AirTag Battery Replacement Cost (A Full Guide). Airtag battery charge

AirTag Battery Replacement Cost (A Full Guide)

You’d be surprised at how something of a sizeable shape can get missing. The Apple AirTag is the size of a coin, and you can attach it to any item you don’t want missing.

The Apple AirTag is a Smart device that uses ultra-wideband technology together with other existing networks of devices to make sure that you don’t have to deal with misplaced items, and even when it happens, you can trace them ASAP.

You can get a single one for 29, and a pack of four for 99, plus it can even be customized to your preference, at no extra cost.

Most people use it for their luggage when traveling with the public, while some use it to track items that get easily misplaced like phones, tablets, etc.

Regardless of how far it is from your Bluetooth connection, this tracker can still help you trace lost items.

However, the only downside to the Apple AirTag is that it doesn’t last forever. The AirTag has a one-year duration, and after that, it’ll need to be replaced; failure to do so, just renders it useless.

The good thing about this is that, you don’t need to go to any Apple store to get these power cells replaced, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Keep in mind that not all batteries work with the AirTag, and we’d talk more about that soon.

How Do I Know When to Replace My Airtag Battery?

Most AirTag owners just remove the batteries after a year and get them replaced, and when you think of it, it makes logical sense. After all, the battery life is a year, right?

But, that’s not the best approach when it comes to AirTag batteries. Yes, it’s impossible to check the battery level because it’s almost always inaccurate, but you’ll receive a warning signal when you have a low battery.

Remember that the AirTag works together with your iPhone, so when it’s getting to its expiry level, you’ll get a notification on your iPhone.

Usually, you’ll receive a message from “FIND MY APP” pointing out that your coin battery is low and you need to get it replaced as soon as possible.

It’s recommended that you browse through the “FIND MY APP” once in a while, so you can immediately know when your battery needs replacing.

What Types of Batteries Are Compatible with Apple’s AirTag?

Remember we previously mentioned that not all batteries are compatible with your AirTag, and putting the wrong battery can even cause you to damage your device.

Ideally, you are to replace your AirTag batteries with just the standard CR2023 lithium cell batteries. However, this battery is of two types; one with a bitterant and one without.

The CR2023 coin cell battery that comes with a bitterant was designed that way, so kids get discouraged from putting it into their mouth; after all, no child loves a bitter lollipop. But unfortunately, the bitter coating affects the conductivity of the cell, making it difficult to make good contact with the AirTag, and this can affect its efficiency.

So, to avoid having to deal with that, it’s best to buy CR2023 lithium coin batteries without coating, or you can remove the bitterant manually if you know how to.

How to Replace Your Airtag Battery Like a Pro

AirTag batteries can be easily removed and replaced at a low cost when you know what you are doing. You don’t need to pay a technician to fix your battery, and neither do you need special tools or skills. Everything you’ll need can be found in a local store that sells batteries.

However, if after going through our guide you are still confused, then it’s best to go to a licensed Apple store and get it replaced.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to replace your AirTag battery when it’s expired or about to;

  • Put the AirTag on a flat surface, and make sure it’s facing down.
  • The back of your AirTag has a metal removable cover, press it down and roll it in an anticlockwise direction. This will cause the metal back to open up; remove it and keep it close.
  • The battery should be exposed to you now, remove it as well.
  • Place the new AirTag battery inside, and make sure the positive side is positioned upward. Ideally, you’ll hear a noise that indicates you have successfully fixed it, if you don’t make hear a noise, check to see if the battery you placed is the correct one.
  • Put back the metal cover, and be careful to align the three tabs on the cover with the three slots on the AirTag.
  • To close it, you’ll have to rotate the cover in a clockwise direction until it snaps into place.

Remember, if you do not hear a noise that shows you have successfully changed the battery, then it means you haven’t done it properly.

Quick tip; be sure to get the right batteries, and make sure you position the new battery correctly.

Once you have taken out the old batteries and replaced them with new ones, you’ll need to reconnect the AirTag again to your iPhone. This is simple, as you’ll just have to follow the prompts that appear on your phone.


Apple AirTag is a necessity if you are always looking for your items, or if you have an expensive item you don’t want to lose track of. The beauty of it is that regardless of where your lost item is, it can always be tracked, whether it’s within your Bluetooth reach or not.

AirTag batteries cannot be charged, so when it gets discharged, you’ll need to replace them, however, the replacement won’t cost you a fortune. With a few bucks, you’ll have your AirTag up and running.

