60W power bank. 60w power bank

RAVPOWER PD PIONEER 20000mAh 60W 2-Port Power Bank (PD 60W)

Okay, we all need a decent mobile battery now and then, and I was pleased to try out the RAVPOWER PD PIONEER 20000mAh, a 60 W 2-Port Power Bank. I’ll start by saying that you heard me right with those first specs.

The PD 60W has total charging protection as it has multiple charging guards protecting against overcurrent, short-circuit, overdischarge, and even offers high temperature protection.

The RAVPOWER PD 60W has an LG21700 battery pack, and has a fast 18 W QC output for unlock peak performance. This particular Power Bank has a USB-A port, as well as a USB-C port.

Most of this would probably feel comfortable having the RAVPOWER PD 60W to power their phones, but this can power your laptop, like a MacBook Pro. In fact, you can power your mobile device and laptop at the same time.

Facts About The Company

I honestly didn’t really know what I was getting into with this RAVPOWER company, but they make a lot of chargers and power stations.

What Does This Company Make?

Basically, they make products that can charge things. I’m kind of hoping that I can review some more of their products.

Just the Specs, Man

If you’re the type that needs this info, this section is for you!

Real 20000mAh Battery Capacity Different Dual device Fast charging Super PD Seris Real output 60W max. High-Quality Reliable Material All Devices Compatible LED Battery indicators

The portable charger power bank is compatible with Steam Deck/ MacBook Pro 14“/ MacBook Pro 16“/ MacBook Air 2020/ MacBook Pro 13″ 2020/ MacBook Pro 15″ 2017/ MacBook 16″/ MacBook 12″/ MacBook Air 13″/HP /XPS; Compatible with iPad Pro 12.9”/ iPad Pro 10.5″/ iPad Pro 11″; Compatible with iPhone 14/13 / 12 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro max / 8 Plus/iPhone SE2; Compatible with Galaxy S22 /S22 Ultra/ S21 Ultra/S21/ S21; Compatible with Google Pixel 6/5 and even any Airpods and all Headphones more.

If there is something on this that I didn’t cover, please let me know.

What Do the Reviews Say?

I could really find anything like this on Amazon, but it is quite something on the RAVPOWER website. I mean, seriously, there are many 5 star reviews, and this is from 149 reviews.

Numbers like that seem suspicious to me, so I have this to say: if this particular product does its job, which is taking a charge and then giving it out again, then it is perfectly doing its job. So that is worth 5 stars, right?

Okay, I Like It, Just Give Me The Link So I Can Buy It Already!

I couldn’t find it on Amazon, so check out the website.

Maybe I Want It, But Is There Anything Else Like It? Maybe For A Lower Price? Please?

You know, I really thought that I would have reviewed more mobile batteries, like really recently. However, the most recent one that I could find was from 2019. Weird.

ANKER PowerCore III 19K 60W 19200mAh Power Bank (A1284H11)

With a powerful 60W USB-C port you can now charge a wide range of laptops on the go including MacBook Air 2020, MacBook Pro 13.4ʺ 2020, Lenovo Yoga 720, and more.

Make the most of PowerCore’s 3 ports to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously—wherever you are.

The 19,200mAh capacity gives you the freedom to keep your mobile devices charged for days on end, no matter where you are.

Connect the included 65W USB-C charger to the USB-C port to recharge PowerCore’s internal battery in less than 1.5 hours.

Designed to provide optimized charging to low-power devices such as earphones, Bluetooth speakers, and other accessories. To activate, press the power button twice or press and hold for 2 seconds until the LED indicator turns green.

Note 19,200mAh is the total of the nominal rated capacity of internal battery cells.

No warranty. (If product is found defective within 5 days, A replacement might be considered)

Type of Accessories USB / Chargers

Our selected brands

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AUKEY USB C 60W PD Battery Review: Charge Your Laptop and

Ever been in a cafe, on a train, or enduring an endless layover, and had your laptop run out of battery? Yeah, me too. Many times. That’s fine if there’s a power socket nearby, but when there isn’t, your work is officially finished until whenever you can charge up again.

While portable batteries that could charge a laptop have been around for a while, they were traditionally… not good. Big, heavy, and expensive, an endless variety of laptop charging ports also made it hard to find one that worked reliably with whatever model you used. I tried many, and they were all awful.

That’s recently changed, however, and we’ve got Power Delivery (PD) to thank for it. Now everyone from Apple to Asus is using the same port (USB C) and the same power technology on their laptops, and often on their phones and tablets as well.

