9 Best USB C Fast Charging Power Banks. 45 watt power bank

Best USB C Fast Charging Power Banks

If you find that you often need to charge on the go, it may be time to look into power delivery power banks. These easy options allow you to charge any device – including laptops – without an outlet, no matter what your location is.

Power delivery or PD power banks are great because they are fast charging and portable. Most have slim designs, and some are even small enough to fit into your

Their compact design means you can easily store them in your purse, bag, or without sacrificing storage space. These easy-to-carry options are super functional as well. Surprisingly, they can charge faster than with a wall outlet or non-PD bank due to their unique technology.

Continue reading to find out more about power delivery, and great options for the best PD power bank.

What is Power Delivery?

Not all power banks are created equal. In most cases, the bank can only output a specific amount of power at any given time. This is why it can take well over an hour just to charge a phone.

That’s where power delivery comes in. This technology erases that limit, allowing the bank to deliver more power in any given charge. This means that your device will charge much faster than with a standard option. A typical PD power bank can drive up to 45W or even 60W which is ridiculously high. I would probably prefer the 18W device, it is well enough for a smartphone.

Beyond 2020, I think 90% of the Power Banks will have support for Power Delivery

That’s why power delivery power banks are a much better choice for even casual charging needs. They’re the best fast charge power banks that you can find.

PD Power Banks 20,000 mAh or Over

RAVPower 20100mAh PD 3.0 45W Power Delivery Power Bank

Ravpower PD 3.0 device comes with a comprehensive list of features that can help ensure you’re getting a great charging experience. One of the best features is that it charges super fast.

Due to its power delivery, you can charge devices in about a third of the time it usually takes. That’s much more convenient when you’re on the go. Plus, it stores a lot of power, so you don’t have to worry about recharging it all the time.

The device also has a lot of safety features built-in. You can be confident that your device won’t sustain damage from a power surge or a similar issue. It’s nice to have that added peace of mind while charging.

This device would work well with people who need to get a full laptop charge on the. Just keep in mind that it only works with type-C chargers. You’ll need to make sure your laptop has a type-C cord, or else you won’t be able to use it.

AUKEY 20000mAh, USB C Bank with 18W Power Delivery

This 20,000mAh battery bank from Aukey focuses more on smaller technology with type-C chargers. While you can’t use it to charge anything larger than a tablet, this device works perfectly for wearables and phones. It even includes a low-current mode that will work for things like fitness trackers.

For phones, in particular, it can fully charge a phone battery in around an hour. That makes it perfect when you just need an extra boost since it will charge a portion of the power quickly.

There are also good safety features for this device. When you’re charging, the device can prevent both overcharging and overheating.

The main downside is that this device won’t charge anything larger than a laptop. As such, it’s best used as an emergency option for those moments when you don’t have time to charge your device at home.

It’s also good as a backup when traveling. It’s faster and more convenient than having to look for an outlet at the airport.

RAVPower 26800 PD Portable USB C Power Bank

This huge 26800mAh charger from Ravpower focuses on making things convenient. It has a few features that make it easy and efficient to use.

One helpful feature that it comes with is simultaneous charging. This allows you to charge up to three devices at once. Most type-C devices will work with this feature. You can essentially charge a Nintendo Switch during a game, while also charging your phone.

Yes, this is TSA friendly and you can carry it on an airplane

This is also a power bank with quick charging. You can get it fully charged in around four hours, which is shorter than a lot of similar devices. And once fully charged, it has a substantial amount of power. Additionally, it has important safety features that can prevent issues like short-circuiting. That means you can use it with confidence.

Overall, this charger is best for people who usually carry multiple devices, whether for themselves or for others. It’s ideal if you have a charging emergency on the go, and need to plug in more than one device.

Zendure X6 USB-C Portable Charger 20000mAh, 45W PD QC 3.0

Zendure X6 is great because it charges the full range of Type-C devices. You can charge your phone, Nintendo Switch, and laptop. But it also includes a low power mode for wearables like fitness trackers and even wireless headphones.

