A23 Battery Equivalent – Is It LR23A, 23AE Or MN21/23. A23 battery mah

A23 Battery Equivalent – Is It LR23A, 23AE Or MN21/23?

Except for manufacturers that adopt a naming standard, some run wild in the choice of labels. This contributes to the long list of labels of the same product and confuses users.

Chances are you’re in a similar situation with 23A 12V battery equivalents, wondering which are its other names. Scroll down to list all of them.

Battery A23 Equivalents In Details

Like other batteries, the A23 possesses a long list of labels determined by the manufacturer. The IEC standard assigns another name to 8LR932, while the ANSI standard defines 1811A. Besides, you can find other terms considered A23 equivalents, including LR23A, A23G, V23GA, L1028, MN21, 8LR23, 23A, 23AE, A23S, GP23A, and LRV08.

A23 comes in a cylinder shape with a length of 28.5 mm, a diameter of 10.3 mm, and a weight of 8 grams. Its name is inspired by the dimension of about two-thirds of AAA batteries.

Regarding chemistry, A23 belongs to the category of non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. This battery type often appears in small electronic devices such as Bluetooth headsets, video game controllers, cameras, keyless vehicle entry systems, etc.

An A23 battery pack consists of eight alkaline cells called the LR932. Each produces a nominal voltage of 1.5V and a cut-off voltage of 0.9 – 1.0V. Thus, a single set creates a nominal voltage of about 12 and a cut-off voltage of 6 – 8 volts.

Its nominal capacity falls between 50 – 60 mAH. The actual performance depends on a wide range of factors, such as temperature, lifespan, or discharge current.

For example, you can warm up “dead” batteries in minutes. The voltage then spikes, and your items gain an extra life. However, it is only temporary, and you should carry out a battery replacement as soon as possible.

Popular Manufacturers Of 23A Equivalents


Duracell A23 is among the most popular battery brands due to its good performance. This non-rechargeable battery delivers a rated capacity of 60 mAh as measured by a 20 kΩ resistor/load at 20°C down to 6.0 volts. At room temperature, it operates as follows:

Additionally, its self-discharge rate is 10% annually at 20°C. Storage temperature ranges from 5°C to 30°C, while operating temperature extends from.10°C to 60°C.

This option works out for most high-load, low-load, or pulsed applications. Therefore, you can easily find it in electronic equipment such as computers, game consoles, or medical devices.


The Energizer A23 battery, with non-rechargeable alkaline cells, enters the market as a leading Duracell competitor. Its nominal capacity reaches 50 mAh tested with a 20 kΩ resistor at 21°C down to 6.0 volts.

  • Down to 8.8 volts in 92 hours
  • Down to 7.2 volts in 98 hours
  • Down to 6 volts in 100 hours

The higher the discharge current, the lower the capacity. For example, the power drops to about 43 mAh at 5 mAh and plummets to 26 mAH at 15 mAh. On the bright side, the output voltage remains above 9 volts for about 90% of the operating time. These features make it ideal for powering multiple devices.

A23 Vs. Other Similar Batteries In Comparison: Are They Interchangeable?

A23 Vs E90

The A23 and N-cell (E90) batteries possess relatively similar physical dimensions. The former is 10.3 x 28.5 mm, while the latter is 12 x 30.2 mm. Another similarity is that both belong to the wide category of alkaline batteries.

Given this common ground, most battery compartments made for N-cells can accommodate the A23 with ease. In comparison, only some, not all, A23 compartments work with the E90.

One important thing to note is that these two deliver different nominal voltages. The A23 produces 12 volts, while the N-cell battery only responds to 1.5 volts. Hence, contact issues are bound to happen if you try to swap back and forth.

The significant deviation in voltage often leads to fire incidents and internal injuries to equipment. One thing is for sure – these two are not interchangeable.