Combine that with improvements in battery technology, and all of a sudden, third-party companies are coming out with affordable high-capacity power banks that promise to quickly charge almost any recent mobile device.

The AUKEY PB-Y24 power bank is just such a battery, and the company recently sent one out for me to take a look at.

Features and Specifications

This power bank is a beast in every way. Its 26800mAh capacity is enough to charge most smartphones five or six times, and supporting 60W USB C Power Delivery (PD), it’ll also charge most recent laptops at close to full speed.

As with all high-capacity batteries, it’s not exactly small. Measuring 6.5 x 3.4 x 1.2 inches (16.4 x 8.6 x 3cm) and weighing a solid 1.3 pounds (595g,) it’s not the kind of thing you’ll be slipping in your on your way out the door. Well, not unless you have much larger s than I do.

At 99.16Wh, it only just squeezes under the 100Wh limit for taking onto a plane without special permission. Thankfully AUKEY has subtly printed that capacity (along with all the other specs) on one end of the battery, so there shouldn’t be too much discussion about it at the airport.

Design-wide, it’s the kind of nondescript black slab that AUKEY excels at making. One end holds a pair of USB C ports, a single USB-A port, the power button, and charge level indicators. Other than a subtle logo on the top, there’s really nothing else to it. You’re paying for performance here, not beauty.

The two USB C ports look identical, but they aren’t. You’ll get up to 60W out of the one on the right labeled “In/Out,” but the left-hand port tops out at 18W. In other words, you can only charge your laptop from the former, and your phone or tablet from either.

Note that while you’ll get 60W out of the in/out port if you don’t have anything else plugged in at the same time, it drops back to 45W when you’re powering multiple devices. That’s still enough to charge most laptops, but it’ll be slower to do so.

The USB-A port also has an 18W maximum, and includes QC 3.0 support. If your phone also supports that standard, it’ll charge up to four times faster than if it doesn’t.

There’s also a low-current charging mode, for things like fitness trackers and earphones, that’s activated by holding the power button down for two seconds.

In terms of recharging the battery itself, the manual says that you need to use at least a 45W wall charger to do it, connected to the in/out port. There’s no charger in the box, however.

The battery also doesn’t support pass-through charging, so you can’t charge (eg) your phone from one port while the battery itself charges from the other. I confirmed this with AUKEY and tested it for myself, just in case. No dice.

Real-World Testing

The power bank came in a small cardboard box that also held the instruction manual, a short USB C to USB C cable, and a mesh pouch. The pouch had a main section for the battery, and an external meant mostly for the cable. I could just squeeze my phone into that. but it was tight.

I started with the basics, measuring the power output from each of the three ports individually. The USB C in/out port charged my laptop at up to 51W, only slightly less than what it gets from the factory charger.

The other USB C port topped out at 14W, while the USB-A port sat at around 7W with both of the phones I tried it with. Neither of them support QC 3.0, however: I’d expect that charging rate to go up if they did.

As anticipated, output to the laptop fell when I charged multiple devices at once, dropping to 35W as soon as I connected something else. The phones continued charging at the same rate, even when I had both of them plugged in alongside the laptop.

Long story short: as long as you don’t plug anything else in, expect to be able to charge most laptops at something approaching full speed. Charging several things at once works fine, but if one of them is a laptop, it’ll charge more slowly.

Starting with the battery fully charged and the laptop completely flat, it took two hours and ten minutes to get the laptop to 97%, when the battery ran out of juice. Oh so close! Regardless, it essentially doubled the length of time my laptop can spend away from a power socket.

Rundown Test

I confirmed the above by charging both battery and laptop, connecting the two devices together, and running a continuous benchmarking tool. intensive than a normal workload, it’s also a more consistent way to test.

Three hours and 40 minutes later, the power bank ran out of juice and the laptop switched to using its own battery. Starting from full, it took another 3:33 hours until the laptop itself shut down entirely. Again, the power bank basically doubled the length of time it took before needing to find a wall socket.

Recharge Times

The length of time it takes to recharge a high-capacity battery can vary widely. That’s important, since the usefulness of a charger like this definitely drops if it takes the better part of a day to power it back up again after you’ve used it.

As mentioned earlier, AUKEY recommends using at least a 45W USB C wall charger to do this. Other than some laptop chargers, that’s not something most people are going to have lying around, so it’d be nice if the company included one in the box or at least offered a discounted bundle.

