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airtag, battery, replacement, cost

Apple AirTag Battery Life: Tips to Check and Improve Performance

For people who need help remembering where they have kept their belongings or keep misplacing their wallets, keys, and other essential items, an attractive technological solution has been the launch of Apple AirTag. A lightweight, portable device, AirTag is based on Bluetooth tech that maintains a track record of your essential belongings.

Now, for those who have been using the AirTag for a while, a common problem comes up now and then is the battery life of this fantastic device. often than not, people have asked how they can make the battery life of their AirTag device last longer.

Through this article, we will discuss how you can increase the battery life for the AirTag device. We will also explain how you can check the battery level of your AirTag device and when it is the right time to consider a battery replacement.

So, if you want to learn about your AirTag’s battery life, read on.

How to Check an AirTag’s Battery Life?

To start with the first question, if you want to check the battery life of your AirTag, you should know that when the device is low on battery, you get an automatic notification on the iPhone. Hence, if you have a notification on your iPhone, your AirTag needs to be checked.

Now, to check the battery percentage, you can follow the below steps-

  • Based on the Apple device your AirTag is connected to, go to the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • The Find My app will show a low battery level icon if the AirTag device has a low battery.

Even though the notification says low battery, this warning appears weeks before the device ends its battery life. It should work for the next few weeks before the device battery gives up.

But as a recommendation, it is suggested that once you receive a low battery notification, it is best to replace the AirTag battery before it’s too late and before you lose your belonging and cannot track it with the AirTag.

Factors affecting AirTag battery Life?

The AirTag functions on a battery that cannot be recharged; hence, you will need to replace it once it drains out. So, it is crucial to consider the factors that can affect the life of your AirTag’s battery.

One of the most common reasons the AirTag device’s battery drains out depends on how often the device is used. Ensure you only use the device when required and do not keep it powered on mode for no reason.

Another reason that may cause your AirTag’s battery to drain fast is the temperature and humidity around the device. The AirTag must always be kept in a cool, dry place for longer battery life. over, if you are keen on using AirTag’s features like Play Sound and Precision Tracking, it can also cause faster battery drainage.

Lastly, and most importantly, always purchase an original battery from a reputed brand for your AirTag to ensure long-lasting battery life. You can read more about how long does airtag battery last here.

Tips for Maximizing AirTag Battery Life

Here are some tips to help you maximize the battery life of your AirTag device-

  • Use the device only when needed, and do not always keep it in active mode.
  • Whenever you activate the AirTag, add a To-Do note in your app to replace the AirTag battery.
  • Set the task as a recurrence after 11 months every time. You can also tag this task as a vacation.

Now, AirTags are often activated right after they are purchased, and for things like your luggage bag, you probably only need the AirTag once your vacation starts. But you tag each time you add an AirTag to an item, for example. In that case, your luggage is added as a task (vacation); you will know when to replace the battery since the To Do list will show when the AirTag battery is low or whether it has been 12 months since you activated the tag.

How to replace the AirTag battery?

If you want to replace the battery for your AirTag device, you can do so by below steps-

  • On the cover of the AirTag, locate the steel battery cover and press on it. After that, move the cover anti-clockwise and rotate it until it can’t.
  • Now, remove the battery cover and then take the battery out.
  • Make sure you have the lithium 3-volt coin battery available and insert it, placing the positive side of the battery upwards.
  • Once you hear an indicator sound, it confirms the battery has been placed and connected successfully.

You can now put the battery cover back by aligning the three tabs on it against the AirTag’s slots and then move the battery cover and rotate it clockwise to close it properly.

airtag, battery, replacement, cost

Is the Battery in an AirTag Rechargeable?

Unfortunately, you cannot recharge the AirTag battery once it has drained. Yet, these AirTag batteries have a long life and can easily last up to one year, depending on the device’s usage. over, you can always replace the battery by opening the AirTag device and placing a new CR2032 lithium battery.

Do AirTags Have Batteries That Can Be Changed?

AirTags come with preinstalled coin-sized lithium batteries. Even though an AirTag battery can last up to one year, you can replace them once the battery life is over. You can easily find replacement batteries in any local electronic store near you.