A23 Vs. AAA

Both batteries share the same diameter (10.3 and 10.5 mm), although the length of the A23 is only two-thirds of triple-A (28.5 and 44.5 mm). Unexpectedly, the set of two AAA batteries (10.5 x 89 mm) stacked on top of each other creates the same dimension as the bank of three A23 (10.3 x 85.5 mm).

However, this does not mean you should randomly install them into any compartment. Leaving the difference in the number of cells aside, the most important problem arises from the voltage gap.

While the sum of two AAA batteries produces 3 volts, the setup of A23 with the same physical size outputs up to 36 volts. In short, you should never think of using them as substitutes for each other.

A23 Vs ⅔ AAA

When the size of triple-A is reduced by a third, which gives birth to ⅔ AAA, is it equal to A23 in size? The quick answer is YES. Specifically, depending on the models, the latter features a dimension of 10.5 x 29-30 mm – a twin version, right?

Still, the incompatibility of this pair lies not only in voltage but also in classification. The 2/3 AAA battery is rechargeable and belongs to the Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) group. Its nominal voltage is small, about 1.2 volts, suitable for compact solar lights or electrical equipment.

A23 Vs A27

These two are nearly identical in both size and internal construction. The dimension of A27 is 8.0 x 28.2 mm, or in other words, its diameter is slightly smaller than A23.

Regarding the technical structure, both contain eight cells – LR932 and LR732/LR632. As a result, they produce an equal nominal voltage of 12 volts. The only dissimilarity comes from the double larger capacity of the A23 compared to the A27 (50-60 mAh vs. 20-22 mAh) due to the wider internal volume.

Given these specifications, it is easy to find out that the A27 can fit inside the battery compartment of the A23. However, the mismatched diameter may cause contact problems for moving devices.

In contrast, some A23-powered applications have a plastic adapter that works well for the A27. Users can interchange these two options, but the A27 tends to run out faster than the remaining if the equipment operates frequently.

Buying And Using Advice For LR23A Battery Equivalent

If you are considering buying an MN21 23 battery equivalent, look at the device’s specs, and it will give you the answer. Important information includes amp-hour and voltage. A compatible choice helps to save energy and optimizes the power and lifespan of both device and battery.

It is not a big problem if you plan to install the A23 for low-voltage devices, such as, entry remotes, flashlights, or Smart keys. Most devices work at their best as long as the battery fits with the compartment.

Some people do not believe that pets or children can swallow these shiny objects because their size is much larger than micro batteries. It is no coincidence that battery manufacturers pack A23 cells in a “pet and kids safe package.” Despite the inconvenience for the user to take out the product, safety should still be a priority.

A23 does not contain heavy metals, but always be alert. Its ingredients can produce explosives and cause injury if it comes in contact with bodily fluids. Once you catch anyone swallowing an A23 or any other battery, contact emergency services immediately and perform first aid as directed.


Are A23 And 23A Batteries The Same?

Yes. Both are just different labels for the same types of alkaline batteries. If you are still in doubt, check the chemical composition, dimension, voltage, and actual capacity.

How Long Does An A23 Battery Last?

This type usually lasts 2-3 years, while some models have a life expectancy of up to 5 years. Many factors affect its lifespan, especially the specified device.

How Do I Know The A23 Battery Is Dead?

Any battery undergoes aging after a period of use because of energy loss. Regarding A23, the voltage drop to 6 volts means the dead state, which means very little charge left or loss of energy holding. Some obvious signs of this final stage are capacity drops or frequent power outages that cause equipment interruptions.


Swapping between A23G battery equivalents is safe because they are essentially identical. But safety issues arise for the interchangeable use of the A23 and its closely related battery labels. In essence, they are the same battery size, not the output. Such incompatibility often leads to the risk of fire and damage to the equipment.

Best 23A batteries 2023: Stock up on these tiny 12V powerhouses

What are the best 23A batteries you can buy? We round up some of the top options in this guide.

