Alkaline Battery 10 Pieces For hearing Aid LR44H, 357A size TIANQIU AG13. Ag13 battery size

LR44 Battery Equivalent, Voltage, Size, Uses Life (FAQs)

LR44 battery is a very popular and common type of button cell. It falls under the category of primary batteries which are non-rechargeable. The key highlight of these batteries is their small and compact size. Hence most small-sized devices such as watches, toys, and calculators use LR44 batteries. Let’s discuss all the important details about LR44 batteries in this article.

What does LR44 Stand for?

The name LR44 follows the battery nomenclature defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in its 60086-3 standard. As per this protocol, the first letter denotes the battery type, the second letter denotes the shape, and the last two digits denote the dimensions.

L in LR44 stands for alkaline chemistry and R stands for round shape. The actual representation of LR44 batteries is LR1154 where 11 denotes the battery diameter and 54 denotes the battery height.

Apart from this 60086 standard, the battery manufacturers assign their own part numbers to the existing label such as LR44G, LR44GD, LR44H, etc.

What is an LR44 Battery?

An LR44 battery is a small, cylindrical cell that is used in a variety of electronic devices. These batteries are also known as button-cell batteries due to their small size and round shape. Common applications for LR44 batteries include watches, calculators, and laser pointers. While LR44 batteries are not rechargeable, they can be replaced when they reach the end of their lifespan. For most applications, an LR44 battery will provide between 50 and 200 hours of power.

Since LR44 is a flat-shaped battery, people find it difficult to locate the positive and negative terminals. The flat side with markings is the positive terminal and the other side has a small circular protrusion is the negative terminal.

The button batteries are also available in silver oxide chemistry. But the alkaline variant is the most popular. The battery falls under an affordable range and has an excellent price versus quality ratio.

Another advantage of LR44 is that it is free from toxic materials like mercury or cadmium. Thus they are environmentally friendly and easily disposable. They are lightweight batteries and are thus largely chosen for purposes where weight is a serious concern.

LR44 Battery Equivalent/Alternative/Replacement

LR44 batteries are produced by several brands on a large scale due to their heavy demand. But the name assigned by the company may vary. Some of the exact equivalents to the LR44 battery are Duracell 76A, Energizer A76, and AG13 batteries.

Several other batteries are available in the market that can replace the LR44 battery. The batteries that can replace LR44 are L1154, LR1154, and 157 batteries. All these are the equivalents to the LR44 battery that produces 1.5 V itself.

The silver oxide chemical composition can also be used in place of LR44 batteries. They have the same size and dimensions but are not the exact equivalents in terms of capacity and other performance criteria. Examples of silver oxide equivalents of LR44 include battery 303, SR44, SR44SW, and 357.

Note: Whenever we plan to replace a battery with its equivalents, do not just stick to its size. Although it fits the slot, the voltage and power output should match the device’s requirements. Otherwise, it causes severe damages due to over/under discharge.

LR44 Battery Specifications

The table given below lists the important features of an LR44 battery.

Similar Coin Cell/Batteries

What is an LR44 Battery used for?

As we have already discussed, LR44 is a tiny battery of button size. The flat shape makes them compact too. Thus they are utilized in applications that require a small as well as stale battery. The LR44 batteries are mostly used in:

  • Wristwatches
  • Alarm clocks
  • Thermometers
  • Small radios
  • Motherboards
  • Gun sights
  • Electronic keys
  • Laser pointers
  • Calculators
  • Cameras
  • Dog collars
  • Medical devices


Are LR44 batteries the same as 357 batteries?

Both LR44 batteries and 357 batteries are button cell batteries of the same size. But the LR44 battery has alkaline chemistry and the 357 battery has silver oxide chemistry. Compared to LR44, 357 batteries show a 30%-100% longer life span. Since 357 batteries are silver-based, it is comparatively more expensive than LR44.

Is LR44 the same as CR2032?

CR2032 is another type of button cell battery but not at all similar to LR44. CR2032 differs in every aspect including dimension, battery chemistry, nominal voltage, etc. LR44 is an alkaline battery, whereas CR2032 is a lithium-ion battery.

Can I replace LR44 with SR44 battery?

Both the batteries are physically the same. The size and shape are the same. The major difference is their chemistry. SR44 is a silver oxide battery and LR44 is an alkaline battery. Thus the nominal voltage of SR44 is slightly higher than LR44 which is 1.55V. SR version has better features than the LR version except, it is more expensive than LR44. Thus these batteries are interchangeable.

Is LR44 a lithium battery?

The LR44 battery is usually confused with a lithium battery due to the letter L. But LR44 is not a lithium battery, but an alkaline battery. The nomenclature is based on IEC 60086-3 standard in which the first letter stands for the battery chemistry. Accordingly, L stands for alkaline chemistry.