Beyond charging, this option can act as a USB hub for multiple devices. It has 2 additional USB ports that allow you to sync files on more than one device at a time.

Another interesting note is that this device is wider than it is longer. Depending on the nature of your usual bag, briefcase, or backpack, the shape may be preferable.

With all of its functional features, this charger is great for people who need to manage a lot of devices at once. If you have things spread across phone, tablet and laptop, this device can help you keep everything charged, and your files synced.

Charmast 26800mAh PD Power Bank

The shape of this power bank is remarkably slim. It’s not as powerful or functional as some of the other chargers, but it’s perfect for carrying as a backup.

The shape, size, and weight are much more convenient than some of the larger options. For anyone who is aesthetically minded, it also has some fun color choices.

This option charges your typical type-C devices, from a phone to a laptop. While it doesn’t store as much power as other options, it does have enough to fully charge a laptop twice. That’s more than enough to use for those emergency occasions when you just need a quick bit of power.

Although this option isn’t as functional as some of the others, it’s ideal for carrying on the go. If you just need something to keep in your bag for emergencies, this one is a great choice.

Anker PowerCore 26800 PD with 30W Power Delivery

Anker Powercore is another slim, travel-friendly option with a huge 26800 capacity. What sets this option apart, is that it comes with some additional items, for a whole charging package.

One such item is the additional micro USB cord that you can use with devices that aren’t type-C. That makes it a little more versatile than some of the other options.

It also includes a wall charger that has power delivery for faster charging. This extra addition means that whatever you plug into a standard wall outlet will still charge quickly. It’s a nice bonus item that you’ll be able to use even when you’re not using the power bank itself.

Those extra items paired with the slim size make this an ideal travel option. It’s going to service just about any power need. And if you end up using all of it’s stored power, you can still charge quickly with the wall charger.

AIDEAZ Wireless 20000mAh Portable Charger with 18W PD USB C

This one is a good high capacity option. It’s made for anything from phones to laptops and can support multiple full charges for each of those devices.

You can also use this device for wireless charging with compatible devices. With this function, all you have to do is put your phone on the charger, and it will recharge. Again though, your device has to have wireless charging capabilities in order for this to work.

For even more convenience, the device comes with an LCD screen to let you know how much power remains stored. This removes all the guesswork when it comes to recharging it. You’ll know exactly how much you have remaining each time you use it.

As such, this is a good option for anyone who is serious about their recharging needs. If you need something dependable and versatile, it’s a good choice.

PD Power Banks 10,000 mAh or Over

Charmast Smallest 10000 PD Quick Charge Portable Charger

The main point of this charger is that it’s tiny. It fits easily in the palm of your hand, and it’s super lightweight. It’s made to be something you can slip into a and forget about until you need it.

Although, it’s not the most powerful option, it’s still perfectly functional. You can charge a laptop battery to around half of a full charge in a pinch. It’s much more effective for smaller devices, like phones though. With smaller devices, you can get multiple full charges.

Since it’s so portable and only charges one device at a time, it’s more for people who want a causal power bank. If you just need something to occasionally charge your phone, this is an excellent option.

SuperMini – Credit Card Size 10,000mAh Power Bank

SuperMini battery bank option is so small, it’s even smaller than a credit card. (Although it is wider.) What really makes this device useful though is its FOCUS on speed. It’s the best fast charging power bank.

It can fully charge a phone in around an hour. It also charges type-C and type-A devices. That versatility is helpful for people who don’t just charge their phones.

The device itself recharges in around 3 hours, which is an excellent rate. You can recharge the power bank, and charge your phone, all in four hours or less. For an overall time for both a power bank and a device, that’s pretty good.

Again, this device is one for people who use their power banks causally. It’s not the most powerful or functional option, but it’s quick, effective, and super portable.