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Whether you call them A23, 23A or 23AE batteries, these little 12V beauties provide the power behind tons of tiny gadgets, including the likes of security fobs, car keys, doorbells and home security systems.

Therefore, it’s essential to have plenty on hand for when your devices run low on juice. Since it’s unlikely you’ll have many things in your home that you can quickly switch out, as well, unlike with AA or AAA batteries, it’s even more crucial to plan ahead and make sure you’re stocked up.

And with the.lint team routinely testing all manner of devices, we thought we’d turn our attention to the little guys keeping everything powered up.

Now, we’d be the first to admit that putting batteries through their paces is a little different to traditional gadgets, which is why we’ve concentrated our efforts on checking out the most popular and well-known 23A options.

From here, we asked two questions: does it work as you would expect, and is it reasonably priced?

Below are the five battery sets that comfortably answered both of those points. continue on to read a bit more, about what you can expect.

battery, equivalent, lr23a, 23ae, mn21

Energizer 23A (Five-Pack)

Duracell 23A (Two-Pack)

Amazon Basics 23A (Four-Pack)

LiCB 23A (Five-Pack)

Gold Peak 23A (Five-Pack)

Best 23A battery: Our top pick

Energizer 23A (Five-Pack)

Power your gadgets with a name and battery you can trust.

Being a household name in the world of batteries may not mean that much, but, still, it doesn’t hurt to pick up your A23 batteries from a name you’re likely to be familiar with.

Things are fairly standard here. this pack will deliver 12V of power to your smaller remotes and keyring gadgets, with plenty of shelf life for the batteries you’re keeping in reserve.

In our testing, it was the longest-lasting and offered consistent levels between different cells.

Duracell 23A (Two-Pack)

It might be a little pricier than other options we tested, but you can’t argue with the performance.

Like the rest of Duracell’s speciality battery range, the 23A pair is far from being the cheapest. However, while it lacks that same bit of affordability as others on this list, it does make up for this in its performance.

In use, we found it comparable to Energizer’s option, and it also offers up the same claims of five-year storage. We weren’t able to test this, naturally, but the long-lasting power of each cell bodes well.

Amazon Basics 23A (Four-Pack)

Keep things wallet-friendly with Amazon’s own 23A batteries.

Like the entire Amazon Basics range, things are kept simple with this four-pack of 23A batteries.

battery, equivalent, lr23a, 23ae, mn21

In terms of the price per unit, this set is also one of the most affordable on this list, making it a natural pick for those who want to charge their smaller devices without breaking the bank.

Performance was solid, too. Nothing mind-blowing, obviously, these are only batteries, but we will say that you’re not sacrificing much in way of overall performance by deviating away from the traditional battery brands.

LiCB 23A (Five-Pack)

Affordable batteries with a solid shelf life to match.

With this LiCB pack, you’ll be stocked up and ready to power all your smaller gadgets, with each battery offering the potential of more than 100 hours of juice. Like with any battery, though, whether you can eke out anything close to this depends on how you use them.

The 12V alkaline cylinders also have a shelf life of around three years before becoming duds, which means you can keep them stashed away and ready for service at a later date.

Gold Peak 23A (Five-Pack)

An affordable way to stock up on 23A batteries.

Gold Peak’s set of five is another example of how 23A batteries don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet, with this set available at a very affordable rate.

The 12V units are able to power all your smaller compatible gadgets for roughly 100 hours, though, like with others, it’s about how you use them.

We found, for example, that these batteries offered very good performance and lifespan, despite not being best-in-class.

With plenty of shelf life, though, you can keep a few in the drawer and easily replace outgoing units.

How to choose a 23A battery

As we mentioned up top, there’s not actually a whole lot to consider when buying 23A batteries. Design is largely irrelevant and specs are nearly identical across the board, which instead puts the emphasis on price, value and reliability in performance.

Below, we’ll answer a few key questions that should help you choose the right batteries for your needs.

