ensure that your device maintains its battery throughout the day.

Can MagSafe battery packs be used to charge Airpods and Apple Watches?

Yes, you can use a MagSafe battery pack to charge Airpods and Apple Watches like any other Qi wireless charger, however your Airpods will need to be charged while in a wireless charging-enabled case. If you don’t have one, you can use most wireless battery packs as a standard wired power bank.

What should I look for in a MagSafe battery pack?

Depending on your expected use, you could select any number of options for a wireless battery pack. For example, if you just need a quick charge to keep in your bag for commuting, you may not need a larger battery capacity like the Anker 622 MagGo and may choose a smaller, lighter option like the Mophie Snap Juice Pack Mini.

If your primary use of the pack is for travel, a higher battery capacity (and thus a larger battery pack) will likely be your best choice. Beyond your basic usage habits, you might also consider the charging speed (does the pack provide 15W charging?) or compatibility (will the battery pack obscure my phone camera while in use?).

Do I need a MagSafe case to use a MagSafe battery pack?

It’s safe to assume that your phone case will need to be MagSafe compatible in order to use a MagSafe battery pack to its proper charging capacity. If your case is thin enough, however, it may not need to be officially MagSafe compatible in order to charge via Qi wireless charging with one of these packs — though, in order to achieve MagSafe’s signature 15W wireless charging, you’ll need to use a proper MagSafe case or remove your iPhone case for charging.

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This 59 Anker MagSafe charger offers something Apple’s doesn’t

Review: Anker’s 622 MagSafe wireless charger is cheaper than Apple’s and even has a kickstand for your viewing pleasure.

Anker 622 MagSafe Charger

pros and cons

  • Well-priced, especially when compared to Apple’s charger
  • Foldable kickstand is good for multi-tasking
  • Lightweight and easy to hold while on the go
  • Can charge your device while the charger itself is charging
  • Not ideal for a fast charge
  • The charger itself takes a while to top up
  • Either have to purchase a MagSafe case or take your current case off to use
  • Not compatible with the iPhone 12 or 13 mini

Ever since Apple introduced MagSafe, wireless charging on iPhones has never been the same. With a quick snap on the back, all your battery anxiety vanishes.

As someone who has always had a curiosity for portable wireless chargers, and has an iPhone that magically drops to 50% by lunchtime, Anker‘s new 622 MagSafe battery bank couldn’t have come at a better time.

Besides being able to top up an iPhone completely, the MagSafe-compatible charger also has a foldable kickstand to prop up your phone. You know, for those times when you’re low on battery but need to FaceTime your family before work or binging the latest season of the Bachelorette? Just me? Okay.

I’ve been testing the latest charger, running errands in the busy streets of NYC, and putting the 59 accessory to the ultimate endurance test. Here’s an account of my overall experience and why I think it’s a no-brainer if you’re an iPhone user, too.


iPhone 12 or later (except for the mini), MagSafe-compatible Airpods and cases

Designed with portability in mind

One of my favorite aspects of the Anker MagSafe charger is its sleekness; it’s not bulky or flooding with extra cables that I have to keep track of. While it comes with a USB-C cable, I haven’t had the need to use it since the wireless charging is reliable enough. The charger takes up a good portion of the back of my iPhone but is compact enough that it just feels like I have a bulkier case on, and not some electronic brick. Even during my commutes to work, when most of the on-the-go charging is done, I’ve felt comfortable enough having the duo in hand or in my

That said, I was also impressed by the strength of the MagSafe magnet. The charger just snaps onto the back of my phone and never gives. That is unless you drop your device from, say, desk height, or forcibly detach the two.

I will say that to test the charger I did have to get a MagSafe case as it was not compatible with my original iPhone 12 Pro case. So, if you’re not already using a MagSafe-certified case, it will be Smart to invest in one.- for charging and protection’s sake. If you’re a risk-taker, you can also pair a careless iPhone with the Anker charger, as long as it’s an iPhone 12 or older and not a mini model. Note that the MagSafe charger won’t protect your phone from bumps and cracks and is not a substitute for a case.

anker, maggo, series, review, magsafe

Multi-faceted for multi-taskers

Here’s where I think Anker’s product truly separates itself from Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack : the foldable kickstand. On the outside of the charger is a flappy, foldable kickstand that creates a triangular base. In this mode, you can either set the iPhone in portrait orientation or landscape, for scrolling or watching videos.

I’ve been using the kickstand as a way to charge my phone while watching videos as I get ready for work in the morning. It was also useful when I needed to FaceTime my family while booking holiday flights and my iPhone was low on battery. I’ve even propped my iPhone up next to me while working, in case of an important notification, email, or message.

What I really appreciated about the kickstand feature was that it was seamlessly integrated and convenient to use. That is, it didn’t feel like an add-on Anker integrated last-minute to make its product more distinguished. You can say that the kickstand was designed to meet the practicality and reality of most situations in which your phone battery drains, from Facetiming, video streaming, or just scrolling through endless slides of news and posts.

Another design feature that contributes to the user-friendly and practical nature of the Anker charger is the four lights that indicate the battery level, so you’re never blindsided if the charger gives out on you. Naturally, the fewer lights that blink, the less battery the charger has.

Charging time and battery life

As with most portable charging devices, you still have to charge the battery pack itself. I find it takes a few hours.- about six.- to fully top up the unit. As for the actual battery life, it all depends on how often and what you’re charging. From my experience with the iPhone 12 Pro, the Anker 622 has been able to last about two and a half days before needing to be recharged.

Still, the brick is by no means a fast charger or going to increase your phone battery life significantly over a few minutes. For my morning routine, which involved checking maps and messages, and listening to a podcast, the Anker charger was sufficient enough to maintain my existing battery level. So, by the time I get to the office, I usually have about 88-91% battery instead of already creeping down into the 70s or 60s.

Bottom line

If you’re in the market for a solid portable charger that’s not too bulky, will free you up of any charging cables, and doubles as a kickstand, the Anker 622 is your best bet. Your iPhone won’t charge as fast as it would when plugged into a Lightning cable, but the convenience factor alone may sell you on the MagSafe accessory.

Alternatives to consider

Besides the Anker 622 MagSafe charger, these are the best alternatives to also consider.

Apple MagSafge Battery Pack

Though more expensive, Apple’s MagSafe case is slightly lighter and thinner than Anker’s and is compatible with the iPhone 12 and 13 mini. It doesn’t have a kickstand, but it does have a reliable, magnetic snap, giving your iPhone plenty of support and up to 60% more battery.

Belkin Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

This 39 option from Belkin is perfect for MagSafe-compatible iPhones, old and new. While it, too, does not have a kickstand, the charger is compact and reliable enough for users on the go.

Mophie Snap charger

This Mophie charger has a 5,000mAh battery and a sleek design. But for only 49.99, you can double up on your iPhone’s battery for less than Anker’s or Apple’s offerings.

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