Since it doesn’t, I tested with both this 45W one and my 65W laptop charger. The battery charged at exactly the same rate either way. Starting from dead flat, it took just under three hours for the last of the flashing lights to change to solid. I ran the test twice, with the same result.

If you don’t have an appropriate 45W PD charger, lower-power versions like the ones that ship with phones and tablets will work but take a lot longer.

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If you regularly find your laptop running out of juice while working in cafes or elsewhere outside the house, a portable charger like this makes all the difference. You’re now free to finish when you feel like you’re done for the day, not when your laptop makes the decision for you.

This AUKEY model ticks almost all of the right boxes. Being able to charge laptops (and other devices) at up to 60W lifts it above much of the competition, and the capacity is high enough that most people will essentially double their laptop’s battery life.

While it’s relatively big and heavy and certainly won’t fit in your. carrying it around in a day bag with other tech gear is perfectly manageable. The extra USB C and USB-A ports are the icing on the cake, turning this from a laptop charger to an “everything” charger when needed.

So why did I say it almost ticks all the right boxes? The lack of pass-through charging feels like an oversight: it’d be useful to be able to charge both the battery and your phone from a single wall socket, but that’s not an option.

Not including a 45W charger in the box, or at least offering a discounted bundle, also seems an odd decision. While many customers will be able to use their laptop charger instead, others will have to buy a separate one or put up with slower recharging from their phone or tablet charger.

Still, neither of those things are enough to stop me recommending the AUKEY PB-Y24 portable charger. It works as advertised, is competitvely priced, and is a genuinely useful addition for people whose laptop battery doesn’t last long enough outside the house. At the end of the day, I can’t ask for much more than that.

About the Author

Dave Dean

Founder and editor of Too Many Adapters, Dave has been a traveler for 25 years, and a geek for even longer. When he’s not playing with the latest tech toy or working out how to keep his phone charged for just a few more minutes, he can probably be found sitting in a broken-down bus in some obscure corner of the planet.

Dell USB-C Laptop Power Bank Plus 65 Wh. PW7018LC

World’s first notebook power bank to charge the widest range of USB-C laptops, as well as mobile devices.

Charges the widest range of USB-C laptops, as well as mobile devices.

and devices with a high 65W power delivery. Whether you need to charge devices with voltage profiles of 5V, 9V, 15V or 20V, the Power Bank Plus has you covered.

Improve productivity with a large battery capacity

The large, 65Wh, 6-cell power capacity keeps your laptop and mobile devices up and running longer and charges laptops requiring up to 65W of power delivery. for uninterrupted productivity while you’re out and about, up to 1 charge time.

Dual device charging with data read and write capability in a slim design

Plug your smartphone into the secondary USB-A port to charge it alongside your USB-C laptop. This extra USB-A port offers viewing and editing of content from your smartphone or flash drive, without taking up another USB-A port on your laptop. Plus, the cables coil easily around the slim profile and rounded edges of the power bank to fit neatly in your bag for tidy storage.

power, bank

Dell Notebook Power Bank Plus – USB-C, 65Wh requires a USB-C power adapter (sold separately) to charge. Select Dell laptops (Latitude 5×90/7×90) may not ship with a USB-C power adapter.

What’s in the box

Dell Notebook Power Bank Plus (18,000 mAh)2x Dell Notebook Charging Cables

Tech Specs

No power adapter included (can be charged using your Dell power adapter supplied with your compatible Dell system)

Dell Price 111.99


This product is compatible with the following systems:

Chromebook 11 3000 3110 2-in-1

Inspiron 14 7000 (7420) 2-in-1

Inspiron 14 7000 (7435) 2-in-1

Inspiron 16 7000 (7620) 2-in-1

Inspiron 16 7000 (7635) 2-in-1

Inspiron Chromebook 14 7486 2-in-1

Latitude 3340 (Launched in 2023)

Latitude 5300 2-in-1 Chrome

power, bank

Latitude Chromebook 14 7410 2-in-1

Dell 65Wh USB-C Power Bank: 4.4/5 rating

The Dell 65Wh USB-C power bank is capable of recharging and running most later USB-C devices that support USB-C Power Delivery 2.0 or 3.0 and BC1.2 (battery charge) specifications. — GadgetGuy

Dell Support

From drivers and manuals to diagnostic tools and replacement parts, Dell Product Support has you covered!

Add the products you would like to compare, and quickly determine which is best for your needs.