Final Verdict

Now that you’ve seen some of the best USB C power banks, it is time to give my takeaways. From 2020 and beyond, almost every new gadget will have support for USB C and thus, it is wise to choose a power bank that supports USB C with Power Delivery. If I were to choose one for myself, my first choice would be Ravpower’s 26800mAh bank for its huge capacity and multiple ports.

My second choice is Zendure X6 for its power output and compactness. To be honest, Zendure has some of the strongest power banks on the market.

Finally, my third choice is Anker Powercore. Like Ravpower, it also has a huge battery capacity. As you may see, I am avoiding anything under 20,000mAh. This is because power bank size makes little to no difference to me. All I need is more juice to keep all of my gadgets powered up, especially when I am traveling.

If you have any other recommendations, let me know through the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. I will be happy to check out your favorite.

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Dell USB-C Laptop Power Bank Plus 65 Wh. PW7018LC

World’s first notebook power bank to charge the widest range of USB-C laptops, as well as mobile devices.

best, fast, charging, power, banks, watt

Charges the widest range of USB-C laptops, as well as mobile devices.

When you need power on the go, the Dell Notebook Power Bank Plus. USB-C, 65Wh, can charge the widest range of laptops

and devices with a high 65W power delivery. Whether you need to charge devices with voltage profiles of 5V, 9V, 15V or 20V, the Power Bank Plus has you covered.

Improve productivity with a large battery capacity

The large, 65Wh, 6-cell power capacity keeps your laptop and mobile devices up and running longer and charges laptops requiring up to 65W of power delivery. for uninterrupted productivity while you’re out and about, up to 1 charge time.

Dual device charging with data read and write capability in a slim design

Plug your smartphone into the secondary USB-A port to charge it alongside your USB-C laptop. This extra USB-A port offers viewing and editing of content from your smartphone or flash drive, without taking up another USB-A port on your laptop. Plus, the cables coil easily around the slim profile and rounded edges of the power bank to fit neatly in your bag for tidy storage.

Dell Notebook Power Bank Plus – USB-C, 65Wh requires a USB-C power adapter (sold separately) to charge. Select Dell laptops (Latitude 5×90/7×90) may not ship with a USB-C power adapter.

What’s in the box

Dell Notebook Power Bank Plus (18,000 mAh)2x Dell Notebook Charging Cables

Tech Specs

No power adapter included (can be charged using your Dell power adapter supplied with your compatible Dell system)

Dell Price 111.99


This product is compatible with the following systems:

Chromebook 11 3000 3110 2-in-1

Inspiron 14 7000 (7420) 2-in-1

Inspiron 14 7000 (7435) 2-in-1

Inspiron 16 7000 (7620) 2-in-1

Inspiron 16 7000 (7635) 2-in-1

Inspiron Chromebook 14 7486 2-in-1

Latitude 3340 (Launched in 2023)

Latitude 5300 2-in-1 Chrome

Latitude Chromebook 14 7410 2-in-1

Dell 65Wh USB-C Power Bank: 4.4/5 rating

The Dell 65Wh USB-C power bank is capable of recharging and running most later USB-C devices that support USB-C Power Delivery 2.0 or 3.0 and BC1.2 (battery charge) specifications. — GadgetGuy

Dell Support

From drivers and manuals to diagnostic tools and replacement parts, Dell Product Support has you covered!

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Hands-on: dodocool DP13 20100 mAh Power Bank with 45 Watt USB-C PD

For its DP13 power bank with 45 watts of power delivery, dodocool promises compatibility with the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro, the Lenovo ThinkPad X270, and the Huawei MateBook, among others. We checked the PD power bank by dodocool in a brief hands-on. Here are our findings.