There’s no other special procedure that any technician will follow aside from what we have explained above; so, take out your time and follow our instructions, and you’ll have an easy time replacing your battery.

AirTag without battery? Learn to change your internal battery

In April 2021, Apple showed us again that there is still room to invent completely new products. Those from Cupertino presented the Air Tag, a small device with a size similar to that of a coin that promised to be the definitive solution to all the clueless human beings that populate this planet. If you got one or more AirTags around that time, it is possible that some of them have already remained No battery, so it will be time to make the first change. As you can see in the following lines, the operation is simple, but you must take into account a few details so that your device continues to work correctly.

How long does the battery of an AirTag last?

According to official data from Apple, the battery that comes in its AirTags lasts about 12 months. As long as we use a replacement of the same quality, we will have to make an annual replacement for each and every one of the AirTags that we have at home.

Of course, this data is an estimate, and it can last more or less months depending on other parameters such as the ambient temperature in the place where you live. The important thing here is that Sooner or later, your AirTag‘s battery will die., and you will have to replace it. Doing it is easy, and you will not need the help of a professional as can happen when changing a watch battery.

What kind of batteries are compatible with AirTags?

AirTags use a button battery. Specifically, they use the model CR2032, a standard within lithium batteries. This battery is one of the most used in computer motherboards, clocks, wireless buttons for home automation devices such as those from Ikea, and movement sensors.

These batteries can be purchased at virtually any electronics store, or even at the checkout counter in any supermarket. As usual, if you buy one at a time, the price will be substantially more expensive than buying packs of several units.

What you should keep in mind before buying a battery for your AirTags

Changing the battery to an AirTag may seem pretty simple —We will explain it to you below—, but there are not a few users who complain on the Internet saying that they have performed the operation and have not succeeded.

Batteries are generally products with a certain danger. The lithium ones, for example, can explode if we try to open them. The alkalines of a lifetime can cause us enormous burns with their acid. And the button ones like the CR2032 are extremely dangerous if they fall into the hands of small children, as they can put them in their mouths and choke on them. For this reason, many manufacturers cover their batteries with a very bitter product. They call it “child protection”, and the goal is that if a child puts the battery in their mouth, they will quickly spit it out due to the horrible taste.

Well, many owners of AirTags followed to the letter the steps established by Apple to replace the battery of its locators, and came to the conclusion that they were still not working after replacing button cell. After a lot of discussion in forums, where there were quite a few users who had the same problem, several came to the conclusion that this bath of bitter substance prevents the AirTag from working properly.

Since August 2021, Apple’s own official website warns of this phenomenon:

«Bitter-coated CR2032 batteries may not work for AirTags or other battery-powered products, depending on the alignment of the coating in relation to the battery contacts.».

Although Apple warns of this fact, no type of list of compatible battery models has been officially published so as not to harm any manufacturer. Therefore, you will have to check on the packaging which batteries do not have this substance to guarantee that they will work in your AirTag.

Step by step: Change the battery of your AirTags

Previous Step: check the charge of the AirTag

If you are not sure whether or not you need to change the battery, checking it is very easy. You have to do the following:

  • Open the app’Search’ on your iPhone.
  • Go to the tab ‘Objects’.
  • Look for the Air Tag that you want to check and click on it.
  • tap on it stack icon that appears below the name of the AirTag.
  • Being a battery, the device will not tell us a percentage. If the voltage is enough, the battery will show full. If, on the other hand, the battery charge is low, a message will pop up warning you that you need to change the battery of the device.

Replace the AirTag’s button cell battery

Once you have your new battery, perform the following procedure:

  • Place the AirTag on a table, with the steel part up.
  • Pleasure pressure on both sides of the logo from Apple Apple.
  • Rotates counterclockwise until the cover bottoms out. If the surface slips, you can try wearing gloves.
  • Carefully remove the metal cover.
  • Insert the new lithium coin cell (2032 volt CR3 standard). He positive side should be towards arriba. You will hear a ‘click’ when you place it correctly.
  • Replace the metal cover. To do this, you must make sure that the three tabs are aligned with the three slots on the AirTag itself.
  • Now turn the cover on the clockwise direction.

Once this is done, perform the process again. check the battery status of the AirTag using your iPhone.

Before finishing, do not forget to remove the spent battery out of the way, as well as the rest of the batteries in case you have decided to buy them in a pack. Remember that these batteries do not have the bitter coating, so it is an added danger if you have small children at home.