Do you need a 23A battery?

While much rarer than AA and AAA counterparts, 23A batteries are still fairly commonplace in certain appliances and gadgets. However, it can be difficult to know what you actually need, since they go by many different names.

If your device is compatible with one of the following battery codes, this is a sign you need one of the 12V alkaline power sources: 23AE, GP23A, V23GA, LRV08, 8LR932, 8LR23, MN21, L1028 or ANSI-1181A.

How can you spot a 23A battery?

Like us, if you have a drawer full of different, loose batteries, you might already have a 23A battery in your arsenal. Aside from the codes. which are always found on the cell itself. it can be handy to know exactly what one looks like.

A 23 battery is cylindrical, measures 28.5mm long, 10.3mm in diameter, weighs roughly 8-10 grams and will come with a voltage of 12V.

How much should you spend on 23A batteries?

Batteries are certainly an area in which it’s easy to spend. and, in our experience, price and performance don’t necessarily match up. With that said, any set with a single cell costing £0.80. £1 / 1. 1.25 is reasonable. From there, it’s simply about deciding how many you need in your set.

Energizer A23 Alkaline 12V (set of 2)

Energizer is the world’s leading battery company and is constantly improving its products. When you choose Energizer, you choose batteries that are reliable (the brand is renowned worldwide for their performance), economical (they last longer) and environmentally friendly (they are guaranteed mercury-free).

Pack of 2 A23 miniature alkaline batteries

Customer reviews

The choice of quality

Energizer is the world’s leading battery manufacturer and is constantly improving its products. When you choose Energizer, you choose batteries that are reliable (the brand is known worldwide for their performance), economical (they last longer) and environmentally friendly (guaranteed mercury-free).

Key benefits:

  • The best miniature batteries on the market
  • Superiorautonomy and life span
  • Ideal for all small devices: remote controls, car keys, watches, calculators, cameras, electronic games.
  • Guaranteed mercury-free batteries

Logistics information : This product is available in the following locations: France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco.

Select your criteria

Pros and Cons Fact Samsung Galaxy A23 Review

These are some summarizes about good and bad features at Samsung Galaxy A23. This is non 5G smartphone but work with 4G LTE for fast Internet access. It is comes with two version of simcard model, single or dual version.

Some disadvantages possibilities of Samsung Galaxy A23 :

  • Demerit of Samsung Galaxy A23 does not have Infra Red sensor. Some user need IR for communication with other devices.
  • Cons of Samsung Galaxy A23 body is not water resistance. This phone does not have IP6x or Ip5x for water resistance performance. Please do not bring this phone to swim.
  • Drawback of Samsung Galaxy A23 battery is not removable. It is normal to have non-removable battery. But we will get problems when the battery have troubles like battery corrupt or end of life. We can not replace by easily. We suggest to ask Samsung authorized service center for replace with original battery.
  • Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy A23 does not have NFC connection for transfer data or do wireless payment.

Some Advantages of Samsung Galaxy A23 :

  • Advantages of Samsung Galaxy A23 is release on March 2022, therefore having Android 12 is new for this model. It is installed withOne UI 4.1.
  • Goodness of Samsung Galaxy A23 has big screen with 6.6 inches. Playing games or watching movie become better. It has 90Hz refresh rate.
  • Pros of Samsung Galaxy A23 have four main camera at back side body with 50 MP f/1.8 for standard wide 5 MP f/2.2 for 123 degree ultrawide 2 MP f/2.2 for macro 2 MP f/2.2 for depth of field.
  • Advantages of Samsung Galaxy A23 have three options of internal storage with 64 GB or 128 GB.
  • Goodness of Samsung Galaxy A23 has its own dedicated external slot that make it work with MicroSDXC for extend the storage.
  • Pros of Samsung Galaxy A23 has Knox security system to improve data security from malware or threats.