Nowadays, nobody can go without portable power banks to provide power. Whether you need to charge smartphones such as the Apple iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy S9/S9, a tablet, a camera, a game console, or an eBook reader. at this point you can even charge and provide power to laptops such as the Apple MacBook using a powerful power bank. However, the numerous products as well as varying technologies and qualities of the portable batteries, charging standards, and cables cause much confusion for the customers. It continues to be difficult for users to find the right battery packs among the large number of power banks with varying capacities and USB cables.

best, fast, charging, power, banks, watt

With the dodocool DP13 20100 mAh, dodocool offers a power bank with 45 watts of USB-C power delivery (PD) that also allows charging of notebooks such as the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro. W ith its metal case, the dodocool DP13 visually follows other power banks from China such as the Anker PowerCore or Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 PD. In the 20000 mAh power-bank class, the DP13 battery pack by dodocool brings almost half a kilogram (486 grams, ~1.1 lb) to the scale. The basic technical data and specifications of the dodocool DP13 power bank are briefly listed here:

  • Weight and Dimensions: 486 grams (~1.1 lb), 188 x 66 x 23.4 mm (7.4 x 2.3 x 0.9 in)
  • USB Type-C In: 5 V/3 A (15 W), 9 V/2 A (18 W), 12 V/2 A (24 W), 14.5 V/1.5 A (21.75 W), 20 V/1.5 A (30 W)
  • USB Type-C Out: 5 V/3 A (15 W), 9 V/3 A (27 W), 12 V/3 A (36 W), 14.5 V/3 A (43.5 W), 20 V/2.25 A (45 W)
  • Total USB Type-A Out: 5 V/2.4 A (12 W)
  • Battery: 20100 mAh, 3.6 V, 72.4 Wh

Working For Notebookcheck Are you a techie who knows how to write? Then join our Team! Wanted:. Specialist News Writer. Magazine Writer. Translator (DE EN) Details here

Survey Join our Support Satisfaction Survey 2023: We want to hear about your experiences! Participate here

dodocool DP13 power bank: box, design, case, and workmanship

The dodocool DP13 power bank comes in a solid box. The box contains the dodocool DP13 battery, one USB charging cable with a micro USB plug on one side and a USB-A plug on the other (cable length 28.5 cm, 11.2 in plugged in) and one USB Type-C charging cable with USB-C plugs on both ends (cable length 28 cm, 11 in plugged in). The manual for the DP13 power bank is in Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. That’s all there is in the box. A protective cover for the portable battery pack or the corresponding power delivery charger (PD charger) to charge the dodocool power bank are not included. The slightly roughened metal case of the DP13 leaves a good visual and haptic impression. The workmanship of the dodocool DP13 is first-class and leaves nothing to be desired.

With its metal case, the dodocool DP battery feels almost like a solid metal brick. The metal case of the dodocool DP13 has advantages for cooling: In our brief hands-on, dodocool’s mobile battery shows practically no warming worth mentioning during a longer period of power delivery of up to 30 watts at a room temperature of about 21 °C (70 °F). The measured temperatures range between 32 and 34 °C (90-93 °F). Only during higher power demands in our hands-on could we notice a temperature rise up to 39 °C (102 °F) in the area at the front with the power bank electronics near the PD connection. Overall, the battery case remained hand warm during the whole test. To display the state of charge as well as control the charge, there is a bar of four LEDs in front below the right USB Type-A connection. By pressing the power button, which is on the far right at the front, you can check the currently available capacity of the power bank.

dodocool DP13 20100 mAh: power output and usable capacity

In our measurements via the PD connection with a load of 4.55 V/3.1 A (14.1 watts), the dodocool DP13 power bank delivers a capacity of 13,405 mAh or 60.89 Wh (measurements rounded). Converted to 3.6 Volt for comparison, this would correspond to 16,942 mAh. With this, the DP13 achieves 84.3% of the manufacturer’s specification of 20,100 mAh, which is an acceptable value. In an additional series of measurements to confirm the results with 4.53 V/3.09 A, we also determined a time of about 4 hours and 21 minutes as well as 61.01 Wh and 13,422 mAh.