How Can You Check the Charging of an AirTag Battery?

If you want to know if the AirTag battery is functioning correctly and has excellent life remaining before it needs to be replaced, you can check the charge by visiting the Find My app on your Apple device. Under the Items section in the app, you can click on the AirTag device you want to check the battery life for and look at the battery icon to check the remaining battery levels.

What Kind of Battery Powers an AirTag?

The AirTag device is powered by a CR2032 battery that is coated with lithium and is a coin-sized cell battery.

When You Need an AirTag Battery Replacement

If you receive a notification on your Apple device connected to the AirTag confirming its battery level is low, it is time to replace the battery. Although, it has been confirmed that the AirTag low battery notification is not a high-priority alert, and the device’s battery can further work for several months after you receive such a notification. But it will eventually disable essential features on your AirTag as the battery level goes down further.


When used efficiently, AirTag is an interesting technology. But it is crucial to keep a check on the device’s usage to avoid battery draining before the stipulated duration. You can always manage your tagged items and ensure only essential items are tagged for regular usage. For items that are utilized occasionally, you should tag them with your AirTag when in use.

I hope this article was helpful, and that you are able to manage your AirTag’s battery levels better after going through the above content and can secure the battery without replacement, for a longer duration.

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AirTag Battery Replacement Cost (A Full Guide)

You’d be surprised at how something of a sizeable shape can get missing. The Apple AirTag is the size of a coin, and you can attach it to any item you don’t want missing.

The Apple AirTag is a Smart device that uses ultra-wideband technology together with other existing networks of devices to make sure that you don’t have to deal with misplaced items, and even when it happens, you can trace them ASAP.

airtag, battery, replacement, cost

You can get a single one for 29, and a pack of four for 99, plus it can even be customized to your preference, at no extra cost.

Most people use it for their luggage when traveling with the public, while some use it to track items that get easily misplaced like phones, tablets, etc.

Regardless of how far it is from your Bluetooth connection, this tracker can still help you trace lost items.

However, the only downside to the Apple AirTag is that it doesn’t last forever. The AirTag has a one-year duration, and after that, it’ll need to be replaced; failure to do so, just renders it useless.

The good thing about this is that, you don’t need to go to any Apple store to get these power cells replaced, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Keep in mind that not all batteries work with the AirTag, and we’d talk more about that soon.

How Do I Know When to Replace My Airtag Battery?

Most AirTag owners just remove the batteries after a year and get them replaced, and when you think of it, it makes logical sense. After all, the battery life is a year, right?

But, that’s not the best approach when it comes to AirTag batteries. Yes, it’s impossible to check the battery level because it’s almost always inaccurate, but you’ll receive a warning signal when you have a low battery.

Remember that the AirTag works together with your iPhone, so when it’s getting to its expiry level, you’ll get a notification on your iPhone.

Usually, you’ll receive a message from “FIND MY APP” pointing out that your coin battery is low and you need to get it replaced as soon as possible.

It’s recommended that you browse through the “FIND MY APP” once in a while, so you can immediately know when your battery needs replacing.

What Types of Batteries Are Compatible with Apple’s AirTag?

Remember we previously mentioned that not all batteries are compatible with your AirTag, and putting the wrong battery can even cause you to damage your device.

Ideally, you are to replace your AirTag batteries with just the standard CR2023 lithium cell batteries. However, this battery is of two types; one with a bitterant and one without.

The CR2023 coin cell battery that comes with a bitterant was designed that way, so kids get discouraged from putting it into their mouth; after all, no child loves a bitter lollipop. But unfortunately, the bitter coating affects the conductivity of the cell, making it difficult to make good contact with the AirTag, and this can affect its efficiency.

So, to avoid having to deal with that, it’s best to buy CR2023 lithium coin batteries without coating, or you can remove the bitterant manually if you know how to.

How to Replace Your Airtag Battery Like a Pro

AirTag batteries can be easily removed and replaced at a low cost when you know what you are doing. You don’t need to pay a technician to fix your battery, and neither do you need special tools or skills. Everything you’ll need can be found in a local store that sells batteries.