As you may have seen, replacing the battery of your AirTags is not a mystery, but you have to take into account the small detail of the coating, which can make the device not work at first.

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How to change Apple AirTag battery

Apple’s AirTags are jokingly referred to the only Apple product where you can replace the battery yourself. And yeah, considering you will need to do so annually, it’s good that there are no shenanigans here.

How long does an Apple AirTag battery last?

Based on official data, a fresh battery should last you about a year. Now, the performance of batteries is influenced by temperature. Considering the AirTag is so tiny, you can rest assured that the battery will feel the cold very, very fast, if the AirTag in particular spends is left outside in the winter cold. So, the battery might deteriorate quicker.

Thankfully, Apple has included a helpful battery meter in the Find My app, so you can check up on your AirTags’ battery health regularly. Presumably we should also get a notification when one needs a battery swap.

How to swap an AirTag’s battery?

It’s actually fairly easy. You need to grip the AirTag and push in the metal part that is on its back. When you feel it giving a little, just twist counter-clockwise. The metal plate will jump out thanks to a pair of metal strips on the other side, which are constantly pushing into the battery.

What type of battery does the AirTag use?

It’s a plain old regular 2032 coin-sized battery. You can find these basically everywhere — from grocery stores to gas stations.

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How to Replace the Battery in Your AirTag (and Make Sure It Works)

In April 2021, Apple first released its AirTag item tracker. Since these accessories have a one-year battery life, it’s getting to be about time to replace those power cells. This is one accessory that Apple actually makes battery replacement a trivial task for, but there is a “gotcha” to bear in mind. Some batteries may not work right with the Apple AirTag, so here’s how to replace the battery in your AirTag and make sure it works.

airtag, battery, replacement, cost, full

Knowing When to Replace the Battery In Your AirTag

Your AirTag battery is easily removed and replaced, but you can’t just check the charge level. The type of battery used doesn’t really lend itself to accurate charge measurement. However, you’ll know when it’s about time to replace the battery.

When the coin battery inside your AirTag is close to fully discharged, your iPhone will warn you. You’ll get a notification from the Find My app stating “AirTag Battery is Low,” telling you to replace it soon. Furthermore, looking in the Find My app itself will show you a message that the battery is low and some features aren’t available.

airtag, battery, replacement, cost, full

Swapping Out Batteries Is Easy, For a Change

Your AirTag uses a common CR2032 battery, also known as a coin battery. It’s actually easy to change on the accessory, a very unusual characteristic for Apple. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Flip your AirTag over so the polished stainless steel battery cover is facing you.
  • Press down on the battery cover of the AirTag and rotate it counterclockwise until it stops rotating.
  • Remove the cover and the battery.
  • Insert a new CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery, which you can purchase from most electronic and drug stores. Make sure the positive side, which is flat and has a “” symbol on it, is facing up. You’ll hear a sound indicating it’s connected properly.
  • Replace the cover, aligning the three tabs of the cover with the slots on the AirTag.
  • Rotate the cover clockwise until it stops.

Now, here’s the “gotcha.” Some of these CR2032 have a coating on them that interferes with their usability.

Bitterant Coating Affects Battery Conductivity

Apple offers the following disclaimer about some batteries that you might try to use in your AirTags.

CR2032 batteries with bitterant coatings might not work with AirTag or other battery-powered products, depending on the alignment of the coating in relation to the battery contacts.

A bitterant coating is placed on the battery for safety around small children. These coin batteries represent a choking hazard, some many companies warn consumers to keep them away from small children. Some go so far as to coat the batteries with an agent that tastes horrible, so the tykes will spit them out instead of swallowing them.

While this is definitely a great idea, it does interfere with the battery’s electrical connection. Garmin goes so far as to warn consumers not to use Duracell batteries in its devices for this exact reason.

If you hold your battery up to the light, you can actually see the edges of the coating. The product labeling should also advise you it’s got the bitter coating on the battery. Your best bet is to buy a different brand, but there’s a trick you can use if you don’t want to go through that much trouble.

The Coating Is Easily Removable With Sandpaper

Our good friend John F. Braun has been going through the whole battery replacement process with his AirTags. While Braun thinks Apple should redesign the power contacts on the accessory, he did find a way to remove the bitter coating.

He first confirmed, using his multimeter, that the battery had proper voltage. Next, he took a sheet of sandpaper to the battery to remove the coating. “For me,” he said, “using some sandpaper on the battery did the trick.”

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