An older 15-inch MacBook Pro from 2016 could be charged using the included USB-C charging cable within one hour from about 10% of the battery up to 60%. In our brief test, the DP13 power bank by dodocool has charged every device that we connected for a recharge quickly and without any problems. As a thick power bar, we took the dodocool DP13 power bank to outdoor photo shoots and charged smaller power banks such as the Intenso S5000 (5,000 mAh, 18.5 Wh), smartphones and tablets (Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, iPhone 8, iPhone SE, iPad), and a MacBook using the portable battery bar.

We also tried the Samsung EP-NG930 wireless charger in our test, which also worked fine with the DP13 power bank. However, using the DP13, the wireless charger did not switch into the quick-charging mode (S7/S8). Using the PD Type-C port of the dodocool DP13, the Galaxy S8 was charged from 10% to 100% in 1 hour and 38 minutes. The Galaxy S7 could be charged via the combination of DP13 and EP-NG930 wireless charger at about 6.12 W (4.9 V/ 1.25 A).

dodocool DP13 20100 mAh: slow charging via USB-A/-C adapter cable, fast via USB-C PD

For charging the large dodocool DP13, we recommend a powerful PD power supply such as the dodocool DC58 45 W USB Type-C charger or an Apple USB-C power supply for a MacBook or MacBook Pro. That is because the portable DP13 battery is solely charged via the combined USB Type-C in and output port, a so-called Dual Role Port (DRP) on the front of the battery pack. As needed, the DRP can either be the power source (DFP, Downstream Facing Port) or the power user (UFP, Upstream Facing Port). The two USB-A ports are only for output.

According to dodocool, the DP13 only supports two speeds for charging the power bank, even if different parameters are specified for the PD input. According to the manufacturer’s support, a regular charge occurs at (up to) 5 V/2.1 A and a quick charge accordingly at 20 V/1.5 A. In our brief test, despite using a number of premium cables (USB-C to USB-A) and several chargers with Type-A ports which mastered various charging technologies such as Quick Charge, etc., we were unable to reach more than 10 watts (5 V/2 A). Correspondingly, charging took a long time, and 11 hours and 36 minutes passed before the DP13 was fully recharged. According to the protocol, the battery pack used 18,645 mAh (93.38 Wh). At 3.6 V, this would be 25,896 mAh. The shortest recharge via USB-C/USB-A we measured took almost 10 hours (9:55 h) at 17,987 mAh (@3.6 V: 24,982 mAh) or 90.408 Wh respectively.

A recommendation when using the DP13: Charge it with a correspondingly powerful PD charger via the USB-C to USB-C charging cable. We charged the external DP13 battery pack with coded USB Type-C cables (up to 100 W with E-marker chip) using an Anker PowerPort I PD (model A2056) with a maximum PD output of 20 V/1.5A (30 W). From three measurements, we determined an average charging time of about 3 hours. You can see a charging process of 3 hours and 18 minutes in the attached measurement protocol. During the charging process, the dodocool DP13 battery did not show any warming of the case or charging port worth mention.

USB C Power Delivery Charger, RAVPower 45W Ultrathin Type-C Wall Charger

Pay with Ease

How do I use the discount code? Copy the discount code from the product page, and then apply the discount code at check out.

Can I redeem multiple discount codes? No. Discount codes cannot be combined.Only one code can be applied per order.

Why is my discount code invalid? 1) The discount code is not applicable to the specific items you want to buy 2) The discount code wasn’t entered correctly 3) The discount code has expired 4) The discount code is not from Ravpower’s official website


RAVPower. Stay Powered

RAVPower is the one-stop power charging solution for millions of customers from around the world. Leader in fast wireless charging thanks to our groundbreaking HyperAir technology, our wide variety of portable chargers and charging accessories provide a reliable way to stay powered anywhere, anytime.