Are there any safety concerns for the LR44 battery?

Alkaline batteries are very dangerous for children. Since they are largely used in toys, the LR44 batteries should be taken good care of to keep them out of the reach of children. Since it is a small-sized battery, the children may swallow them which can cause serious health issues.

Also, these batteries may leak out or explode when short-circuited, force discharged, overcharged, overheated, or disposed of in the fire.

Alkaline Battery 10 Pieces For hearing Aid LR44H, 357A size TIANQIU AG13

Description: TIANQIU AG13 alkaline watch coin cell batteries. It can replace AG13, 357, 303, LR44, A76 rated 1.5V alkaline type battery. Note: All listed battery model numbers are the international cross reference model numbers of the same battery, but only one or more of these model numbers may be shown on the package.

Specification: Brand: TIANQIU Cell Size: LR44 Voltage: 1.5V Type: Alkaline Package: 10 Pieces Ships From: Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur


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Everything You Need To Know About AG13 Battery

When it comes to buying batteries, you will always strive to get the best one for your application.

It should be a high-performance battery and as well as long-lasting.

Are you planning to buy an AG13 battery?

This is a perfect guide for you.

We are going to explore all you should know about this button cell battery.

From this guide, you will be able to make a Smart purchasing decision.

What is an AG13 battery?

An AG13 battery is a small button cell battery commonly used in electronic devices. AG13 batteries are typically constructed from alkaline manganese dioxide and deliver high performance at an affordable price.

They are known for their long lifespan and high energy density, making them a popular choice for many electronic devices.

Also, AG13 batteries are widely available and easy to find at stores or online, making them a convenient choice for anyone looking to power their devices.

History of AG13 battery

AG13 batteries were first introduced in the 1970s and have been widely used ever since.

They are produced by a number of different companies, including Duracell, Energizer, and Rayovac.

Currently, AG13 batteries continue to be a popular choice for many electronic devices, including toys, calculators, remote controls, and more.

Features and specifications of AG13

Let’s now look at the key features and even specifications that characterize AG13 batteries.

Chemical composition

AG13 batteries are constructed from a proprietary blend of alkaline manganese dioxide.

They have been carefully designed to deliver high performance and long-lasting power, making them a popular choice for many electronic devices.

The chemical formula of AG13 batteries is: MnO2 KOH.

Rated voltage

The battery has a rated voltage of 1.5V, which is standard for button cell batteries.

Output capacity

AG13 batteries typically have a high output capacity, allowing them to provide long-lasting power to your devices.


AG13 have the capacitance ranging between 110 to 190mA/h

The capacitance of a battery refers to the amount of energy it can store. AG13 batteries have a relatively high capacitance, making them an ideal choice for devices that require a lot of power over long periods of time.

Physical dimension

AG13 has a diameter of 11.6mm, a height of 5.4mm, and a weight 2g. With these dimensions, it means that AG13 batteries are small and lightweight. They are compatible with many devices that need to be powered by such small button batteries.

Operating temperature range

AG13 batteries can operate within a wide range of temperatures, making them suitable for use in a variety of different environments.

They are typically rated to work from.20°C to 60°C.

Usage: Where are AG13 batteries used?

AG13 batteries are commonly used in a variety of electronic devices, including toys, calculators, remote controls, and more. They are known for their high performance and long-lasting power, making them a popular choice for many different applications.

Due to their small size and weight, AG13 batteries can be easily integrated into a wide range of devices.

Whether you need to power your toys or electronics, AG13 batteries are an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. And with their high availability and low cost, AG13 batteries are a Smart choice for anyone looking to power their devices effectively.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AG13 batteries

To help you make the right choice, we are going to look at the two sides of the coin, pros, and cons.


-Long shelf life: These batteries can be stored for a long period without undergoing self-discharge. The storage period can go for up to seven years and it will still retain the same power.

-High capacity: AG13 batteries are known for their high output capacity, allowing them to provide long-lasting power to your devices.

-Wide operating temperature range: AG13 batteries can operate within a wide range of temperatures, making them suitable for use in a variety of different environments.

-Compact and lightweight: AG13 batteries are small and lightweight, making them an ideal choice for devices with limited space.

-Stable discharge at all conditions: The AG13 battery provides stable discharge at various conditions.


-Higher initial cost: AG13 batteries are typically more expensive than other types of button cell batteries, such as AG10 or AG12. This may be a factor to consider if you are on a budget.

-Limited availability: AG13 batteries are produced by several manufacturers, but they may still be more difficult to find compared to other battery models. This can make it challenging to find AG13 batteries when you need them.

-Heavier than lithium batteries: AG13 batteries tend to be heavier compared to lithium-ion batteries, which can be a drawback for some applications.