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USB-C Power Bank – iPhone, Samsung, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, MacBook Pro

Find the best USB-C power bank for your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Android, Nintendo Switch, MacBook Pro, or other USB-C devices.

Start with the output level (W) for your largest device. Higher output chargers will safely support lower-demand devices.

18-20W USB-C Power Banks

Great for: iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Android, and iPad Pro (Lightning)

Assume a power bank can only support one fast-charging device at a time unless otherwise noted.

There is only a 1-minute difference in charge time between an 18W and 20W charger for the iPhone 12. If buying for the first time 20W chargers are newer, 18W may be cheaper. If you already have an 18W then a 20W upgrade does almost nothing for you.

Smaller Capacity

Up to 10,000mAh will recharge most phones two or more times over, more than enough for a long day.

Recommendation: ZMI PowerPack 10K USB-C is the best value, especially for non-iPhones which can use the included cable.

Larger Capacity

Enough capacity to support several devices or to keep your phone going for a weekend or more. With more capacity comes more weight and a higher cost.

Charger OutputsCapacityCableSizeWeightNotesPrice

Recommendation: If you need all the capacity you can get the ROMOSS 30000mAh Power Bank Sense 8 is very popular world wide.

25W USB-C PPS Power Banks

Great for: Samsung Galaxy S20 and newer phones

Assume a power bank can only support one fast-charging device at a time unless otherwise noted.

These chargers support 25W PPS, a lower heat and stress fast charging mode supporting by newer Samsung devices among others. They are considered optimal and help prolong battery life, but an 18-20W charger can get the same job done. Apple devices do not support PPS, so while these chargers would work with an iPhone there is no special benefit to using them.

Charger OutputsCapacityCableSizeWeightNotesPrice

30W USB-C Power Banks

Great for: Nintendo Switch (handheld), iPad Pro (USB-C), Samsung Galaxy Note, MacBook Air

Assume a power bank can only support one fast-charging device at a time unless otherwise noted.

Recommendation: Slim pickings at this output level. Include 45W power banks in your search as you can find better value there.

45W USB-C Power Banks

Great for: Steam Deck, Samsung Galaxy Note Plus

Good for: MacBook Pro 13-inch, most 13 and 14-inch PC laptops

Assume a power bank can only support one fast-charging device at a time unless otherwise noted.

Charger OutputsCapacityCableSizeWeightNotesPrice

Recommendation: Anker PowerCore III 19K 45W is a decent value for a few more hours of life. Only go after a more expensive 26,800mAh model if you’re sure you need the extra capacity. Also consider the 60W range for potentially better value.

60W USB-C Power Banks

Great for: MacBook Pro 13-inch, most 13 and 14-inch PC laptops (60W)

Great for: MacBook Pro 15 and 16-inch, most large PC laptops (87-100W)

Assume a power bank can only support one fast-charging device at a time unless otherwise noted.

A USB-C to USB-C cable which supports 100W (5A) power is required to get the full 65-100W on supporting chargers. Otherwise, they act like a 60W charger.

Recommendation: ZMI PowerPack 20K Pro is my pick for the 60W range. The ZMI PowerPack No. 20 Worldwide Edition is your best option if you need maximum power output, or to fast charge 2-3 devices at once.

Qi Wireless Charging

Great for: Wirelessly charging newer iPhones and Androids with MagSafe and/or Qi wireless support

Qi wireless power banks are often larger and heavier, making room for the needed charging coil. Wireless charging is always slower than wired charging using a fast-charging connection. The upshot is the convenience of not having to deal with cables.

Charger OutputsCapacityCableSizeWeightNotesPrice

Recommendation: ZMI LevPower M10 USB-C is the best value.

USB-C Power Stations

Great for: Laptops and similarly sized devices which use a wall charger, camping/outdoor power source, backup power

Power stations are large power banks offering both more capacity and an AC outlet, with a similar function to a wall electrical outlet. Note they are more limited than a wall outlet, so be sure your device doesn’t draw more watts than a power station can offer. The units below also include USB-C PD as output options.

Charger OutputsCapacityCableSizeWeightNotesPrice

18W Quick Charge USB-A 12W USB-A

Recommendation: Go with the model that meets your specific power needs. AC output is critical, it must be equal to or less than the demands of the devices you plan to use it with. After that comes capacity, especially if being used as backup power.

are from Amazon Product Advertising API, last updated on 2023-06-25.

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