However, if after going through our guide you are still confused, then it’s best to go to a licensed Apple store and get it replaced.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to replace your AirTag battery when it’s expired or about to;

  • Put the AirTag on a flat surface, and make sure it’s facing down.
  • The back of your AirTag has a metal removable cover, press it down and roll it in an anticlockwise direction. This will cause the metal back to open up; remove it and keep it close.
  • The battery should be exposed to you now, remove it as well.
  • Place the new AirTag battery inside, and make sure the positive side is positioned upward. Ideally, you’ll hear a noise that indicates you have successfully fixed it, if you don’t make hear a noise, check to see if the battery you placed is the correct one.
  • Put back the metal cover, and be careful to align the three tabs on the cover with the three slots on the AirTag.
  • To close it, you’ll have to rotate the cover in a clockwise direction until it snaps into place.

Remember, if you do not hear a noise that shows you have successfully changed the battery, then it means you haven’t done it properly.

Quick tip; be sure to get the right batteries, and make sure you position the new battery correctly.

Once you have taken out the old batteries and replaced them with new ones, you’ll need to reconnect the AirTag again to your iPhone. This is simple, as you’ll just have to follow the prompts that appear on your phone.


Apple AirTag is a necessity if you are always looking for your items, or if you have an expensive item you don’t want to lose track of. The beauty of it is that regardless of where your lost item is, it can always be tracked, whether it’s within your Bluetooth reach or not.

AirTag batteries cannot be charged, so when it gets discharged, you’ll need to replace them, however, the replacement won’t cost you a fortune. With a few bucks, you’ll have your AirTag up and running.

There’s no other special procedure that any technician will follow aside from what we have explained above; so, take out your time and follow our instructions, and you’ll have an easy time replacing your battery.

AirTags Battery Life – How Long Do They Last?

You bought your Apple AirTag to help you keep track of a valuable item in case you lose it. As long as the AirTag is working, you can use your Apple device to follow the digital breadcrumbs to the attached item’s current location.

Note that we said as long as the AirTag is working.

The problem is that AirTags only work for as long as their batteries have a charge. You can’t recharge your AirTag once its battery runs dry, meaning the device may turn into a useless lump of plastic that doesn’t help you track anything.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, you need to know two things. First, how long does your AirTag’s battery last? Second, what can you do once your device runs out of battery? This article provides the answers to both questions.

How Long Do AirTags Battery Last

You can expect your AirTag’s battery to last for approximately one year, on a very general level. The specific battery length depends on several factors, the primary one being how often you use the AirTag.

Every time you open the Find My app to track the item your AirTag is attached to, you activate the device. When the device is activated, it drains more battery life than it does when it’s inert. As a result, constantly losing the attached item means you drain your AirTag’s battery faster because you need to use it more often.

  • Open the Find My app and tap “Items.”
  • Navigate to the item attached to your AirTag and tap it.
  • Check the battery icon below your item.

Unfortunately, this icon does not provide a percentage figure or direct information about how much life the battery has left. It provides a rough estimate that lets you know if you’re getting closer to needing to replace the battery. You will also see a banner that says “Low Battery” if your AirTag is on the verge of running out of juice.

What Happens When They Run Out of Battery?

When an AirTag runs out of battery, it can no longer transmit a signal. When you check the Find My app, you should see that the item it’s attached to is no longer on your list. For as long as the AirTag is depleted, it’s little more than a chunk of plastic attached to the item it’s supposed to be tracking.

The good news is that a depleted AirTag doesn’t have to stay that way.

Apple allows AirTag owners to replace their device’s battery before it runs out, thus keeping it operational for as long as they need it. To change the battery, you’ll need to have a replacement CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery. You can find these batteries in most electronics stores and some watch shops and pharmacies. Apple recommends that you avoid CR2032 that have bitterant coatings. This coating may prevent the battery from forming a proper connection with your AirTag’s contact points, resulting in it not working properly.

Assuming you have your battery, follow these steps to insert it into your AirTag.