Technical Specifications:

Voltage: 100V–240V, 50/60Hz 1.25A Output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/3A, 15V/3A, 20V/2.25A; 45W Max. Dimensions: 3.1 x 2.2 x 0.63in

What’s in the Box:

1 x RAVPower Wall Charger (RP-PC104)

best, fast, charging, power, banks, watt

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USB-C PD can charge your device up to 70% faster than standard 5W charging. This means less time plugged in while your smartphone reaches 100% charged. When you’re looking for an urgent battery boost, a quick 10-minute charge with USB-C PD might be all you need.

iPhone 12
iPhone X
iPhone 8/ 8 Plus
iPad Pro
Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 2
Google Pixel 2 XL
Samsung S20
Note 20

70% faster than 5W charging when charging a Google Nexus 6P or similar device from 0% battery

Charge time varies depend on devices charging capability

USB-C PD provides up to 100W of power

With up to 100W of power available, USB-C PD can even charge larger devices, like tablets and laptops. All you need is the right wall charger and USB-C cable – and leave those heavy laptop power cables at home.


High Speed Safety


USB-C connectors have been designed hand-in-hand with USB-C Power Delivery, to handle these new high levels of power. USB-C circuit boards are specially designed to carry this increased wattage without being damaged or overheating, for enhanced safety to users and their devices.

Older connectors, such as USB-A, were first introduced in 1996, when much less power was needed than that required by today’s smartphones and tablets. This older technology is less suited to handle this increased wattage and may not have the ability to monitor heat and circuitry abnormalities.


Whether it’s a small phone or a large laptop, the USB-C PD charger detects the connected device to deliver the right amount of power to charge that device as fast as possible. This ensures fast charging without delivering too much power which could damage circuitry.


USB-C Power Delivery is the secret behind USB-C PD for Android and Fast Charge for iPhone and is built into smartphones and tablets from Apple, Samsung (S10 or later), Google, LG and many other manufacturers.

Fast Charge for iPhone

The new generation of iPhone and iPad joins the ranks of other Apple/iOS devices that charge via USB-C-PD, such as MacBook and MacBook Pro.

iPhone 12 18W or higher
iPhone X 18W or higher
iPhone 8/ 8 Plus 18W or higher
iPad Pro 27W or higher

USB-C PD charges your iPhone 8 or later Apple phones up to 50% in 30mins when paired with an Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable. Charge time varies with environmental factors; actual results will vary.


To enable Fast Charge, you need a wall charger that can deliver enough power (measured in watts) to your iPhone/ iPad.

A 45-watt wall charger will charge all your USB-C PD-enabled devices, but if you are looking to charge an iPhone X, which will only accept 18-watts of power, your 45-watt charger will only deliver 18-watts.

Unless you have other USB-C PD-enabled devices which could benefit from a charger that delivers higher wattage – such as an iPad or MacBook – a less expensive, lower wattage charger might be a better choice.

Use the table above to see how many watts your device needs, and then explore our USB-C chargers with USB-C Power Delivery.

Explore USB-C chargers with USB-C Power Delivery

USB-C Power Delivery for Android

Google and Samsung (S20 and later) smartphones are leading the way in USB-C Power Delivery for Android, with others following suit. Many new Android devices will feature USB-C to offer these faster charging capabilities.

Google Pixel 5 18W or higher
Google Pixel 2 XL 18W or higher
Google Pixel 2 18W or higher
Samsung S20 25W or higher
Samsung Note 20 25W or higher

Charge time varies with environmental factors; actual results will vary.


To enable fast charging via USB-C Power Delivery, you need a wall charger that can deliver enough power (measured in watts) to your smartphone.

A 45-watt wall charger will charge all your USB-C PD-enabled devices, but if you are looking to charge a Google Pixel, which will only accept 18-watts of power, your 45-watt charger will only deliver 18-watts.

Unless you have other USB-C PD-enabled devices which could benefit from a charger with higher wattage – a less expensive, lower wattage charger might be a better choice.

Use the table above to see how many watts your device needs from your charger, and then explore USB-C chargers with USB-C Power Delivery.

Explore USB-C chargers with USB-C Power Delivery

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