-Requires careful disposal: AG13 batteries should be recycled or disposed of properly, as they contain potentially harmful chemicals.

From the pros and cons, you can easily find a perfect balance and decide whether this battery is a perfect choice for you.

AG13 battery equivalents

Which other button batteries can be used in place of the AG13?

Let’s look at some of them.


LR44 battery. also known as AG13, is one of the most popular AG13 battery equivalents. It has a similar physical size and capacity to AG13 batteries, but it typically offers higher performance and longer runtime.


Another popular AG13 battery equivalent is L1154 or LR44H, which is widely used in calculators, toys, and other small electronics. This battery offers high capacity and reliability, making it a great choice for many applications.


AG10 is another AG13 battery equivalent that is commonly used in various devices, including calculators, watches, and more. It has a smaller size than AG13 batteries but offers comparable performance and long runtime.


Finally, RW82 is another AG13 battery equivalent that is widely used in calculators and other small electronics. It has a similar size to AG13 batteries, but it offers lower performance and shorter runtime. If you are looking for an affordable AG13 battery alternative, RW82 may be the right choice for you.

Generally, most alkaline batteries such as A76, 157, G13, 1166, and SP357 are AG13 battery equivalents. AG13 batteries offer high performance and long runtime, making them a great choice for powering a wide range of devices. However, they can be more expensive than other types of button cell batteries, so you may want to consider your budget when making your choice.

Popular AG13 Manufacturers

AG13 batteries are designed and manufactured by different manufacturers across the world.

The most popular manufacturers include:

-Energizer: This is a major manufacturer that is known for producing high-quality AG13 batteries. Their products are often rated highly by consumers and they offer a wide range of AG13 batteries to suit different needs.

-Panasonic: Panasonic is another popular AG13 battery manufacturer that is known for producing reliable, high-performance AG13 batteries.

-Exell Battery: This is a leading AG13 battery supplier that offers a wide selection of AG13 batteries, including high-capacity and long-lasting models.

-Seiko: This is a Japanese AG13 battery manufacturer that is known for producing high-quality AG13 batteries. Their products are often popular among consumers and they offer a variety of different AG13 batteries to suit various needs.

-Duracell: Duracell is a major AG13 battery manufacturer that offers a wide range of AG13 batteries for various applications. Their products are often highly rated by consumers and they are known for providing high-quality AG13 batteries at affordable prices.

So, if you’re looking for an AG13 battery alternative, there are plenty of options to choose

Currently, there are many manufacturers in China that make these batteries. So, you can be sure of getting one without any stress.

What should I look for when buying AG13 battery

Before you you buy AG13 battery, you should take your time to be sure that it meets the technical specifications that we have discussed here.

Its voltage, amperage, and capacity are some of the key things to look out for. You should also ensure that it comes from a reputable manufacturer so you can be sure of its quality and performance.

Don’t forget to verify its physical dimension such as diameter and height so that it can fit your device properly. Consider also the price and buy from a trusted seller so you can be sure of getting high-quality AG13 battery at an affordable price. Overall, there are many factors to consider when buying AG13 batteries, so it’s important to do your research before making a purchase.

How do I identify AG13 battery?

There are several ways to identify AG13 battery, including checking its voltage and capacity, looking at their physical dimensions, and reviewing the manufacturer’s information. One of the most reliable ways is to check the product label or packaging for vital information such as the correct model number and date of manufacture.


I hope that this guide has helped you understand more about AG13 batteries and given you some tips for choosing the right AG13 battery for your needs. And if you are planning to buy AG13 batteries in bulk, consider choosing ICRFQ. We are a reliable supplier of AG13 batteries in China. Contact us and we will be glad to deliver.

If you want to find more Electronic Components Distributors, please check out the following articles:

LR44 Battery Equivalent: GPA76, AG13, L1154, LR1154 157

Everything uses the LR44 battery or LR44 battery alternatives, from medical devices to children’s toys. They power everything and daily make our lives possible.

But how well do you know them? Let’s examine the details and contrast them with some other batteries available on the market.

Technical Features And Specifications Of The LR44 Battery

Based on the initials “LR,” the designation “LR44” was created. According to the IEC name declaration, the letter “L” denotes that the cell is an alkali-manganese cell. The “R” represents “round cell.” and the number 44 is a part of the name.

The LR44 is a coin battery. It is a popular button cell battery found in various electronic devices, and all recognizable brands produce it, such as Toshiba, Maxell, and Energizer. The chemistries of LR44 batteries vary, and each has unique qualities that are essential for the applications for which it is used.

LR44 batteries are 11.6 mm in diameter and 5.4 mm in height. It is a 1.5-volt alkaline single-cell battery with a capacity of around 110mAh and a shelf life of 2-5 years.

These batteries are robust, long-lasting button cells that cannot be recharged. In addition to the chemistry employed, their capacity is influenced by the device’s cut-off voltage.