  • Locate the polished stainless steel battery cover on your AirTag and push down on it gently.
  • Rotate the cover counterclockwise until you can’t rotate it any further.
  • Lift the cover and remove the battery from your AirTag.
  • Place your new CR2032 lithium 3V coin battery into the open slot with the positive side facing toward you. Your AirTag should make a sound that indicates the battery has established a successful connection.
  • Replace the battery cover.
  • Keeping the cover pressed in, rotate it clockwise until it stops moving.

Your AirTag should now transmit a signal again. Open your Find My app and you should see it reappear in your list of items.

Keep Your AirTag Running

The battery that comes preinstalled in your AirTag isn’t designed for longevity. It only offers about a year of service before it depletes, though you may find yours runs out quicker if you need to use the AirTag frequently.

Apple has accounted for this by giving you the ability to replace a depleted battery. Replacement batteries are simple to source, meaning you can keep your AirTag running for as long as you need it. Keep an eye on your notifications and the Find My app to check when you need make a replacement.

So, what do you think about Apple’s AirTag? How useful is the device? Would you prefer Apple to install a longer-lasting battery, even if it meant paying a little more for an AirTag? Or, are you happy to keep replacing the battery yourself? Let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев section below.

How Long Do Apple AirTag Batteries Last?

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Apple AirTags are quickly becoming a popular way for Apple product owners to keep track of things that they constantly lose or misplace, such as their keys, wallet, and purse. Further, people are using them to track their children if they don’t want to purchase a phone for their child. However, with all of this tracking being done, how long do the Apple AirTag batteries last?

Apple AirTag batteries last for one year and don’t need to be recharged, in fact, there is no way to charge the battery. There are several aspects that can extend or shorten the year-long battery life.

Do the Air Tag Functions Affect the Battery Life?

Apple AirTags work with the Find My app on your phone to help you find the objects they’re attached to. You can track your AirTags from multiple locations and depending on the iPhone you have, you can have absolute precision when looking for an object to tell you if you’re getting closer to or further from an object that is in a room for example.

airtag, battery, replacement, cost

Apple AirTags are designed to work efficiently, so if you regularly look for something, it won’t drastically affect the battery life of the AirTag or your iPhone. An additional benefit is that you won’t have to worry about the data usage on your phone since it works through Bluetooth.

What Will Affect an Apple AirTag Battery Life?

According to Apple, there are several things that can affect an Apple AirTag’s battery life. These things include:

  • Usage
  • Environmental conditions
  • Replacement battery manufacturer

The one-year life expectancy with the original battery is based on four sound uses and one precision-finding event per day. If you use your Apple AirTag more than this, then it will cause the battery to drain quicker than if you use it less frequently.

Signs an Apple AirTag Has a Low Battery

The AirTag should send you a notification when the battery is low and should be changed.

What do I do if my Apple AirTag Battery Dies?

Even though Apple AirTags are extremely efficient with their battery usage and have a long battery life, there will be a time that comes when the battery dies.

If and when your Apple AirTag battery dies, there is no need to or way to charge the Apple AirTag battery. You must replace the battery or buy a new AirTag. Replacing the battery is an easy process that many people can do, therefore it is unnecessary to throw out your old Apple AirTag and purchase a new one.

Replacing an Apple AirTag Battery

When it is time to replace your Apple AirTag battery, it might seem a little complicated to do. However, this is a very quick and easy process, and can usually be done in under a minute.

First, you will need the correct battery. The Apple AirTag takes a CR2032 lithium 3V battery. You can purchase these online or at many hardware stores or pharmacies. Once you have your replacement battery, simply follow these steps:

  • Open your Apple AirTag battery case. To do this, press down on the battery cover and turn it counterclockwise until the cover stops turning.
  • Remove the cover and then the old battery.
  • Carefully place the replacement battery inside with the positive sign facing upwards.
  • Replace the cover and make sure that it gets locked in place by turning it clockwise until it stops.


Apple AirTags are an affordable way to keep track of many of your belongings that you tend to misplace during the day. They have a year-long battery life and are designed to use their energy efficiently. Additionally, going along with Apple’s theme of being user-friendly, their batteries are easy and affordable to replace once they die.

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