Other Considerations of Samsung Galaxy A23

Samsung Galaxy A23 is use Qualcomm processor platform with Qualcomm SM6225 Snapdragon 680 4G. This processor has total octa core with quad core 2.4 GHz Kryo 265 Gold quad core 1.9 GHz Kryo 265 Silver. The GPU use Adreno 610. This processor design to give better experience for multimedia and gaming. It has 6nm process technology that can give good battery efficiency. Samsung Galaxy A23 using 5000 mAh battery capcaity with fast charging 25W for quick charge.

Samsung Galaxy A23 Have Good Triple Camera And Beautiful Front Camera

Samsung Galaxy A23 work with quad main camera with 50 megapixel f/1.8 for standard wide 5 megapixel f/2.2 for 123 degree ultrawide 2 megapixel f/2.2 for macro 2 megapixel f/2.2 for depth of field. We can see big triple lens design with vertical shape and single small lens at right side. For video recording, this phone can record up to 1080p at 30fps.

Is Samsung Galaxy A23 A Good Phone ?

Samsung release several version of smartphone for any kind of users. Samsung Galaxy A23 is release for mid-end version that has many advantages on camera features. It has big resolution main camera 50 megapixel f/1.8 with OIS (optical images stabilization) that can help to reduce blur when take photos or videos. Daily activity will be helpful because this phone is release with mid-end processor Qualcomm SM6225 Snapdragon 680 4G. However, we can not use 5G connection using this phone, but with 4G LTE broadband Internet access still acceptable for any working performance.

Samsung Galaxy A23 has big screen 6.60 inches LCD screen size with Full HD resolutions at 1080 x 2408 pixel and has high refresh rate 90Hz for smooth transitions. The screen also protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 scratch resistance. It has big battery 5000 mAh with 25W fast charging technology.

Is Samsung Galaxy A23 worth to buy ?

Samsung Galaxy A23 does not have 5G connections. It has four main camera at read body and single front camera with notch drop. The video recording is better with 1080p resolution at 30fps using OIS for reduce handshake blur. It has big battery 5000 mAh for work more then one day. We can use 3.5 mm headphone jack for connect with external audio devices. Samsung Galaxy A23 is recommended to buy.

Samsung Galaxy A23 Review – Closing Statement

All information about Samsung Galaxy A23 personal review will give more benefit before buy this this phone. It is mid-end smartphone that release with Qualcomm SM6225 Snapdragon 680 4G processor. Please do not get wrong, this is 4G processor, therefore it does not have 5G connections. The other version of 5G will be release at September 2022 with 5G connections, but not this model SM-A235F, SM-A235F/DS, SM-A235F/DSN, SM-A235M, SM-A235M/DS.

Samsung Galaxy A23 has all day phone performance because it has big battery capacity with 5000 mAh. This phone actually has fast charging 25W at appropriate 25W power charger, but please note that we will only get 15W fast charging power charger when we open from the box. Maybe Samsung try to reduce selling price. However, having 15W still faster then using standard non fast charging power adapter.

Samsung Galaxy A23 is cheap smartphone with four rear camera with 50 megapixel for wide with OIS, 5 megapixel for 123 degree ulrawide and double 2 megapixel for macro and depth of field. Usually cheap smartphone does not have OIS (optical images stabilization) for their cameras, but we can get it when using Samsung Galaxy A23 to reduce some blur.

Samsung Galaxy A23 has dedicated external MicroSDXC up to 1 TB. This phone already preinstalled with Android 12 and One UI 4.1. It is already protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. NFC also available for data transfer or wireless payment. With 3.5 mm headphone jack, we can use it for feel the excellent stereo audio sound system that optimized by Dolby ATMOS. Please note, the Dolby ATMOS sound system technology will not work with internal phone speaker. We have to use stereo headphone or Bluetooth headset, and please do not forget to turn on Dolby ATMOS mode from Setting menu.

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