What Are LR44 Batteries Equivalent To?

Batteries of the same capacity as LR44 are referred to in a few different ways, depending on the manufacturer. When we talk about what the LR44 batteries are equivalent to, we’re referring to battery sizes that we could use instead of the LR44.

In addition, although they differ chemically, other batteries can be related to LR44s. These button cells are silver-oxide batteries, and the 303, SR44, SBB9, SR44W, and 357 are a few:

Despite having the same size as an LR44s, the silver oxide chemistry in them provides performance with a shallow draw. These batteries have a greater voltage, around 1.55 volts. They feature a capacity range of 160-200mAh and a longer shelf life of 5 years.

What Are LR44 Batteries Used For?

The LR44 battery is a durable button cell battery, as was already mentioned. It is small in size and inexpensively priced. Because it is so popular for personal use, it is widely accessible in retailers.

The LR44 button cell battery is frequently found in various compact and portable devices. In addition to calculators, thermometers, pistol sights, electronic toys, LED lights, dog collars, and medical equipment, you may use it to make laser pointers, small radios, cameras, hand clocks, toys, and portable gadgets.

Before replacing the batteries in your portable devices, you should consider many aspects. Examples include battery type, measuring dimensions, capacity, maximum voltage or current, shelf life, and battery chemistry.

Silver-oxide batteries are the chosen material for powering watches, calculators, and other small electronic devices. Alkaline batteries are safe for toys, small flashlights, and other similar uses.

Where To Buy LR44 Batteries?

Due to personal use, LR44 batteries are widely used. A large number of different companies produce these batteries, and they are simple to locate in a store.

However, it’s critical to remember that not all LR44 batteries are made equal, and not all sellers are equally committed to quality. Small businesses and private-label battery producers both make this battery.

Only buy your batteries from a major company that sells the highest-quality brands, such as Toshiba, Maxell, or Energizer, to prevent buying low-quality or counterfeit batteries.

For a piece of mind regarding the quality of the products and proper equipment preservation, you can purchase them online from a reliable e-commerce platform with good customer care if you cannot visit the store.

LR44 Batteries vs Lithium Batteries


The active component of lithium batteries is lithium oxide, and the other electrode is typically a lithium intercalation compound, most frequently graphite. A water-based electrolyte likely reacts with lithium compounds or degrades at the cell’s voltages, so the electrolyte is often an organic substance.

LR44 batteries are dry alkaline cells that employ potassium hydroxide and water as the electrolyte and manganese dioxide and zinc as the active ingredients.

Numerous more variances result from the chemical disparities.


The two electrodes undergo separate chemical processes, which results in the varied voltages at which the cells function. Lithium batteries provide a higher open-circuit voltage than alkaline batteries when comparing these batteries’ stable voltage and current levels.

Alkaline batteries run at about 1.5 V/cell, while lithium batteries run at about 3.3 V/cell. As a result, compared to alkaline batteries, lithium batteries often have higher energy densities.

In general, lithiums are a better option for applications involving motion. However, because they last longer than LR44 batteries, they have a competitive edge over those batteries.

For example, alkaline batteries, for instance, work just well as a remote control for the TV in your living room. Lithium is preferable for emergency torches left unused for months or years. It can endure low winter temperatures, lose less power over time, and create more energy when required.


Because lithium batteries are so strong, they are also more harmful to people and the environment, and you ought to utilize them with caution.

However, LR44 batteries don’t contain heavy metals that can contaminate the ground or increase the chance of a ground fill explosion. They are therefore regarded as non-toxic. You can get rid of it with the rest of your regular trash. When disposing of batteries, it is still advisable to follow the correct procedures.


Is An LR44 The Same As A 357?

No, they are not the same. LR44 and 357 batteries have a similar design but function differently. But you can use them interchangeably in many circumstances.

The 357 is silver-oxide chemistry, while the LR44 is an alkaline zinc manganese battery. LR44 batteries frequently cost a little less than 357 batteries.

The 357 is a low-drain battery with a low discharge rate, while the LR44 has a higher self-discharge rate, smaller capacity, and less steady voltage.

LR44 will be the preferred choice with stable discharge if you use it for a long-lasting power device that depletes the battery for days or weeks.

Can I Replace LR44 With AA?

Yes, provided that the voltage remains constant. However, their size and shape are very different.

Different varieties of button cells exist. LR44 has a nominal terminal voltage of 1.5 volts, allowing a single AA to replace a single button cell electronically.


We hope you now thoroughly understand LR44 batteries and replacements battery for lr44, including their features, application, and distinctions from lithium batteries.

Although batteries can readily fit into one another’s devices, selecting the type that is best for yours is crucial. Please check the voltage and size to prevent any problems that could harm your appliance.

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